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Alexander Skarsgard Shops After Hot Shirtless Pic Hits the Web!

Alexander Skarsgard Shops After Hot Shirtless Pic Hits the Web!

Alexander Skarsgard browses the selection at Whole Foods Market as he shops for groceries in the morning on Friday (February 21) in Hollywood.

The 37-year-old Swedish hottie carried his bags quickly out of the store and packed up his car.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

In case you missed it, check out Alexander‘s super hot shirtless pic from his trip to the South Pole late last year. Alexander can sure heat up the South Pole!!

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard buying groceries…

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alexander skarsgard starts his day off with grocery shopping 01
alexander skarsgard starts his day off with grocery shopping 02
alexander skarsgard starts his day off with grocery shopping 03
alexander skarsgard starts his day off with grocery shopping 04
alexander skarsgard starts his day off with grocery shopping 05
alexander skarsgard starts his day off with grocery shopping 06
alexander skarsgard starts his day off with grocery shopping 07
alexander skarsgard starts his day off with grocery shopping 08
alexander skarsgard starts his day off with grocery shopping 09
alexander skarsgard starts his day off with grocery shopping 10
alexander skarsgard starts his day off with grocery shopping 11
alexander skarsgard starts his day off with grocery shopping 12
alexander skarsgard starts his day off with grocery shopping 13

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  • Future Mrs S.

    He’s shopping for our romantic dinner date. I have the candles ready darling. Lol ;-)

  • Norst1981

    before I saw the draft 4 $5147 , I accept …that…my cousin could truly bringing home money part time from there new laptop. . there great aunt started doing this for only about fifteen months and just repaid the loans on there place and bourt a great Lotus Elan . why not find out more…….

  • Cari

    I’ll take whatever he is having as long as he’ll deliver it!

  • gerard

    I like nike shoes, anyone know the name of this model nike?

  • kelly

    this man makes shopping look sexy but why does he always wear black? hey Alex don’t forget dessert oh wait that would be you ill set the table darling ……..

  • sara

    Well I wouldn’t throw him out of bed for eating crackers in it! Looking good Mr. S. I like how he is low key. Wears the same watch all the time, rotates the same clothes and tries to keep his personal life personal. Unlike so many other stars that you know call the paps, brag constantly etc. Mr. Skarsgard is refreshing compared to them. And he seems genuine, intelligent and oh that body!

  • Nik

    He is def in a relationship or seeing someone the amount of shopping he is doing ? someone pointed out on another site he was looking at feminine products including condoms , he is is for a good night

  • Man shopping

    Is a great thing. My hubby does the shopping because I don’t bring home anything good in his mind. Like the pics but that has to be so annoying having pics of food shopping.

  • Nadja

    He’s from Scandinavia – we’re all in black ;)

  • Wow

    Hot! Too bad he is another guys boyfriend.

  • corina

    why is Alex looking at diapers and have cans of powdered formula in his shopping cart ?

  • M


    Or he just like to cook. :)

    And why he is looking at diapers and all that jazz is he saw he was being followed, and just did that little staring in baby products on purpose.

    Just sayin’ …

  • Lala

    The hottest man, even when he’s doing shopping

  • corina

    @M: I think you’re right

  • Tanter

    He could have his dad with wife and younger brothers staying over. He looks a bit clueless so I would guess he’s been told by someone what to buy/look for.

  • barbiegirl24

    that car isn’t his Porsche right? its just a detail

  • Cafélady

    What would the world be, without speculating about alex’ private life and how much and what stuff he is buying… ;)

  • Hilary

    OMG maybe Alex has gotten a women up the duff and he preparing 4 baby arrival buying dipers you just don’t know
    anything could happen , bet we will hear something very soon

  • Hmm

    Maybe his secret wife is pregnant. Or the diapers is for himself. LOL

  • Yi

    He’s probably practicing how to change diapers for when he and Margot R start making their blond armies. She’s gonna be the one to tie him down, for sure!

  • Hmm


    I must agree with you on that. She is EXACTLY his type. And I am bit surprised that she signed up for that Tarzan movie. One thing is to shoot a movie with Leonardo, another thing is to make a Tarzan movie with Skarsgard. Cant remember a Tarzan movie being a huge hit since the Weissmuller days.

  • marina

    I think if he has a girlfriend that she is a very different type then everyone thinks

  • meh

    Short and fat?

  • marina

    @meh: `no but not blond and not a skinny model or famous actress .

  • @marina

    @marina, CNN airs some show where they put actors to play idiotic people who annoy other people in public, so the public gets sensitive & start condemning them. One of the CNN 1st choices was to have someone call other people based on body-sizes, especially fat. Google it, so you’ll understand that I’m not making it up. Enough said in that topic, a friendly suggestion not to even respond to “that level” of brain/personality. I agree w/you that he may get a woman that will have a woman’s body (w/b&*bs), etc., but time will prove. What he will have is someone that he will put the love for her as a priority above the whole world (for the terror of snatch spiteful), someone that will give him sincere love (for the terror of liars), someone w/character (that will make the ones w/o it wonder why he’s so into her). I’m confident that one day there will be someone w/these qualities that he will consciously pursue. That goes from my opinion for him as a decent man.

  • meh


    Well, he will find someone. I am sure of it. But the rumours on that Tarzan set will go skyhigh. Margot Robbie has already according to gossip hooked up with Leonardo Di Caprio, Will Smith, and have also had a fling with Orlando Bloom. None of it turned out to be true. The same goes for Alex, who hooked up with Taylor Swift, and also with Katie Holmes. None of it was true. I guessing that we will see the same scenario, once the shooting on Tarzan starts.Lets see what happens. Either way, its gonna be a sizzling hot couple on the screen.

  • C

    Alex type of women is specially thin and mostly short.He even say it (do google) that his previous gf’s (before KB and also we saw with her) were very small.
    Most of them were of dark brown hair but he also dated KB.Be short is nothing bad so i am very shock of the question of “short and fat?” as if be short should be bad and if should be relate with be fat while there are plenty of short girls be thin and in some cases with beautiful bodies.

  • Margott bf type

    Margott robbie mentioned her type of man , her and Alex might do a one nighter

    Margot Robbie: ‘Joaquin Phoenix is my kinda guy’
    BY: WENN.COM JAN 13, 2014 | 2:54PM EST

    Australian actress Margot Robbie is on the hunt for a Joaquin Phoenix-type with a hair lip after realising he’s her ideal man at the Golden Globes rehearsals. The Wolf of Wall Street star reveals she’s too busy for romance – but if she was looking for a man, he’d look just like the Her star. She tells news show Extra, “I kind of like pony tails, beards, maybe a tattoo. My massive obsession – I’m really targeting a niche market here – a hair lip. “We were at rehearsals for the Globes and they put everyone’s cardboard cut-outs on their seats. His was there and I walked past it and was like, ‘Oh, hey Joaquin’, and sat down, put my arm around him, gave him a little kiss.”

  • Alex is not her type

    @Margott bf type:
    For what you wrote,Alex is not her type of man.Alex do not use pony tails and Joaquin Phoenix is very different from Alex.

  • Trying

    Margott seems to be trying very hard.

  • Alex is not her type

    Alex is very Swedish/Scandinavian/Germanic look ….on the other hand Joaquin Phoenix have a Italian/Mediterranean/Latin look.
    I think what Margott is going after,is not found in Alex.

  • meh

    @Alex is not her type:

    That may be so. But there is one swede that turns her on, and that is Henrik Lundqvist, the goalie in New York Rangers. She is big NYR fan.
    And I dont think she likes him just for his hockeytalent. Lundqvist is the typical nordic good looking germanic guy. So its probably not just poneytail guys with a italian look that she goes for.

  • @meh

    @ meh. You seem to know a lot for M. Robbie, especially gossip related to personal life or her preferences. I assume you can be a fan. Re: sizzling Tarzan couple, let’s hope the movie is worth watching and their performance is worth enjoying, as history has proved that despite the promotion of sexual looks, the ratings still goes to movies w/a good theme & good actors. No doubt the two of them are good actors. Re: gossip that will swirl around them, from common sense, they may find real love & passion with each other, I won’t exclude it. They would be a nice couple. Otherwise, if the two of them are paired with others by that time, and the gossip turns damaging to the respective relationships, that would be a scenario no one would want to see.

  • meh


    And this thread was about Alex going shopping. LOL

  • @meh

    @ meh: well dear talking about M. Robbie’s man-hunt or her sport passion is kind of further away from anything Alex-related, isn’t it? Not necessary to pick. Not worth. Frankly all gossip here evolves w/private lives of hot guys. Try Leo DeCaprio, his fans know even when his girlfriend drinks a cup of water. It giggles me at times, read it when I want to laugh. Let’s not antagonize. No harm, no fault. One word leads to another, simple it is. Have a great evening.

  • Alex is not her type

    Who knows,i do like sports and not all the times for the guys and i can tell you about very talent guys that for me are not my type but they are good in what they do.

  • Alex is not her type

    Oh,sorry for the second post.Just did google to Henrik Lundqvist and he is indeed Swedish but he looks is more Italian than Nordic/Germanic and he remind me a a Portuguese football player name Luis Figo whom played once in Real Madrid also without say he have the looks of Alex co-star Joe Manganiello.

  • SWabi

    Hunka hunka of burning love!

  • FanGirls4Hire

    So, Ladybug has decided to bugger off since she got caught out being a ‘ paid for hire fangirl .
    though i haven’t been to any of the KB or charlize comments section to see ladybugs (endless) writings .
    oh well hopefully the ‘Buglady’ bit the dust !!!!!

  • FanGirls4Hire

    there are some heavy rumours around saying he has a child .pictures of that child often appears on his ‘secret’ girlfrinds instagram pages not sure which one is his since she’s taken pics with a few kids there.

  • FanGirls4Hire

    @@marina: .
    “not to even respond to “that level” of brain/personality.” hmmmmm marina i almost agreed with your assessment that such thinking was prejudiced untill you followed your comments up with ….” he may get a woman that will have a woman’s body (w/b&*bs), etc.,” which means you dont regard women who are slim or who dont have huge boobs as women at all …your thinking is even more messed up than those who criticise fat people .
    if you dont want to spend your life being called fatty or other cruel comments you must also give the same respect to those females you regard as ‘sub-female’.
    goodbye and have a nice life.

  • trolling trolls


    Some of you people are beyond pathetic, delusional and I see you will be the new delusional stan for 2014 it gets worst every year there is normal more than one but there is always a shining crazy star this year will be no different. What happens to you crazy people when your bubble burst and your world you created collide do they final take you in? One can only hope.

    Coming to an Askars thread more than lowers your IQ. To know people are this stupid makes worry more than ever. But since it so easy to create multiple names on JJ this delusion already started with secret GF just like secret wife and marriage. There is always a secret because you know like you don’t follow every trail you can of Askars even his family/friends and their friends. How do you people get like this to the point where you’re even going ahead with his future costar what you are doing is not gossip that’s incorporating yourselves into someone’s else life as your own you have to wait for something to happen for it to be gossip.

    PS I did laugh my a.S off when Ellen came out (no surprised) not at Ellen but the crazy desperate person who in her mind had taken on a new meaning to Final Fantasy.

  • trolling trolls


    Hey cray 2014 that’s your new name Ladybug doesn’t work with Askars I have read her comments there is no way she is involved with him but of course this means nothing to you since you are delusional of course you will shrug this off like your 2013 predecessor but that’s ok.

    I know you are crazy because you think LB is there to take down KB come on how much more take down does KB needs? She pretty much rock bottom. KB is basically using her marriage as a come back god knows for what she is really good at nothing she always come short. The marriage she is using which no one cares about just like just like Paula and Robin no was buying their we so in love schtick look how that turned out for them. So take it easy. LB is just a stan who for whatever reason still find the ex some what who the hell knows. Her name alone bores me.

    Enjoy this world you have created because it will crumble and I will laugh at you as a matter of fact this whole thread it a fantasy enjoy it stans nothing will come from it its not called a dream delusion for nothing. LOL at all you cray obsessed women.

  • ?

    heres a pic of Alexs secret girlfriend with 4 of their secret biological children

  • trolling trolls


    As I said people change their names here so easily and talk to themselves alot like you are doing now. I like me but I would rather talk to an actual people that will talk back, I am not here for your crazy sh*t so don’t even try wasting your time, there is a crazy stan who has been shipping her and Alex for a while now I am sure its 41 who has just change her name they can be so creatively crazy. Its no secret that they are friends that who by the looks of it were FWB last year sure but secret GF doubt that. Askars as been looking obviously Single for a while now maybe there is someone he is interested in but haven’t committed to that person yet who knows with him he seems weird like that. But I really don’t think he would actually have a GF/wife or child and be this douchey like that if so he needs to find Paula and ask her for Robin number because they are douche mates.

    Now I leave to the world you have created for yourself.

    But as I said this is it how it starts out and it gets worst and for me amusing

  • ?

    @trolling trolls: that went over your head then? oh well!

  • trolling trolls


    No it actually went over your head. I got the obvious joke I was just using it to make a point. but as you said Oh well!

  • @fangirlsforhire

    I truly apologize if my comments was rude. I did not mean at all. I would never, ever discuss someone’s looks, I apologize to you and everyone here. I personally have gone through many body changes in my life, but I always joke w/my friends, telling them, “Hey, I’m the same f%&*ing person.” I don’t mean to insult any person. I planned to no longer comment to this threat, but please accept my apology. I wish I could have my comment edited & removed.

  • NoThisOne
  • @NoThisOne:

    Nope! He’s single.