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Leonardo DiCaprio - BAFTAs 2014 Red Carpet

Leonardo DiCaprio - BAFTAs 2014 Red Carpet

Leonardo DiCaprio suits up while arriving at the 2014 British Academy Film Awards held at The Royal Opera House on Sunday (February 16) in London, England.

The 39-year-old actor was joined on the red carpet by his The Wolf of Wall Street director Martin Scorsese.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo is nominated for Leading Actor for his role on The Wolf of Wall Street, going up against Christian Bale, Bruce Dern, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Tom Hanks.

Martin is also being nominated for Best Director for his work on the film.

FYI: Leo is wearing Armani.

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# 1
Don't get it @ 02/16/2014 at 3:28 pm

Looking good!

# 2

i hope he wins good luck to him

# 3

he looks like the moon

# 4

I thought there’d be no effin chance of him winning over Chiwetel, but now Lupita has been robbed totally unexpectedly I’m not so sure anymore. Anyhoo, all the best of luck to Leo. We’ll figure it out in just minutes.

# 5

Hope he wins xx xx

# 6


# 7

Looking great! Good luck to Leo i hope he wins ♥

# 8

Good luck Leo!

# 9

Yay, Leo 4 da win <3
you go, baby

Looking hella fine!

where’s toni

Me thinks @ 02/16/2014 at 3:46 pm

Leo gonna win ;)

Don't get it @ 02/16/2014 at 3:47 pm

BAFTA’s is broadcast once they are finished, right?. They are broadcasting the red carpet now. What’s the point of doing it later when they are announcing the winners on twitter?. Weird people….

who cares? It’s all about Leo right now.

Don't get it @ 02/16/2014 at 3:49 pm

Gatsby won an award for best costume design.

Leo looks gooooood. Holy crap. I hope he wins! If J. Law can win for her overrated performance in AH, then Leo has a good chance to take it! We shall soon find out. Go Leoooooo!

OMG!! how the he’ll did JLaw win over Lupita?! Talk about being robbed! I am speechless! Hell I didnt realize BAFTA members vote who will win based on popularity. If that’s the case, then I wouldnt be surprised if Leo wins.

Typo #17 how the *hell did

@@where: leo isn’t complete without toni they make a great pair! you can’t think of one without thinking of the other

No, Lupita lost 2 awards tonight. One of the 2 is voted by the audience, the rising star.

@where: YOU CAN’T! GO LEO!!!!!!

@@Zzzzzz: how da eff did lupita lose the rising star award……

@@Zzzzzz: hi! I am flabbergasted! It’s a complete joke! Who beat her in the rising star category? Or do I want to know?

Don't get it @ 02/16/2014 at 4:00 pm

Will Poulter won the rising star category.

It’s on now. Xx x

Have they posted who have won?

Lupita wasn’t robbed, JLAW deserved the win – she was the best thing about AH

Stephen Fry asked Leo to blow a kiss to the cameras. And he did hahaha.

Though he was visibly VERY uncomfortable when Stephen asked him to.

Yes, the kid of that we are the millers flick or something like that. He has many fans on twitter, his award was like people’s choice award anyway.
I’m more upset Lupita lost to J-Law, this is bs!

Have they posted about who won the best male category? @Gee: Yeah ! He brought his mum.

Ejofor wins best actor

Don't get it @ 02/16/2014 at 4:09 pm

@SMH: I don’t know if she deserved to win. For me she was the favorite, JMO. But for me Lupita deserved the award. AH is so overrated. That’s just my opinion.

@SMH reaaally? lol

Don't get it @ 02/16/2014 at 4:09 pm

Chiwetel won the award for leading actor

How the hell is this ugly guy still an ALister

Bradley brought Suki.

f-ck this ****! Leo deserved that!

Chiwetel won.

I agree that AH is overrated but I also think Lupita’s performance is overrated. The only thing and best thing about AH was JLAW. I’m sorry but just crying for you entire performance doesn’t make it great. and that’s all Lupita does in the movie. I prefer Ejiofor performance

Leo lost :( I really thought he’d have a chance after 12YAS lost in every other category. Meh, Matthew is winning now.

@Don’t get it:

Leo lost??? I’ve been watching twitter waiting for the tweets to come in and nothing!!! :-(

No surprise in Leo’s category. He didn’t win…

Leooo babyyy aww Toni will comfort you tonight

The baftas must not be fans of 40 years old men dating 20 year old models. Leo lost just like Bradley.

the only thing worth was Leo blowing a kiss

Don't get it @ 02/16/2014 at 4:16 pm

I was following this:
Yes it’s a pitty. I won’t loose my hopes. He still has chances to win the Oscar.

@Gee: he didn’t want to cheat on Toni!

@@Zzzzzz: I missed Leo blowing the kiss. I hope the show repeats on BBC so I can watch that part. Also he looks great

What? Oh gosh that girl really IS highly overrated isnt she. Christian Bale was the only good thing about AH. That whole movie was boring and overrated. But that’s just my opinion.
As for Lupita, she was phenomenal in 12YAS and was robbed for sure. She’s definitely getting that Academy Award tho.
Sad to see Leo lose, but in all honesty, Chiwetel deserved it more.

Don't get it @ 02/16/2014 at 4:18 pm

I missed that moment!. I’m sure it’s going to be all over the internet anytime soon

@@Zzzzzz: I agree with you re Lupita! But I have to disagree with you re Chiwetel. I have been pulling for him to win from the very beginning. His performance was superb IMO. I wish he would win the Oscar, but I highly doubt that will happen.

@Don’t get it: @HAHA12:
Yes. He looked real uncomfortable but in the end blew a kiss anyways. It was cute.

Leo blowing a kiss is my favourite BAFTA moment of all time. Cute.

he was aiming the kiss at Toni

So Happy!!! @ 02/16/2014 at 4:21 pm

Congrats to his much deserved win over Leo’s always over acting!!!
Go suck on your puppy’s *** and feel better about it Leo! Maybe if you weren’t such a loser in your personal life you would have won! Ha!! Go Chiwetel!!! Enjoy it!!Who knows he might just win the Oscar too!! : )))))))))

For God’s sake. Who cares about Toni. Shoo.

Don't get it @ 02/16/2014 at 4:23 pm

Found it!!! Leo blowing a kiss.
I knew it had to be somewhere…..

So Happy!!! @ 02/16/2014 at 4:24 pm

t-i-t. He aint winning no Oscar either! : )

are you fcking kidding me??? wtf was this sht??? AH and Gravity winning every award, Lupita losing, Leo lost too. I am done with this award season, 4real.

@So Happy!!! stfu your loser!

@Don’t get it: the video is ruined by Irmeb*tch’s face up close

He got the top prize. Good for him. He worked really hard. Leo performance wasn’t that great in my opinion. JMO

Leo blowing kisses? It seems that has dated too much VS models!

awwww: Take a break already! You are so childish! Grow up!

@So Happy!!!: Why are you even on here if you’re just going to an annoying and desperate hater? Too bad Leo still got 2 Oscar nominations this year and he won the Golden Globe and Critics Choice Award. Along with both WOWS and Gatsby being huge hits, he had a great year while you’ll continue to hate and b-tch about a stranger on the Internet.

@Don’t get it: Aw that’s so cute. Thanks for that :)

@Zzzzzz: Irmelin looks like the wicked witch

@Love is Real @ 02/16/2014 at 4:31 pm

That kiss was for his love Toni

You too, idiot.

more for the loser @ 02/16/2014 at 4:32 pm

@The biggest loser: don’t forget 40 years old and sitting next to his mommy

his kiss was really loud hehe his lips must’ve been still wet from valentine’s day

@HAHA12: Hi Lady! You know they are making those comments to push people’s buttons. If you ignore them, they will go away. If they get a response, then they will keep on posting.
re BAFTAs: Even though you kind of figured that Chiwetel would win, I know you really wanted Leo to win :( However, I do think the Oscar race is still wide open.
@Don’t get it: Hi! thanks for the info about the person who beat Lupita. Is he at least good? (I’ve never heard of him!). Also, thank you for the kiss link!

@more for the loser:
Not as much of a loser as you, sitting behind ur computer judging people you don’t know. Loser.

@Love is Real @ 02/16/2014 at 4:34 pm

He is really into Toni. Right now is the only thing he have in his mind.

Doesn’t matter, Leo. You have our love <3

@Love is Real @ 02/16/2014 at 4:36 pm

He had fallen head over heels in love with her.

@Love is Real @ 02/16/2014 at 4:37 pm

She is going to show off her beautiful earrings at the Oscars parties.

@@Love is Real: yup! he was uncomfortable about blowing the kiss because he saves his kisses for his private time with Toni

Damn. I honestly wanted Leo to win

I was looking at Leo and kept thinking something was off. I realized, he parted his hair on the opposite side that he normally parts it. He looks good, but it’s kind of weird. Is it just me?

@Love is Real @ 02/16/2014 at 4:38 pm

Even if he loses, with Toni at his side feels like a winner already.

@@Love is Real: she’ll wear the earrings at her wedding too <3

@Love is Real @ 02/16/2014 at 4:40 pm

He swore to Toni that nothing happened between him and Nina and she fully trusts him.

@Zzzzzz: toni did his hair this morning

Less than 100 posts and the thread is already taken over by these immature, unfunny and stimulus posters.
I’m out!

Yes, just you. He looks gorgeous. Give him a break.

On the bright side... @ 02/16/2014 at 4:42 pm

Hopefully Leo will ease off on the scripted interviews from this point on.

@@Zzzzzz: Hi! Um, I did say he looked good, just different!

@Love is Real @ 02/16/2014 at 4:45 pm

Toni is going to be a even more very loving girlfriend when he returns from London.

So Happy!!! @ 02/16/2014 at 4:45 pm

@HAHA12: Yeeesss!! : )

@Love is Real @ 02/16/2014 at 4:47 pm

Love is in the air. The end is not near.

You always say ‘I’m out’ but never leave! I guess since BZ banned you this is one of the few places you have left for your own predictable, mature, funny, and interesting anti-Toni Instagram rants!

Hey lady. These haters just piss me off, at least the trolls are amusing with their dumb posts but whatever, just gonna ignore them like you said. I really thought Leo would win once 12YAS lost in every major category it was supposed to win in like Supporting Actress and Adapted Screenplay and a part of me really thought Leo would in that moment. Its all cool tho, I’m happy for Chiwetel because he also gave a great performance and he was awardless the whole season so at least he won in his home country! Sadly McConaughey is easily winning the Oscar now so any chances for an upset are totally over IMO. I just really am gonna be annoyed at the inevitable “Poor Leo” memes and jokes on Oscar night. Like you already know people will be waiting to gif Leo’s reaction when he loses the Oscar to McConaughey so they can make fun of him, its just so annoying. But Leo looked great at the BAFTA’s and I’m glad he at least finished the awards season with 2 awards.

@Love is Real @ 02/16/2014 at 4:50 pm

He is getting ready to go more public with her.

@@Love is Real: in your dreams babe, we know you want to go in public to get publicity. you’ll be out in no time and you won’t get to get haibrushed and have press for walking on a red carpet; wow, someone walked all dressed up and walked on a carpet! amazing, simply amazing!!! it changed the world, let’s talk about it!!!! wowoowowoowow


@LMAO: peer pressure

He looks so cute there!

@Love is Real @ 02/16/2014 at 5:00 pm

If Toni was important to Leo he would have asked her to accompany him to the BAFTA.

Don't get it @ 02/16/2014 at 5:00 pm

No idea who that guy is. But i looked his name on google to get some info and this is the first article that appeared. You are free to read it. LOL.
*****-for-my-new-film-3930934/" rel="nofollow">*****-for-my-new-film-3930934/

I thought there was something weird about Leo too. I couldn’t figure out what it was until i read what you pointed out about his hair. You are right. He still looks good!.

12yas won best film award.

I read apparently on the red carpet Leo got the most applause and cheers of any star tied with Brad and Angelina. Apparently he’s really loved in the UK. Maybe thats why they picked him to blow a kiss to the cameras.

@Love is Real @ 02/16/2014 at 5:00 pm

If Toni was important to Leo he wouldn`t have cheated on her with Nina Agdal.

@Presenting: he’s giving a naughty look to Toni hehe

I don’t think Leo will be going to any after parties much less after after parties! LOL

@Love is Real @ 02/16/2014 at 5:00 pm

If Leo was in love with Toni she would be by his side during the awards season.

@HAHA12, #### & Don’t get it: Looks like the kiddies have come out to play. It’s a good thing I’m off to work! Have a great day! I’ll catch up later tonight! ;)

I’m heading off too, won’t be on for awhile, will let the haters and trolls have their fun. Nice talking to you :)

@presenting: Wow, it looks like he remembered his steamy night with Nina on stage. Naughty Leo!

Tall girl problems @ 02/16/2014 at 5:03 pm

@where: Leo and Toni look completely ridiculous together

cheaters have no respect for their partners. poor Toni. she gets what she deserves.

Here’s the video of the crowd cheering Leo’s name while he was on the red carpet. Ok bye now

@also…: Shut up and go back to your cave!!

Don't get it @ 02/16/2014 at 5:05 pm

@Zzzzzz: Yes, they are annoying. I’m out before a troll steal my name to write nasty comments like in the past two days. Have a good day. Talk to you later :)

Toni doesn`t know how to keep a man satisfied so he goes somewhere else for the fun he needs.

right next to my cave of course. I belong there more than anyone else here

Don't get it @ 02/16/2014 at 5:08 pm

He looks so good, almost like if he was posing for the camera. Thank you, for sharing that photo.
I’m out. I’ll catch up with all of you, regulars and nice people, later.

@HAHA12: The BAFTA’s don’t have anything to do with the Oscars

Tall girl problems @ 02/16/2014 at 5:12 pm

The real award should be to Leo’s PR. You can fool some of the people all the time. DiCaprio is gay.

Also did it @ 02/16/2014 at 5:13 pm

also is stealing people’s names and writing stupid stuff!!!
You can tell because her vocabulary, much like her intelligence, is limited!!

Winning BAFTA or SAG is important because a lot of Academy members are apart of both groups and they also vote for the Oscars. Chiwetel’s BAFTA win is a great victory for him since he lost every other major award this season but it doesn’t really mean much because McConaughey was not nominated in the Actor category because not enough people in the UK got to watch Dallas Buyers Club on time. Chiwetel also had the advantage of being a British actor who had paid his dues and is loved in the UK without having ever won before. The Oscar is McConaughey’s now, Chiwetel has a slight chance to win but I doubt it. If anyone is winning an Oscar from the 12YAS cast, its going to be Lupita.

Looks like T-Bone didn’t follow Leo over the pond. She would have posted something by now. But Dave and Irmelin got to go. lol How much disrespect can one person take! lol Too funny…

shes probably over there, just not at the award show. She would have posted something by now if she DIDNT go. She liked a few pictures of london on instagram too lol

Yeah… but Toni’s life is still much better than yours !

@HAHA12: Right, but Matthew wasn’t even nominated for a BAFTA and you (and many others) believe he is a shoe-in for the Oscar. I believe it is much more competitive than we know. It’s definitely between Leo and Matthew.
Just like Lupita lost every damn award this season, but she is still the favorite for the Oscar.

The biggest loser @ 02/16/2014 at 5:18 pm

@@bree: shes probably over there, just not at the award show. She would have posted something by now if she DIDNT go. She liked a few pictures of london on instagram too lol


Toni was spotted with the other Leo’s fans waiting outside the Bafta theater.

I’d love Leo to win the Oscar, but its going to be tough since WOWS was not screened in time for SAG and he lost the BAFTA, he really needed it to remain a threat in the race. That means he would win the Oscar with only a Golden Globe, its happened before like Adrien Brody won the Oscar without any major award but I can’t say I’m confident. I think McConaughey’s easily still winning and he has everything in his favor. I just don’t see a way for Leo to win, but I’d love to be wrong really.

@Toni: she was meddling with the peasants? looolol

She asked him for a picture/selfie but he refused.

Domt get it @ 02/16/2014 at 5:25 pm

@Toni: Really? Wow. Justs shows what a wannabe she is. But for some reason I can see her staying longer. I mean he took her to the baftas maybe not in the seat but close. Better than the after after party.

is the only campaign tactic left

@Toni: they already have plenty of nudes and sex tapes

Dont get it @ 02/16/2014 at 5:27 pm

@Toni: was that a joke? Was she really?

Dont get it @ 02/16/2014 at 5:27 pm

Don’t know what’s going on with my user name

Dont get it @ 02/16/2014 at 5:28 pm

Or I don’t get what’s going on with my user name. Lol. Get it. Because I don’t. Haha

@Domt get it: she was probably sitting in the upper balconies for family members

@Dont get it: This is a bunch of bs, don’t fall for it!!

Just read on ONTD that Leo was standing for Chiwetel when he won! Chiwetel is insanely loved and respected in the UK.

pun intended @ 02/16/2014 at 5:31 pm

@HAHA12: standing the pain ehhehehehe whut is he supposed to do? sit and pout?

@HAHA12: Why would it be important for Leo to win the BAFTA to stay in the Oscar race, and Matthew wasn’t even nominated for one?
(I hope this doesn’t come off aggressive, I just don’t know how else to phrase it)

@Marriage: Anyway he can plead temporary insanity desperation and filed for an annulment 72 days later.

@HAHA12: Good for Leo, he sees that he deserved it over him!! Leo has good sense! : )

Dont worry, Dave was taking good care of Toni ;)

@Marriage: whatever it takes to get the oscar. it doesn’t seem like he’ll have as good a chance as this one for a while. plus he seems really stressed lol i hope the academy has mercy otherwise he may implode

Because BAFTA is one of the major awards that a contender needs basically to win the Oscar. Like look at Christoph Waltz last year, he won the Oscar with a combination of the Globe and BAFTA. Just like Leo, he was not eligible for SAG because Django Unchained was not sent in time for screeners. I will point out that the last time an actor won the Oscar without being nominated by BAFTA was back in 2002 with Denzel Washington for Training Day but I don’t know, its extremely rare that someone wins the Oscar without having won either the SAG or BAFTA. Matthew so far has won the BCFA, Globe, and SAG. Chiwetel only has BAFTA, so I don’t think he’ strong enough to beat Matthew for the award.

Dave x Toni @ 02/16/2014 at 5:36 pm

@toto: Dave and Toto have more chemistry than Leo and Toto

"Poor Leo" Trending! @ 02/16/2014 at 5:36 pm


sick of people talking about toni, she’s boring and useless. it’s like a stupid song again and again. she’s boring in every way….yadiyadiyadi

The Bafta have balconies or seat assignments for sugar babies?

@Yo: they put up a crib and safety gate on the stairs for baby toni

hahahahaha @ 02/16/2014 at 5:41 pm

Toni is sitting somewhere liking Leo’s pictures in London on IG?

Dont get it @ 02/16/2014 at 5:41 pm

@toto: Really. I did not see this coming
@@100: I don’t know they sound convincing.

Dont get it @ 02/16/2014 at 5:42 pm

@“Poor Leo” Trending!: Lol. I feel really bad for him.@“Poor Leo” Trending!: Is there any memes? If there is can you post?

@HAHA12: Then what makes Matthew the front runner?
The year Leo won the GG he didn’t win the Oscar.
I don’t know, I don’t think there’s a correlation (and no offence to anyone but the BAFTA’s are kinda……………. like the Peolple’s Choice Awards)
I think it’s closer than it appears.

Poor Toto, she’s probably jealous of Suki. Bradley is not afraid to be seen in public with his girlfriend.

why is leo soobsessed with trophies and statues, awards ..always the same thing. they are all obessed about fame, money, statues status….no one is in there for the art, it’s just because they want attention, and want to be treated like royalty when in reality they behave and act like vulgar jerks

Some clubs are going to make Leo feel better tonight.

@Toni: that is too predictable

Meant To Be @ 02/16/2014 at 5:46 pm

@Toto: Poor you, jealous of Toni!!

I think it will probably be a close race too, and I’d love for an upset. What makes McConaughey the frontrunner? The fact he’s been milking the ‘McConaissance’ for having turned around his career in the last few years. It also helps his hit show True Detective will still be on during voting to remind voters of the great work he did last year with Mud, WOWS, and Dallas Buyers Club and now this year. And also because he has been campaigning everywhere and is even going to be on Inside The Actor’s Studio and because his role is extremely baity and typical Oscar bait that they love to reward(man who dies of AIDS and has several emotional moments, plus the physical transformation)

@secret: Leo doesn’t have anything else to give his time and attention to (like a wife, family, children, hobbies….) he doesn’t even give attention to the beards… all his attention is for himself and his mother

“why is leo soobsessed with trophies and statues, awards ..always the same thing. they are all obessed about fame, money, statues status….no one is in there for the art, it’s just because they want attention, and want to be treated like royalty when in reality they behave and act like vulgar jerks”

@Love is Real @ 02/16/2014 at 5:52 pm

Lots of hugs and kiss from Toni are going to make Leo feel better.

georgia ‏@georgsinclair ·
The fact that Leonardo DiCaprio was the only nominee standing for chiwetel winning best actor proves how amazing he is

MUNNA ‏@munn_a ·
Respect for Leonardo dicaprio for standing up, #BAFTAs

BBC One ‏@BBCOne
We’ve made room to accommodate @LeoDiCaprio at tonight’s #BAFTAS, unlike Kate Winslet on her raft at the end of Titanic.

No wonder Leo wasn’t in the mood to attend pre Bafta party.

greatest actor of alive

bj schedule @ 02/16/2014 at 5:59 pm

@lol: leo’s gotta release some juice tonight and only one girl can do the trick

why is leo so obsessed with money and fame all the time? there are so many things in life

@bj schedule: that’s probably from leo. that guy is a real whoore does he know that?
it’s gross how he lets his body go all around other whoress.
i understand why he has so little self respect .

leo’s last words will be blow jobb!!

leo is hollywoo’s biggest whoore

leoleoleo @ 02/16/2014 at 6:04 pm

leo has too many wrinkles and makeup, he looks gross. he just stop sleeping around too, he’s getting gross. and a man his age always surrounding young girls is disturbing.

bj schedule @ 02/16/2014 at 6:04 pm

@bj schedule: Only one at a time. The others have to wait their turn patiently, The night is long.

bj schedule @ 02/16/2014 at 6:06 pm

@last: he hates himself so he needs young girls to cheer for him to make him smile for 30 mins then it wears off and he needs some bjs or alcohol. he doesn’t care who he has sex with he just needs it like medication on a schedule

bj schedule @ 02/16/2014 at 6:08 pm

@bj schedule: something else is long hehe theres enough space for two tongues on leo’s dong but leo probably wants to be alone with just toni in a soundproof hotel room so nobody hears his shrieks and cries of sadness over another oscar dream down the toilet.

Leo was the only nominee who stood up and clapped for Chiwetel when he won. Haters gonna hate but I appreciate he knew Chiwetel deserved it. Class act.

fly me to the moon @ 02/16/2014 at 6:13 pm

= fly me to leo’s head

@BAFTA: Leonardo DiCaprio later clarified in an interview that he considers himself a black person, as evidenced by his passion for rap, hip hop, and breakdancing.

Also did it @ 02/16/2014 at 6:20 pm

Also is so limited but I’m so much better for reading her comments constantly and talking about them. That puts me way above her. I’m here all the time reading her posts and I can’t stop talking about her. I could ignore her but what am I going to do then? What else am I going to post about? I’m like her #1 fan!

@Kiss: cute. I love how he always bring iremlin everywhere he go. Hollywood filled with vultures keeping family close will keep you sane.

@Drake: Keeping Irmelin around will only make you insane.

@BAFTA: Agreed. That was a classy move. It was nice of Leo to show his respect.

Leo had to stand up so he could cover Irmelin’s tantrum.

Yup, the haters and trolls can keep hatin but I’m sure Leo knew he needed this win in London to have a chance at the Oscar and he took the loss very well and showed respect to Chiwetel, while the other nominees just sat in their seats.

Matthew Howett ‏@howett · 6m
Having dinner. On the table to my left is Leonardo DiCaprio. To my right, Richard E. Grant. I honestly don’t know where to look.

David Rush ‏@DavidTRush · 1h
I could through a tennis ball and hit the same building, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio are in from our hotel!

@Ekard: how do you know her. Should he bring materialistic models that are only with him because of who he is. Leo around enough fake people to build his own brand of dolls is it bad he like to celebrate his accomplishment with family instead of gold diggers.

Chiwetel forgot to mention Brad Pitt in his speech and the camera kept panning back to him. It was so great to see Leo standing up.

Dont get it @ 02/16/2014 at 6:34 pm

London looks amazing!

Also did it @ 02/16/2014 at 6:35 pm

@Also did it: also is late and lame with her comebacks as usual!! She should stick to posting stupid comments on Toni’s instagram and letting her jj minions take the blame!!

where is toni

@where: Busy with Dave and not Instagramming.

Dont get it @ 02/16/2014 at 6:54 pm

@where: Keeping Leo’s bed warm

@@where: So Dave’s life revolves around Leo as well, since he’s dating Irmelin?
What a screwed up situation…..

Since Jennifer Lawrence didnt show up at the Bafta to receive the award, they could give it to Leo.

@?: yeah what’s up with that jennifer lawrence thing, she’s so overrrated. she always acts the same way in movies and in interviews; 12 years , did not see it, is it good?

@?: They should give it to Lupita since she should have won it in the first place

@??: Leo pays the bills of everyone in his life. What a burden.

@@where: well dave and toni might as well get along since dave always follows irmelin who always follows leo. i guess when leo and irmelin leave dave and toni only have each other.

@Dont get it: leo needs comfort tonight he needs his baby toniiiiiii

leo will blow toni a kiss tonight and the wind force of the kiss will snap toni’s neck

Can’t wait til Toni and Leo breakup so these annoying freaks obsessed with Toni and bring her up in every single conversation even ones only about Leo can fall off the face of the Earth.

Tall girl problems @ 02/16/2014 at 7:05 pm

@where: He needs Lucas

@Geez: I’m sure they are obsessed with the next.

@Geez: And she will be replaced in 6 months with another tall, blonde, model and the cycle will continue! Don’t get your hopes up!!

Ugh sadly there are no lies in here but I will enjoy the couple of months where Leo is single and the Toni trolls will go away. Then Leo posts will only be getting like 50 comments and it won’t be as annoying on here.

@Yo: we don’t know that for sure. are you certain that he has to pay for eveyone? if it’s true, it’s unfair and gross. why should he have to pay such large bills for people? they can’t afford it or have their own lives and support him for real instead of asking him for money.

@Geez: they are not a lot of Leo fans on JJ just Leo haters that make fun of him when he with a barely legal model.

Amazing JJ poster pay so much attention to Toni. Not even Leo takes her seriously.

I’m saying the Leo fans left on here. He has a strong fanbase but lots of trolls and haters as well.

@OMG: his dating life is starting to ruin his career. he’s become like a joke because of the idiots he dates.

Dont get it @ 02/16/2014 at 7:17 pm

@vvvvvv: I know it’s making him underated. But when they brake up we will see all the trolls go.

@Dont get it: You are such a fake fan!

@1234: why would that be a surprise? he’s surrounded by users, look at tobey, lukas, toni, dave, vinnie, kevin …….etc. they are all in for the perks and the money and the opportunities, waiting for leo to fail. they aren’t honest, not one bit; but leo is too scared to meet new people, he’s like a prisoner. he’s too weak and scared for a good life, he makes himself miserable with people from the past who aren’t good for him.

Don't get it @ 02/16/2014 at 7:18 pm

@Zzzzzz: What? Huh I though you were my friend! Two face is what you are!

i don’t get him and his obsession with money, it’s ruining his life and he’s choosing horrible stuff;

@Don’t get it: I’m guessing that was a troll not the real Zzzzzz xx xx

Also did it @ 02/16/2014 at 7:19 pm

I’m lame, too. I live for those stupid comments from also. I can’t get enough of them and I can’t wait for her to post so I can complain about her. I know it’s not her posting on Instagram and obviously I can’t prove a word I post but it’s so funny to post stuff like that. I don’t feel stupid for posting empty claims. Not at all.

The children are on at the moment. I forgot school was closed tomorrow, the little kids want to have their fun past bed time. I’m out.

@above: Tobey has his own money dumbass!!

Toni still cant think up an “excuse” to post a IG picture from London. There are no trees or parks close to the hotel.

@above: they are waiting for him to fail? thats so sad :’( yeah his “friends” really don’t help him grow or look out for him. they just tag along with whatever he wants.

can’t wait for him to realize that he has fake friends. he deserves better people.

Don't get it @ 02/16/2014 at 7:21 pm

@Lilly: Oh ok I did not think about that.

"Poor Leo" Trending! @ 02/16/2014 at 7:21 pm

@Where?: hehehehe

@Where?: shes busy with leo on the hotel bed she can’t type because of the bouncing

Don't get it @ 02/16/2014 at 7:22 pm

@dicapo@Also did it: All of you just shut it! I am fed up of this. I am in a bad mood. Coming off line. Be in later!!!!

@Shut Up: tobey would have been a has been in the 90s if it wasn’t for leo. he got spider man, and all types of other movies like gatsby thanks to leo. tobey would not have money or a career without leo.

Also did it @ 02/16/2014 at 7:25 pm

@Also did it: Well at least also will admit that her comments are stupid, when she steals other people’s names and writes even dumber comments! Unfortunately these comments still don’t help her broaden her intellect or sharpen her English skills. She truly is a lost cause at this point.

@above: tobey ruined every movie leo put him in

Um, before I go, Tobey didn’t win Spiderman because of Leo. Leo wasn’t the complete A list star where we could his friends any roles they wanted like he is now back then. Tobey won Spiderman all on his own, and because of that movie and its sequels he is set for life financially even if he never acts again. So cut the crap with Leo having to pay for him and all that BS.

lukas is a loser that gets jobs thanks to leo. he’s boring and stupid and a bad actor who takes leo’s money, goes on vacation, leo pays for everything. lukas is such a user and a son of a bitchhh. kenvin is dr jeckeel and mister hyde. he’s completely insane and on coke. all the other are destroying leo. leo is the only one who is talented.

Don't get it @ 02/16/2014 at 7:28 pm

That’s not me either, Lilly. Don’t you worry. I’m having a lot of fun reading this comments. He can’t even spell my moniker. Well, not until this last comment. I’ll catch up with you later. It’s good to see you around here. I wish people would treat you better. See you.

@Don’t get it: hey there! Definitely not me. Back to work. Not again until late tonight. The kiddies are bored and using regulars’ names. Let them have their fun. But if it’s a rude comment, not me!
@Lilly: Hi lady! Thanks for knowing it wasn’t me!
Back to work! Will catch up late tonight! ;)

Typo #257: not *on again….

Don't get it @ 02/16/2014 at 7:32 pm

My troll went to be an assh*ole and insult everybody to be good with people. Amazing. I’m not going anywhere so please stop these nonsense.

@Love is Real @ 02/16/2014 at 7:36 pm

Leo loves Toni.

Love is Real @ 02/16/2014 at 7:37 pm

@@Love is Real: Can I have my name back please?? You’re an imposter

@@Love is Real: That’s an instagram from Toni?

"Poor Leo" Trending! @ 02/16/2014 at 7:39 pm

@where: she’s not busy with Leo because he’s at an after party? DId you not just see the pics someone just posted!?!?!? lol

Leo might still win the Oscar. Think MM will win though.

Bradley brought his agent and friend. Suki’s modeling
agency got her ticket and she arrived way before him.

@Toni: No, it was on bellazon, from the after dinner or buffet, or whatever the hell it is

Tony Dortie ‏@TonyDortie · 1h
Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t score at the #BAFTAs ..not so sure the same will be said for the After Party… #VictoriaSecretsScouting

@LOL: I think he wanted to score with the statue more..and um….scouting????

@: Don’t you know, they have to be able to perform certain tricks!!!

@Don’t get it: I don’t get why they are targeting you. Thanks 😊 yeah I noticed the troll couldn’t spell your username. Yes, same 😄
@Zzzzzz: No problem. I think as I don’t get it said, if it’s rude, it’s probably a troll. :)) x

leo is in a very bad mood.

leo lost tonight!!! again!

Scott Bryan (@scottygb)
2/16/14, 3:13 PM


Leo's Fantasy Soul Mate @ 02/16/2014 at 8:24 pm

Leo I would take you here because I love you , its by my house 5 min away.

@---->------------ @ 02/16/2014 at 8:26 pm

Rose for Leo!


Also did it @ 02/16/2014 at 8:27 pm

And I act like I`m so much better picking on the English skills of someone who is not a native English speaker. Not like I have a second language to speak. I have many insults but no substance. I`m here all the time attacking also`s comments because I have nothing better to do. I do the same thing what all the JJ posters do except my target is different. That makes me the voice of reason here. At least that`s what I think of myself.

Also did it @ 02/16/2014 at 8:45 pm

@Also did it: Here’s also again with her screwed up logic and now claiming to be picked on despite the ugly and nasty comments she leaves on Toni’s instagram, who also isn’t a native English speaker, but that’s never stopped also from picking out her mistakes.
Despite claiming to leave a 100 times, also really uses her “friends” accounts to write stupid comments.

Does anyone know the winners????

The reason you're single @ 02/16/2014 at 8:53 pm

For all you women out there that are single and don’t understand why you’re still single; hood-rats, hoes, traps, skeezers, bottom of the barrel chicks; they’re NEVER without a man; they go on dates all week; they smash and have sex all week; they’re NEVER single; they’re never without a man clinging on their every move; WHY? Because they’re EASY. When a man can sniff or smell that they just can’t say anything to you or come at you just any kind of slick ass way, manipulate, con-artist slick ass way; they run away from you smart, intellectual, spiritually based god fearing women; you’re too smart, you’re too special; you’re too significant, so you run the bullshit people away; while the hood-rats and the hoes they stay with dudes around them; all day, everyday; so wear your SINGLE with PRIDE”–@Tyrese

: Outstanding British Film: Gravity

Best British Short Film: Room 8

Best British Short Animation: Sleeping With The Fishes

Best Production Design: The Great Gatsby

Best Sound: Gravity

Best Editing: Rush

Best Documentary: The Act Of Killing

Best Make-Up & Hair: American Hustle

Best Costume Design: The Great Gatsby

Best Original Music: Gravity

Best Animated Film: Frozen

Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer: Kieran Evans, Kelly + Victor

Best Supporting Actor: Barkhad Abdi, Captain Phillips

Best Cinematography: Gravity

Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle

Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema: Peter Greenway

Best Original Screenplay: American Hustle

Best Adapted Screenplay: Philomena

EE Rising Star Award: Will Poulter

Best Special Visual Effects: Gravity

Best Film Not in the English Language: The Great Beauty

Best Leading Actor: Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Years a Slave

Best Director: Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity

Best Leading Actress: Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine

Best Film: 12 Years a Slave

The reason you're single @ 02/16/2014 at 9:04 pm

@What?: what is that suppose to mean racist?!? This is good advice that a lot of women could use!

@Poor Leo: brad pitt sucks, he didn’t get wows

not accurate @ 02/16/2014 at 9:05 pm

@Lilly: Thx. But this article is not accurate. Leo blew a kiss not when he lost but at the beginning of the show and he did it bc Steven Fry asked him to.

Halina Watts ‏@HalinaWatts86 · 1h
At the Harvey Weinstein party at the Rosewood Hotel thanks to @Haylzee – all I can say is DiCaprio is sitting next to us. FAINT

@The reason you’re single: What’s racist about what I said?

i hope leo doesn’t have to pay for everybody like someone said.

pictures?!?!? @ 02/16/2014 at 9:08 pm

Leo has been at this after party for awhile now. Where the hell are the pictures!!!

Leo the lion @ 02/16/2014 at 9:09 pm

Steven Fry called him ‘Leo the lion’. That was right before he asked him to blow a kiss to the camera. But why a lion? Anyone has an idea?

@not accurate: Yes a lot of people commented that. I just used it for the results and comments. But it was very good of Leo to stand up. :)) x

Sugar baby spent all day giving Harvey blowjobs to earn the invitation to the party.

@toto: You’re disgusting!!

Leo the lion @ 02/16/2014 at 9:15 pm

@Lilly: Yes, classy.

Did WOLF win anything????????

Leo the lion @ 02/16/2014 at 9:18 pm

@Wolf: No, unfortunately.

osie ‏@Rosie_Hewlett · 1h
So my mum met Leonardo Dicaprio tonight and had chats with him. Yeah… Jealousy doesn’t even cover it.


Unfortunately @ 02/16/2014 at 9:22 pm


Leo the lion @ 02/16/2014 at 9:25 pm

There are 3 things that impressed me about Leo. First and most of all that blow kiss. The second was his standing when Chiwetel was announced a winner. And the 3rd and most important imo was the amazing applause he got when S Fry announced his name, at the beginning, he mentioned by names all nominees and Leo received an incredibly huge applause, the biggest one in the evening, bigger than Chiwetel, bigger than 12 yas cast/director/producers, bigger than anyone. Which makes me think that it is very possible that he wins Oscar.

@Unfortunately: sorry I was still looking on page 12! lol

@Leo the lion @ 02/16/2014 at 9:28 pm

@Leo the lion: He cant win the Oscar by applauses.

@Leo the lion: that’s wonderful logic. That worked for him tonight as well

Leo the lion @ 02/16/2014 at 9:31 pm

@@Leo the lion: What I mean is: applauses are an indicator of what the audience think and how it accepts things. The Oscar winner is (and should be) the one that overtakes the audience the most.

@Leo the lion: But the audience doesn’t vote….

Leo the lion @ 02/16/2014 at 9:34 pm

@???: But the academy members are also audience.

@Leo the lion: didn’t see it but happy to know he got great applause from the audience. great performance in wows.

@Leo the lion: but they’re not the whole audience. This isn’t like the people choice awards where the fans and anyone can vote. What now?

hope he’ll win the oscar. anyway wows is a great film that will stay.

@Leo the lion: But a lot of voters also have “irons in the fire” and want to see certain people win. Also they are older people who favor corny, traditional movies when it comes to their votes

Jason Solomons ‏@JasonCritic · 4m
Leo Oprah Naomi Bradley Amy Cate JessieJ lilyA Steve Coogan – I leave another swell Harvey Weinstein #Bafta party to rest my weary feet.

Leo the lion @ 02/16/2014 at 9:55 pm

@ballzi: Now what? Fingers crossed. :)))))

I think what will help Leo is very well liked in Hollywood and really respected by his peers. Besides the BAFTA’s, when he won the Globe he got probably the most applause of any person who won that night. But regardless, the audience applause you get isn’t really a determining factor in if you win an Oscar or not. However, on the bright side for Leo, the next time he’s in contention for an Oscar I think he may actually be able to win. Even if it takes awhile, he’s likely to lose to McConaughey so then he’ll be a 5 time loser, since he also received a Best Picture nomination for Wolf. He’ll really be able to work the ‘overdue’ factor the next time he’s in contention which may be able to propel him to a win, similar to Kate Winslet. During her campaign for Revolutionary Road/The Reader, they worked her overdue factor and the fact she had been nominated 5 times previously but never won.

I’m with that other poster, I really wanna see these pics from the after party.

Leo sat next to his mom at the awards ceremony. I guess Dave is babysitting Toni back at the hotel! #daveisababysitter

Leo is drunk right now

People are acting like Leo was the only one that stood up when Ejiofor one. He wasn’t, other people were standing also but some stans see everything Leo does as extra special. The director, and Brad Pitt didn’t even stand up that doesn’t mean they didn’t appreciate their own actor winning. Leo isn’t god people.

Leo the lion @ 02/16/2014 at 10:06 pm

@???: I don’t know, but of all Oscars I’ve seen usually the winner (especially in the male category) gets an incredibly huge applause, even a standing ovation and it shows that most of the people in the hall – actors, directors, film experts with a years long experience in motion picture – agree with the academy’s choice.

here’s come the hater. ain’t you tired?

@HAHA12: spot on with everything you said. The next time he’s nominated he will win. I wonder his BAFTA loss means he’s done campaigning

This flawless KING <3

@Leo the lion: does that mean that he could win the oscar?

No one said he was God. People just thought it was really respectful that he stood up and applauded Chiwetel immediately while none of the other nominees in the actor category didn’t. But I guess people complimenting Leo really bothers people on here so they have to label everyone as stans or crazy fangirls.

Its 2 weeks til the Oscars so I think any last events or award shows to attend are pretty much over. The last one I believe is the Independent Spirit Awards and WOWS obviously isn’t nominated there. I really think Leo will be able to win the Oscar the next time he’s nominated, although it took him 7 years to be welcomed back to the Oscars so it may take him a long time lol.

@stupid: Most Leo fans are not too bright or mature, don’t bother getting into an argument with them, it will go nowhere. And definitely do not say that Leo isn’t God, they will not like that.

But really, Leo was genuinely happy for Chiwetel. However, that doesn’t distract from how hard Leo’s been campaigning and how embarrassing the campaign now looks in retrospect.

Leo the lion @ 02/16/2014 at 10:11 pm

@stupid: He was the only one that stood up (of the nominees best actor). I watched very carefully. That’s why I said that it impressed me – bc he was the only one that stood up!

... this is leo's life? @ 02/16/2014 at 10:12 pm

applause = the ultimate goal of life????

Please, how in any way was his campaign embarrassing. Bradley Cooper has been campaigning hard and he has no shot in hell at winning against Jared Leto. Yet no one is calling him embarrassing on here. Until tonight, lots of people really thought Leo could win against McConaughey in an upset. Its his passion project and he worked hard on it, whats wrong with being proud of your work? He’s not the only actor who campaigned hard this year but none of you are calling out other people like Amy Adams who campaigned even harder than Leo even tho we all know that Oscar is going to Cate Blanchett. You all will just find any reason to hate on Leo.

@shhhh: The only embarrassment is your comment!!! Shut up and go away!!

@HAHA12: lol ya hopefully he’s nominated again sooner than later. I think if Devil in the White City gets made he may get a nomination for that role if he gets a good director for it. Praying he doesn’t go down the road of Peter O’Toole, who was nominated 8 TIMES for best leading actor and passed away before ever winning. That would be a tragedy

Also did it @ 02/16/2014 at 10:18 pm

What a stupid hypocrite I am! I do the same thing being here all the time – after all I live for also`s comments – but her doing it is pathetic. Me doing it is fine. And I`m too dumb to say anything intelligent about it. I`m a hypocrite. And and idiot because I keep making accusations that I can`t prove. No matter how many times it`s mentioned I ignore the fact that I have claims but nothing to back them up. Everything I post screams hypocrisy and stupidity. And I`m too dumb to admit that. Hey, this is what I am. A mindless troll.

@HAHA12: For one minute, STOP comparing Leo to others and compare his own professional behavior for the campaign to his professional behavior in the past. It’s even different from him being totally careless with the Gatsby promo, which wasn’t even a year ago. He turned his image around into day from night and its clear that he will change it back once the awards are over. Honestly its frustrating to see someone who I think is genuinely a nice person try to exaggerate himself for a prize. Leo can do it on his own but he has so much he wants to hide and he also wants to please everyone. There’s no need to do that. Also stop thinking everyone is out to get Leo. He really is not god and there are times when he should be rightfully called out for his misbehavior.

@shhhh: What is “misbehavior” about presenting yourself and your movie, which are both nominated for Oscars?
Part of the job of being nominated, is doing the work of taking your movie on the “screening circuit.”
He hasn’t done anything more “attention whorish” than the other nominees

What is he doing that is so awful? The Great Gatsby was pushed out of Oscar season into the Summer and got crappy reviews. WOWS was a project he worked for 7 years to get made, got generally good reviews including his performance, and was nominated for many awards. Of course he would be more active in promoting WOWS, his pet project. He did the exact same amount of campaigning for The Aviator, which was his other pet project. He has campaigned in the past before so I really don’t get why you all are acting like its a crime that he’s campaigning this time around. And what does his personal life have to do with awards? I know you all like to harp on his personal life and who he dates all the time but that should not be judged when it comes to who should win awards and who shouldn’t. Jared Leto has a sketchy personal life himself but that hasn’t factored into him winning awards or not. And no, I don’t think Leo is a God and I’m sick of being accused of thinking that. I’m just a fan, but literally everything on here is just bitching about Leo that it gets so tiresome. I mean why even be on here if you’re just going to complain and get annoyed by everything he does and try to tie it to his personal life.

watched wolf @ 02/16/2014 at 10:24 pm

I watch wolf and I could still see snippets of “Leo” while I was watching it, unlike Django where I didn’t see Leo at all. Calvin Candie was a complete and full transformation. Wolf…not so much IMO. He acted better in Django and I’m not a tarantino fan.

I think Leo will an Oscar one day, it will probably be a lot later in his career a la Paul Newman or Al Pacino for a probably less deserving performance. Lol

@HAHA12: @HAHA12: Comparing Leo’s campaign to the campaign of others is ridiculous, everyone is different. Women have it much harder in general, also Leo has a lot of power and opportunities. But isn’t it funny that people who have much less power or opportunities than Leo are able to accomplish more? Most times, if not every time, Leo has been great but not the best of the year. Try watching more movies without your Leo bias, you may see that there are many different ways to act and that it has nothing to do with directors or famous characters. It is bringing life to something that does not exist, Leo has not shown that he can do that effectively yet. Even his projects in the future rely on press and historical characters. Think about it. He is just not the best this year and the award should not be based on the campaign.

@….: misbehavior = clubbing, alcoholism, cheap sex, cheating on his 20 year old girlfriends… etc. I wasn’t referring to his campaign.

who are you? @ 02/16/2014 at 10:29 pm

@HAHA12: how would you know? that’s BS. who knows, maybe he’ll win this time or maybe in two years….this is now.


I think if Leo works with DOR he’ll win for that performance. Regardless of what you think of DOR past behavior he’s a talented writer and director.

who are you? @ 02/16/2014 at 10:31 pm

@Amy: yeah, let’s see them work together, as long as he respects leo and leo gets to work with de niro again!

It is not my Leo bias. I know many people in real life who are film lovers and have watched the Oscar movies and they still believe Leo deserves the Oscar. I’ve seen even people who are not Leo fans that have praised his performance and were seriously impressed by him. The reason you guys don’t like his performance has to be because you think he is just like Jordan Belfort in real life and the majority of posters here were against the movie from the start. But the fact of the matter is the acclaim and outstanding reviews Leo received for his work in Wolf were some of the best he’s gotten since the 90s. And this time around, the majority of critic organizations nominated him in their Actor category and he’s usually not popular with critics. In YOUR opinion, you believe he didn’t deliver a great performance. But there are many, many people who disagree and consider it his finest performance to date. And no, it is not just Leo fangirls or ‘stans’.

@shhhh: Which of these are crimes, and if true, how is any of it anybody’s business or related to winning an Oscar?

And Hollywood is a very seedy place…. Leo’s “misbehavior” is pretty tame compared to a lot of what has and continues to go on!

@shhhh: what’s cheap sex?
is he a bad person in general?

The Oscars rewarded Roman Polanski for The Piano and he received a standing ovation even though everyone knows he kidnapped and raped a 13 year old girl. Many men with sketchy personal or love lives have won including Jamie Foxx, Adrien Brody, Warren Beatty, Sean Penn, Jack Nicholson, and the list goes on. Hollywood has no problem for rewarding people like Leo.

Did Gatsby win 2 awards or just 1??

@HAHA12: It is a great performance. He is just not the best this year. He really isn’t. STOP looking for what everyone else has to say and think for yourself. Watch the performance and tell me that you don’t see that DiCaprio has kept some of his mannerisms from previous films and is shouting the entire way through. There is gold there but there is no balance or nuance. It is not a complete portrayal.

Also did it @ 02/16/2014 at 10:35 pm

@Also did it: also’s handlers forgot to set the tranquilizer gun and they let it out of its cage again! This time it got a hold of a dictionary and found two words, unfortunately it doesn’t understand the meaning of context! Good thing also is leaving soon to work on its favorite hobby: clipping photos of Leo’s girlfriends out of VS catalogues and glueing her mugshot on top of them!!

@Amy: Although I think DOR is overrated I think his style of directing would force Leo out of his “shell” and we would get a phenomenal performance from Leo if they ever paired up. Legacy of Secrecy sounds so boring though lol, so hopefully they team up for something else.

@shhhh: It’s a matter of opinion. Some people think he is the best, just like Matthew and Chiwetel, etc have people applauding their performances

Every actor has mannerisms or trademarks that they can’t shake off. That’s what makes them unique or stand out. Its what Jack Nicholson or Robert DeNiro are practically known for. That doesn’t make less of greater actors, nor does it take away from their performance. Personally, I thought Leo completely transformed into Jordan Belfort, even if he recognizable facial expressions or Leo trademarks it did not take away from his performance for me. Unlike Django Unchained, a good performance by Leo but at times I felt I was ‘watching’ him act. Clearly we have different opinions on this.

how can leo even think of getting married one day when he cheats all the time and has escorts and prostitutes????
what wife would be happy with a husband who acts like that?
i mean, wouldn’t you want to marry for love and have a husband who is fun, respectful?

@HAHA12: Exactly!!! His personal life shouldn’t factor into it!!

watched wolf @ 02/16/2014 at 10:38 pm

@shhhh: so true, it was like watching Leo again. Why does he always do that…He needs to watch people on the street and steal their mannerisms for his next film

I’m not sure how I feel about Leo working with DOR. American Hustle really was underwhelming and was just all about the actors hamming it up, and I’m not sure their sensibilities will be able to work out as a pairing. I’m shocked Leo would even work with him tbh.

@fortune: he’s holding off marriage because he knows that he can snap his fingers any time and women will throw themselves at him and kill for the chance to have his child. he has a lot of power and he knows it.

Yup and it’s not going to be the reason Leo will lose even if people on here try to act like it will be. It will simply be because Matthew received more votes than him and that WOWS was too racy for the older Academy members.

Leo the lion @ 02/16/2014 at 10:46 pm

Hey you people, the oscars are NOT over. Don’t be that sure that he’s not going to win. I read many film critics that say it is not sure likew in other years, this year it’s hard to predict bc the roles are incredibly played, winners-of-previous-awards or not. It’s the oscars. There can be surprises. And this year it would be evn call a surprise. The race is between Mat, Leo and Chiwetel. Especially if Chiwetel wins Spirit awards. Leo didn’t lose at baftas imo bc Chiwetel is British, the awards are british, Prince William was there, there couldn’t be any other winner than Chiwetel. So the race is not over. And in any race anyone could win.

The problem with Leo is he can’t act any better than he is acting because he keeps doing the same sh*t in his real life and so he brings the same stale perspective to every film.Its all connected. Maybe if some new sh*t happened to him personal, environmental or otherwise in his life he would give us something different and not all that shouting, and finger pointing and that tired old mannerisms he loves to repeat.

@Wierd. It is wierd. Gatsby one 2. and Wows got 0. Blame the Brits.

He already did that in Django Unchained and WOWS so I’d say he’s doing just fine career wise. His last 3 performances have been some of his best yet and the next 10 years of his career should be even greater. He’s going to get better as he gets older.

Leo the lion @ 02/16/2014 at 10:48 pm

*it wouldn’t be even called a surprise

@@fortune: thanks me too.
@power: but that’s ridiculous. why would he snap his fingers to have any woman he wants? that’s immature and it gets old. it’s ok more or less coming from an unexperienced young man but not to a guy who will be 40 in a couple of months. why would he think in terms of power? and would use it in such a way. can’t he think of himself as a man, like any other man instead of thinking his power comes from the fact that movie stars are overrated and not seen for who they are?
so it’s more like a candy store for him?
He’d rather have anyone jump at his feet for sex instead of going for a woman with which he’ll fall in love with?
that’s absurd.

@HAHA12: I really don’t want to keep arguing. Mannerisms aren’t a big deal BUT for all the praise Leo gets for being versatile he does not fill those shoes. He has mannerisms he’s kept from pre-Titanic days. I’m guessing that at this point most directors don’t want to be too hard on Leo, so he does not grow or change or compromise. Obviously we differ on our opinions on Leo’s acting in general, but I implore you to try to widen your perspective on acting. Most Leo fans seem too concerned with hype and celebrity, and I think Leo has this characteristic as well.

@HAHA12: I also really did not like American Hustle but I liked Three Kings and enjoyed Silver Linings Playbook so I’m thinking DOR just lost his way this time around.

@HAHA12: he did it in Django, not Wolf That was Leo screaming again… I don’t know what happened around Django time but that was the exception.

No, I know just enough about acting and film, what you don’t realize is that Leo CAN’T lose those mannerism and trademarks he’s kept since his Titanic days. The reason why? He’s simply not a character actor. He’s a leading man, much like a Tom Cruise or Jack Nicholson. They are not known for sinking into their characters to the point that they’re unrecognizable, unlike say Daniel Day Lewis. They have a familar presence that audiences enjoy watching and they are able to pull in seats. They have trademarks that are well known at this point or a certain charisma that everyone is familiar with. Leo will never be able to sink into his character and convince you that he isn’t Leonardo DiCaprio most of the time. We know so much of him in the public eye and what he’s like and what he’s famous for that it’s just impossible to forget you are watching him. If you think other actors are better than him than that’s fine, I would actually agree with you. But you seem to misunderstand the kind of actor Leo is. He can be both a movie star and a great actor, but never a character actor.

@fortune: leo probably feels he has no control over other areas of his life so he wants to exert power where he does have it, even if it just over young girls. everything you say is true, he for some reason enjoys bad company over no company at all. he must have some deep issues with loneliness.
leo doesn’t need to fall in love he needs to forget his power and for once trust the power of someone else. he probably has problems trusting people in his celebrity position and also he has alot to lose in both a material and reputation sense. it’s understandable that he wants to be on top all the time, hence why he always chooses bland or dumb girls. but there has to be a point where that gets tiresome, since it is not fulfilling in any way.

Did you guys see suki int he front row at the Baftas???? Wow Bradley stepped it up!! Leo???

I don’t know. I liked Leo in Django but I don’t consider it one of his best performances compared to others and at times I was aware I was watching him act especially when he was like “WHERE IS MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER???” In WOWS he was over the top but I completely bought it and never felt I was watching him act that way. I thought Sam Jackson was the best of all three of the supporting actors in Django but we’ll just agree to disagree.

@HAHA12: I didn’t see all of Django but from what I saw I didn’t see Leo.. Maybe that line you’re right…that would make 0 for 0 for me then…lol

@power: yeah get it. but but what do you mean by he has a lot to lose in both a material and reputation sense?
you mean if he stops that lifestyle?
or if he truly falls in love he’s lose what?
to me, but that’s me, people have more to lose when they don’t have true love in their lives.

@HAHA12: So then if he cannot create a believable character as effectively as another actor why should his performance be rewarded over that actor? I think anyone can create a believable character, but there has to be some quality of the actor in real life that is similar to the character. That way the actor can internalize the character and draw from their own experience to express with genuine emotion. Leo is always suppressing his personality and emotion. Leo CAN be a character actor, what he needs to do is open up and express himself. It has nothing to do with being a movie star or having a familiar face. Lots of “character” actors have distinct faces or presence but can create characters. There are also “bland” actors who can create wild and ambitious characters like the ones Leo plays. Leo should try creating his own character instead of reaching for historical figures, for instance.

@fortune: no i mean he has a lot to lose if he trusts someone and they betray him like they take his money or expose his lifestyle. its because he wants to hide his lifestyle so badly that he has to be so careful. but being careful like that won’t help him find love. when he really finds love he won’t lose anything, but who knows at this point if he can meet someone without that person seeing him as leo dicaprio and not just who he is as a person. thats the hardest part.


IMO Leo was more natural before Titanic.

It should be about the specific performance, not their overall career or body of work. And I know plenty of people who really believed Leo BECAME the character in WOWS and that they didn’t feel like they were watching him act, obviously people will disagree on this but I’m just saying I’m not in the minority that thinks Leo actually became the character. I will agree with you however that Leo really does need to play more original characters. His main problem is his lack of creativity which has hurt him in past years, hence why his performance started to feel very repetitive. Django Unchained aside, most of the men he plays are either real life figures or based off novels. Even in Titanic he apparently begged James Cameron to make the role of Jack Dawson more complex and have more of a past history but Cameron forced him to rely on his natural talent and presence to characterize Jack. I agree he needs to allow himself to be more open and adventurous to playing characters never created before which i think could help him stretch his range even more. He seems to be afraid of being creative with his roles instead of using his natural talent to help him create the character. I would love to see him star in something like “Her” with Joaquin Phoenix for example.

@power: i think when two people are really really really in love they both see each other. you know what i mean?
trust issues are normal to have. But if you feel good, you can let go a little bit, or more and then trust.
you are afraid that leo falls in love gets married then betrayed and take his money and expose him is that it? did i get it right?

@fortune: yes. i feel like alot of people would want to take advantage of him. but his true love definitely would not do that. the thing is how will he find her and how will she be able to fit into his lifestyle? it seems impossible at this moment, but maybe in the future things will slow down for him.

@power: how will she be able to fit in his lifestyle ? i don’t know, how will he fit in her lifestyle as well.
well it depends on him, on her, on them. if he keeps clubbing all the time and if he cheats on her, i don’t think she’ll want to fit in his lifestyle, she’ll probably run out of there as fast as she can.
but if they are in love (which is a rare thing in a lifetime), they’ll figure it out. or maybe you meant something else by lifestyle.
how will he find her, wish i could help, i have no clue.

Like Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock..they are always the same in any character they play’s kind of annoying..

@Cherry: true, but loved what sandra bullock did in gravity

@Cherry: julia is awful but at least sandra seems cool and nice

@yo: yeah i agree

And forgot Jennifer Aniston same in all movies….

@Amy: I don’t agree. I think he was carefree before Titanic, not necessarily trying – or focused – like he is now.


But that’s the problem I think. You can see him trying to act when he’s acting which isn’t good. I don’t know why he’s so much more insecure about his own talent now.

I think its the fact that Titanic made him such a huge star while pre Titanic he was more of an indie actor and wasn’t the superstar Leonardo DiCaprio that he is today. Especially since he was a teen heartthrob and faced backlash by the media similarly to say Robert Pattinson, it made him less confident and more insecure.

@Amy: That’s not what I meant. When he was younger, he was just a kid actor without a plan. Now that he’s older, he knows what kinds of roles he wants to go far, he’s experienced and he can finance the projects he’s interested in. Unlike the beginning of his career where HIS acting was fine, but the movies were subpar, his roles always meet up with his talent.

I don’t see what you see when you say you can “see” him acting. That’s just his acting style. Every actor has their own style and mannerisms that make them who they are. Some of them you like, and some you don’t.

@HAHA12 He was more insecure when he was younger, but his cavalier attitude masked that. I say that it wasn’t until around Blood Diamond that he came into his own imo


I think he should take Improv classes because they would loosen him up on set. That’s why he enjoyed working with Jonah so much.

@HAHA12: how would you know that? do you know him?

I don’t see insecurity at all. He seems assured and happy to me.

Many people who interviewed him after Titanic commented on how self cautious and shy he seemed. You watch any of his early 90s interviews and see how candid and lively he was. Titanic obviously was a big factor into why he tried so hard to be taken seriously.

I think he has started to come into his own as an actor and really knows where his strengths lie. Disagree about his 90s work, not all of his performances from that decade were solid but the best of them(This Boy’s Life, Gilbert Grape, Basketball Diaries) all felt committed to me and go head to head against some of his best adult performances. I would like to see him play more original characters but for the most part I like the way his career is going.

He should also work more with Jonah I think. They have great chemistry

...................... @ 02/17/2014 at 12:01 am

“I don’t see insecurity at all. He seems assured and happy to me.”


the opposite is true…

Leo is definitely insecure, his dating habits prove that, he’s way too close to his mom and his “Yes Men” buddies doesn’t help him…too much a$$ kissing from mom, gf and buddies and sometimes even the public and it seems like it cause him to go into a shell instead of branching out in his personal life.

Everytime people meet Leo and his friends they always say Tobey was friendly Leo is reserved. Or Jonah was friendly and Leo kept to himself….

I don’t think that has to do with inscrutability. I don’t disagree with you about Leo being insecure but I also think he is just naturally shy and probably gets anxious and nervous easily.

Leo prefers bad company to no company. That doesn’t seem like someone that is confident in themselves if you ask me

@.: maybe he’s shy

I mean insecurity

@jamie: that’s too bad. i love seeing people, but i need my time alone. why would he be scared to be alone for a couple of hours?

@HAHA12: I’m pretty sure I read something where Leo said he was a social guy but he likes to keeps parts of his life private for acting. I don’t think he’s a shy person naturally. I think he’s an extrovert and I think he wants to burst out of his box that his put himself in. I don’t think he wants to be as contained as he is in interviews but he doesn’t know how or he’s afraid to be more authentic. He might be shy in specific situations but that might happen to anyone…

@.: that’s too bad that he doesn’t let go in interviews. why did he put himself in a box?

Yeah, this is a different way of looking at it. There’s a chance he may want to show more personality but doesn’t know how, especially since at this point the public kind of expects him to act very reserved and serious. He seems shy/awkward in certain interviews/events but then at other times he can be outgoing. I think it depends on the people he’s around.

@---->------------ @ 02/17/2014 at 12:20 am

Leo if you don’t get the Oscar do you think he will get Toni’s hand in marriage!

where is toni?

@HAHA12: yeah once in awhile or he has to be with someone like Hill…It wasn’t always like that for him

I know lots of people consider Jonah a douche and kiss ass but I think hanging out with him has been really good for Leo. You can tell they just really get along so well and Leo looks more eat ease around him than he does with most co stars.

@HAHA12: hi! Only on for a sec. Totally agree with you re Jonah. He was way more open and relaxed in the 2nd Q&A when Jonah was with him. It was night and day! I think Jonah is a good influence. Much better than a lot if his so called ‘friends’.
Great conversations happening on the thread! Got to go. Be back later tonight! I’ll probably catch up with tomorrow! ;)

Jonah seems cool.

Hey! I’m still so jealous you got to go to that recent Q&A. Especially since Jonah was there, it must of been more entertaining now. I’m heading off now, night

Like good company.

@HAHA12: night! Talk to you later! ;)

Jonah and Leo will marry on a yacht full of hookers like when they were spotted by papz that one time

When Leo finds his female soulmate he’ll introduce her to his BFF Jonah Hill and she’ll be so revolted she’ll run away forever and then Leo and Jonah can live happily ever after

Troll is back @ 02/17/2014 at 12:48 am

Get a life. omg

Jonah seems like a real friend unlike some others. Plus he is funny as hell.

I prefer him over any other of Leo’s friends.

Did anyone watch this
the london crowd was nuts for leo.

@ONTD me tooo. He is different than I thought at first. I like him.

aw the whole crowd was yelling leo leo leo

Yes hes a cool guy. Hilarious in This Is The End.

@Suki: Leo brought his mom who has always been there for him. He get brownies points form me.

My comments aren’t going through .

The interview on CBS was great this morning. Loved seeing all the old pics of Leo when he was a kiddo. He was looking super handsome tonight at the BAFTA. Really bummed he didn’t win!

Has Jonah met Toni

@S: hi! The above has some of the questions and answers from the interview, not just the ones that aired. It was interesting and made more sense. Especially the marriage question. Apparently, the reporter was talking to him about Tobey being married and having kids and then asked him about marriage.

There are tweets saying that Leo’s mom was “spying” on Leo and Toni’s valentines dinner. One being perez hilton. It’s unbelievable what these gossip rags will write! LOL

Guys I’m so bummed out he didn’t win the BAFTA. When he stood up to clap for Ejiofor my heart broke. I’m actually depressed about it :( The race is over and he knows it. We know it too </3 I really thought this would've been the year for DiCaprio

@beth: It’s not over!!

@####: Irmelin hates the b*tch (Garnn)

Its ok. The year will be 2024 and then Leo will win:)) He will win one day, i think. I like that he stood up for Chiwetel.

U don’t think Matthew is winning ?

@ONTD: I still think it’s close!! Between Leo and McCona??????

Matthew is leading by a large distance but maybe Chiwetel or Leo can win unexpectedly. It seems unlikely tbf

@beth: hi! I’m not going a lie. I was rooting for Chiwetel. However, this is a strange year and I wouldn’t say it’s over yet. He could pull it off. You just never know. Classy of Leo to stand since it didn’t appear any of the other nominees did.

@….: It is. All of the professionals that predict oscar winners are saying he isn’t winning. Look at his face as he’s clapping. That is a face of a man that has been defeated :( I hope he doesn’t spiral out of control. My poor bby

@ONTD: Leading where?? There’s a poll?
I just think it’s closer than we really know…

When leo was clapping he didn’t look upset or anything jmo. I bet he liked 12 years as a slave because he said he was going to vote for lupita and he has been friendly with her plus he was chatting with chiwetel on the red carpet. So i bet he was happy chiwetel won. However, on oscar night he probably will be less enthusiastic if matthew wins..

@ONTD: I like that too. It shows that he’s classy. It would’ve been funny if he went up to podium anyways, Kanye style heh

it could be close but matthew has the advantage with his new show on HBO, all his hard campaigning, and he won the important awards so far.

@beth: LOL…. Perfect!!

matthew’s speeches have been horrible so far. if he wins i hope he doesnt blab on about neptune or some weird crap again. chiwetel and leo give classier speeches

@ONTD: I think he was sad, I might just be projecting lol. I’m sure he respects Ejiofor and thought he gave a good performance but deep down he wants to win one for himself. I mean, who wouldn’t? He’s been getting nominated for 20 YEARS!!! That’s so crazy

Don't get it @ 02/17/2014 at 2:02 am

I’m only in here for a second, it’s 4 am in this part of the world. I just read the transcription of the interview. Thank you for sharing it. I really enjoyed it. I’m off to bed. I’ll talk to all of you later. Have a good day :)

ya its crazy his first nomination was 20 years ago god i feel old. he wants to win but after today he probably realized he wont just hope he has fun on oscar night and enjoys himself. have you seen this LOL

@ONTD: Well if that’s the case, I just don’t think that’s fair!! He won’t be winning the Oscar for best performance, but because he stopped taking paycheck roles and he’s on a hit show with other talented actors as well. He wasn’t even the best part of DBC.

And as far as the awards go, Lupita has lost every single award and is still considered the favorite for supporting actress. Lol I’m gonna hold onto hope for Lenny!!


Thanks for posting. Interesting interview.

@ONTD: RIGHT? I’ll never forgive or forget McConaughey for all those ****** movies he was making before he decided he wanted to become a serious actor. My poor bby has been grinding for two decades and the Academy refuses to throw him a bone. *sigh* it just..destroys me inside

lupita won critics choice and sag so she didnt lose everything. i was shocked she lost bafta cant believe jlaw won image if she wins a second oscar omfg. and thats part of his campaign, that he stars in good movies now and no longer does crappy rom coms with kate hudson. its unfair but its all politics. i hope leo can win but i just am not feelin it. im gonna cross my fingers for him.

matthew is a really good actor very good in dallas buyers club and true detective its just kinda unfair an oscar came to him so easily while chiwetel and leo actually worked hard in their careers and still wont win jmo

@ONTD: oscars are awarded for performances, not careers…

@ONTD: LOLLLLLLL best gif. So accurate. Wolf of Wallstreet is a potential gold mine for “poor leo oscar” gifs

yes but part of the reason matthew is even winning is because he turned his career around and no longer stars in crappy movies. thats what his whole campaign has been about and boy is he selling it

like i said he was very good in dallas buyers club would be happy for him if he wins but i hope for a surprise

you should just be happy leo even was nominated tbf. am sure next time hes nominated then he will win. right now matthew has the comeback story and everything in his favor. leo will get his time one day

@ONTD: so.. you’re saying he should not be proud of improving his own career??… also his performance was fantastic, campaigning is just a necessity for even the most dignified actors now (including leo) because of the screwed up academy system

@ONTD: Well I meant the big ones, where people were shocked she lost.

What I don’t understand is why Harvey isn’t pulling strings for Leo the way he did for JLaw last year. I mean I don’t want him to get a “bought” Oscar, but it’s just interesting to me that Harvey hasn’t been out there more. Hasn’t Leo been attending the Weinstein parties after the ceremonies?

@ONTD: Someone brought up a good point I don’t remember where I read it but if you think about it McConaughey had to steer his career in another direction. You don’t see many, if any, over 40 actors starring in romantic comedies. He didn’t have a choice, if he wanted to keep working he had to go in a different direction. His decision to become a serious actor was likely a business decision and not a desire to star in quality movies.

can you relax i didnt say he shouldnt be proud of himself im just saying its a big part of his campaign and the reason he is mostly winning i also said he gave a very good performance so calm down.

@….: Wolf of Wallstreet isn’t a Weinstein movie. Silver Linings Playbook was.

i doubt leo will ever trust harvey again because last year harvey said something like ‘leave dicaprio to me’ about django unchained and then christoph waltz won the oscar lol what a slap in the face

@beth: No I know, but Leo is one of Harvey’s “people” (I don’t know how to describe it)

Whatever it is, he’s made Harvey money in the past and possibly the future!!

@ONTD: Lol…. I forgot about that!!!

i dont like harvey he just buys people his oscars i hope if leo wins it will never be for a harvey weinstein produced movie lol

@ONTD: ok u are the mighty one i will obey ur command

Leo’s gonna get smashed on Oscar night

@ONTD: I know!! And Harvey is a shady creep and I don’t want a black cloud around Leo’s Oscar. I just figured at this point people would be pulling for him more than it appears right now
Maybe the theories about him pissing off the academy are true

Leo’s crying right now

Leo returned Toni’s earrings to the store so he could afford more kleenex boxes sniff sniff

@Psychic: LOL…. No he’s not!! He’s too strong!!

i dont think they hate him but i dont think they love him either. they probably respect him but he will prob have to wait til hes older to win. it happens with male actors while females win earlier

@ONTD: LOL at the “**** just got real peasants deal with it”

@ONTD: It’s still weird to me that MM wasn’t favored until he won the GG.
Chiwetel was supposed to beat everyone!! So weird

@….: The boy is whimpering under his blanket. He def ain’t cheery or happy tonight.

ikr i feel bad for him so good in 12 years as a slave but atleast he won something tonight.

@ONTD: However it goes, I wonder how it will affect Leo’s choice of next project or if he will extend his “break”

hope he picks a new project soon but he keeps saying he has nothing on the horizon

i got to go nice talking to u all


In that CBS interview, he talks about an environmental documentary he’ll be doing next.

@####: Hi! I haven’t had a chance to watch the CBS interview. So he actually talks about doing something with the environment? I really hope he means it this time. I’m going to watch it now.


It was in the extended written interview that you posted from BZ

can you post that on here. thanks

Jordan Snowzell (@snowzell)
2/17/14, 12:00 AM
“@Lolaleahrose:” One of our Zeal students with Leonardo Dicaprio at the Baftas last night!Shame he’s too old for Zeal

Leo = Serious Actor @ 02/17/2014 at 4:15 am

Some Bradley fans keeps comparing B to Leo and saying terrible words about Leo. Someone wrote this on B’s thread:

Creepy Bradley is always losing. Haha, siki is a minus not a plus.Fassbender did not win and Media Made Me Bradley still lost? You have to laugh when the ignorant compare this lucky guy to hard working Leo who has been a serious actor and ALister for 20 years. Bradley is not even worthy of cleaning Leo’s shoes. Drunk Bradley takes his new status for granted. His hideous pristitute siki will bring him many losses. Jonah Hill will get the Oscar on 2 March before loser drunk Bradley does. Jared will win. If he doesn’t, Michael will. If he doesn’t, Abadi will. If he doesn’t, Jonah will. They are all better actors and better men.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Mom Spied On Him & Toni Garrn During Their Valentine’s Date! – See more at:

Where is sugar baby? hidden again? LOL

Leonardo DiCaprio warmed up for the Baftas by proving things are still going strong between him and his German lover Toni Garrn.

“proving ” LOL

Leo’s love show comes after the bachelor recently raised eyebrows by speeding off in the back of a car with model Nina Adgal at the start of the month following a Super Bowl party.

Agdal, 21, was linked to The Wanted’s Max George, 25, at the time but they have now allegedly split.

I feel bad for her. I do. If I were her, I’d feel even more miserable seeing that other A-listers do take their much younger girlfriends to award shows with them. Suki was sitting so nearby Bradley last night. And it just shows that it’s not about being relevant to the public. Suki is basically a nobody – a joke of a modelling career, much less successful than Toni, but still she gets to be close to her boyfriend because he isn’t ashamed of her. She is obviously relevant to him. And that’s were it goes wrong with Leo. He’s like, absolutely dismissive towards his girlfriends when it comes to things like this. Like they don’t exist. Totally neglected. Say what you guys want – that she knew, and despite knowing she chooses to be with him, and despite experiencing it over and over again stays with him… whatever. I still feel bad for her. She’s 21 after all, and probably very infatuated with Leo. Despite all that, I can’t make fun of her. I hope she matures fast and opens up her eyes. I’m sure there are lots of other guys out there for her who treat her (or any other girl for that matter) with the respect and dignity every girl deserves. The girl herself might be dismissive about what she deserves and might continue to put up with sh*t from a guy, but that doesn’t make her less worthy than others. Wake up, Toni. Don’t lie to yourself with some BS story people want you to believe. If a guy respects you, he will own you.

I hope you realise that by having these thoughts towards a complete stranger, even though she doesn’t know or feel it, you create bad karma for yourself. You will probably be laughing, but every form of bad intention – whether it is in thoughts, words or actions – WILL come back to you.
You do not achieve anything more than making some people who share the same thoughts as you in here laugh for a while, and create bad karma for yourself. Be less horrible to others.

Tall girl problems @ 02/17/2014 at 6:41 am


Even more convinced that the whole show/dinner was pure PR. If his mother was at the same restaurant and since she needs to be with him all the time, why not a double date instead of a bizarre case of separate table, if anyway they were joined them. Just to make a show with the earrings and make it look like it was a romantic dinner even with his mother as his chaperone sitting at two flower pots.

Leo the lion @ 02/17/2014 at 7:08 am

“Why so obsessed [with WOWS]?” asked [Sunday Morning interviewer].

“Because the world that we live in seems to be very surreal sometimes,” DiCaprio said. “The incessant need for more is a part of our culture, and I see it all around me. And you know, doing this movie we wanted to put that darker nature of humanity up on screen.”

This is the reason why WOWS deserves to win oscar best picture.

This is just like the dinner in LA, adding smitten to a dinner probably without interaction as usual and with all his friends joining them before the end of dinner like a “emergency phone call from a friend” in a really bad date.

Leo the lion @ 02/17/2014 at 7:22 am

@@LOL: Maybe he simply doesn’t care much about her and that’s why he doesn’t take her to awards events.

I’m so ashamed! Everybody knows I’m 40… I’m not 34, now I’m 40. I know everybody thought I was a teen because I’m very immature… I can’t hide it anymore. Yeah, I am old and I hate Toni and Leo girlfriends because they are young and beautiful.
I’m crying now. Those trolls are so bad.

courty ❁ ‏@Courtyyyb · 3h
Okay my dad met LEONARDO DI CAPRIO and his mum last night😦

@####34: don’t cry my darling. i’m also 40… we are old but we are a team. i hate those trolls but i’m not crying… i’m strong and i will prove it:
i hate you toni. you are young and beautiful but i don’t care and i hate trolls… i hate you all and i will not cry!
that’s it. now everybody knows i’m a strong woman. i can do whatever i want because i’m not a baby, i’m not like toni….

No Leo and Bradley bromance last night.

Can someone post the interview?

Leonardo DiCaprio: Honored to be a working actor

This year, when they ask for “The envelope, please …” at the Oscars, many expect to hear his name announced as Best Actor for his latest film. Lee Cowan tells us how Leonardo DiCaprio fought to get it made:

It ended up, said Leonardo DiCaprio, being the movie he wanted to make

Which is rare, right? “Very, very rare,” he told Cowan. “I waited until I got the right financing, [and] the right people that would allow us to make the movie we wanted to make.”

The movie DiCaprio was so desperate to make was “The Wolf of Wall Street.” It’s a vibrant and polarizing look at the greed and excess of the bull market of the 1990s — especially one charismatic, almost cult-like broker named Jordan Belfort.

“You said that it wasn’t really until you started doing those speeches that you sort of got the sense of that rock-star quality that he had?’ asked Cowan.

“Yeah, they’re almost like out of ‘Gladiator’ or ‘Braveheart,’” said DiCaprio. “They’re like a war cry to your troops, except they’re completely twisted, and encouraging his soldiers to go out there and screw over as many people as possible.”

DiCaprio was intrigued by Belfort’s autobiography, an unvarnished tale of drug abuse, and abuse of his clients, cheating investors out of millions, before going to prison for securities fraud and money laundering.

DiCaprio spent “many months” with Belfort himself. “Certainly he helped me with the Quaalude sequences, because I had no idea what that stuff was like! He re-enacted a lot of that for me. He crawled around on the floor and showed me what it was like.”

“Did you like him?” Cowan asked.

“You know, he’s a likable guy,” DiCaprio said. “His action were deplorable, and he’ll admit that. But when somebody’s such an open book and is so candid about what they did, and unflinching, you have to appreciate that as an actor, because there’s not many people that really do that.”

DiCaprio shopped the movie around for seven years, with no takers. Even director Martin Scorsese was reluctant at first.

“Leo was the one who stayed on the project,” Scorsese said. “He would just keep coming around telling me more about the project.”

“He was pretty persistent?”

“Yes. I said, ‘Alright, I’ll look at it again, but please don’t even let me read it if there’s no possibility of doing the picture the way it should be made.’”

“Why so obsessed?” asked Cowan.

“Because the world that we live in seems to be very surreal sometimes,” DiCaprio said. “The incessant need for more is a part of our culture, and I see it all around me. And you know, doing this movie we wanted to put that darker nature of humanity up on screen.”

His persistence paid off. His performance has already earned him a Golden Globe, and he’s up for an Oscar — his fourth nomination for acting — and one of five nominations for the film itself.

Scorsese told Cowan that, for DiCaprio, “Wolf of Wall Street” presented “the role of a lifetime, really. I mean, he’s just taken it to another level.”

Scorsese should know — this is their fifth picture together, and almost all of them have dealt with the darker side of human nature, whether it was DiCaprio’s portrayal of the reclusive Howard Hughes in “The Aviator,” or his part as an undercover Irish cop in “The Departed.”

DiCaprio has an apartment in New York, but his fascination with crime and power, he says, actually goes back to growing up in the not-so-nice part of Hollywood.

He said there were times when he’d rather just stay at home than go out because it was just safer to say at home.

“I mean, I had a prostitution ring on my street corner; there were drug addicts in my alleyway,” DiCaprio said. “I got sort of robbed at five years old or something like that. Yeah, it was a pretty hardcore neighborhood.

“I think that gave me a lot of motivation to sort of, I think, be successful really, and try to do something else.”

“Because you wanted out of that environment?”

“Yeah, I did. I did.”

But he never went to acting school. “Uh-uh. Well, I went to drama class in junior high and high school, but I never had sort of formal training or anything like that, no.”

Cowan asked, “So where did all this come from?”

“I grew up in a kind of an artistic household,” he replied. “I was always kind of imitating my dad’s friends and I would imitate everyone around us in the neighborhood. And I’d carry that over in school and get into a lot of trouble constantly.

“Once I found out that people actually got paid for this, I was like, all right!”

He started bugging his mom to take him to auditions, while his father helped engender an interest in film.

“I remember my father taking me, I believe it was maybe to ‘Midnight Run,’ and saying, ‘You want to know what a great actor is? You want to watch a great actor, Leonardo?’ I go, ‘Yeah, sure.’ ‘That guy right there.”

That actor was Robert De Niro — as luck would have it, DiCaprio’s eventual co-star in his first major film, “This Boy’s Life.”

“I’d never seen a set that serious before ,” DiCaprio said. “Watching De Niro prepare, and you know, the chances that he would take with each scene — it wasn’t just about reading the dialogue, it was about, you know, creating something out of thin air.”

DiCaprio made an impression on De Niro, too — so much so, De Niro actually told Martin Scorsese to keep an eye on the new up-and-comer.

“Normally Bob doesn’t call me to talk to me about actors that I should work with,” said Scorsese. “This was sort of out of the blue”

If anyone had any doubt he was different, DiCaprio proved it playing an intellectually-disabled boy in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” His portrayal earned him his first Oscar nod, at just 19 — and everything changed.

His boyish face made him a teen heartthrob in “Romeo + Juliet.”

And then came “Titanic.” It made box office history — and made DiCaprio a worldwide sensation.

“It was surreal. It’s still surreal. It’s always surreal,” DiCaprio said. “I look back at that time and it’s hilarious because the movie comes out and all of a sudden, people start seeing it around the world. It’s incredibly successful. And people are saying ‘This movie is huge.’ And I’m like, ‘Great. Cool. Isn’t that what it’s supposed to be?’

“They’re like, ‘No, no, you don’t understand, I mean, it’s making billions of dollars.’

“I’m like, ‘So that’s good, right?” he laughed. “Billions of dollars are good? That means it’s a big movie?”

“You just didn’t get the scale of it all?’ said Cowan.

“I didn’t understand, I really didn’t.”

DiCaprio not only became bankable talent, but the new darling of the paparazzi.

“You had a lot of fun when you were young,” said Cowan.

“Sure, sure. Of course I did. I had a lot of fun.”

“And criticized for it a lot, too.”

“Yeah, I think that comes with the territory, too, though,” he said. “And the sort of microscope that was put on me, certainly after ‘Titanic’ came out, you know, every activity that I did was sort of in the newspaper, which was, you know, silly, and I tried to avoid it, but it was — it was what it was.”

Still, for an actor who could do anything he wanted, he chose his roles sparingly.

He became a student of classic cinema that impressed even Scorsese himself.

“He tells me, ‘Did you ever see this film called ‘Solaris’ by Andrei Tarkovsky?” Scorsese said. “Now here’s this kid at 23 or 22 years old talking about Andrei Tarkovsky!”

“Do you think he’s a bit of an old soul?” Cowan asked.

“Maybe. Maybe. You know, there’s seems to be a lot of experience there, you’re right, an old soul. Yeah.”

Now at 39, he remains not only one of Hollywood’s hottest commodities, but a very eligible bachelor.

He’s hardly lacking for someone (usually a model) on his arm. But any talk of marriage prompts a nervous drink of water.

“Do you see that for you?” Cowan asked.

“Sure, sure.”

“You want that?”

“I think everybody — not everybody, but I think that, you know, eventually when the time is right, absolutely, yeah.”

“But does married life seem a little boring to you? A little sedate?”

“No, I’ve seen interesting marriages,” he said, adding, “and I’ve seen not-interesting marriages!”

And that’s about as far as he’ll go.

His focus, it seems, has always been career — and for Leonardo DiCaprio, so far it’s all gone just as he hoped.

“People talk about what has changed throughout your career,” he said. “‘How’s your taste changed? What kind of person or actor do you want to become?’ I knew at 15 years old, like, this is the kind of actor I want to be. These are the type of movies I want to do, and that’s it.

“It’s an honor to be a working actor, period. And I’m not going to squander this opportunity.”


“I feel bad for her. I do. If I were her, I’d feel even more miserable seeing that other A-listers do take their much younger girlfriends to award shows with them. Suki was sitting so nearby Bradley last night. And it just shows that it’s not about being relevant to the public. Suki is basically a nobody – a joke of a modelling career, much less successful than Toni, but still she gets to be close to her boyfriend because he isn’t ashamed of her. She is obviously relevant to him. And that’s were it goes wrong with Leo. He’s like, absolutely dismissive towards his girlfriends when it comes to things like this. Like they don’t exist. Totally neglected. Say what you guys want – that she knew, and despite knowing she chooses to be with him, and despite experiencing it over and over again stays with him… whatever. I still feel bad for her. She’s 21 after all, and probably very infatuated with Leo. Despite all that, I can’t make fun of her. I hope she matures fast and opens up her eyes. I’m sure there are lots of other guys out there for her who treat her (or any other girl for that matter) with the respect and dignity every girl deserves. The girl herself might be dismissive about what she deserves and might continue to put up with sh*t from a guy, but that doesn’t make her less worthy than others. Wake up, Toni. Don’t lie to yourself with some BS story people want you to believe. If a guy respects you, he will own you.”

Leo has no respect for women, except his mother.

@also 40: But I’m old and fat. My ankle… I must have hyper-extended it this past Monday in boot camp because it’s been swollen and sore and I’ve continued to push myself at the gym this week which obviously has made it worse. I finally decided to not push myself at the gym. I want to be a supermodel but I’m too old and fat! I’m crying.

@………………….: That’s your OPINION, not fact. Noticed how I said “seemed”

I usually prefer entertainers when they grow up and have more control over their careers than when they were young and dicking around.

@HAHA12 two of those movies you listed weren’t original characters. He likes playing real people. I don’t mind as long as he never tackles another US president lol

I think Gilbert Grape is the only pre-Titanic performance that can hold up to what he’s done afterward.

@@@LOL: Attaully Suki is a very successful model. But the way she got it was through her famous boyfriends.

@Ok: I don’t know if someone trolled me or they are new and used my name…? Doesn’t really sound like a troll.

So shocked the German Giraffe wasn’t there(not shocked at all) I almost feel a little bad for her. Suki and Irmelin in the lead.

@527:Your probally OMG …(eyeroll)..

She was probally lurking in the shadows and had to play coy because of Leo ..smh

“Suki is a very successful model”
No Vogue covers, no prestigious runways, no campaign for Dior, Fendi or Ralph Lauren… Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne and Toni are successful models not Suki.

@@Ok: That wasn’t me. I don’t think it was a troll just someone who was new and decided to use my moniker, or accidentally used the same one.

i never attacked or defended toni but guys lets face it comparing suki’s career to toni’s and saying that she is successful is kind of criminal
suki has no career i sorry but she got a few contracts thanks to being bradley’s groupie ! while toni is a very well known HF model who got big compaings and have sth like 16 vogue covers plus she bought a luxious appartement last year in greenwich village and i doubt suki has one like toni and karlie !

Leo the lion @ 02/17/2014 at 9:42 am

@Zzzzzz: Thank you very much for posting this interview!

Leo the lion @ 02/17/2014 at 9:47 am

re the Oscars / character actor conversation that I left a few pages back:
To anyone saying that Leo is not a good actor – watch “What’s eating Gilbert Grape” and we’ll talk again.

Leo the lion @ 02/17/2014 at 10:09 am

“[The tiger] is one of the most beautiful species that have ever existed. What is the world without these wild animals still roaming on our planet? We share it with them.” Leonardo DiCaprio

Doesn’t it sound beautiful and inspiring?

Nothing about Leo at the after party ?

J. Valentim @ 02/17/2014 at 10:16 am

This is ridiculous. Leo should win the Oscars. We all know that.

Why did Leo not dump Blake with the nude pics?
I guess if he did he’d look bad. Or they were in a or relationship so after ryans divorce they can together? Or not?

Black sharpie @ 02/17/2014 at 10:20 am

She knew the deal when she started dating him. No one is putting a gun to her head to stay with him. Probably when they are together, he is a lot of fun. She is also much more well known because she is with him. I personally do not feel bad for her.

Black sharpie @ 02/17/2014 at 10:26 am

His mothers boyfriend posts this pic. I always get the feeling her boyfriend is still in awe that he gets invited on all this trips and events?!

Nothing from TG which is odd?!

Gracious Leo @ 02/17/2014 at 10:27 am

Leonardo DiCaprio is a gracious dude

Not only did The Wolf of Wall Street star oblige host Stephen by blowing a kiss into a camera, Leo also stood up to applaud best actor winner Chiwetel Ejiofor – as the 12 Years a Slave went up to pick up the award he had beaten hot favourite DiCaprio to.

@Black sharpie:

may be she is working she doesn’t go silent all the time when she is with leo ; so my guess is she is working , there is a photoshoot in st-barth for victoria secret and she still hasn’t worked with them in 2014 so may be thats the deal ( cause she said last month in an interview that she has shooting with them and she sounded worried because she has a short hair cut )

Even after all that Toni still not is that famous..unlike some of her peers Karlie ,Cara even as VS model she fades to back..maybe she’s bigger in Europe..

you are right in the last one she is bigger in europe they like toni for having that classic look ; as for cara i don’t see her last she is too much of a hungry fame freak , infact most of the VS fans dislike her ; as for karlie she has the advantage to be american

Is Toni the at all?

@@kik: She’s not. She’s known in Germany as Leo’s girlfriend. Nothing more. She wasn’t known here until she dated Leo. No one had a clue. But she has a bad reputation. She’s not very liked.

Purple tree @ 02/17/2014 at 10:39 am

@kik: No on knew her in England.

We can’t know you’re telling the truth. How do we even know you’re from Germany? Plus I don’t quite understand how someone who is not very known can be disliked so much?

Purple tree @ 02/17/2014 at 10:43 am

Suki wasn’t well known until she dated a famous Grammy awarding singer. Then when she dated Bradley she got into Burberry which is very big. Lots of celebrity’s were wearing them at the Baftas and at award shows which is really cool.

@@550: do you know German people? Ask them. She hasn’t got a big rep and those who do know her aren’t fans. I kea. Of course she has some fans. But my friend told me something about her not having a good past I cannot remember. How so I know who you are then? I am German and did not know of her until she was with Leo.

@@550: Stop expecting people to know her. She isn’t a big deal. America can have her.

She’s been going to premiers here though. I have seen her in magazine but with Leo. They went on holiday together

And they kissed at the gg. But I think the magazine made it out to be bigger than it is.

Purple tree @ 02/17/2014 at 10:50 am

@Dm: Bradley copper was there. And Anna wintor

i realy hope leo pull the suprise and wins the oscar , i don’t see chitwel wining to be honest leo and matthew were both better than him , as for the race between leo and matthew it’s very a very close call but i still give leo the edge for showing so much energy and being so fearless .
i hate the fact that some people think that matthew should win because of his loss weight and stuff like this ; in fact he build his entire compaign around his loss weight .
what i mean if matthew lost weight for this movie ; leo on the other side had a candle shoved down his a$$ and i don’t think any actor would do someting like this in a movie . and of course lets not forget how the academy loved to snubb leo through out the years ( whats eating GG ; catch me if u can ; the departed ; revolutionay road ; django unchained ; the aviator )

Yeah Cara is weird definately has that troubled runaway look..I think Toni does’t have a the classic look she has a more german …cold androgynous look.. which is more appealing to Europeans.. not a girl next door like Erin ..she only looks femenine in the VS costumes and fully made up..but outside of that she’s quite boyish..She’s not even a waif like Kate Moss . jmo!

i realy hope leo pull the suprise and wins the oscar , i don’t see chitwel wining to be honest leo and matthew were both better than him , as for the race between leo and matthew it’s very a very close call but i still give leo the edge for showing so much energy and being so fearless .
i hate the fact that some people think that matthew should win because of his loss weight and stuff like this ; in fact he build his entire compaign around his loss weight .
what i mean if matthew lost weight for this movie ; leo on the other side had a candle shoved down his a$$ and i don’t think any actor would do someting like this in a movie . and of course lets not forget how the academy loved to snubb leo through out the years ( whats eating GG ; catch me if u can ; the departed ; revolutionay road ; django unchained ; the aviator )

@@kik: Your ignorance is unbelievable get off you troll!!!

@@kik: Anyway Erin got that job for being with Leo. Again Leo makes them bigger. But I’m happy for Erin I think she’s a nice girl. But a girl next door is not high fashion. Cara delavinge is. I get what you mean but it’s high fashion. She shig in America to.

@kik: an oscar for a candle up his butt!!!


yes and i actualy quoted my mother’s words in my last post lol

@kik: that’s great!

what is leo gonna work on this year?

Your the ignorant one because you can’t accept another person’s opinion ….Go praise Toni on BZ loser

leo doesn’t have an sm. what’s up with all the people hoping for leo to find true love when he treats women like dirt? what he’s gonna find his sm and then cheat on her like crazy?! wtf?!

@@563: I like Toni. I like Leo. But together I don’t.

@@@kik: leo picks th most empty and stupid girls ever

@pocket: They are not a good match. He need someone closer to his age who is more mature. And Toni need a guy who is more her age and more open to taking series and picture.

No one should compare Bradley and Leo to one another anymore as far as the dating habits / GFs are concerned. Honestly, this guy is obviously much more mature and comfortable with himself than Leo is and probably ever will be.

@@@kik: yeah someone more mature for sure, but can he handle it. if he takes a woman who is 40 (his age) he won’t have children. or he can still adopt;

@IMO: Their intentions in their respective relationships are clearly different!

@pocket: Why couldn’t he have children with a 40 year old woman?

@: then he should get with somebody else, or be alone

@pocket: Yeah. Well I think Erin and Toni were way too young for him. Some people said over 25 but I still think that is young. But it would be a step up.

Maybe over 26 will maturity

@@@kik: maybe 30 or 31…would be better

@: having children over the age of fourty has its risks. It is advised to have children under the age of fourth. But it depends on the person tbh xx

@pocket: It would but I doubt he will date someone in their 30′s so more late 20′s. No less than 12 years I think

@@@kik: why no less then 12 years? that’s ridiculous; so if he meats the love of his life and she is 30 or 31 or 32 he’s just gonna overlook?

@pocket: He should meet Patti stranger. Lol he’d freak out!

@pocket: No he will go for it. But I think no more than 12 would be suitable. I mean some power couples are either around that. Isn’t Angelina ten years or something younger than brad. And Michael Douglas and Catherine zeta-jones. Jmo

he’s almost 40 and he would find a woman i her early thirties to be too old? give me a break!

Did anyone see Grahman norton show? People were saying how amazing it is. And Matt Damond said it was his favourite talk show ever 😄 x

@@@kik: 30 is 10 years younger than leo, 31 is 9 years younger. i think that’s a big difference already

poor thing @ 02/17/2014 at 11:48 am

I don’t think Toni went to London and I don’t think she was working. Poor thing…will soon get dumped…

why would he want to be part of a power couple? that’s so cliche.

@pocket: It did not come out right. I was camparing it to couples. Never mind. @pocket: Yeah.

Toni and Leo don’t care about age they make a great couple Toni is really cool and funny and Leo likes that. Shes not dumb shes laidback just like Leo’s oma. He really loves her.

@Oma: Toni? I did not know you came I’m this site

@Oma: I like them blur not together.theybare not meant for each other and do you really think they’d be together if they were just normal people.

@pocket: That’s right Leo isn’t interested in being a power couple he’s very private. Also he’s already powerful enough on his own.

@Lilly: YESS!! That was amazing!

@@@kik: Do I think they would still be together if they were just normal? Of course!! Leo is really attracted to Toni physically and he’s really charming so Toni would be under his spell as well. Toni is gorgeous but she’s so cool and a bit “gangster” which is Leo’s style. They make a perfect fit.


I think the interview you’re talking about that toni gave didn’t say she was working with VS but that she hadn’t let VS know of her hair cut. I don’t think there has been anything about her shooting anything for VS so far this year

Toni's friend @ 02/17/2014 at 12:09 pm

@Oma: haha great couple just like Bar and Erin right!?! Look here Toni’s friend Toni is boring and she’s not “gangster” Please if they’re so great for each other why are they going to break up soon! lol : )

@Toni’s friend: She’s so boring yet you’re so pressed!

@Toni’s friend: You’re being a horrible friend to Toni! And they won’t be breaking up anytime soon.

toni’s so boring.

Gracious Leo?? @ 02/17/2014 at 12:16 pm

Leo was gracious enough to make his GIRLFRIEND sit at home in a corner while he went out to an event.

@Oma: shame on you for using leo’s grandmother’s name! toni you stupid twit

@Gracious Leo??: leo doesn’t care about her! she’s stupid

Dave just posted a picture of what looks like a skiing resort in Courchevel, France. He says ‘arrived’ but then adds 2013, which makes me suggest it’s old. Anyways you guys look and decide for yourselves lol.

@Uhh: dave is an old idiot who uses leo and irmelin. he gets perks and paid stuff from leo, horrible man.

@Uhh: Dave and Toni went off on their own

@runaways: good for them, users should be with each other and far away from good people like leo.

why is leo surrounded by such terrible people? how come he lets them get close to him?

@Black sharpie:

Looks like Dave just posted a pic from courchevel France. Skiing again?? I wonder if Leo is there because wasn’t there a twitter last week that he had a meeting with warner brothers this weekend?

@dert: too bad they can’t go very far on their own they have no real jobs or money. they need to come crawling back to leo when leo comes home from work.

@runaways: well what does leo get out of those idiots? it’s bad for him. why doesn’t he surround himself with people who appreciate him for him and are good?

@runaways: his “friends” just want to see him fail and drink himself to death. that’s not good

@dert: leo can’t make any new friends who like him for his real self. he’s too famous now. he needs to keep a small circle but yeah dave seems like a bit of a doofus being an elderly guy instagramming like a fangirl. he makes a good match with toni it seems. dave is irmelin’s bf though so leo’s gotta keep his momma happy

Toni is a bit of a `gangster`? WTF? These Toni stans are really ridiculous! Not to mention using Leo`s grandmother`s name? Really?

@dert: technically leo doesn’t have any friends just hanger ons or acquaintances or sex buddies

@runaways: dave the doofus. hope he’s good to his mother and he’s not like those stupid fangirls only there for the cash and perks…yuk!
his friends at the moment like his perks money, not him…i’m sure he could find real friends even if he’s famous, those hanger ons are just gonna keep sucking the energy and money out of him.

@####: The photo says 2013. I guess he put it there for a reason… but it`s possible they are skiing again. I mean he didn`t travel alone so why take people with you if you stay only for a day or two? In NYC he was surrounded by friends so I assume he has an entourage with him again.

The real psychology @ 02/17/2014 at 12:44 pm

“georgia ‏@georgsinclair ·
The fact that Leonardo DiCaprio was the only nominee standing for chiwetel winning best actor proves how amazing he is”

Think about this! I am not a troll! I want to say the obvious fact about Leo! He is so nice to black people because he has a guilty conscience that he is so obsessed with blonde blue eyed girls and could never date a none white woman, not even a white woman with a dark hair and dark eyes! Because of that, he is very nice to black people! I am not black, I am white and I know a lot about psychology.

Feinberg’s predictions 2 weeks before the oscars. He has MM winning best actor. The article says he’ll make one more prediction before the oscars.


I would say that he meant 2014. Maybe a birthday trip for irmelin???

@####: I don`t know but what`s the point of putting there the year if it`s 2014? He never posts the date with his photos and he usually posts up-to-date photos. This is the first time I see the year under the photo so I assume it`s an old photo. Someone asked him about it so let`s see if he responds.

leo should find new friends and new girlfriend

why can’t he date a brunette or a black haired or a redhead? why can’t he date a woman with brown eyes, hazel eyes, green eyes?

@####: His daughter asked `2013?` on IG so let`s see if there`s a response. It wouldn`t be a surprise since it`s not a long distance but the 2013 is confusing at this point.
Is Toni there? After Japan ( I was sure she was there but she wasn`t ) I don`t wanna guess… lol

leo will get married and have children than he’s gonna cheat on her with escorts, models, porn stars and hos marriage will be over and he’ll be back to his old habbits.

@####: I noticed how absent Dallas Buyers Club was at BAFTA. No nomination for Matthew or Jared. Why?

@also…: why are you always here, don”t you have a life or other things to do?

leo will cheat on his wife on his honeymoon he’ll order a line of supermodels to stand in front of him so he can take his pick

leo has really blurry vision he needs glasses thats why he cheats he can’t tell women apart he always thinks its the same woman.

@husband: he’ll pull his autralian thing?

sorry to bother,since these threats are full of trolls i couldnt get the truth.was toni with leo in london and in bafta s after paties?any pix or to show it? thx if ya or any other regular posters_not trolls_reply.:))

leo will raise his child in los angeles, las vegas and ibiza

Toni's friend @ 02/17/2014 at 1:00 pm

@LeeLee: not because of Toni the More like of Leo’s pathetic life! And yes they will break up! And I will be back to laugh at the Toni stans that thought they were gonna stay together for long! See ya soon! Breaking up coming!!!: ))))))

@home: yep he’ll be going back “down under” in more ways than one


It didn’t release in time in the UK to get any nominations.

@husband: he’ll lose all his money for cheating!!

at least gatsby was faithful to one woman and didn’t make flappers line up in front of him so he could take his pick. leo is gatsby but worse

AND why are you here? don’t YOU have a life or other things to do? smh

@husband: bo, gatsby is a great character who is in love with a woman; leo will not know love and will sleep around his whole life.

@home: he has infinite money nothing could make him lose his money he’ll probably sign a contract with his wife making sure she has no power in the relationship leo always needs to be in control



She wasn’t seen in London at any of the after parties or London fashion week parties so I’m not sure. I don’t want to assume she’s not there because London fashion week is still going on until tomorrow and she did have a card if any of the designers wanted her in their show so we’ll have to see. I’m sure she’ll post something on her IG soon to let everyone know where she is. :-)

you really have serious problems. grow up kid

@The one who got away: all of leo’s exes have been blessed to get away

@husband: what what kind of contract says the wife will have no power? which contract is that?


The one who got away @ 02/17/2014 at 1:13 pm

@husband: LMAO

Toni's friend @ 02/17/2014 at 1:14 pm

@also…: very good points also…yeah LOL at Toni being “ganster” like whatever!!

leo will be dominated by his wife.

@The one who got away: hahhaha, yes, of “course”

@####: thanks. So the same thing as WOWS and SAG.
I’m also not sure where Tonibis but she doesn’t stay away from IG long ( unless those comments under her latest photo bother her ) and we will get something soon.
I’m also curious about Dave’s photo.

@husband: that means that he will never find love. he just wants to focus on his money and who cares about the wife!

@home: yep leo will want to control his wife she’ll probably have to live according to his rules not the other way around. only a desperate girl would put up with that.

Leo sighting in the French alps so the date on Dave’s pic is wrong.

Hiko Momoji (@illablk)
2/17/14, 10:05 AM
why i just met leo dicaprio f-ck

Hiko Momoji (@illablk)
2/17/14, 10:14 AM
@thomsonpryme i was jus smoking on the french alps and siht he just appeared right infront of me no lie

That date is really confusing. Maybe that’s why he posted it?

@husband: that is why he will never find love, he doesn’t want to be with someone he wants to have an illusion of control. signin a prenup is the less romantic thing, it’s a turn off, you don’t want to get married to someone’s whose prioroties are his money and “power”

amy (@lawrencer_)
2/17/14, 7:43 AM

what would be leo’s rules? hey wife i can cheat as much as i want

also is leaving @ 02/17/2014 at 1:25 pm

Guys, i’m leaving… i loved leo but now i hate him… leo+nina? no, it’s too much… that’s enough.
(5 minutes later)
i’m still here, guys…i lied… i love leo

Toni is gangster


You’re welcome. :-)

leo will marry to keep his money and will want to control everything because he is insecure!

@also is leaving: I’m glad I have such a huge impact on you that you can’t stop fixating on my comments. I wish you were just a little bit funny! Too bad you aren’t. How many screen names are you going to create today to support yourself?

@home: leo will probably never get married he has issues with trust, following rules, and making big decisions.

@husband: he’ll be lonely man all his life, watching other people falling in love and he’ll still have pr relationships with idiots.

To all the people who think Leo doesn’t like Toni think again! Why would he be with her for so long and make out with her in front of his mother? He likes her alot shes just the kind of girl he’s into. If she left him he would look for one exactly like her.

@Bradley supports Suki: You’re so interested in Toni, maybe you’d make a better boyfriend for her?

Leo loves Toni they had a really romantic night together after their Valentine’s dinner

Boring Leo @ 02/17/2014 at 1:47 pm

Leo goes on so many vacations. Its like ever other 2 to 3 weeks its another vacation from his vacation from filming. Going on a vacation for vacation’s sake is boring IMO if you’re not contributing or giving back to humanity but I guess he feels fulfilled. I wouldn’t be. His life outside of filming seems so vapid and not very deep chasing after all kinds of statues.

@Oma: he likes her just as much as he liked his exes. Don’t you think he made out with them in front of her mother? If they break up he will look for exactly like Toni AND pretty much all of his exes. Toni is the latest among the interchangeable girlfriends. You are trying to make her more special than that but she isn’t. Obviously Leo likes her otherwise he wouldn’t be with her but I doubt she is anything more than his exes. He treats her the same way as the others.

@Oma: Just like he did with his exes in the past. Or with Nina a little while ago… :)

@husband: because leo knows he’s not trustworthy himself. he’s a hypocrite. that’s why he can’t make big decisions because he is weak and immature.

the tourist @ 02/17/2014 at 1:52 pm

@Boring Leo: leo is a tourist everywhere he goes ahahahah he never enjoys any vacation to the fullest he just stays at the tourist traps and restaurants. he’s not the kind of guy to go exploring or have an adventure or whatever he really is too boring and scared

Meant to be @ 02/17/2014 at 1:53 pm

@also…: Nothing happened with Nina!! Take your lies somewhere else!!

@the tourist: he’s too scared for anyone, no woman will ever love him. he’ll behave like an idiot with his old mother following him around.

@the tourist: he is, he’s a loser.

i’m a loser i can’t stop coming here because i have no life


“I am German and did not know of her until she was with Leo.”

Yes, I lived in Germany and I am watching german tv, read german gossip sides etc, and I never heard about Toni Garrn before she started dating Leo, when Leo started last year in Cannes dating Toni, it was the first time I heard something about her. In the past, when I watched german tv or read german gossip sides about german models, It was about Eva Padberg, Heidi Klum, a lot about Liliana Matthäus because she was married to Lotthar Matthäus etc .etc, but NOTHING about Toni!

@Meant to be: And how do you know that? You don’t. I don’t believe he would leave and hide with her leaving that club if it was nothing. You can’t say it’s a lie unless you can prove it otherwise.

leo is lonely and so am i

@692: Look at you. You are here all the time posting about my comments. What does it say about you and your life? Not to mention the fact how long it takes you to copy a simple screen name properly. It’s challenging indeed! lol

Meant to be @ 02/17/2014 at 2:02 pm

@also…: And you can’t say it was something more unless you have proof!!!
You don’t know what happened and Leo and Toni are very much in love!!

@Meant to be: no they are not, leo and also will be together one day laughing at toni’s instagram

@also…: why did you take my name!??????? how DARE you?!!!you cannot stop coming here because you do nothing! let me post whatever i want, get awaaay!!!!

@also…: i am a computer virus.

@Meant to be: prooooofff! i want proof

@Neant to be: None if us knows but those pictures are there and it doesn’t seem like it was nothing. I don’t know and you don’t know what happened it how in love they are.

@Meant to be: So you changed your name from “Oma?”lol Look “Oma” nobody believes they’re a good couple, only you. Get over it! You’re not going to change anyone’s mind! lol

leo and toni will get married and i will be the one who will say i object!!!!

@UFC: leo will marry toni and also will be his fucck buddy

fake also @ 02/17/2014 at 2:15 pm

@also…: they say that about all his girlfriends. Leo was going to convert to Judaism so he could marry Barf but that didn’t happen! lol Leo wont be marrying G. Giraffe but for you sake I’ll pretend. You ready?!?! Ok here goes…..”Yes!!!yes they’re getting married! Gonna have lots and lots of kids!!!They will be one big happy hiding family with mask” You happy now! LOL

Meant to be @ 02/17/2014 at 2:16 pm

@also…: Well when Leo was clearly seen making out with his GIRLFRIEND, you claimed it wasn’t enough proof it was her. Now you claim something happened between he and Nina just because they were in thee same car together. You can’t have it both ways.
He is with Toni and it will remain that way for a while

@UFC Why would I have to change my name? I was never Oma, I wouldn’t be disrespectful in that way!

OMG I can’t wait!!! I hope Toni posts her wedding dress soon

@fake also: leo+toni= marriage

@also…: Leo + Toni = mini Leos

I’m not “Meant to be”!!!!! But I agree with them that Toni and Leo are meant to be and now they will get married soon

Time to leave now…the kiddies are out in full force with their fan fiction again…Of from school cause its presidents day.

@exit: May be off from school, but your unemployment never seems to end!

Wedding poster =Idiot

@Meant to be: “Well when Leo was clearly seen making out with his GIRLFRIEND, you claimed it wasn’t enough proof it was her. Now you claim something happened between he and Nina just because they were in thee same car together. You can’t have it both ways.
He is with Toni and it will remain that way for a while”

Exactly!!! Everyone wants to believe in the Nina and Leo thing because it makes Toni look like an idiot apparently.. even though Nina was clearly after PR for the SI cover. Then when the Valentine’s dinner article came out it was very detailed and Leo’s own mother was there yet people want to deny it at any cost. LEO LOVES TONI he feels deeply for her and he wants his mother to get used to her. Soon they will be married.

@Meant to be: Well, based on the video for me it wasn’t clear. And if you would take your time actually reading my previous comment I said we don’t know for sure. My opinion is that Thais pictures suggested it was nothing. Try reading my comment again maybe this time you will pick on the ‘None of us knows’ or the ‘ I don’t know and you don’t know what happened’ part. The birthday video has nothing to do with this.
So they just happened to be in the same car 5 am leaving the club. Leo, the well know model collector, and Nina, who openly drooled over Leo in interviews. I’m sure it was only a friendly ride home. lol

Meant to be @ 02/17/2014 at 2:28 pm

@Oma: I’m glad I’m not the only one who can see the truth!!

@Oma: You should start writing romantic fiction. Your imagination is perfect for that. I love it how people post these he is deeply in live with Toni and they will get married soon stuff. Like you have a clue about any of that! Keep dreamin’! Ignoring the Nina photos and focusing in that weird dinner sighting is easier for a Toni stan.

@Meant to be: You two are a match made in heaven. You should collaborate on a romantic comedy.

Meant to be @ 02/17/2014 at 2:35 pm

@also…: You should stop being bitter and find someone for yourself!! Toni belongs to Leo!! You can’t have her!!

Leo not marrying Toni will you stop it.


@Meant to be: And you should stop being such a smart a** acting like you have everything all figured out. Like Leo is marrying Toni. Who are you kidding? You have no way to know that or anything about my private life.
‘You can’t have her?’ Really? I’m crushed. Guess what? I don’t want her! lol

Meant to be @ 02/17/2014 at 2:56 pm

@also…: I never said marriage…. So you’re the smart ass who needs to understand which comments have your panties in a twist!! I said they are together and in love!!

And you speak so much on Leo and what goes on in his life, but you know nothing!! So stop throwing stones, hypocrite!!

Unless you’re a lesbian, no one wants T-Bone, and even then…

@OoooO: Because you represent all the vaginas and *****’ around the world?

@Meant to be: So it was Oma who said marriage and you agree with her. Other than that I stick to my comment. Don’t act like you know everything including anything about me. That makes you a smart a**.
I post a lot about Leo and I said many many times that I post my opinion and not what I know. I’m not a hypocrite.

@Meant to be: They’re not in love. I’m sorry, I don’t know about Toni but Leo definitely isn’t in love with T-Bone. Stop it. You need to tell your friend to get some daamn self-esteem. She is just like Erin and Bar.

@OooO: I highly doubt this person is Toni’s friend.

@???: eeewwwww….

Meant to be @ 02/17/2014 at 3:12 pm

@also…: Stop telling me what to do!! Who the ***** do you think you are?? You don’t like what I have to say, then move on, but you are nobody to give me direction. It seems as if people here don’t even like you.
You think your someone’s parent?
What makes you think your opinion is better than mine? I can say what I want just like you do. Your thoughts and opinions are no more based on fact that mine!!

@Meant to be: toni smells bad

i’ma loser and i’m sad and i have no escape. my whole life evolves around just jared and leo

I have an underbite like a bulldog!!

is this what my life is about? coming here avery day at every hour to talk about a person’s fake relationships?


Exactly. If he was in love with Toni he wouldn’t have been so awkward when he was asked about marriage.

@Amy: He was uncomfortable because he wants the proposal to be a surprise! He doesn’t want to reveal his plans for him and Toni

@Meant to be: What the heck are you talking about? I wasn’t trying to tell you what to do. I knew I said ‘ Don’t act like you know everything’ but you are making such a big deal out of it. I disagree with you but when did I say that my opinion is better than yours? And no I don’t think I’m anyone’s parent. I can’t figure out where you got all this stuff… You twist my words and blow my comment out if proportion saying things I never said. I said several times that I post my opinion and I don’t know things the same way you don’t and your response? ‘Your thought and opinions are not more based on facts than mine’. Sorry but isn’t that exactly what I said? :eyeroll:
Who are you to bring up my private life? Who are you to tell me what to do? Wasn’t it you who told me to go and find someone ? You can give me direction? Gee, you are compining about the exact same things that you do. Who’s the hypocrite now?

@Wedding!: You must be a close friend to know something like that. :eyeroll:

Toni and Leo will not marry! If you think that, it’s time you go play with your unicorns before bedtime. Don’t worry I’m sure mummy will tuck you into bed.

leo is going for an unhappy life with toni !!!

@Ok: Hahahahahaha

That’s it trolls I’m leaving for reall this time

So I will be back in about two hours


@@also…: Im not going you pathetic trolling grunch

i a here to stay!!! i want this thread to be mine all miiine! i want a crown !!!!
yessssssssssssss you will all be mine! i am never leaving, try to make me go away i will stay!!!!! i am so powerful this thread will have my name one day!!!!!!! yyyyyesssssss evil me! eviiiiil me!!!! evilllllllll!!! mouuhhahahahahahhahahahahah
alsooooooo for president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@also…: It’s obvious that when Leo was asked the question he was a bit surprised then excited (thinking about marrying Toni) and then he kept his cool and answered “when the time is right”. He’s talking about after the awards season is over and he and Toni can settle down! His face was so serious aww he was really focused on not giving anything away. Also when he was asked the question he couldn’t even finish his drink hehe he was too excited about marrying Toni.

@747: Hilarious! It’s not like I said I won’t post for a while… and I didn’t. Now I’m back. What’s your point? Stupid joke based on your lack of intelligence. Keep embarrassing yourself.
@Ok: Play with unicorns! lol Ir write romantic fiction in your Barbie diaries.

i will own leo’s house in cabo! i will get all the oscars in the world, i will rule this earth! evil!

i a here to stay!!! i want this thread to be mine all miiine! i want a crown !!!!
yessssssssssssss you will all be mine! i am never leaving, try to make me go away i will stay!!!!! i am so powerful this thread will have my name one day!!!!!!! yyyyyesssssss evil me! eviiiiil me!!!! evilllllllll!!! mouuhhahahahahahhahahahahah
alsooooooo for president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After party @ 02/17/2014 at 3:42 pm

Chants of “Leo! Leo! Leo!” loudly spelled out the crowd’s most coveted sighting

Ejiofor, who brought DiCaprio to his feet and the opera house down with his grateful eloquence

But it was the Weinstein Company bash at the Rosewood Hotel which attracted the starriest quotient, including the Hustle gang (Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Russell, et al), DiCaprio, half of Downton Abbey’s cast, and Oprah, who boogied alongside Naomi Campbell on the dance floor

@Wedding!: Let’s save some time and energy here, please. You lost me where you said what Leo was thinking when asked that question. Come in! You can’t be serious! Like you have a clue of what Leo thinks.

@755: Forgot your pills?

Meant to be @ 02/17/2014 at 3:44 pm

@also…: You don’t make any sense and when someone points out your contradictions you try and play the victim role!! You can keep rolling your eyes, hopefully they roll into the back of your head!!
I’m done!!

@Meant to be:
“You can keep rolling your eyes, hopefully they roll into the back of your head!!”


@also…: Haha, with a big bright sparkly pink pen that has rainbows and mermaid stickers on it.

@Meant to be: i am also and i will never leave this place!

@Meant to be: I’m just as much of a victim as you are? I don’t make sense? Go and read your comment to see what doesn’t make sense. In one comment you tell me what to do making claims about my private life. When I say ‘Don’t act like…’ you flip out because I told you what to do? Hypocrite! You make things up and say completely irrelevant stuff but I don’t make sense. Whatever you say, honey!

If Leo is so in love with Toni that he has reached the point of marriage proposal…then why during the CBS interview yesterday when they talked about how he dates models did they only show photos of Leo and Giselle then Leo and Bar. No Leo and Toni pic anywhere to be found. Burnnnnn indead!

@Ok: LOL! Maybe they will play out their story with their Barbies. hahaha

Meant to be @ 02/17/2014 at 3:50 pm

@also…: Good as long as all of outside doesn’t have to see your face!!

@also…: honey is my favorite thing, i am also and i rule this earth

Prob because Bar and Gisele were his two longest relationships with a model.

red carpet @ 02/17/2014 at 3:52 pm

leo will get married, but it won’t be a model.

@Meant to be: What? Weak comeback but I didn’t expect more from you. LOL I can’t wait for your next comment complaining about something you do as well and responding to stuff that was never said. lol

Meant to be @ 02/17/2014 at 3:55 pm

@also…: Stop talking to me!! It’s not my fault you don’t have any friends in life, but don’t try to latch onto me!!

red carpet @ 02/17/2014 at 3:55 pm

@.: leo will not get married to a model.

@also…: You can tell by Leo’s facial expressions that he was surprised by the question at first and then happy because it reminded him of Toni and then he put up a front of seriousness because his proposal is supposed to be a surprise. What is he supposed to say, “I am planning to propose to Toni after the Oscars”? He can’t reveal his plans!

also will always be there!!!! no matter what also will never go!! also has no friends so also takes over the thread forever and ever and ever and ever


@red carpet: It WILL be a model.

@Wedding!: toni toni toni is a cunnnt

Toni is a model of beauty. She is also a great role model for women looking for true love.

red carpet @ 02/17/2014 at 3:58 pm

@Wedding!: no the models have no brain

@TO ALSO: ALSO IS A TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

red carpet @ 02/17/2014 at 3:59 pm

@Wedding!: huuh what?

also is the devil from the cave

@Burnnnnn: ??? Leo doesn’t control the slideshow. Also Toni is not as famous as Gisele or Bar but thats what Leo likes about her, it means they can have a more private life.

@Wedding!: he can hide toni in the cave

leo likes burping

i am the scumm of the eearrth

@Amy: Bradley is already preoccupied with Suki and he brings her everywhere soo he is taken. Bradley understands that Leo is in love with Toni and he is really happy for them.

@Meant to be: Who are you to tell me what to do? You are nobody to give me directions! Sounds familiar, Miss Hypocrite? Or Miss Smart A** who think she knows it all? That’s your best shot? Some stupid claim about my private life? Really? Pretty stupid.

@Wedding!: bradley! wtf is bradley doing in here!!!!????? also is the best of the earth!!! also will have a crown sooooon

also has to takes meds now. also cannot top typing. also needs meds, also is not ok

@Wedding!: Serioisly! Why don’t you give it up? Just think about how ridiculous you sound claiming what Leo thinks. You can’t be serious!

@790: Obsessed much? I’m flattered by your attention! In a creepy way of course.

i am creepy also because nobody likes me in my life so out here, people can see that i exist!!

@Wedding!: WRONG it means no one takes this relationship seriously. Of course he has control of the slideshow. Do you really believe he would allow a major network to show and say whatever THEY want. No way!

Meant to be @ 02/17/2014 at 4:09 pm

@also…: Why can’t you help yourself?
If I don’t know what I’m talking about, why can’t you bring yourself to stop initiating me?
Because you’re attention starved!! Stop talking to me!! You’re a stupid obsessed lunatic, with no life!!

@Burnnnnn: leo is an illuminati puppet!

@Meant to be: i a also and you are nothing!!!

interesting comment @ 02/17/2014 at 4:15 pm

@reply | flag this
# 863 @Leonie @ 09/27/2013 at 12:46 pm
Leda/also is no victim. Leo threads were shitstorms in the past BECAUSE of Leda and her aggression, her bullying and her meltdowns over Leo’s girlfriends. Many normal posters left. You new guys have been lulled into a false sense of security. Her bitchy ‘waste of time’ comment at that other poster shows the nasty, rage filled Leo psycho she really is simmering underneath. BZ had to ban her for a year cause they could not take her madness. In time real Leda will come out and I wonder of you guys will stick around or do like the posters in 2011 and eventually leave.

@interesting comment: LMAO…. How do you find this stuff so fast?

@Meant to be: Why can`t you help yourself? Why are you still here responding but blaming all of it on me? And again who are you to tell me what to do? How cute that you avoid responding to these questions that show what a hypocrite you are. `Why can`t you stop initiating me?` Everything you say applies to you. Don`t you realize that?Yet you call me `stupid obsessed lunatic` even though you do exactly what I do. Now that`s what I call a `stupid obsessed lunatic`. lol
@???: Because that`s all she does? Fixating on me. But I guess it`s ok and it`s funny for you god knows why…

fast stuuf @ 02/17/2014 at 4:25 pm

@interesting comment: i wento on that page i found this; I also believe that Leo’s trueflame is Aquarius. I am not a Psychic in the full meaning of this word, but I do sense things spiritually. And what I sense about Leo’s girl is that she’s either a virgin or had been just 1 or 2 times with men and she’s around 30! And this fact already makes her sooo unique. I am not sure about her motives- maybe she’s a strict christian, but definitely she just cannot share her body with wrong men, and she will wait for the ONE, no matter if it’s Leo or some other guy. And she’s waiting, I feel. Studying astrology for many years I can say that only Aquarius signs are capable of it and usually have this feature. So I think her birthday is in the gap 21 Jan- 19 Feb. I, for one, bet it’s February 11th, because yes, there is a hugh chance for them to have the same day number.

i am part of inception.

tight pussy @ 02/17/2014 at 4:27 pm

@fast stuuf: will be good for leo

priceless comment @ 02/17/2014 at 4:27 pm

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# 931 wow @ 09/27/2013 at 3:41 pm
LMAO. look at what someone commented in that leo and erin thread last year after someone wondered if toni would be leos next toy!
“After f****ton there is no way for such a beauty as Tony Garrn.
She is just too good him. Eh is his level and he can’t find someone worse/cant be with someone great, thats why he is still with her, poor thing.”
look where we’re at now peeps!

fast stuuf @ 02/17/2014 at 4:27 pm

why? his soul mate?

WEMBLEY JUNE 6TH :D (@Erin_Hayward)
2/17/14, 1:25 PM
look how close i got to Leonardo Dicaprio yesterday at the baftas :)

Black sharpie @ 02/17/2014 at 4:29 pm

They must all be in
Courcheval. I am sure Toni went to London and then onto France with them. I find it funny that she is almost never seen or mentioned in sightings (unless it’s PR). It’s also strange she hasn’t posted anything on IG for three days.
When does voting close for the Oscars?Seeing as he worked so hard up to this point I would think he would keep campaigning. Maybe this is just a quick getaway.
What I don’t understand is that everyone expected Chiewtal to win the BAFTA because he is English. I don’t understand how him winning automatically means Leo is not going to win the Oscar?!