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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Check Out of Their NYC Hotel

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Check Out of Their NYC Hotel

Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse leave their hotel separately and head to a car on Thursday (February 20) in New York City.

The 39-year-old actor and 22-year-old model checked out of their hotel that day to head out of town.

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In case you missed it, check out Bradley making an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where he played a hilarious game of charades with Emma Thompson, singer Tim McGraw, and Jimmy himself. It’s so funny!

FYI: Bradley is wearing a candy&caviar cashmere sweater.

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bradley cooper suki waterhouse check out of nyc hotel 01
bradley cooper suki waterhouse check out of nyc hotel 02
bradley cooper suki waterhouse check out of nyc hotel 03
bradley cooper suki waterhouse check out of nyc hotel 04
bradley cooper suki waterhouse check out of nyc hotel 05
bradley cooper suki waterhouse check out of nyc hotel 06
bradley cooper suki waterhouse check out of nyc hotel 07
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bradley cooper suki waterhouse check out of nyc hotel 09

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  • Funny

    What happened to Bradley seeing that Italian girlfriend in New York??? He’s leaving a hotel with SUKI!!!! Hahahahahahaha he couldn’t get enough of her in London! Hahahahahahaha. Where’s the Italian???

  • Amy

    Enough with these two. My god, do they call every time they are in public. This has gotten so ridiculous, just change the name from JJ to Bradley and Suki. Neither one of these two is a big enough star to generate this much attention unless they purposely want it.

  • Amy

    Also, its cold in New York, put some socks on little girl and wear some clean pants for crying out loud.

  • creepy
  • Lame

    @Funny They forgot to hold hands for the pap on the way out. So lame.


    At this point does it even need to be said this Italian American gf doesn’t and has never existed? Your man AFT took you all for a ride and you’re too embarrassed to admit it. You can quit hiding and posting in old JJ threads. We won’t make fun of you..too much.

  • Spotted

    @Funny: Italian women location is in the river waiting forever to Bradley. LOL

  • How Many More?

    Another story about these two?? This has really gotten pathetic. Real stars don’t get this many stories day after day. Surprised Jared didn’t say this was an EXCLUSIVE!

  • LOL.

    LOL. After the PDA PR pics think Bradley’s Italian American gf saw her fiance was a player. He takes Suki to NY and LA where the Italian lives. LOL. Lawrence doesn’t want Bradley and Italian American gf doesn’t want him.LOL.

  • Deb

    Who cares. These two are creepy. She looks filthy/ hair and clothes. Why does her nose always looks swollen?

  • DJ

    Why you don’t believe in AFT?
    He guess Wimbledon! Equals as twitter.
    Maybe italian is private?.
    I need answers, I go to cry.

  • Spotted

    @Funny: Italian gf spotted with Harvey Weinstein and Bradley yesterday! haha


    We Know Bradley barely speaks to his ugly kid. She tweeted drunk in love Beyonce’s song and Bradley didn’t in charades. No woman 21 or older can believe an actor is seriously after you with a hideous child on his arm.

  • Yawn

    @Spotted: Harvey Weinstein? New beard? New contract? But Harvey don’t like “private things” nothing “incognito”


    @WE KNOW EVERYTHING: You have wonderful and amazing proof. You sent your resume to NASA or FBI? I see potential in your detective analysis. Join us!

  • lr

    I don’t know what he sees in her. I guess she’s good in the sack.

  • DJ

    @lr: The Sack?
    You’re talking about the sand sacks or cement?

  • Bradlifer

    Cant wait to hear it is over between them…And in the speed they are going at it, it should not take that long…sooner or later she will get tired off his games and leave or he will get tired and board of her ugly face…

  • The Police

    Bradlifer She will never get tired of him. He is her dream. He will get engaged or break up with her in a few years.

    DJ: Why are you so dumb? The sack is in bed.

    WE KNOW EVERYTHING: Tell AFT to tell is who Italian gf was.

  • Too Funny

    Leaving separately, are we supposed to think they had a fight or something? LOL These games are BORING Bradley. Are you almost 40 or 14? Why didn’t she go with him to the Fallon show? Was he worried she would steal attention away from HIS appearance? Grow up Bradley.

  • Bradlifer

    It is obviously PR, someone threw her in a plane to NY without giving her time to pack..where is her bags? She came empty handed?
    I am still thinking this is not normal and they be over soon…they dont look in love they never have, it has all been to weird and ridicules between them…one day they are all in love the next they cant walk to a car together? One day they are saying yeas look at us how happy we are the next they are acting like they are hiding their relationship…and her constant lies are the biggest give away. She said in December she wanted to be a mom not this year but next year now she says i want kids in ten years…first she is a model, then she is a actor, then she is a singer right now she is a dancer what is next???

  • Funny

    Get ready for a few years of this. She is 22. 3 more years if she does not die before from diseases from sleeping with many men. She will cheat on Bradley with directors who can give her movie roles.

  • Pixie

    @Bradlifer: She needs a bath.

  • Sick of the lies

    She could have helped Bradley win charades. I think his PR girl knows all the answers. Emma Thompson is British and knew more answers.

  • Bradlifer

    a few years? No i give it a few months…the girl will grow up soon enough and get tired of the games, i mean how many more times is he gone play musical chair with her? How many more times is she gone accept these games before saying enough?

  • Joke

    Did you notice Jared told us the name of the designer of Bradley’s sweater? Where did you get that info Jared? Oh yeah, from the PR people that are paying you for these constant boring stories.

  • Bradlifer

    And Bradley will soon enough have enough off her constant running after him like a puppy everywhere he goes. He will run out of things to say to her and the sex will get boring in time…he will have it and walk away..

  • DJ

    Maybe their luggage is in the car?
    You think Tom Ford suit is in A-Team backpack?
    Maybe his briefs are in his backpack?
    Or probably Bradley isn’t wearing briefs?
    What size is him?

  • Lara

    I’m sorry, but what’s the point of leaving separately and then trying to write a story about it? The pics are boring and there’s no story here. Do they think all those stories from the last few days weren’t enough and we’re desperate for more? No, we’re not.

  • Fashion Police

    She has no style. I haven’t read a fashion magazine in about 270 years and I have style than she does. Tragic, since she’s actually supposedly in the industry. But then Burberry has been overtaken by bogans. No one thinks Burberry is actually exclusive now.

  • ace11

    Creepy old man

    and again no tv interviewer asks him about the 17 year age difference

  • Stupid

    The pics are so boring and stupid the last pic is a close-up of Suki’s shoe. Hahahahahahahahahahaha They both need new PR.

  • Just come out

    Bradley we can all see through your beard. We know there something more going between you and David o russel then directing. Be free stop living in fear.

  • Frequent Flyer

    Suki flew all the way to NY for pics and this is all she gets??? Was it worth it honey?

  • David

    I hope Bradley does come out with David. They always look happy together. Bradley and Suki don’t. Leaving separately to get in the same car? Hahahahahha

  • Stupid

    These are the dumbest comments I’ve ever read.

  • Tasha

    Suki’s goal is probably to hang on till after Oscars. All these award shows have helped gain her exposure in the media. This is probably Bradleys last Oscar nod, so what is she to gain from him that she won’t get from attaching herself to another celeb down the road? Someone over in the UK would be a better deal for her, because of her family life & UK industry connections.

  • Take a Bow

    @Stupid: Thank-you!

    We’ll be here all week.

  • Victor Garber

    Bradley is time to tell thruth! You prefers a good sausage. If you want references call me.

  • Stupid

    Stupid for Bradley to be infected with a Whure like Suki. Slatty Suki will hang to him until after Met Ball. That is the only way she is going.

  • Leo DiCaprio

    Hi Victor, I’m here for support our Bro too! He’s my man!!

  • Leo DiCaprio

    @Stupid: don’t worry, Bradley isn’t sleeping with her. I can confirm the situation and Lukas too!

  • Boys Club

    Suki is a PR stunt doubling as a beard and neither works. Sits next to his agent at the Bafta’s so he doesn’t have to kiss her if he wins? LOL Get the man a boy toy.

  • Emily

    Time to head back to LA to stage pictures with Bradley’s mother.

  • Lillian

    @Stupid: Suki prefers musicians anyways. I wonder if she’s upset she missed the Brit Awards yesterday? That would have been a fun event to go to, especially after the Elle Style Awards. Hanging out in hotel rooms waiting for her daddy to get done with work must be getting tiring.

  • Music

    @Lillian: Bradley likes to pretend he’s a musician playing air guitar at Metallica concerts. Does that count? Suki was probably embarrassed. hahahaha

  • Gerard Butler

    Bradley what a good time we have in Wimbledon last year! If you contract a new beard give me Suki’s number. Michael contracts my ex-beard and I need other.

  • Winnie

    @Lillian: I wonder if Suki knows that those hotel rooms come with a shower. They also supply shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion & towels.

  • DRats


    Last year he said he wouldn’t date Jennifer Lawrence because she was “too young.” But this Waterhouse person is YOUNGER than Lawrence.

    Creepy behavior, teetering on pedophile behavior.

  • Bradley’s Girls

    Why doesn’t anybody come on and say how much Bradley loves his real girlfriend the italian? He’s secretly meeting her in New York……..oh wait that was Suki. Did they finally get bored with that italian story? They don’t seem to tell it anymore.