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Could Leonardo DiCaprio Take Home the Best Actor Oscar?

Could Leonardo DiCaprio Take Home the Best Actor Oscar?
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  • Paul

    He is a much better actor than that no range Matthew that’s for sure. Leo’s body of work is amazing not only in Wolf but everything else he did. Matt is only being nominated because he altered his appearance and the movie Dallas is about homosexuality. The gay community is in control of the Oscar nominations now.

  • PR

    you can stop the pr campaign now leo theres no hope

  • For Leo

    Will Happen When It’s Gonna Happen. ;)

  • Jane

    It would be glorious, to be honest. McConaughey has been campaigning for a year now.

  • what

    Chiwetel should win hands down- best performance of the year BY FAR. If they are going to give Oscars for resumes, Chiwetel still wins for having a far more diverse filmography and tons of highly lauded stage work. If it for being “overlooked” and old, give it to Bruce Dern. Besides, at this point, Matthew M has a meatier set of performances under his belt than Leo, which would make it even more awful if whiny, award grubbing Leo won.

  • HAHA12

    Its fantastic how much passion Leo’s performance has, but honestly he’s not gonna win. Neither is Chiwetel, Matthew campaigned hard and played his cards perfectly this season. Being a family man, charming wife by his side at every event, using his career rejuvenation to his benefit, talking about how he had to take money jobs because no one wanted to hire him, etc. And I have to also say that his great work in True Detective also helps him. All I know is the Leo memes and jokes are going to be so terrible and annoying when he loses, I may just avoid the internet the whole night bleh. Still happy Leo got recognized after being ignored for 7 years, especially bc I was so afraid he’d be snubbed again. Since BFF’s Jonah and Bradley will be there I bet Leo will be even more smiley than usual. Hope he has fun!

  • Lilly

    I hope he does. Even though Mathew is the favourite xx xx

  • anon

    I have loved Leo DiCaprio in movies, but I think he still has a good shot at winning an Oscar in the future. He’s a major, major star. He is a playbody and women love him. On the other hand, this could be Matthew’s last chance. Also, although I love Leonardo’s work, he still comes across as sleazy and wild. I think many of those people in Hollywood admire McConaughey as a person, not just his work. I think it matters.

  • Ok

    Mathew has been campaigning hard. Chiwetel is most likely after that, the probably Leo. It would be great if he did, but Mathew has been playing (as haha12 said) his cards right.
    I wonder how this thread will turn out… Let’s not waste time arguing abut the past or you know who.

  • HAHA12

    This isn’t Matthew’s last chance. He is now getting offered tons of great roles from acclaimed directors like Christopher Nolan, Gus Van Sant, etc and I wouldn’t be shocked if he wins an Emmy next for True Detective too. He’s here to stay.

  • quick correction

    @anon: its not women but girls who love him. women can appreciate that he works hard but they get turned off by his sleaziness.

  • HAHA12

    Leo’s time will come, just not this year. What helps him is that he’ll be at 5 nominations, 0 wins. So the next time he’s in contention he can really work the overdue factor like Kate Winslet did.

  • anon

    @what: What I think hurts Chiwetel is that although we’ve seen his great acting time and again, he’s almost like a ghost. Who is he? For the longest time, I knew his face, but I couldn’t place his name. He has not networked very well with the people in film land. I’ve never seen him on talk shows or anywhere.

  • Sad

    Is going to be extremely sad for him be sitting in the front row watching the most mediocre actors Mathew and Brad pick up a award before him.

  • lolo

    As much as i love Leo, he shouldn’t get one this year. Matthew was just better in Dallas Buyers Club. I don’t care who’s been campaigning harder.

  • poor toni

    @Sad: toni will be there beside him to rub his back and make him feel better :)

  • @Love is real

    @poor toni: We are sure that he prefer that to an award.

  • get over the rom coms

    @Sad: matthew isn’t mediocre. george clooney and brad pitt are examples of mediocre/bad actors.

  • DEADLINE????

    @poor toni: @@Love is real: OMG Grow up!!!!

  • @Paul

    This is not based on body of work. Academy Awards are based on one performance not the range of an actor.

  • anon

    @lolo: One of my male relatives came back from seeing both movies (Dallas Buyers & 12 Years) and he was emotionally spent! He said those were the 2 very best movies he saw all year. He’s not gay and he’s not any kind of movie critic. It’s also hard for him to show his feelings and emote. But those movies “did it” for him.

  • HAHA12

    Brad Pitt is a good actor too. Its just his best performances tend to be in lesser known films directed by auteurs like The Tree Of Life and his celebrity overshadows his career, which is why lots of people don’t give him credit. Plus he produces amazing films and is one of the few movie stars out there who take risks and aren’t lazy, unlike say Johnny Depp.

  • he-he

    @get over the rom coms: Brad Pitt definitely is NOT a very good actor, but he can pull off certain roles (Fight Club) really well. His acting in the “Inglorious B…” was atrocious!

  • HAHA12

    He’s not well suited in leading man roles, he’s more of a character actor I think. Like in World War Z where the movie just relies on his presence he can be quite bland. But he was really good in Moneyball.

  • imo

    @HAHA12: Pitt should stick to producing, although his face and body still looks pretty on film.

  • he-he

    @HAHA12: Yea, Moneyball was the other film I was thinking of. I haven’t seen it, but I heard he was good in it.

  • Drats

    Dang; he looks 55, not 39. And no, he aint gonna win the Oscar. Can’t act.

  • Drats


    Um,no. Mr. Leo is the same in every, every role and he is not emotionally accessible.

    Plus all that boozing and smoking has aged him very badly.

  • Drats

    @Sad: Mediocre? Um, no. Take off your fan’s glasses and get real.

  • Yes!

    @HAHA12: SAY THAT!!! Johnny Depp has been so incredibly lazy. He escaped to France and all he wanted to do was kiddie films with his favorite Tim Burton and Burton’s old lady. Depp really just threw years and years into the toilet. He did not appreciate how good he had it. He could have really grown as an actor, and now he’s getting old. He will be lucky to get really great opportunities again.

  • HAHA12

    You should watch that, Tree Of Life, Burn After Reading, and The Assassination of Jesse James if you get a chance. I think those are his best performances, and I agree with you about him being good in Fight Club. And oh so hot.

  • HAHA12

    Yes he was so much better in the 90s and the opposite of everything he is now. When he was younger he always tried to act like he was above Hollywood and would always be in the indie crowd but look at him now. He’s iconic and good in the Pirates movies, but has gotten lazy ever since and basically uses the same mannerisms and traits in all of his other performances. Its a shame because I love so many of his 90s movies and performances but compare him to someone like Brad Pitt, who improved with his age and still takes risks and chances at age 50. Brad easily wins.

  • Gwen

    It doesn’t matter how many great roles is getting now he is still a sub-par actor compared to Leo.

  • Win

    At least Leo still have his talent, millions and models.

  • Ok

    @HAHA12: Hi just wrote a long few paragraphs but it did not post. I basically said about a woman on graham norton show having 4 nods and no wins so it’s not uncommon. Having five nods and no wins will get the academy some negativity. I do think he will g one later in life for a performance which is great, but not his best. I mean Brad Pitt, Tom Cruze and Jonny Depo have not got one- have they?

  • HAHA12

    I don’t think Tom Cruise will ever win an Oscar, like Depp he has gotten lazy and he really has declined in the public’s eye. Depp could probably win if he stops being lazy. If 12YAS wins Best Picture, then Brad will get a producing Oscar. Leo will probably win when he’s older.

    Just like Leo, Amy Adams now has five nominations and has never won before. Kate Winslet didn’t win until her 6th nomination, so its not uncommon.

  • No for Leo

    Stop deflecting- Leo’s weak acting & resume won’t be bettered by attacking Pitt, Clooney, Depp or even romcom king Matthew- all of whom have proven themselves to be more talented than award hungry Leo. The only advantage that Leo has is that he has bigger PR than the rest of them- and, of course, that he is white. Yes, the dude who actually gave the best performance of the year isn’t even thought of as competition- very lucky for Leo & Matt & their PR.

  • why???

    Funny how a story about LEO becomes let’s trash Brad Pitt.

    Brad’s filmography is awesome. So trash all you want. There is a reason this man is still in the game 25 years and running.

  • @#38

    I don’t disagree with you(love Brad) but I could say the same for the very people trashing Leo in this post. It’s been twenty years since Gilbert Grape and he is still making great movies and giving acclaimed performances. That has to get some people pissed off.

  • get over the rom coms

    @why???: and the reason is that he is male and white. i promise you if he were female or “not white” he would not have his kind power in the sh*tty world of hollywood.

  • ….

    @No for Leo: Leo doesn’t have a weak resume and none of the actors you have named are more talented than Leo! He could have easily taken the money route MM and Depp did, but he chose to challenge himself instead! Pitt isn’t an outstanding actor, but I give him credit for trying to make movies with substance

  • Psychic

    Leo will end up as pathetic as Johnny Depp in terms of “love” life

  • Purple Tree

    Johnny had great potential, going to France did not do his care good. Unless he wanted to shift the way it was going, or he needed to get away and be grounded- which is common in Hollywood. I doubt Leo will win, Mathew has been playing the family and no one wanted to hire me, and I had tough times cards. He was very good in his role, but Leo is so overdue. Having said that no matter how overdue it is, Mathew played a struggling character and he hash t.v series which is going well, and Leo played Jordan Belford- need I go on. I know their private life’s shouldn’t play into account but it does in a little way, that’s why most stay away from trouble and out on their best face. Mathew talks a lot about his family life, and shares cite story’s VS a known modliser saying he wants to get married when the time is right, and he’s good for now. It doesn’t look good. But I think Mathew will get it. Never know, could be an upset of some kind.

  • get over the rom coms

    @….: yeah pitt has good taste in movies but it becomes tragic when he ruins the movies by starring in them. he should stick to producing.

  • ….

    @get over the rom coms: LOL…. I agree!!

  • ….

    @Psychic: Please say it ain’t so!!!!!!!

  • Psychic

    WOWS will win best picture but still lose best actor.

  • Psychic

    @Psychic: And Leo will have left the ceremony by then so he won’t be able to pick up his producer Oscar. They’ll just melt it and recycle it for next year.

  • Ok

    @HAHA12: Tom does the same kind of movies, he’s not very diverse. Even though he has a house hold name, I agree he won’t be getting an Oscar. Johnny has been doing more comedy’s, but he seems to be another one with a house hold name that will fill seats, but won’t get an Oscar. Brad I’ve seen in great movies, but he seems to be decreasing as an main actor in the mid- late 00′s. He seems more suited to a supporting actor, a lot of good actors are slipping into this. Leo is an underrated actor, people say he’s a big star because of his looks, and for that reason I think he try’s more trouble roles or that kind, rather than an indie, I mean I can’t see him in a movie like ‘Her’ anytime soon. He said he liked acting because he was Grady at impersonating people, which is why I think he likes playing real life characters. I don’t get why he has been criticised on here for that- a lot of good actors can’t pull of real people.

  • Ok

    Grady= great. My phone likes to change my words :/