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Jennifer Lopez & Keith Urban: 'American Idol' Top 13 Celebration!

Jennifer Lopez & Keith Urban: 'American Idol' Top 13 Celebration!

Jennifer Lopez is sandwiched in between her handsome co-judges Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. at the American Idol Season 13 Finalists Party held at Fig & Olive Melrose Place on Thursday (February 20) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The judges were also joined by the show’s host Ryan Seacrest and new mentor Randy Jackson.

The top thirteen contestants – Ben Briley, CJ Harris, Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson, Jessica Meuse, MK Nobilette, Kristen O’Connor, Emily Piriz, Alex Preston, Dexter Roberts, Majesty Rose, Malaya Watson, and Sam Woolf – were all in attendance as well.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Cushnie et Ochs dress, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, W. Britt bracelets, and Joan Hornig earrings.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez and others at the American Idol party…

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • maclen

    So, the ratings for this thing are… predictably…in the basement now. I guess bringing back the judges from the two previously LOWEST seasons wasn’t really a great idea after all, huh? They can no longer sell albums…why believe they can sell this tired show? But as I constantly keep repeating…this is ALL Idol could scrape up off the celeb “hasbeens’ heap.

  • Karie

    They’re ratings are fine plus they’re competing with the Olympics right now but you know that. Stop the hatred against Keith and focus on fixing your miserable life.The Voice’s 4th season’s ratings were less than half of Idols 4th season ratings and they’ve never produced one superstar.

  • Maria

    At least, Spencer pretty boy and Marrialle Miley imitator did not make top 13. Great escape.

  • maggie

    Keith looks so good tonight. Thank God his eye (dialated pupil) was back to normal… it was freaking me out last night.

  • I’manurbangirl2

    Keith Urban’s album FUSE was #1 in the USA, Canada and Australia consecutively, the first Country Music Artist to do that. He has just finished up his USA and Canadian tours and will head to his homeland of Australia in June to not only sold out venues, but extra concerts too. JLO and Harry Conick Jnr are well behind Urban in them stakes. The only thing Harry has going for him is his sarcastic comments and dry wit, and being self-opiniated when he’s in another country. Hope Keith doesn’t allow that trait to rub off on him. “Jennifer from the block”, does inject some sense and sensibility, when it feeds off her fellow judges ideas … Her biggest downfall is her flirtatious nature, puts down to culture, flaunting her body and pawing everyone within arms reach. For Christ’s sake, will some tell her “hands off the merchandise!” Harry and Keith are degrading themselves as men and husbands by giving JLO permission to play up to their ego’s and in doing so, kick their family values to the curb. KU – “Don’t Let Me Down!” Your Aussie fans want to see you and Nic on our magazine covers, not your Americal Idol female host, who hasn’t got anything else going for her … I’m enjoying the talent on stage at least – much better than what’s going on between the judges … :-/

  • maggie

    Forgot to add, his hair looks really good in this picture. Looks like he’s had yet ANOTHER haircut, cutting off that long sideburn that made his haircut look so feminine. More layers on top make it look less “wig” like.

  • Naughty Keith

    Drooping eyelid and enlarged (dilated) pupils can be caused by:
    1. Botox toxin
    2. Cocaine abuse

  • Pigtina Porkuilera

    What a f-u-c-king unsightly bunch. Wonder how long the bull d-y-k-e will last. :/

  • http://comcast Patricia

    Love American Idol this year. Love all three judges especially Keith Urban. Keith is so talented and just oozes with sexiness.

  • maclen

    So, Idol’s Thursday night’s “results” episode drew a new LOW of 9.1 million viewers and a new LOW for the 18-49 demo ratings share at 2.4.

    And once again, Idol was beaten in the ratings last night by a REPEAT of Big Bang Theory. It’s usually the expectation that the ratings and viewers climb upward…NOT downwards. If the “purpose”…and the stated purpose of bringing back these judges to the show…was to “revive” the shows ratings to it former glory..they are clearly failing miserably.

  • JustChill’n

    I like Keith & Harry. It’s JoLo I don’t like.

  • Macy

    Little Mary Sunshine polluting the Urban-related articles again. Get a real life, maclen.

  • Ben

    Who is that man dressed in drag standing between Keith and Harry.

  • http://Yahoo JoBeth


    Don’t let a washed up has-been get on your nerves. It’s to be pitied.

  • Cheryl

    So you hate American Idol and its judges because??

  • maclen


    So you like/love American Idol and it’s judges because?

  • jonna

    Pretty, pretty, pretty people

  • vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

    @Cheryl: You’ll never get a real answer from maclen because the truth is she hates her own life so much her days are spent spewing venom on auto pilot. A little thing called reality throws a wrench in her agenda and she just can’t have that. Hence the dodging and weaving like the true coward she is.

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    @Cheryl: You’ll never get a real answer from SEWER MISTRESS because the truth is she hates her own life so much her days are spent spewing venom on auto pilot. A little thing called reality throws a wrench in her agenda and she just can’t have that. Hence the dodging and weaving like the true coward she is.

  • Cheryl

    No fair. I asked you first. Just curious as to where such intense dislike originates. There surely has to be a reason for it. ??

  • >>>>>>>>>

    I’m a lurker. I rarely comment, but I read everything. I’ve gone to the sites and boards recommended by posters here. And I must say, the whole shebang is really very interesting; mainly the interaction between posters.

    There appears to be two ringleaders:

    Maclen, the “Negative” One, and
    Skewer Mistress (possibly Colleen), the “Positive” One.

    Maclen at least is honest: he/she only posts under one name.
    Skewer Mistress is dishonest in that he/she posts under many many different names. Nothing is more obvious than that, and nothing more funny than watching him/her talking to himself/herself.

    Maclen does have a following at his/her board, whereas
    Skewer Mistress is seemingly on his/her own; but pretending otherwise.

    Maclen at least takes an objective view in general, albeit of the overall negative side of things. That is his/her prerogative. I have never seen Maclen insult anyone and he/she is very clear about the posting rules at his/her site.
    Skewer Mistress is the King/Queen of insult, and his/her manner alone wins few empathisers or like-minded souls.

    Maclen has said that it is an unabashed hobby of his/hers, tracking the career trajectory of Urban and Kidman, and seems to derive pleasure from some of his/her predictions panning out. I do wonder, though, why he/she chose that couple in particular to track. I have found no hint. He calls his/her community ‘the Cynics’.

    Skewer Mistress has made it his/her hobby to track anyone online saying anything ‘negative’ about Urban and Kidman. All of these people he/she targets are clumped together in a group he/she calls ‘the Skeptics’.

    I personally prefer a place where people may say what they wish, (within the bounds of common decency), whether the comments or views be deemed positive or negative. It’s all in the minds of the beholders at the end of the day.

    Of all the people I have come across in this little Urban universe, I have to conclude that the most caustic of all has to be the person who calls him/herself ‘Hatti’. Just vile, I’m sorry to say.

  • skeptics are frauds

    @>>>>>>>>>: What a load of cr@p written by a skeptic pretending not to be a skeptic. Just like maclen calling herself a cynic when she’s Mary, a skeptic from way way back who created a new personality to try and fool everyone. 3 forums later and nothing’s changed. You can’t distance yourself from Cheyenne (currently posting as Hatti) and you can’t hide in plain sight on Jared to try to make your sickness look sane. The death wish for fans posted above is no less vile than when Cheyenne posted death wishes for Keith and Nicole.

  • maclen


    The obvious point of my reponse to your question was rather straightforward….and my obvious response is you should clearly know the reason why. Are there NO celebs that you find irritating or just take a disliking to? Have you NEVER posted a comment at JJ or anywhere else online about any other celeb where you’ve criticized them? I know EXACTLY why people may like or admire celebs…I have a few who are I am fans of. I just dont let that get in the way of the reality that they are not perfect…or that they are some kind of american “royalty” or “special”…and therefore above criticism.

  • maclen


    Yes, alot of interesting points to your comment. Yes, it’s pretty simple…I am the ying to the yang…the up to the down. Meaning I am not a fan of orb or kidman.. others in here are fans. Again pretty simple. I comment about that. What is not to understand?
    Another interesting point…seriously, does ANYONE take it as likely the thought that ANYONE commenting on this or any other online comment boards CAN know who the other commenters are? And what does that matter at all …and how many people really care? Yes, the attempt to “out” an online commenter…to “reveal” their real name or idenity…to try to post info online where they live…their address…where they work are all heinous attempt to “intimidate” commenters from ever posting again,

    Another good point is …I made a comment about the Idol show…and how the judges are not helping the show in the ratings. And as flattering it is to my ego…this JJ posting is about Idol and the judges…it is not about me. And anyone who thinks I am “posting” under several usernames here…simply needs to notice that over at the Cynics forum…which I created…yesterday there were 4 members who left comments If I WANTED to “pad” the number of active members posting…I would clearly be doing that…and there would be ALOT more comments from a wider amount of members.

  • Naughty Granny Freeze

    CDAN Blind: This married A list Academy Award winning actress is having an affair on the set of her new movie. Apparently she has a smile on her face most of the time too so this is exceptional. I just imagine if you touched her skin your finger would freeze.

  • http://yahoo JoBeth


    If you don’t mind, I’m going to answer the question you’ve asked Cheryl. There are quite a few celebrities who annoy me; however, I don’t feel it’s necessary to constantly stalk them. If I did, I’d hope someone would care enough to tell me to seek help. Let’s pretend I care about you – seek help. Which, BTW, you should have done when all this foolishness of hounding first Nicole, and then both Keith and Nicole, began.

  • nice try JoBeth

    Heads up maclen. JoBeth is talking out her @ss and is always on JJ, stalking and commenting on KUNK.

  • bahahahaha

    Sorry, the blog at has been removed.

  • maclen

    @nice try JoBeth:

    Well, part of the reason I decided to begin to comment over here was to simply try and “raise” the discourse from the simple name calling and shrill backbiting. Obviously, simple name calling is the last resort for a person out of rational options. I have ALOT of opinions and evaluations on why orb’s…and kidman’s…careers have gone south. Am i ALWAYS right or ALWAYS wrong…no, but then I freely and constantly admit that I’m simply evaluating the available information released and giving my own take on it. It takes discipline to stick to the subject of the posted article…and not get into childish name calling back and forths. So, a heads up to any commenters WANTING a serious debate or discussion…keep it serious and on point of the posted article…or simply talk to yourself and look ridiculous.

  • Macy

    Frankly, I’ve got better things to do with my time than get into lengthy debates with someone who spends hours and hours trying to convince people that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are talentless failures who have tricked the public into seeing them as kind, honest, philanthropic, loving, successful superstars.
    No one stays on top forever, but Keith and Nicole have careers that have lasted decades, and they are still pursuing their passions – music and acting, bringing pleasure to millions of people. They deserve admiration for all they’ve accomplished and for the way they conduct their lives, not the contempt and derision you heap on them daily. Your dislike for them has gone over the top and has become obsessive hatred. If you think your pastime is healthy and productive, you are very much mistaken. It’s appalling!

  • julie

    I don’t understand the hatred for Keith and Nicole. As far as Hollywood couples go they seem very down to earth and “normal”. Most people in Nasvhille that see them around have nothing but good things to say about them.

  • curious

    @julie: those sightings must be few and far between, considering Nicole spends virtually no time in Nashville.

  • maclen

    So, Idol returns this Wednesday…with it’s regular programming competition on that night. The Olympics are over…and so it will be a test of just HOW much the Olympics…and RERUNS of Big Bang Theory…harmed Idols viewership. They fell to a record series low of 9.1 million…but actually it may not be as “smooth” as sailing as fans may think…as The Voice returns tomorrow night. Although the shows are not broadcast the same nights…there is belief that The Voice takes viewer interest away from Idol. Clearly viewer interest in Idol fell alot the past two weeks. Just HOW much can they now get back?

  • Cheryl

    There are none that I dislike for no reason other than I dislike them. And no, I usually try to refrain from slamming people online, celebrity or noncelebrity. I do have my likes and dislikes, of course. Never been a huge fan of American Idol. Don’t know a lot about J Lo but she doesn’t annoy me. Harry, I’ve been to see several times in concert. He’s very talented and does a terrific show. Keith is my favorite. Extremely talented and one of the best entertainers I’ve ever seen onstage. I don’t claim that he’s a perfect human but I love him, flaws and all, as much as you probably don’t. If he is your particular dislike, for whatever reason, then I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

  • maclen


    You make some very good points here. And yes, we will agree to disagree on this topic. That was my simple point, you are a fan of urban…I am not. The “passing judgement” on my opinions by some rather shrill commenters here is what will make for very shrill and unseemly comments that I will simply ignore. My criticism is of a public person…as I’ve said before …who “choses” to make their life public…even personal and private information of their lives…FOR personal gain and adulation. So, what I’m saying is…his fans CAN hail him…but I can’t criticize him? I simply disagree with that.

  • Oscar

    The more Maclen writes the more I am convinced this evil person is 1urbanfan27. Same crazy person. One proclaims love. The other spreads false evil.

  • Jen

    @Oscar: are you completely mad. 1urbanfan27 always sticks up for Urban. She doesn’t mention Kidman. She is not the enemy.

  • @Oscar

    That’s a chilling thought. But you may be onto something. I see it too.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    @ Maclean and your other 20 names also known as THE CRAZY ONE: I am beginning to think you are a Tom Cruise fan and a Scientologist. If there is a story about Toms exes Katie and Nicole on JJ these are the only two that has all of these ugly remarks. Do you get paid for putting them down, no one believes any of your garbage anyway.

  • Oh dear

    Dear Joni, please refrain from drinking alcohol before posting.

  • maclen

    So, Idol ratings and viewers last night…coming back since the Olympics ended…2.6 rating in 18-49 advertiser “coveted” demo and 10.6 million viewers. The key ads demo rating EQUAL to last thurdays final rating with no gain whatsoever…and with only a 1.3 million gain in viewers. All which of course will be completely erased tonight as the Bang Theory’s new episode will demolish Idol. Anyone STILL have hope that this show can recover ALL those lost viewers?

  • maclen

    Oh yes, all these stats posted at the cynics forum by the way…but here is another couple of stats. Last seasons “god awful” season average viewers was 14.5 million after 14 episodes. This seasons “terrific” season averaging only 11.5 million viewers after 14 shows. People actually PREFER minaj/carey to orb/Jlo…evidently. Or and JLo will become the “losest season rated” pair of judges EVER after this one ends.

  • maclen


    “American Idol” Ratings Hit New Series Low
    Feb 28, 2014

    “So the Olympics were evidently not to blame.

    Fans hoping “American Idol” would rebound in the absence of NBC’s Winter Olympics competition did not get their wish this week.
    Wednesday’s performance show, which drew a 2.7 adults 18-49 rating with 10.8 million viewers, enjoyed only a slight uptick from the prior week’s telecast.
    Thursday’s results show, meanwhile, dipped to a series low 2.3 rating with 9.8 million viewers.”

    …not that all this was completely unpredictable…in fact I predictited it.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Come on THE CRAZY ONE with all of your other 20 names. If American Idol doesn’t make it ( I think it will)why are you so delighted that it has low ratings ??????

  • http://comcast Patricia

    What is it with this nut case that hates Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes ?? it makes you wonder doesn’t it ?????

  • http://comcast Joni

    JEALOUSY is a real sickness !! Most of these ugly remarks are made by the same sick person (using different names) known as THE CRAZY ONE.

  • Janet

    JHo is the most conceited, untalented person I can think of. She is not a great singer or dancer. And the way she constantly flirts with Keith Urban on American Idol is disgusting. Granted, marriage is not a value she holds, but Keith Urban is married with two daughters, to a beautiful, extremely talented person. If I were Nicole Kidman I would have him leave the show. I would not trust JHo and would expect her to try to break up Keith Urban’s marriage. Nicole rocks! I hope Keith is as nice as he seems and that he really is a family man. Keep your paws off of him JHo!

  • Janet

    I believe JLo is the most conceited untalented person on the planet. She cannot sing. She cannot dance. I am not sure about what she can do except flaunt a lot of various hair styles and costume changes. She needs to stop obviously flirting with Keith Urban on American Idol. He is a married man with two lovely daughters and a talented, gorgeous, classy wife. If I were Nicole Kidman I would ask my husband to leave the show. JLo obviously would like to break up their marriage. Nicole rocks! I hope that their marriage is going well and is secure, despite JLo’s pathetic attempts to flirt for all of America to see.