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Joaquin Phoenix & Allie Teilz: Date Night at Crossroads!

Joaquin Phoenix & Allie Teilz: Date Night at Crossroads!

Joaquin Phoenix heads to his car after dining out at Crossroads restaurant on Saturday evening (February 22) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor was joined by his girlfriend Allie Teilz for their date night on the town!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin and Allie were recently in New York City to pay respects after the tragic death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. Joaquin and Philip co-starred in 2012′s The Master.

Joaquin‘s next movie Inherent Vice is set to be released in theaters sometime this year!

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137 Responses to “Joaquin Phoenix & Allie Teilz: Date Night at Crossroads!”

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  1. 1
    jessica Says:

    He looks cute!!

  2. 2
    Ashley Says:

    Love him, he is so funny

  3. 3
    FreddieQuell Says:

    Happy Birthday Allie!

  4. 4

    Hey FreddieQuell, was it you or Allie who told the paps where they were going to be? You know, since you bought up her birthday yet it’s not said in this article at all. Clearly you know her since you know when her birthday is and yet instead of telling her in private, or at her roller skate party, you’ve come on here to wish her a happy birthday instead because you know she’ll be looking on here because of how much she loves making the gossip sites now that she has fame through Joaq. I don’t know what’s sadder. The fact that Joaq dates someone who is so young that she still has parties at kids venues, or the fact that he hasn’t completely caught on that it’s her and her friends who are the ones calling the paps, or the fact that she has friends who always leave comments for her or try to promote her in the comments section of gossip sites like it’s her own personal website.

  5. 5
    sick Says:

    Only one more year to go Joaquin and she’ll finally be old enough to legally celebrate her birthday with a drink….

  6. 6
    JJay Says:


    LOL, all of the above is definitely sad but don’t forget that it’s his GIRLfriends birthday and yet he won’t even walk next to her so she has to strut with a phone instead lol. She needs to find a better way to get famous because he makes her look like a tool. Don’t get me wrong, she makes herself look bad by wearing his clothes, writing on his hand, having him wear her clothes, and dumping her boyfriend for a 40 year old actor but lets’ face it, she’s young and immature. He’s old enough to know better which means he does know better. And yet she stays anyway. Money talks huh Allie?

  7. 7
    Dana Says:


    Ummmm yeah that’s weird FreddieQuell. You know her birthday even though nobody said so and you decide to tell her on a gossip site? So she reads these things? Is this like her gift or something? Happy Birthday Allie, the paperazzi got there in time for it to make a gossip site. Shame he didn’t want to be seen with her though lol. Though you can tell her to make sure he walks with her next time. Though if she reads these anyway I’m sure she can tell him herself. I can’t wait to see the next set of paperazzi pics. She’ll probably make him carry her to make up for this time lol.

  8. 8
    cariane Says:

    @ FreddieQuell – it is a little odd. It does seem a little like you are talking to Allie on here when she should have better things to do than keep an eye out for birthday wishes on just jared

    @URNOTFREDDIEQ, JJay and Dana – good points raised and not the first time I’ve heard some of it being said around LA

    And @ sick – lmao! It’s creepy and yet true at the same time! Did u see the pics when they were in NY a couple months ago. It looked like Joaquin was a teacher or parent dragging a naughty boy back to school and yet it was his girlfriend lol. So creepy!

  9. 9
    Candy Says:


    why is she on her phone and he is somewhere else?

  10. 10
    Candy Says:


    sometimes he walks next her and sometimes not, so how long gave they been dating?

  11. 11
    Candy Says:


    I did see those pictues, they looked more in love then, what does anyone else think?

  12. 12
    Penn Says:


    They’ve been dating for around 7 months now. She’s obsessed with Joaquins brother River. When she found out that one of Joaquins sisters ex-boyfriends is the brother of one of her friends, she asked him to introduce her to “River’s brother” since it’s the closest she can get to hooking up with River. So she hooked up with Joaquin the night they were introduced and then every night after. The problem was that she was still with her ex Jordan when she started hooking up with Joaquin. Once she’d convinced Joaquin to let her move in, she finally told Jordan that she’s been cheating on him with “the movie star Joaquin Phoenix” for the last 2 months and he can make her more famous than Jordan can and has more money than Jordan ever will and she left him.
    As for if they are more or less in love now, it’s a freaky relationship between them. He’s with her because she’s young and he can do what he wants with her including bring other girls in and she’ll join in with them without him having to worry about her wanting to settle down. He can treat her like crap because he knows shes not going to leave until he’s finished with her. She’s with him because he’s the easy ticket to fame and fortune. She rarely works anymore, living of Joaquins money instead, travelling the world with him, and only accepting jobs that Joaquin gets her because her regular jobs are now beneath her. What’s really weird is that she does the same childish things with Joaquin as she did with Jordan. As soon as she moved in with Jordan she took her clothes and his clothes, piled them in a corner and said they now share all their clothes. Jordan went along with it because he’s also a teenager and since both of them are teenagers and “hipsters” it’s the cool / cute thing to do. She did the same thing when she moved in with Joaquin. She put both of their clothes together in a pile and now they share. Why a grown a$$ 39 year old man like Joaquin thinks it’s cool / cute and goes along with it is anyones guess. The same with you’ll see him out with writing on his hand, and it’s always the hand he makes sure gets photographed. That’s Allie’s doing to. She thinks it’s cute that ‘part of her’ is visible in his interviews, paparazzi pics, photo shoots etc. It’s really immature but expected from a younger-than-normal behaving teenage girl. It could be seen as cute when she did these things with her teenaged boyfriend. It’s not cute when it’s with a guy who is as old as her father. Like I said, it’s a freaky relationship. I’m sure they love that they’re both getting what they want out of each other. Whether or not you can translate that into them being in love with each other instead of just loving the situation the other one brings them, I don’t know about that.

  13. 13
    Birdy Says:


    What are you talking about ? How did you know that ?

  14. 14
    Mario Says:


    I think she or her friends are calling the press too. You never used to see him in tabloids but now he’s with her, they always seem to know where hes going to be. And shes always looking straight at the camera, like she’s posing because she knew they were going to be there. I mean, theres new pics of him today in a karate class. In the pics he has a brown belt which means he’s been doing karate for many years now yet nobody over those years ever got pics of him there before because nobody knew about it. Today they knew not only that he takes karate, but which studio he takes it in and what time he was going to be there. They have photos of him inside and outside so they definately knew he was going to be there. Somebody must have told and the only logical person is her since nobody before her ever ratted him out. I mean, hes also said in interviews before that he loves going to concerts but nobodys ever got pics of him at any of them before because nobody around him has told anyone which concerts he’s going to and when hes gonna be there and yet since Allie entered his life the press always know which concert, which venue and which show to find him at. Man if I were his family I’d be telling him to get far away from her. Nobody needs a rat around them, especially if your actually a celebrity who seems to try hard to avoid publicity.

  15. 15
    Mario Says:

    Oh and that she has a “private” instagram where she posts private pics of Joaquin and his whole family yet accepts everyone who requests so it’s not private at all. Pics of her private birthday party from her private account are everywhere. She’s definitely not doing a good job of protecting his privacy even if she’s not the one leaking everything, but it obviously is.

  16. 16
    Candy Says:

    Penn I would love to talk to you for real

  17. 17
    Candy Says:

    hey call me, I have info

  18. 18
    jenn Says:


    Penns comments are fake, he is trying to bash on these sites with fake stories. You clearly do not know what you are talking about, there are holes in all you are saying.

  19. 19
    Candy Says:

    @jenn: you think so?

  20. 20
    Skyla Says:


    Jenn, I doubt you know Penn so I don’t see how you can say it’s fake. None of us know him. I don’t know him and yet I can see plenty of truth in what he said and no holes so I don’t know what you’re looking at. I’ve followed Jordan on insta for a long time, back when he was still with Allie and he talked about the clothes wearing thing on there with us. Even without him saying it you could see it. It’s why the question was bought up. If you look at any of the pics of Joaquin and Allie you can see that they’re sharing clothes too. No clue if it’s all in a pile or whatever but they are clearly sharing. So no holes there.
    Her cheating on Jordan was also talked about so no holes again.
    You can see in pics that she is always travelling with him so no holes there.
    You can also look online and see she’s not DJing as much as she used to so no holes there.
    You can also see that the shows she has played at recently have all had connections to Joaquin so no holes there.
    Spikes brother was the friend connection between Allie and Joaquin, and he is the ex of Rain (Joaquins sister) so there aren’t any holes there either.
    And she has given interviews where she has said of her love for River Phoenix, before she ever met Joaquin, so no holes there.
    All that info is public so I don’t see why you would say it’s fake… unless you’re Allie or one of her friends who don’t like that this birthday gift of making the tabloids for promoting her has once again backfired.

  21. 21
    Haha Says:

    Sad to see this nearly 40 year old middle aged man is dating a TEENAGER. Oh but wait, he wants serious relationships! He wants to “settle down” LMAO This just proves he is a skeevy womanizer, excuse me, childizer. Perfectly fitting that this girl adores R Kelly since Joaquin has a lot in common with him.

  22. 22
    Haha Says:


    Another stalker pretending to know them personally. lol. They have not been “dating for 7 months”. He’s been using her for sex for about 3 or 4 months. Stop with your lies.

  23. 23
    Duh Says:


    Of course she is calling the tabloids genius. She is a DJ. She is trying to get work and cash in on his fame by having him promote her so she can dj for celebrity parties. He has gotten her promotion ever since they began seeing each other since before they were, no one had a clue who this boy looking girl was. Now the press is naming her “DJ Allie Teilz” and she has gotten to Dj for specific events that Joaquin was attending because of him. They’re both using each other. Not unlike all of his other relationships

  24. 24
    Duh Says:


    Candy, you are an idiot if you actually think “Penn” knows a God damn thing. She is making up this long gossip story as she goes along. It’s what happens when you have no life.

  25. 25
    Duh Says:


    Skyla= Penn under another name trying to make her fictional story sound credible. Shut up you moron no one believes a damn thing you say. Joaquin is ******** around with a teenage child. There is nothing dramatic about this pretend relationship because the chick is a TEENAGER. It is nothing more than a middle aged man going through a mid life crisis and his dumb teenage bimbo sex toy using him for fame.

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