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Could Leonardo DiCaprio Take Home the Best Actor Oscar?

Could Leonardo DiCaprio Take Home the Best Actor Oscar?
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1,865 Responses to “Could Leonardo DiCaprio Take Home the Best Actor Oscar?”

  1. 1
    Paul Says:

    He is a much better actor than that no range Matthew that’s for sure. Leo’s body of work is amazing not only in Wolf but everything else he did. Matt is only being nominated because he altered his appearance and the movie Dallas is about homosexuality. The gay community is in control of the Oscar nominations now.

  2. 2
    PR Says:

    you can stop the pr campaign now leo theres no hope

  3. 3
    For Leo Says:

    Will Happen When It’s Gonna Happen. ;)

  4. 4
    Jane Says:

    It would be glorious, to be honest. McConaughey has been campaigning for a year now.

  5. 5
    what Says:

    Chiwetel should win hands down- best performance of the year BY FAR. If they are going to give Oscars for resumes, Chiwetel still wins for having a far more diverse filmography and tons of highly lauded stage work. If it for being “overlooked” and old, give it to Bruce Dern. Besides, at this point, Matthew M has a meatier set of performances under his belt than Leo, which would make it even more awful if whiny, award grubbing Leo won.

  6. 6
    HAHA12 Says:

    Its fantastic how much passion Leo’s performance has, but honestly he’s not gonna win. Neither is Chiwetel, Matthew campaigned hard and played his cards perfectly this season. Being a family man, charming wife by his side at every event, using his career rejuvenation to his benefit, talking about how he had to take money jobs because no one wanted to hire him, etc. And I have to also say that his great work in True Detective also helps him. All I know is the Leo memes and jokes are going to be so terrible and annoying when he loses, I may just avoid the internet the whole night bleh. Still happy Leo got recognized after being ignored for 7 years, especially bc I was so afraid he’d be snubbed again. Since BFF’s Jonah and Bradley will be there I bet Leo will be even more smiley than usual. Hope he has fun!

  7. 7
    Lilly Says:

    I hope he does. Even though Mathew is the favourite xx xx

  8. 8
    anon Says:

    I have loved Leo DiCaprio in movies, but I think he still has a good shot at winning an Oscar in the future. He’s a major, major star. He is a playbody and women love him. On the other hand, this could be Matthew’s last chance. Also, although I love Leonardo’s work, he still comes across as sleazy and wild. I think many of those people in Hollywood admire McConaughey as a person, not just his work. I think it matters.

  9. 9
    Ok Says:

    Mathew has been campaigning hard. Chiwetel is most likely after that, the probably Leo. It would be great if he did, but Mathew has been playing (as haha12 said) his cards right.
    I wonder how this thread will turn out… Let’s not waste time arguing abut the past or you know who.

  10. 10
    HAHA12 Says:

    This isn’t Matthew’s last chance. He is now getting offered tons of great roles from acclaimed directors like Christopher Nolan, Gus Van Sant, etc and I wouldn’t be shocked if he wins an Emmy next for True Detective too. He’s here to stay.

  11. 11
    quick correction Says:

    @anon: its not women but girls who love him. women can appreciate that he works hard but they get turned off by his sleaziness.

  12. 12
    HAHA12 Says:

    Leo’s time will come, just not this year. What helps him is that he’ll be at 5 nominations, 0 wins. So the next time he’s in contention he can really work the overdue factor like Kate Winslet did.

  13. 13
    anon Says:

    @what: What I think hurts Chiwetel is that although we’ve seen his great acting time and again, he’s almost like a ghost. Who is he? For the longest time, I knew his face, but I couldn’t place his name. He has not networked very well with the people in film land. I’ve never seen him on talk shows or anywhere.

  14. 14
    Sad Says:

    Is going to be extremely sad for him be sitting in the front row watching the most mediocre actors Mathew and Brad pick up a award before him.

  15. 15
    lolo Says:

    As much as i love Leo, he shouldn’t get one this year. Matthew was just better in Dallas Buyers Club. I don’t care who’s been campaigning harder.

  16. 16
    poor toni Says:

    @Sad: toni will be there beside him to rub his back and make him feel better :)

  17. 17
    @Love is real Says:

    @poor toni: We are sure that he prefer that to an award.

  18. 18
    get over the rom coms Says:

    @Sad: matthew isn’t mediocre. george clooney and brad pitt are examples of mediocre/bad actors.

  19. 19
    DEADLINE???? Says:

    @poor toni: @@Love is real: OMG Grow up!!!!

  20. 20
    @Paul Says:

    This is not based on body of work. Academy Awards are based on one performance not the range of an actor.

  21. 21
    anon Says:

    @lolo: One of my male relatives came back from seeing both movies (Dallas Buyers & 12 Years) and he was emotionally spent! He said those were the 2 very best movies he saw all year. He’s not gay and he’s not any kind of movie critic. It’s also hard for him to show his feelings and emote. But those movies “did it” for him.

  22. 22
    HAHA12 Says:

    Brad Pitt is a good actor too. Its just his best performances tend to be in lesser known films directed by auteurs like The Tree Of Life and his celebrity overshadows his career, which is why lots of people don’t give him credit. Plus he produces amazing films and is one of the few movie stars out there who take risks and aren’t lazy, unlike say Johnny Depp.

  23. 23
    he-he Says:

    @get over the rom coms: Brad Pitt definitely is NOT a very good actor, but he can pull off certain roles (Fight Club) really well. His acting in the “Inglorious B…” was atrocious!

  24. 24
    HAHA12 Says:

    He’s not well suited in leading man roles, he’s more of a character actor I think. Like in World War Z where the movie just relies on his presence he can be quite bland. But he was really good in Moneyball.

  25. 25
    imo Says:

    @HAHA12: Pitt should stick to producing, although his face and body still looks pretty on film.

  26. 26
    he-he Says:

    @HAHA12: Yea, Moneyball was the other film I was thinking of. I haven’t seen it, but I heard he was good in it.

  27. 27
    Drats Says:

    Dang; he looks 55, not 39. And no, he aint gonna win the Oscar. Can’t act.

  28. 28
    Drats Says:


    Um,no. Mr. Leo is the same in every, every role and he is not emotionally accessible.

    Plus all that boozing and smoking has aged him very badly.

  29. 29
    Drats Says:

    @Sad: Mediocre? Um, no. Take off your fan’s glasses and get real.

  30. 30
    Yes! Says:

    @HAHA12: SAY THAT!!! Johnny Depp has been so incredibly lazy. He escaped to France and all he wanted to do was kiddie films with his favorite Tim Burton and Burton’s old lady. Depp really just threw years and years into the toilet. He did not appreciate how good he had it. He could have really grown as an actor, and now he’s getting old. He will be lucky to get really great opportunities again.

  31. 31
    HAHA12 Says:

    You should watch that, Tree Of Life, Burn After Reading, and The Assassination of Jesse James if you get a chance. I think those are his best performances, and I agree with you about him being good in Fight Club. And oh so hot.

  32. 32
    HAHA12 Says:

    Yes he was so much better in the 90s and the opposite of everything he is now. When he was younger he always tried to act like he was above Hollywood and would always be in the indie crowd but look at him now. He’s iconic and good in the Pirates movies, but has gotten lazy ever since and basically uses the same mannerisms and traits in all of his other performances. Its a shame because I love so many of his 90s movies and performances but compare him to someone like Brad Pitt, who improved with his age and still takes risks and chances at age 50. Brad easily wins.

  33. 33
    Gwen Says:

    It doesn’t matter how many great roles is getting now he is still a sub-par actor compared to Leo.

  34. 34
    Win Says:

    At least Leo still have his talent, millions and models.

  35. 35
    Ok Says:

    @HAHA12: Hi just wrote a long few paragraphs but it did not post. I basically said about a woman on graham norton show having 4 nods and no wins so it’s not uncommon. Having five nods and no wins will get the academy some negativity. I do think he will g one later in life for a performance which is great, but not his best. I mean Brad Pitt, Tom Cruze and Jonny Depo have not got one- have they?

  36. 36
    HAHA12 Says:

    I don’t think Tom Cruise will ever win an Oscar, like Depp he has gotten lazy and he really has declined in the public’s eye. Depp could probably win if he stops being lazy. If 12YAS wins Best Picture, then Brad will get a producing Oscar. Leo will probably win when he’s older.

    Just like Leo, Amy Adams now has five nominations and has never won before. Kate Winslet didn’t win until her 6th nomination, so its not uncommon.

  37. 37
    No for Leo Says:

    Stop deflecting- Leo’s weak acting & resume won’t be bettered by attacking Pitt, Clooney, Depp or even romcom king Matthew- all of whom have proven themselves to be more talented than award hungry Leo. The only advantage that Leo has is that he has bigger PR than the rest of them- and, of course, that he is white. Yes, the dude who actually gave the best performance of the year isn’t even thought of as competition- very lucky for Leo & Matt & their PR.

  38. 38
    why??? Says:

    Funny how a story about LEO becomes let’s trash Brad Pitt.

    Brad’s filmography is awesome. So trash all you want. There is a reason this man is still in the game 25 years and running.

  39. 39
    @#38 Says:

    I don’t disagree with you(love Brad) but I could say the same for the very people trashing Leo in this post. It’s been twenty years since Gilbert Grape and he is still making great movies and giving acclaimed performances. That has to get some people pissed off.

  40. 40
    get over the rom coms Says:

    @why???: and the reason is that he is male and white. i promise you if he were female or “not white” he would not have his kind power in the sh*tty world of hollywood.

  41. 41
    .... Says:

    @No for Leo: Leo doesn’t have a weak resume and none of the actors you have named are more talented than Leo! He could have easily taken the money route MM and Depp did, but he chose to challenge himself instead! Pitt isn’t an outstanding actor, but I give him credit for trying to make movies with substance

  42. 42
    Psychic Says:

    Leo will end up as pathetic as Johnny Depp in terms of “love” life

  43. 43
    Purple Tree Says:

    Johnny had great potential, going to France did not do his care good. Unless he wanted to shift the way it was going, or he needed to get away and be grounded- which is common in Hollywood. I doubt Leo will win, Mathew has been playing the family and no one wanted to hire me, and I had tough times cards. He was very good in his role, but Leo is so overdue. Having said that no matter how overdue it is, Mathew played a struggling character and he hash t.v series which is going well, and Leo played Jordan Belford- need I go on. I know their private life’s shouldn’t play into account but it does in a little way, that’s why most stay away from trouble and out on their best face. Mathew talks a lot about his family life, and shares cite story’s VS a known modliser saying he wants to get married when the time is right, and he’s good for now. It doesn’t look good. But I think Mathew will get it. Never know, could be an upset of some kind.

  44. 44
    get over the rom coms Says:

    @….: yeah pitt has good taste in movies but it becomes tragic when he ruins the movies by starring in them. he should stick to producing.

  45. 45
    .... Says:

    @get over the rom coms: LOL…. I agree!!

  46. 46
    .... Says:

    @Psychic: Please say it ain’t so!!!!!!!

  47. 47
    Psychic Says:

    WOWS will win best picture but still lose best actor.

  48. 48
    Psychic Says:

    @Psychic: And Leo will have left the ceremony by then so he won’t be able to pick up his producer Oscar. They’ll just melt it and recycle it for next year.

  49. 49
    Ok Says:

    @HAHA12: Tom does the same kind of movies, he’s not very diverse. Even though he has a house hold name, I agree he won’t be getting an Oscar. Johnny has been doing more comedy’s, but he seems to be another one with a house hold name that will fill seats, but won’t get an Oscar. Brad I’ve seen in great movies, but he seems to be decreasing as an main actor in the mid- late 00′s. He seems more suited to a supporting actor, a lot of good actors are slipping into this. Leo is an underrated actor, people say he’s a big star because of his looks, and for that reason I think he try’s more trouble roles or that kind, rather than an indie, I mean I can’t see him in a movie like ‘Her’ anytime soon. He said he liked acting because he was Grady at impersonating people, which is why I think he likes playing real life characters. I don’t get why he has been criticised on here for that- a lot of good actors can’t pull of real people.

  50. 50
    Ok Says:

    Grady= great. My phone likes to change my words :/

  51. 51
    Teacup Says:

    @Ok: Sometimes IPhone scan suck

  52. 52
    Ok Says:

    @Teacup: How do you know I have an iPhone?

  53. 53
    Teacup Says:

    @Ok: It was just a guess. Guess it payed off then. Lol

  54. 54
    Drats Says:

    @HAHA12: Agreed. Also he looks younger than Dicaprio, the chain smoker and boozer and who cavorts with 20 year old models. I admire Pitt for becoming a family man while Dicaprio, who is an emotionally close off “actor” – if you can call him that- has not shown the maturity to settle down. And he will be 40 this year.

  55. 55
    I admire Matthew Says:

    The former bongo man is all calmed down and almost spiritual. I like Leo’s movies, but I don’t admire his lifestyle. It SUX! Like some have said, he’s probably ruined himself by letting so many women in and out of his bed/body, and he’ll marry when he has one foot in the grave — if ever.

  56. 56
    Drats Says:

    @@#38: Um, no. Christian Bale- a FAMILY man- is making much better and more solid movies. And he’s a much more emotionally accessible actor.

  57. 57
    Drats Says:

    @Psychic: Not a chance in HELL it will win best picture. The contest is between Gravity, 12 Years a Slave and American Hustle.

  58. 58
    Yup Says:

    @I admire Matthew: I agree completely and I love the observation that he’s become “almost spiritual” ahahahaha

  59. 59
    .... Says:

    @I admire Matthew: So do you see the performance when you watch the movie, or are you thinking about the actor and their personal lives?

  60. 60
    misery chick Says:


    Tom Cruise CAN’T act, sorry! He should have won for ‘Born On The Fourth of July’ when director Oliver Stone was on his azz every second during filming, so he couldn’t fall back on his usual tics. Now TC holds all of the power when doing a movie, and very few, if any, directors would be allowed to truly DIRECT that crazy egomaniac.

    RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman, sweet & gentle prince.

  61. 61
    HAHA12 Says:

    Wait so now we are judging their acting and careers by their personal lives? That’s where I don’t agree with, and frankly that’s just stupid. But no surprise here, since some here obsess so much over Leo’s life and girlfriends and use that against him for everything.

  62. 62
    Pizza Says:

    Leo is just too anxious and paranoid about everything. His overthinking has helped him to build a flawless resume by being careful about work choices but overthinking doesn’t help all decisions. It has made him restrained to the point that he cannot open himself up to give or receive love.

  63. 63
    .... Says:

    @HAHA12: Lol… That’s what I’m trying to understand.

  64. 64
    HAHA12 Says:

    The Leo hate is at its highest right now. Good thing he’s taking a break and won’t have any movies out this year.

  65. 65
    poor toni Says:

    @HAHA12: the hate will lessen once leo proposes to toni and puts the womanizing to rest ;)

  66. 66
    .... Says:

    @HAHA12: I feel like people are rooting for MM to win the oscar and don’t even know why.
    I want him to take a break too. Maybe gain some perspective and come back with an exciting project!

  67. 67
    EndOfTime Says:

    as much as I would love for him to win. I don’t think he’s going to :/. It’s either Matthew or Chiwetel.

  68. 68
    I admire Matthew Says:

    @….: Probably both. However, I saw Matthew’s performance in Dallas Buyers Club and I thought it was great and Oscar-worthy. But going back to personal lives, there are some actors who just irritate you or you don’t like them for whatever reason. The last thing you want to do is see their mugs on the big screen. I basically avoid their work.

  69. 69
    anon Says:

    If he does I feel sorry for the other winners because he will DOMINATE the news, and social media for days! It’s as if the others will not even exist. The media is desperately looking for a former child star made good without the bs that todays young celebs are engaged in. If I were Justin Bieber I would study Leo’s path from child star, the choices he made careerwise to today and LEARN how to be great.

  70. 70
    OMG Says:

    @poor toni: STFU poor toni

  71. 71
    Lisa Says:

    I found his performance over the top but good not great. Every year he’s nominated someone else is just a bit better. Sucks for him. Good luck to all of them.

  72. 72
    HAHA12 Says:

    Matthew was good in Dallas Buyers Club but I wasn’t blown away as I was hoping to be. Same with Jared. I feel their roles were very Oscar baity and they nail all of their emotional scenes but I didn’t feel Matthew in particular really elevated it to be more. I dunno, maybe I should rewatch it and see if I like him better in it but I feel he’s given better performances before. He’s a really good actor, loving True Detective atm, but the OTT stanning for him especially to put down Leo has gotten old. But people love a good comeback story and Leo has a lot of haters so it isn’t surprising. Like you, I’m glad he has taken a break. That way he won’t be overexposed and hopefully can surprise everyone with another great project.

  73. 73
    WE wanna know..... Says:

    It is just basically JJ moderators commenting on this board today? Are Sundays slow? LOL!

  74. 74
    .... Says:

    @I admire Matthew: I understand that. I don’t particularly care for Pitt, but I do respect that he appears to try and challenge himself when it comes to picking work.

    When it comes to this oscar race, I’m still puzzled by how MM became the front runner to begin with. I was cool with Chiwetel being the front runner for a long time, and then Leo got nominated and the Oscar jokes kicked in again. It sort of feels like, in certain places anyways, that some people began to root for him as a way of rooting for Leo to lose.
    But I do my best to remind myself that it’s a matter of personal preference.

  75. 75
    .... Says:

    @HAHA12: lol.. I hate his “comeback” story!
    People wouldn’t hire me so I had to take Rom-com roles… Please! They were still paying a butt load of money and he wasn’t busing tables like most struggling actors!

  76. 76
    Ok Says:

    @misery chick: He doesn’t have much diversity. But his name is a house hold name and fill seats. If you watch most of his movies back to back you don’t really see any diversity with his acting either.

  77. 77
    Ok Says:

    Unlike leo

  78. 78
    HAHA12 Says:

    Ikr. Its funny because I actually like him in most of his rom coms too LOL.

  79. 79
    detox Says:

    leo will always be overexposed either for his personal life or professional life. the guy really can’t catch a break anywhere and he seems exhausted all the time. i wonder how long his coping mechanism of cheap sex will last?

  80. 80
    .... Says:

    @HAHA12: How to lose a guy… Is a guilty pleasure of mine!

  81. 81
    Pink Box Says:

    I feel like Mathew is trying to pass the ron-con thing off as if he had nothing. He was getting good money and exposure.

  82. 82
    Ok Says:

    @….: Mine too!!

  83. 83
    Lilly Says:

    @….: Mine too!! xx xx

  84. 84
    Lilly Says:

    @Ok: Sorry I basically put what you put x

  85. 85
    Ok Says:

    @Lilly: That’s fine. Lol

  86. 86
    Lilly Says:

    @Ok: I was going to put three but I thought that would be over the top.

  87. 87
    Tweet Says:


    Lur Christensen ‏@taylor_gangg12 · 6h
    Leonardo DiCaprio is at my moms funeral home..😍😍

  88. 88
    HAHA12 Says:

    This is why its a good thing he has has no movies out this year. The last time he had a year with no movies out was in 2009.
    Same here lol. Now I just want Kate Hudson to turn her career around but since she is a woman its not as likely.

  89. 89
    Ok Says:

    @Lilly: Well it would have been better than four

  90. 90
    It's come to this??? Says:

    @Tweet: He’s preparing a suicide/murder???

  91. 91
    Lilly Says:

    @Ok: True :))
    @Pink Box: He was very good in rom-coms I feel. Xx

  92. 92
    .... Says:

    @HAHA12: yeah, she actually had huge potential at the start if her career! But being a woman does limit her opportunities!

  93. 93
    Purple Tree Says:

    @Tweet: What’s he doing there I wonder???

  94. 94
    Tweet Says:


    Hailey ‏@haileymilman · 6h
    Last night I was invited to “DiCaprio’s house” but was assured I would not be gangbanged bc he prefers to gangbang boys. I did not attend.

  95. 95
    Ok Says:

    @Tweet: Why would be be in a funeral home?

  96. 96
    Ok Says:

    @Tweet: Hmmm I don’t believe that she was invited, or she was just joking about the end and just didn’t go..

  97. 97
    Tweet Says:

    Leo Deblasio ‏@DeblasioLeo · Feb 22
    I love how my sister has a table with Leonardo freakin DiCaprio at a club in NYC. Not fair @alexadeblasio

  98. 98
    @94 Says:

    @Tweet: WTF

  99. 99
    .... Says:

    Lol… Twitter is the devil!!

  100. 100
    HAHA12 Says:

    So true o.e

  101. 101
    Gatsby Says:

    Once he gets this he needs a proper wife.

  102. 102
    Annegg Says:

    But why does he get so many comments here in JustJared? Are you mad or what?

  103. 103
    Tweet Says:

    Nicole Pepe ‏@NicolePepe · Feb 21
    My sister parties with Leonardo dicaprio last night at a private party and his best friend took her phone number #omg

  104. 104
    Tweet Says:

    Alicia Ruelas ‏@aliciaruelas · 4h
    Omg last night I freakin saw Leonardo Dicaprio, Hilary Duff, Justin Biebers stylist, Hannah & Emily from PLL…..😱 BEST. NIGHT. EVER.

  105. 105
    Yuck Says:

    @Tweet: Lukas is cheating on Leo???? lolll

  106. 106
    @tweet Says:

    @Tweet: Hilary Duff?…. was Leo at a Bangerz concert? LOL Hilary was spotted at one

  107. 107
    Tweet Says:

    Megan ‏@megantravale · Feb 21
    pre partying with Leo with my loves @ Avenue

  108. 108
    .... Says:

    Has there ever been a time when a girl tweeted about hooking-up with Leo?

  109. 109
    Ok Says:

    @Tweet: Lukas? Ooohhhhh
    @@tweet: Leo at a miles concert, hahaha. I’d laugh my head off if I saw a pic

  110. 110
    Tweet Says:

    Megan ‏@megantravale · Feb 20

    Megan ‏@megantravale · Feb 20

    Megan ‏@megantravale · Feb 20
    Like Im at his VIP table for god sakes I want a damn pictURE

    Megan ‏@megantravale · Feb 21

  111. 111
    Tweet Says:

    ClassyBarbie ‏@PrttyGrlProbs · Feb 20
    Leonardo Dicaprio is in the same room as me. #dead

    ClassyBarbie ‏@PrttyGrlProbs · Feb 21
    I met Leonardo and he called me sweetie. #omg

    ClassyBarbie ‏@PrttyGrlProbs · Feb 21
    still reveling in the fact that I partied with Leo dicaprio last night…😳😜😭❤️

  112. 112
    Tweet Says:

    Nicolette Norton ‏@NicoletteN5683 · Feb 21
    The night my best friends and I met Leo dicaprio 😘😭😜💋💕

  113. 113
    Hmm Says:

    @Tweet: took her phone number.. for Leo?

  114. 114
    HAHA12 Says:

    I already feel like I know too much but I swore a long time ago in the Summer someone mentioned a tweet of a girl who woke up next to Leo or something.

  115. 115
    wtf is leo doing... Says:

    has he ever been tweeted in the company of an adult?

  116. 116
    Leo u wrong Says:

    Don’t call strangers “sweetie”. Especially bimbo “ClassyBarbie” types with iphones/twitter on 24/7

  117. 117
    homely Says:

    Crazy lil party girls eeee

  118. 118
    get real Says:

    Pitt may have better acting roles, but he dated superficial fugs like Paltrow & Aniston, so people shouldn’t hold Leo’s love of supermodels against him. Angelina is the only woman close to someone Leo would give a second look to but she is too old & too short to be a supermodel. Leo wins!

  119. 119
    humble no drama Says:

    leo likes being around girls like this

  120. 120
    .... Says:

    @HAHA12: I just hope he doesn’t get caught slippin’ one day and some girl tweets or takes a picture of his bedroom or something worse…

  121. 121
    Come On Guys Says:


    Yeah, that’s one of my favorites from MM. Matthew when he did A Time To Kill should have stayed with those types of projects because he was so good in that movie. However, I think the problem was there was not much out there being offered to him for drama or action probably due to his beach boy looks at the time. So he took the cash grab, which I can’t blame him. He lived very frugal for years. I’m just glad that he has matured and decided to go back to where he should have been. His comeback to me started with Lincoln Lawyer, awesome movie.

  122. 122
    HAHAHA Says:

    @wtf is leo doing…: Depends. His mom and dave count as adults?

  123. 123
    humble no drama Says:

    where is the nightclub with humble girls and no drama

  124. 124
    HAHA12 Says:

    I know, but it technically already happened when Toni and her friends took pics all over his house. And that one girl who took a pic posing in his cinema room and in front of his pool :/

  125. 125
    humble no drama Says:

    @….: no he deserves having something like that happen to him. he gets off the hook easy because he’s a male with a charming smile but a woman doing this would be crucified.

  126. 126
    Tall girl problems Says:

    Why is Leo’s PR all over this thread 24/7, often trashing other actors to build a character actor like DiCaprio up.

  127. 127
    Tweet Says:

    frankee. ‏@_frankerz · Feb 20
    can’t believe eden is going to a private party thrown by leonardo dicaprio

  128. 128
    wtf is leo doing... Says:

    @HAHAHA: hardly.

  129. 129
    HAHA12 Says:

    @humble no drama:
    It already did when Toni and her friends uploaded pics of his house everywhere only to delete them and then Lainey wrote that embarrassing but true write up on how ‘Daddy Leo’ was pissed.

  130. 130
    Tweet Says:

    Tori Lazar ‏@torilazar · Feb 20
    Private party with Leonardo DiCaprio at the club tonight??????? 100% you will find us there 🙋🙋🙋 @AnabelCohen @JadeMotto

  131. 131
    Tweet Says:

    Ed ‏@edamamabecher · Feb 20

    Mary Anderson ‏@maaryanderson · Feb 20
    Idk why I’m even surprised anymore when @JenniferJJM texts me saying she’s going to Leo DiCaprio’s party in nyc

  132. 132
    #### Says:

    @Come On Guys:

    Love love loved a time to kill! One of my favorite movies of all time!

  133. 133
    douche Says:

    leo is so cool

  134. 134
    .... Says:

    lol…. There’s always a party going on!!!

  135. 135
    #### Says:


    And multiple pics by his pool by different girls.

  136. 136
    douche Says:

    not much of a private party

  137. 137
    HAHA12 Says:

    By multiple girls? I swore it was only one. Oh Leo..

  138. 138
    humble no drama Says:

    @douche: he wants it private so nobody knows that he can only get desperate, average looking fangirls to show up.

  139. 139
    knife Says:

    I would be worried if I invited unknown people to a party.

  140. 140
    #### Says:


    Besides toni and her friends, there have been a few models who have taken pics by his firepit (should have said that instead of pool).

  141. 141
    humble no drama Says:

    @knife: leo is not worried these are humble girls there will be no drama

  142. 142
    HAHA12 Says:

    @humble no drama:
    LOL priceless

  143. 143
    lol Says:

    Oh boy! Wonder who was the “lucky layday” lol

  144. 144
    #### Says:


    I don’t know how he does it when he flies in from another country and goes straight in to party mode! LOL

  145. 145
    HAHA12 Says:

    Oh that makes more sense then. Didn’t another girl pose in front of his dinosaur skull?

  146. 146
    boo hoo Says:

    Leo has mail order robots for girlfriends. He doesn’t have a passionate romantic relationship like most artists do. he like to keep detached and control everything. he does not want to go full into the throws of passion because he scared of getting hurt. I don’t see him losing his mind over a fabulous amazing woman with an artistic or professional career of her own, no he wants to control the meek sleepwalking girl. as artist I find him remarkably unpassionate and very stiff like a robot. no, Leo is no Richard Burton.

  147. 147
    Tall girl problems Says:

    @####: Plenty of coke cola

  148. 148
    knife Says:

    @humble no drama: Hope they are single LOL

  149. 149
    The Academy Says:

    Leo you look cool doing this

  150. 150
    #### Says:

    @Tall girl problems:


  151. 151
    lol Says:

    It wasnt in one of these “parties” he throws for only 21 year old girls that he was called perv by several girls? lol

  152. 152
    Tall girl problems Says:

    @knife: Leo could care less whether they are single

  153. 153
    knife Says:

    For me as if he f*cks an elephant LOL

  154. 154
    humble no drama Says:

    @knife: leo only said sense of humor, humility, no drama. he said nothing about being single or dating he ain’t got time to learn more than the girls first name

  155. 155
    Hmm Says:

    Now we know why he was so busy with his cell in Courchevel. He was making the arrangements of his welcome party

  156. 156
    boo hoo Says:

    leo has mail order robots for girlfriends. He doesn’t have a passionate romantic relationship like most artists do. he like to keep detached and control everything. he does not want to go full into the throws of passion because he scared of getting hurt. I don’t see him losing his mind over a fabulous amazing woman, no he wants to control the meek sleepwalking girl. as artist I find him remarkably unpassionionate and very stiff like a robot. no Leo is no Richard Burton. He is like George Clooney

  157. 157
    Tall girl problems Says:

    @humble no drama: Shows a lot of respect for women also his humility

  158. 158
    humble no drama Says:

    what is he celebrating so viciously? being able to get through one week of post-BAFTA trauma?

  159. 159
    lalala Says:

    Maybe the party was for one of his friend.

  160. 160
    Tall girl problems Says:


  161. 161
    pink Says:

    What party?

  162. 162
    Amy Says:

    I would like to see Chiwetel Ejiofor or Bruce Dern win over MM.

  163. 163
    clooney Says:

    @boo hoo: no need to insult clooney. with clooney i see someone plain and mediocre, but not fake. with leo everything feels false and contrived.

  164. 164
    Tall girl problems Says:


  165. 165
    humble no drama Says:

    to leo: humble people shower and change their clothes so they don’t create drama

  166. 166
    TONI Says:


  167. 167
    @pink Says:

    @pink: The party he threw to recover from that miserable trip with Toni.

  168. 168
    Don't get it Says:

    “I don’t know how he does it when he flies in from another country and goes straight in to party mode! LOL”

    Hi! I know, right? The idea of getting out of a plane after a long flight and going straight to the club makes me feel sleepy. LOL. And I’m 13 years younger. LOL

  169. 169
    Don't get it Says:


  170. 170
    TONI Says:

    @Don’t get it: COKE COLA

  171. 171
    Diagnosis Says:

    Leo needs drugs to stay awake at this point

  172. 172
    lol Says:

    He was in a screening in San Francisco and still manages to arrive in time for the after party of Miley’s concert.

  173. 173
    Psychic Says:

    Leo’s first breakout role into theatre will be a biopic of Miley’s ratchet years

  174. 174
    Huh? Says:

    Leo was at Miley’s concert?

  175. 175
    BZ girl Says:

    I think Leo is happy to be out of the T-zone

  176. 176
    interesting comment Says:

    # 377 me @ 03/05/2012 at 4:01 pm
    Gisele and Leo… They were each other’s first big love and ‘real’ relationship. That’s hard to let go especially if you were an on/off couple for years. Maybe it was both who wanted to reconcile but not at the same time. I liked him with Gisele. Whether you like her or not Leo looked absolutely happy with her. I still see those photos of them together and the sad thing is I haven’t seen anything like those ever since. Not even close. I think Gisele was the closest to a real relationship for him. I think he learnt a lesson while dating her. That he wants a woman who he can control and lets him be in charge and lets him do whatever he wants to. So he started dating Bar. Then came Lively who was a ‘mini Gisele’ so it didn’t work so he went back to the same old habit. Too bad the same old doesn’t make him happy and it makes him look older.

  177. 177
    interesting comment Says:

    # 380 me @ 03/05/2012 at 4:24 pm
    Both Bar and Erin. They are both in his comfort zone after dating someone somewhat normal. They are safe and comfortable for him but not challenging or exciting. The ones who are willing. Erin is no different. Just think about it how suddenly she popped up in Sydney amingest those rumors.

  178. 178
    Tweet Says:

    Leonardo Dicaprio @ ILM

  179. 179
    interesting comment Says:

    # 381 me @ 03/05/2012 at 4:27 pm
    I think in a way he learns from every relationship and even though his girls are interchangeable inside and out he picks the next one to avoid past mistakes. Too bad it doesn’t work for him at all. Keeps chasing the easy ones that are wrong for him.

  180. 180
    boo hoo Says:

    he has those fake gf’s because they have all signed a confidentiality agreement. today so many people can not keep their mouth shut. it’s blah blah all over tumblr, twitter, tabloids. it does not have to be real. it can be lies. People believe the lies more so Leo protects himself with this arrangement and calls an agency to place an order on what he needs for next 6 months. many A list do this. but this makes him look nonpassionate , detach and cheap. I hope hanging with Jonah will loosen him up about life a bit. stop being so stiff.

  181. 181
    interesting comment Says:

    # 382 Philly @ 03/05/2012 at 4:35 pm
    I actually liked him with Blake
    I thought he seemed lighter with her especially in Verona.
    There was an apparent ease and almost mischief wfrom his inner self wit her. I think she challenged/surpirssed him. She was his first American girlfirend in a long time, fellow art lover, LA native.
    I would have bet on it ending differently. I stress JMO.

  182. 182
    interesting comment Says:

    # 383 383 @ 03/05/2012 at 5:55 pm
    I somehow think he may have demonized Gi –in his own mind — as a way of coping “that she’s not the right one.” Time can do wonders on one’s own true perception. I do believe he needs another Gisele in his life. Someone that does NOT need him, but someone who challenges him. It’s definitely not Bar. This would have worked out a long time ago, if it was right. But, people don’t listen to that little voice in their heads – intuition. If it can’t be Gi, gotta be someone like her. His friends seemed to like her.

  183. 183
    interesting comment Says:

    # 386 Message @ 03/05/2012 at 7:25 pm
    @Philly: I hate to say it, because I am not a fan of BL’s, but I think you’re right about them. He seemed genuinely into her… More so than we have seen from him in a long time. He was more relaxed, more open about being with her. He just looked… Happy. He rarely looks happy these days. Even when he is smiling, he isn’t smiling with his eyes. It’s all in the eyes…

  184. 184
    interesting comment Says:

    # 395 me @ 03/06/2012 at 7:30 am
    You know Leo is living in his little universe where everything is under control. But things will get out of balance eventually ( bad and unexpected things do happen in life and he is no exception ) and whether he likes it or not that might help him to get a reality check. That might make him thing about his priorities in life. It`s not like I wish something like that intentionally but certain things you just can`t avoid.

  185. 185
    Just Jared Administration Says:

    NO MORE old comments. It is too depression for us to think that we will be getting these same comments about Leo for the next 30+ years.

  186. 186
    also... Says:

    So Leo was in LA for the Q&A on Friday and then in San Francisco for another one yesterday. Today back in NYC for to throw a rooftop private party? If he is in party mode I guess Toni is not with him.

  187. 187
    lol Says:

    @also…: The party was in Ny when he returned from his Les Miserables trip. Last night he was at a club in LA.

  188. 188
    also... Says:

    @lol: Oh, how could I forget his NYC pit stop on his way to LA? lol I assumed last night he was in CA but these new tweets were about a party tonight ( rooftop and I think a tweeter was in NYC ).

  189. 189
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @also…: hi! Only on for sec, but the private party was on Thursday. Most of the tweets are reposts. They were originally posted on Friday the 21st on the last thread. Look at the dates.
    I’m off again. Btw – that wasn’t me that posted a comment about Catherine Zeta Jones earlier. It was my impersonator! Catch ya later! ;)

  190. 190
    boo hoo Says:

    Leo deeply hurt of breakup with Gisele, who even I don’t like, but she was a true top supermodel w/her own career ambitions. Being attached to Leo helped I’m sure. he’s afraid of going in deep again and getting hurt. now he has to control everything: type of girl, age, profession, how fast she walk, where & when they can be seen together, when to have sex if any, how many red carpet he will show her off to if any. In return? to be seen with him. that’s it. Too bad. To be almost 40 an not have that insane and deep passionate love again. men (especially artists) love to be crazy in love like that. he probably lost the skills needed to try to meet and seduce a woman he’s interested in. After these years of phoning in what he wants, no need to even try anymore.

  191. 191
    lol Says:

    @Just Jared Administration: That’s actually funny. But I agree I’m not understanding the constant dredging up of old comments. Once was fair enough, but in every post? What difference does it make? What’s the point? Leo ain’t reading it

  192. 192
    also... Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Thanks. I didn`t pay attention to the time and / or didn`t realize they were reposted.

  193. 193
    Did Leo really love Gisele? Says:

    @boo hoo: If so…………………………………….ew

  194. 194
    Old comments Says:

    Probably to prove nothing about Leos life has changed in the past decade, including the comments on here. Same ones, just with a dif girl.

  195. 195
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @also…: not a problem. I thought the same. But then I reread one and realized I had read it on the other thread. Then I checked the dates. It sounded like it was a big party and lots of young girls attended!

  196. 196
    also... Says:

    @Zzzzzzz: Noooooo! A lot of young girls? I don`t believe that! He is a precious boyfriend! He wouldn`t do that! LOL!

  197. 197
    cann Says:

    @Old comments: no more old comments please, it suks. but it probably hasn’t changed because his life is still the same; he’s going in circles.

  198. 198
    Tweet Says:


    Nate Torto ‏@Tortonious · 5h
    #spotted Leonardo Dicaprio in hudson diner

  199. 199
    diner Says:

    i have never seen that. a guy like him who goes clubbing that much!! he’s 40 years old! who the f goes clubbing every night at his age. wtf? what is this?

  200. 200
    Oscar For Leo Says:

    The reason I prefer Mr. DiCaprio’s and Mr. Scorsese’s movie is that was the movie that was of interest to me for entertainment purposes. The movies 12 Years a Slave, Dallas Buyers Club etc did not pose any interest to me for their subject matters. I have been a Scorsese and DiCaprio fan for over a decade and they never have seemed to disappoint in delivering a movie of spectacular performance and cinematography. Personally both deserve the Academy Award for the respective categories of their nomination.

    Maria Royse

  201. 201
    diner Says:

    @Oscar For Leo: hi leo!

  202. 202
    @200 Says:

    @Oscar For Leo:
    Ur so weird for leaving your full name on here everytime you comment, what if someone used your name in some way..sorry but Leo aint reading this and he’s not checking for JJ posters.

  203. 203
    made of money Says:

    leo likes the bathroom and he likes clubbing and irmelin

  204. 204
    made of money Says:

    leo eats so many pussiiiies that his tongue is sick.

  205. 205
    gross Says:

    there is nothing good to say about his lifestyle. really.

  206. 206
    gross Says:

    @made of money: eugh he likes em young too

  207. 207
    Troll alert Says:

    It was so good without them too..

  208. 208
    made of money Says:

    @Troll alert: leo has very bad habits. he has shady friends. where the Heckk is he taking his life?

  209. 209
    leo allen Says:

    @made of money: i think leo has lost his sense of taste and smell… theres lots of articles about how bad he smells… he has no prob with shoving his face into the sweaty vaggies of young children

  210. 210
    SPOT! Says:

    My friend has a picture of leo kissing a guy in a club! hahaha! it was a while ago but it’s priceless

  211. 211
    Yup Says:

    @Oscar For Leo: Now you just need to convince the entire voting member of the Academy .

  212. 212
    aww Says:

    @SPOT!: thats cute

  213. 213
    Troll alert Says:

    Picture or this is straight up BS

  214. 214
    breathmints Says:

    leo’s breath doesn’t smell like toni’s p-ussy anymore

  215. 215
    implication Says:

    which love story would leo like to have? something like romeo and juliet? titanic or other love movies?

  216. 216
    gross Says:

    @implication: he’s already living like gatsby

  217. 217
    implication Says:

    @gross: so he is gatsby?

  218. 218
    55vineyard Says:

    I don;t think he will win this year, maybe next year. He does deserve something but I do not think it will be this yer.

  219. 219
    gross Says:

    @implication: yeah he’s gatsby and his daisy is a perfect blonde blue eyed barbie supermodel woman who does not have any opinions or standards

  220. 220
    Nooooooo Says:

    Troll go back to your nappy poo.

  221. 221
    Troll alert Says:


  222. 222
    bbbbbbb Says:

    leo is what type of lover if he is madly in love; romeo, rimbaud, gatsby, inception, jack, jordan, ….?

  223. 223
    back off Says:

    leo doesn’t need a woman because money really does make him happy

  224. 224
    bbbbbbb Says:

    @back off: i don’t believe that

  225. 225
    #### Says:


    So he is in NYC?? There are parties all week in LA. I can’t imagine he’s flew back to NYC.

  226. 226
    gross Says:

    @bbbbbbb: probably gatsby since he was a stalker and delusional. leo is not a good lover he is like a plank of wood in bed like a boy going at it for the first time.

  227. 227
    big Says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh oh man, look at what i found;

  228. 228
    #### Says:

    @Don’t get it:

    LOL maybe he sleeps on the plane???

  229. 229
    BZ girl Says:

    Well I guess those mystery flowers are dead.. Toni bored them to death..

  230. 230
    big Says:

    “leo is what type of lover if he is madly in love; romeo, rimbaud, gatsby, inception, jack, jordan, ….”

    he is JORDAN for sure!!!

  231. 231
    back off Says:

    @bbbbbbb: believe it leo doesn’t want to share his time with anyone he just wants people to throw themselves at him and money gives him happiness money brings people to him and when he has money people scream his name wooohooo

  232. 232
    old Says:

    @big: aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s crazy!!! that’s him in a couple of years!!!! love it!

  233. 233
    back off Says:

    I cant wait til leo dies

  234. 234
    big Says:

    @back off: that’s what i said he’s jordan: money, cheap sex, party!!!

  235. 235
    lol Says:

    @####: He missed all the parties in London. Maybe he is just in the mood for clubs right now?. lol

  236. 236
    big Says:

    i have dreams of murdering irmelin

  237. 237
    back off Says:

    money brings leooo happiness he’s soooo happy he thinks his perfect woman will fall out of the sky into his arms any minute now marriage is natural he says marriage has no drama he says

  238. 238
    big Says:

    @lol: h’s always in the mood for clubs, he’s jordan the 2nd

  239. 239
    big Says:

    @big: oh no, the psycho is back and steals names, go away crazy person

  240. 240
    LEO Says:

    OMG!!!!! Why was Leo mentioned in this!!!

  241. 241
    play Says:

    why did he visit a funeral home today or yesterday?

  242. 242
    Interview with Gayle Says:

    “My soulmate will find me in the clubs lickin’ a fresh pusseh”
    - Leonardo DiCaprio

  243. 243
    #### Says:


    True but the parties that were posted on the last thread mentioned that Leo would be attending. I guess we’ll get tweets of where he is tonight.

  244. 244
    BZ girl Says:

    @play : to bury the mystery!

  245. 245
    play Says:

    @BZ girl: ?

  246. 246
    play Says:

    @####: funeral home then clubbing? great!

  247. 247
    Don't get it Says:

    Still, sleeping on a plane (even if it’s first class) is not like sleeping on a bed. I admire his desire to go clubbing. It’s not like he is old but I mean, those are years of experience…. LOL!!!. So… where is he?.

  248. 248
    lol Says:

    The good bf mode is lasting less these days lol

  249. 249
    BZ girl Says:

    @####:I noticed alot of those ig sightings are under private accounts??

  250. 250
    Interview with Gayle Says:

    “I’m looking for humility, a sense of humor and no drama…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….PSYCH N*GGA”
    - Leonardo DiCaprio

  251. 251
    play Says:

    @lol: i don’t think he’s a good boyfriend. i think he’s lost and doesn’t like to be i his own mind and tries to run from himself

  252. 252
    play Says:

    how did his parents raise him?

  253. 253
    § Says:

    @play: they didn’t

  254. 254
    Oscar Speech Says:

    “Toni is ma n*gga”

  255. 255
    S Says:

    Those Thursday tweets are still bumming me out. I would have even paid for bottle service if that is what it would have taken to get into Avenue. If only I had known. I was walking down 3rd Ave a couple of hours ago and passed by the Anne Taylor Loft store and there were giant blown up photos of Toni in both store windows and more inside.

  256. 256
    lol Says:

    @####: I think the party is on Thursday so That gives him plenty of time to throw more parties in NY I guess lol

  257. 257
    ????? Says:

    How are those tweets from the 21 accurate, wasn’t he in la doing the sag interview? And last night in sanfran and tonight I swear I heard he was in la due to sightings from friends.

  258. 258
    § Says:

    irmelin needs more pills

  259. 259
    encino man Says:

    where is leo? L.a.? N.Y?;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  260. 260
    i like Janice Says:

    @encino man: i like your name

  261. 261
    encino man Says:

    @i like Janice: hey, thanx

  262. 262
    i like Janice Says:

    @§: leo too.
    @play: his mother took him clubbing

  263. 263
    i like Janice Says:

    leo is gay

  264. 264
    yuck Says:

    leo is officially gross who knows what he gets up to in his clubs and private parties and private jets and yachts and hotel rooms. he’s always smirkin in his interviews like he’s got something to hide nasTAY

  265. 265
    @????? Says:

    @?????: You know that some people post the next day ?

  266. 266
    i like Janice Says:

    @yuck: tell me more!!!!!! he deals drugs, he hangs out with the mafia? he steals money? he does orgies?

  267. 267
    #### Says:

    @Don’t get it:

    I’m pretty sure he’s in LA. I posted a tweet on the last thread of a girl who saw Leo in LA today and it was around the same time that guy posted a tweet of seeing him in NYC. I think with the Q&As in LA the past couple of days, he’s still in LA. There are oscar parties all week and he’s expected at at least a couple of them.

  268. 268
    yuck Says:

    @i like Janice: yeah he’s always linked to criminals and thieves i don’t even want to know why or whats up there. he deff has orgies he’s prob drunk and drugged out of his mind when he takes girls to bed so he has an excuse to leave em sleeping the next morning. as for drugs he def does them but i dont think he deals them he aint got time he’s too famous and TOO PRECIOUS fo dat

  269. 269
    #### Says:

    Here’s the tweet I posted from the last thread. The girl is definitely in CA.

    mary crum (@marycrum77)
    2/23/14, 2:17 PM
    I just saw Leonardo DiCaprio 😍😍😍😍🌟🌟🌟

  270. 270
    yuck Says:

    LA = trashy as f*ck dats leos world

  271. 271
    i like Janice Says:

    @yuck: he’s probably on coke. maybe he got shady money to do wows. he has orgies with a lot of women or men too at the same time? isin’t he afraid to catch a sexual desease or something? how can he be linked to criminals? in what way? leo looks shady. he wants to appear innocent next to his friends;

  272. 272
    yuck Says:

    leo america woo hoo

  273. 273
    i like Janice Says:

    @yuck: it seems really trashy. happy to know scorsese is doing silence without him. leo seems shady and hypocritical.there’s something behind his fake persona. it’s too staged.

  274. 274
    i like Janice Says:

    @yuck: he’s too much about the american dream but he’s living the american nightmare

  275. 275
    yuck Says:

    @i like Janice: wows was made with dirtyyy moneyyyy one of the producers is a known scammer and leo thanked him proudly at the ggs yeckkkkk. leo just wants sex he doesn’t care whats goin on as long as he can just lay on his back and let everyone else do da work. the boy just wantsss seeexxxxx he can probably afford cleaner hookers or maybe thats why he likes them young like virgins because they don’t have stds for sure. leo’s been linked to poker scandals and art dealing scandals n sh*t but he just gets to prance away and we ask him silly questions in his interviews and hes soo cutesy cutesy omg leo u rockkk!!!!!

  276. 276
    interesting comment Says:
    # 287 Elena @ 02/06/2012 at 12:12 am
    She’s pretty but not very extraordinary at all. She looks like an all-American high school teenager, but I doubt she’ll ever be at the same level as Adriana or Rosie. She just doesn’t have that extra unique something that will take her from the middle of the road to a supermodel’s career. Heck, she never would have even gotten the VS contract if she hadn’t gotten breast implants, and she’s pin thin and straight as a rail so they look strange when she isn’t all photoshopped up.
    I guess I just don’t get it. It seems like personally and professionally Leo is just running around in circles, exhausting himself and getting nowhere. I mean the movies he makes now are great, but the movies he used to make were DARING. Jeez, The Basketball Diaries, Total Eclipse, Gilbert Grape, all of those were roles that most actors would have been to afraid or intimidated to take. Now it seems like all he does is showpieces to prove what a serious actor he is. I think he felt really trapped in that teen idol role after Titanic blew up, but now he’s just boxed himself into a different corner and seems like he can’t find a way out. I hope Django Unchained is as cool as it sounds, because the role seems like a real departure from things he’s done recently and a return to the weirder roles he was obviously naturally drawn to.
    As much as I dislike seeing and reading about his lame personal life, honestly I just feel bad. He seems like a pretty unhappy person. I mean he probably has to spend almost every minute of every day keeping things under control so he doesn’t damage his image, and has to constantly watch out for people trying to take advantage of him. It’s enough to drive anybody insane.

  277. 277
    yuck Says:

    @i like Janice: yup yup @273 i agree exactly about silence finally a scorsese movie i can watch and relax without having to fear every second to hear a screech or scream from the beloved actor of our generation. and yup yup about his persona hes created some fake guy whos too perfect even the nicest and coolest actors aren’t like that they just be themselves leo’s just thinking of clubs while he’s doin interviews he wants to BOUNCE

  278. 278
    i like Janice Says:

    @yuck: he steals art? leo seem really shady. so he’s too lazy to have sex? he wants to just lay there? and get bad sex from young virgins?orgies are so gross, yuk. he does business with scammers?

  279. 279
    i like Janice Says:

    @yuck: do you know him? leo seems to be a real jerk

  280. 280
    yuck Says:

    @i like Janice: heehehe leo is sooo fascinated by the american dream greed that is interwoven into the fabric of our culture too bad he is everything that is wrong with america ultimately he is so american through and through fundamentally he’s more american than anyone in america right now ultimately the ultimate american ultimate nightmare ultimately

  281. 281
    LMAO Says:

    ultimately.. LMAO

  282. 282
    i like Janice Says:

    @yuck: so leo steals money from people?

  283. 283
    ahahahahahahhahahahahahaha Says:

    @yuck: “silence finally a scorsese movie i can watch and relax without having to fear every second to hear a screech or scream from the beloved actor of our generation”

  284. 284
    violet Says:

    leo has no more soul, he’s corrupted.

  285. 285
    violet Says:

    @ahahahahahahhahahahahahaha: yes silence leo, silence!

  286. 286
    yuck Says:

    @i like Janice: i dont think leo steals from people directly but literally everyone who surrounds him is shady either they steal from others or even they steal from leo as in they take advantage of his monnayyyy. leo is not a thief but his image is a scam and for some people wows was a scam. the guy just wants sex because nothing else makes him happy he’s already been everyone on the planet and seen everything and done everything in his exciting movies he should be the most interesting guy ever but actually he’s the most boring guy ever.

  287. 287
    violet Says:

    why is he so passionate in doing that movie about a serial killer? that’s gross

  288. 288
    yuck Says:

    @violet: yup yup he has no soul no passion for anything nothing gets him excited anymore except cheap things/quick fixes for instant “happiness”

  289. 289
    i like Janice Says:

    @yuck: so he doesn’t have anything of substance to say? i saw that jonah hill said that leo used to beat him up on set, is leo an agressive and violent person? he’s depressed is that it? so he gets bad sex all around with many people?

  290. 290
    yuck Says:

    @i like Janice: whoa i’ve never heard of him beating up jonah i think what you’re thinking of is the story of how jonah got punched for real in some scene. i dont think leo wants to be aggressive but he has so much emotions built up if he’s not careful it will get violent if he snaps. i think maybe he’s aggressive about making himself happy but not in a violent way. he just wants to control everything always and lying constantly about everything to everyone and to himself can be seen as aggressive. he is def depressed. stuck. going in circles. the bad sex is his fault because he just wants it on his schedule and that means just pick up anyone obviously its not going to be meaningful or passionate that way. he is sad and you can tell. its sad to see someone smile but still have sad eyes man its painful.

  291. 291
    i like Janice Says:

    @yuck: well he should stop the cheap sex it’s only gonna make him feel like shittt. i don’t understand why he he says he might get married some day when in reality he likes orgies and escorts and drugs and stuff… sad

  292. 292
    @@200 Says:

    Are you a Leo fan?

  293. 293
    #### Says:

    I had a one night stand with Leo and he took me to McDonalds afterwards.

  294. 294
    yuck Says:

    @i like Janice: yup agreed about the cheap sex but leo has been doing it for so long who knows what he’s up to and what he thinks. i think he’s tired of it but he’s making no effort to change. as for the marriage stuff yeah its annoying to see him phone it in but at the same time maybe there is a part of him that wants to finally find one woman he can devote himself to. i think he wants to try marriage at least and raising kids could be a good experience for him but he needs to find a genuine woman first of course and thats now nearly impossible given his stature and crap reputation. i dont know what he should do really….maybe something extreme needs to happen to him so he can start fresh with a clean slate.

  295. 295
    #### Says:

    Leo gave me a e-cig and smacked me across the face and called me Lukas!

  296. 296
    i like Janice Says:

    @yuck: well; maybe he just needs to distance himself from those people and he should try and put his energy in the right place and get healthy. it’s not a secret, you have to take your life into your own hands and lead it where you want it to go. it’s up to him, if he wants those things than maybe he should try to see what’s right and what’s wrong; that’s my take on it.

  297. 297
    Leo as Gatsby Says:

    Leo came in with flowers and a bottle of wine then sofly kissed me on the cheek ..

  298. 298
    yuck Says:

    @i like Janice: yup yup its all up to him and he can definitely have a fulfilling marriage and family if he commits to it but remember him saying that he is waiting for marriage to happen naturally and with no drama? there is no such thing… true love is hard work but sooo worth it in the end. if leo keeps thinking that marriage will happen naturally then he will be waiting around for the rest of his life

  299. 299


  300. 300
    Leo as Belfort Says:

    Leo burst through the door ..with vodka in hand and snorted coke off her t*tts..

  301. 301
    i like Janice Says:

    @yuck: …while other people get married and have children and he doesn’t…..

  302. 302

    Why am i taller than six feet tall Leo. AWKWARD

  303. 303
    streaming Says:

    What was the link to the streaming version of WOWs?

  304. 304
    Here Says:


  305. 305
    Leo as Leo Says:

    Leo comes in the club with e-cig in hand newsboy cap on head flipin ..gang signs and flirting with young models ..

  306. 306
    @#305 Says:

    ROTFL. Keep going, can you do one for all Leo movie characters?

  307. 307


  308. 308
    Leo as Django Says:

    Leo comes in the room grabs his house maid by the hair and calls her a ni*gger ..smiles then eats cream pie.

  309. 309


  310. 310


  311. 311
    Leo as bad bf Says:

    Leo walks ahead of her to avoid the paps then jumps in his prius drives off leaving her standing there in disbelief…

  312. 312
    #### Says:

    Not sure if this was already posted on here.

    Jack Kyser (@JackKyser)
    2/23/14, 9:57 PM
    Here’s a pretty great video in support of Leonardo DiCaprio, who deserves to win this year’s Best Actor Oscar:…

  313. 313
    Leo as ? Says:

    Leo comes in the club with a young girl in hand.. smoking an e-cig ..when someone says hey Leo your daughter is so adorable….Leo says …daughter??This is my date bro!!

  314. 314
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: Hi! Thanks for the link. It’s good! Paramount is really pushing Leo hard! Good for him. I still think it’s going to be a really tight race. I know everybody is saying Matthew. Remember, a few months ago everyone was saying Chitewel. If there was justice, Chitewel would win, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Leo might just pull it out! Who knows? Just one more week to find out!

  315. 315
    celeb Says:

  316. 316
    Hope he loses Says:

    He doesn’t deserve to win and I hope he looses. I will be SO HAPPY if he lost! It will be like a celebration!! Go Matty or Chewitel!! It would serve him right for being a clubbing loser dating a interchangeable giraffee

  317. 317
    Missy Says:

    Never saw this before:

  318. 318
    Holy Mother of God Says:

    @Missy: Margot and Leo.

  319. 319
    Blacksharpie Says:

    @Holy Mother of God:
    Great pic of him! I find it funny how his face is so dominant and Margot’s is in the background and only partially seen! It lets you know who the star is!

  320. 320
    L Says:

    @Missy: Photo shopped in.

  321. 321
    Bz Says:

  322. 322
    #### Says:


    Nice mag cover. I wonder if there are pics inside??

  323. 323
    Hmm Says:

    @Bz: Today? Where?

  324. 324
    also... Says:

    @Bz: That seems to be new. Do you know when and where was it taken?

  325. 325
    Bz Says:

    I dont know the original source but Bz says Sightning in France so perhaps from last week?

  326. 326
    lol Says:

    Sugar baby is in Mallorca. Wearing extensions since everyone hates her terrible haircut.

  327. 327
    lol Says:

    ☾ луна ☽ ‏@sempiternaI_
    I bet Leonardo Dicaprio’s nightmares look like this

  328. 328
    So Says:

    No club sightings? No Q&A?

  329. 329
    also... Says:

    There’s a Cafe Central innParis so it could have been before he got back to the states on Thursday.

  330. 330
    Gee Says:

    Go Leo! Though I’m 100% sure Matthew is going to take it home, still rooting for Leo for very much. I think at this point I don’t care anymore about who deserves it more. All the men in the Best Actor category gave outstanding performances and all deserve equal praise! I just wish that getting one wasn’t so dependent on hardcore campaigning.
    And gee that cover picture of him with Margot is breathtaking. What a handsome man!

  331. 331
    also... Says:

    France or Venice, Italy?

  332. 332
    Ok Says:

    @Missy: Nice magazine cover. You can tell which one is the star.
    @Bz: Whe was he there?

  333. 333
    Lilly Says:

    @Missy: You can hardly see Margot, guess they like Leo :))))

  334. 334
    Pink Box Says:

    Did anyone hear about a new show called Hollywood exes. I think that’s low to go on a show because you’ve been with someone famous-I think it’s ex wife’s.

  335. 335
    lol Says:

    LA, Ny, London, France, Ny, LA, San Francisco, LA, Italy, Venice… he never takes a rest?

  336. 336
    new one Says:

    when is leo gonna try to be different, like do something with his life? instead of clubbing and stuff, why can’t he use his time doing constructive stuff?

  337. 337
    also... Says:

    @lol: Why would he be in Venice now? It’s confusing but he is sure a jet setter!

  338. 338
    new one Says:

    why does leo want to play a serial killer?

  339. 339
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I have to admit she looks good in this pic.
    The extensions can’t be good for her hair?!
    It seems that she and Leo are “vacation buddies”. They don’t seem to spend a great deal of time together unless they are on a vacation.

  340. 340
    new one Says:

    @Blacksharpie: leo is bored with her. he needs to be more independent

  341. 341
    lol Says:

    @Blacksharpie: lol…. DId that hurt?

  342. 342
    Amy Says:

    @new one:

    Hey, troll! *waves* Why did Christian Bale want to play a serial killer? It’s called acting.

  343. 343
    lol Says:

    @Blacksharpie: More like f*ck buddies. At the Same city together but rarely alone time. Separate, too much time apart, each time longer, one foot on the plane and he already partying and clubbing nonstop, acting single until she returns to Same city.

    #341 not me.

    But I agree she looks good when she is not doing her Idiotic faces.

  344. 344
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: She looks better with long hair and her makeup on the latest photo is good. I still don’t see her appeal because her face is boring to me.

  345. 345
    #### Says:


    That picture is probably from last week. I’m pretty sure he’s in LA. There’s too much going on this week for him to be anywhere else. He took a small vacay between the BAFTAs and the Oscars and I think he’s staying put in LA at least until after the Oscars.

    Re Toni it looks like she’s staying in or near Paris as PFW starts tomorrow and I’m sure she’s walking in at least one show. I don’t foresee her showing up at any of the Oscar after after parties as the one show she will most probably walk is scheduled for the day after the Oscars.

  346. 346
    ??? Says:

    What about that funeral home sighting?

  347. 347
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Lol. I cleaned it up a bit by saying vacation buddies. Although I do think he likes someone with him on his vacations.

  348. 348
    Pink Box Says:

    Where’s the pic with Toni’s extensions?

  349. 349
    #### Says:


    Remember that Leo can party until the early morning hours. Sometimes the club sightings tweets don’t pop up until the next day! LOL

  350. 350
    new one Says:

    @Amy: hey amy the troll, immersing yourself in a character means being influenced by it for many months. many actors develop anxieties and character traits. it’s something that can happen. i’ve been to acting school and on shoots and i can tell you that can happen. even leo was influenced by his character jordan belfort and needed to push it off and had a hard time; after playing howard hughes he had ocd for months, it took a long time to shake it off. being in the mindset of a character has a huge impact on your thoughts and life and you don’t know how it’s gonna turn out…

  351. 351
    Amy Says:

    @new one:

    Leo isn’t method. And Christian Bale seems fine to me. ;)

  352. 352
    Toni Says:

    Comment under her latetst pic asks her ”When are you going to be back in LA?”. Could be someone she knows, so could be indication that she’s gonna be in LA during the Academy Awards (and most prob pre- and after parties too).

  353. 353
    new one Says:

    @Amy: you don’t have to be a method actor to be tainted by what you play. look at how much he parties and passes one girl after the other. it looks like a lot of the character he played.

  354. 354
    vevever Says:

    @Toni: she’s going to go with him to the oscars! red carpet toni!

  355. 355
    Lilly Says:

    @Pink Box: <the pic they are talking about.

  356. 356
    also... Says:

    @Toni: The guy is a trainer based in LA. It could be just a question without reference to the Oscars.
    I’m curios what she’s gonna pick: Paris Fashion Week or LA for Oscars ( behind the scenes of course ).
    @####: I don’t think he would go to Italy so close to the Oscars. I think the Italian Cafe Central jumped the gin because the sighting was posted in Italian but it happened in France. I mean he was just there so it makes more sense.

  357. 357
    @vevever Says:

    Lol! What’s gonna be your story when you don’t see her on the red carpet?

  358. 358
    lol Says:

    @Toni: No way she is going to miss the Oscar parties. That represents more exposure than any fashion show she could walk in PFW. lol

  359. 359
    vevever Says:

    @also…: leo knows how to party and clubbing, that’s what he does best

  360. 360
    Ok Says:

    I think since she’s started dating Leo, she’s isolated herself from her friends, and trying to be friend with his or his family. Notice how none of her friends or his really comment on her photos.

  361. 361
    Amy Says:


    Wrong! Red Carpet Irmelin!!! :)

  362. 362
    lol Says:

    @Ok: She was just partying with her friends last week…

  363. 363
    Missy Says:

    It’s from last year:

  364. 364
    #### Says:


    I guess we’ll see if she shows up in LA. She walks Elie Saab every FW and that show happens to be the day after the Oscars. Last year she walked that show and another one and was in Paris through all of fashion week.

    But you’re right, she’ll get exposure being with Leo at the parties.

  365. 365
    also... Says:

    @vevever: What???????

  366. 366
    vevever Says:

    @####: she loves exposure!!!

  367. 367
    Amy Says:

    I can’t wait to see this on Sunday!

  368. 368
    also... Says:

    @Amy: Bitter and alone

  369. 369
    Floor Says:

    @Amy: you’re kind of a loser to be exited about seeing a guy with his random mother on a random carpet

  370. 370
    Amy Says:


    Better than with Toni. ;)

  371. 371
    @369 Says:

    @Floor: pretty much!!

  372. 372
    Yuck Says:

    Plenty of Moët & Chandon for Leo at the Governors ball will be her entry ticket to the after parties.

  373. 373
    also... Says:

    Amy is a thirst bucket!!

  374. 374
    also... Says:

    @Missy: Thanks. It didn’t make sense to be a new sighting from Venice.
    @Amy: I hope you know the prev two comments weren’t from me.

  375. 375
    Feel Says:

    @Amy: who cares about toni, she’s gonna hump those after parties like there is no tomorrow, she’s gonna jump on him and she’s gonna get another picture , then another contract then another vacation, then leo will hook up with another model and toni will get a new bracelet, the another after party then more instagram pictures, then a club sighting……leo’s life is so repetitive and plain….

  376. 376
    also... Says:

    @also…: Stop stealing my name and saying stupid stuff!!

  377. 377
    Feel Says:

    @Feel: hey you took my name!

  378. 378
    Feel Says:

    @Feel: i don’t write those things, back off, you’re so negative!

  379. 379
    Feel Says:

    i didn’t know the word “feel” belonged to you! hhahhahah

  380. 380
    Feel Says:

    @Feel: ok look i’ll pick a new name cause you’re annoying, i’ll be farts, there, you’re happy?!

  381. 381
    Feel Says:

    @Feel: change it! i don’t want to be linked to you!

  382. 382
    Farts Says:

    @Feel: there, burp! you’re happy twit?

  383. 383
    also... Says:

    @Yuck: she likes to use leo!!!!

  384. 384
    Feel Says:

    where is leo’s sm? how will she be?

  385. 385
    also... Says:

    @also…: Stop it!!!

  386. 386
    farts Says:

    @also…: she does, she’s a prostitute!!!
    @Feel: who cares, leo only cares about one night stands!

  387. 387
    also... Says:

    @Feel: i am leo’s sm!!!! he’ll love me because i am completely obsessed with him. i spend my whole life here so i get to be the first pick for leo! he’ll want me to be his one and only, i’ll be on every red carpet! i’ll be out of these threads soon and going to the after parties!

  388. 388
    also... Says:

    :eyeroll: Crazy is here again!

  389. 389
    Feel Says:

    i’m crazy and i do eye rolls behind my screen. one day, my eyes will get stuck

  390. 390
    Feel Says:

    @also…: he took my name too!

  391. 391
    also... Says:

    @also…: i have no life

  392. 392
    also... Says:

    @Feel: ignore it! You can’t do anything about it and others can see who the real poster is and who is the troll. She will get bored soon enough!

  393. 393
    Wolf Says:

    Leonardo dicaprio is really jealous of james franco. Franco is a poet, a director, a writer, a painter, a writer….leo likes art and seeks it but james has the guts to be artistic. james also has many degrees while leo doesn’t have a degree.

  394. 394
    Feel Says:

    @also…: i hope so. so, what kind of woman do you see leo with?

  395. 395
    About Time Says:

    @also…: finally you admit it!

  396. 396
    poor toni Says:

    omg toni will be in LA in time for the oscars??? woohooo!!!!!

  397. 397
    Ok Says:

    #360 was not me…. I think I have Zzzzzz’s troll. Lol

  398. 398
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Ok: No your not worth as much as me, lady.

  399. 399
    Ok Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Hi troll. Stealing Zzzzzz’s name again I see.

  400. 400
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @poor toni: I can’t tell if your being sarcastic or you are just a mentally disturbed person. Lol
    @Zzzzzz: It was a joke!

  401. 401
    leogot Says:

    omg leo and margot omagazza margot is lyk gisele 2.0 she has the same astrological sign and moon (cancer with scorpio) omgagazza dey rock i love how margot is leaning on leo’s spine and twisting it in dat pick it takes ma breath awayyyyyyyyyyyy i suffocate

  402. 402
    lol Says:

    Leo is now taking Tennis lessons. I guess Basketball is history

  403. 403
    leogot Says:

    margot said lyke can i be on the cover too and they said ok and then blurred out her face

  404. 404
    leogot Says:

    leos pores are huge

  405. 405
    NY Daily News Says:

    Leo Tennis Lessons:

  406. 406
    also... Says:

    @Feel: If you engage it will last much longer. If you don`t reply she will get bored and moves on to someone else`s name or just leaves … for a while.
    I would like to see Leo with someone around 30 or so ( I wouldn`t go as far as his own age ). Someone whose career wouldn`t benefit from his fame. Someone mature and independent. Someone in showbusiness who undertands the effect his work and status has on his life.

  407. 407
    leogot Says:

    on that magazine cover with leo and margot they had to photoshop off leo’s woody allen glasses

  408. 408
    hours Says:

    @leogot: what picture? show it

  409. 409
    hahaha Says:

    3…2…1… poor toni starts drooling about Leo taking tennis lessons because of toni.

  410. 410
    Amy Says:


  411. 411
    leogot Says:


    margot waz lyke why is ma face so small n blurreh

  412. 412
    poor toni Says:

    @hahaha: :) i’m glad leo is finally picking up a hobby and toni of course will join him. remember when they were sighted playing tennis together at one point? *sigh* leo’s finally starting to drift away from his clubbing lifestyle and getting ready for his fitness days with toni

  413. 413
    lol Says:

    @poor toni: lol. You’re good, predictable but good. *waits for rage responses*

  414. 414
    hahaha Says:

    @poor toni: save your story for someone who cares. i was making fun of you.

  415. 415
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Hi lady impersonator! That was nice of you to clarify it was a joke! Personally, I don’t think you are a troll. I associate trolls with people who come on here and bash other posters or bash Leo for no reason and say disgusting things. I actually think it’s very funny – go for it! I just would appreciate it if you don’t say mean or hurtful things when you are posting as me!
    I’m off to work! Won’t be back until later today. Catch ya later! ;)

  416. 416
    hours Says:

    @leogot: margot’s face on that cover is so useless

  417. 417
    leogot Says:

    @hours: margot jumped into the photo at the last minute and shoved leo’s face to the side girls gotta hustle

  418. 418
    hours Says:

    @leogot: maybe it was supposed to be the both of them on the cover

  419. 419
    leogot Says:

    @hours: i have no idea what they were goin for wit dat cover

  420. 420
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @also…: It is just because you are old

  421. 421
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Hi impersonator. Just drop dead. And @Zzzzzz: I was still you when I said it was a joke. I meant it,

  422. 422
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Hey she’s mine, get your own!!!

  423. 423
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Hi, lady stop. She’s mine

  424. 424
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Get off me Kate

  425. 425
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Back off!

  426. 426
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @leogot: Who r u?

  427. 427
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Wait there’s three????

  428. 428
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Looks about 4 2 me

  429. 429
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Nope now five

  430. 430
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Get ur own, m funny not mean! U saying that to ok, then I write it’s a joke. Stop trolling me impersonating Zzzzzz

  431. 431
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Zzzzzz: I’m impersonating you impersonating her

  432. 432
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Wtf??? I think I’m third then

  433. 433
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Zzzzzz: 4th

  434. 434
    Zzzzzz Says:


  435. 435
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Hi lady! Stop impersonating me now

  436. 436
    Zzzzzz Says:

    Hi ladies, sorry about the trolls

  437. 437
    .... Says:


  438. 438
    Zzzzzz Says:

    Hi, my name keeps getting trolled

  439. 439
    Zzzzzz Says:

    ^lol, nice try ladys

  440. 440
    Ok Says:

    Hahahha ^

  441. 441
    Lilly Says:

    Im getting a good giggle out of this :)

  442. 442
    #### Says:

    LOL…I’m so confused! :-)

  443. 443
    wish Says:

    irmelin will steal an oscar and out it between her boobs at an after party!

  444. 444
    dave Says:

    @wish: giggity

  445. 445
    wish Says:

    irmelin dominates leo and has power over him. leo is irmelin’s puppet.

  446. 446
    also... Says:

    Oh, boy! What`s going on here?
    I guess the Oscar campaign hussle was productive and some new info was revealed about Leo. lol @ the marriage part

  447. 447
    also... Says:

    I read some comments on cele b itchy about Leo and his `ideal woman` story. This comment is about models in general and it makes good points.
    Myrto says:
    February 24, 2014 at 8:56 am
    A lot of models start their career very early, sometimes at 13, 14 years old. That means they often drop off high school at 16 to have a full-time modelling career and even if they don’t, you can’t exactly study when you’re constantly between two planes, between two shoots, one day in New York, the next in Milan. So they’re super young and they often didn’t get a proper education.
    On top of that, their job is to be bland, to have no personality when they’re walking on the runway, because people are supposed to focus on the clothes, not the models. If the model has too much personality, that will distract from the clothes. Not exactly a profession that encourages intelligence and personality basically.

  448. 448
    And Says:

    @also…: What’s your point?

  449. 449
    #### Says:


    Seems like the same stuff that’s already been put out there….

  450. 450
    poor toni Says:

    @also…: they chose the perfect photo to accompany the marriage quote <3

  451. 451
    also... Says:

    @####: It`s just a summary of his Oscar campaign.

  452. 452
    also... Says:

    @poor toni: Yeah, an awkward kiss. Perfectly fitting! lol

  453. 453
    Ok Says:

    ” He wants to get married”

    Well, at least he’s open to it. Without mentioning his current girlfriend, Toni Garrn, he said in a recent interview on CBS This Morning that “it’s gonna happen when it’s gonna happen. And I, you know, I’m just gonna let it happen naturally.”

    I think people have picked up on the fact they aren’t serious @also…

  454. 454
    irmelin Says:

    irmelin is jealous of leo’s gf

  455. 455
    irmelin Says:

    @Ok: leo is never serious with anybody. leo will stay with irmelin

  456. 456
    irmelin Says:

    leo depends on irmelin, irmelin makes all the choices and is very rich!

  457. 457
    poor toni Says:

    @also…: i think the kiss is soo cute leo smiling a bit hehe <3

  458. 458
    also... Says:

    @poor Toni: awkward and a total mismatch

  459. 459
    also... Says:

    @also…: Stop stealing my name!

  460. 460
    Blacksharpie Says:
    Lainey can he harsh but she is funny!

  461. 461
    #### Says:

    @poor toni:

    Smiling? Is that what he’s doing?? LOL

    JMO but it looks to me like she was going in for the kiss and he’s just appeasing her.

  462. 462
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Lainey is a bitter old hag

  463. 463
    Amy Says:


    That’s not true though. The top models in the industry have a lot of personality.

    Also I’m sure some models, like actors, are home schooled or get tutors when they’re not in a classroom.

  464. 464
    also... Says:

    @Amy: Don’t talk back to me!! I’m the boss here!! If you don’t agree with everything I say, then leave!!! :eyeroll:

  465. 465
    HAHA12 Says:

    They look great together! Thanks for posting this

  466. 466
    also... Says:

    @Black sharpie: I love that article and that confession led to a huge fight / derail last week but I stand by it. I don’t think she was harsh ( at leat not this time even though recently she definitely was ). I think it’s simply the truth. It is what it is he just doesn’t own up to it ( yet ).

  467. 467
    also... Says:

    @####: Yeah, it’s more like it! lol

  468. 468
    Blacksharpie Says:

    In general, models are not well-educated because they start working
    you ng. They deal with rejection on a regular basis which probay either makes them strong or completely neurotic. Also, the obvious emphasis on physical appearance is not healthy.
    I think high fashion models are supposed to be “blank slates”. However, to extend a models career into another area, they have to have a personality.

  469. 469
    poor toni Says:

    @####: you can see that both of them are leaning into each other and leo has a little bit of a smile and his eyebrows are raised cheekily hehe leo is pushing a bit upwards because toni is taller aww hahah its adorable

  470. 470
    HAHA12 Says:

    I’d rather see this on Sunday

  471. 471
    azerty Says:

    leo’s life is so empty. he doesn’t work like most people. too much tim on his hands. he goes clubbing then stupid empty vacations with his hanger ons and pr girlfriends , drinks, goes clubbing then on a boat for months. what a loser, can’t he use his time in an intelligent way; he’s constantly on vacation or clubbing. wtf?

  472. 472
    Zzzzzz Says:

    To all the Zzzzzzs: Hi ladies! LMAO!! I’m at work, but I saw all talking to each other – I love it! You are cracking me up! Just remember to place nice, please!
    back to the grind! Later! ;)

  473. 473
    Amy Says:


    Bradleo Bromance <3

  474. 474
    azerty Says:

    @HAHA12: you’re always so into the gay stuff, are you gay?

  475. 475
    poor toni Says:

    @HAHA12: lol @ bradley practically lifting off leo’s jacket. that’s toni’s job ;)

  476. 476
    HAHA12 Says:

    Lol, you have admirers! I died when I read all those different Zzzz replying to each other.

  477. 477
    also... Says:

    @Amy: I thought I told you to leave!!! :eyeroll:

  478. 478
    HAHA12 Says:


  479. 479
    HAHA12 Says:

    Only when it comes to Leo and Jonah/Bradley ;)

    Also found this pic from BZ, too cute. Anyone know where it’s from?

  480. 480
    rotfl Says:

    Laughing at this forever.

  481. 481
    also... Says:

    @HAHA12: The love of his life! His buddies!
    @Zzzzzz: How many Zzzzzz-s are out there? What’s your guess? LOL It sees like I have one. Mine is lame…

  482. 482
    Because... Says:

    @also…: you’re lame!! Zzzzzzz is pretty cool, so she got a cool troll!
    They’re just mimicking you

  483. 483
    lol Says:

    Another one of Leo’s pals splits from his wife. Stay single Leo!!

  484. 484
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I’m shocked …not!

  485. 485
    #### Says:


    Really! After all the pics that have been coming out of Robin and other women, definitely not shocked by this. It was only a matter of time.

  486. 486
    .... Says:

    Weren’t they just at the grammy’s together?

    That’s sad!! They’ve been together for a long time, before either of them “made it” and they have a young son!!

  487. 487
    also... Says:

    @Because…: Oh, so that’s what it is! LOL Whatever you say! Obsessed much? Always on my case! :eyeroll:

  488. 488
    HAHA12 Says:

    Not surprising, but kind of shocked it took them so long. I get the impression she was not into the idea of an open marriage like he was since he’s been pictured with a ton of different women in clubs and apparently would get their numbers too over the years. Also the Blurred Lines/Miley Cyrus controversy probably didn’t help.

  489. 489
    also... Says:

    @lol: I doubt anyone is surprised by that! Indeed it was just the question of time. Just like with his buddy, Leo.

  490. 490
    @also Says:

    Of course you still manage to throw shade at Leo when the subject is about Robin Thicke. Lmao

  491. 491
    @490 Says:

    @@also: lol…. She never fails!!

  492. 492
    Ok Says:

    Catwalk models need to be tall, skinny, clear skin, and a good looking face. However, cannot take away the attention from the clothes, so it’s best to get the girl next door. High fashion models need unique features. Another thing is if they are hard to work with, most get dropped. Miranda has had trouble because she’s turning into a bit of a diva- to say the least.

  493. 493
    Ok Says:

    @HAHA12: Took the words right out of my mouth. He’s been pictured with lots of woman, I’m surprised she did not end it sooner.

  494. 494
    Zzzzzz Says:

    Im the only impersonator. Glad I made you laugh. I am creative you know.

  495. 495
    beth Says:

    Does anyone think this story is about DiCaprio?? The only thing that makes me think it isn’t him is his name isn’t hyphenated but the rest of it sounds like him….

  496. 496
    .... Says:

    @beth: Maybe, if they didn’t use past tense “was one of the hottest stars…”
    I was thinking Johnny Depp until I got towards the end, but I don’t know.
    I don’t think it’s Leo though…

  497. 497
    Ok Says:

    @beth: Gerard butler?

  498. 498
    bliss Says:

    no way in the world it’s leo ; we had several sighting of him ; plus this sound like someone who already had addiction problems

  499. 499
    beth Says:

    I don’t know..a lot of the clues point to Leo:

    1. “worked a lot through 2012, but very little in 2013″
    2. “mild-mannered guy in real life”
    3. “he recently talked about his sobriety in a rather awkward interview during a promotional tour for his latest film” <<he talked about never doing coke in the Gayle King interview
    4. they are pretending that he is on a slippery slope vacation in a place near the rehab facility (just in case they need an occasional photo op to keep the ruse going) <<<pictures of him in France on a skiing trip. SLIPPERY SLOPE VACATION

    It all sounds like him. Uh oh..

  500. 500
    bliss Says:

    no way in the world it’s leo ; we had several sighting of him ; plus this sound like someone who already had serious addiction problems

  501. 501
    .... Says:

    @beth: When has Leo been away long enough for rehab though?

  502. 502
    also... Says:

    @beth: I don’t think it’s him. It sounds like it’s an ‘open secret’ that Thai person has a drug problem. Other than some JJ posters I don’t think anyone believes that. And I don’t think Leo was MIA long enough for rehab. JMO

  503. 503
    beth Says:

    @also…: Hmm..maybe you’re right, I’ll wait to see who other people guess on that website

  504. 504
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Zzzzzz (494): hi again! I am at work, but I’m enjoying you so much that I have to let you know! Yes, you are creative! You are making this thread fun to read!
    Out again! Catch you later! ;)

  505. 505
    HAHA12 Says:

    A lot of the details point to it being Leo, but I don’t think its him. But I saw Lainey’s post about it from a couple years ago and she thinks the reason he kept going to the bathroom at a party one time was because of coke. Its very probable he could of had a problem with it before but who really knows.

  506. 506
    HAHA12 Says:

    Leo tied with Oscar Isaac for Best Actor by the International Cinephile Society which consists of 80 film journalists, academics and industry professionals. Need to watch Inside Llewyn Davis asap.

  507. 507
    Blacksharpie Says:

    In the story the actor is referred to as “multi-hyphenate”. I think that means he acted in TV/film/stage.
    What’s funny is that in the blind gossip about a fauxmance being extended posters wondered if it was about Leo.

  508. 508
    also... Says:

    @Black sharpie:
    Re: Fauxmance Really? It really didn’t sound like Leo to me. It said it’s a month-to-month agreement, it’s usually for like 3-4 months and both parties benefit ( equally ) which didn’t sound like Leo and Toni to me.

  509. 509
    Amy Says:

    About the Blind: It can’t be Leo because of this part “this multi-hyphenate actor”

    He’s just an actor. He doesn’t sing, etc… Maybe JT?

  510. 510
    #### Says:


    Wow….I’m telling you he just may pull it off! :-0

  511. 511
    @Amy Says:

    No. They wouldn’t have called JT a multi-hyphenate ”actor”, as his musician persona is more prominent and significant. Plus, JT worked A LOT in 2013.

  512. 512
    HAHA12 Says:

    I don’t see it but at least he can be happy to finally get nominated after so many years :) I’m surprised Leo wasn’t announced as an Oscar presenter today. He presented in both the 2005 and 2007 ceremonies.

  513. 513
    HAHA12 Says:

    Also, I’m wondering if Margot will make an appearance. Since she is new on the scene and the Oscar stage is a great way to get more attention.

  514. 514
    beth Says:

    @Amy: I thought they meant multiple names when they said multi hyphenate like Joseph Gordon-Levitt or a Neil Patrick Harris

  515. 515
    you can bet Says:

    @HAHA12: girl will hustle

  516. 516
    beth Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Lol I would’ve never guessed Leo for that one

  517. 517
    HAHA12 Says:

    @you can bet:
    Nvm, I don’t think she will. I forgot she’s shooting a new movie, but I expect to see there eventually lol.

  518. 518
    you can bet Says:

    @HAHA12: girl will hustle somehow from afar… also, oscar night this year will be a full house, they’ll need to fill their seats wisely so they can get juicy reaction shots of all the losers.

  519. 519
    Ok Says:

    What about Jake Gyylenaul (can’t spell his surname). I don’t think it’s Leo, plus his relationships last way more than a month. I think the Blake thing was short, but it’s more like a fling.

  520. 520
    HAHA12 Says:

    @you can bet:
    Definitely. Last year’s show was more star studded but I’m really excited for this year’s telecast for some reason.

  521. 521
    #### Says:


    I noticed that last night when I saw the list of presenters that he wasn’t going to be presenting. Maybe he turned it down?

  522. 522
    azerty Says:

    @Amy: james franco?

  523. 523
    poor toni Says:

    @####: he turned down the presenting because wants to be by toni’s side throughout the entire ceremony :)

  524. 524
    you can bet Says:

    @HAHA12: the ceremony will be an animal house… and i have a really scary feeling that jlaw will actually win since i can’t see a situation in which american hustle goes home empty handed with so many nominations. then again it happened with true grit and gangs of new york so who knows.

  525. 525
    HAHA12 Says:

    I found it surprising too. He usually presented whenever he was up for an Oscar.

  526. 526
    @poor toni Says:

    I can’t wait until next Monday to rub it in your face that she wasn’t there during the entire ceremony. but I’m sure you’re going to come up with another story by then. you are creative and extremely predictable

  527. 527
    azerty Says:

    @poor toni: i think you’re kind mental

  528. 528
    azerty Says:

    i think leo is one of these losers who’s going to end up alone with escorts around him, he’s not the strong kind of man with a good heart. he’s more like an old kid who clubs and cries to his mother

  529. 529
    also... Says:

    @####: Maybe his latest experience as a Golden Globe presenter is still haunting him.

  530. 530
    HAHA12 Says:

    @you can bet:
    Sadly, I think JLaw is winning. I am a fan, but a 2nd Oscar for such a messy and inconsistent performance like that? You could make a case for DOR winning for Best Original Screenplay as a consolation prize but its screenplay is the most criticized aspect of American Hustle. And Her seems to have a lot more support from the writers branch. Who knows, it could also win just Best Costume Design or something and nothing else but its 4 acting noms lead me to believe it has to at leats win one major award, and I think JLaw could be its sole winner. I’m still going with Lupita tho, I think the Academy will want to find a way to reward 12YAS at least one acting award.

  531. 531
    HAHA12 Says:

    I think there’s a chance JLaw is winning*

  532. 532
    @also Says:

    Ellen would never make fun of his personal life which he keeps private because she is nice and likes him a lot. Besides, he handled that supermodel joke well but you act like he cried about it. :eyeroll:

  533. 533
    #### Says:


    LOL could be!!!! :-0

  534. 534
    azerty Says:

    @@also: leo is ridiculous with his young models , he’s a shallow pervert

  535. 535
    #### Says:


    Did you watch the GG??? It wasn’t just the joke that made his presenting awkward. They had just come back from commercial, Leo was trying to talk over the crowd, he mispronounced Philomena, etc. It was just kind of chaotic…..

  536. 536
    also... Says:

    @ @also: If I’m not mistaken I said it’s still haunting him and not that he is worried that it will happen again. I don’t even know why I bother mentioning that I didn’t say anything about his reaction. Can you read? Can you just once response to what I actually posted and not what you think I meant? It’s would be a refreshing change.
    It was a joke but you are all worked up again. 😏

  537. 537
    also... Says:

    @####: Don’t bother. The mission was to pick on me again so you can say whatever you want. It’s all about what she wants to see behind my comment not what I said.

  538. 538
    pie Says:

    I like @poor toni’s humor, cute !

  539. 539
    azerty Says:

    leo is an ugly looking dude who’s so precious he thinks he’s only worth victoria’s secret

  540. 540
    @also Says:

    You guys are so obsessed with the fact he got called out for dating supermodels and completely disregard the thumbs up and smile he gave after she said the joke. But I guess he only did that because he can’t handle jokes and has no sense of humor? I mean if he completely ignored what they said with a serious face you all would of criticized them, but since he gave them a thumbs up and smiled at the joke as well as saying they could make fun of him anytime he still gets criticized? I mean he just can’t win with you guys.

  541. 541
    azerty Says:

    @@also: leo is a joke. what king of 39 year old loser would only date models who all look alike and who could be his daughters? it’s freaky! the only thing he does with his time is drinking, clubbing and going after very young plastic girls. something is wrong with him. he does nothing but party and cheat, he’s an adult. guys go through those kinds of phases in their teens and early 20s….

  542. 542
    @also Says:

    You care more about his sex life than your own. Thats what is sad.

  543. 543
    #### Says:


    Did you not read my comment???? You really don’t know how to read people’s comments do you? LMAO

  544. 544
    azerty Says:

    @@also: wtf? no way. i care about my own. you didn’t get it. he’s an old guy who only likes unexperienced girls with maybe no std. he’s a pervert who goes after real young girls. freaky and strange. in 10 years i’m betting with you that he will still be doing the same thing: taking the girls from a catalog and clubbing. he’s acting with girls the way casting directors used to behave with him; you, no, yes, no, you, yes;…..likes some kind of prostitution. he’s bloated and wrinkled; he thinks he’s the most beautiful man ever. but the thing is if he wasn’t an actor he would be some random guy going after girls in clubs and wouldn’t have any success….

  545. 545
    @also Says:

    You all spent more time obsessing over the joke and if Toni would be at the afterparty than his win or how he interacted with so many friends and looked in good spirits at the show. That gives me enough reason to conclude you both are not real Leo fans and only care about who he dates.

  546. 546
    azerty Says:

    @####: i agree with you.

  547. 547
    @also Says:

    Again, you obsess more over his personal life than anything else. Its his life, not yours. Why don’t you get one of your own instead of spending all night trolling a cheap gossip site with your repetitive comments.

  548. 548
    Jeez Says:

    @also…: Why are you such a ***** to people?

  549. 549
    also... Says:

    @####: No, she doesn’t. She does selective reading and selective reading comprehension.

  550. 550
    line Says:
    it’s like a bunch of guys from your high school that were losers and ugly and they got money and suddenly thought they could buy anything and become popular. that’s leo’s story a fat nosed little ugly kid who couldn’t get a date and as soon as he had his paycheck and played a romantic and died at the end hit the lottery but still a loser inside.

  551. 551
    @@also Says:

    This is actually true..despite you coming after both also and ####. In 2011 for ex Leo fans used to comment on his career and him in general with very interesting discussions. But now, they only care about his love life and nothing else. Thats all that is discussed here. Toni this, Toni that, where is Toni, the end is near, blahblahblah.

  552. 552
    @@also Says:

    Oh and trashing Leo and his mother. Its such a stale group over here. There used to be such great posters like CanadaGirl, Philly, iheartcomments from the old days but most of them left because they had to move on from JJ/Leo or got tired of the obsessive girlfriend bashing that still continues on here.

  553. 553
    #### Says:


    And you seem to be obsessing over telling me that I’m obsessing about a joke that my comment had nothing to do with. The joke was a very small part of my comment but apparently to you it was the whole fricking comment! Come back to today’s thread and stop reliving the thread when everyone was commenting on the GG joke!

    My whole point was that maybe from the chaos of his presenting at the GGs and the fact that he’s probably stressing this week over the Oscars ceremony (even though he wouldn’t admit to it) that maybe he decided to pass on presenting and just enjoy the ceremony.

    Read whatever you want in that! Geez….

  554. 554
    azerty Says:

    @@also: he doesn’t have a life, he’s a loser who can’t even answer his own answers in interviews , spends his money like a pimp and spends his time clubbing like a 17 year old and dates young bimbos. he’s a pervert and everybody knows that. he’s f weird

  555. 555
    @#553 Says:

    and the fact that he’s probably stressing this week over the Oscars “ceremony (even though he wouldn’t admit to it) that maybe he decided to pass on presenting and just enjoy the ceremony.”

    Why not just word it like that instead of implying it’s only because of the GG joke which we all know probably isn’t true? If you or also mentioned that then I don’t think that poster would have attacked you.

  556. 556
    azerty Says:

    leo is a loser and a pervert, he’s gross and treats people like crap. he’s an ordinary guy who’s sleazy and lazy and has no heart.

  557. 557
    #### Says:


    Because I was responding to a comment. And why does it matter how I worded my comment? It was still a small part of my entire comment that you or whoever chose to focus on?

    So now we’re back in school and I have to re-read my comment to make sure it’s written properly for posters on here who don’t know how to read and who want to just use it to attack other posters?


  558. 558
    @#553 Says:

    Oh get over yourself. It was just a suggestion. I know you’d rather talk about Toni so I’ll leave you to it.

  559. 559
    leo the oscar loser Says:

    leo will not have the statue but he’ll have escorts waiting for him in his lonely hotel room.

  560. 560
    #### Says:


    OMFG……yes because that’s what I was talking about. You read between my comments and figured it out!

  561. 561
    @#553 Says:

    Please. Its all you talk about. You write even paragraphs about her and her whereabouts. And you’ll be doing exactly that along with the Toni obsessed loonies this Sunday when we find out about what other after party she attended.

  562. 562
    fdfdffd Says:

    @@#553: toni and leo the losers, they will get married at an after after after party

  563. 563
    #### Says:


    Wow you’re good! :-0

    Whatever you say! LOL

  564. 564
    fdfdffd Says:

  565. 565
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: Hi lady, not to start some trouble but I agree with the trolls. I mean if we could focus on Leo and interesting things, rather than make a big deal out of the GG. Again not starting trouble, JMO.

  566. 566
    fdfdffd Says:

    leo is a pervert!!

  567. 567
    fdfdffd Says:

    he looks so american; typical american guy, so plain and boring.

  568. 568
    #### Says:


    Sigh…..did you read what I posted? I’m really not trying to beat a dead horse but I was not focusing on the GGs. I simply stated why he may have decided not to present at the Oscars.

    I’m done…..

  569. 569
    @#### Says:

    This is clearly Zzzzz’s impersonator lol

  570. 570
    academy Says:

    Can’t wait to see how leonardo will try to keep a straight face when he’ll lose that oscar.
    he doesn’t deserve an oscar for playing a guy who is too similar to himself.

  571. 571
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: hi lady! Just to let you know #565 was not me!
    @Zzzzzz (565): hello again! Not sure if you’re my regular imposter, but fyi, I always say hi with an exclamation point. I’m off for the next hour or two. Have fun!
    @HAHA12: hi there lady! Did you see my comment from last night? I think I might actually be more optimistic than you re Leo winning the Oscar! How the hell did that happen?! LOL!
    Off to workout, be back later today!

  572. 572
    .... Says:


    I wonder what he said about Kate…. :(

  573. 573
    .... Says:

    @….: Whoops…

  574. 574
    academy Says:

    leo has very bad karma

  575. 575
    HAHA12 Says:

    OMG right at the end. That sucks, I always like hearing him talk about Kate. I don’t know why. I wish we could get another candid or sighting of them together
    Hey there! Your trio of impersonators was hilarious from a few pages back. I saw your comment re Oscars but honestly I don’t care anymore if he wins or loses, just glad he got nominated! The main thing is I hope he enjoys himself and interacts with a lots of other stars. If it happens, it happens. But it really looks like Matthew’s time. Do you watch True Detective? Highly recommend, he’s great on it and so is Woody Harrelson.

  576. 576
    Amy Says:

    A lot of people on Blind Gossip are saying the blind is about Zac Efron.

  577. 577
    academy Says:

    leo does drugs.

  578. 578
    #### Says:


    Since I’m at work and without being able to see it right now, can you tell me what happens at the end??? :-)

  579. 579
    #### Says:


    He was the first actor I thought of but not sure he does theater??

  580. 580
    HAHA12 Says:

    He talks about Titanic and how he never expected it to be the huge hit it was and the guy said something along the lines that Titanic would not have been complete without Kate. Then guy asks Leo to tell his thoughts on Kate and the video ends!

  581. 581
    #### Says:


    Oh wow! Thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely watch it later! :-)

  582. 582
    Amy Says:


    HSM. Actor/Singer/Dancer

  583. 583
    .... Says:

    @HAHA12: I didn’t know Kate and Leo had known each other before! I thought they met during the audition process

  584. 584
    #### Says:



    LOL I was thinking of acting, singing and theater! :-)

    Now I’m pretty sure it’s Efron…..well that’s sad. I hope he beats it!

  585. 585
    HAHA12 Says:

    Same! They met in Cannes and were already friends, maybe thats why Kate was so dead set on getting Leo to do Titanic. I remember she said something like she couldn’t star in it without him.

  586. 586
    .... Says:

    @HAHA12: Yeah, I remember him saying something like she was the reason he did Titanic instead of Boogie Nights
    I love their friendship!!

  587. 587
    beth Says:

    @Amy: Ya I saw that too. Glad it’s probably not Leo

  588. 588
    HAHA12 Says:

    Thank God for Kate! He made the right choice. And yes I love that they’re close friends still to this day. He needs more genuine friends like her.

  589. 589
    Titanic Says:

    I think Kate really loves Leo. Leo likes her, that’s it.

  590. 590
    poor toni Says:

    @HAHA12: leo said i hope kate approves of toni :)

  591. 591
    shore Says:

    @Titanic: never liked kate, but leo is amazing. the speech she gave at the golden globes in front of everyone and her own husband was really embarrassing.

  592. 592
    Iceberg Says:

    @Titanic: No, the love is even on both ends. Kate is just very open and emotional and Leo is the opposite so his feelings are more discrete. Their love is stronger than a romance and will last forever, you can tell.

  593. 593
    Deck Says:

    @Iceberg: then they should have gotten together. real love is stronger than friendship.

  594. 594
    Irmelin Says:

    Leo is worse than Dave when it comes to sex

  595. 595
    Amy Says:


    LMAO. Kate and Leo ARE NOT Rose and Titanic. #realitycheck

  596. 596
    no way Says:

    yuk, tianic, leo must regret in starring in such a cheesy love story

  597. 597
    Amy Says:

    *Jack* lol

  598. 598
    poor toni Says:

    @Iceberg: aww their love is stronger than jack and rose hehe but not as strong as leo and toni ;)

  599. 599
    Amy Says:

    @poor toni:

    Toni IS an iceberg ;)

  600. 600
    captain Says:

    naw, people got caught up in the movie. i’m sure those two could not stand each other as a couple. kate is over the top and crazy. they always talk too much of their friendship, i always get the feeling that they are selling us something in interviews and on the red carpet. not authentic.

  601. 601
    forget it Says:

    forget it, when two people are really in love they get together. she got married and had 3 children, leo dated i don’t know how many prostitutes. they are not in love. when you love somebody you don’t just stay friends.

  602. 602
    Iceberg Says:

    @captain: As much as it may pain you, their friendship is genuine. Also, I am the iceberg and you are the captain and the iceberg killed the captain at the end of the movie so….

  603. 603
    captain Says:

    @Iceberg: wow, you’re very good in math, and jack dies at the end. so not another romeo and juliet story. how original. leo thinks he’s loved for him but he just acted in a hit and played a lovey dovy guy, wowoowoowowowoowowowwoww! it doesn’t pain me at all. i think they don’t see each other that much and they didn’t see each other for a couple of years where they weren’t really friends, then saw each other again. it’s partly phony because of their job and the roles they played. kate is annoying and she’s overrated.

  604. 604
    captain Says:

    @Iceberg: the iceberg ruined the whole ship and f everything up! because of that damn iceberg!!!! aahhahahahhahha

  605. 605
    Iceberg Says:

    @captain: You seem to be in pain judging by the length and aggressiveness of your answer

  606. 606
    3 kid Says:

    Maybe Kate is his sm. She has the 3 kids that are often referenced. She’s older and fits the description

  607. 607
    forget it Says:

    @Iceberg: no, they are not really close. they hardly ever see each other, it’s for the cameras.

  608. 608
    forget it Says:

    @3 kid: what description? if she was they would have fallen in love and been together a looong time ago

  609. 609
    poor toni Says:

    @3 kid: toni is his soulmate :)

  610. 610
    .... Says:

    @forget it: He just walked her down the aisle at her wedding for the heck of it!

  611. 611
    forget it Says:

    @….: yeah cause her parents didn’t want her to get married AGAIN! who cares about walking down the aisle, so corny

  612. 612
    .... Says:

    @forget it: So where we’re the cameras?

  613. 613
    Iceberg Says:

    @forget it: They hardly ever see each other because Leo still hasn’t become an adult and quit his ridiculous clubbing lifestyle. If they were both adults they would probably spend more time together but Leo is stuck in his life still living like a spoiled child.

  614. 614
    dan Says:

    @….: doubt he has ever been in love with her. i would never walk a girl i was in love with down the aisle.

  615. 615
    Just a thought Says:

    Maybe both of their love lives are messes BECAUSE they were supposed to get together? ahahahah just a guess but it makes sense when you think about it……… They make a cute couple at least, they seem to match perfectly even down to their height and age.

  616. 616
    HAHA12 Says:

    People get so worked up when someone says Leo loves Kate lol. You just get accused of being Jack and Rose stans. Like its not possible for you to put your annoyance of who he dates away for one second and realize they have a strong friendship that’s lasted for almost 20 years and since they were young 20 somethings. And considering the fact he spoils her children with presents, apparently gave her away at her recent wedding, and that she’s likely Leo’s only close female friend, then yes you can say they love each other whether Leo clubs or dates young models or whatever. That has nothing to do with their friendship.

  617. 617
    forget it Says:

    leo will have to walk her down the aisle 5 more time sin the future. groundhog kate

  618. 618
    .... Says:

    @dan: I don’t think either of them are in love, but I believe their friendship is genuine!

  619. 619
    HAHA12 Says:

    I would say Kate definitely ‘fell’ for Leo or had a huge crush on him but she eventually got over that.

  620. 620
    forget it Says:

    @Just a thought: ewwww, her v a g i n a is really wide , stinky and ugly. kate is a no no. they didn’t get together because leo never had any romantic feelings for kate. kate was in love with him and obsessed with him. she was heartbroken and married an idiot and had a child; then did that again and again ad again;..

  621. 621
    nope Says:

    @….: there’s a lot of press about their friendship, it’s good for their image.

  622. 622
    nope Says:

    leo is forever stuck in his titanic days, he thinks he’s still 21

  623. 623
    nope Says:

    @Just a thought: you think that kate is leo’s sm? let me laugh

  624. 624
    .... Says:

    @HAHA12: It’s definitely possible. I find it funny how it appears at times that they both have valued one another more than their personal relationships. Like Kate’s GG speak.. I don’t think she was professing her love for Leo, but I thought it was funny how she was more emotional about him than Sam!
    And of course Sam turned out to be a cheat, so…

  625. 625
    zorro Says:

    @….: imagine leo will fall in love with a woman , than he’s gonna go on about how kate is more important to him and the sm will break up with him and leo will be left alone with old kate and will cry like a baby!!

  626. 626
    HAHA12 Says:

    During 2008 awards season when she was campaigning for Rev Road/The Reader she was gushing over Leo as if he was her husband and especially at the Globes. Isn’t it kinda coincidental right after awards season they divorced? But yeah he also cheated on her with Rebecca Hall.

  627. 627
    zorro Says:

    @….: her gg speech was ridiculous. maybe the opposite will happen to leo one day. his wife will confess her love to another guy at the golden globes, in front of leo!

  628. 628
    Just a thought Says:

    @nope: Is the Kate and Leo denier the same person using different uncapitalized usernames???

  629. 629
    .... Says:

    @zorro: …. In a movie?

  630. 630
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Just a thought:
    Likely the same troll changing their names and talking to themselves lol.

  631. 631
    zorro Says:

    @….: No, in real life baby!

  632. 632
    zorro Says:

    i think leo will have a bad karma and those things will play against him

  633. 633
    Just a thought Says:

    @HAHA12: They can’t even be bothered to capitalize the username for some realism? lol

  634. 634
    .... Says:

    @HAHA12: Now that I look back at old interviews, etc I can sense the tension, but I didn’t notice it at the time. I was too excited about seeing Kate and Leo back on the big screen. But maybe both Kate and Leo have bad “pickers?”

  635. 635
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Just a thought:
    Lol no its so transparent and obvious and it ALWAYS happens around the same time. They just start ranting and dissing Leo with another troll and then they end up going on about how they want Leo to be healthy and they are worried for him. Every single day lol.

  636. 636
    zorro Says:

    leo has bad bad bad karma!!!!!

  637. 637
    WTF Says:

    Of all the things we want to deny about Leo you guys/trolls choose his friendship with Kate Winslet?! We should be grateful that Leo has one female friend over 25.

  638. 638
    .... Says:

    @WTF: I agree!!

  639. 639
    zorro Says:

    @WTF: Who cares, it’s not a great friendship. it’s partly because of their sucky movies. kate was horrible in titanic.

  640. 640
    HAHA12 Says:

    Someone a long time ago mentioned that there seemed to be more tension between Claire Danes and Leo, instead of Kate and Leo who came across more like brother and sister back in the day. Have you seen gifs of Romeo+Juliet behind the scenes? I remember seeing Leo grab Claire’s ass in the pool scene lol and be all over her and she would smile but look annoyed. They also were especially touchy. There were serious rumors about them being a couple but she thought he was too immature. During Rev Road promotion I didn’t sense any tension, but I did notice Kate would gush about Leo so much.

  641. 641
    zorro Says:

    @WTF: hahhahaah, over 25!!!! hahhahaa, his brain is so dumb that he’s proud to have 1 friend over the age of 25!!!

  642. 642
    HAHA12 Says:

    AMEN! Thank you for this comment!

  643. 643
    zorro Says:

    @HAHA12: he grabbed her butt cause he was horny.

  644. 644
    .... Says:

    @HAHA12: YES!!! I saw those gifs, lol
    I felt so bad for Leo because he seemed kind of thirsty!
    But Claire did look annoyed with him, that’s why I didn’t know whether to believe the rumors about them.
    But then they said that Leo was similar with Kate during Titanic, but they got along better because Kate is like one of the guys. Something about him giving her “dutch ovens” and sex tips!!

    There was a documentary about Kate I watched a coupe of years ago and one of the producers of Titanic said that Kate and Leo would follow each other around and play like puppy dogs!

  645. 645
    zorro Says:

    claire and leo are the perfect couple both their faces are huge!

  646. 646
    claire.... Says:

    @HAHA12: is the kind of woman leo does not like… b*tchy and always complaining. maybe they had some teenage sexual tension (dont know why because claire is not that attractive) but their relationship is nothing like leo and kates. not that i think leo and kate should get married or anything.

  647. 647
    HAHA12 Says:

    LMAO he looked hella thirsty for her it was so strange especially because Claire is not his type whatsoever. I’m talking about this gifset btw:

    Yeah I remember hearing about how they gave each other sex advice or something to the extent and they would goof around a lot like little kids on Titanic lol. Were there any stories of them flirting or looking romantic towards each other off set? I think since you said Kate was like one of the guys and especially was very confident and ballsy at such a young age, that helped their friendship even more.

  648. 648
    ITY Says:

    @claire….: Leo has weird tastes in women: claire, kristen, kate, erin…..

  649. 649
    claire.... Says:

    @zorro: claire is a homewrecker

  650. 650
    HAHA12 Says:

    I don’t think Claire liked working with Leo that much. She considered him too immature and naughty and she seems the total opposite. But if you click on the link I posted form Tumblr Leo was definitely all over her during the filming, maybe like someone said it was just because he was horny lol. I don’t see them getting along much today.

  651. 651
    claire.... Says:

    claire has only spoken about leo once since romeo and juliet and all she said about him was that he got fatter hahahahahahahahahahaha

  652. 652
    zorro Says:

    @claire….: i bet. leo is too.

  653. 653
    Zzzzzz Says:

    Hi ladies! The “trio” was just me having fun. Only one. But I think sometimes someone pops on to impersonate me impersonality zzzzzz.

  654. 654
    .... Says:

    @HAHA12: Nope! I’ve never heard any dating stories, but I have heard stories about Leo being protective over her during Titanic promo when guys would try to flirt with her!

    I definitely think that part of Kate’s personality is why all of her male co-stars speak so highly of her! She seems to have that effect on people.

    Those gifs are so funny BTW! Leo is such a flirt!! He’s one of those guys who was just meant to be surrounded by women!

  655. 655
    Amy Says:


    Kate doesn’t like “pretty boys”. Look at the guys she’s been with.

  656. 656
    zorro Says:

    @Amy: leo’s face is not nice

  657. 657
    Hmmm Says:

    @….: “He’s one of those guys who was just meant to be surrounded by women!”

    … I don’t know about that LOL I guess the combination of being charming and famous makes him irresistible but it seems like he never learned to control himself and those reckless habits and attitudes he had as a youth are starting to dominate his life.

  658. 658
    zorro Says:

    @Hmmm: he’s a man whooore and you cannot say the opposite

  659. 659
    .... Says:

    @Hmmm: I don’t know…. He just reminds me of little boys who flirt with older women, and then grow up to be playboys or ladies men!

  660. 660
    zorro Says:

    @….: leo protecting kate from guys flirting with kate, i doubt it.

  661. 661
    Ok Says:

    @….: agreed!!

  662. 662
    zorro Says:

    @Hmmm: he never will grow. girls don’t like him for him. he got famous, it’s not natural charm;

  663. 663
    HAHA12 Says:

    Aw thats cute. Thats why I get more of a brother-sister vibe from them. I hope they remain close friends until old age. Agree about him needing to be surrounded by women. Thats why I can never believe those that try to convince everyone he is secretly gay. He can just charm women so well, like he did with Amy Adams on Catch Me If You Can set or Carey Mulligan on the Gatsby set. Amy had a huge crush on him but knew she didn’t have a chance because he was with Gisele. I love these pics of them:

  664. 664
    Lilly Says:

    Kate is meant to be a very pleasant person astrology wise. She has a Libra sun, moon, and ascendant. Leo and Kate both have Libra moons and ascendants :)) x

  665. 665
    Hmmm Says:

    @….: Flirting with older women?!?!?!?!?!?!!? Has Leo ever done that???????? What I mean is that obviously ladies are attracted to Leo but that might not be good for him because it can bring him the wrong kind of self esteem or self image. He might think that these ladies like him as a person but in reality they’re only interested in his money or celebrity.

  666. 666
    .... Says:

    @HAHA12: Those are cute!! Leo totally had me convinced he was a teenage boy in this movie!!

    I know Kate and Leo said that they’ll make one more movie when they’re both really old… I look forward to it!!

  667. 667
    zorro Says:

    @Lilly: who cares, grow out of your atsrology bs !

  668. 668
    .... Says:

    @Lilly: I care Lilly!! Thank you!!

  669. 669
    zorro Says:

    @Hmmm: he’s insecure and the women who flirt with him is not for the right things

  670. 670
    HAHA12 Says:

    He has charmed his older woman before! Lol

  671. 671
    poor toni Says:

    @Lilly: what about toni?? :) her “moons” must be irresistible to leo’s manly touch

  672. 672
    HAHA12 Says:

    Also with Lauren Bacall
    They said they’d make a movie every decade or so, I hope they kept their word and this time it’s in a happier project than Rev Road and they both live until the ending!

  673. 673
    zorro Says:

    @….: yeah they’ll be old and gray and have one leg left

  674. 674
    Hmmm Says:

    @HAHA12: He’s smiling bigger here and seems more physically involved than he’s ever looked with Toni hahaha.

  675. 675
    HAHA12 Says:

    LOL! So true

  676. 676
    claire.... Says:

    @HAHA12: ew sorry but in those gifs leo just looks like he’s dominating claire and just jerking her around. claire just has a blank look on her face and doesn’t look him in the eye. also the brownish tinge makes them look dirty and grimy

  677. 677
    HAHA12 Says:

    Thats why I said I don’t think she liked him but for some reason he was so thirsty for her on set.

  678. 678
    poor toni Says:

    @Hmmm: toni and leo are very romantic and intimate behind the scenes ;) leo would never cheat on toni with helen mirren *sigh* hes so commited

  679. 679
    zorro Says:

    @HAHA12: that’s called acting, they had to do that, they are playing romeo and juliet!

  680. 680
    .... Says:

    @HAHA12: So I saw earlier that you think J-Law is going to win the Oscar?

  681. 681
    zorro Says:

    @poor toni: leo’s breath smells like club pussyyy

  682. 682
    claire.... Says:

    @HAHA12: “for some reason he so really thirsty for her on set” with this i agree completely… it really is a mystery! dont know what he would want from claire she doesn’t even have a supermodel body. maybe they were the only kids on set? or maybe she was his only friend during filming?

  683. 683
    zorro Says:

    @claire….: hahhaa, leo sure doesn’t have a supermodel body and face!

  684. 684
    poor toni Says:

    @zorro: leo’s breath has smelled like toni’s p-u-s-s-y ever since they met <3

  685. 685
    HAHA12 Says:

    In most cases winning the GG+BAFTA is a stronger combo than winning the Critics Choice+SAG. And American Hustle’s only realistic shots at winning any major awards are in Screenplay or Supporting Actress. I’m thinking since they nominated 4 of its actors, they may just want to give it to JLaw as a way to reward the film overall? But then at the same time I cannot see Jennifer Lawrence winning back to back Oscars. Like no way, I know she is beloved and so popular right now but that’s just insane.

    I’m going with Lupita for now but let’s just say I wouldn’t be *shocked* if JLaw wins. Hbu?

  686. 686
    HAHA12 Says:

    Or maybe he was really horny. Lol its a mystery.

  687. 687
    .... Says:

    @HAHA12: I hope not! I thought her acting wasn’t the best in that movie. It was kind of silly IMO!
    But if she wins, the backlash that she’ll receive is going to be out of this world!

  688. 688
    Alfonso Says:

    @HAHA12: how old are you? you’re a woman right?

  689. 689
    Alfonso Says:

    @….: why? you’re jealous of her?cause she got one already?

  690. 690
    HAHA12 Says:

    Thats why I don’t want her to win. The Lupita stans especially will hate her forever. And the backlash on the internet and by the media I think will be really bad, despite how liked she is. Her performance is very divisive, and I also didn’t care for it either. it’d be a shame if she won a second Oscar for that performance when she’s likely to give so many better performances in the future. She’d be better off losing than winning.

  691. 691
    .... Says:

    @Alfonso: I’m not an actress, why would I be jealous?

  692. 692
    .... Says:

    @HAHA12: I totally agree!! I don’t want her to face that kind of attack, because I do believe she has a long career ahead of her. She’s already a “thing” which for actors takes away from the mystery of their characters.

  693. 693
    Alfonso Says:

    @….: how old are you?

  694. 694
    HAHA12 Says:

    Same. She’s really talented but this kind of achievement would harm her more than help her, and an Oscar would benefit Lupita’s career much more than JLaw’s if we’re taking away their actual performances out of the equation.
    I gtg, it was nice talking to you :)

  695. 695
    Alfonso Says:

    @HAHA12: you’re always complaining like a jerk. jealous, envious , everything. your opinions suck! get yourself a life, a good job and accept how you look. you’re obviously an envious person.

  696. 696
    .... Says:

    @HAHA12: TTYL!!!

  697. 697
    Alfonso Says:

    @HAHA12: that’s it, go, stop humping this thread. leo doesn’t like you biaaatchhhh!

  698. 698
    HAHA12 Says:


  699. 699
    .... Says:

    @HAHA12: LMAO!!!

  700. 700
    Alfonso Says:

    @HAHA12: i knew it, you’re some old loser with no life, alone. jealous of good looking women.

  701. 701
    Lana Says:

  702. 702
    HAHA12 Says:

    Jealous of who, Jennifer Lawrence? I like her a lot, just think she’ll get tons of backlash if she wins a 2nd Oscar. But whatever you say ;)

  703. 703
    Alfonso Says:

    @HAHA12: Biiiiiiiiaaatttccchhhhhhh, you’re an old loser, take that and ******* off!!!

  704. 704
    .... Says:

    @Alfonso: Shut up and leave people alone already!!

  705. 705
    .... Says:

    @Lana: Thank You!! I haven’t seen this!!

  706. 706
    Alfonso Says:

    @….: you shut up! you bitchhhhhh!

  707. 707
    Alfonso Says:

    @Lana: what a fake interview, they didn’t even tape the questions and the answers at the same time; leo does that a lot! what a fake!

  708. 708
    .... Says:

    @Alfonso: There’s only 1 “C” and 1 “H” in *****!

  709. 709
    #### Says:

    daej e. (@randomwordvomit)
    2/24/14, 6:23 PM
    Holy Jordan Belfort, I just saw Leo DiCaprio on Sunset posing in front of his Wolf of Wall Street poster!!!! #futurehusbandtobe lol @djenero


  710. 710
    Alfonso Says:

    @….: bbbbiiiiiitttccccccchhhhhhhhhhhh

  711. 711
    .... Says:

    @Alfonso: Now you just messed it all up!!

  712. 712
    Alfonso Says:

    @….: ***** is not a word; bbbbiiiittttchhhh is!

  713. 713
    the president Says:

    @####: yuck take the posters down already america to prevent future occurences of horrific events such as this: filthy hollyweird inbred taking pride in his own sh*t. dicaprio is worse than belfort

  714. 714
    Alfonso Says: hahhahahhahahha BBBIIIITTTTTTCHHHHH

  715. 715
    .... Says:

    @Alfonso: Yeah, for someone who stutters!!

  716. 716
    @Alfonso Says:

    You can’t even link a tumblr gif properly. Sit the f*ck down.

  717. 717
    the president Says:

    remove wows from the theatres to make room for more showings of the lego movie

  718. 718
    Alfonso Says:

    @the president: dicaprio is corrupted!!! he’s a slimy person;

  719. 719
    .... Says:

    @@Alfonso: LMAO!!!!

  720. 720
    Alfonso Says:

    @@Alfonso: that’s because it’s private you biiiiitttchhhhh hahhahahhahaa

  721. 721
    the president Says:

    @Lana: where the hell is dicap in that vid???? that room is so fugly lmfaoo

  722. 722


  723. 723
    Alfonso Says:

    @the president: he is in a prostitute closet

  724. 724
    @Alfonso Says:

    No you dumbass there’s no such thing as a private gif.
    Now try again idiot.

  725. 725


  726. 726


  727. 727
    Alfonso Says:

    @@Alfonso: hey, i have an advice for you why don’t you find yourself a name and a life, bbbiiiaaatttcccchhhhhhhh

  728. 728


  729. 729


  730. 730
    @Alfonso Says:

    Nothing but trolls and loonies in sight. Time to bounce outta here real quick.

  731. 731


  732. 732


  733. 733
    crappy oscars hosts this year Says:

    zac efron?? emma watson??? i hope leo pushes the kids off the stage and takes charge of the show

  734. 734
    Alfonso Says:

    @@Alfonso: yeah bounce biiitch, go join leo the whooore

  735. 735
    Tall girl problems Says:

    Why am I so much taller than Leo. He is supposed to be six feet tall. Freaky

  736. 736
    Alfonso Says:

    @SUNSHINE PR: he’s full of crap, we know that. he’s corrupted

  737. 737
    the academy Says:

    @crappy oscars hosts this year: we know that if leo presents he’ll have a breakdown on stage so we asked him but his pr politely declined hahahahahahahahhahaahhaahhahahahahahah

  738. 738


  739. 739
    Alfonso Says:

    @SMACK WOMEN AROUND LEO: nobody wants to go out on a pr relationship with leo anymore? onnnnnnnnn so sad. doesn’t he realize how obvious it is?

  740. 740


  741. 741
    the academy Says:

    leo will sing young and beautiful at the oscars he’ll wear a pretty dress and have tears in his eyes sniff sniff

  742. 742
    Tall girl problems Says:

    Some of those girls are about as tall as me. Drive lLeo’s fan b*tches crazy

  743. 743
    Tall girl problems Says:


  744. 744
    months Says:

    he’s so precious always going to rich places like he’s too good for anything. no wonder he’s a jerk rich people are uncultured and need to be pampered so much. he’s not an adventurer or a real man. he’s like a little dumb princess

  745. 745
    Tall girl problems Says:


  746. 746
    Tall girl problems Says:


  747. 747
    academys plea to leos campaign Says:

    leo we can’t handle hearing one more interview about wows we get it we get it *sobbing violently*

  748. 748
    american citizens Says:

    leo’s campaign is worse than belforts scamming because we can’t escape it he’s shoved down our throats everyday

  749. 749
    american citizens Says:

    leo keeps reminding us about belfort we want to move on but leo keeps bringing him up stop leo stop it hurts

  750. 750
    m Says:

    Staged photos amd fawning scripted interviews about nothing. BEARDS

  751. 751
    @american citizens Says:

    Then don’t watch his interviews, WTF?

  752. 752
    m Says:

    @@american citizens: if you have seen one interview you have seen them all

  753. 753
    @american citizens Says:

    Then don’t watch his interviews and stop spreading your venom on these threads 24/7.

  754. 754
    american citizens Says:

    @@american citizens: he’s literally everywhere on all the talk shows and in all magazines and websites you seriously can’t escape like wtf

  755. 755
    m Says:

    LEO’S PR AT IT AGAIN@@american citizens: LEOS PR

  756. 756
    american citizens Says:

    @@american citizens: leo is the one literally spreading his venom of bland interviews that put people to sleep we can’t escape he’s everywhere

  757. 757
    @american citizens Says:

    @american citizens:
    LMAO he was on ONE show and that was Ellen you dumbass. Everything else has been Q&A’s that no one is forcing you to watch. Matthew McConaughey, Lupita Nyong’o, Bradley Cooper, those people have been on every talk show. Not Leo so get your facts straight.

  758. 758
    m Says:


  759. 759
    american citizens Says:

    @@american citizens: at least everyone else changes what they have to say leo is unbearable saying the same things over and over and over and over he’s increased the rates of depression in america he’s awful

  760. 760
    @american citizens Says:

    @american citizens:
    If he’s so awful then WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ON HERE 24/7? I hate coming to this site so much now.

  761. 761


  762. 762
    american citizens Says:

    @@american citizens: this is one of the few places on the internet where people are honest about leo’s sh*ttiness

  763. 763
    @american citizens Says:

    @american citizens:
    No, there is nothing sh*tty about Leo, he is a complete stranger to all you bitter trolls who take your frustrations out on him and wish he was married with a librarian and 4 kids.

  764. 764
    months Says:

    @m: i knew it! he’s gay? or he just likes to sleep around and needs a cover up? most of his pictures are staged? is he that horrible of a person?

  765. 765
    american citizens Says:

    @@american citizens: you say that like marriage and children would be bad to him and thats shallow to attack librarians but you must think leo is amazing with no flaws wow wake up he’s fooling you he’s repeating the same lie over and over you’re the dumbass for falling for it

  766. 766


  767. 767

    @@american citizens: DO YOU KNOW LEO

  768. 768
    irmelin Says:

    irmelin will die while leo is in 1oak leo will find out while he’s drunk and dubstep hip hop is playing in the background

  769. 769
    Margot Says:

    How do you spell HYPOCRITE

  770. 770
    hippo Says:

    @Margot: you just spelled it..

  771. 771
    ???? Says:

    @irmelin: How does your mind even get to this place?

  772. 772
    @#771 Says:

    Disturbing people on here..

  773. 773
    §§§§§§§ Says:

    @@american citizens: so it’s a good thing that he sleeps aroudn and treating women like sex toys and drinking and selling his clubbing lifestyle, private jets… and scripted interviews?

  774. 774
    §§§§§§§ Says:

    @@american citizens: they are not interviews, they are one act plays.

  775. 775
    leo pack Says:


  776. 776
    Charlie Rose Says:

    Nina Christy Petra and lilly..on Charlie Rose SI models im sure Leo’s watching lol.. Petra’s a nice girl..

  777. 777
    unsealed Says:

    leo is part alien. and he has been brainwashed.

  778. 778
    Leo's Fantasy Girl Says:


    I wanna take you here, its Garden of Eden really.

  779. 779
    unsealed Says:

    @Leo’s Fantasy Girl: leo won’t go

  780. 780
    unsealed Says:

    @Charlie Rose: good for him; he doesn’t care about the human being, he cares about their status

  781. 781
    @unsealed Says:

    Please don’t speak on Leo’s behalf.

  782. 782
    leo Says:

    leo masturbates before and after every meal

  783. 783
    unsealed Says:

    @@unsealed: leo won’t go there, he’s watching his type of litterature right now; models con charlie rose

  784. 784
    leo Says:

    leo always looks tired in interviews because he’s so exhausted from crappy sex and dancing in clubs hahahahhahaha

  785. 785
    leo Says:

    good sex makes you happy and gives you more energy. bad sex drains you leo has had nothing but bad sex his whole life.

  786. 786
    leo Says:

    leo always licks his lips and moves his mouth around in interviews because he kisses so many strangers and has so much drunk sex his mouth always tastes a lil wrong in the morning hahahahahahahahaha

  787. 787
    Oscar Speech Says:

    “My breath still smells like Toni’s p-ussy”
    - Leonardo DiCaprio

  788. 788
    unsealed Says:

    @leo: yuk exwwwwwwww and his lips are always dry, ecverybody says he smells

  789. 789
    unsealed Says:

    leo is officially gross

  790. 790
    leo Says:

    @unsealed: leo has all the money in the world but he has no time or energy to go to the store and buy lip balm or deodorant because he’s too busy with sex and clubbing ahhahahahahahahahahaah LOSER

  791. 791
    unsealed Says:

    @leo: he has bad sex, meaningless sex, cheap sex

  792. 792
    Toni Yawrrn interview Says: This girl is so boring its painful!! She talks fast like a robot cold no charisma!!

  793. 793
    leo Says:

    @Toni Yawrrn interview: leo is also a boring cold robot in interviews so they’re a perfect match

  794. 794
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Hi Lady! I know you are probably already asleep, but I got your message re True Detectives. I heard it was a great series. I’m going to try and check it out tomorrow. I will let you know what I think!

  795. 795
    Erin Quote Says:

    My secret
    dream is to make people
    laugh and do improv. Will
    Ferrell’s my hero and Emma
    Stone’s my new obsession.” -Erin Heatherton

  796. 796
    Erin Quote Says:

    This is
    what you get, like steamed
    crap.” I think that’s so
    boring. I hate when things
    are boring like that but
    sometimes they have to be. -Erin Heatherton

  797. 797
    #### Says:

    Hollywood Reporter (@THR)
    2/24/14, 8:00 PM
    And the Oscar winners are… you tell us! Fill out your Oscars Ballot and share it on Twitter for the chance to win

  798. 798
    ?? Says:

    The comment from the trainer in LA on Toni’s IG isnt there anymore.

  799. 799
    Hmm Says:

    Not surprised. Partying Like Leo and with Leo means you’re acting pretty much single and they dont care about anyone else.

  800. 800
    poor leo Says:

    He’s so bored with his life that he doesnt know what to do.

  801. 801
    poor leo Says:

    His temporary distractions is failing on him. IPhone, clubbing, lapdog, pals, basketball, tennis, singing lessons, organic food, renovations, family trips, dinner, partying in Vegas, living in LA, living in NY, mom.

    The problem is not his surroundings, it’s him.

  802. 802
    wtf Says:

    @Toni Yawrrn interview: wtf is wit her goin on about schadenfreude for like 5 mins seriously? she really came alive talkin about bein happy when others have misfortunes f-ckin b-tch was smilin and smirkin n sh-t….

  803. 803
    poor leo Says:

    Need to stop trying so hard. It comes off looking desperate.

  804. 804
    wtf Says:

    toni likes laughing at leo when he gets snubbed or made fun of by the media thats her main source of schadenfreude

  805. 805
    wtf Says:

    @poor leo: singing lessons???????

  806. 806
    wtf Says:

    @poor leo: but yea i agree leo doesn’t know how to slow down and enjoy simple and quiet things. he just wants instant happiness immediately and when its convenient for him. he’s the one who chooses ultimate luxury, gourmet everything, supermodels, only the best and most expensive all for himself… spoiled brat

  807. 807
    wtf Says:

    @Toni Yawrrn interview: it took me a while because i had to take several breaks… but i finally finished this toni interview and WTF???? she’s a bigger idiot than i thought and not really a nice girl……………….. i fear we have a bar 2.0 on our hands

  808. 808
    Maybe Says:

    @??: Maybe he almost ruined her surprise for Leo. Showing up in LA when Irmelin and Dave are not around and before Leo ask them to come and join them in advance.

  809. 809
    poor leo Says:

    So indecisive guy, With Gisele he liked volleyball and surfing , with Bar he liked drumming, With Blake he liked biking and girls who can cook , With Erin he liked hiking and girls who loves sports and can play basketball. With Toni he likes tennis and girls who can play piano.

  810. 810
    Insider Says:

    He is suffering from digestion problems caused by some baked vegan desserts.

  811. 811
    @?? Says:

    The comment from the trainer is still there

  812. 812
    @poor leo Says:

    Let’s just say he likes girls in general. Young girls. Hot, tall, young girls. Doesn’t matter what they do. Those three qualifications suffice.

  813. 813
    Or Says:

    @@poor leo: He makes them believe to each one that she’s what he is looking for.

  814. 814
    Consider it Says:

    Academy Award final voting began on Valentine’s Day LOL

  815. 815
    ?? Says:

    This is Nikki Erwin at Miley’s concert?

  816. 816
    ?? Says:

    This is Leo? lmao

  817. 817
    @816 Says:

    Looks like it. Wasn’t there a tweet from someone who saw him at a party along with Hilary Duff? So supposedly it was her sister’s bday and Leo was there.

  818. 818
    @?? Says:

    @??: It’s not him. Pause it and you’ll see that it is not Leo.

  819. 819
    @Toni Yawrrn interview Says:

    @Toni Yawrrn interview: Thx. She looks so nervous on that video. Or maybe she is constantly as nervous. Doesn’t leave a good impression.

  820. 820
    17 times Leo Says:

    Blue is the warmest colour. :)))

  821. 821
    17 times Leo Says:

    Blue is the warmest colour. :)))

  822. 822
    17 times Leo Says:

    If you can’t open the pic, it’s here:

  823. 823
    also... Says:

    This is an interesting quote from Marion Cottilard. I immediately thought of some JJ comments about Leo when I read it.
    “I mean, an actor has a huge failure in him. And this is not a weakness–this can make you strong. But it’s deep. Maybe failure is not the right word. Something deep inside which is broken. It might be missing. And most of the time I think if you don’t have this, you’re not a good actor. [laughs] So it’s kind of a struggle.”

  824. 824
    U Says:
    Go on the best comments, read the most liked comment. I see Leo’s point.

  825. 825
    U Says:

    @@??: Has anothe got @??: 816 not on instagram. I don’t have it

  826. 826
    Lilly Says: list of the presenters. ***

  827. 827
    Ok Says:

  828. 828
    Lost respect Says:

    How stupid can people be;

  829. 829
    toni's mom Says:

    How old is toni’s mom?? She looks older than Irmelin ?? but i don’t think she is since she has a 21 yr old.. she looks in her mid 70′s

  830. 830
    days Says:

    leo is a loser.

  831. 831
    Doctor Says:

    Leo get some sleep.

  832. 832
    Doctor Says:

    Leo starve yourself thats how you get Oscars

  833. 833
    Doctor Says:

    Leo throw up your food like a supermodel

  834. 834
    Doctor Says:

    Leo hates australians

  835. 835
    Doctor Says:

    Leo hates white people

  836. 836
    Doctor Says:

    Leo hates ugly people

  837. 837
    Doctor Says:

    Leo hates smart people

  838. 838
    Doctor Says:

    Leo hates nice people

  839. 839
    Doctor Says:

    Leo hates creative people

  840. 840
    Doctor Says:

    Leo’s only fans are immature tweens

  841. 841
    oscar-predictions Says:

  842. 842
    Doctor Says:

    @also…: We cannot trust Marion’s opinion, especially in her english interviews.

  843. 843
    days Says:

    @Doctor: her english is fine

  844. 844
    Doctor Says:

    @days: Her brain is not

  845. 845
    days Says:

    @Doctor: how come?

  846. 846
    also... Says:

    @oscar-predictions: I was just about to post that link. It`s interesting that they think if there is an upset in the Best Actor category then it`s going to be Bruce Dern over McConaughey. And they predict Lupita over JLaw in a very tight race.
    The prediction: Earlier this month, there was a brief moment when it looked like Leonardo DiCaprio could maybe upset the heavily favored Matthew McConaughey to win Best Actor at the Academy Awards. Then, with McConaughey not even nominated, DiCaprio lost the Best Actor trophy at the BAFTA Awards to Chiwetel Ejiofor. Which is to say, all right, all right, all right already, McConaughey is winning an Oscar. In fact, if there is an upset here on Oscar night, expect it to be Bruce Dern over any of the younger competitors. “Nebraska” is a well-loved movie with Academy members, and Dern has the added advantage of being this category’s eldest statesman.
    @Doctor: It`s her personal opinion about actors. What`s there to trust?

  847. 847
    "The false promise of the One Says:

    We all know how it is sometimes: We love someone or even several someones with the purest of passion, but we end up marrying someone safer instead.”

  848. 848
    days Says:

    @Doctor: why do you say that her brain is not fine?

  849. 849
    days Says:

    @“The false promise of the One: that’s BS

  850. 850
    take me back Says:

    leo always looked like he was a backstreet boy, the band

  851. 851
    Doctor Says:

    @days: Marion thinks 9/11 didn’t happen

  852. 852
    take me back Says:

    nonody would even look at leo , he doesn’t have the brain to back it up. he just lives off on a major movie called titanic. if there weren’t any special effect and the love story and the box offiice leo would be nothing now

  853. 853
    days Says:

    no she said she thought it was a conspiracy or something, what else makes you think she’s insane? what kind of conversations did she have on the set of inception?

  854. 854
    Doctor Says:

    @days: Leo and Marion smoked crack together and ran through fields of flowers hand in hand on the set of Inception

  855. 855
    days Says:

    @Doctor: great! then leo ‘s head is more insane than marion’s

  856. 856
    Doctor Says:

    @days: Leo’s head is completely empty except for a tape player playing the same interview answers over and over and over again on an infinite loop

  857. 857
    days Says:

    @Doctor: wow, why am i not surpised; has he been brainwashed by a cult too?

  858. 858
    Doctor Says:

    @days: He has no brain to wash but he’s a cult leader himself he’s successfully made a massive group of people believe he is a serious adult and nice guy

  859. 859
    days Says:

    @Doctor: that’s true. i think he is part of a cult or something, he makes business with shady peeps

  860. 860
    Blacksharpie Says:
    From BZ – old pic with Kristin Zang.

  861. 861
    leave him in the cave Says:

    @Blacksharpie: he looks retarded

  862. 862
    Clue Says:

    Wow, someone from the set of WOWS was not impressed with Leo and is now spreading massive hate on JJ….sheesh just what we needed here, more haters. Leo is what he is in reality and he is what his fans perceive him to be in fan fantasy world, he’s both…so it’s not going to help just waging this truth campaign on some gossip site. Just sayin’
    I’m disappointed to some extent, but not just with Leo but many celebrities…they don’t seem to know what to do with their wealth and status. At least Leo does have some philanthropic endeavors but still, so much more could be done. It’s hard to watch downward spirals like Bieber and company and see Hollywood partiers like Leo age without leaving a real lasting legacy. Some may say his films are the legacy but there has to be a lot more to it than that. I hope he figures this out for himself before decades pass and then he’s just a blip on the news when he passes away….still a fan, still hoping….maybe.

  863. 863
    pump it up Says: hihihi somebody called leo got a nose job since that picture! ;)

  864. 864
    pump it up Says:

    @Clue: who from the set of wows , what? what has been said?

  865. 865
    days Says:

    @pump it up: hey it’s true. he did have a bubbly nose before.

  866. 866
    legacy Says:

    @Clue: agreed. a film legacy is not something worth selling your soul for. and now when people think of leo’s tragic characters they see similarities between them and the real leo. but i dont know about leo being a blip on the news in the future… in fact i think he will keep continuing his trashy lifestyle and it will only become more and more scrutinized with crap like twitter/gossip sites etc. he will still stay famous but for all the wrong reasons. when he passes his psycho fans will be way too sad and his haters will be way too happy. whats sad is that he probably wont have a real family at that point… he will just die alone and from his own crap lifestyle

  867. 867
    so? Says:

    @legacy: selling his soul? what do you mean? what does he really do?

  868. 868
    LMAO Says:

    Toni: I’m laughing, I’m laughing, *internally scream*

  869. 869
    Golden Globes pic Says:

  870. 870
    f-kkin handz Says:

    @Golden Globes pic: why does he always hold his hands like that we know you’re not an angelic sparkling schoolboy leo cut the act n stop tryin to hide your muffin top beer belly

  871. 871
    days Says:

    what happened on the set of wows?

  872. 872
    nakeddddddddd Says:

    @days: leo kept gettin naked and everyone was screaming for mercy

  873. 873
    days Says:

    @nakeddddddddd: no, really what happened?
    @Clue: who from the wows set?

  874. 874
    Lost respect Says:

    @LMAO: NINA STAN. Stop posting! You r giving her publicity. Her and Leo aren’t together so go away!

  875. 875
    days Says:

    leo sold his soul?

  876. 876
    Clue Says:

    I don’t know, I just thought the new troll was from WOWS from the comments made in recent threads — don’t have time to go into all details right now.
    Yes legacy, tragic film characters looking all too familiar at this point.
    I can identify with what you said about not having a family and ending up alone…Leo probably is not thinking about it too much, but youth, looks and time all pass a bit too quickly. Hope he figures it out

  877. 877
    soul Says:

    yup leo sold his soul and it was worth 10$ ’cause it was the soul of an immature 16 year old he’s just an empty shell now

  878. 878
    context Says:

    @Clue: i think he has big problems with himself and his own family, that’s where t comes from;

  879. 879
    Roger Says:

    Finally watched WoWS last night. Great movie, very entertaining. A lot of cursing, drugs and sex, at some points it seemed over done…and this is coming from a straight male perspective. Best scenes were with Naomi, he seemed to have real passion when he was screaming and fighting with her. Much more than his usual finger pointing screaming scenes of the past. He and Margot had a great chemistry.

    However, I do not think this role is Oscar worthy. Best Picture, sure, but Best Actor, no. When watching all I could think was that he’s not really acting, he is merely giving a glimpse into what his personal life has been like over the years. His zero drug claims are laughable because I vividly remember the stories of him at the Playboy Mansion, he and his boys and the ***** Posse and of course the ever present interchangeable blonde Victoria’s Secret model girlfriends. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe he’s a God fearing homebody who is legitimately & purely into the craft, but based on the general impression I’m left of him via the paparazzi and social media, he appears less than mature. Isn’t he 40? I’m 2 years older, independently wealthy and can’t imagine what I could possibly have in common with 20 year olds beyond sex. I wonder when he will decide to get more life experience and really be able to FEEL the roles he is in?

    That said, my favorite scene was the final scene when Jordan and Naomi had sex and fought because she said she wanted divorce. He was so intense and real that I couldn’t help but think this type of situation (maybe a breakup? Loss?) had happened to him in the past. His anger, tone of voice and actions had me hurting and panicking with him.

    My Opinion! Not Oscar Worthy! Great movie. Jonah was stellar, hope he wins. Genuine actor, clever, funny.

  880. 880
    song Says:

    “He was so intense and real that I couldn’t help but think this type of situation (maybe a breakup? Loss?) had happened to him in the past. His anger, tone of voice and actions had me hurting and panicking with him.”
    you don’t know him so why do you say that?

  881. 881
    days Says:

    i think leo should stay away from marriage. he’s gonna end up being an old guy who goes clubbing and cheats on his wife is lazy and is an alcoholic. leo should stick with his fake youth, fake people, fake persona.

  882. 882
    leo Says:

    Any sightings?

  883. 883
    Roger Says:

    @song What do you mean why do I say that? I already said the scene came across as very real, it was my favorite scene because of his intensity. Perhaps it seemed so real because he was able to channel former emotions he had experienced in the past. Not really sure why that is hard to understand?

  884. 884
    yikes Says:

    @Roger: best picture??????

  885. 885
    song Says:

    i just said you don’t know him so you don’t know. what kind of loss or breakup? maybe he just got mad that’s it;

  886. 886
    Roger Says:

    @yikes. I don’t understand what you mean? Wolf of Wall Street is nominated for Best Picture

  887. 887
    yikes Says:

    leo was just acting dude

  888. 888
    Alone Says:

    @Roger: you know, his mother used to leave him alone when he was a kid. maybe that’s why he’ scared to be alone; he was not raised normally and not really protected by his parents, he had no limits and they would let him do whatever he wanted to. which is the worst thing you can do to a child because then he feels like nobody cares about him and unprotected and not safe. his parents made a mess out of him. his mother brought him to auditions because it made a lot of money.

  889. 889
    Roger Says:

    Meisner Technique. Look it up. Not trying to spend my day debating with what appears to be the same person, a uninformed Leonardo Dicaprio teenager fan or lonely middle aged woman who can’t grasp the real world. Peace.

  890. 890
    yikes Says:

    @Alone: then leo should never become a parent because he would never discipline his child he can’t even discipline himself yikes his kid would be a mess

  891. 891
    @Roger Says:

    Best not to respond to the Trolls, they are only looking to pick A fight with anyone who comments. Thank you for posting your comment. It was well thought out and it is nice to hear your point of view.

  892. 892
    Nina Agdal Says:

    She’s gorgeous and can do better than Leo. I know Leo is famous and rich, but that is the only thing he bring into a relationship, he’s shallow. Btw, Nina new campaign was shoot last year way before she was linked to Leo. Go Nina!

  893. 893
    Amy Says:


    Jared Leto is a lock for supporting.

  894. 894
    yikes Says:

    leo has no technique he was just acting dude

  895. 895
    Nina Agdal Says:

  896. 896
    rollllll Says:

    leo sucks. he’s gonna sleep with every young girl out there

  897. 897
    deppcaprio Says:

    leo will end up worse than johnny depp

  898. 898
    Nina Agdal Says:


  899. 899
    rollllll Says:

    @deppcaprio: johny depp is already better thna leo

  900. 900
    Lost respect Says:

    @Nina Agdal: Lol at the commented and at the OVER photoshopped pictures. She’s gross

  901. 901
    deppcaprio Says:

    @Nina Agdal: shes a butterface but leo is into that for some reason

  902. 902
    @Lost respect Says:

    over photoshopped pictures? shocking! you think she is the only model whose photos are photoshopped?

  903. 903
    poor toni Says:

    @@Lost respect: when leo sees toni naked there’s no photoshop involved ;)

  904. 904
    HAHA12 Says:

    It’s a great show so far and I’ve only watched a couple of episodes, let me know what you think!
    Btw, wanted to let you know I’m likely taking a longer break after the Oscars than the last one I took. I will be able to comment here and there, but not as often as I usually do. Between the negativity of the threads all the time lately(kind of got sick of it again) and how busy I’ve been getting, I feel it’s better off that way. Just wanted to let you know so you don’t think I disappeared out of nowhere. But I really hope you continue commenting here since I do enjoy your comments a lot and you are one of the best posters here.

  905. 905
    @Lost respect Says:

    @poor toni: who cares about toni and your usual stupid comments?

  906. 906
    Handsome Leo Says:

  907. 907
    song Says:

    Little respect by Erasure. Toni’s favorite karaoke song.

  908. 908
    HAHA12 Says:

    Just wanted to let you know this is a great comment and I share exactly the same thoughts as you.

  909. 909
    poor toni Says:

    Just Jared new #NoKidsPolicy include sugar babies. #Oh #Happy #Day

  910. 910
    trip Says:

    @Handsome Leo: wtf is he doin there holdin up his jacket and starin at the fountain he be trippin “i’ve never done drugs” F*CK OFF

  911. 911
    burp the baby Says:

    leo has never burped before the first time he burps his face will deflate and return to its 90s slimness

  912. 912
    burp the baby Says:

    tuck leo in tonight read him his interview scripts for bedtime stories so he doesn’t forget them make sure your voice is soft and gentle he is a precious baby worth milionsssssssssssssssss

  913. 913
    @roger Says:

    “I wonder when he will decide to get more life experience and really be able to FEEL the roles he is in?” Not only he feels his roles, he plays them in a way that he makes the audience feel them. Watch The Beach, there is a crying scene of Leo that will break your heart. Not to mention R Roads, The Aviator, Blood Diamond, The Quick And The Dead, Django, WOWS. And W E Gilbert Grape tops it all. It is an example of what it is to be an actor who turns his acting into a work of art.

  914. 914
    burp the baby Says:

    wipe his bum with a hunnert dolla bill REAL

  915. 915
    Hanging with Leo? Says:

    Robin will continue to do his “aging lounge singer” shtick and he’ll probably be spending some time at the Playboy Mansion (or whatever the current equivalent is – 1Oak?).

  916. 916
    sightings Says:

    LA, Ny?

  917. 917
    Most Googled Male Says:

    Ahead Of The Oscars, Leonardo DiCaprio Wins Most Googled Male Lead

  918. 918
    Leo as a dad Says:

    Ultimately there are no rules

  919. 919
    Leo as a dad Says:

    Ultimately the private chef will make your lunches and snacks kiddos. Ultimately I’m too busy boozin and partying 4 u

  920. 920
    Leo as a dad Says:

    Ultimately I don’t need your handmade gifts and drawings kiddos. I can fundamentally afford the most expensive gifts on earth so don’t bother

  921. 921
    HAHA12 Says:

    He nailed portraying a mentally handicapped teen w/o having much to go off of besides spending time with some of them in schools and studying the way they acted. Then look at The Basketball Diaries & watch his crying scene with his mom at the end. He portrayed a tortured drug addict so seamlessly but he has never been a drug addict to that extent in real life. Sometimes it just takes talent, and Leo has it. Look at how he nailed the OCD behavior Howard Hughes had in The Aviator, or look at his physical comedy in WOWS where he loses his mobility because of the lemon quaaludes he took. Or when he discovers he is actually Andrew Laeddis and he was pretending to be Teddy Daniels the whole time in Shutter Island towards the end. I’d say he ‘feels’ his characters every single time, and it shows. He is great at making audiences connect with his characters & is very exuberant in his roles, sometimes to the point where he overachieves when he doesn’t need to. But to say he just phones it in is not true at all IMO, he always gives it his best except only in a couple of movies.

  922. 922
    Leo as a dad Says:

    Ultimately the personal trainer can play catch with you kiddos. Ultimately I have too much back pain from pretending to be Belfort I broke my back for him but I won’t break it for my kids.

  923. 923
    Ultimately Says:

    No Sexappeal.

  924. 924
    Leo as a dad Says:

    Ultimately your mother is a 21 year old Victoria’s Secret model deal with it kiddos. Imma keep tha best mommy on earth old Irmelin baby all to myself. Ultimately woo hoooo

  925. 925
    Ultimately Says:

    Open-Mouth Syndrome but not to say something interesting or intelligent or even funny.

  926. 926
    Ultimately Says:

    Permanently confused expression due to the existence of trees and parks.

  927. 927
    #### Says:

    danielle. (@danielleroj)
    2/25/14, 9:39 AM
    just another photo of the love of my life, Leo Dicaprio

  928. 928
    tweet Says:


    Yuri ‏@Snikoggs Feb 24

    Leonardo DiCaprio came into my farm today and saw where I house my chickens. He said, “Sell me this pen.”

  929. 929
    yeah no Says:

    @####: He looks f*ckin ridiculous smokin’ an e-cig at the table and sitting next to his mommy

  930. 930
    BlueBird Says:

    I think Toni is gorgeous, and that Leo is lucky to be dating her. He’s not as good looking as he use to be, so his prime attributes are his wealth and fame. Hell, If I were in her shoes, I’d date him too.

    I don’t think she’s dumb enough to marry him. He’s not the marrying kind, but great for a good time. He’d most likely cheat on any wife that he gets, and I think he’s smart enough to know this about himself – which is why he’s not married. I think that he’s better off single.

  931. 931
    tweet Says:


    not kylie ‏@cxlumps 19h


  932. 932
    Me, me, Only Me Says:

    @####: Always so disrespectful towards others.

  933. 933
    @#934 Says:

    @Me, me, Only Me:
    Because he’s smoking an E cig ? Were you pissed at Julia Louis Dreyfus when she smoked one too?

  934. 934
    sightings Says:

    @tweet: He is in NY?

  935. 935
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Hi Lady! I totally understand, but I will miss talking to you and reading your comments on a regular basis. :( I too have not been posting as much. When there is new stuff or a good conversation going on, I post, but if it’s the same old some old, then I don’t. Please don’t disappear like Leonie without saying anything, okay? But since that is not going to be for another week, I’m going to try and watch a couple of episodes of True Detective today and let you know what I think. Talk to ya later! ;)

  936. 936
    Me, me, Only Me Says:

    @@#934: People were also upset with Julia.

  937. 937
    HAHA12 Says:

    It just becomes kind of tiring to come on here. It used to be more fun but now it’s always just Toni bashing or Leo bashing or Irmelin/Dave bashing. I know its easy to avoid the trolls but it just isn’t the same and so many good posters like LOL42, Leonie, Lucy, etc left. I don’t know, maybe when Leo is single things will slightly improve but I can’t really see it. If you read the older Leo threads of the past I would see a lot of interesting conversations on Leo without bashing him or his mom so much but now is not the case. It’s just surprising actual fans like you even stick around because I know you are one of the few more interesting in his career and environmental work than his girlfriends. But like I said I will let you know before I leave. You are a great presence on these threads and really I hope you continue posting, because you do have great insight. Hope you enjoy True Detective, I may watch it later tonight.

  938. 938
    Deal Says:

    Leo’s got problems that are taking over his professional life and his mother is a major part of that.

  939. 939
    #937 Says:

    But Leo isnt fun anymore, neither

  940. 940
    @Deal Says:

    He just earned two Oscar nominations, another Golden Globe, and WOWS made all of its money back when it was predicted not to even cross 100 million. His professional life is just fine.

  941. 941
    HAHA12 Says:

    Between his recent roles, his SNL appearance with Jonah, how much he is opening up more to the public, and the great interview he recently gave for the SAG conversation where he told a lot of funny stories and was more open than usual, I don’t see how this is true.

  942. 942
    also... Says:

    This seems to be recent.

  943. 943
    Deal Says:

    @@Deal: He’s losing to McBongo drumzz hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  944. 944
    HAHA12 Says:

    It’s only on here where everything Leo does gets met with such a negative reaction, because I’ve been on other sites where people are loving Leo more than ever right now.

  945. 945
    douche Says:

    @also…: his chest hair looks like pubes

  946. 946
    @Deal Says:

    Um, so what is your point ? Win or lose he still got nominated and still had a great year professionally wise. So your BS claim that his mother is ruining his career is false.

  947. 947
    leo the headline Says:

    @HAHA12: too bad in his real life he’s gettin no love whatsoever hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahhahhaahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

  948. 948
    Deal Says:

    @@Deal: A great year???? he’s been on a steady decline since the beginning of 2013 this is probably his worst year yet in terms of his real trashy self coming into light. He can have his PR headlines and interviews bought by his team and even if he beat McBongo drummzzz Matty would still have a loving family to go home to. Where will Leo go after the Oscars are done? the clubs?? hahahahahahaah And his relationship with his mother is questionable to say the least you cannot deny that.

  949. 949
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @also: Hi! Great photo! Do you think i might have been taken at the ski resort? That’s the only place I can recall seeing him wearing a beanie!

  950. 950
    tweet Says:

    Erikah ‏@ErikaLaMonaca Feb 24

    My cousin worked with Leonardo DiCaprio big deal or anything 😀🔫

  951. 951
    @Deal Says:

    I was talking about his career, not his personal life dumbass. Two movies crossed 300 million world wide when they were both expected to disappoint, another Golden Globe, another Oscar nomination for Best Actor, and a first Oscar nomination for Best Picture as a producer. 5 Oscar nominations before turning 40 is amazing. And when Leo loses he will go back to family and friends with the ability to do anything he wants and know he is adored over the world for his acting. The public does not obsess and write down the name of every woman he screws on a daily basis like JJ folk do. They don’t care about his private life because it is his life and he does not owe it to anyone else. What’s even more heartbreaking for you is Leo has been at the top for 20+ years while you continue sitting behind your probably tiny ass keyboard hating on a total stranger and his mother every single day when he doesn’t even know you exist and continues to do what he loves. Have fun with your hateful life while Leo continues to be a great actor and have people who love him no matter how much the JJ folk try to act otherwise.

  952. 952
    @Zzzzzz Says:

    You should reply to HAHA12. She wrote a response back to you and its always something I wanted to hear you address. You always comment here, but you don’t care about Leos girlfriends like everyone else. I think thats cool, but surprising around these parts.

  953. 953
    also... Says:

    @Zzzzz: Yes, that’s what I think, too.

  954. 954
    ---------- Says:


    He is so cute:o) I want to kiss him:o) I hate to love him!

  955. 955
    Deal Says:

    @@Deal: hahahahahahahahaha I couldn’t bother to read past “dumbass”. You’re here everyday too calling everyone who disagrees with you a dumbass. At least people are trying to be realistic about Leo. Fame is not something he controls its created by crazed youth with their social media… it’s not worth anything in the end and that’s not why Leo works. Leo works to act but he hasn’t worked in over a year and he says he hasn’t found a project he wants to do. He’s losing his fire and no amount of fame or money can reignite it only he can do it. You can keep throwing your praise at him he’s heard it all and he doesn’t give a sh*t about that either.

  956. 956
    Ok Says:

    @HAHA12: I think it’s just one person who changes their name.

  957. 957
    @Deal Says:

    And you continue to hate on him and his mother so badly like they both murdered your parents because they live different lives from the ones you would like to see Leo have. Only pissed because he dates supermodels and is not married with a “better” woman and kids already. And praising McBongo when its a known fact he has cheated on his wife countless of times but praising him to bash Leo as usual. How are you any better? You’re just a negative hater who will do anything to bring him down and not give credit where its due. You should worry about your own life if his life disgusts you so much. No one is forcing you to stalk him everyday.

  958. 958
    @Deal Says:

    Leo could save little children from a burning building on fire and people here would still find a way to criticize him.

  959. 959
    Ok Says:

    Her face

  960. 960
    Deal Says:

    @@Deal: Leo gets way too much credit as it is no need to worry about him.

  961. 961
    @Deal Says:

    So its ok to hate on him for every single thing and make this place horrible to come to for fans?

  962. 962
    Deal Says:

    @@Deal: Except Leo would never do that hahahahahaha he’s too unhealthy with a broken back and black lungs to save anyone from a fire and Leo does not like children its clear.

  963. 963
    tweet Says:

    2 days ago

    Nate Torto ‏@Tortonious Feb 23

    #spotted Leonardo Dicaprio in hudson diner

    That tweeter is in NYC

  964. 964
    @Deal Says:

    As long as you keep believing Leo is such a horrible person, by all means, stick with your delusion and have fun with your bashing of all things Leo and Toni related 24/7 because you have no better way to live your life. I’m done. Even Bellazon is better then this place.

  965. 965
    yeah lol Says:

    Bollywood siren Mallika Sherawat who has been rumoured to regularly fly in and out of Los Angeles, was seen posing with leading Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

    DiCaprio, on the other hand has a notorious reputation for dating all the leading actresses and models. Would this mean the two are currently dating?

    Let’s wait and see.

  966. 966
    Deal Says:

    @@Deal: Then just go to the rest of the internet where the love for Leo is greater than ever <3

  967. 967
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: XOXO! You are so sweet! I think the reason why I stick around is because I’m able to ignore the bashing and the hate. Also, there are some regulars (like you!) that I like to talk to and read their comments. One thing I am able to do, which I think you have a hard time doing, is tune it out the haters and the negativity. I read one or two words of a comment and know immediately that it’s crap so I just move onto the next one. Also, if I recognize the poster as someone who is negative, I won’t read it. I do agree that the older threads had fights and some bashing, but nothing as disgusting as some of the comments that have been posted recently. Also, they had some great conversations, but there have been great conversations on some recent threads. It’s just a little more difficult when all the kiddies are out spamming. I guess it comes down to wanting to see what Leo does this coming year after the Oscars. He said he wants to get involved in some environmental projects and I really want to see if he actually does it. I truly do believe he can make an impact if he puts his mind to it. TBH – if he does nothing, and just parties like last year, it is unlikely I will stick around.

  968. 968
    11111111111 Says:

    Leo is lazy. He’s a liar who doesn’t have the guts to be himself and likes fake comfort and lies so that he does not have to face himself.

  969. 969
    tweet Says:

    I don’t know If anyone have posted that pic before, he looks very good!

  970. 970
    11111111111 Says:

    leo is so unhappy he has to go clubbing not to be alone with his thoughts.

  971. 971
    hopo Says:

    @Zzzzzz: you’re such a phony you say nasty things then you take your other name to appear as if you were against other people. change your glasses

  972. 972
    hopo Says:

    leo dates milan’s friends.

  973. 973
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Ok: Hi! Love the photo! Very funny!
    @@Zzzzzz: Hi! Just saw your comment! I was actually writing my reply to HAHA12!

  974. 974
    genius Says:

    leo’s next girlfriend wil be 18!!

  975. 975
    Depp 2.0 Says:

    @hopo: yuckkkk don’t remind us of that double date pic

  976. 976
    .... Says:

    @Ok: LOL…. HIS face!!!!

  977. 977
    HAHA12 Says:

    I do have a problem with tuning out the negativity and the hate when it becomes as overbearing as it has, I can’t deny that. Thanks for responding back, you’re the best and a break would be probably be good since JJ kind of became an addiction. After the Oscars like you I hope Leo really focuses on his real passions like the environment. Last year was a mess for him personally but I think it had to do with shooting 3 movies back to back, just a guess on why he was lazy and didn’t do much besides partying. This year, with no current projects lined up, hoping for the best for him this year! Maybe good things will start happening when its least expected and can be a sign of things to come. Let’s see. I got to go, see ya :)

  978. 978
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12 & @Zzzzzz: I’m off until later today. Have a great day! I’ll catch up with you later! ;)

  979. 979
    phil Says:

    hey, what’s the deal with his mother? there is so much talk all around/everywhere about his relationship to her, how unhealthy it is and weird stories of how she is, raised him and things they do together. Somebody knows something in here? cause there are such bizarre stuff that are said about them in L.A……

  980. 980
    ytrez Says:

    @phil: she tags along everywhere, uses his money, parties like a teenager, tags along everywhere, parties parties, drinks, take his money, drinks with him did drugs in front of him ….

  981. 981
    deck Says:

    @phil: I’ve met her she tries to be nice but she snaps really easily. she can get really really mad and judges a lot and tells people what to do. she’s really bossy. she thinks she’s more important than anybody and likes to be treated like she’s the most important person alive. she also learn scripted answers to interviews just like leo, she did that to talk about oceans. leo and his mother think they are the same person. they drag each other everywhere.

  982. 982
    .... Says:

    @deck: You’ve met Irmelin?

  983. 983
    deck Says:

    @….: sorry to say this, they live however they want but the thing is, when I did i was like ” thank god she’s not my mother”. because she doesn’t behave like one, i thought she was really controlling, selfish and dishonest. maybe she’s a good person to others but to me, no.

  984. 984
    !!! Says:

    @deck: Whoa… lol @ Leo for saying he wants a woman like his mother.

  985. 985
    .... Says:

    @deck: Controlling who, just random people?

  986. 986
    Ok Says:

    @Zzzzzz: I know! Looks like she was a fan

  987. 987
    !!! Says:

    @deck: Why does Leo keep her around if she’s not nice and judges the people around him?

  988. 988
    deck Says:

    @….: yeah. there’s something very cold and tense about this woman. Something tough about her behavior. that’s my feeling. But hey, if they are happy with what they have and the kind of life they have, fine with me. But they seem to live in their bubble, kind of cut off from everyday life or reality in general. if they find happiness in money, good for them.

  989. 989
    deck Says:

    @!!!: i have no clue, wish I could have an answer but I’m not him.

  990. 990
    Ok Says:

    @….: Heheh I know!

  991. 991
    Same old same old Says:

    So phill asks a question now suddenly another new poster has met her…. Lol

  992. 992
    Phil Says:

    @Same old same old: do you now how he is? or how his mother is? maybe what i have heard is false, who knows.

  993. 993
    Phil Says:

    @deck: is she really like that? she’s rich ?

  994. 994
    Phil Says:

    is it true he sleeps around so much? i hope he uses protection.

  995. 995
    .... Says:

    @Phil: What have you heard?

  996. 996
    Amy Says:


    There are rumors that MM cheats on his wife so being married doesn’t make you some perfect human being, fyi.

  997. 997
    hardrock Says:


  998. 998
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Dave(and probably Irmelin) is in Jamaica. Wonder if TG and Leo are there as well?!

  999. 999
    hardrock Says:

    @Amy: we are not sure about MM. where are the proofs? and not all married men cheat

  1000. 1000
    .... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: hmmm…. interesting! Maybe a short trip before going back to L.A for the Oscars?

    Weird to me…

  1001. 1001
    hardrock Says:

    @….: how do you know they are in jamaica?

  1002. 1002
    @deck Says:

    @deck: Just bc she is controling other people and being bossy with them doesn’t mean she is this way with Leo. Or am I wrong?

  1003. 1003
    .... Says:

    @hardrock: Because…… I was replying to someone else, who said so?

  1004. 1004
    Jamaica mon Says:

    Leo’s officially lost it lmao he’s in Jamaica lighting the biggest freshest doogie possible to forget his pain

  1005. 1005
    also... Says:

    @hardrock: Dave posted two photos from Jamaica on IG. Toni is quiet since yesterday and she liked one of Dave’s photos.

  1006. 1006
    Mum Says:

    @@deck: naaw Irmelin’s just a b*tch she thinks her son is perfect and no one else is worthy. She has no problem with her son stringing along young girls and then dumping them and moving on quickly but she wouldn’t want anyone to hurt poor Leo.

  1007. 1007
    Sunset in Jamaica Says:

  1008. 1008
    Jamaica mon Says:

    Leo needs da Bob Marley and gentle shores to calm his little self down

  1009. 1009
    00000 Says:

    so leo paid for their vacation again? i doubt he would go to jamaica before the oscars.

  1010. 1010
    Jamaica mon Says:

    Leo will sport dreadlocks at the Oscars

  1011. 1011
    00000 Says:

    @Mum: she does everything to keep him happy and independent.

  1012. 1012
    00000 Says:

    @Mum: she doesn’t think her son is perfect she tell her her usual BS so she can keep him close and therefore keep his money close and have her life paid for

  1013. 1013
    #### Says:


    I don’t think Leo would fly to Jamaica a few days before the Oscars. He just came back from France. There are Oscar parties all week and he’s anticipated to be attending some of them. If Toni’s quiet it may be that she’s flown to LA in time to attend some Oscar parties with him.


  1014. 1014
    poor toni Says:

    @Jamaica mon: i hope leo and toni wear matching dreadlocks at the oscars :)

  1015. 1015
    also... Says:

    @####: I agree. I assume Leo would stay in LA and this might be only Dave and Irmelin. As for Toni… She might be on her way somewhere ( probably to LA to be a background gf again ).

  1016. 1016
    Dave and Irmelin Says:

    Dave and Irm don’t even have sex Dave’s just putting up with Irm for da perkzzzz!!!!!!!! Looks like he’s not even paying attention to his woman, judging by his IG posts

  1017. 1017
    #### Says:


    She’s either in Paris getting ready to walk one or more shows at fashion week or she’s on her way or will be on her way to LA.

    Haven’t heard anyone say she has a show card for PFW so I guess we’ll see….I’m sure she’ll post something to advertise shortly.

  1018. 1018
    Ok Says:
    “Negril, Jamaica looking at Dom Roguly, Mike Sandy’s and Bob Mister. Ronnie is making drinks and is out of the picture.”

  1019. 1019
    Blacksharpie Says:
    The remnants of the infamous bouquet of flowers?
    Do Madison and Toni live together?

  1020. 1020
    .... Says:

    @####: I think she does have a show card

  1021. 1021
    83:8: e Says:

    Who’s ronnie, Dom Roguly, And Mike Sandy?

  1022. 1022
    83:8: e Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Have you got the pic on statigr?

  1023. 1023
    whut is this... Says:


    Take them flowers out girl!! I’ll be back soon!!!

  1024. 1024
    @deck Says:

    @Mum: I was asking the person who met her. Have you met her?

  1025. 1025
    #### Says:


    Madison adn Toni do not live together. Toni lives by herself and Madison does to or she lives with her boyfriend.

  1026. 1026
    Damn Says:

    #### is a very thorough stalker!! Good Job!!

  1027. 1027
    LMAO Says:

    Rightttttt. People here seem to know so much about Toni that only fans would.

  1028. 1028
    Damn Says:

    @LMAO: LOL… She’s sooo boring and ugly, yet they know everything about her!!

  1029. 1029
    #### Says:


    Interesting. If you go further down on Madison’s IG, you’ll find another pic of her in the same room so I’m assuming that is Madison’s apartment which means Madison’s flowers! LOL

  1030. 1030
    also... Says:

    @Black sharpie & ####: Maybe Madison takes cares of her apartment while she is away? I have seen photos on Madison’s IG from that apartment before ( same rug ) so I think it’s M’s place.
    @Damn: not to start a fight but the same way you keep track of the JJ posters.

  1031. 1031
    LMAO Says:

    Comes with the territory.

  1032. 1032
    Damn Says:

    @also…: No it’s not!!

  1033. 1033
    #### Says:


    Geez……not f-cking stalking! I just can read. It was mentioned on Toni’s BZ thread a while ago that she had recently moved into her own apartment after sharing one with another model.

    @LMAO – STFU!

  1034. 1034
    LMAO Says:

    Stay pressed about Toni.

  1035. 1035
    @#### Says:

    Poor you. It doesn’t mean Madison’s flowers.
    More likely Toni was bunking with Madison or if also is correct Toni has reason to have her stuff, like flowers, delivered there. But its cute the idea Leo sent her flowers still torment you after all this while!

  1036. 1036
    #### Says:


    I haven’t been on here all day but leave it to you to jump on as soon as someone mentions Toni on here for you to start your attacks against other posters. It’s amazing how everytime you post on here, your @#### buddy will be on and oh look now it’s someone called Damn.

    What a fricking concidence Loser!

  1037. 1037
    #### Says:


    Boy and as soon as I posted my last message look who pops on!!! I called that one!!! The other loser!!!

  1038. 1038
    preoscar parties Says:

    Dave and Irmelin aren’t with Leo 24/7, why does everyone automatically assume he is with them?

    I don’t think he’s there. There are a ton of pre-Oscar parties this week. Tonight included

  1039. 1039
    Damn Says:

    @####: I can’t take credit for those genius comments…. That wasn’t me! It’s actually different people who recognize your thirst!!

  1040. 1040
    LMAO Says:

    Its so hard for you to believe more than 1 people share a different opinion than you, also, and your usual crew? Color me shocked and surprised! Nope, those two posters above are not the same person as me. But of course you won’t believe me. I wonder if I accused you of being Ok and Don’t Get It the other people who know everything about Toni, you’d be cool with that? Give me a break.

  1041. 1041
    @#### Says:

    kulsuzi go write more deranged messages on Toni’s Insta.
    You write so much on her here she must still be on your mind 24/7.
    Tell her Leo promised to send the flowers to you instead.

  1042. 1042
    LMAO Says:

    Anyone who shares a different opinion from the typical JJ mindset are automatically the same people, duh!

  1043. 1043
    Damn Says:

    @LMAO: PREACH!!!!!

  1044. 1044
    also... Says:

    @Damn: Yeah, it is. Different target but same actions. So everyone using social media is qualified as stalkers?

  1045. 1045
    #### Says:


    Yeah like you and your buddy LMAO were so quick to point out within seconds of that message being posted on Toni’s IG that it was me and oh look she used to post on BZ under that same name and you two knew exactly where to go in minutes to put it all together.

    No neither one of you had anything to do with jacking an old user name just to start siht with posters on here. Just like neither of you ever hop on here and start attacking other posters.

    Nope neither of you are even worth responding to so whatever…..

  1046. 1046
    Damn Says:

    @also…: It’s not the same!!
    1) I don’t have to seek out yours or #### comments because they make up 95% of all Leo threads, so there’s no effort on my part! Any one of these pages could have your complaints about Toni and what’s wrong with her today!
    2) I don’t actively seek out people I “hate” so that I can make fun of them with my cyber-friends!

    It’s not the same!!

    I may not like the things some people here post, but I don’t know their social security #’s and who they’re rooming with!

  1047. 1047
    @#### Says:

    Yeah you’re right. It can’t possibly be people who have read and commented on previous JJ posts here and able to put 2 and 2 together on what some posters’ gist and take would be. It’s a CONSPIRACY!

  1048. 1048
    @1046 Says:

    “Any one of these pages could have your complaints about Toni and what’s wrong with her today!”
    Exactly I think even posters like HAHA12 expect that at this point

  1049. 1049
    LMAO Says:

    All I know is they’re gonna be a real pain in the ass this Sunday when Toni most likely goes to the Oscar after party with Leo. Lawd, this whole place will be.

  1050. 1050
    #Damn Says:

    If you look at the 2 earlier Leo posts that linked old comments you’ll see its actually standard MO.

  1051. 1051
    #### Says:


    Blah, blah, blah….

  1052. 1052
    @#1050 Says:

    what is standard MO? complaining about toni?

  1053. 1053
    also... Says:

    @Damn: Sure! 95%. Whatever you say. It`s not about seeking it out it`s about following it. You are here reading it just like we do. It`s the same. SSN! Talk about exaggeration! And hypocrisy!

  1054. 1054
    Damn Says:

    @LMAO: I know. And she’ll be there even though Leo “wants nothing to do with her” and “can’t stand her!” For a whole year!!!

  1055. 1055
    @#1050 Says:

    you are the definition of hypocrisy. that random poster who posts old comments posted a comment of yours from 2011 saying you would move on soon from leo because he and his girlfriends disappointed you and look here you still are in 2014 LOL

  1056. 1056
    Ok Says:

    I thought LAMO was being sarcastic. @####: To be honest I can’t remember her name because I scroll past it. I do what Zzzzzz does and scroll down when I realise they or their comment is negative.

  1057. 1057
    #1052 Says:

    Complaining about the girlfriend. The posts showed that there were some vicious stuff said about his earlier girlfriends too, apparently by the same 1 or 2 people. So it seems this has been going on for years. “Standard MO”

  1058. 1058
    LMAO Says:

    That annoying troll whose not even funny called poor toni will be annoying too omfg. Guarantee these threads would shrink if toni was out of the picture since “the end is near” as been said for the last 9 months lmfao.

  1059. 1059
    Damn Says:

    @also…: How? I don’t come back with reports from Toni’s instagram or her Bellazon page, after hours of complaining about how boring and unattractive she is!

    You shouldn’t use words you don’t know the meaning of!

  1060. 1060
    Zzzzzz Says:

    Hi Ladies! – Angie isn’t liked and she’s doing charity

  1061. 1061
    also... Says:

    @ @#1050: So? I didn`t. How is changing my mind hypocrisy? Good to know you keep reading those all comments actively reading comments about me. lol Someone you `hate`.

  1062. 1062
    Damn Says:

    @LMAO: They definitely will!!

  1063. 1063
    also... Says:

    @Damn: No, you complain about JJ posters yet you keep coming back reading it. Same thing different target. I know what the word hypocrisy means. Exactly what you do!

  1064. 1064
    LMAO Says:

    Yea check out old Erin, Blake, and especially Bar posts if anyone wants to see the comments that were made about them. Every single Leo gf has gotten some sort of verbal abuse on here besides Gisele but I shudder to imagine how the comments would be like if JJ was made before 2005.

  1065. 1065
    @#1050 Says:

    And good to know you keep tabs on all of Leo’s gfs the newest being Toni even tho she’s so “annoying” “fake” “pretentious” “unattractive” etc etc

  1066. 1066
    Damn Says:

    @also…: When did I “complain?”

    It’s called an OBSERVATION.

    It was actually a compliment and I’m starting to think you’re a little jealous!

  1067. 1067
    @#1050 Says:

    i read some of those threads. vicious stuff indeed

  1068. 1068
    #1064 Says:

    @LMAO: The post links old comments and the poster wrote most of the crazy rage comments ‘I want to throw up’ ‘He makes me sick’ ‘She’s so ugly’ come from one Leo obsessive.
    That Andreas girl Insta loon is not alone. LOL

  1069. 1069
    00000 Says:

    @preoscar parties: wowowow, leo was able to NOT be with his mother for a couple of days straight? wow, he lust be so proud of himself!!! congrats Leo.

  1070. 1070
    Lilly Says:

    Margot Robbie has a boyfriend :)) xx

  1071. 1071
    lol Says:

    @@#1050: and apparently she’s being doing it on JJ, BZ and elsewhere for over 4 years now!!!!!!

  1072. 1072
    LMAO Says:

    This comment as far as Im concerned tops them all:

    # 1509 Never forget @ 02/21/2014 at 9:48 pm
    is she still trying to move on 3 years later?
    Leo, the Fraud @ 06/06/2011 at 9:27 am
    @elay: You know what? You actually might be right. I should move on. I have been such a huge Leo fan for years. It started before Titanic. I always loved him and honestly thought he was a cool and great guy. But the Leo I like doesn`t bump kids from their front row seats in Disneyland for himself and his giggly girlfriend, doesn`t say he is green while traveling on private planes and using yachts. I always thought the Leo I like will grow up and start upgrading when it comes to women instead of going after younger and younger ones as he ages. Clearly I`m disappointed that I was wrong about him so indeed I should move on and not to bother. It`s hard to let it go but I`m working on it!


  1073. 1073
    Leda Says:

    Leda was everywhere on Popsugar, celebitchy, BZ, JJ, god knows where else during the Blake days. Her rages whenever Leo stepped out with her were the best

  1074. 1074
    Damn Says:

    @LMAO: LMAO!! It is hard to let go…. especially of something you never had!!

  1075. 1075
    lol Says:

    ‘It`s hard to let it go but I`m working on it!’
    Lmao. WTF says something like that?
    “I’ll never let go Jack”.
    Leo :”Security”!

  1076. 1076
    LMAO Says:

    I especially can’t @ the name Leo, the Fraud LMAOOOOOOOO dying over here.

  1077. 1077
    also... Says:

    @Leda: And? What does my old screen name have to do with today? What`s the relevance? You keep bringing it up over and over again because…….. Is there anything new to say?
    @ @#1055: So we are doing the exact same thing. But JJ posters doing it is stalking but you doing it is ok. I call that hypocrisy.
    @Damn: No, of course you are not complaining. You are just observing. lol Whatever helps you, honey. lol

  1078. 1078
    Hey also... Says:

    @also…: You forgot the :eyeroll:

  1079. 1079
    also... Says:

    @Damn: Let me guess, making fun of me and my old comments is not the same as people making fun of Toni, right? Again: HYPOCRITE!

  1080. 1080
    @LMAO Says:

    this one is funny too

    # 1428 Never forget @ 02/21/2014 at 8:48 pm
    # 132 EWWWW @ 05/27/2011 at 11:39 pm
    @donie: Really? That`s all you could come up with? Which grade are you in? 6th? Let me guess Gossip Girl fan? LOL! That`s was just pathetic! Just as pathetic and embarrassing as Leo and flakey! I wonder if his mom is proud of his dummy little son and his new `lady` love! Poor Irmelin!

  1081. 1081
    Damn Says:

    @also…: Finally you get it!

    Nope, not the same!!

  1082. 1082
    also... Says:

    @Hey also… : Hilarious! How about a FU to you?

    LOL@ all these people taking time looking up old comments or should I say actively seeking for old comments to make fun of someone? But of course it`s not stalking.

  1083. 1083
    lol Says:

    @@LMAO: Its hard to believe one person can be so affected by a stranger’s love life to a degree of insanity that she went on angry tirade after tirade on almost every blog (till she was banned from BZ)

  1084. 1084
    lol Says:

    @Hey also…: HaHa

  1085. 1085
    also... Says:

    @Damn: You are stupid. I was being sarcastic. It`s exactly the same but you are dumb enough to understand it. In your head it`s justified because you do it to me but it`s exactly the same thing. So go ahead, actively seek my old comments and laugh at them. Then come back and tell me I`m a stalker for doing exactly what you do.

  1086. 1086
    Kudos to also... Says:

    She’s got her cape on heavy, ’cause where the hell did #### go?

  1087. 1087
    0000 Says:

    Leo is a jerk.

  1088. 1088
    @LMAO Says:

    hey, i had never seen those before til that person reposted them on the last thread. so technically not stalking ;D

    # 136 Showmance @ 06/03/2011 at 3:59 pm
    @Canadian Idi*t: With his `lady`? I see Leo, a guy and flakey on these photos. Where is the `lady`? LOL! You and sanity in one sentence! Priceless!
    @ali: So give us a link to the photos of a `happy couple`!
    @Samm: No, it/he is definitely not healthy. It`s Blake Lively next to him… That says it all.
    I have just seen the post about Gisele becoming a billionaire. Now that`s impressive not anti-talented actresses. I always thought that Leo and Gisele met too early and Leo wasn`t ready for what she wanted. Who am I kidding? It`s 10 years later now and he is still the exact same Peter Pan. Good for Gisele that she didn`t wait for him and moved on. It would have been a big mistake on Gisele`s part. And look at him. How lame and dumb you have to be to get from Gisele ( through Bar ) to …. Blake Lively? Free-fall of Dicaprio and the quality of his love life / taste. From the top to the bottom. Sad!

  1089. 1089
    @LMAO Says:

    ikr its kinda freaky..

  1090. 1090
    @1088 Says:

    Canadian Idi*t? Its stuff like that that made decent posters like Canada Girl / iheartcomments leave

  1091. 1091
    yeah Says:

    Leo has a big fat throbbing cocckkk

  1092. 1092
    Damn Says:

    @also…: So you can use sarcasm, but you can’t understand it in return?
    That sounds stupid to me!

    And you should look at the comment, because it wasn’t attributed to you, unless you just revealed one of your alias’.

    And when did I call you a stalker? I wasn’t talking to you…. so get out your feelings because you got involved in something that initially had nothing to do with you!

  1093. 1093
    yeah Says:

    toni has a wet pusssy for leos fat coccck

  1094. 1094
    @1090 Says:

    Canada Girl and iheartcomments were the best posters during the Blake era. Its a shame they left, the last time Canada Girl commented was in the Summer of one Leo-Toni thread. If my memory serves me well then iheartcomments admitted to leaving because of the insane Blake bashing and tirades that went on.

  1095. 1095
    yeah Says:

    she wakes him up with long bjs, she can deep throat the cocck good

  1096. 1096
    yeah Says:

    they have sensual sex but they like good hard fuucking too

  1097. 1097
    yeah Says:

    toni swallows leos warm coomme

  1098. 1098
    yeah Says:

    Toni loves it when leo comes in her

  1099. 1099
    yeah Says:

    it makes them both so honrrny

  1100. 1100
    @yeah Says:


  1101. 1101
    @1094 Says:

    That’s why I’m happy people are willing to take on and fight Leda and her kind. #payback

  1102. 1102
    0000 Says:

    wtf are you talking about?

  1103. 1103
    yeah Says:

    @yeah dont act like you wouldnt join in

  1104. 1104
    just sad Says:

    It is just sad how you mean people get off on being such sh*t head a*s h*les to people who want to post on this thread! Your reasoning is lame and unjustified in the long run. You ruin these threads over and over and over again. At least #### and also…come here to have a discussion. You guys really f* cking s*ck!

  1105. 1105
    @yeah Says:

    I would rather join Leo and Bradley or Lukas then Leo and Toni. Rotfl try again.

  1106. 1106
    yeah Says:

    am i making you uncomfortable? just telling it like it is

  1107. 1107
    Leo's Fan Girl Says:

    One of my friends colleages is going to the Oscars after party. I;m asking my friend to get her to tell Leo that I love him , if she can get close to him.

  1108. 1108
    @1104 Says:

    @just sad: Another one of also’s personalities has come to her defense!!

  1109. 1109
    yeah Says:

    @yeah fair enough two coccks for the price of one

  1110. 1110
    @#1104 Says:

    @just sad:
    Try reading some of also’s old comments and see how she ruined past JJ threads that caused old posters to leave. I have no problem with #### but also… is not as innocent as you think. And no one would keep attacking her if she didn’t continue bashing Toni just like she has with every gf since. Her attitude has not changed.

  1111. 1111
    yeah Says:

    i wonder what leos fav position is…im gonna guess cow girl so he can see toni bounce on his fat cocck

  1112. 1112
    yeah Says:


  1113. 1113
    @1104 Says:

    Why is it that anyone that does not attack Toni or any Leo girlfriend or call her names is a sh*thead or asshol?. Sorry Leo professional girlfriend haters like your kind do not own the blog JJ and never will

  1114. 1114
    yeah Says:

    ladies, what position would you like Leo to take you in? just for fun

  1115. 1115
    Hmmm Says: at least 80% of stars on the red Capet events have had some kind of plastic surgery

  1116. 1116
    yeah Says:

    Id like missionary so i could look into those eyes and id like him to set the pace, she what he’s made him….shame I wouldnt have a good view of his coccck though

  1117. 1117
    positions Says:

    leo doesn’t like doing it face to face he doesn’t want the girls to see him fall asleep

  1118. 1118
    @#1104 Says:

    You can see his **** in WOWS slightly in the sex scene at the end with Margot. Leo is packing, I’m shocked because he had nothing in Total Eclipse.

  1119. 1119
    positions Says:

    @yeah: missionary is leo’s least favorite because then he has to do work he prefers just lying on his back and sleeping/eating snacks

  1120. 1120
    ??? Says:

    @yeah: lol… What are you doing?

  1121. 1121
    yeah Says:

    @1118 ooh really? You think he has grown since then? how is that right hadn’t he hit it in total eclipse wasn’t he in his 20s??

  1122. 1122
    @#1104 Says:

    She’s defending two of the biggest Toni haters on here which must be a joke. Generally agree with what you said and am sick of these girlfriend bashers acting like they own the threads.

  1123. 1123
    yeah Says:

    if Leo was on top I can pretty assure you neither you or him would be asleep ;)

  1124. 1124
    positions Says:

    @yeah: leo has a bad back, muffin top beer belly and no rhythm. if he were on top he would just be panting and suffocating his prey.

  1125. 1125
    yeah Says:

    @positions I dunno I’d say he likes to be in control, pretty dominant…if the girl was on top he’d probably still lay it into her if it wasn’t doing it for him

  1126. 1126
    Growers Vs Showers Says:

    @yeah: Maybe he’s a “grower?”

  1127. 1127
    Hmmm Says:

  1128. 1128
    @#1104 Says:

    He did Total Eclipse in 1995 so he was 21 and still puny as hell,lol. Fast forward to 160:00 and tell me what you see horny lady.

  1129. 1129
    yeah Says:

    @positions lol prey thats funny

  1130. 1130
    @1128 Says:

    @@#1104: Must be my eyes but I see nothing

  1131. 1131
    yeah Says:

    @grower vs shower perhaps he id, but I highly doubt he had a hardy lying there with margot and the whole crew, puzzling to say the least

  1132. 1132
    @#1104 Says:

    Check again, its RIGHT there. Right after him and Robbie are done ******** and he jumps off of her, its a split second but you can see his peen.

  1133. 1133
    positions Says:

    big d*ck doesn’t always mean great sex for example what if theres not enough lube. but yeah it helps of course. but a sexy man can make a woman feel good with even an average dong…. the key ingredient is passion but i don’t see how leo could feel passionate about his 21 year old bony beards or cheap club hookups. it feels 10000x better when you reallly love the person so

  1134. 1134
    yeah Says:

    @??? just trying to spice it up a little around here ;)

  1135. 1135
    Growers Vs Showers Says:

    @yeah: I think he was covered!! I can’t imagine him letting it all hang out like that

  1136. 1136
    @#1104 Says:

    There were reports his peen was in the first cut of the movie but had to be chopped off to avoid NC 17 rating.

  1137. 1137
    positions Says:

    @yeah: yeah he seems like he’d want control but he’s got issues if he enjoys sex with 21 year old girls who are inexperienced. also he just seems lazy about women in general just my observations of the guy

  1138. 1138
    Growers Vs Showers Says:

    @@#1104: Chopped off? lol

  1139. 1139
    yeah Says:

    oooooh yeaaaaah our boy is packing a fat one!! HALLELUJAH!!

  1140. 1140
    wows crew Says:

    @@#1104: no way he left it out in the open… he’s got too many stds… its too dangerous for the robster

  1141. 1141
    @#1104 Says:

    Ok its exactly at 160:02 mark man I wish I could take a screencap. srsly WTH could that be then its like huge! LMAO

  1142. 1142
    @#1104 Says:

    @Growers Vs Showers:
    LMAO wrong choice of word smh

  1143. 1143
    yeah Says:

    UGH whyyyyy would they cut that out WHY?!? I would pay good money to see that big one….I would aslo pay money to hear from someone who actually got on top that pogo stick, none of those fakers, I want REAL LIFE experience…you would think after all the girls he’s baaanged some would have talked

  1144. 1144
    bjs Says:

    fat juicy dong must be too much for the young mouths

  1145. 1145
    @#1104 Says:

    Girl please Margot Robbie def aint inexperienced

  1146. 1146
    just sad Says:

    It is sad how you f*ck heads just want to be mean and ruin these threads. I don’t give a flying f* ck what also…used to do. All I have been noticing is how you and your gang of haters are ruining it for the rest of us.

  1147. 1147
    positions Says:

    @yeah: small girls would rip in two if they plopped right on top… leo probs has to hold the kiddies up lion king style

  1148. 1148
    also... Says:

    @ @LMAO: You still keep going back to the previous thread `actively seeking out` these comments and reposing them. NO difference.
    @lol: What does it have to do with the present again? What`s the point of keep repeating what I did in the past? Haven`t we heard that before? lol
    @Damn: blah blah blah

  1149. 1149
    Growers Vs Showers Says:

    Didn’t John Leguizamo say in his book that The Puss Posse used to participate in group sex or liked having people watch or something?

  1150. 1150
    @just sad Says:

    So are you ok with the people who write comments about wishing Leo and Irmelin were dead on a daily basis? Or about how ugly and a pot of glue Toni is? Or is it only when also… gets attacked?

  1151. 1151
    yeah Says:

    @positions hahaha killed it again

  1152. 1152
    bjs Says:

    @@#1104: yuck i hope margot didn’t put his dong in her mouth she’s too young to get infected and leo is not very hygienic who knows how dirty his thang is. he doesn’t even scrub his pits we seriously can’t trust.

  1153. 1153
    yeah Says:

    ok dont get this film making business, so he’s pretend fuccking robbie there but has no pants on, sooo what his flaccid diddler is jusst flopping against her?!? Bahaha how on earth could you keep a straight face for that

  1154. 1154
    @bjs Says:

    Margot got a taste of Leo’s peen(pretty sure they at least f-cked) during WOWS filming so I guess shes infected too oops.

  1155. 1155
    just sad Says:

    No the whole lot of hate!

  1156. 1156
    yeah Says:

    i think his cocck is probably his pride and joy he probably takes good care of it, like most dudes

  1157. 1157
    weenie Says:

    Its not his *****. Its one of those skin colored “socks” that nearly all actors wear when filming these scenes. It is not his *****!!

  1158. 1158
    wows crew Says:

    @yeah: the girls wear like… little plastic shields on their vaggies so theres no rubbing. for guys its harder to tie up their d*cks its probably easier and more comfortable to just let loose. and movie sets are not really sexy at all… the two are surrounded by a huge group of people holding up cameras and hot lights to their faces.

  1159. 1159
    @yeah Says:

    Do you think Leo has done this in real life?

  1160. 1160
    yeah Says:

    wow leo and margot fuccked…niiiiice, would like to sit down with her over a few coccktaails

  1161. 1161
    Growers Vs Showers Says:

    @weenie: Yeah, it looks like he has a cover on

  1162. 1162
    bjs Says:

    @@bjs: nastay i dont want to think of such a fresh young goddess being tainted eughh and i can’t imagine leo being good in bed

  1163. 1163
    @yeah Says:

    @wows crew:
    Most male actors just flash their peen in real life and I know someone who saw a first cut screening of it. She said his and Jean Dujardin’s real peens were showed in there.

  1164. 1164
    yeah Says:

    actually no I would like to play never have I ever with L dizzle, dude would be so waaaasted

  1165. 1165
    0000 Says:

    @Hmmm: leo had a nose job

  1166. 1166
    Growers Vs Showers Says:

    @@yeah: I hope so!!

  1167. 1167
    yeah Says:

    gotta call bs on you bruh, unless you call give us the finer details of that cocck

  1168. 1168
    @yeah Says:

    It depends on how lazy he is and which girl it is. His ex Kristen Zang said he was amazing in bed but then there also girls who are say he’s lazy. I bet he had great sex with Gisele, Bar, and Blake but probably was awful in bed with Erin and Toni.

  1169. 1169
    #### Says:


    Don’t even bother. It’s not worth it. I keep saying I’m not going to respond to the posters who attack me but I get pulled in anyway! I’m not doing it anymore. They accuse us and other posters of spending pages and pages complaining about toni but they do the same thing they accuse us of which is spend pages and pages attacking other posters about what they post.

  1170. 1170
    yeah Says:

    @yeah do i think Leo has ever had sex on a pile of money? probably not…do I think Leo has pounded the living **** out of some young hot broad just like that, yes absolutely

  1171. 1171
    @yeah Says:

    I didn’t see it for myself but I ain’t lying girl! She confirmed there was peen in there but it did not end up in the final version. And I would love to chill with Leo. He looks like so much fun.

  1172. 1172
    bjs Says:

    @@yeah: i can’t even imagine leo and blake doing the dirty…. and yeah its def not happening with erin but in a weird way i think he likes toni because shes 100% german…. kinda like a quiet gisele so leo can have his long legs in peace. he was probably good in the past but now he just seems awkward and tired all the time he seems like he would just **** n sh*t

  1173. 1173
    yeah Says:

    @yeah phew Id say he did some naaasty shiiit with that bar chick, I’d say they were into some serious kinky fucckery

  1174. 1174
    bjs Says:

    @bjs: at the end i said it seems like he would f-a-r-t

  1175. 1175
    @yeah Says:

    I can’t imagine Leo being awful in bed. Prob lazy and sloppy but not awful. In The Departed he just looks like too good of a f-cker. And that ass grabbing and thigh kissing, lawd.

  1176. 1176
    @yeah Says:

    I can’t imagine Leo being awful in bed. Prob lazy and sloppy but not awful. In The Departed he just looks like too good of a f-cker. And that ass grabbing and thigh kissing, lawd. He just needs to get in shape.

  1177. 1177
    yeah Says:

    @yeah well then lucky friend, ask for some deets on that thang wouldja? ;) Gals here dying to know!! Yeah same here, I’d say he’s a cool dude and would have some awesome stories to tell

  1178. 1178
    @yeah Says:

    He probably has gotten worse now, but like I said it depends on the lady. If shes exciting to him and challenges him then I dont think hed be awful.

  1179. 1179
    bjs Says:

    he f-arts with every pound… he goes to bed bloated and comes out nice and deflated

  1180. 1180
    yeah Says:

    ooooh yesss that Departed scene, what can I say apart from TAKE ME HARD AND FASSST LEEO after viewing that. Wonder what his take on lickk ouuts are…cant imagine hed be opposed!

  1181. 1181
    @yeah Says:

    She never let me know the exact size but said she was just shocked and was speechless. Ima try to find out from her but she’s out of state atm. And ha id love to chill with him he looks like a blast to hangout with. Bad boyfriend, but seems like an awesome friend

  1182. 1182
    Pity Party... Says:

    @####: Table of 2!!

  1183. 1183
    yeah Says:

    “farttss with every pound” lol what a mental image….bet he pounds good though, like that hit the sweet spot kind of pound

  1184. 1184
    licking Says:

    @yeah: he’s always smacking his lips in interviews… he always keeps a distance from interviewers so they don’t smell his slimy breath… his head has expanded from too much yeast infections in his system… this boy laps up a fresh new puss every night

  1185. 1185
    @yeah Says:

    LMAOO Im sure hes into that. Which gf do you think he had the best sex with? Probably Gisele and Bar(when they first started dating only) Also Blake too.

  1186. 1186
    bjs Says:

    @yeah: he’d need to get into some raunchy positions to really get in deep or maybe he’s the mathematical type using sex wedge pillows

  1187. 1187
    yeah Says:

    @yeah cool chick, let us know if you hear something ;) Yeah id say he’s an awesome friend, would love a friends with benefits situation with him, where I could know what he’s like in bed but also be his friend,,,LIVIN THE DREAM

  1188. 1188
    bjs Says:

    @@yeah: deffo gisele. they were all over each other and gettin nasty out in the open. with bar i can see some kinky stuff goin down cause of her body but she’s an idiot… leo must’ve taped her mouth shut or somethin… kinky!! the rest… not even worth mentioning.

  1189. 1189
    @yeah Says:

    LMAOO bar practically acts like a porn star in her photo shoots so they def had wild rough sex but only in the beginning. Gisele def he was caught his hand down her ass and they were always kissin over each other in public. not blake? he looked quite ‘excited’ by her and she has just what he likes-long legs

  1190. 1190
    yeah Says:

    @yeah Hmmm I’m gonna go with Bar and Gisele, Gisele is pretty fiesty in general and I’d say she would ride that cocck hard and Bar I would guess was just naaasty, type of girl who would have no problem takin in the ass and then bj to finish #classylassy

  1191. 1191
    @yeah Says:

    i really hope you meet leo now lol are you blonde and under 25?

  1192. 1192
    yeah Says:

    I legit have no idea what he was doing with Erin, no offence to her she seems like a nice girl but thats the thing he needs someone with a wild streak, Erin looks like she never gave a beejaay in her life and would cry if you asked her too

  1193. 1193
    bjs Says:

    @@yeah: to me blakes face looks like a shriveled up tree but yeah i can see leo just focusing on her sunkissed legs and shoulder length slightly wavy blond hair. leo is one naaasty boy hes a dog.

  1194. 1194
    @yeah Says:

    exactlyyy she looked far too innocent and sweet. toni on the other hand is opposite but leo looks so lazy and angry around her i can imagine her trying to have good sex but leo is just not in the mood

  1195. 1195
    yeah Says:

    @yeah lol yeah I’m under 25 and blonde not natural though, and live on the opposite side of the world sadly, no Leo lurrrve for me :( But If I did meet him DAYUM the things I would do…boy would be icing his balllss for a week!!

  1196. 1196
    #### Says:

    Lauren Mattia (@lauren_mattia)
    2/25/14, 2:24 PM
    Still in shock at when Leo Dicaprio said “nice to meet you Lauren, I’m Leo” as if I didn’t already know his entire life

  1197. 1197
    groupies Says:

    Any stories floating around out there from one night stands? He obviously doesn’t make them all sign confidentiality agreements, like in the case of that one girl from Cannes awhile ago.
    I remember once reading that he is awkward in bed, moves like a floppy fish, virginal like, no consistent rhythm..
    several musicians have the groupie boards where they swap stories, I would looooove to hear some about Leo!

  1198. 1198
    @yeah Says:

    LMAO you dirty girl ;) you already fit two criterias, just gotta pretend to be a model and head to 1OAK and you may get ur chance!

  1199. 1199
    yeah Says:

    Going by Toni’s lips I’d say she gives a good beejaay, or is at least aesthetically pleasing while doing so

  1200. 1200
    @yeah Says:

    thats the thing i only hear either he is amazing or he is awkward and lazy in bed. he has to be at least decent if he shags up so many girls

  1201. 1201
    bjs Says:

    @yeah: she’s got a big wet mouth i wonder how much of leo she can cram in

  1202. 1202
    #### Says:

    Ellis A. Cohen (@MoviesNews)
    2/25/14, 6:08 PM
    OSCARS 2014:

    When Will
    Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Win?

    (TIME Magazine)

  1203. 1203
    bjs Says:

    @groupies: yea its weird there arent more stories from his hookups maybe the girls just don’t want to be known as one of leo’s infinite notches…. chances are if the sex was crap leo was drunk and out of his mind, dem girls don’t want to look easy peasy

  1204. 1204
    yeah Says:

    Yeaah thats exactly what we need a Leo sex forum, how after all these years that hasn’t been made I’ll never know! @bjs oooh I dunno she’s gotta pretty big mouth, I’d say she can deep throat good, strikes me as a commee guzzler/swallower foshizz. Bet he loves it when girls gag on it though like all guysss

  1205. 1205
    sex Says:

    convinced toni makes leo her sex slave or somethin, probably handcuffs him. totally convinced she has tons of experience despite her young age.

  1206. 1206
    yeah Says:

    lol I’d love to hit up 1OAK! Some day perhaps, while I still meet the criteria !

  1207. 1207
    groupies Says:

    I think he only gets so much ***** because he’s rich and famous. I doubt that without the fame and money he’d be the sex addict he is today. He’s handsome but if he was just a regular man most women wouldn’t bat an eye. Especially the 20 something’s! Do you know any 40 something men that have average careers that have women throwing themselves at them?

  1208. 1208
    @yeah Says:

    if you ever meet leo please tell us how it goes!

  1209. 1209
    @yeah Says:

    its usually because they are rich and theres always something in it for the girls so your right. but leo looks like the type of man who could be amazing at sex only with the right woman, not these constant one night stands. scorpio males are supposed to be wild in bed.

  1210. 1210
    bjs Says:

    @yeah: yup toni’s got dat naughty spark behind her eyes she’d deff guzzle leo’s stream while looking directly at him. but man leo is NAST she is 21!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if leo returns the favor by lickin her down or does he just get down to bizz….but yeah doin the dirty i can see them hanging off the ceiling and bouncin off walls n sh*t

  1211. 1211
    yeah Says:

    @sex hmmm true bet these girls pretend to be much more experienced than the are, c’mon girl your 21 he’s 39 unless you been ridin coccks as long as you’ve been ridin bikes think he’s gonna have the edge…which makes me wonder, does he like to teach them new things, kinda like a 50 shades type scenario…

  1212. 1212
    sex Says:

    how do yal think leo and kate in bed would of been like back in the day? convinced they banged at least one time

  1213. 1213
    yeah Says:

    @yeah sure thing chickka ;) no gory detail would be left untold!!

  1214. 1214
    sex Says:

    50 shades haha thats nasty. but maybe leo is not that skillful? i can see him being kind of messy and inconsistent depends on with the girl. maybe he only goes for younger girls is bc he has a lack of confidence in da sheets? who knows, i wonder which is the oldest woman he has ever slept with

  1215. 1215
    Rob Says:

    I’m rooting for Mat. He’s improved his craft and worked tirelessly to come back from a lazy romcom career. He took on an unsympathetic role and made it human. He had a very poignant arc. Anyone can lose weight for a role…its really about the choices he made with a performance that could’ve been hammy. Bruce will have to be content with the recognition of the nomination but it also puts his name back in the spotlight after fifty years in movies. Christian is always amazing but he just won. This nomination is great reinforcement, being his second: it makes him a nominatable actor. We’ll see him again here. I haven’t seen Chiwetel’s performance and I’m sure its excellent(loved him in Kinky Boots) but I don’t want him to win for the same reason I didn’t want Viola to win for The Help…I’d rather see an African American win for a role that isn’t a slave or domestic. It was rewarding for Denzel to win for Training Day. Leo….He’s a good actor when he’s not being “Leo”. He can’t escape being a movie star…like George Clooney. He needs to find a way to completely lose himself in a role in a way that people forget its him onscreen. I thought Leo deserved the Oscar for Basketball Diaries flat out, but unbelievably he wasn’t even nominated.

  1216. 1216
    bjs Says:

    @sex: heheeh back then goofy probably with lots of f-arting and laughing but as adults they probably got hotter and better with the dirty but still burst out laughing like kids. i’d bet dat kate is the oldest woman or only woman leo’s ever been with i wonder what it was like

  1217. 1217
    yeah Says:

    @sex daam after what like 5 steady(ish) gf and countless baaangs SURELY he has to be skilled and competent in bed…oldest? pfft who knows, maybe he got some of that cougar action in his younger days which taught him a thing or two about a thing a two and he’s been using it on young sllutss ever since

  1218. 1218
    yeah Says:

    @Rob whats your take on all this? lol

  1219. 1219
    sex Says:

    they totally had sex before or during titanic and there rumors of them apparently doing it on revolutionary road set not sure how true those are tho.

  1220. 1220
    sex Says:

    hahah right on i just wonder since he always picks up the young ones in clubs he has to be drunk or half drunk so he wont be able to perform at his best. sloppy sex is the worst sex! he prob has taught em a couple of moves

  1221. 1221
    yeah Says:

    now kate yeaaaah she’s another dirty one, she’s English lol….wonder if they have, if they havn’t fuccked they’ve def done SOMETHING even if it was just a quick finger fucck or some shiit

  1222. 1222
    sex Says:

    yes shes gotten naked in like every movie since she was 20 you know she has to be good at sex

  1223. 1223
    yeah Says:

    Right gals I gotta run, it’s pretty late where I am, I enjoyed our fun chats keep the Leo lovvvee coming, we all know thats what he’d want ;) later peeps!!

  1224. 1224
    sex Says:

    bye girl, comment some more here! the sex talk is better than the toni talk!

  1225. 1225
    bjs Says:

    @sex: mmm i’d bet kate and leo have gone all the way several times hehe there’s no way they kept their hands to themselves judging by the way they teared up over each other at the golden globes. i’m guessin they’re not as raunchy as leo and gisele but definitely more romantic

  1226. 1226
    sex Says:

    kate was def the classiest sex he has ever had im guessing but probably passionate too because kate is very emotional and warm

  1227. 1227
    D Says:

    Does Toni do drugs. She does not look it, but she hangs with Leo too much. Not very good if she does.

  1228. 1228
    bjs Says:

    @sex: oh yeah i agree with everything you said they were classy and hot. they seem to really love each other as well and that makes it a million times better. mmm i bet it involves lots of stroking, cuddling, and tongue kissing… i wonder if leo has ever had passionate sex like that with another girl

  1229. 1229
    sex Says:

    probably not after gisele breakup. too bad, he needs some more passionate and beautiful sex like that, not this empty and cheap sex. it would make him look more alive!

  1230. 1230
    sex Says:

    i bet there sex was very romantic and classy but also wild at the same time. kate especially would make leo more comfortable in bed i think and even try to dominate him!

  1231. 1231
    0000 Says:

    ridiculous. if kate rides leo she’ll suffocate him because of how heavy she is.

  1232. 1232
    0000 Says:

    @sex: i find her gross. i wouldn’t go for her, my friends either. her boobs are swaging and too much cellulite. weird looking expressions on her face;in revoltuionary road they f in the kitchen and it doesn’t look hot at all.

  1233. 1233
    TONI Says:

    @D: Unfortunately you are known for you associations and what people perceive about them

  1234. 1234
    bjs Says:

    @sex: yeah you can tell the guy has been love depraved for years he seems exhausted and moves like a zombie. good sex can only give you more energy. now that you mention it i can see kate getting naughty hahaa judging by what she’s shown us in her movies…. i bet both of them would take turns dominating… hehehe they’re adorable

  1235. 1235
    adam Says:

    @sex: amazing how your mind tries to fantasize about people you don’t even know. but his sex life in genreral doesn’t seem good, he looks dead and tired and sad.

  1236. 1236
    sex Says:

    ikr kate brings the best out of him. he needs someone like her personality and needs more good sex in his life!

  1237. 1237
    sex Says:


  1238. 1238
    0000 Says:

    @bjs: yuk, kate is a turn off, overacting woman, her body doesn’t look good, her face is strange. she’s not hot

  1239. 1239
    bjs Says:

    @sex: absolutely and maybe he knows himself that the cheap sex from clubs is crap…. the question is where will he find a woman like that? maybe for now he is just cruisin with toni until he finds a cool woman. i wish him luck lol

  1240. 1240
    sex Says:

    same here. this thing with toni aint lasting and he sure as hell aint taking her to the oscars lool. leaving now bye girl!

  1241. 1241
    0000 Says:

    @bjs: from what he’s doing now, he’s not gonna stop. and that’s a no for the kate thing, i would never see him with her or someone like her, she’s a headcase.

  1242. 1242
    bjs Says:

    @sex: bye! come back soon!!!

  1243. 1243
    adam Says:

    @bjs: cheap sex sucks. it gets old. you need to have a connection.

  1244. 1244
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Hi! So far, I’ve watched two episodes of True Detective and about to start the third one. Great acting! I forgot just how good Woody is. But, TBH – there are times when he’s talking that the image of Larry Flynt pops into my head! He was amazing in the role, but there are some mannerisms that the Hart character share with Larry, JMO. I think the story was a little slow in the first episode, but it’s definitely picking up.
    FYI – this is my first post since early afternoon. #1060 wasn’t me!
    Zzzzzz (#1060 – my imp!) Hi! I like that you pointed out how Angelina’s thread gets hateful comments even though she is working with refugees. Sometimes people think that only Leo gets hate, when in fact, a lot of celebrities do.

  1245. 1245
    Leo's Fantasy Girl Says:

    Leo I hope you have good sex tonight, thinking about you!

  1246. 1246
    sure Says:

    @Leo’s Fantasy Girl: of course, is that what he wants? imagine his future wife saying to him: “have fun tonight, hope you have great cheap sex tonight at the club”

  1247. 1247
    sure Says:

    somebody here talked about it, i found it:

    “Leonardo DiCaprio (patron of prostitutes), and, well, himself (peeping Tom). Some highlights:

    • On his escapades with DiCaprio while filming Romeo & Juliet in Mexico: “We would have parties, just the guys playing poker and talking ****, while strippers danced on a table. And there were some adventures with the hookers that were videotaped, two on one, voyeurism, all tha

  1248. 1248
    bjs Says:

    @adam: yup you can tell leo’s been having cheap sex for years he seems unhappy and probably takes out all his frustration and anger on desperate girls.

  1249. 1249
    0000 Says:

    @sure: two on one? wow, does that mean that leo would do a girl with a guy friend at the same time? usually, when guys have sex and his other friends are watching or doing it at the same time it’s a hidden homosexuality. which i think leo has.

  1250. 1250
    bjs Says:

    @Leo’s Fantasy Girl: i want good sex for him too but you can tell he’s going to have crap sex tonight either with toni or some faceless hookup

  1251. 1251
    adam Says:

    @bjs: that’s really sad. really really sad. i pity his future wife (and I hope he won’t get married) because being always cheated on and treated like a piece of meat must be horrible. liked wows but if that guys was near my sister I would beat the crAPPPP outta him!

  1252. 1252
    nightowl Says:

    Toni is probally a popsicle in bed.. cold and stiff.. she is so boring and has the personality of a zombie..and fu#ckks like one.. my money’s on Nina she is a born porrnn star jmo!

  1253. 1253
    adam Says:

    @sure: well it’s not a surprise he hired hookers and f a lot of them, he’s still the same; he’s like jordan belfort come to think of it.

  1254. 1254
    @sure Says:

    lol , your so funny, keep me laughing.

    LFG (leo’s fantasy girl)

  1255. 1255
    nightowl Says:

    @ bjs:How did this thread go from leo getting an oscar to getting bjs?? The bz kids are running..

  1256. 1256
    sure Says:

    @nightowl: leo started it

  1257. 1257
    LFG Says:

    Do you think Leo has better chance of getting an Oscar or BJ?

  1258. 1258
    D Says:

    C-cigs and now drugs. Lets hope it is not true and only quilt bu association

  1259. 1259
    nightowl Says:

    Leo to toni “get naked Toni:why?? Leo to Nina”get naked ..Nina “I’am Already!

  1260. 1260
    Drugzz Says:

    @D: Leo probably forces Toni to do some drugzz how else are they going to get through a night of sex they need to get blasted first

  1261. 1261
    D Says:


  1262. 1262
    D Says:

    @Drugzz: Probably true but so unfortunate

  1263. 1263
    D Says:

    What happened to Toni’s good friends like Karlie. Drugs can ruin everything

  1264. 1264
    @D Says:

    Stop trying to make us pity Toni. Leo doesn’t make her do anything, she’s an adult and can make her own choices. She willingly ditched her friends to follow Leo wherever he goes, so thats that. Go complain at her BZ thread.

  1265. 1265
    skin Says:

    leo has cheap sex and bad sex.he’s gross. has stds and stuff.

  1266. 1266
    D Says:

    No one on here has much pity for whatever Toni does

  1267. 1267
    D Says:

    @skin: Do you think Toni has STDS

  1268. 1268
    skin Says:

    @@D: leo is not good in bed, his moves are awkward, he’s not sensual, he F like a horny teenager.

  1269. 1269
    D Says:

    Call me names, but I think what is happening is sad

  1270. 1270
    HAHA12 Says:

    Glad you are digging True Detective so far! I hadn’t noticed the Larry Flynt mannerisms but I’ll remind myself of that when I watch the next episode lol. Both him and McConaughey are so good in it. They won’t be on the next season, each season will have a different set of characters and actors, and apparently the writer is aiming to have two female detectives for next season!

  1271. 1271
    7 Says:

    Leo likes to sniff that cocaine

  1272. 1272
    nightowl Says:

    On her apartment: I’m very
    cheap, so I decided to live
    really close to Penn Station
    and the Long Island Rail
    Road. And they have an
    indoor basketball court in my
    building, so whenever I’m
    here I play almost every day -Nina Agdal (Leo is a total match )

  1273. 1273
    drugs Says:

    leo and toni do them during sex ew

  1274. 1274
    drugs Says:

    leo did them in irmelins stomach

  1275. 1275
    drugs Says:

    leo is yuckyyy

  1276. 1276
    HAHA12 Says:

    Final Oscar predictions, this guy is almost always accurate.
    Damn, I may have to change my prediction from Lupita to JLaw for Best Supporting Actress now. Can’t believe she may actually win 2 back to back Oscars at only 23, thats crazy. I wonder how it will affect her career afterwards.

  1277. 1277
    nightowl Says:

    On dancing: I danced
    competitively for almost ten
    years, hip-hop and disco.
    You had all these costumes
    — mine was yellow and
    green, with a lot of glitter.
    But I don’t do booty-popping
    and all that. I leave that to
    others. -Nina Agdal

  1278. 1278
    7 Says:

    @7: he’s a big coke addict;

  1279. 1279
    what a prize Says:

    leo has a bad back, muffin top, and no rhythm during sex

  1280. 1280
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Thanks for the info on True Detectives. I didn’t realize that the cast was going to change from season to season. Interesting. I wonder how it will do since a lot of times, the audience gets attached to the characters.
    re Flynt: I get the Larry feeling when he is talking, especially when he leans back and he talks like his mouth is full (if that makes sense)
    re the Oscars: I’m still standing by my choice for Lupita. I think she is the one who deserves to win. As for Best Actor – I think it’s still too close to call. There are some who think if there is an upset – that Dern will win (age and never won one before, which is funny because back in November I thought he could win based on that.) Truthfully, I liked him, but I don’t think his performance compares to Matthew, Leo or Chiwetel’s. But then, when have the Oscars ever been based solely on the performance! :/

  1281. 1281
    HAHA12 Says:

    I wonder which actresses they will cast, I really like the idea of female detectives.
    Bruce Dern actually could of won easily if he were put in the supporting actor category I think. But he insisted to stay in leading since he had been a character actor his whole life and wasn’t his role leading anyway?. If you click the link I put Feinberg gives a great reason why Matthew will win and I see no reason to doubt him, it’s his time. At first I was skeptical about JLaw winning another Oscar so soon, but I’m starting to think it may actually happen. It’s a tight race between her and Lupita, but Feinberg did point out that those who win both the Globe+BAFTA have a greater chance at winning the Oscar, and JLaw won both of those. Its up in the air tbh. I really hope 12YAS at least wins Best Picture.

  1282. 1282
    Dave's IG Says:

    Dave’s in Negril jamaica?dont know if Leo and Toni are there also.. she liked one of his pics so who knows..why would Leo go to jamaica during Oscar week??

  1283. 1283
    HAHA12 Says:

    Also this is very disappointing to read,80/1174592/oscardiversity-superjumbo.jpg

  1284. 1284
    Amy Says:


    The only way for change to happen is for more women and POC to work behind the scenes in Hollywood.

    It’s also interesting to me but for some reason more women are producers instead of directors. I’m not sure why but I’m sure this will begin to change in the near future.

  1285. 1285
    HAHA12 Says:

    It needs to change and soon. There are a lot more female directors and writers these days too, but there’s still a long way to go and minority actors still barely have many opportunities, many of them like recently Viola Davis are heading to TV for better roles than useless supporting ones in average movies. It’s disappointing to realize Halle Berry is the only actress that is African American to win the Oscar for Best Actress.

  1286. 1286
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Dern was definitely the lead. It would of been a joke to put him as supporting. But, IMO, last year, I didn’t think Christoph Waltz should have been a supporting actor. To me, he was more of a lead actor. I think they put him as supporting because there was no way he could beat DDL. If Matthew wins, I won’t be upset. He was really good. I just would like to see Chiwetel win! How about a tie! (has there ever been a tie?)
    re True Detective: Well, if next season is like this season, gritty, it will be interesting to see who they choose. I can see Amy Adams, but I’m not sure who her partner would be. Your thoughts?

  1287. 1287
    HAHA12 Says:

    Its funny, Christoph was originally put in leading, but then Harvey moved him to supporting when he realized he had no shot in the leading category! I still need to watch Nebraska.
    I’d love to see Chiwetel win. In the acting category there was only one tie, back in 1968 with Katharine Hepburn and Barbara Streisand in the Best Actress category.
    Amy Adams would be a really good choice, but you know who immediately came to mind? Marisa Tomei, its been awhile since she’s really had a great role and she’s one of my favorites. I think she could really be perfect on the show.

  1288. 1288
    HAHA12 Says:

    Got to go, its late over here. Night!

  1289. 1289
    @HAHA12 Says:

    Hally Berry is interacial her mom is white and her father is black so she techically not african american!!

  1290. 1290
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: That is depressing. Unfortunately, is has been a white male dominated business for so long and you know how people hate change. I think it is slowly changing, as the older members are being replaced by younger – more open minded people. But, it’s going to take time. Remember, it’s not just the film business. If you look at the Wall Street brokerage firms and Corporate America, it’s probably the same statistics. Who am I kidding! It’s probably even worse, especially Wall Street. I think it looks so bad in the film industry because people always think of ‘Hollywood’ as being more open and forward thinking.

  1291. 1291
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: I thought you were up late! Good night! Talk to you later. PS – you’re right Marisa would be great in it!
    @Dave’s IG: I don’t believe he’s in Jamaica. There was a tweet from a store thanking Leo for stopping by and buying some sandals in LA today.

  1292. 1292
    88 Says:

    @@HAHA12: she is african american

  1293. 1293
    Leo+Margot Says:

    From that Russian Interview Magazine

  1294. 1294
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####; Hey Lady! Are you around? Wanted to see how you were doing. Also, how’s your ankle?

  1295. 1295
    88 Says:

    @Leo+Margot: too photoshoped

  1296. 1296
    Leo+Margot Says:

    Its not

  1297. 1297
    88 Says:

    @Leo+Margot: yes it is, all pictures, magazine covers are photoshoped.

  1298. 1298
    @88 Says:

    she interacial you ignorant twit!!

  1299. 1299
    Amy Says:


    Yes, she is African American. You can say she’s biracial true. Most Africans who came over to America as slaves had children with their slave owners. Descendants of those slaves in America are biracial or multi-racial.

    If you’re talking about someone who is 1st generation from Africa, then no she is not in that category.

  1300. 1300
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Leo+Margot: Hi! Thanks for the link. But I have to agree with @88 – too photoshopped. I bet the original photo looked better.

  1301. 1301
    88 Says:

    @@88: ignorant twit? she’s black. she looks black and she is proud to be. some kids might be from parents of different color but they look more like one of the other. some look more white and some more black. but you can see how black she is. she is an african american.

  1302. 1302
    Leo's Fan Girl Says:

    Loved the Russian mag pics, Leo’s eyes look amazing.

    Love you Leo,


  1303. 1303
    Amy Says:


    It’s funny but in the 1940s Hollywood was more open to women working behind the scenes in the industry.

    Also if you compare movies from the 1940s to movies from the 1950s you can see the difference in how female characters were portrayed.

  1304. 1304
    88 Says:

    @Leo’s Fan Girl: leoo’s color of eyes was changed by photoshop, even more blue and sparkly. retouched photoshop.

  1305. 1305
    ;) Says:

    @Amy: i want to direct!!

  1306. 1306
    @amy Says:

    Halle Berry ‘s mother is white like caucasian.. her father is black..just because she doesn’t have fair skin does not mean she full african american!!

  1307. 1307
    88 Says:

    @@amy: well, she’s black. no question about that

  1308. 1308
    @88 Says:

    your the average white hill billy ..anyone can see that halle berry is not a full african american. because she has brown skin? now Viola davis is a african american just like Lupita is African.. just like all caucasians dont have blond hair and blue eyes..

  1309. 1309
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Amy: Hi! Could that be due to WWII? I know during the war, women who never worked, took on a lot of jobs only open to men, because so many of the men had enlisted. That’s when they actually had professional women baseball teams. But as soon as the men started coming home, the women slowly returned to being just housewives again. That would fit into the timeframe you mentioned. Your thoughts?
    @Leo+Margot: The second link, looked less photoshopped than the first. The first was beautiful – but too perfect! The eyes were definitely enhanced in both pictures. But, the pictures are great. He does look very yummy in them!

  1310. 1310
    88 Says:

    @@88: hey! i’m not an average white hill billy! I AM BLACK by the way!!!! full or not Halle berry is a BLACK woman, if people didn’t know her mother was white and they just looked at her picture they would say that she is a pure black woman. she looks like one, she behaves like one, she is ONE.

  1311. 1311
    frenchy Says:

    @88: Hale Berry now wants to be french or something, she’s a french wannabe now. should should stay in the us, paparazzis are insane in france.

  1312. 1312
    @Leo and Margot Says:

    Margot looks goregeous her and Leo have such good chemistry ..better than him and carey mulligan

  1313. 1313
    Amy Says:


    Yes, I do think the change in the way society treated women was due to WWII. I love watching movies from the 1940s because the female characters are strong.

  1314. 1314
    @1308 Says:

    @@88: Well going by the American standard (where Halle was born) if you have 1 drop of black blood, you are black! African-American is just politically correct, for negro or black! When you get technical, she is a black American. She was not born in Africa.

  1315. 1315
    Amy Says:


    That’s great! Go for it! :)

  1316. 1316
    @88 Says:

    She acts like one ?? what Black get real really sound ignorant.. im feel ashamed for you if you are black because your sterotyping african american people.. you think all black women are sterotypical..?? please!

  1317. 1317
    Amy Says:


    I find this debate interesting. I’m half Italian and half Spanish. I’m also light skinned.

    There are people who are biracial and multi-racial that have skin tones which range from light to dark. I think a lot of younger people are acknowledging their complete ethnic background now instead of favoring one over another.

  1318. 1318
    xXx Says:

    @@1308: american standards are not world standard, that’s the problems for a lot of american when they talk/write about ethnicity in particular, like when they said spanish, italian, greek are not caucasians, I’m sorry but they are europeans and consider caucasians, white in Europe.

  1319. 1319
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Amy: What’s interesting to me is how the women were treated different for that period of time, they had more responsibilities – more freedom, then it all went back to the way it was – a woman’s place is in the home raising babies or working as a secretary or teacher, like it never happened! I mean it wasn’t until the 60s that women really pushed hard for their rights. It’s weird – I couldn’t imagine being given a taste of freedom, then go blindly back into the cage without a fight! But, then I wasn’t raised the way women in the 30s were raised – thank god!

  1320. 1320
    @1308 Says:

    Yes absolutely!
    But in reference to Halle Berry, she is an American who was raised under those “standards” (?) so it makes sense to me why she identifies herself as a black woman, even though her black father abandoned her and she was raised by her white mother.
    I absolutely agree that American standards are not worldly! But Halle has said herself that it was a decision she had to make for herself at a young age, and it is a “title” she is comfortable with.

  1321. 1321
    :) Says:

    @Amy: thank you!! you’re the best! yeah! ;)

  1322. 1322
    88 Says:

    @@88: nnnaaahhhh, halle berry has issues with her own race.

  1323. 1323
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @@1308: Hi! I believe you are being sarcastic, right? That whole ‘one drop of of black blood, you are black’ comes from the time when there was still slavery and how the racist Southerners thought.

  1324. 1324
    Amy Says:


    The fight for equal rights for women had a lot of ebbs in flows in American History. Remember the 1920s was when women fought for the right to vote.

  1325. 1325
    @88 Says:

    So I guess Mariah Carey is white? because she has fair skin ?.. well she’s interacial too ..her mother is of Irish ancestry they tend to have strong genes ..i think if there was any people considered the most white.. or most caucasian of all cultures.. they can not tan under the sun at all.. especially if they are of full irish ancestry imo..

  1326. 1326
    @1308 Says:

    @Zzzzzz: I’m not being sarcastic! There are a lot of things that come from that time period that people (black & white) still apply to their lives, because it’s passed down within their families! I’m a black woman and my father was raised in a segregated part of the South side of Chicago, and because of that he had a lot of pent up anger! A lot of the “restrictions” he had to follow he told me about, and the “one drop” rule was one of them ( he was half Native-American).
    I know it sounds out dated but it depends on your upbringing.
    Mariah Carey just spoke on this same issue maybe 2 weeks ago and she said she considers herself a black woman because of the “one-drop” rule. It’s something a lot of us have been taught about and whether it is personally embraced is up to the individual.

  1327. 1327
    88 Says:

    @@88: get over it, same thing with halle she has to get over it

  1328. 1328
    88 Says:

    @@1308: well some people end up looking more white and honey skin, in that case they may have a black parent but they are not really black, and certainly don’t look black. halle’s daughter certainly doesn’t look black halle sure does;

  1329. 1329
    88 Says:

    @@88: it’s easier for mariah carrey, she doesn’t look black. she looks latina. for her to say she’s black is hypocritical because she knows she doesn’t look like a black woman.

  1330. 1330
    @1308 Says:

    @88: Her little girl looks more “black” than I would have expected her to. Halle is half white and Gabriel is not mixed. Compare Nahla (?) to Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s son. It’s just really interesting how genetics work.

  1331. 1331
    Amy Says:


    I just think it’s weird to go by skin color or appearance instead of your complete ethnic background. Some genes are stronger in different people. Like if someone is Japanese, African and Caucasian but they look more Asian, should they only identify themselves as Japanese?

    Just as an example, some people think I look Eastern European but that’s not my ethnic background.

  1332. 1332
    Toni 's interview Says:

    Did’t Toni say she was 100 percent german ..duhh anyone can see that with her harsh features cold aura i dont even think she was asked about her race most Germans i think feel they are superior to other races.. I think if she was mixed with another race she would look more attractive ..less harsh .cold .I think thats what s makes Leo more good looking is his italian ancestry even if he’s only a can see he is not 100 percent germa, and,..with the dark hair you can see his italian roots even more..wonder if he considers himself more german than italian since his last name is Italian?wonder which

  1333. 1333
    Amy Says:

    @Toni ‘s interview:

    I think one of his grandparents was Russian also.

  1334. 1334
    88 Says:

    @@1308: i thought she made a better couple with gabriel, man that man is goooorgeaous!!!!!! they made a beautiful little girl. I wonder what she’s doing with that martinez guy, he’s such a womanizer and cheater.

  1335. 1335
    ???? Says:

    @Toni ‘s interview: What part of his ethnicity is causing his face to expand?

  1336. 1336
    @1308 Says:

    @88: lol…. unfortunately Halle has horrible taste in men!
    But she may also be a drama queen herself!!

  1337. 1337
    night Says:

    @Toni ‘s interview: i’m not into german men, too harsh and cold and sorry to say this but plain italians are hot, beautiful. sexyyy

  1338. 1338
    Toni 's interview Says:

    ???? :Dont know if you are being sarcastic or not but Leo’s face has gotton fuller i think because he has gained weight.. the more he gains the fuller his face becomes .. if you look at him in 2007 his face was slimmer and his cheek bones were more pronounced.. He has put on weight since the WOWS ..his face was more defined ..he does not like working out and the older he gets its going to be harder to keep the weight off.. alchohol will only make losing more difficult..his weight.really effects his looks i think the slimmer and more toned he is the better he looks jmo!

  1339. 1339
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @@1308: My apologies. To me ‘one drop’ seems so outdated. But, you are right, it depends on how and where you were raised. Unfortunately, there are many places where racism is still a huge issue.
    @Amy: You are right! My bad – I did forget about the suffragettes. What they went through to get the 19th amendment to pass in 1920 is amazing and all women should be grateful for the sacrifices they made. I can’t imagine what it was like not being able to vote and being powerless.

  1340. 1340
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Amy and @@1308: Great conversations, unfortunately I have to go to sleep. :( Hope to talk to both of you again. Good night! Talk to you later! ;)

  1341. 1341
    Yup Says:

    No partying and clubbing lately. Oscar final voting must have him worried.

  1342. 1342
    Lapdog Says:

    In LA

  1343. 1343
    Courchevel Says:

    He looks happy and so relax.

  1344. 1344
    True? Says:

    Travels and make up for cheating is the only thing that works for this “relationship”?

  1345. 1345
    poor toni Says:

    I’m worried that Leo can dump Toni after the Oscar

  1346. 1346
    @Love is Real Says:

    Leo cant believe how lucky he is to find the most beautiful girl who trust blindly in him. He had never known a girl like her.

  1347. 1347
    @Love is Real Says:

    His heart belongs to Toni. She gives him such a calm and serenity as he had never felt before. Making him feel really comfortable with being funny and goofy sometimes.

  1348. 1348
    @Love is Real Says:

    Slowly he is changing clubs for a stable family life. He is ready to be 100% committed in a relationship as he never did before.

  1349. 1349
    @Love is Real Says:

    Toni makes him know that she is fine enjoying their time as couples but also respects his time to spend time with his friends since she also has them with her friends.

  1350. 1350
    @Love is Real Says:

    Leo can relate wth Toni and her idea of ​​waiting until they are completely ready to marry. She knows It’s gonna happen when it’s gonna happen. She doesnt want to rush anything since she also is a child of divorced parents.

  1351. 1351
    @Love is Real Says:

    Leo he has been faithful to Toni despite the rumors because are just rumors. She never creates drama especially for something he hasnt done.

  1352. 1352
    @Love is Real Says:

    While his other girlfriends were ready to fight with him at all times, Toni just makes him know when she is upset and then making him see what he’s missing.

  1353. 1353
    @Love is Real Says:

    Toni is shy in public like Leo so they prefer to leave the affections to private. Being watched makes them feel very uncomfortable.

  1354. 1354
    @Love is Real Says:

    Leo loves the silly sense of humor Toni. Besides he loves the vibe of innocence she transmits.

  1355. 1355
    @Love is Real Says:

    He is supporting and encouraging Toni to pursue her dream of designing. She also is there to support him in good and bad times. With her positive attitude he feels bad times dont seem so bad.

  1356. 1356
    @Love is Real Says:

    She understands that his mom is first. She is also very close to her mom. Also both are very attached to their friends. That’s why he includes some of her close people to his travels and parties.

  1357. 1357
    @Love is Real Says:

    This Sunday winning or not, Leo is ready to walk holding hands with Toni at the after parties.

  1358. 1358
    D Says:

    @Toni ‘s interview: Leo is Russian and Italian

  1359. 1359
    D Says:

    @@Love is Real: Hope she wears flats because she is bigger and taller. Significantly taller

  1360. 1360
    JJ Says:

    Oscar voting already closed though.

  1361. 1361
    Tall girl problems Says:


  1362. 1362
    Negril Says:

    Maybe Leo and Toni are in Negril..she’s been quiet on Ig for 2days..he was spotted buying sandals so it could be a quick vacay!

  1363. 1363
    also... Says:

    @Negril: The only reason why I’m not sure Leo is there is because it’s the Oscars this week with parties in LA. I wouldn’t think he would squeeze in one more getaway but it’s just my opinion. He can be very low key in LA so we can’t be sure of course.

  1364. 1364
    #### Says:


    also it looks like toni has a show card for Paris fashion week. I’m sure it’ll be figured out where they both are soon.

  1365. 1365
    @Love is Real Says:

    Leo and Toni love to spend time with Dave and Irmelin. They are the kind of couple they want to be at that age. So In love, fun and with the spirit and energy to explore any place in the world.

  1366. 1366
    @Love is Real Says:

    Leo is really impressed with the talent and creativity of Toni like none of the girls he has dated. She plays the piano, designs and speaks several languages. And she would be more perfect for him even if she could cook his favorite Italian foods.

  1367. 1367
    @Love is Real Says:

    He met his perfect woman. Beautiful, humble, down to earth, funny and good person. Low profile and low maintenance. He doesnt have to keep looking anymore what he has in front of him.

  1368. 1368
    also... Says:

    @####: Didn’t she have one for LFW as well? I’m curious to see if it’s gonna be PFW or LA. My bet is LA…
    Dave mentioned some people in one of his Jamaica comments so he might be there with friends.

  1369. 1369
    @#### Says:

    toni also had a london showcard too.

  1370. 1370
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Not sure where they are? I am surprised she is not posting pics on IG, esp if she is working. I would also think there would be tweet sightings of him in LA and at pre-Oscar parties.
    She commented yesterday on Madison Stephens’ IG to get rid of the flowers and that she will be back soon. Sounds like she’ll be in NY. Who ever’s apartment it is where the flowers are, it’s messy!

  1371. 1371
    bz Says:

  1372. 1372
    bz Says:

  1373. 1373
    @blacksharpie Says:

    soon could mean one day, or two weeks?

  1374. 1374
    Real Says:

    Where are the real psychics????

  1375. 1375
    also... Says:

    @ @blacksharpie: To me two weeks doesn’t sound like soon.
    @bz: Thanks for the photos. I like them but they are too photoshopped. These pictures would be still great without all that photoshopping.

  1376. 1376
    lol Says:

    @also…: She may be in LA, to attend the parties and then return to Ny.

  1377. 1377
    also... Says:

    @lol: It’s possible. I’m sure she will post something soon.

  1378. 1378
    Margot Says:

    Hey there everybody! Its been a while since I have been on here it is to bad all these pages are filled with crazy people.
    I love the new Leo and Margot pictures! Yes they are obviously photoshopped but who cares? they both look hot!
    As to Toni and NY I assume she will probably be there “soon” as in after the Oscars. I think she isn’t in Europe anymore from the lack of posting. Which I know hasn’t always indicated shes been with leo, but most times it does.

  1379. 1379
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t be in LA for the Oscars. Her friend,Madison Stephens, posted a pic yesterday saying she was in LA so they are probably meeting up there to spend time together and go to the parties. She won’t go to the Oscars ceremony so she’ll be with friends.

  1380. 1380
    lol Says:

    I think Toni definitely is in La. her friends MJS and sister just posted pictures in LA. That means see you soon.

  1381. 1381
    Margot Says:

    @blacksharpie I looked on Madisons instagram and she said that it was just a one day trip for her and her sister!

  1382. 1382
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I think she doesn’t post personal stuff anymore because of all the nasty comments on her IG. When she posts work-related pics she gets mostly flattering comments.

  1383. 1383
    Blacksharpie Says:

    You’re right. I didn’t see that earlier. Are Madison and her sister models??

  1384. 1384
    also... Says:

    @Black sharpie: Accoring to the conversation under the ‘suitcase essentials’ photo Madison is going to be in LA for only two days. She even asked someone about meeting on Saturday in NYC.

  1385. 1385
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Her two last photos are not really work photos.

  1386. 1386
    Apartment Says:

    The picture of the flower on Madison’s instagram is in Toni’s apartment. You can easily recognize it by the millions selfies in from of the mirror.

  1387. 1387
    body Says:

    toni is ridiculous; she doesn’t speak many languages she speaks german and her english is not really good. she’s immature and mean, not an interesting person, she’ll be out soon.

  1388. 1388
    O-O Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Also her friend Jamie was/is model

  1389. 1389
    Margot Says:

    @blacksharpie I don’t think thats the reason. A-la her posting the pic from the French Alps the last day they were there, so I doubt she isn’t posting because of the nasty comments. She hasn’t been spotted in New York with her friends, nor walking or working in Europe, so I assume she headed to wherever leo is! Of course she could post something in the next two seconds and prove me wrong.
    And I think Madisons sister is a model.

  1390. 1390
    poor toni Says:

    Toni is the soulmate.

  1391. 1391
    yuck Says:

    So lapdog is in LA. Soon dinners sightings and parties PDA.

  1392. 1392
    poor toni Says:

    And I’m dumb as a rock.

  1393. 1393
    #### Says:


    Re LFW, yes she did but from what people who follow her career say, she never walks at London. Paris is supposed to be the important one and it was the only one she walked at last year.

    I definitely think Leo is in LA. I guess there was a tweet of him yesterday buying sandals.

    Who knows where she is….

    I’m sure we’ll know soon where each of them are.

  1394. 1394
    HAHAHA Says:

    Toni post works stuff and when she is really insecure and want to brag. Right now she and Leo are in happy bf/gf mood.

  1395. 1395
    Lilly Says:

    @poor toni: yes! This is true!!

  1396. 1396
    body Says:

    @yuck: she’s too dependent, she doesn’t have a personality of her own just following him. and she does it in order to be seen, to go to the parties. it’s all pr and stuff, concerning her career, no sincere emotions. real couples don’t think and behave that way.

  1397. 1397
    Pink Box Says:

    Hey I found a physic reading for scorpios “As a Scorpio there’s something magnetically attractive and mysterious about you – but you like to guard your privacy closely, and you’ll be doing a lot more of that in the first half of this year.

    April’s eclipse calls on you to get more rest and make more time for yourself, while in May, a significant relationship turns a corner. Your investigative skills will be appreciated in August, making it a good time to go for that prestigious job.

    You’ve been on a steep learning curve for more than two years now and by December, you’ll be ready to take a big leap. Make it a grand finale to your year.”

  1398. 1398
    #Oh #Happy #Day Says:

    The day of their split announcement. Cant wait for such a happy day.

  1399. 1399
    Lilly Says:

    Hi everyone! These are just trolls :)) ***

  1400. 1400
    Lilly Says:

    Or just someone trying to get a regulars agreement :) xx

  1401. 1401
    Love is Real Says:

    @Pink Box: So Leo and Toni are going to get engaged in May!?!?!?

    Perfect timing!! Thank You for this!!

  1402. 1402
    body Says:

    @Love is Real: keep on dreaming, you’re just doing it for your little career toni

  1403. 1403
    Don't get it Says:

    Hello! I’m glad nothing change in this last three days. Haters are still hating. Trolls are still stealing names. And people are still attacking also…. And ####.
    I don’t think Leo is with Irmelin and Dave. He is expected to attend a few parties, i think one is today.
    Toni is either in Mallorca or going back to the states. She mentioned to her friend she was going back soon, to ny? I’m pretty sure she will be there for the after after after after after after party. I’m still hoping to see her on Elie Saab fashion show. She never missed one, but its really close to the oscars. Walking a fashion show or being photographed attending to an oscar party? Work or PR?
    I liked the photos of Leo and Margot but i have to agree with most of you, they are too photoshopped.
    I’ll catch up with all of you later. Have a good day!

  1404. 1404
    poor toni Says:

    Toni has all the qualities of his soul mate.

  1405. 1405
    @Love is Real Says:

    Dear Leo fans, Open your heart to Toni just like Leo did.

  1406. 1406
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I think the first photo is on her way to work and the second is when she is done with work. I guess it depends on how you define “work-related”. Lol.
    She did post a pic from the Alps which is a Leo-related pic. I think someone called her a wh**e (la pute) on that one. Also someone posted that she wanted to meet Leo during “The Road Home” filming? What’s”The Road Home”?

  1407. 1407
    @Love is Real Says:

    Leo’s friends know that Leo is completely in love with Toni and they are giving him some space so he can enjoy some time alone with her.

  1408. 1408
    body Says:

    @poor toni: ? you live in brainless bimbo land

  1409. 1409
    @Love is Real Says:

    Leo is not planning to make the same mistake twice and letting go of the woman he loves. This time he is going to work hard to keep her.

  1410. 1410
    body Says:

    @@Love is Real: you live in no hope bimbo land

  1411. 1411
    BZ girl Says:

    “Take them flowers out girl”?? Is this her gansta style ..poor toni was talking about?..smh ..looks like “girl” could use a grammer lesson. She has no personality i think she is worst than Bar personality wise.. Lovvve the pics of Largo.. they really compliment each other love the way Margot gazes into to eyes..but for some reason feel od photoshoot looks too soft and romantic to be related to WOWS actually has a Gatsby feel to it.. jmo.

  1412. 1412
    xxx Says:

    i think tony is sm !!! so sad

  1413. 1413
    @Love is Real Says:

    Leo just want his fan loves Toni and stop hating. Leo just wish his fans were like Toni. Understanding, supporting and dont jump to judge him for everything. Love, support and trust.

  1414. 1414
    Anyone Says:

    @BZ girl: way too photoshoped, i don’t like it, too corny. i liked the movie better. toni has no personality. i though he was an edgier guy with great taste and more of an original, artistic person. but i realize that that was the image he was selling of because he was attached to scorsese. because when you see his lifestyle, the girl he dates, his friends and stuff you see that he’s kind of the hollywood american man. i confused the two. now i don’t anymore. But still I thought he wasn’t like that.

  1415. 1415
    poor toni Says:

    leo misses toni hehe how cute would it be if he took her to jamaica because he missed her so much after separating in paris awwww

  1416. 1416
    @Love is Real Says:

    Lots hugs and kisses, Lots affection and snuggling, Lots gazing and complicity, Lots tenderness and blushing. This is what exist in this couple when the curious people are not watching.

  1417. 1417
    poor toni Says:

    Now Toni and Leo are alone in LA.

  1418. 1418
    #### Says:


    There is a pic of Madison Stephens in that apartment on Madison’s IG as well from a while ago. Her comment doesn’t mention that it is someone else’s apartment so I thought it was her apartment.

    Who knows who’s apartment it is. I’m sure they are good friends and use each other’s apartments regularly. It seems like Madison watches her apartment when Toni is away on shoots.

  1419. 1419
    Pink Box Says: best comments remind me of Leo, and one asks where Leo is.

  1420. 1420
    Pink Box Says:

    By remind I mean the comments on here

  1421. 1421
    Love is Real Says:

    @poor toni: When Toni is around he dont go out clubbing. He prefer to stay at home with her all day.

  1422. 1422
    it is Says:

    @@Love is Real: oh yeah then why do we see that there is no connection between them at all? why does he keep cheating on her? why does he still look so sad and miserable; there is no love in there, just pr. get real

  1423. 1423
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I think it’s TGs apartment. The flowers are there and, regardless of who they are from, they were TGs. I think she is saying to Madison to throw them out before she gets back to NY. Madison probably watches her apartment while she’s gone.

  1424. 1424
    poor toni Says:

    @Love is Real: they will raise their kids quietly together awww :) I can’t wait to see candids of leo and toni doing school runs hehe

  1425. 1425
    it is Says:

    @Love is Real: hey toni’s pr team, we know it’s bs, so keep trying to sell that like a brand, it doesn’t work, fool.

  1426. 1426
    it is Says:

    @poor toni: you’re so out of it

  1427. 1427
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I think “Love is Real” s comments are sarcastic. At least that’s how I am taking them.

  1428. 1428
    @Love is Real Says:

    Leo deep down is insecure and shy especially in love. But he never wins. When he is ready to show a little affection is cataloged of not be real and when he refrains is considered a lousy boyfriend. Other women present at a party with him doesnt mean he is going to sleep with them. He enjoys being with Toni, and when she is not, take the time to go out with his friends. Toni understands this perfectly so there is no drama between them.

  1429. 1429
    it is Says:

    @Blacksharpie: yeah cause love is real and poor toni says things that are way too desperate and ridiculous to me. especially when you see how bizarre they are.

  1430. 1430
    poor toni Says:

    @@Love is Real: +10000000000 leo and toni are both very reserved about their love they don’t need to make out in public to prove that they enjoy each others company. all the quiet little vacations they spend together says it all, when they’re together they have eyes only for each other hehe

  1431. 1431
    it is Says:

    @poor toni: you’re out of it, i think you’re insane

  1432. 1432
    @Love is Real Says:

    Psychoanalyze someone by their insecurities and point out again and again their flaws is bizarre. Hate and insulting for no reason is bizarre.

    Some people prefer to believe in love and focus on the good in people.

  1433. 1433
    no drama Says:

    “no drama”….. leo is a douche for saying that sry but its lame to think that girls should bend over for their man all the time and agree wit dem and such leo is not ready for marriage period

  1434. 1434
    home Says:

    @@Love is Real: they will break up this year.

  1435. 1435
    poor toni Says:

    @home: wait and see what happens ;) everyone thought they would break up before leo’s birthday but then there were videos of them madly in love… then everyone thought they had broken up at christmas but then they were seen together soon after… everyone thought they had broken up around bafta time and then they were photographed together at the most luxurious ski resort in the world :) right now they are laying low together on the warm sands of jamaica

  1436. 1436
    @Love is Real Says:

    Don’t overlooked the moments when he looks happy and not rejoice of the moments where he looks sad. Don’t let those little good moments pass by unnoticed.

  1437. 1437
    No Says:

    Cosmic sex.

  1438. 1438
    Blacksharpie Says:
    Jonah is a funny guy!

  1439. 1439
    yikes Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Poor girls who had to simulate sex with him!!

  1440. 1440
    No Says:

    That “something” is missing in Toni. Everyone can feel it even Leo.

  1441. 1441
    @yikes Says:

    @yikes: amen jonah’s got zero sex appeal… same with tobey maguire… leo’s got weird taste in dudebros

  1442. 1442
    zero sex appeal Says:

    @@yikes: same with his other dudebro Toni Garrn.

  1443. 1443
    shame Says:

    leo has no sex appeal in real life; and what’s up with his sox? he always wears them in a weird way;
    and look, even kids don’t like him and are scared of him.

  1444. 1444
    ahhahahahahaha Says:

    @shame: ahahahahaha this pic cracks me up i wonder what the hell happened there. leo would make a horrible husband and father lets all face it hahahahahahahahahaha

  1445. 1445
    .... Says:

    @ahhahahahahaha: That’s a mean thing to say!

  1446. 1446
    shame Says:

    @ahhahahahahaha: that’s so true. imagine your father lives like a princess, always drunk and going to clubs, doing nothing of his time when he is not working, playing illegal poker games, hanging out with jerks, dating really young girls, always cheats on your mother. And your grandmother goes clubbing and puts things between her boobs and dances on tables with a drink in her hand.

  1447. 1447
    ahhahahahahaha Says:

    @….: well its mean for leo to make kids cry and run away hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  1448. 1448
    shame Says:

    @ahhahahahahaha: “-what does your father do?
    -He’s a pimp!”

  1449. 1449
    ahhahahahahaha Says:

    @shame: leo would be a bad daddy always too tired and bloated to play with his kiddos always away at night cheating on his poor poor wifey his kids would learn nothing. and irmelin scares the poop out of me even if i’ve only seen pics of her face man she scary she’d probably move in with leo and his wife and yeah put like diapers between her boobs and then go clubbing at night with leo while the wife stays at home boo hoo

  1450. 1450
    shame Says:

    @ahhahahahahaha: well leo might have had luck with money and chances and his career but he certainly wasn’t lucky to be born to irmelin and george. that’s why he is so disturbed and not healthy, he was born to irresponsable hippies who love money.

  1451. 1451
    xx Says:


    “Just as an example, some people think I look Eastern European but that’s not my ethnic background.”

    Many people said I look like an Italian or Spanish girl, but my both parents are east Europeans with even German origin. Interesting!

  1452. 1452
    shame Says:

    @xx: leo looks very american. typical german face, just like toni. it’s plain and quite boring. there’s no special identity.

  1453. 1453
    lol Says:

  1454. 1454
    Amy Says:


    Seriously? What about his eyes? That’s the first thing I notice about him.

  1455. 1455
    Amy Says:


    That’s cool. ;)

  1456. 1456
    shame Says:

    @Amy: he’s typical in the way he looks. toni too. guess it’s not a surprise if they got together. sorry to say this but he’s not an interesting looking person and so is she. it’s kind of plain. she has no character, looks pretty empty. leo is the typical american man both physically and in his behavior.

  1457. 1457
    also... Says:

    @shame: It`s not just the looks. It`s the vibe you get from him. There is certainly something about him that`s captivating. Nothing like that about Toni. At all.

  1458. 1458
    xxx Says:

  1459. 1459
    xxx Says:
    hahaha translate so fun

  1460. 1460
    lol Says:

    How you say OUCH in French? lol

  1461. 1461
    voilà Says:

    @lol: Aïe!
    Well said. couldn’t have said better.

  1462. 1462
    mmmm Says:

    Leo is officially ridiculous for the way he described his “ideal woman”. He has no idea how real love or strong relationships work… not that I’m surprised.

  1463. 1463
    voilà Says:

    When you speak french it’s a whole other meaning; it’s very true though. it just shows how ridiculous he is; and he is.

  1464. 1464
    voilà Says:

    @mmmm: leo is retarded and immature. he lives on his own planet.

  1465. 1465
    xxx Says:

    Why Leonardo DiCaprio will never find his ideal woman

    For twenty years we expect that the boy ” Growing Pains ” became a sex symbol in a skiff before falling to shine in Hollywood firmament is the Shoe Fits . Las Leo goes on and on foraging dummy lingerie, constantly seeking this half ever found . It explains why it is not definitely going to happen there .

    Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise ( ahem) , Johnny – 21 Jumpstreet – Depp, Matthew Mcconaughey , they all ended up storing cars, airplanes or boats to taste the joys of family life lived with an accomplice companion become their North , their South East and West them .

    But now, while Brad changed diapers while cavorting with his mistress -wife or Johnny sipped rosé with Vanessa ( fire and his hair ), Leo , he preferred to remain stuck in teen- agers . Binge drinking among friends , holidays on yachts accompanied by packs of giggling and scantily clad mannequins , parties bling in the most beautiful palaces in the world … one wonders what he could find in this life without thickness in which he continued to bask rather than give meaning to his life by sucking the snot of a newborn with a fly – baby (yes it exists! it’ll mouth corner , right , Leo ?) .

    Ok, let’s say we understand, and we will take good three day break on the yacht , after quietly jettisoned the scope of prepubertal anorexia .

    But Leo has tried to fit the mold of those strange people who work in pairs. Gisele Bundchen (5 years ), Bar Rafaeli (6 years) , through Amber Valletta , Blake Lively and now Toni Garnn our Romeo string of failures and Victoria’s Secret angels , subjecting them double torment bike full dodger new York before wrestle mom , stainless Irmeline only lighthouse in the storm. The years pass, interchangeable top models succeed in the bed of Wolf Hollywood mom but still peacefully located in the heart of his son as Marie- France in that of Giuseppe

    A woman who has ” humility , sense of humor and do not make too many stories ”

    But while you might think that Leo simply brush these ego – holograms hired on a temporary contract , unwilling to rub dangerous adult world, it seems otherwise. Recently interviewed by CBS about his love life , the actor has reported an ideal woman . Yeah, it was realized huge albino -lipped . Nay! Leo , while it would in fact little to do with the physical. No, that seek our man is a woman who has ” humility , sense of humor and [ who ] do not make too many stories .”

    Hmm … ” not too many stories .” What manly and archaic concept . Well, go on your goujate output to explain you a little something that escapes you, dear Leo . Have you ever wondered if all this ” humility” as you claim , and this submission to your behavioral outbursts , short these long years with beings certainly calibrated for the red carpet but not for laughs or two moments accomplices were not explained exactly what your supposed inability to fall really in love ? These good shouting matches that put the record straight and torque on the rails of desire, panting these discussions where everyone wants to be right , this shared life together on an equal footing , full of clashes , output drive ( yes yes , cycling ) and turbulence in short, a life where admiration for your loved outweighs the relentless pursuit of the ” ideal woman” defined on the wrong basis , that is what you lack , Leo !

    And maybe that’s also why you’ll end you too, like George ( Clooney ) , alone in your room with your mates and your aging pig if you do not change your criteria Badoo quickly .

    Because you know what, Leo , your perfect woman is a ***** . Oh, and if it were to leave stuff like that in public, it was really well worth it to leave your place on the raft .

    But not!

    translate sorry

  1466. 1466
    voilà Says:

    leonardo is a joke.

  1467. 1467
    geez Says:

    The extent some of y’all obsess over his love life is alarming..

  1468. 1468
    votes Says:

    how many oscar votes do you guys think jonah got?

  1469. 1469
    geez Says:

    like 5. jared leto has that locked up

  1470. 1470
    votes Says:

    @geez: you’re being way too generous

  1471. 1471
    Y'all Says:

    Anyone who watched that interview with Gayle could see he wasnt honest. As a proof, how many times have we heard from his mouth he is going to dedicated time to the environment?

    Besides with his dating record it’s obvious what he is really looking for. Just looks and sex. Who’s he trying to fool?

  1472. 1472
    geez Says:

    he has said since 2008 that he was open to the idea of marriage and his answer hasnt changed since. dont know why supposed fans on here forget this. anyway no one knows what the future holds so stop acting like you can predict his future and like you know what he wants deep down inside.

  1473. 1473
    ):£/ Says:

  1474. 1474
    Tweet Says:


    Paige ‏@paigepg · 1m
    Apparently Leonardo Dicaprio just bought a house in Palm Springs…. WHAT

  1475. 1475
    Tweet Says:

  1476. 1476
    yucko Says:

    @Y’all: leo was just angry at gayle for derailing his precious campaign air time away from his anti-captialist, eco friendly image. when leo answers the question about his ideal woman he avoids looking her in the eye and smirks after huskily whispering “…not alot of drama”. gross guy.

  1477. 1477
    no wayyyy Says:

    @geez: everybody knows he wants to shine and have cheap sex. he doesn’t want real love or honesty; it’s a fact

  1478. 1478
    yucko Says:

    @Tweet: how many houses does he need if he never sleeps at night or cooks for himself or changes his clothes

  1479. 1479
    geez Says:

    @no wayyyy:
    you all just want his mother to die or for him to get in an accident from the way you talk about him. even if he found true love you all would still hate the woman he was with.

  1480. 1480
    no wayyyy Says:

    @geez: never said that. that’s what you think. but I do think that he won’t find real love. he’s too superficial and he’s a cheater. he only looks for plain status women like him. it’s ridiculous. he thinks he’ll find love in a catalog. he’s waackkkyyy

  1481. 1481
    #### Says:


    Does he really spend that much time in or near Palm Springs besides when he goes to Coachella once a year??? LOL

  1482. 1482
    yucko Says:

    nice to see that the non refundable movie ticket i paid for wows is going towards another brothel for dicaprio. he is being inconsiderate to his neighbors by choosing a home with so many windows… nobody wants to witness glimpses of his tubsy body being manhandled night after night by high school graduates.

  1483. 1483
    geez Says:

    @no wayyyy:
    if he marries and finds a nice wife one day i cant wait to see the look on all you guys faces. what else would you have to hate on afterwards. lol would be priceless

  1484. 1484
    poor leo Says:

    He wants obedience in everyone around him.

  1485. 1485
    geez Says:

    the internet and jared’s servors would crash lmao

  1486. 1486
    Amy Says:


    It could just be a good investment for him.

  1487. 1487
    ah Says:

    i hope leo gets brutally murdered and shot in his ugly face along with his disgusting mother

  1488. 1488
    #### Says:


    Not that I agree with you but that’s pretty funny!!! :-)

    Maybe it’s a home for his mom or dad. Doesn’t Palm Springs have a lot of retirees?

  1489. 1489
    no wayyyy Says:

    @geez: cause that’s not gonna happen! that’s it. he’s gonna keep on dating those weird looking models with no personality who are only about the fme , the perks, the money. leo thinks he’s above everything, like he’s incredible and treats women like prostitutes and behaves like one. he’s a bad seed in society. he really is. all about greed, laziness, money and superficiality. there’s nothing deep or honest about the guy. he’s gonna pick up another tall, anorexic escort and call her his “wife”.

  1490. 1490
    ah Says:

    he is scum and deserves to die alone and viciously

  1491. 1491
    geez Says:

    @no wayyyy:
    cant wait until he gets married then

  1492. 1492
    ah Says:

    he needs to ************ with toni the twig tramp

  1493. 1493
    no wayyyy Says:

    who only needs million dollar homes? wtf?

  1494. 1494
    ah Says:

    im going to bomb his new house

  1495. 1495
    lol Says:

    Today is the Global Green Oscar pre party. Let’s see if he (and sugar baby) attends. Although so far he is only confirmed at the Join Clinton & Clooney tomorrow.

  1496. 1496
    ah Says:

    when he dies no one will care. he is worthless and good for nothing

  1497. 1497
    yuck Says:

    This year Coachella with his lapdog. No time for escorts.

  1498. 1498
    ah Says:

    i hope he gets run over by a car. he deserves to die just like toni

  1499. 1499
    health Says:

    irmelin has never worked a day in her life yet she gets a nicer retirement than heart surgeons who use red carpet photos of dicaprio to wrap up cancerous tumors and throw them in the trash

  1500. 1500
    Yo Says:

    I guess he really has not intended to filming a movie anytime soon.

  1501. 1501
    geez Says:

    thats why i think he’ll do that environmental documentary

  1502. 1502
    poor broadway Says:

    leo will fall through the stage

  1503. 1503
    poor broadway Says:

    leo can’t go 5 minutes without smoking thats why he sticks to movies. on stage he’d have an e-cig hanging out of the side of his mouth causing him to mumble all of his tragic hero lines but his fanbots will still cheer like mad and irmelin will surf the crowds

  1504. 1504
    Huh? Says:

    @geez: And then he will fly into space and spend the entire summer on a yacht in Ibiza?

  1505. 1505
    poor broadway Says:

    leo will start the play by rolling his bloated body onto center stage and by the end of all his screeching and hollering (punctuated by sucking on an e-cig every 5 mins) he will be a deflated skin balloon hanging off the edge

  1506. 1506
    poor space Says:

    i want him to drift away into space forever but alas space has done nothing to warrant such torture

  1507. 1507
    ah Says:

    i hope he dies in space. i hope his spaceship explodes in fire and we never have to hear from him ever again

  1508. 1508
    #Try #Hard Says:

    @####: I cant wait for a interview with Toni “claiming” that Palm spring is her favorite place.

  1509. 1509
    geez Says:

    you don’t know what he’ll do, but good on you for knowing his future.

  1510. 1510
    ah Says:

    why couldnt leo have died instead of phillip seymour hoffman who was actually a good actor unlike loser leo and had kids who loved him.

  1511. 1511
    no wayyyy Says:

    leo will keep doing what he’s doing, he’s fake, his friends are fake, his girlfriend is fake, his mother is fake..

  1512. 1512
    ah Says:

    im sick of seeing his nasty face everywhere, just wish hed die

  1513. 1513
    ah Says:

    @no wayyyy:
    theyre all fake and deserve to die alone

  1514. 1514
    ah Says:

    in ten years from now leo will rape tobeys daughter

  1515. 1515
    scam Says:

    @no wayyyy: yeah come to think of it there is literally nothing about him that is real

  1516. 1516
    places Says:

    irmelin is so gross in the way she lives her life and her face and body are nasty. i wonder why he said he’s got oedipus with his mother, yuk

  1517. 1517
    ah Says:

    he is trashy and has no talent, ugly and a loser as well. nobody really likes him

  1518. 1518
    scam Says:

    @ah: tobey’s daughter is really ugly… not even leo would touch

  1519. 1519
    ah Says:

    he ruins every movie and is still only popular because of titanic. he is a sucky actor and has a gross personal life

  1520. 1520
    places Says:

    she’s a stage mom it was a well known fact when he was young. she thinks leo’s success and money is hers.

  1521. 1521
    ah Says:

    irmelin raped leo as a little boy

  1522. 1522
    places Says:

    @ah: he does, he treats women like prostitutes and he’s always drinking and doing shady stuff, ewwww

  1523. 1523
    leo allen Says:

    woody allen is better than leo at least woody allen stays away from red carpets while leo’s moon face fills computer and tv screens and cracks those screens and makes grease seep out of the cracks

  1524. 1524
    places Says:

    @ah: why do you say that?

  1525. 1525
    ah Says:

    ikr hes such a douche hes just as bad as polanski and woody allen hes going to be a rapist in the future. hope he dies or gets put in jail so he doesnt harm any more children

  1526. 1526
    Huh? Says:

    @geez: forgive me but neither you. How you know if he really will make a documentary ? And about that trip to space, he doesnt auctioned a trip with him to space last year in Cannes?

  1527. 1527
    the future Says:

    leo will have a daughter with a supermodel and the daughter will be so beautiful that he will have sex with her and then he will go to jail and finally be at home with some gangsters

  1528. 1528
    places Says:

    @ah: are you irmelin?

  1529. 1529
    Blacksharpie Says:

    She does like the press! Even though I think their relationship was genuine, I don’t think she and Leo were well suited for each other.

  1530. 1530
    OMG Says:

    Troll go away!!!!!!! Time to go nappy-poo in beddy-bye land

  1531. 1531
    Blacksharpie Says:

    @#Try #Hard:
    Too funny! Or maybe she’ll post something on IG about Palm Springs. Lol

  1532. 1532
    ah Says:

    @the future:
    yup hes a gross pig if he ever has a daughter he will force her to have sex with him and rape her

  1533. 1533
    tom brady bieber hair Says:

    @Blacksharpie: gisele is psycho she would drive leo insane

  1534. 1534
    places Says:

    @tom brady bieber hair: leo is a psycho too, they were perfect for each other.

  1535. 1535
    places Says:

    they are both shallow and about the money and things that are on the surface. and they are very ambitious, but lazy at the same time.

  1536. 1536
    tom brady bieber hair Says:

    @places: gisele would dominate leo he looked like a baby girl next to her leo is a pedo kind of psycho not a beastly dinosaur psycho like gisele

  1537. 1537
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I agree it’s probably an investment. It sounds like it would be private though which is something I am sure appeals to him. It’s architecturally significant and of mid-century design which is hot right now so I could seehow he would be interested in this type of house.

  1538. 1538
    lol Says:

    @Blacksharpie: I think any women who doesnt learn to turn blind eye is not suited for him. He loves them without drama.

  1539. 1539
    not alot of drama Says:

    put it on leo’s gravestone

  1540. 1540
    ah Says:

    @not alot of drama:
    lets hope that gravestone comes soon

  1541. 1541
    gravestone Says:

    his gravestone will be a massive solar panel installed in the middle of a forest

  1542. 1542
    Blacksharpie Says:
    Ugh! What a crass comment by Dave.

  1543. 1543
    Leo's children Says:


  1544. 1544
    eughh Says:

    @Blacksharpie: sorry dave but it’s ILLEGAL to take photos of people and publish them without their permission. don’t even get me started on that disgusting comment… i wonder how irmelin feels about it

  1545. 1545
    #Try #Hard Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Last year she mentioned in an interview her summer plans she said “she always love spending the summer in Spain.”, as claiming that it was her idea, although many months before circulated a tweet about Leo renting a house for the summer.

    Also she said something about “travel to Africa and go on a safari”. cough cough Lets wait for that one.

    Is like now she claim to be interested in art. She has no personality

  1546. 1546
    places Says:

    @eughh: she probably doesn’t care and is too drunk;

  1547. 1547
    also... Says:

    @Black sharpie: I was a little surprised by that comment but I don’t know why after his Cabo/Toni posts.
    I was thinking if she was in LA wouldn’t she be hanging out with her friends who are there as well for a short trip? It would be a god opportunity for her to post something from Lalaland.
    I just read that French article translation. Is that for real? Pretty harsh! I guess the ‘Leo is stuck in teenagers’ is only the translation and not the real article. LOL I mean this is what we think and post in comments but seeing it in an article ( even if it’s not a major site ) is unusual.

  1548. 1548
    #Try #Hard Says:

    She is #holla #back #girl

  1549. 1549
    gogogo Says:

    dave clearly doesn’t care about irmelin. he gets free vacation and acts like a pervert. what kind of family and surrounding does leo have? wtf?

  1550. 1550
    lol Says:

    @Blacksharpie: That is so inappropriate. Especially if he is there with Leo’s mom. I know man especially dirty old ones love to check out girls but posting a IG about it?

  1551. 1551
    somebody Says:

    take dave’s instagram away from him its nothing but useless postcard pictures someone remind him that he has a girlfriend he should be paying attention to

  1552. 1552
    tip of the iceberg Says:

    soo… these are the kind of people dicaprio surrounds himself with? and i thought dave was the least perviest of them all considering he’s older and in a relationship

  1553. 1553
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I think she is with him and that’s why she is quiet, but then, who knows ?!
    Its kind of strange. Madison posted a couple more pics. In one she apparently trimmed her hair in a park?! In another she says her sister is working. Maybe they will meet up tonight once the work is done?
    Someone said he is scheduled to go to an Oscar party tomorrow. Let’s see if she turns up at that.
    Maybe they are both in Palm!
    It’s strange that there are no sightings of him either?!

  1554. 1554
    gogogo Says:

    @lol: leo will grow up to be like dave, he’s the same now, an old 39 year old pervert talking about young girls body parts and cheap sex. irmelin chose a boyfriend just like her son.

  1555. 1555
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Yes men do enjoy checking out women. However, it’s quite another thing to post a pic and then refer to the woman as a “piece”. He has a daughter. How would he feel if someone referred to her that way?

  1556. 1556
    gogogo Says:

    @somebody: what? you think he’s paying attention to her? he’s in for the money free vacations! open you eyes man, that guy is a user, like everybody in leo’s life.

  1557. 1557
    also... Says:

    @Black sharpie: Who knows? Recently she is unpredictable with her posts. I just assumed she would use this opportunity to post from LA without being too obvious if you know what I mean. Even if Leo goes to an Oscar party who knows if there will be a sighting of her ( if she is there )? She is not mentioned too often with him.
    I noticed that photo of trimming her hair… kinda weird.

  1558. 1558
    dave Says:

    Dave had money before he hooked up with Cookie ;)

    don’t hate because he has a unique outlook on life.

  1559. 1559
    cookie???? Says:

    @dave: yuck get out of here dave and print out these comments and show them to leo he needs a wake up call

  1560. 1560
    gogogo Says:

    @dave: dave doesn’t care about irmelin. he’s grossed out by her and how ugly and stinky she is. leo is rich and dave gets free trips and stuff. he loves that, that’s the only reason he’s with her. because of her famous son.
    leo and irmelin are doomed for life, nobody is honest with thm, they hit the lottery, that’s what happened to them. they were hilli billies from L.A. and hit it big, but they are still gross and uneducted. they are like poor, vulgar people with a credit card.

  1561. 1561
    .... Says:

    Oh well!!!

  1562. 1562
    no drama toni Says:

    Girl has to stay no drama because she has to compete with the secret girlfriend who regularly tags along to places like Aspen, Tokyo, Vegas and who he is always with when in LA. The “secret” girlfriend who goes on the trips with friends and family, goes to events but hangs out on the sidelines. ***** better stay no drama if she wants that public girlfriend publicity.

  1563. 1563
    gogogo Says:

    irmelin just likes her son’s money, she brought him to auditions for the money, not for him. leo is being lied to and lives a lie. the guy needs to wake up, he’s a zombie

  1564. 1564
    gogogo Says:

    @no drama toni: leo is pathetic, he has no love in his life.

  1565. 1565
    Oh Says:

    Not again with the secret girlfriend theory

  1566. 1566
    .... Says:

    @no drama toni: And why exactly would this “secret girlfriend” put up with Leo treating her like a second class citizens?

  1567. 1567
    no love Says:

    @gogogo: i can’t imagine what its like to have no love in your life.. no people who care for you as a person… leo must be f*cked up he must be crazy to carry on the way that he does

  1568. 1568
    no drama toni Says:

    Why does Toni put up with it? Maybe the secret girlfriend understands the reasoning for the public image. Maybe he puts on a front so those he cares about won’t take the psychotic abuse from Leo stand. Maybe they are just goooood friends and he’s connected to her but I say girlfriend because that’s what it would appear like.

  1569. 1569
    buffet Says:

    hehe leo has secret girlfriends all around the globe thats why he travels so much because he has ethnic cravings

  1570. 1570
    gogogo Says:

    @no love: he is a pervert and a miserable guy. filling his soul with money. he’s gross and so is his mother yuk

  1571. 1571
    secret girlfriend Says:

    Rumors of the elusive brunette secret girlfriend have been floating around for a couple years. He was seen making out in Miami with a mystery brunette but it was quickly hushed over by PR

  1572. 1572
    buffet Says:

    “Nothing beats the taste of a cold german p-ussy its like ice water”
    - Leonardo DiCaprio

  1573. 1573
    trolls Says:

    shut up!

  1574. 1574
    .... Says:

    @no drama toni: Well it makes Leo sound like a douche!
    And if Toni is a “lap dog” for dealing with all of his night club sightings, what does it make this girl?

  1575. 1575
    ):£/ Says:

    @Blacksharpie: What did David comment?? Can you tell

  1576. 1576
    no drama toni Says:

    Someone dedicated to the man she probably loves and he must care something for her to keep her around. Lots of men fall for someone but due to their own egos go wild and crazy but in the end they always go back to the first love or the woman who has always been there. Just wait when one of the crazy Leo stans find her instagram and start stalking her like they do Dave you’ll see. Wherever he is in the world she’s typically right there, many times posting the location before the paps even catch them.

  1577. 1577
    gogogo Says:

    forget it, leo doesn’t want to grow old.

  1578. 1578
    no drama toni Says:

    Or catch him. Just like irmelin and Dave are usually not far behind but no paps ever take pics of them. The interest is in Leo and his publicity ***** models

  1579. 1579
    soooo awkward Says:

    from leo’s voice cracking saying “sure sure” to the interviewer constantly pressing him and giving him a pedo look lmfaooo this vid is as hilarious as it is painful

  1580. 1580
    gogogo Says:

    leo is an old loser; he’ll celebrate his 40th birthday with 19 year olds again!! yeeehhh

  1581. 1581
    gogogo Says:

    @soooo awkward: pedo look because leo is one?

  1582. 1582
    gogogo Says:

    dicaprio thinks with his peniiiis and his greed and laziness he’s gross

  1583. 1583
    omfg Says:

    @gogogo: the least leo could do is make sure that there are no horrific videos released… the general public does not deserve to suffer the cruelty of his birthday vids a second time

  1584. 1584
    Hmm Says:

    Starting to believe that Leo is in Negril. Since there are not many sightings in LA and Toni is not hanging out with her friends.

  1585. 1585
    gogogo Says:

    @Hmm: good for them, they all deserve each other they are so boring

  1586. 1586
    nigaa Says:

    “I wish I was black”
    - Leonardo DiCaprio

  1587. 1587
    lol Says:

    All these getaways. He must feel really bad for the Nina hookup.

  1588. 1588
    Recent Interview Says:

    “Ultimately if I were black I would have an Oscar by now”
    - Leonardo DiCaprio

  1589. 1589
    #1585 Says:

    Taking turns to yawn.

  1590. 1590
    no drama toni Says:

    He’s not in negril! He’s in LA!

  1591. 1591
    my idol Says:

    leo celebrated his birthday with hundreds of strangers

  1592. 1592
    ):£/ Says:

    What did dave comment in the photo of Toni, that blackshapripe posted ???!?!!?!!!!!??!?

  1593. 1593
    also... Says:

    @):£/: ‘When a local guy at the bar saw me taking this photo, he said:”that’s a good piece”. I like that.
    The photo is of a woman walking on the beach in a white shirt and bathing suit.

  1594. 1594
    Trolls Says:

    Seriously, aren’t you tired of all that bashing on Leo? You are here day and night writing new comments, writing pages of trashy comments. Where do you get that energy from? Is it hate or envy or jealousy? You obviously hate him then you’re saying how pathetic he is. Well if he was pathetic why do you continue to bash him? What is it about Leo that makes you so angry?

  1595. 1595
    ):£/ Says:

    @also…: Gross…. Hey, has he changed his account to probate becaus ei can’t seem to see the pictures…

  1596. 1596
    ):£/ Says:

    @also…: So a man said it or David. maybe he meant the swimming piece? Or am I being naive

  1597. 1597
    also... Says:

    @):£/: I can see all his pictures just fine. It is weird what he posts and comments sometimes.
    The guy at the bar said ‘good piece’ and Dave liked it. I doubt he meant the bathing suit because you can’t actually see it. The woman is wearing a white shirt and nothing else so it’s an assumption she is wearing a bathing suit underneath at the beach. The remark is about her not her clothes.
    @Trolls: Jared is not a fuzzy place but some comments are absurd and way out of line. Like Leo’s is going to sleep with his own daughter or rape Ruby….. That’s SICK and you can’t even flag those because there’s some technical issue with that function.

  1598. 1598
    really? Says:

    @also…: you are a constant troll saying negative things, so you can’t have an opinion on that.

  1599. 1599
    Ok Says:

    I don’t get why Dave would like that. He’s referring to the lady as a piece! Would he be happy if that was is daughter that man was talking about?

  1600. 1600
    Ok Says: David tagged ‘prettydicaprio’ in his latest picture

  1601. 1601
    ):£/ Says:

    @also…: Oh. That’s gross
    @Ok: Your right he wouldn’t.

  1602. 1602
    showbizzzz Says:

    leonardo id not an honest person. things that come out of him are so staged and is not natural. he seems very superficial and there is a huge gap between this image he sends out there and how he lives. too many hidden things he sugarcoats then does the opposite. a lot of people see him as a hypocrite and a pervert. people don’t like superficial phonies; he’s a man who has issues about growing old and he infantilizes himself then seems to take himself too seriously. i would never trust a person like that.

  1603. 1603
    Trolls Says:

    @really?: Wrong.

  1604. 1604
    dan Says:

    @Ok: well, now we know that leo’s instagram is called “pretty dicaprio” how corny.

  1605. 1605
    also... Says:

    @really?: I CAN have an opinion on that, I CAN post it here just like you or anyone else and you CAN’T do anything about that. Who are you to tell someone can’t have an opinion? Nobody. Maybe you should stop fixating on my comments and leave me alone?

  1606. 1606
    really? Says:

    @also…: you are a troll that agrees with someone saying there are trolls here. you are sick, you also use other monikers to spread your shiiit!!!! you are such a double faced idiot;

  1607. 1607
    Ok Says:

    @dan: Hahha I’d laugh my head off if it was. I don’t know why he did that, I wonder if Leo’s there with them.. I doubt because of all the party’s this week.

  1608. 1608
    also... Says:

    @Ok: Tagged? ‘Prettydicaprio’ liked his photo. I’m not using IG so I’m not 100% sure how it works but it seems like Dave’s photo was liked by prettydicaprio.

  1609. 1609

    @really?: LMAO!!!!

  1610. 1610
    dan Says:

    @Ok: leonardo behaves like a woman, he’s not very manly. he’s really precious. oh he’s gonna party this week? how new?

  1611. 1611
    #### Says:


    Don’t waste your time. This really? poster is a troll trying to stir things up.

  1612. 1612
    really? Says:

    @also…: i’m not fixating on you, you paranoid person! i just told you one thing. maybe it’s because a lot of people are aware of your dirt and they tell you. you are not liked.

  1613. 1613
    also... Says:

    @really?: Fu. Is this today’s agenda? Start the usual circus because I said some comments here are out of line? What the fcuk is your problem? You are a troll fixating on my comments. You can’t have an opinion! dumba**

  1614. 1614
    #### Says:


    It looks like this prettydicaprio just liked the pic that Dave posted so I don’t think it’s Leo’s IG.

  1615. 1615
    pretty_dicaprio Says:

    LOL it’s not a tag, THAT’S people who liked his picture… obviously leofangirls. you people are so dumb.

  1616. 1616
    also... Says:

    @####: Don’t worry. I wasted enough time on that idi*t already.
    It does seem like that person liked Dave’s photo and I think she is one of many Leo fans who follow Dave. Toni liked one of his Jamaica photos today but I haven’t seen her liking her friend’s photos from LA.

  1617. 1617
    really? Says:

    @also…: i feel so sorry for you. you nothing to do with your life, you’re here all the time. people are just passing by and just jared is your only home.

  1618. 1618
    @really? Says:

    @really?: Leave also… alone. She’s probably rolling her eyes right now and there’s no coming back from that!

  1619. 1619
    Love is Real Says:

    Toni’s gonna have so much fun decorating this place!

  1620. 1620
    really? Says:

    @@really?: hi aso…. hope your eyes get stuck while you roll them for the 67777 time :)

  1621. 1621
    #### Says:


    Yep….I’m over the trolls on here. I’m not wasting anymore energy or time responding to their posts or fighting with them. They’re going to say what they want so I say whatever! LOL

    Who knows where Toni is but I’m pretty sure Leo has stayed in LA and didn’t go to Jamaica or anywhere else unless of course Toni is in LA and they took a short trip somewhere but I still doubt that. Not saying she’s not in LA just that I don’t think they took a short trip anywhere. He’s probably just taking it easy before all the festivities start! :-)

  1622. 1622
    Ok Says:

    @Ok: Umm, hi, could you change your name… Your last two comments were under my name..

  1623. 1623
    Ok Says:

    Hmmm, I love my bum

  1624. 1624
    Ok Says:

    @Ok: Not as good as mine

  1625. 1625
    Ok Says:

    @####: Umm I have a Kim kardashiin but

  1626. 1626
    Ok Says:

    @also…: Not me, neither are the comments about. The one in response to you is. I think the person wanted me to sound dumb

  1627. 1627
    Ok Says:

    @Ok: Well I have a nicki minaj

  1628. 1628
    Ok Says:

    @Ok: oh really! Well my boobs are as big as kims

  1629. 1629
    also... Says:

    @####: Please, use my new name, aso… from now on. also… seems to be too difficult for some.
    I don’t think he is in Jamaica either. I think there would have been a sighting but in LA he can get lost for days. As for Toni… I dont know where she is but I’m sure she will post soon. I assume if she is in LA and her BFF from NYC is also there… We wil see.

  1630. 1630
    Ok Says:

    @Ok: well mine are as big as Kristina Hendricks!!

  1631. 1631
    Ok Says:

    @Ok: Jk they are attaully bigger than Wendy Williams!!!

  1632. 1632
    Ok Says:

    @Ok: MINE ARE AS BIG AS MELanie moon!!!

  1633. 1633
    Ok Says:

    @Ok: who the F is that?

  1634. 1634
    Ok Says:

    @Ok: I googled her she’s a German pornstar who has big boobs

  1635. 1635
    Ok Says:

    @Ok: gross. My body is like Marylin Monroe

  1636. 1636
    Ok Says:

    Kim and Marylyn. They Have something in common…. Bed wise ;)
    My body is like Sophia Loren!!!

  1637. 1637
    @1631 Says:

    @Ok: ewwwww… Take em back!

  1638. 1638
    Ok Says:

    @Ok: Oh good choice! But I forgot it’s also like Beyonces!!

  1639. 1639
    Ok Says:

    @Ok: nothing compared to my sophia Loren/Monica Bellucci

  1640. 1640
    Ok Says:

    @Ok: bet you really have the body of Queen Latifa

  1641. 1641
    Ok Says:

    @Ok: Bet you look like Melman!

  1642. 1642
    Ok Says: