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Oscars 2014: Full List of Presenters Announced!

Oscars 2014: Full List of Presenters Announced!

The complete list of who will be presenting at the 2014 Academy Awards this coming weekend has been announced and we can all expect a star-studded show with this amazing lineup!

Some of the celebs who will be hitting the stage throughout the evening include Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Zac Efron, Emma Watson, Kristen Bell, Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper, Charlize Theron, Channing Tatum, and so many more.

As usual, the four acting winners from last year – Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Day-Lewis, Anne Hathaway, and Christoph Waltz – will present the awards for the acting prizes this year.

Make sure to check all Sunday evening and Monday morning for the best red carpet fashion and show coverage online!

Click inside for the full list of presenters…

Amy Adams
Kristen Bell
Jessica Biel
Jim Carrey
Glenn Close
Bradley Cooper
Penélope Cruz
Benedict Cumberbatch
Viola Davis
Daniel Day-Lewis
Robert De Niro
Zac Efron
Sally Field
Harrison Ford
Jamie Foxx
Andrew Garfield
Jennifer Garner
Whoopi Goldberg
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Anne Hathaway
Goldie Hawn
Chris Hemsworth
Kate Hudson
Samuel L. Jackson
Angelina Jolie
Michael B. Jordan
Anna Kendrick
Jennifer Lawrence
Matthew McConaughey
Ewan McGregor
Bill Murray
Kim Novak
Tyler Perry
Brad Pitt
Sidney Poitier
Gabourey Sidibe
Will Smith
Kevin Spacey
Jason Sudeikis
Channing Tatum
Charlize Theron
John Travolta
Christoph Waltz
Kerry Washington
Emma Watson
Naomi Watts

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  • Lola

    No Cate as presenter? Why God why?

  • Bill

    Can’t wait to see Jennifer Lawrence presenting the Best Actor category! I’m sure she will steal the spotlight, as always!

  • Bill

    And what will Zac Efron be doing at the Oscars? He’s supposed to be at the MTV Movie Awards, not the Oscars.

  • Mel

    No Anna Paquin on the 20 anniversary of her winning??? Seriously???

  • Mary

    Jessica Biel? Is she even acting anymore?

    Otherwise an interesting mix of younger and older actors, although the younger ones seem light lightweights for the most part. I’ll watch for Sidney Poitier alone!!

  • baby

    Trying to bring the younger demographic again, hopefully not another Franco/Hathaway disaster! Go ellen!

  • http://NoMatter NoMatter

    Why Emma Watson is going to presenting an award …. she is not nominated and after Harry Potter she have awful movies

  • Arturo94

    OK…Zac Efron with a trash horrible movie si presenting at the oscar….and Vanessa Hudgens with a movie with rave reviews has never presented….I’m shockeeeeed .-.

  • Truth

    Seriously Emma Watson? Lol, is she even still an actress.

  • Anna

    And where is Daniel R? ;-)

  • Living in a box

    Zac Efron? all his film is flopped!! how the heck he got invited to the Oscar?

  • anna

    No Roberts, No Blanchett, No Bullock, No Hanks? It’s gonna be boring.

  • Oscars

    I can’t stand anymore Jenlaw ! gosh, she is so over-used. And it surprises me how American Hustle is so overated ! that was a total boring movie.

  • Jen

    Hmmmm some weird choices there…. oh well nothing we can do about it no

  • Jen


  • Jen

    Also, no Bullock? Even more disappointed now

  • pika

    i wish lupita would win but she wont cuz ….she just wont but its cool cuz oscars dont mean ur amazing ur just the academy’s favorite.

  • lauren901

    @living in a box
    i think he’s friends with the producers and ellen is the host, and i think ellen and zac are friends? also zac was at the oscars in 2009/2010 so.

  • simone

    i dont love zac efron but chill everybody lol. same with all the hate on emma watson this is pretty much the new generation of actors and actresses we just have to deal with it whether they are shitttty or not.

  • simone

    wait Channing tatum. Channing tatum? Hell naw im pissed he has done nothing but dance and stripper movies how is he presenting? I take what i said back about the other stars. these presenters are crap

  • pika

    @lauren901: yeah thats what i thought i mean its sometimes who you know not who you are. Hes pretty close with Ellen so it makes sense. His performance with vanessa in the oscars was purely because high school musical literally broke all those records and made a ton of money so they were at the peak of their fame.

  • @ anna

    I can live without Roberts, Hanks, and Bullock. We’ve seem them a tons of times, and I think Roberts is a mean hack. It’s not like they won’t be there, just not presenting.

  • Jasone

    Why is Angelina Jolie presenting an award? She hasn’t acted in movies for some time nor has anything nominated. Ridiculous list!
    They should have some of the nomanies presenting.

  • Dan

    This people is really talking bad about Emma Watson and without any base? Emma is going to premiere Noah of Darren Aronofsky in March, she’s promoting her film. Haters are just awful. She was praised for her roles in Perks of Being a Wallflower and Bling Ring and she’s going to star in thriller Regression and trilogy Queen of Tearling with Potter producer and Warner Bros. Emma is one of the huge young stars in the industry, you ***holes.

  • nir

    lol zac efron ? can someone please tell me what is his last hit movie criticwise and at the boxoffice ? and jessica biel emma watson ? LMFOOOOO talk about a very B list

  • Chloe

    @nir are you calling Emma Watson a B lister? Come on. Why the hell for her? Is a role a model and a good actress, and as @dan said, she’s promoting Noah.

  • viica

    Why Angelina? While being a multiple award winning actress (2 of which were Oscars) and breaker of film stereotypes for women and huge box office appeal, Angelina has produced several movies, written one film, and directed two others. Her latest directorial effort will probably be nominated next year. And Maleficent will likely be one of the top grossing films of the coming year. But, being the mother of six is enough of to be proud of all on its own!

  • nir

    lol a b list is very nice actually or do you think she is the same lever as the other A list ?(leonardo dicaprio, jeniffer lawrence, meryl streep, amy adams…..)

  • Deal With It


    Angelina Jolie is both one of the recipients of this year’s honorary Oscars AND she is an Oscar winner. So as a 2 time Oscar awardee SHE BELONGS THERE.

    I commend the Academy, they have a very diverse group of presenters this year and that is great. Some new faces will be handing out awards as well as old favorites. More people might actually tune in and watch the show.

  • nir

    Deal With It
    new faces ? there is no new faces at all lupita, bakhat and jared are the new faces not zac efron whos last hit was 17 again or jessica biel who i don’t even know if she had any hit in her “career”

  • Lexi

    wow Emma Watson is really looking for attention towards her film. Why is she going to all of these events? She isnt even the star of the film.

  • Alaia

    @Jasone: Brad Pitt is nominated, so she’s going to be there with him.

  • Deal With It


    Chris Hemsworth, Michael B. Jordan, Andrew Garfield are some new faces as presenters.

    Jared has been around for many many years you know, he is in his 40′s and has been acting since the beginning of the 1990′s so he is definitely not a new face.

    You just sound like a grump LOL.

  • tick

    I am so sick & tired of old farts like Daniel Day-Lewis & Meryl Streep. There are THOUSANDS of actors and struggling actors in Hollywood. Let someone else have a turn.

  • nir

    Deal With It
    Michael B. Jordan is the only one who i can call a new face other than that they could go with sooooo many other stars like ,shailene woodley,hailee steinfeld,adèle exarchopoulos…..not zac efron(who everyone should stop kissing his ass for no reason) or jessica biel

  • http://comcast Loren

    if NICOLE KIDMAN isn’t on the red carpet or at the Oscars I am always really disappointed. I think she’s great in every way.

  • Deal With It

    So happy to see Benedict Cumberbatch, Harrison Ford, Kerry Washington, Goldie Hawn, and Penélope Cruz will be presenting @ the Oscars.

  • tick

    I am so sick & tired of wrinkled old prunes like Daniel Day Lewis & Meryl Streep. There are THOUSANDS of actors & struggling actors in Hollywood. Let someone else have a chance. It starts to look like there’s bribery going on when you always see the same names mentioned every year.

  • http://comcast Janet

    Zac Efrons performance was outstanding in The Paperboy, he did a fabulous job as well as John Cusack and Nicole Kidman. One of the best acting jobs ever by all.

  • @#8

    @Arturo94: Are you seriously saying that Vanessa Hudgens should be an Oscar presenter? She sounds like an air-headed idiot every time she opens her mouth. Channing Tatum would sound like a brain surgeon next to her.

  • YES

    So, what’s with the hate for Efron and Watson? These are our generations actors and don’t think as if they weren’t in the limelight for a while – both have been doing numeric films whether those were a BO hit or not. And they wouldn’t be on that list if they weren’t deserving enough in the first place.

  • the truth

    like knowing the oscars producers other than that i don’t think there is a valid reason or maybe their flop movies ? who know

  • Helen

    10 years ago Charlize Theron won Oscar, so its good to see her in this year as one of presenters. And its interesting whether she goes on the red carpet with Sean Penn?

  • Woo

    Very pleased to see Ewan McGregor on that list. I love him!

  • Deal With It

    Also Bill Murray is a first time Oscar presenter.

  • Jessie

    @Arturo94: Maybe this means something? she is not as good as you and her fans think that she is.. LOL

  • Naba

    So excited to see Benedict Cumberbatch!!

  • Irene

    Where is Nicole Kidman? She is so regal and classy. A true representative of the Oscars. So disappointed.

  • izabel

    can’t wait to see Jen Garner there! Love her <3

  • Arturo94

    @@#8: It’s stupid talking about her voice. Presenters should be chosen according to their voice? I don’t think so!! Everyone is able to say “The nominees are…” and “The Academy Awards goes to…”.
    I was talking about their work. What Zac Efron did? Paperboy: a movie with poor review; other low quality’s comedy…..and, moreover, if he doesn’t strip, his movies don’t have a world release. In Italy we haven’t seen a lot of his film. The situation is different for Vanessa Hudgens…her movies here in Italy (and also in other coutry) did a quite good job. She receives good reviews for “The Frozen Ground” and amazing reviews for “Gimme Shelter”….critics are talking about important awards for her. You can draw your conclusion.