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Could Leonardo DiCaprio Take Home the Best Actor Oscar?

Could Leonardo DiCaprio Take Home the Best Actor Oscar?
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  • i like Janice

    @yuck: …while other people get married and have children and he doesn’t…..


    Why am i taller than six feet tall Leo. AWKWARD

  • streaming

    What was the link to the streaming version of WOWs?

  • Here
  • Leo as Leo

    Leo comes in the club with e-cig in hand newsboy cap on head flipin ..gang signs and flirting with young models ..

  • @#305

    ROTFL. Keep going, can you do one for all Leo movie characters?



  • Leo as Django

    Leo comes in the room grabs his house maid by the hair and calls her a ni*gger ..smiles then eats cream pie.





  • Leo as bad bf

    Leo walks ahead of her to avoid the paps then jumps in his prius drives off leaving her standing there in disbelief…

  • ####

    Not sure if this was already posted on here.

    Jack Kyser (@JackKyser)
    2/23/14, 9:57 PM
    Here’s a pretty great video in support of Leonardo DiCaprio, who deserves to win this year’s Best Actor Oscar:…

  • Leo as ?

    Leo comes in the club with a young girl in hand.. smoking an e-cig ..when someone says hey Leo your daughter is so adorable….Leo says …daughter??This is my date bro!!

  • Zzzzzz

    @####: Hi! Thanks for the link. It’s good! Paramount is really pushing Leo hard! Good for him. I still think it’s going to be a really tight race. I know everybody is saying Matthew. Remember, a few months ago everyone was saying Chitewel. If there was justice, Chitewel would win, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Leo might just pull it out! Who knows? Just one more week to find out!

  • celeb
  • Hope he loses

    He doesn’t deserve to win and I hope he looses. I will be SO HAPPY if he lost! It will be like a celebration!! Go Matty or Chewitel!! It would serve him right for being a clubbing loser dating a interchangeable giraffee

  • Missy
  • Holy Mother of God
  • Blacksharpie

    @Holy Mother of God:
    Great pic of him! I find it funny how his face is so dominant and Margot’s is in the background and only partially seen! It lets you know who the star is!

  • L

    @Missy: Photo shopped in.

  • Bz
  • ####


    Nice mag cover. I wonder if there are pics inside??

  • Hmm

    @Bz: Today? Where?

  • also…

    @Bz: That seems to be new. Do you know when and where was it taken?

  • Bz

    I dont know the original source but Bz says Sightning in France so perhaps from last week?

  • lol

    Sugar baby is in Mallorca. Wearing extensions since everyone hates her terrible haircut.

  • lol

    ☾ луна ☽ ‏@sempiternaI_
    I bet Leonardo Dicaprio’s nightmares look like this

  • So

    No club sightings? No Q&A?

  • also…

    There’s a Cafe Central innParis so it could have been before he got back to the states on Thursday.

  • Gee

    Go Leo! Though I’m 100% sure Matthew is going to take it home, still rooting for Leo for very much. I think at this point I don’t care anymore about who deserves it more. All the men in the Best Actor category gave outstanding performances and all deserve equal praise! I just wish that getting one wasn’t so dependent on hardcore campaigning.
    And gee that cover picture of him with Margot is breathtaking. What a handsome man!

  • also…

    France or Venice, Italy?

  • Ok

    @Missy: Nice magazine cover. You can tell which one is the star.
    @Bz: Whe was he there?

  • Lilly

    @Missy: You can hardly see Margot, guess they like Leo :))))

  • Pink Box

    Did anyone hear about a new show called Hollywood exes. I think that’s low to go on a show because you’ve been with someone famous-I think it’s ex wife’s.

  • lol

    LA, Ny, London, France, Ny, LA, San Francisco, LA, Italy, Venice… he never takes a rest?

  • new one

    when is leo gonna try to be different, like do something with his life? instead of clubbing and stuff, why can’t he use his time doing constructive stuff?

  • also…

    @lol: Why would he be in Venice now? It’s confusing but he is sure a jet setter!

  • new one

    why does leo want to play a serial killer?

  • Blacksharpie

    I have to admit she looks good in this pic.
    The extensions can’t be good for her hair?!
    It seems that she and Leo are “vacation buddies”. They don’t seem to spend a great deal of time together unless they are on a vacation.

  • new one

    @Blacksharpie: leo is bored with her. he needs to be more independent

  • lol

    @Blacksharpie: lol…. DId that hurt?

  • Amy

    @new one:

    Hey, troll! *waves* Why did Christian Bale want to play a serial killer? It’s called acting.

  • lol

    @Blacksharpie: More like f*ck buddies. At the Same city together but rarely alone time. Separate, too much time apart, each time longer, one foot on the plane and he already partying and clubbing nonstop, acting single until she returns to Same city.

    #341 not me.

    But I agree she looks good when she is not doing her Idiotic faces.

  • also…

    @Blacksharpie: She looks better with long hair and her makeup on the latest photo is good. I still don’t see her appeal because her face is boring to me.

  • ####


    That picture is probably from last week. I’m pretty sure he’s in LA. There’s too much going on this week for him to be anywhere else. He took a small vacay between the BAFTAs and the Oscars and I think he’s staying put in LA at least until after the Oscars.

    Re Toni it looks like she’s staying in or near Paris as PFW starts tomorrow and I’m sure she’s walking in at least one show. I don’t foresee her showing up at any of the Oscar after after parties as the one show she will most probably walk is scheduled for the day after the Oscars.

  • ???

    What about that funeral home sighting?

  • Blacksharpie

    Lol. I cleaned it up a bit by saying vacation buddies. Although I do think he likes someone with him on his vacations.

  • Pink Box

    Where’s the pic with Toni’s extensions?

  • ####


    Remember that Leo can party until the early morning hours. Sometimes the club sightings tweets don’t pop up until the next day! LOL

  • new one

    @Amy: hey amy the troll, immersing yourself in a character means being influenced by it for many months. many actors develop anxieties and character traits. it’s something that can happen. i’ve been to acting school and on shoots and i can tell you that can happen. even leo was influenced by his character jordan belfort and needed to push it off and had a hard time; after playing howard hughes he had ocd for months, it took a long time to shake it off. being in the mindset of a character has a huge impact on your thoughts and life and you don’t know how it’s gonna turn out…