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Taylor Swift & Lorde Go Shopping After Spending Weekend Together!

Taylor Swift & Lorde Go Shopping After Spending Weekend Together!

Taylor Swift and singer Lorde spend the day doing some shopping together at rag & bone on Sunday afternoon (February 23) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 24-year-old entertainer and Lorde, 17, hung out the day before as well! Taylor posted a picture of herself and the fellow Grammy winner on the beach with the caption “Bare feet in the sand on a Saturday..”

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Earlier in the weekend, Taylor wore her favorite star sweater as she headed to dance class.

FYI: Taylor is carrying a Dolce&Gabbana ‘Sara’ handbag.

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift and Lorde doing some shopping on Sunday…

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Photos: AKM-GSI, Broadimage
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47 Responses to “Taylor Swift & Lorde Go Shopping After Spending Weekend Together!”

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  1. 1
    Tiana Says:

    Well look at that she has replaced her bff Selena, after her rehab scandal that’s just to much negative tension for Taylor. Not trying to down Selena for getting help at all, but after I heard about I knew Taylor were going to drop her like a bad habit. And didn’t Lorde was talking trash about Selena and now Taylor is friends w/ Lorde hmmmm…

  2. 2
    Living in a box Says:

    How did she managed to be friend with Lorde?

  3. 3
    Sam Says:

    @Living in a box: They’re both brats who like to diss other people; they have a lot in common.

  4. 4
    evie Says:

    new couple alert!

  5. 5
    alaia Says:

    @Tiana: It’s nothing to do with that, it’s just her incessant need to be photographed with the flavour of the month. It’s an obsession. Remember Hailee Steinfeld? Apparently Lena Dunham is one of her best friends. And so are Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence. Won’t be long before she dumps her. And they get younger and younger, too. Maybe Elle Fanning and Chloe Moretz are the next targets?

  6. 6
    55vineyard Says:

    Wish them the best. I do almost all my shopping online these days and have it delivered, hope they have a great time shopping.

  7. 7
    tick Says:

    Lorde looks like Gollum. She will be a one or two hit wonder. She’s so frikken odd.

  8. 8
    Tiana Says:

    @alaia: Oh okay I hope you’re right but I always thought Selena was one of her consistent friends or whatever yeah I get what you’re saying.

  9. 9
    samantha Says:

    These are more fake pictures too. They’re staged. Taylor with her perfect hairdo and her make up with the red lipstick and the cute dress. Just hangin out shoppin with her “friend.” The whole point of this outing is for them to have their picture taken. And yes, alaia @ #5 is right. She has to make sure she is seen with whoever is popular.

    I notice at awards shows she has to make sure she has pictures with the big winners. She photo bombs them if she can’t get into a shot. Everything is calculated and planned, and everything is about her and her “image.”

    I think she and Selena might still be friends, but you better believe you won’t see them together until Selena comes thru this rough patch. Right now, Taylor might text her, but she can’t be in the picture.

  10. 10
    Jen Says:

    @Tiana: Stop making up stuff. Taylor and Selena are doing just fine as friends. You people are pathetic. You act like a person can only have one friend. I feel sorry for your lonely lives.

  11. 11
    Jen Says:

    @samantha: You are stupid. Lots of people at awards get their picture taken. There are several dozen photographers there. They are not fake pictures. Just because you are not pretty doesn’t other people can look nice shopping.

  12. 12
    Jen Says:

    @alaia: Your comments are stupid. She is still friends with all of them and has been friends with Lorde for months. You are just jealous because she has lots of friends, and you don’t.

  13. 13
    Jen Says:

    @Sam: I think your are the jealous brat.

  14. 14
    Katie Says:

    @Jen: I agree that Taylor and Selena seem to be fine as friends, however I’m not convinced Taylor actually has a best friend regardless what she calls them. She goes from friend to friend and never steadily hangs out with them. I feel like she has a lot of friends who she may be close to, but they have other closer friends, if that makes sense. She doesn’t seem like the most fun or comfortable to be around which may be why people opt to only hangout with her once in a while. They like her, but they wouldn’t spend all their time with her. Just my two cents.

    Shots like these ARE planned. She gets free clothes, money, etc, if she’s seen shopping at certain stores or seen wearing their clothes. It’s less obvious this way as opposed to tweeting about the free gifts some other celebrities do. Don’t get me wrong, not all paparazzi shots are for PR, but then again, a lot are. But it doesn’t really matter in this case because she likes the attention regardless.

  15. 15
    weirdo Says:

    Girl needs to find and hang with people more her own age instead of creeping around the high school parking lot looking for friends.

  16. 16
    kat Says:

    @Katie: Her personal life is her personal life. She has a busy life and flies around the world constantly. She isn’t very active on her social media with what she’s doing on a constant basis, so not everyone knows who she hangs out with. Of course she isn’t seen with her celeb friends constantly. They’re celebs and are barely ever in the same city at the same time or free. She’s had friends who aren’t famous for years who she still spends time with like Claire Kislinger, & Ashley Avignonne.

    And no she doesn’t need to waste her time to stop at stores to get pictures of her shopping. There’s pictures of Lorde swiping her credit card at the register so I wouldn’t call it free. Clothing brands tries to send celebs clothes so that they might wear it and they’d get noticed. Other times if they give celebs swag the celeb has to mention it on their social media.

    Maybe since she has a couple months off in between work and touring she is just catching up and going on a fun girls shopping trip and showing her friend around her favorite places in town.

  17. 17
    Marnie Says:

    @weirdo: She has friends of all age. I don’t think she asks someone how old they are in order to have a conversation and hang out with them. Her friends, Sarah Hyland is 23, Emma stone is 25, Kelly Osbourne is 29, Lena Dunham is 27, Ed Sheeran’s 22, Dianna Agron’s 27, Jessica Szohr’s 28, Jaime King’s 34, Ashley Avignonne is 27, the only young people she hangs with is Selena, Lorde, and Haille Steinfeld.

  18. 18
    Rita Says:

    I feel sad about abondoned Selena

  19. 19
    Gina Says:

    Girl, you need stop worrying about who Taylor’s friends are. They are in the same industry. I’m sure Lorde appreciates that Taylor has taken her under her wings since she’s not American and the record industry can be brutal. Btw, how old are you? 12?
    I would consider Selena a young woman, she’s soon to be 22 years old.
    What’s so sad about young girls they still have this mindset that you can’t be friends with each other regardless of age, they have to be younger and shorter than their boyfriends. Always catty…

    No one needs to defend Taylor’s friendships.. She’s a Winner.

  20. 20
    Gina Says:

    You sound so ridiculous.. Taylor was on tour most of last year in the US, Canada, new Zealand and Australia, just completed her UK tour, heading to Asia in the Summer, working on her 5th album, filmed a movie in South Africa, and attended many industry award shows.
    She gets a break here and there.. People hang out with her once?

    Damn, I have seen many photos of her and Selena over the years, her GF’s from HS, Demi Lovato, Sarah Hyland, Ed Sheeran, Jessica Szorz, etc. Demi Lovato recently quoted that “Taylor was there for her during her trouble times”. So please do your research before making blanket statements that you know nothing of.
    She seems to be a Good Friend since no one says anything bad about her.

    Katie Holmes: I love this Girl
    Jennifer Lopez: I love this Girl
    Ellie Golding: Love Her!!

    Who are they talking about? The one and only Taylor Swift.

    Jennifer Lawrence: Sent her Heartfelt text congratulating her on the Pinnacle Award. Btw, they’ve known each other since they were both 16. They met as models for Abercrombie.

    Why are you so worry about her friendships in the first place?

  21. 21
    getreal Says:

    Nice to see all the big fat old women still in here hating on the tall, thin, young gorgeous Taylor Swift. Settle down grammas, it is just friends out shopping. Btw, lorde is not the flavoe of the month. She is a highly respected Grammy winning singer and song writer.

  22. 22
    getreal Says:

    Btw, Taylor was just with selena in December. Lol! She’s not married to Selena, she can have as many different friends as she wants. Selena is having personal issues right now and perhaps shes the one who dropped Taylor. Right after Selena visited with Taylor in December, Selena was back in Justins arms a week later. So, if you as me, she chose him over her. Probably because both Selena and justin like to drink among other things. I just think Taylor is too clean for Selena and Selena was tired of drinking only coffee and tea.

  23. 23
    getreal Says:

    Can I just add how great it is for Taylor to support Lorde especially with all the unneccessary hate this young girl has gotten with people twisting her words. They claimed she dissed Taylor and a few others. Taylor has also seen many people twist her words over the years soshe clearly understands what lorde went through. Her friendship with lorde Iis the ultimate “F” off to haters how like to take something someone says and twist it in the opposite direction.

  24. 24
    Sunshine13 Says:

    People are allowed to have as many friends as they want. Most people will be bored hanging out with only one bff. The life one leads contribute to making as many friends as one likes. You have to be strategic about certain situations as your lifestyle dictates. She is not shallow as some of you may conclude. She is not having flavors of the months either. She stands by her friends through thick and thin. Just because Ms. Gomez is not seen with Ms. Swift, does not mean either one had dropped each other. They are always communicating with each other in one medium or the other. At least, that is what Ms. Swift said in some of her interviews. So relax, let them enjoy their time off and do their thing because very soon, they will be back on the road again entertaining us.

  25. 25
    Ivy1 Says:

    These gossips seem like the episodes on Xena recently have a chance to watch. That is the relationship of Xena and Gabriel a/k/a Taylor and Selena. Does not matter how many people try to split them up, they always manage to stay together. I know it is real life but the parallel of it seem uncanny. What we are trying to say is, Taylor and Selena will always have people in and out of their lives but the two will always be BFF. Life will be boring otherwise.

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