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Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Name Newborn Son Bodhi Ransom!

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Name Newborn Son Bodhi Ransom!

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green welcomed a newborn baby boy on February 12, and now, according to the birth certificate, have learned that his name is Bodhi Ransom Green, TMZ reports.

The 27-year-old actress and 40-year-old actor are already parents to a 16-month-old baby boy named Noah. Brian also has a son Kassius from a previous relationship.

Funnily enough, Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber, who just welcomed their baby boy over the weekend, also chose the name Bodhi! What a coincidence!

Just Jared reported the news that Megan gave birth last week.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the name Bodhi Ransom???

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  • Ha

    Ouch. It must have hurt her feelings that Teresa Palmer revealed her son’s name to be Bohdi so she decided to reveal her son’s name too hmmm…… Is “Bohdi” a new trend now? All the hippy celebs are gonna name their kid that??? I prefer Bohdi Ransom though. It’s a tiny little bit more original than Bohdi Rain. Rain has been done, re-done and done again. So overdone….. Megan Fox is more interesting and more of a star than Palmer too though!


    Dude does look a lot like my next-door neighbor in the Discovery Channel’s recent Dangerous Catch series.

  • Jennay

    Their first boy Noah had such a beautiful name, how the hell did they come up with Bohdi????

  • Lauren

    @Ha: It doesn’t sound like she revealed the name. TMZ found the birth certificate and released it. I’m pretty sure if she didn’t reveal she gave birth, she probably doesn’t care if the name was released.

  • Truth

    I’m sure he won’t be teased.

  • Rose

    WTF? Why are god awful “baby names” a trend right now? Please stop! Why can’t there be more Charlie’s and less Bodhi’s?

  • Cate

    These dumb hippy names…

  • ForMe

    Kassius—> Noah—> Bodhi?

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  • Huh

    Jesus I hope that Emma Heming-Willis does not name her child a weird name like that! RANSOM??????????? WOW what is with these celebs and these odd names for the kids, poor child! :/

  • Brittany

    They have good taste. Pretty name.

  • dale

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  • mew

    please make a baby girl :D

  • kate888

    Bodhi a nice meaning but im little surprise his middle.
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  • NickyAngel

    She’s definitely loosing her looks

  • Rz

    Idiots. They look stupid. What do they know about enlightenment. WHY follow it with Ransom? Are they insinuating they are blackmailing someone for enlightenment? Wtf.

  • http://frenchkrysin Krystyn

    dammit Megan beat me to it but I plan to name my future son Danger Ransom hahaha

  • jack
  • Alyssa

    Dear Megan Fox,
    I may not have all the right words but I hope you get this message I pray you do.
    Life may seem hard,frustrating,stressful,but don’t let the evil of this world bring you down..I’m a pentacostal so I know and totally understand..The Lord is coming soon and we’ve got to be ready! Don’t let Hollywood deceive you. The Lord loves you he can offer a lot more than what anybody else can..please turn to God ..he will be there when your down and he will love you unconditionally…sis Megan fox you have the courage, you may think by turning and doing this will ruin your career but Jesus died on the cross for your sin. Don’t you think he’s worth it?
    He loves you … Give him a chance…
    I pray for your future and for a healing and anointing….
    But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you Mathew 6:33.
    That’s the Lord’s Prayer…let him be your guide to life! Love you sis.

  • http://yahoo Rebecca

    Short for Bodhisattva maybe? Whatever, their choice, and he is just adorable. Not every little boy needs to be named Robert or Craig or something equally common. He’s lovely.