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Suki Waterhouse to 'Muse': I Want a Baby in 10 Years (Exclusive!)

Suki Waterhouse to 'Muse': I Want a Baby in 10 Years (Exclusive!)

Suki Waterhouse goes all out in red in this photo shoot for Muse #37, the magazine’s latest issue, provided exclusively to

Here’s what the 22-year-old model and girlfriend of Bradley Cooper had to share with the mag:

On where she sees herself in 10 years: “Doing the same things, but with at least one baby on my arm.”

On her good friends Cara Delevingne and Georgia May Jagger: “We’ve known each other for a long time… they’re the people I’m closest to and they inspire me as people:”

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Credit: Muse magazine
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  • Phillis

    Good luck Mr. Cooper. In ten years you’ll be 50.

  • ace11

    Nice goal to have

    Cooper would be 50 by then…Grand dad age


  • Tracy

    This girls comments just keep getting better and better. LOL Grow up Bradley and get a woman closer to your own age.

  • DJ

    And, this info was given “exclusively to”, huh?

  • Eva

    This child and Bradley have had a ton of stories on JJ, its getting old. Is the entertainment business so slow you can only talk about a nobody UK girl trying to be a model and a actor who is in the middle of a mid life crisis. If they broke up tomorrow, Suki would be a nobody to the US press. She is only gaining attention because of him. She is not a model looking girl. Look at her legs on the runway yesterday. She does not have fat legs but, they are more plump than a runway model and they are not even long. This model thing is a joke, she would be better off trying to claim actress. She had No magazine covers or runways until she is sleeping with a Hollywood actor.

  • lillian

    honestly, at best she’s average looking. there’s definitely nothing wrong with her but she doesn’t look like a model.

  • well,

    @Eva: Suki likely will claim actress, and I think that is a good direction for her to go in. Models are basically “nobodies” anyway. The supermodel era is gone. Most of the models now are pretty mediocre at best. Many of them don’t even have good teeth or hair. Actresses are on covers of magazines nowadays. I can see Suki in movies if she can learn how to act. She should get training right now while she’s so young.

  • John

    does she realize she won’t be dating bradley cooper in 10 years? sweetie, he’s a movie star. you’re a pig faced model. once he’s done with you he’ll move onto the next hot girl (and trust me, anyone else is an upgrade).

  • So

    I think she looks cute and she never stated that she gonna have that baby with Bradley, so why are you so mad at her.

  • Cutie

    She is cute.

  • hee-hee

    @John: And John, I doubt very highly that you are a man. NIce try! Another jealous girl.

  • city folks

    @John: Heck, in 10 years, Cooper may be begging to get a good role. His career could also be over. I don’t think he will age that well.

  • John is a girl

    @hee-hee: Exactly. I cant stand those girls who are using male names, because they think their opinion would count more then. Pathetic.

  • Drake

    There seem to be a story about this couple or one of them everyday now. And we suppose to believe this relationship is real.

  • Carla

    Oh for heavens sake, why is this little girl even given the media space for doing her day job like it’s some kind of revelation. Has she saved anyone’s life today, NO found a cure for a fatal illness – NO You are tomorrow’s fish and chip paper love!

  • Haa

    Hopefully, in 10 years, she’ll be long gone, so we won’t have her photos shoved down our throats everyday.

  • thanx

    She’s a lil girl who believes everything the business tells her. We’ll see if you are on the same spotlight in ten years… Calm down.

  • Cutie

    I really don’t see her as a serious model. Or Georgia May Jagger. Cara is the only serious model out of the three.

  • Divictlerner

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  • L

    @Haa totally agreed, there will be more of suki today, as she went to the elle style awards


  • L

    totally agree with drake and eva

    She should go down the road and help them poor floods victim and donate some cash as well


  • Just keeping it real

    She needs to darken her hair and pursue an acting career as in, take acting classes. I really don’t think she has much of a future in modeling.

  • Just keeping it real

    She needs to darken her hair and pursue acting as in take acting classes. I don’t think she has much of a future in modeling.

  • Whosaid

    Muse……..? Nope same pose ..boring scruffy hair

  • jen

    she’s ugly for a model, and in 10 yrs from now she def won’t be with Bradley Cooper anymore…

  • Whosaid

    She says at least one baby that doesn’t say first one in 10yrs

  • asking

    @Carla: Have YOU saved anyone’s life today? Or even an animal’s life? Not everyone can be the Jolie-Pitts.

  • Scarlett

    Oh god, make it stop! This is over kill of coverage of someone who is essentially famous for shagging someone. Enough. It’s relentless.

  • Suedehead
  • muchacha

    @Just keeping it real: You’re right. To be a great model, you really need to have spectacular beauty, a knockout body or something that really sets you apart from other women.

  • Suedehead
  • uh… lol

    @Scarlett: Because people like you who hate Suki so much continue to come here and post, JJ is going to continue the topics on Suki. Judging from this board, Suki Waterhouse is a VERY HOT TOPIC indeed!

  • Carla

    @asking: I’m a nurse, yes I have!

  • LOL

    @Carla: Stop lying. Nurses dont save lifes everyday. I could understand if you were a doctor saying so. But a Nurse whos acting like she is saving lifes erverydayis a cheap LIAR. It would be a big coincidence, that just today you saved a life. You’re a liar.

  • helen

    Can’t JJ go 1 day without something about these two? Neither one are that hot to begin with.

  • Lena

    She is gorgeous you haters.

  • Grow Up

    @Lena Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because you think she’s gorgeous and other’s don’t, doesn’t make them haters

  • Warren

    I’d like to do things in her mouth.

  • Josh

    @John is a girl:

    you can always tell the jealous ones!

  • Dolly

    @DJ: Given the comments about Suki in these parts, if JJ was given an exclusive that is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  • Please

    I wish she would just shut her mouth in a photo for once…it really is getting irritating, she really doesn’t have any other look does she?
    She’s all just floppy fringe and open mouth, not nice.

  • Carla

    @LOL: Butt out, don’t even go there. I’m saying I don’t get the hype she’s getting that’s all.

  • jessie

    I think it’s wrong and pathetic that many of you would down grade such a beautiful young lady! Alot of you don’t even know her for crying out loud!!! Many of you are just jealous because you wish you were her right now. I think she is beautiful and is deserving of a promsing future for herself just like anybody else. I can guarantee that alot of you who are hating her right now look like hot a mess. And for the record, not every model has to look like each other. Everybody is born to be unique. I just don’t understand why alot of you pig haters would be so down on her like that when you don’t even know her. Who cares if she’s 22 years old and she’s with a guy that’s 17yrs older. Last time I checked, she’s legal. She’s considered an adult and if those 2 want to be together….let them!! It’s their decision. I bet alot of you don’t even have a man yourself. Stop hating on someone else’s success and start creating your own success to focus on. Clearly alot of you don’t have much going on in your own life to waste time hating on someone else! Grow up people!!!!!!!!!! Let them be happy and go find your own happiness!!! Clearly your life isn’t all that great right now. The beauiful thing is that you can change for the better. Just like Suki decided. So make it happen and stop being such a hater. Not a good look. ;-)

  • Suedehead

    @jessie I’m not one of the Suki haters, though I have my doubts about this Elle award (but judging from Suki’s face at the event – she has some too) But this is a gossip site, so what would you expect? The truth is all the negative comments about her contribute to her fame even more. Why are there 2-3 topics a day about her? She surely is generating lots of comments and clicks which matters the most in social media. On the other hand I think I liked her more when she was with Miles, but I guess her sometimes strange choices and awkward image is just an attempt to adjust somehow to this crazy situation.