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Blake Lively Visits Ryan Reynolds on 'Mississippi Grind' Set!

Blake Lively Visits Ryan Reynolds on 'Mississippi Grind' Set!

Blake Lively rocks some fashionable denim while visiting her husband Ryan Reynolds on the set of his upcoming flick Mississippi Grind on Tuesday (February 18) in New Orleans, La.

Last week, the 26-year-old actress was spotted hiding under an umbrella while braving the rain in the Big Apple.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Blake Lively

It was recently announced that Ryan has become the spokesperson for L’Oréal Paris Men Expert.

“I feel honored and excited to Join Men Expert, a brand that represents the essence of modernity, edginess and technology,” Ryan said in a statement.

In case you didn’t know, Blake is also a spokesperson for L’Oreal.

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  • amber

    Wise move of Blake, since Ryan is working with Sienna…and we know Sienna’s bad habits involving married men…

  • Q.

    Ryan looks so HOT!

  • ForMe

    @amber: Blake and Ryan met on a movie set while he was still married to ScarJo and they obviously had a fling or something. She doesn’t want Sienna to do to her what she did to Scarjo.

  • #3

    Or what Scar Jo did to Ryan by hooking up with Liev Scriber then Sean Penn
    Or what Scar Jo did to Mamie Gummer after working with her then husband Benjammin Walker

  • Sarah

    I really hope their marriage lasts! They suit each other

  • Luminous123


    Seriously you actually think Scarjo and Liev Schreiber actually hooked up??? – than your more fooler than a dumb person – that was just rumor started by tabliods (and you actually believe that) and Sean Penn – that happened after Scarjo and Ryan broke up….

    Let’s talk about how Flake hooked up with Leo ( – for her being a famewhore and diverting the attention away from her and Ryan rumours – in order for not to make so blatant that they did have a fling during flop movie

  • Luminous123


    Hahahah seriously and again you think Scarjo was the actual reason that Mamie Gummer and Benjamin Walker split up! looool

    So, are you just going to write all actors who split up with their half because they worked with Scarjo????

    You might as well and say that Chris Evans and Minka Kelly broke up coz both he and Scarjo worked together in Cap 2…

    The sheer stupidity from Flakey fans….

  • #7

    Lol ‘flop movie’, ‘flakely’ you’re really touched aren’t you. Lmao
    Explains why you”re having trouble spelling as well as the sheer stupidity of ScarNo fans.
    The stories about her hook ups were all over the NY tabs so you can stay in denial. Before she asked for a separation while playing find my foot with Sean Penn before papers were filed. (as shown on TMZ)
    And why do ScarNo fans care what Ryan does now or even Blake? After Sean Penn, the ad agency guy, some Italian bodygaurd, she’s now engaged to someone as pretentious as she is. #alliswellright

  • NY Daily News

    So Scarjo is not a famewhore? Someone who goes to a film festival to announce her enagegement is not looking for attention? And someone who manges to get papped regularly while shopping, walking, in pap unfriendly Paris (unlike Natalie Portman who mostly lives there but we see less of) is not a famewhore. She’s an artist? At least that’s what she told Oxfam before they dropped her

  • Chace

    Who cares about Scarlett?! Ignore her fans

    @Q – Agreed Ryan looks delish!

  • Chace
  • ace11

    Problem is…Im sure with the 11 year age difference he wants kids

    She is 26 and might not

    Could be a big issue

  • Sweetie

    @NY Daily News:

    a) She was already engaged before the engagement was annouced – so why shouldnt she be wearing her ring???

    b) regularly papped in paris? Where? Only once or twice papped and that was in public events ….

    c) unfriendly with paps? loool what, should she be more like Lively (a famewhore) and call the paps for her failing career …. why should Scarlett be friendly to a pap or even (any actors) wouldnt she be like famewhoring a la Lively style

    d) Oxfam dropped her? More like She dropped them for their unethical controlling narrow mindedness…

  • Ha

    I think Blake and Ryan don’t suit each other. They’re both good-looking but they don’t look good together imo. Ryan is SO hot. I feel like a stunningly sexy woman like ScarJo suited him better. Blake is average compared to her. But I guess it’s not only the looks that counts. It’d be a “what goes around comes around” situation if Sienna did to her what she did to ScarJo. I always want women who cheated WITH married men to get cheated on, too. So that they know how it feels…. you should never be a b!tch to another woman.

  • Sweetie


    Really I’m having trouble spelling?, coming from someone who called Scarlett Johansson – ScarNo (Really)

    Tmz – a reliable source? – both scarjo and Sean pean hooked in 2012 …. so be still in denial and keeping telling yourself that ryan and blake never hooked up in green lantern and used leo for spotlight exposure….

    What Scarjo or any women dating after breaking up with someone is wrong? What we still live in the 18th century ?

    Oh seriously i’m ‘touched’ for truthfully calling Blake out for being a ‘flake’ and her career a ‘flop’ – ironically from someone replied not only to my comment but firstly replied @ForMe and started dragging Scarlett in the first place… and blaming her for the break ups of her co stars ….. in denial much that Blake is the one who hooked up with a married man for her fame… I mean thats not the first time she didnt.. right? …. Ben Affleck and The Town anyone…

  • Sweetie


    Really I’m having trouble spelling?, coming from someone who called Scarlett Johansson – ScarNo (Really)

    Tmz – a reliable source? – both scarjo and Sean pean hooked in 2012 …. so be still in denial and keeping telling yourself that ryan and blake never hooked up in green lantern and used leo for spotlight exposure….

    What Scarjo or any women dating after breaking up with someone is wrong? What we still live in the 18th century ?

    Oh seriously i’m ‘touched’ for truthfully calling Blake out for being a ‘flake’ and her career a ‘flop’ – ironically from someone replied not only to my comment but firstly replied @ForMe and started dragging Scarlett in the first place… and blaming her for the break ups of her co stars ….. in denial much that Blake is the one who hooked up with a married man for her fame… I mean thats not the first time she did.. right? …. Ben Affleck and The Town anyone…

  • #15

    What a hypocrite you can say Flakey but I can’t say ScarNo? It was not a misspelling but rather deliberate or you don’t get irony
    There’s no such word as ‘fooler’ or grammar text like ‘for not to make so blatant’ so yes epic fail!
    You can keep telling yourself what you please but the Sean Penn diner pics were in 2011 not 2012 and the pother hook ups were reported in the Post and Daily News so it was very much out there. No matter how much you rave or deny

  • #15

    Oh Oxfam did not drop her. LMAO Now I know I’m dealing with a stan in denial. Have your own version of history.LMAO Keep at it

  • Annonymous

    Its very possible to get married without announcing an engagement if you are indeed private (see the recent newly wed Leighton), never mind announcing it at the premiere of your film. Papped at only public events? BS! We need only look at JJ history up here to see that the large number of pap pics of Scarlett and her fiancee walking on relatively empty streets in Paris and NY.

  • Sweetie


    Um but Oxfam DID NOT drop her tho? – She LEFT them (Because of differences of viewpoints)… Oxfam even said that on THEIR STATEMENT as well … so…. Whose still denial??? LMAO LMAO LAMO EPIC FAIL!

    Oh sorry so sean penn and scarjo hooked up in 2011 whereas her and ryan broke up in 2010 – and he even dated someone before blake as well.. oh what, so its only scarjo who cant date after a break up but others like ryan can…

    But Blake is a fake/ flake – you just have to see her before and after shot – she probs got those tips from harvey wiensten and his casting couch …

    And you can keep telling yourself what you please but blake is and always will be afamewhore and fame climber from Affleck, Gosling, Reynolds. to Leo and oh then again to Reynolds and calling the paps to stay relevant….

    Be denial as always #alliswellright

  • Sweetie


    Seriously? to look at JJ history of how many times scarjo and her bf got papped – yeh just look at the dates of when they were posted and see theres a huge space of when they were papped together in paris or ny – so no theres no frequent posting of scarjo or her bf and then compare it to JJ’s post of ryan and blake every week or 2 (gee, i wonder who called the paps on them) and then see the differences….

    So, she got engaged few months before her film premiere and someone genuinely asked her about a ring on her engaged finger – what? is she supposed to deny and say no she’s not? and what be like blake fans – who deny and are still denial that blake and ryan never hooked up during green lantern…. and deny blake never tried to hook up or did with Affleck, gosling and Leo in order to climb up the fame ladder for her lack of career and spotlight….

  • #20

    And ScarJo, ‘I don’t believe in monogamy’ (2006) and publiclly admitted to getting 2 Aids Test a year Leto, Cooper, Naylor, Penn, Jackson, Schreiber, Axl Rose,Josh Harnett, Benicio Del Torro (in an elevator) will always be a cheater, user and man eater.
    If we’re going to rumors then if the famous Lainey shows she’s catty to other girls as well. what a prize.

  • Annonymous

    Blake fans are in denial? But Scarlett fans like you are not in denial either about your claims (she was with Penn in 2012) or counter claims. No sense of your hypocrisy. I’ve looked at the JJ history and it confirms my point of many pics of Scarlett with her man, een in low key Paris, no matter how much you claim the weeks are ‘spaced out’. And again famous people can get engaged and STAY engaged quietly if they choose to. Never mind at a movie premiere.
    @#20: I would say stop responding to that Scarlett stan. Johansson posts don’t get these many comments

  • Sweetie


    What? Are you actually in Denial? You actually believe she was with all those Men!! omg! Oh and you read Lainey Gossip? *Sniggers* That just tells me of what kind of person you are! lainey gossip? really? oh wow.. just wow…

    Yeh she did date Leto briefly years before 2006 and they have always been respectful with one another

    She never dated B. Cooper – they were co star on He’s just not that…. and your getting that co called hook up from tabloids (what lainey again .. tut tut)

    Jackson??? Sam Jackson?? her co star to ‘The Spirit’ film and marvel film? OMG you are truly IN DENIAL – you actually believe she hooks up with all her male actors who she works with – What just like Blake – aw poor you – in such denial….

    Benedict Del toro elevator drama NEVER even happened – both denied it when a stupid tabloid reporter created the story when they were both in a party and where just in a elevator – oh then of course you are gonna believe that considering you read Lainey….

    Axl rose and Leiv?? Again? really? wheres the proof other than made up story from tabloids – Lainey again?

    Before Reynolds it was only Harnett and Leto and after Reynolds it was Naylor and Penn – oh sorry is it that wrong for her to date – just women who cant date or is it only Scarlett….

    No, you stay pressed and in DENIAL that you actually think she dates all her male co stars – Oh i’m still waiting for the tabloids and you to comment that she hooked up with Downey, Hemsworth, Evans, Ruffalo. Hiddlston and any male actors she worked with … literally i’m waiting for lainey to post about these so called hook ups and you to believe it and rant and rave about it…

    Seriously, be in denial … so funny…

    Awww again believing Lainey that Scarjo has been catty to her female costars – where is the source? Has the likes of Eva Mendes, Jessica Biel, Cobie Smulders, even Portman or any female co stars who ever worked with Scarjo have ever or said any negative things about her – oh look NO they never, cause all the females who worked with her and vice versa have been happy and had a blast together…. just look up in youtube the interviews…

    So please, #stay pressed – knowing that Blake slept her way though hollywood via Harvey wiensten’s casting couch….

    Ok so, Scarlett’s next two films are ‘chef’ and ‘Lucy’ – so i’m guessing your gonna be DENIAL and think that she will or has hooked up with Freeman and Favreau, Hoffman and hell even hook up with Sofia Vergara (who is co stars in Chef) and have a lesbian tryst….

    So yeh stay pressed and be in denial and keep on reading Lainey …..

  • Sweetie


    Yeh i took that back that she did go out with sean penn in 2011 AFTER break up with reynolds (where is the problem) – unlike reynolds and blake – atleast im not in denial knowing the fact that blake slept her way through Hollywood Wiensten, gosling, leo….

    Again is she supposed to lie and say that she’s not she’s engaged (why should she) – and get away from the question considering she’s wearing the ring

    Oh so you’ve seen pics of scarjo and her bf… show me the post of her and her bf from JJ’s last weeks post or the after…. oh right there is none unlike Blake….

    Awww doesnt Scarlett’s post get that much comments – yeh maybe because she doesnt feed her daily life and hook ups to JJ unlike Blake …. or maybe she is a serious four times golden golbe nominated and bafta winning actress who gets on with her life to let JJ know every detail of her life and relationships unlike Blake…

    Yes, she’s private to the extent she doesnt call the paps and tip them off where she is (look at leo and blake) unlike blake – you can see on every post JJ posted of Lively are set up….

    I’m only commenting on this post because of #20′s stupidity of thinking Scarlett sleeps with all her male co stars (step away from lainey) like Blake did with Leo, gosling, (tried it with) Affleck, weinsten, reynolds….

    The Denial is very strong – so yeh please stay pressed…

  • #24

    But you believe all those men about Blake though. I mean they come from Lainey, and other gossip blogs, but they are true, yet once they are about Scarlett they are apparently false. *tee hee*
    Person I am? Like scoping out yahoo and gossip blogs to justify your slander and ramblings don’t show what kind of person you are, still considering your essay-like answers I don’t think I’m the one pressed here LOL.
    All my points about Scarlett are ALL out there. Your dissertation attempt will never change that.
    Stay in denial, to your version of the truth like a proper hypocrite *eye roll*

  • #Annonymous

    Isn’t it interesting that fans of the wonderful and accomplished child stars turned adult actors like Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, et al don’t obsess or b_itch about what others are doing

  • @18

    Good point about Soda Stream. I love how she got called out here
    Scarlett and her idol Woody Allen have had a rough couple of weeks

  • lol

    Why are you guys fighting over Scarlett and Blake, the important issue is that Blake is getting Ryan jobs now. She became the face of Loreal and now she got hubby a smaller deal with them. Tables have turned.

    (also that outfit is ridic)

  • Louise

    @lol: Lol, RR has three films coming out this year and one early next year. Plus, he is still represents Hugo Boss Bottled. I do not think that that with l’Oréal is a smaller deal than BL’s. Quite the contrary. He will be the face of their new line of products for men, which is a market in great expansion. What are you doing, by the way? To support BL you run down her husband maintaining she is now the bread winner of the family?

  • fer

    she used to dress so nice, wtf is that outfit?

  • just me

    @ForMe: Was wrong for Blake to have a fling with a married man while she was dating her boyfriend on gossip girl. Marring ryan is not going to make your career any better. Don’t blame it all on Blake. Ryan is at fault too. No one gave the reason for their break up. You can’t trust Ryan either. Ryan broke up their marriage for Blake to. He still no better actor than anyone. Like Rachel broke up with Adam and Hayden still no better at all. So why these crazy women break up with their boyfriends for something better when its still not better at all. And she was with leo and had a fling with him too. Ryan ran behind Blake ok until gossip was almost finish. Didin’t try to work out his marriage at all. Wonder what Rachel going to do if hart of Dixie is cancelled or they give her a few shows to do? Still run behind or dump him entirely when he come visit California?Raychel needs some news about a break or on the rocks!

  • the observer

    ALL of this chatter are rumors and you cannot accept some and dismiss others you don’t want to believe. There are tons of stories from lots of tabloids about their personal lives. This debate about Blake and Scarlett are interesting. Their careers have never been equal because they do different things and have different passions. Scarlett is a “movie and stage actress” she seems very comfortable in this skin. She has a open record on her dates her thoughts on marriage & kids. In an interview in 2010 in “In style” she wanted a “Hollywood marriage & Ryan is not that he is not flashy but very low key. Blake on the other hand has a TV career mixed w/movies, but fashion and cooking are her passion. She has always spoken of children and family, this girl takes her nieces and nephew to late night TV. I do not believe she is no more of a fame seeker than anyone else in that business. Dating Leo was dating Leo & you can count on one hand the men she has been associated with. The Ben Affleck story was just that, if you notice there has not been one break in the marriage of Ben & Jen. Ryan wanted a wife, it did not work w/Scarlett I don’t believe it did not work because of cheating this is what she has said OVER AND OVER in interviews about her marriage that she did not have a lot invested in the marriage, she also said she was not readily for commitment…now she is (good for her) Ryan has met his match w Blake and he has the best of both worlds. His wife travels w/him & he w/her. They appear to enjoy each other’s company. They have similar careers & do what it takes to maintain their lifestyles. Be it movies, modeling or appearance they may lots of money doing it and seem to live a very modest lifestyle. It is often mention her being a “fame seeker” but she is no more/less than anyone else in that town!!

  • the observer

    She is visiting her husband on set, it may be called “COMFORTABLE”

  • just me

    Blake knew better and Ryan too. Ryan could try and save his marriage if he wanted to. Scarlett career is better than Blake will ever be. Scarlett make million dollars movies since breaking up with Ryan. It seems that would cause Ryan to break up his wife. Ryan’s career has not been that great at all. The movies he make don’t even count anymore. Why worry about his co- star when he did the same thing with Blake? I’m sure she was that hard up for him like he about her. Like all stars people do things to make their career look good. Just like johnny depp and Amber Heard. He went to her movie premiere for attention that was all. His movie career has took a dive. When his movies didn’t go well last summer.And got with a famous actress to boost his career. And getting engaged to her so soon. All these stars has that in common. And nothing comes are it all. Rachel done that and nothing came are it at all. She just hang around hayden to be seen. Hayden could care less cause he knows his career has gone the drain.You can help who have fling with on the set of a movie. You don’t have to date them or get engaged to them or marry them.You have yo move on and say it was just a fling and move on. Rachel couldn’t move on form the fling she had to continue it. Nothing came out are it and her career has went down and her being popular because are it. Being with your co-stars don’t work if you want something out of it,Ryan and Rachel is prime example are that . And johnny depp too.They like Blake because she could careless about ryan movies. And Rachel care about the movies hayden be in cause she don’t audtion for nothing and want hayden to put her in one.Blake just visting until her movie starts. I guess she has one.No one like Rachel cause she don’t want audtion for anything as long its in la. That’s why her show is failing because she wanted to be in la when hayden came around. Hayden should stay home for his birthday in Canada or work on a movie this year.Instead are going to the beach again.And let Rachel get some work done for herself. And hayden should get an audtion for a real movie and leave Rachel alone for good.Being around Rachel when she call the paps when it nothing going on with his career at all and nothing else.

  • the observer

    Sweetie is seems you have a huge problem w/both Blake and Scarlett is it really Ryan that you upset with??

  • lol?


    Actually Ryan is going to be paid considerably less than Blake and yes their men’s line is a much smaller deal than their women’s line, everyone knows that and yes I know he has received endorsement deals in the past, which is why I said the tables have turned. There is no denying that Ryan got this deal after Blake got hers and when was the last time Ryan booked an independent deal? It would be dumb to deny Blake’s part in this. say this because people were saying Blake married Ryan as an “upgrade” and people here are fighting over Blake and Scarlett as being unfit for Ryan or whatever, whereas both the girls have managed to become more successful than him. So instead of pitting girls against each other over a guy, and automatically believing the worst of them, look at what they have achieved.

  • Louise

    @lol?: I do not believe the worst of them at all. I object strongly that anyone be defined a downgrade or an upgrade. Comments on the looks or ‘financial success’ of people are disqualifying for those who make them. I doubt, though, that the women in question are more successful than him. Have you read the critiques on his interpretation in the film The Voices presented at Sundance? They go from great to terrific to immensely likable. Game not over yet. As for him being paid considerably less than Blake is, I suppose, a speculation on your part. As I said, the market of cosmetic products for men is knowing an exponential growth.

  • the observer

    And you know for a fact that Ryan is going to be paid less for his endorsement BECAUSE….?? I would bet he does not rely on Blake to work nor she on him. Ryan has been filming movies steadily since 2009 (5 yrs) and in between jobs he has been the spokesman w successful capaigns for Hugo Boss and H&M . This is part-time work that pays millions & both of them have some value to be offered the positions Whatever is going on they are both working and getting paid and how ironic for you to be posting on a website “dishing” people who are making millions in their profession of choice.

  • Milly

    Wow,wow,wow what to make of all the opinionated comments!
    They are all great at what they do, good luck to them all.
    Lets be lovers not haters in this world please

  • the observer

    Good, bad, ugly or indifferent. Just like A….Holes every body has one & is entittled to use it. a bright spot in this picture is now they can travel to Paris compliments of Loreal.

    God bless this marriage!!

  • Oh Please

    @#3: She did not hook up with Schreiber, and her thing with Penn was after her & Reynolds split up.

  • Ha

    @NY Daily News: Jealous, are we?? You don’t see her partying or going to the obvious places that the usual famewhores go. It sounds like you have sour grapes.

  • Cupcake

    @#15: I’m not a fan of ScarJo or Blake, but you sound like an immature 12 year old.

  • Gossip girl

    Gee, is Blake threatened by whoever Ryan is starring with?? After all, she’s the expert on having affairs with married men on the set.

  • Gorgeous

    LOL. People never stop making BS about this couple from predictable blinds all last year claiming Ryan had locked Blake up, was possessive, controlling, jealous and was not allowing her to work. Now the story is flipped and Blake visits him because she’s the one whose possessive & jealous. At least its equal opportunity crapola!

  • a fan

    Blake is making a visit to see her husband. She has been traveling w/him before & after the marriage I don’t think she is hoping to catch him cheating . Next month she will be in Canada filming her movie, they have a home there and she will have his family to support her. I think it is sweet they seem to work on spending time together. He went to Dubai w/ her for the Gucci premiere in Jan. This was missing in that 1st marriage, they were constantly apart. In spite of all of the chatter of Blake seeking “fame” It appears her 1st priority is to her marriage. She has begun to work again and Ryan has given her the right to decide when to start the family. I wonder what month she will ditch the contraception I hope the games begin toward the end of this movie shoot!!

  • Milly

    Well said

  • Amy

    @the observer:

    Ben cheats on Jennifer all the time. Blake wasn’t the only one.