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Orlando Bloom Gives Flynn a Shoulder Ride at the Airport!

Orlando Bloom Gives Flynn a Shoulder Ride at the Airport!

Orlando Bloom sends a message on his phone while carrying his adorable three-year-old son Flynn on his shoulders through LAX Airport on Wednesday afternoon (February 19) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old actor will be reprising his role as Romeo from Romeo and Juliet in a one night only performance at Walt Disney Concert Hall on February 26.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

Orly and his Broadway co-star Condola Rashad will star in the concert with the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra that will include selections from Shakespeare plays that inspired Tchaikovsky. Selections from the plays Hamlet and The Tempest will also be performed!

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orlando bloom gives flynn a shoulder ride at the airport 02
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orlando bloom gives flynn a shoulder ride at the airport 05
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  • Andrea

    Flynn is a cutie. Love seeing pics of Flynn with Orlando.

  • Ta

    In the pics with the red background, you can really see how much Flynn looks like his daddy. Orlando part two. :)
    I would love to see he and Condola perform R&J with the orchestra.
    They were both so amazing in the play. I was lucky enough to see them on Broadway, and again this past weekend on film. They were wonderful.
    I plan on buying the blue ray when it comes out.

  • Andrea

    I am excited to see Romeo and Juliet on March 6 in theatres. It s great that it’s being shown in Canada. Flynn looks like Orlando.

  • Sara

    He was amazing as Romeo. I can’t wait to get the DVD so that I can see it again!
    Flynn looks more like daddy every day. He has Orlando’s beautiful eyes.

  • ree ality

    Sorry but that child is the DOUBLE of helly Nahmad, especially that last photo of Flynn- wow its scary!

  • @5

    Must be someone who looks like Orlando, because Flynn looks just like his papa.

  • YES!

    Beautiful boys!
    Orlando really was amazing as Romeo. We saw it over the weekend, and now I want the DVD.

  • Elena

    Beautiful boys looking happy, what a great start to the day. Can’t wait to see Orlando as Romeo in L.A.

  • Ha

    Cutest kid around…. accompanied by his DILF :p

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Orlando sports two ugly pieces of headgear. One off them really should be made to walk.

  • Elena

    @Elena: You have holes in your socks.

  • @elena

    Oh thank goodness! You’re finally here!
    I was getting worried that you had lost computer privileges at the loony bin. That would have taken the fun out of everything!!

  • Elena

    Awww, that means you spend all your time here looking for me! You have crush on me!! How sweet! It’s a shame that you’re an effing idiot. And fat. Cause you spend all your time here. Stalking me. Freak. Get out. Do things.

  • @13

    Awwww, I know that you love me. You can’t deny it.
    I was just getting worried since you weren’t one of the first five posters. We all know that you would never voluntarily miss an Orlando/Miranda post, so we were laughing *ahem* I mean worrying, that you were back in your restraints at ‘the home’.
    Poor, fat, lonely Elena. You have so few pleasures in life. And now they are trying to take away the joy that you feel when you attack three year olds.
    What will they do next? Take away your ant farm and magnifying glass?
    Maybe if you are a good girl and stop biting the orderlies they will give you back more computer time.

  • Kath

    ELENA knows ALL about ugly first hand! Such handsome boys….

  • PuppyLove

    What’s with all the appearance- and sanity-shaming? Zelda Fitzgerald, Sylvia Plath, and Camille Claudel had mental problems. Kathy Bates and Queen Latifah are overweight. Janis Joplin was mercilessly teased about her looks in high school. These were/are very talented people. Can’t we confine ourselves to criticizing each others’ defects of character?

  • @16

    In a perfect world, we would be judged by our actions, not by our appearance, or any physical or mental challenges.
    But all bets are off when someone as low as Elena continually attacks an innocent child. She earns every insult. She has only herself to blame.

  • PuppyLove

    Elena herself is calling people fat, freaks, and ugly. I agree that her remarks about a toddler are atrocious, although rather than associate Elena with all the nice people out there who struggle with weight, appearance, and emotional problems, I’d like to call her out on acting like trash.
    But since it isn’t my place to censor anyone’s speech, I’d just like to point out to any overweight, neurotic, and less-than-gorgeous people out there who happen to be reading this that none of this means YOU.

  • @16

    Posting spiteful & nasty comments about an innocent 3 yr old sweet little boy tells you exactly what type of person Elena is & deserves zero respect of any kind.

    All this because she was jealous that her pretend boyfriend Orlando had the nerve to marry Miranda. Even though they’re no longer together she still can’t let it go & stalks them all over the internet.

    Elena is a delusional bitter woman that can’t move past the fact that Orlando is really not Legolas & 22 yrs old anymore!!!

  • PuppyLove


    Understood. I just hate appearance shaming. (I’m just a little self-conscious about the antennae growing out of my head. Also the webbed feet….)

  • Paulina

    Miranda Kerr is an idiot if she thinks her new boyfriend James Packer (Orlando Bloom’s bestfriend) is only seeing her…. this guy has been seeing other models that Bret Ratner (Hollywood movie director) hooks him up with including the Beats By Dre model Vildane Zeneli………James is only seeing Miranda Kerr because of her name, he sees other woman but doesn’t want Miranda to know! she will die that she is *NOT the Only* hot girl in the world :)))….. You will get what you asked and deserve Miranda Kerr :)

  • @21

    Uhmmmm, it’s been proven that Miranda and James are not dating. Your rant is old and pointless.

  • Cara

    Miranda Kerr is very sneaky, she is absolutely seeing James Packer, she is currently in Thailand with James. She doesn’t want to make it public because she knows people are going hate her for sleeping with her ex husbands bestfriend. She is using James but James is using her too :) she is one of many

  • Daniela

    notice every since the news about Miranda and James secretly dating came out in December, besides Christmas Miranda and Orlando have not been seeing together, spending time together in NYC with their son and acting all happy!!!! thats because when Orlando learned that she is dating James who has been his friend for years, he is disgusted with her and has no respect for her anymore…. thats why he started seeing people AFTER Miranda’s shady move

  • SonyaH

    James Packer is a drug addict!!!! he left his wife and 3 little children was rumored that he didn’t see his kids for months!!!! no wonder Miranda Kerr’s family doesn’t approve of him, he is a piece of shit!!!!!!! she is going get hurt

  • SonyaH

    Miranda Kerr and James Packer will get what they deserve, this relationship is going get ugly at some point!!!! Karma is a Bitch… u should never date your ex husband’s bestfriend, or your bestfriend’s ex wife!!!!!! shameless cowards

  • YAY!!!

    Old thread.
    No activity for a while.
    Now, SUDDENLY, all these Packer posts.
    All with the same tone.
    The last four very close together.
    You must really be an idiot if you think that you are fooling anyone.
    Hater loon.

  • Elena

    Seeing this post directly under the announcement of the #nokidspolicy cracks me up!! How are the Kerrdashians, Miranda specifically, supposed to get their D-list mugs on this blog without toting around Melon Head? Well, unless they authorize the taking and posting of pics of Melon Head’s ugly melon head, thereby proving the “haters” correct…AGAIN! @PuppyLove: Grow a pair and get over it. @19: There is no such thing as a “sweet” or “innocent” child. They are all vile and hideous. As are you.

  • elisaaaaaaa

    Miranda Kerr is a C U N T

  • xio

    @YAY!!! phuck urself

  • Awwww

    Awwww, haters are always the picture of grace and courtesy, aren’t they.
    Especially those last two examples of charm and intelligence. *eyeroll*
    How could this days old post be directly under the new post about paps and celeb kids???
    I guess that this proves that you only follow Miranda’s threads, since you didn’t see the NUMEROUS threads in between. So much for your claims of being a casual visitor to this site. You just proved that you search only for Miranda, and that you are a STALKER!

  • PuppyLove


    Grow a pair of what? Antennae? I TOLD you how self-conscious I am about the ones I’ve got!

  • @32

    Aww, I love your antennae. They are so shiny and pretty.

  • PuppyLove

    Thank you, sweetie. I feel better now.