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Leonardo Dicaprio & Toni Garrn Vacation in the Snowy French Alps

Leonardo Dicaprio & Toni Garrn Vacation in the Snowy French Alps

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Toni Garrn enjoy a romantic vacation on the patio at Cap Horn on Tuesday (February 18) in Courchevel, France.

The 39-year-old actor and his 21-year-old model girlfriend took in the sights of the ski resort in the French Alps before grabbing lunch in the outdoor area.

Leo just attended the 2014 BAFTAs, where he was nominated for the Leading Actor for his role on The Wolf of Wall Street, but lost out to Chiwetel Ejiofor for 12 Years a Slave.

Look out for Leo on Oscar night on March 2, where he is also nominated for his work in the flick.

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • yiyou

    france is best lol

  • Leokas

    Leo is wishing I was there instead of Toni, he was thinking about me the whole time. But me and him both no that he needs that Oscar, he has to use Toni and play the press and campaign and act like he’s in a stable relationship. After he gets that Oscar, back to Leokas 4ever! <3 Toni is a dumb lil girl, falling for our tricks.

  • poor toni

    love them

  • poor toni

    @Leokas: how are you always one of the first posters on new leo threads?? hahahaa I love it… but sorry lukas leo is marrying toni soon…

  • sugarbaby

    Look who has returned, sugar baby Toni. I guess Leo made a new deal with you until the Oscars. Another trip for you Toni, having fun? Time will be up soon. Was this all worth it for ur career? Do you have any self-respect? Leo be playing everyone. I wonder when all of these shenanigans he plays will bite him in the butt

  • Meaningless Vacations

    Leo doesn’t take any experiences away from his vacations he just wants gourmet food and luxury accomodations you can get anywhere in the world. His vacations are meaningless, no matter how expensive.

  • Leokas

    @poor toni: I’M #1 IN LEO’S LIFE, HIS HEART AND HIS THREADS!!!!!! Lmao you wish Leo will marry Toni, the contract is gonna be up soon! Toni will be never heard of again just like Bar and Erin and the rest of them. Leokas is destiny.

  • Fashion Mix
  • also…

    Romantic? With all the entourage around them? I guess an expensive trip is enough for Toni to forget about Nina…
    I can`t get over it how in love they look. lol Like two strangers put next to each other. And how interested Leo looks in what Toni is trying to show to him! lol

  • poor toni

    it looks like today courchevel is #1 in leo’s life, toni is #1 in his heart and yiyou is #1 in his threads. are you even in courchevel, lukas? leo’s moving on

  • Claire

    Cap Horn is in Chamonix, not Courchevel. They look cute !

  • poor toni

    @poor toni: ^ this message is for leokas (#7)

  • yiyou


  • poor toni

    @Claire: yeah! they’re a cute outdoorsy couple

  • @Fashion Mix


  • yiyou

    leo+toni=forever <3

  • poor toni

    Lukas must be working unlike toni whose main job is to follow Leo now. It pains me to look at these photos because they are far from romantic and Leo doesn`t look interested in her. if I keep posting that he loves her and he will marry her maybe I will calm down and I will start believing it. but I know it`s not true. she will be gone soon enough and Leo will get a new girlfriend. c`est la vie

  • Louisa

    @Meaningless Vacations: Exactly. With as much snow the good ole USA has received this winter, he could have spent his money on the slopes somewhere here, rather than gallivanting across the Atlantic to Courchevel, France.

  • Leokas

    @poor toni: Ya i’m there but unlike Toni, Leo doesn’t have to make photo-ops of us to prove we’re in a loving relationship. Ur right bout poor Toni, poor sad lil attention seeking, would dump all morals and self- respect lil girl.

  • wow

    @Fashion Mix: her music taste is awful loolllllllll

  • sugarbaby

    @Meaningless Vacations: HIS WHOLE LIFE IS MEANINGLESS! I really want to ask Leo, are you truly happy with ur life!?!?! Are you happy living a fake life and full of lies, being in meaningless relationships, having a crazy parents and friends who use you!?!?!? Are you happy spending your millions on vac tons for everyone who buying lots of materialistic things!!?!? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW! WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK!?!?

  • bea

    I didn’t know Leo knew about skiing.

  • Lukas, Jonah… Save me!!!!!
  • Simply Math

    Leo No hiding=PHOTO OP!

  • Mélanie

    Yeeees France loves Leo <333 ps : I told you muuthafckaa that Leo and Toni were still together hahahahahaha

  • Mélanie

    Yeeees France loves Leo <333 ps : I told you muuthafkaa that Leo and Toni were still together hahahahahaha

  • Best Pr Oscar campaign?
  • LOL

    His relationship with Toni is such a non factor and meaningless that only trolls bother to say anything endlessly on here now. All the smart, intelligent and funny people have left. Leo threads are a joke…

  • staged

    These pics come across as very staged. There all weekend and just randomly they walk outside in the wide open when a paparazzi is standing right there? Super fishy but considering that so many celebs tip off the paparazzi themselves I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a rhyme or reason to these pics

  • hahahahaha

    What a joke! lol

  • also…

    @Best Pr Oscar campaign?: That`s sooooo funny! LMFAO! I can`t stop laughing!

  • McBongo
  • Very true

    Thats why the posters like Nessa, Zzzzz, HAHA12, etc barely comment as much.

  • lol

    Leo as any celeb call the paps when they want.

  • sEx

    @Mélanie: they’re not together, leo is just using her for sex

  • Very true

    Matthew is winning, we all know that. But its kinda sad everyone on here would rather praise and gush about him than Leo when they claim to be “fans”. Oscar night will be rough when Leo loses, all the haters and trolls will be ruining the threads.

  • also…

    @staged: Maybe it wasn`t the paparazzi just some guest who sold the photos? I don`t know… When I hear staged I imagine something with an effort to make it believable. I see many things on these photos except for that.

  • Please,

    @Very true: They’re here all the time, they just change their names!!

  • Very true


  • ####


    I got busy at work but meant to put this on the other thread earlier. I find it funny that the only thing that came out of Leo and Toni’s supposed V-Day dinner on Valentine’s Day and the broadway play the day after were articles in the NY Daily News and Page Six. No tweets, no grainy pics taken from anyone at either of these locations.

    However, he goes to a hoity toity resort in France and low and behold we get tweets of him being seen and then a DM article of Leo and Toni being seen there and now a JJ thread!

    I find it interesting how that happens….. :-)

  • Amy

    @Very true:

    I hope Leo loses because I don’t think this is the movie he should win for. I think if he works with DOR he will win for that role.

  • Very true

    Why shouldn’t he win for Wolf? He was great in it and its his passion project and he showed a comedic side to himself more than ever before. But people seem to think comedic performances are less great than dramatic performances, explains why everyone is all over Matthew and underrating the great work Leo did in Wolf.

  • Very true

    And that DOR movie sounds so boring, hope Leo does not star in it.

  • whoa

    Toni’s arm/wrist is soooo skinny!!! :O

  • They’re f*cking tonight

    “No need for a French hooker tonight hehe”
    - Leonardo DiCaprio, 2014

  • BZ

    This could be his year. Is he frustrated he hasn’t won?

    “Here, I’ll show you the card they gave me today” (at the luncheon), he says, rummaging through his pockets after setting aside the electronic cigarette he says he puffs to “relieve the stress of life.” He retrieves a small white card he calls “that little football chalk-up” listing his film stats. Leaning in, he points to the portion that reads: five nominations, zero wins. With a heavy chuckle he looks up and says, “Zip!”

    With the card back in his pocket, DiCaprio adds: “It’s quite interesting. People think I feel I’m overdue for something …” He stares at the ground for a moment, collecting his thoughts. “Anyone wants to be accepted by their peers, but the truth is every year is unique and everyone is just going to vote for who they think is worthy.”

  • Whitney

    Are these recent? Why is there Christmas decorations hanging from the railing?

  • also…

    @####: I never really thought of it that way. In the busy Big Apple not a tweet or a tweet photo except for him going to MOMA without Toni. Then in France these photos. But as I said earlier if it`s a photo op don`t you think they would at least try to look like they have a relationship of some sort? They can`t even look at the same direction… These photos are lacking and depressing so that`s the only reason why I question the photo op. I tend to believe the NYC sightings were fed to the two NYC newspapers but this? He looks bored out of his mind and he couldn`t look more uninterested in her.

  • They’re f*cking tonight

    aren’t his ears cold? whats the point of wearing the beanie on the edge of your scalp like that…

  • Dan The Man

    the victoria’s secret fashion show must be like the home shopping network for this guy.