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Gerard Butler Wears Furry Brown Coat to Keep Warm

Gerard Butler Wears Furry Brown Coat to Keep Warm

Gerard Butler wears a furry brown coat while chatting with an individual on his cell phone speaker on Monday (February 17) in the East Village neighborhood of New York City.

The 44-year-old actor was seen out and about on Valentine’s Day, walking around wearing a black Moncler jacket.

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Last week, Gerard suited up his hunky bod for the Boss Women fashion show held during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler chatting on his cell phone on Monday…

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler keeps warm in furry brown coat 01
gerard butler keeps warm in furry brown coat 02
gerard butler keeps warm in furry brown coat 03
gerard butler keeps warm in furry brown coat 04
gerard butler keeps warm in furry brown coat 05
gerard butler keeps warm in furry brown coat 06
gerard butler keeps warm in furry brown coat 07
gerard butler keeps warm in furry brown coat 08
gerard butler keeps warm in furry brown coat 09
gerard butler keeps warm in furry brown coat 10

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, FameFlynet
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  • http://gerard-butler-steps-out-as-gods-of-egypt-casts-more-actors/comment-page-70 CHOLITA

    soy la one..yupi!!!……claro la primera en el post..

  • just to say

    And the foreign nut job gets in first!


    Time tor meltdown in Geeb’s phandom LMAOOOOOOOOOOO! His new girl. Life is good for him. LOL

  • Yawn

    New thread cause he’s wearing a different jacket? Thrilling.

  • Very nice

    ratajkowski was born in Westminster, London, England, the daughter of American parents. Her mother, Kathleen (Balgley), is a professor of English and a writer, whom Ratajkowski has described as a “feminist and intellectual”.[5][6] Her father, John David Ratajkowski, is a painter and art teacher.[7] Her father is of Polish and Irish descent,[8] and her mother is of Jewish and Irish ancestry.[8][9][10][11] Ratajkowski was raised in Encinitas, California. She lived in and travelled to many parts of Europe at a young age and spent much of her childhood in Bantry, Ireland, and Mallorca, Spain.

  • Really JJ?

    A new thread because OMG, BREAKING NEWS, he’s wearing a different jacket!!!!!!! We’ve really hit bottom here. Is there any question that JJ has a PR arrangement with him?

  • Nicole

    Good looking Gerry…

  • hehe

    @Really JJ?:

    wow…pure bitterness.. LOL

  • Yawn

    @Nicole: Ummm, he looks old and grumpy in those pics.

  • Very nice
  • Stop spreading lies

    @BOARD MELTDOWN ALERT!: She is not his girlfriend.

  • ForMe

    Does this guy even make movies anymore? Or does he just model jackets now.

  • She’s hot

    ratajkowski is HOT!
    I wonder how Gerry controlled himself at breakfast knowing how great her breasts were under all those winter clothes.
    She is the most amazing breasts and unlike his ex, they’re 100% real and natural.
    I doubt it very much that they are dating. Knowing Gerry, he probably tried to get her number.
    I bet most middle aged men would love to brag that they banged the chick in the Blurred Lines video.
    The photo was taken by a friend of ratajkowski I think. Is he trying to play cupid?
    Did Gerry ask to meet her?
    So many questions.

  • She’s hot

    She was in Sports Illustrated for their 50th issue.
    Her body is amazing. Go Gerry!
    Great interview too. She sounds sweet.

  • Bonnie UK

    @She’s hot: Some of the comments make it seem like they were together or that it’s known he’s been seeing her already.

  • Very nice

    @She’s hot: Wasn’t it the same photographer that took pictures in the Japanese restaurant last week? I like her and hope he does date her. She seems to have her head on straight. Love his cozy jacket

  • Bonnie UK

    @She’s hot: She’s very hot. Good luck to her. His fans will start in on her next. I feel sorry for her but hopefully she’s been modeling for awhile and knows how this works.

  • Score

    Score one for the psychic. Em is a Gemini, LOL. I’m sure not the Gemini she had in mind, but a Gemini nonetheless.

  • She’s hot

    @Bonnie UK:
    I think she’s based in NY. The person taking the photo worded “breakfast with” as in they were there together, as a couple.
    They look amazing and she’s the hottest model around.
    Surprises me that Gerry took the photo if they were dating. He used to be more discreet. Maybe he likes her enough not to care.
    But 22? That is wrong. So wrong. But she is insanely HOT! I would too.

  • She’s hot

    She’s a Gemini?
    Girls we have our new Mrs. Butler lol!
    I don’t believe in psychics but I hope that she makes Gerry happy if they are together. @Very nice:
    If it was the same photographer, I’m sure he tipped Gerry off that he knew her and asked if he wanted to come along.

  • Nicole
  • @She’s hot

    Actually I think she had implants. If you look at Google images you can see where she was quite a bit smaller at one time. She’s still totally his type in every way, implants or not. He seems to go for the silicone these days.

  • I see that

    the liars are out in force today. No wonder Gerard says he doesn’t look at the internet with all you people spreading rumors with a shred of evidence.

  • hehe

    @@She’s hot:

    she’s 100% natural and you are a bitter phannie

  • I see that

    @I see that: that should be WITHOUT

  • She’s hot

    @@She’s hot:
    Actually I think she had implants. If you look at Google images you can see where she was quite a bit smaller at one time. She’s still totally his type in every way, implants or not. He seems to go for the silicone these days.”
    Wrong. Have a look at her 14! Those are real sweetheart.
    She did not have implants. She was just born with amazing breasts.

  • Score

    @She’s hot: She’s a Gemini alright. June 7. ROFLMAO

  • She’s hot

    Where is Miss Psychic to explain this one? lol!
    She’s way too young for Gerry IMO, but my god, she’s beautiful.
    Any man would be smitten.

  • Very nice

    Come on Gerry, ask her out. We won’t pay any attention. Call her, call her
    Sending vibes. lol

  • Keyvani’s Kathryn

    He’s not with her! He likes older women and not women like her. She doesn’t fit his type at all.


  • Phannie meltdown in 3,2,….

    Already starting with the rumors that her breasts are fake. This man cannot date any woman without the phannies trying to tear her down.
    On what planet do you think a red blooded man wouldn’t want to date her or at least bed her?
    Get real! She is exactly his type. Tall, slender, dark haired model.
    Leave her alone!

  • Very nice

    @She’s hot: She may be young, but intelligent, well traveled and no bimbo, that’s for sure. Wonder if she likes ancient Egyptian history.

  • Bonnie UK

    Interesting. She just broke up with her boyfriend recently and has been telling people since NYear’s that she’s single.

  • slings and arrows

    @BOARD MELTDOWN ALERT!: Nice overreaction after one pic. Still if that is his current fling/gf, she is several levels up on the last ex.

  • She’s hot

    @Very nice:
    Maybe she fancies a trip to Australia? I like her a lot.
    IMO, she is too young for anything serious, especially because her career is just starting, but they look cute together.
    Isn’t she acting now too?
    I think she was in a movie recently.

  • Phoenix

    I think it’s about time he found a girl… His depression was getting almost contagious…..Can’t we all be adults and be happy for him????

  • I don’t like Mondays

    @She’s hot: Reread it, sounds more like a group of people went out for breakfast. But if he has a girlfriend, good for him.

    However the ’70′s called and they want their coat back.

  • Very nice

    @She’s hot: one more look at the comfort zone. Something very special about that picture.
    I was going to say something about Australia, but don’t think that would be a good idea…remember MGP, and OHF. No, not when the men are at work imo.

  • Needs Career >Not Girlfriend

    Looks like a typical fan pic. What is the big deal? Where is all this coming from?

  • She’s hot

    @Very nice:
    If she does go to Australia, it would be for a short trip. She’s very busy right now and unlike his ex, she can’t just take months off from work to twiddle her thumbs waiting for Gerry to finish every day.
    And I agree, there’s a comfort there in that photo. Even if they are not dating there is no way that he left that breakfast without at least trying to get her number.
    She’s stunning.

  • Manny

    Thanks for sharing a picture of a girl on her daddy daughter date…
    Been away forever and I see there is absolutely nothing interesting in Butlerdom. Hey I’ve got some paint drying that might be more interesting folks…

  • ahaha


    you mean you used your old moniker after weeks… TROLL

  • Phoenix

    @I see that:

    I know. He’s a strong one though. He can handle anything thrown at him.

  • Cute

    There’s more intimacy in that one pic than a whole year’s worth of pap strolls with the last one. You can see from the body language he’s into her. He’s leaning in and it looks like they might be holding hands. Whatever happens or doesn’t happen will be up to her, I’m sure. He really likes this one. We’ll see, I guess.

  • Yahoo!

    Yahoo! Yahoo! Gerry has a new girlfriend. He is coming out with just after Valentine’s Day where they could have secretly dined by candlelight. He might have gone on a shopping spree for to get that “cat has the canary” smile on her face. And now Gerry feels comfortable to show her to the world by Webstagram.

  • Yahoo!

    Why? Why just look at them leaning in so close? His smile and hers. So telling isn’t it? Their story is unfolding. Why look! A lot is thre in their poses too. Be happy for Gerry. He has found his Gemini and twin flame just like Miss Psychic predicted.

  • Pay Attention Idiots

    iloveshoppinginrome Great couple 1h
    noblesseobligeitaly @iloveshoppinginrome they are not a couple ️ 50min