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Katie Holmes: I Want to Be There for Suri for a Long Time!

Katie Holmes: I Want to Be There for Suri for a Long Time!

Katie Holmes keeps it chic with a leather trench coat and fedora while dropping by a local cafe during her windy stroll on Monday (February 24) in New York City.

A few weeks ago, the 35-year-old actress rocked a cool pair of pants while participating in a media tour for Kohl’s Pink Elephant Campaign in the Big Apple.

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“I’ve known a lot of people who have been diagnosed and women tend to take care of everyone else before our own needs. Becoming a parent made me much more aware of my own health. I want to be there for my child for a long time,” Katie recently shared to People at the campaign.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes battling the windy weather with a trench coat…

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katie holmes i want to be there for suri for a long time 02
katie holmes i want to be there for suri for a long time 03
katie holmes i want to be there for suri for a long time 04
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katie holmes i want to be there for suri for a long time 13
katie holmes i want to be there for suri for a long time 14

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  • Butzy

    The woman who was photographed smoking last week is a spokesperson for breast cancer awareness? I feel like I’m drunk when reading anything about this one.

  • Nathan

    You look great Katie. I Love you!

  • Lulu

    what a blazing hypocrite. She was just seen smoking a cig this week.
    What else about you is fake honey?
    you will do anything to keep your name in the press even if it means milking your mothers cancer while you are a hypocrite about it.

  • PurpleHazzie

    I think this outfit might look ok if it was on someone else. I think no matter how hard this poor woman tries she still lacks the gravitas to pull it off.
    It looks mismatched on her or something. I can’t put my finger on it.

  • @ Lulu

    Judgmental much, sweetcheeks? First of all, there’s no relationship between breast cancer and smoking. Secondly, smoking is still legal, so relax, pull the stick out of your arse, and look in the mirror before you judge others. What are you doing to raise awareness about any cause? I bet absolutely nothing. Atleast Holmes is doing something other than being a judgmental biotch on the internet, like you.

  • @@Lulu

    The American Cancer Society HAS established a link between smoking and breast cancer. Do your homework.

  • @comment #5

    Before making personal comments, maybe you should do your own research about breast cancer and smoking:

  • Blue eyes

    @@ Lulu: It’s possible that smoking has links to breast cancer and as well to lung cancer too. Before you go off with your mouth at someone maybe it wouldn’t hurt you if you would do your research first. As far as smoking goes, it is a nasty habit and not good for anyone’s health much less Katie Holmes’. If Katie Holmes is raising awareness about breast cancer you would think one would try to live a clean life which means not smoking. Come on now!

  • Recycle

    Maybe katie was enjoying a herbal ciggie. I’ll agree with the comments about her dress sense though!

  • Blue eyes

    My comment was towards “comment #5.” Not Lulu. Just so that I am making myself clear.

  • anne

    Smoking is injurious to health. And it has connection with various types of cancer. KH is an adult and responsible for their choices.
    Katie continues to support good causes and go on with your life. Bury the past and arrange a boyfriend and that in the future he is a good father to her daughter. It’s time, are almost 02 years.

    Hi Lulu.

  • annie

    that’s a good outfit, stylish , love it!
    shock horror, shock horror, katie smokes!

  • Nathan

    Katie smokes who cares it means she is human like the rest of us. she’s also a great mom and a sweat wonderful person.

    Katie and the pink elephant campaign is raising money for breast cancer research and awareness so women remember to go to the doctor for yearly checkups so if they do have cancer they can catch it early.

    Katie is helping others by doing this campaign she is a good person whether you haters like it or not

    You Katie haters on here are disgusting all you do is post bitter comment after bitter comment and it’s so sickening grow up and get a life.

    women should support other women but no you haters would rather act like mean nasty high school girls and put down someone you don’t even know and the really sad thing is I bet most of you are old and should know way better.

    The truth is Katie Holmes is a way better women than any of you Katie haters will ever be she would never put down another women that she doesn’t even know.

  • Ashley

    Love her, she is so cute. She MET HER HUSBAND at and is now HAPPILY MARRIED.

  • sabrina

    @@ Lulu:

    If she wants to be there for her daughter for a long time then quit smoking. It does cause lung cancer. I know several smokers who died from it. Even one cigarette is too many when it comes to your health and that of those near you. If she smokes in the house then the kid is exposed to second hand smoke. And, by the way, do your research. there is a correlation between smoking and other cancers including breast cancer.

    Katie can smoke until her lungs are black and she dies, but if she truly wants to be there for Suri for a long, long time then maybe she should think about quitting.

  • @Annie


    Who cares if she smokes. It is a filthy unhealthy habit. If she truly wants to be there for Suri for a long time she should quit. It is not pleasant to watch someone die of lung cancer. Or throat cancer. Or esophageal cancer. All of which have been connected with smoking. Not to mention you stink to high heaven and kissing someone who smokes is liking kissing an ash tray. But then probably 90 percent of Hollywood tastes like an ashtray. These idiots smoke to remain thin. Her choice. Her life. Her lung cancer.

  • Anne

    I want to be around a long time for Suri so I want to work for this foundation “inhales”

  • Dare to be Honest

    1st thing I did was google other actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow and Aniston smoking and you’re right smoking helps with keeping the frame small so they look good on camera. Can’t fault her for heeding so many posters who have said she needs to concentrate on 1 thing and hone her acting skills. ….I hear she is going topless on The Giver.

  • Dare to be Honest

    Put up any actress and the word smokes cigs and a good 80% of them come up. This was my 1st revelation that some people just like to hate on others. ….yes ME included. So be it, Look at it this way, the stirring of emotions is a good thing. Good, bad, doesn’t matter. The point is, she’s got your attention. Now ACT for goodness sakes!

  • Patsy

    Some just like to hate is true but in this case the critics were talking about it since she is also claiming to be a spokesperson for anti- cancer. It does seem to be a conflict of interest.
    Not all those other stars you mentioned are doing ads for cancer awareness.

  • Anne

    @Dare to be Honest:

    I do not believe. Her breasts are not beautiful post-Suri. More, all for art. She is beautiful and a good actress.

    Hugs, Annie

  • Dare to be Honest

    The Power of Prayer – when you consider that 25% of your brain is set aside for prayer and most Hollywood types are either too arrogant or narcissistic to believe in Jesus for fear of being ridiculed for believing in “The Book of Fairy Tales you realize that they need to fill that potion of their brain with something.

  • Dare to be Honest

    Correction; “The Book of Fairy Tails”, I’ve heard it called. Seriously, read any verse, etc. Embrace it. Than realize that so many people don’t experience this, let alone the Hollywood type.

  • Meg

    @Dare to be Honest: Just looking at the picture of her, tells it. If she was raised a Roman Catholic, she was even practicing a method. Now she has that vacant, hollow look as if she is “lost and needs to be found”.

  • @nathan

    @Nathan: So you have met her and spent significant time with her to know she is sweet and wonderful and a great mom? I thought not.

    Katie comes across in interviews as a brainless bimbo. Why should myself or any other woman want to support this stereotype. I thought after she divorced Tom she’d grow a brain and we would see something intelligent come out of her mouth. Nah. Didn’t happen. We get an Alterna video with her going on and on inanely about her hair. Same goes for her H/Y line. Still the same old garbage tumbling out of her mouth.

    Don’t hate her, but have no use for her.

  • Meg

    @@nathan: that’s from not HAVING anything. ..hence hollow, vacant look.

  • Warm Bodies

    “I want to be there for Suri”. Doesn’t LOOK like she is there.

  • Nathan


    The actors that try to sound smart in interviews just come off as smug and arrogant.

    Katie keeps it fun the way it should be I mean do you really want to here about politics or world views in an interview that’s meant to promote a movie? i sure don’t I want to here about the movie.

    What can I say I Love Katie Holmes there’s just something spacial about her and you now it too because why else would you read about a person you have no use for?

  • psst Nathan

    Psst Nathan: there is a big difference between keeping it light and fun vs coming across stupid and empty.

  • @28

    @Nathan: Nathan, this is a blog. People comment on actors they like, don’t care about and hate. Why should the posters in this thread be any different?

    I sure as heck would rather listen to Angelina Jolie talk about refugees, Matt Damon about his water project in Africa, George Clooney and his projects, Pitt and his efforts to “Make it Right” than Katie Holmes and her hair. I mean really–Tommy Hilfinger brought Holmes to Africa and she wouldn’t allow any cameras, give any interviews etc. yet she was an ambassador for his brand. She sounds very stuck up to me.

    I realize you love Katie Holmes fine. But can you imagine Sixty Minutes interviewing her? It would be the most vapid of interviews…same with Inside Actors Studio. Some actors have a brain and I enjoy hearing their experiences and opinions. I have yet to hear Katie Holmes say one thing of interest or of depth.

  • Felicity

    I’ve realized that the main realize I want to defend her is the fact that Joshua Jackson used to speak so highly of her – he seriously liked her and him I have time for – as an actor and from what I know of his as a person. I don’t think Katie Holmes can be all bad unless she lost a lot of her wit and personality in the last few years. Seriously look up what he used to say about her. She does come across as awkward and vacant – I have always assumed that she has suffered from some type of depression. She tries hard but misses the mark the whole time.

  • Mikki

    Jared didn’t post all the pictures. Who is this guy? Is he the lawyer?

    We won’t see much of Suri on JJ any longer since Jared is joining the fight to not post kids of celebrities any more.

  • annie

    @ Felicity
    I thought she was fun on the Rachael Ray show the other day, and always fun on Letterman. I like her naturalness, she keeps it light, and breezy, she’s very animated, when she talks, so I don’t see vacant or awkward.
    And Joshua Jackson, did say the most amazing things about her, and I think that’s why their scenes together had something, I think there will always be a spark there between Josh and Katie, regardless who they are with.
    Also the creator of DC Kevin Williamson, (vampire diaries,) who also wrote Teaching Mrs Tingle for her, also said great things about her over the years, and she was photographed with him a couple of times since moving to New York.
    And for me , as a fan probably the nicest compliment was from James Van De Beek, when he said that Katie just doesn’t realise how beautiful she is. You have got to love yourself badly, want something very badly in the movie business, and I don’t think she’s like that.
    Look everyone has their own opinions, and that’s ok, but the thing that is quite obvious for me is, that on JJ people only know her from being with Tom, she had a life , and was well known, in the industry, before him.
    But sometimes I do get the feeling, that some people who post here are a little older , paticularly when they give examples of MStreep, NK, Hellen Mirren.

  • annie

    also that guy is her agent, the one she was photographed at some game last year.

  • jennifer

    MStreep and Hellen Mirren????
    I never saw anyone use those as examples.
    NK of course since they have an ex in common.

  • annie

    I wouldn’t mention those names if they were not given as examples. and that’s why I thought some people were older.
    I don’t and never have made up things, nor do I have any inclination of going back to find the posts, but you can if you want to, but you’ll have to go back a bit, but they are there!

  • Anne

    Let’s hope the KH / JF relationship be assumed, for us to have new subject. KH / TC is old and boring ..

  • Dee

    Pic 3 reminds me of a trip I made to NYC 10 yrs. ago where I passed Diana Ross standing at a street corner (apparently hailing a taxi). She looked so freakishly dressed up with this wild hair on this tiny body. My 1st rxn. was, I thought the mayor cleaned this up. Seriously folks, r we waiting for her to shave her head bald and maybe bash in a car window before someone steps in. At least put her headphones on and start listening to Rush. That should get her motor running!

  • @Dare to be NUTS

    You say 25% of the human brain is “dedicated to prayer”. I’m guessing you have clinical proof of that?? Medical studies maybe to back up your….um……statistics? Clinical trials? Please post them. I’d love to see it.

    You truly are completely, totally, absolutely, in need of intervention by a mental health professional. Either that of you’re a troll desperate for attention. Almost everything you say is utter and sheer nonsense.

    So which is it? Are you insane or are you a troll?? Either way, reading your posts is a giant waste of time, other than to make fun of them.

  • Dare to be Honest

    @@Dare to be NUTS: Do your own research you lazy ass! No doubt in my mind u didn’t even bother to try my suggestion out. Well. ..God helps those who help themselves.

  • Dare to be Honest

    Only because I know how messed this world has become I will hand feed you a smidgen: Research Dr. Joseph Shannon. {While attending OSU, my days of walking to Upman Hall with Joe were very enlightening. It was only by sitting by Chittentendon River that I was able to completely embrace this fact. Of course my occasional evenings at South Station may have have inhibited some of its potential but then isn’t that what the college life is all about? That and riding my bike to the 8am philosophy class on west campus 2 miles away. (I lived just off of 12 and high – just a stones throw away from South Station and 2 blocks away from frat row – still remember my roommate and I, an engineering student, crashing those parties introducing ourselves as B**** #1 and B**** # 2. And 2 blocks away from where the med students did their research. And still remember the date with one of them showing how they have these little gilloteens to behead mice. He was doing research on the hypothalamus. Or the 10 K Jewish Run some law student signed me up to run in with a buddy of his. First race I ever did and got 1st place female. He was chatting away with his buddy when someone on the sideline shouted at me “1st female!” About 4 miles into it. I thought, hey these guys are boring the crap out of me and I could win something. So I took off. You would of thought the guy I was running with won the trophy by the way he showed it to all his roommates.)}. Just an aside but obviously for a reason.

  • @Dare to be NUTS

    Crazy and a troll. Great. You obviously can’t afford a psychiatrist or you’d have one. Check with your county or town for their mental health department. Perhaps they can get you on meds so you can live a authentic life, rather than one based on the delusions you’re obviously suffering.

    I’m very sure 99% of the individuals on this site completely skip over your ranting, nonsensical, trollish posts. I noticed then only because your mental illness is so obvious. No one reading your posts would ever believe you’re a university graduate. You write like a 12 year old. Perhaps this place, where you can randomly spout your fantasies is some sort of outlet for you, but the reality is, you need mental health intervention, or should I say MORE mental health intervention.. I have never seen anyone more in need of medication and a real life that doesn’t involve spending your entire life online spewing nonsense.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @@Dare to be NUTS: I now get the cyber bullying concept that our kids r experiencing. I knew u’d be back: Sadly, u have at least 80% of posters wondering the same thing that you just attacked me for. (for which u attacked me). Seriously, why else would we all be here? Hopefully, my choice of verbs and adjectives wouldn’t be so hostile The thing that I have learned is that it is usually people like u that are screaming your own fears. So did you read a verse yet? Matthew 5:21-37 might be helpful. Meanwhile, I may need to read Matthew 5:38-48 a few more times.

  • Text me

    “Happy is the man who
    has learned the secret of
    coming to God daily in
    prayer. Fifteen minutes
    alone with God every
    morning before you start
    the day can change
    circumstances and
    remove mountains”
    ~ Billy Graham.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @Patsy: Gwyneth Paltrow is promoting healthy eating AND lifestyle and she smokes. I hear Hoffman was doing a lot of plays/shows so hopefully she’s doing stuff like that. NYC is busting at the seams with all of it. Even with a personal coach to intensify her training. ….You hear about how Reese got a singing coach for a year to be able to sing on Walking the Line. Something tells me that she IS but people r impatiently waiting. No doubt in my mind, just like in Moulan Rouge, people r waiting to see her as the “Come Back Kid”. I watch American Idol with shorty (Keith) and think boy, she really knows how to pick them. The guy just looks painfully awkward. I believe one of her 1st comments in an interview after her split was; “well, I can wear heals again”. Than along came Keith.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @Text me: :)

  • Text me

    :) @Dare To Be Honest:
    Life is fragile, handle with prayer.
    Seven days without prayer makes one weak.

  • Cari

    @Dare To Be Honest: Shame on you. Keith can’t help being short, but he is known for being one of the nicest people in the music industry. He is supportive, helpful and isn’t a back stabbed like so many in the field. To me that makes him stand tall above the rest of these phonies.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    I was not putting anything negative out there about him just a trait I was noticing. The dynamics between HCJr. seems very awkward. If I am wrong, no problem. The issue with being short is way too many suffer from ” little man syndrome”. My point is if he does, why should he be given a break. Do love to be proven wrong with some of my gut feelings!

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @Cari: Listen here buddy. Judge – to form a conclusion based upon careful reasoning of evidence and weighing of facts. The guy was a Coke head in the 90′s and ended up in the Betty Ford Center 6 mos. after his marriage to NK and for the last 3 weeks, I’ve had to watch him get all sensitive with Harry because Harry likes to rib a little bit. He’s managed to change his style 3 x in 3 weeks and now has major highlights. Judge not less yee be judged. I get tested every day. That’s life. One thing I don’t fall for is the guilt trip.