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Could Leonardo DiCaprio Take Home the Best Actor Oscar?

Could Leonardo DiCaprio Take Home the Best Actor Oscar?
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  • lol

    It wasnt in one of these “parties” he throws for only 21 year old girls that he was called perv by several girls? lol

  • Tall girl problems

    @knife: Leo could care less whether they are single

  • knife

    For me as if he f*cks an elephant LOL

  • humble no drama

    @knife: leo only said sense of humor, humility, no drama. he said nothing about being single or dating he ain’t got time to learn more than the girls first name

  • Hmm

    Now we know why he was so busy with his cell in Courchevel. He was making the arrangements of his welcome party

  • boo hoo

    leo has mail order robots for girlfriends. He doesn’t have a passionate romantic relationship like most artists do. he like to keep detached and control everything. he does not want to go full into the throws of passion because he scared of getting hurt. I don’t see him losing his mind over a fabulous amazing woman, no he wants to control the meek sleepwalking girl. as artist I find him remarkably unpassionionate and very stiff like a robot. no Leo is no Richard Burton. He is like George Clooney

  • Tall girl problems

    @humble no drama: Shows a lot of respect for women also his humility

  • humble no drama

    what is he celebrating so viciously? being able to get through one week of post-BAFTA trauma?

  • lalala

    Maybe the party was for one of his friend.

  • Tall girl problems


  • pink

    What party?

  • Amy

    I would like to see Chiwetel Ejiofor or Bruce Dern win over MM.

  • clooney

    @boo hoo: no need to insult clooney. with clooney i see someone plain and mediocre, but not fake. with leo everything feels false and contrived.

  • Tall girl problems


  • humble no drama

    to leo: humble people shower and change their clothes so they don’t create drama

  • TONI


  • @pink

    @pink: The party he threw to recover from that miserable trip with Toni.

  • Don’t get it

    “I don’t know how he does it when he flies in from another country and goes straight in to party mode! LOL”

    Hi! I know, right? The idea of getting out of a plane after a long flight and going straight to the club makes me feel sleepy. LOL. And I’m 13 years younger. LOL

  • Don’t get it


  • TONI

    @Don’t get it: COKE COLA

  • Diagnosis

    Leo needs drugs to stay awake at this point

  • lol

    He was in a screening in San Francisco and still manages to arrive in time for the after party of Miley’s concert.

  • Psychic

    Leo’s first breakout role into theatre will be a biopic of Miley’s ratchet years

  • Huh?

    Leo was at Miley’s concert?

  • BZ girl

    I think Leo is happy to be out of the T-zone

  • interesting comment

    # 377 me @ 03/05/2012 at 4:01 pm
    Gisele and Leo… They were each other’s first big love and ‘real’ relationship. That’s hard to let go especially if you were an on/off couple for years. Maybe it was both who wanted to reconcile but not at the same time. I liked him with Gisele. Whether you like her or not Leo looked absolutely happy with her. I still see those photos of them together and the sad thing is I haven’t seen anything like those ever since. Not even close. I think Gisele was the closest to a real relationship for him. I think he learnt a lesson while dating her. That he wants a woman who he can control and lets him be in charge and lets him do whatever he wants to. So he started dating Bar. Then came Lively who was a ‘mini Gisele’ so it didn’t work so he went back to the same old habit. Too bad the same old doesn’t make him happy and it makes him look older.

  • interesting comment

    # 380 me @ 03/05/2012 at 4:24 pm
    Both Bar and Erin. They are both in his comfort zone after dating someone somewhat normal. They are safe and comfortable for him but not challenging or exciting. The ones who are willing. Erin is no different. Just think about it how suddenly she popped up in Sydney amingest those rumors.

  • Tweet
  • interesting comment

    # 381 me @ 03/05/2012 at 4:27 pm
    I think in a way he learns from every relationship and even though his girls are interchangeable inside and out he picks the next one to avoid past mistakes. Too bad it doesn’t work for him at all. Keeps chasing the easy ones that are wrong for him.

  • boo hoo

    he has those fake gf’s because they have all signed a confidentiality agreement. today so many people can not keep their mouth shut. it’s blah blah all over tumblr, twitter, tabloids. it does not have to be real. it can be lies. People believe the lies more so Leo protects himself with this arrangement and calls an agency to place an order on what he needs for next 6 months. many A list do this. but this makes him look nonpassionate , detach and cheap. I hope hanging with Jonah will loosen him up about life a bit. stop being so stiff.

  • interesting comment

    # 382 Philly @ 03/05/2012 at 4:35 pm
    I actually liked him with Blake
    I thought he seemed lighter with her especially in Verona.
    There was an apparent ease and almost mischief wfrom his inner self wit her. I think she challenged/surpirssed him. She was his first American girlfirend in a long time, fellow art lover, LA native.
    I would have bet on it ending differently. I stress JMO.

  • interesting comment

    # 383 383 @ 03/05/2012 at 5:55 pm
    I somehow think he may have demonized Gi –in his own mind — as a way of coping “that she’s not the right one.” Time can do wonders on one’s own true perception. I do believe he needs another Gisele in his life. Someone that does NOT need him, but someone who challenges him. It’s definitely not Bar. This would have worked out a long time ago, if it was right. But, people don’t listen to that little voice in their heads – intuition. If it can’t be Gi, gotta be someone like her. His friends seemed to like her.

  • interesting comment

    # 386 Message @ 03/05/2012 at 7:25 pm
    @Philly: I hate to say it, because I am not a fan of BL’s, but I think you’re right about them. He seemed genuinely into her… More so than we have seen from him in a long time. He was more relaxed, more open about being with her. He just looked… Happy. He rarely looks happy these days. Even when he is smiling, he isn’t smiling with his eyes. It’s all in the eyes…

  • interesting comment

    # 395 me @ 03/06/2012 at 7:30 am
    You know Leo is living in his little universe where everything is under control. But things will get out of balance eventually ( bad and unexpected things do happen in life and he is no exception ) and whether he likes it or not that might help him to get a reality check. That might make him thing about his priorities in life. It`s not like I wish something like that intentionally but certain things you just can`t avoid.

  • Just Jared Administration

    NO MORE old comments. It is too depression for us to think that we will be getting these same comments about Leo for the next 30+ years.

  • also…

    So Leo was in LA for the Q&A on Friday and then in San Francisco for another one yesterday. Today back in NYC for to throw a rooftop private party? If he is in party mode I guess Toni is not with him.

  • lol

    @also…: The party was in Ny when he returned from his Les Miserables trip. Last night he was at a club in LA.

  • also…

    @lol: Oh, how could I forget his NYC pit stop on his way to LA? lol I assumed last night he was in CA but these new tweets were about a party tonight ( rooftop and I think a tweeter was in NYC ).

  • Zzzzzz

    @also…: hi! Only on for sec, but the private party was on Thursday. Most of the tweets are reposts. They were originally posted on Friday the 21st on the last thread. Look at the dates.
    I’m off again. Btw – that wasn’t me that posted a comment about Catherine Zeta Jones earlier. It was my impersonator! Catch ya later! ;)

  • boo hoo

    Leo deeply hurt of breakup with Gisele, who even I don’t like, but she was a true top supermodel w/her own career ambitions. Being attached to Leo helped I’m sure. he’s afraid of going in deep again and getting hurt. now he has to control everything: type of girl, age, profession, how fast she walk, where & when they can be seen together, when to have sex if any, how many red carpet he will show her off to if any. In return? to be seen with him. that’s it. Too bad. To be almost 40 an not have that insane and deep passionate love again. men (especially artists) love to be crazy in love like that. he probably lost the skills needed to try to meet and seduce a woman he’s interested in. After these years of phoning in what he wants, no need to even try anymore.

  • lol

    @Just Jared Administration: That’s actually funny. But I agree I’m not understanding the constant dredging up of old comments. Once was fair enough, but in every post? What difference does it make? What’s the point? Leo ain’t reading it

  • also…

    @Zzzzzz: Thanks. I didn`t pay attention to the time and / or didn`t realize they were reposted.

  • Did Leo really love Gisele?

    @boo hoo: If so…………………………………….ew

  • Old comments

    Probably to prove nothing about Leos life has changed in the past decade, including the comments on here. Same ones, just with a dif girl.

  • Zzzzzz

    @also…: not a problem. I thought the same. But then I reread one and realized I had read it on the other thread. Then I checked the dates. It sounded like it was a big party and lots of young girls attended!

  • also…

    @Zzzzzzz: Noooooo! A lot of young girls? I don`t believe that! He is a precious boyfriend! He wouldn`t do that! LOL!

  • cann

    @Old comments: no more old comments please, it suks. but it probably hasn’t changed because his life is still the same; he’s going in circles.

  • Tweet


    Nate Torto ‏@Tortonious · 5h
    #spotted Leonardo Dicaprio in hudson diner

  • diner

    i have never seen that. a guy like him who goes clubbing that much!! he’s 40 years old! who the f goes clubbing every night at his age. wtf? what is this?

  • Oscar For Leo

    The reason I prefer Mr. DiCaprio’s and Mr. Scorsese’s movie is that was the movie that was of interest to me for entertainment purposes. The movies 12 Years a Slave, Dallas Buyers Club etc did not pose any interest to me for their subject matters. I have been a Scorsese and DiCaprio fan for over a decade and they never have seemed to disappoint in delivering a movie of spectacular performance and cinematography. Personally both deserve the Academy Award for the respective categories of their nomination.

    Maria Royse