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Angelina Jolie on 'Unbroken' Story: The Strength of the Human Spirit is Extraordinary

Angelina Jolie on 'Unbroken' Story: The Strength of the Human Spirit is Extraordinary

Angelina Jolie gives a sweet hug to her Unbroken inspiration Louis Zamperini as they sit down for a pre-taped interview on the Today show, which aired today (February 25).

“I imagine that for the last 10-something years, he has been sitting there having a coffee in the morning and wondering who’s going to make this movie,” the 38-year-old actress and director said about World War II hero Louis. “And I’ve been sitting in my room laying there thinking, ‘What am I supposed to be doing with my life? I wanna do something important. I need some help. I need some guidance. Where is it?’ And it was right outside my window.”

“(The world) can seem hopeless and it can seem very overwhelming,” Angelina added. “But the resilience and the strength of the human spirit is an extraordinary thing.”

Watch the interview below…

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  • William Bradley&The Jolie

    Afternoon folks. Just popping in quick with a thought. The Hair recently shoot ads for both Aveeno and Living Po. It would not surprise me if we see those ads run during the Oscars. That will be how the fameho will try to get some Oscar shine since they dont’ want her up on the stage. Oh, I am sure she will at least drag her gigolo to the Before the Oscars party and try to get at many pics with real stars as possible, esp. if they are know to be friends of either Brad or Angelina.

    Saw this at People (surprised they went there with some of these):

    Cursed? From Oscar to Split!

    Go to the awards together – and break up within a year. From Julia and Benjamin to Leo and Gisele, see the couples who were casualties of the Oscar jinx!

    (And look who we have here)


    From Oscar to Split: 2 weeks
    Mayer provided “moral support” to Aniston in ’09 – when she stood as a presenter before ex-husband Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Still, the on-and-off couple’s union was fleeting – days later they were no longer together. Just chalk it up the Oscar curse!,,20768377_20348338,00.html#20745859

  • Observer2

    #138 @Ⱦamsin:

    Oh, but, you did, you fvckwit putz, you wished Cancer on Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne. On the Luna Park thread. Page 76.

    Ⱦamsin @ 01/15/2014 at 1:16 pm Post #1892
    And we know what happened next. The unwanted pregnancy from someone else’s husband was milked for everything it was worth, she labeled the baby a “blob”, then had two more bio kids and to top it all off, she most likely passed her cancer genes onto these three innocent creatures! How’s that for karma to your liar idol for being such a hypocrite and full of BS? :)

    You said it with such malicious intent and glee and with a smile.

    And you’re the one that needs to worry about karma. But, wait, you’ve already started paying the price. That’s why you’re so miserable.

    Now, run along and do your schedule that you let us know you follow on the internet daily. You’re too stupid to realize that’s exactly what you did. But, what can we expect from someone that follows the screed at Fat Fvcks?

  • Kim

    Sorry Honey for the typo
    I meant Gay Costa Rican Virgin

  • Kim

    @William Bradley&The Jolie: LMAO days later…Major shade I thought it was a couple weeks later. Was it days later?

  • the ring

    Angelina pregnant


  • Lol

    @William Bradley&The Jolie:
    Ticky and JOHN MAYER were a joke. Lol.

  • Observer2

    #151 @William Bradley&The Jolie:

    Remember when Ticky and Vaughn were together and they didn’t see each other for 2 months. And then she went to London to visit him at the end of October? Then Vaughn did his own version of coyote ugly and got caught with a college co-ed in Budapest? And they weren’t broken up yet? And she sent an e-mail to her Sorority Sisters that got out?

    Good times. Here’s the e-mail:

    My dearest Gammas,

    Do I have a story for you. I love you all and hope you dont judge me ;)

    So I am in Budapest this past weekend with my two friends Kelly and Lauren, and we are sitting at this vey nice, trendy new restaurant in the city for dinner when in walks Vince Vaughn. He was with two friends and they sat at a table just two away from us. While I was a tad starstruck, we decided to play it cool and act like it wasnt a big deal, not wanting to be annoying and interrupt his dinner. However, I couldnt help but let my eyes wander at one point, and he totally caught me and smiled back and said hello. I smiled and said hi but went immediately back to talking to my friends so I didn’t seem desperate. A little later he gets up to smoke and on his way back stops and starts chatting with us. He talked to us for about 15 minutes, it was really casual, and he just wished us well and went back to his table. After drawing our meal out as long as we could (we were ordering dessert, wine, coffee, the works so we could stay and watch him lol), he finally gets up and leaves so we decided it was time to go. We had no intention of seeing him again, but just thought it was totally cool we even got to talk to him. When we leave the restaurant we decide to check out one of the big bars in Budapest close by. As we are walking in, we see Vince and his friends outside smoking, so of course had to go talk to him. I made some little comment like ‘so what are you guys following us or something’ and the next thing we know they’re inviting us in to have a drink.

    Once it was about 2am all the bars were closing so they suggest going to the hotel bar for another drink. We were thinking omg, but said ok. However, when we got to the hotel, the guy tells us that the bar is closed, and the only way we can get drinks is if we order them from the room. We felt so comfortable with them at this point, (we had been with them for like, 5 hours), and they were not at all sketchy or wierd about it, so we said ok. We went up to the suite and ordered room service and just hung out and listened to music and played would you rather (again, vinces suggestion) and it was so chill. At this point things had started to get a little ‘couply,’ and Vince and I had been talking soooo much to each other, and we started to cuddle a little on his couch and get really close. After a little while his friends had to go cuz they had an early flight and my friends decided it was time to leave too. As we were getting up he asks me if i want to stay for another drink, and I said ok. I did not feel pressured at all and felt just totally comfortable, as did my friends. He assured me he would get me back in time for my flight at 11, and next thing I know it was me and Vince Vaughn alone in the hotel room. For a while we just had a drink and talked some more (and yes, we talked about Jen) and one thing led to another and obviously we were messing around before too long. We didnt have sex, but it was just as good :)

    Afterwards we just laid in his gigantic beautiful bed with satin sheets, smoking ciggarettes and talking about life. He had a gorgeous view of the river and Buda castle from his window, and we watched the sunrise. I felt like I was in a movie. We didn’t ever go to sleep and in the morning he walked me out and kissed me goodbye in front of everyone and was so sweet.

    So yes, I spent the night with Vince Vaughn in Budapest and it was fabulous. I can die happy.

    Hope you’re all doing well and I cant wait to see you in just a few more short weeks!!!! :)

    Ciao ciao,


    Then Huvane comes out and says, well, they broke up after her trip to London in Oct. Than why didn’t they announce it then? Oh, that’s right, they weren’t broken up. He just wanted to be and so he made sure to do something to make her cry Uncle.

    Then John Mayer gives a press conference to the paps explaining why he had to dump her the first time.

    She gets called a sports fvck by Josh Hopkins. Gets dumped by model boy. Harry Morton preferred Lindsey and Paris. Bradley Cooper preferred Renee Z. Gerard preferred tonguing a complete stranger on the street. Scott Stubin preferred Molly Sims. Adam Duritz preferred CC. Tate D. preferred life without the shallow b!tch.

    And we know Brad much prefers his life with Angelina and their 6 children to the dead-end bore that he had to be stoned to be with.

  • Passing Through

    # 111 Observer2 @ 02/25/2014 at 1:13 pm
    True. If there truly is life on other planets – Tampon (or her ilk) is NOT the Earthling we want them making first contact with.

  • Passing Through

    # 109 Anon2 @ 02/25/2014 at 1:10 pm
    Jared’s joined the No kids pix parade, huh? I think Jared’s just trying to save himself some money. Those J-P kids photos are EXPENSIVE. Everybody else’s kids’ photos sell cheap. Now he has way more money freed up to pay for those photoshoots he’s doing of his Weekly Nobody Featurette Spotlight.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I am laughing at Midget who is getting his own thread now. Just think, almost 2 years ago some of the FF fcukers haven’t even heard of him and now they are all defending him. I guess they do it because it makes MANiston looks good.

  • Rose

    @Observer2:#152, Hi O2, I hope you noticed that pos referred to Angelina’s children as “creatures!”. Let’s starts as of today whenever we have to refer to tamshitt , we use the word CREATURE, a animal, non human. If it’s good to refers to the Jolie Pitt’s children as such let’s refers to the murderer as a non human creature.

  • Observer2

    #161 @Rose:

    Yes, Rose, I noticed that the fvckwit putz called Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne creatures.

    What do you expect from the fvckwit putz, that gets his exercise playing handball against a curb, sky diving off of a dime, the one who does backstrokes in a piddle of spit?

    I just love it when he says that I’m lying? LMAO! He said the things he did, I didn’t.

  • Observer2

    #158 @Passing Through:


    Tam$hit, the fvckwit putz, isn’t anyone that people on earth want to come in contact with. Much less other planets, if there is life on said planets. Unless, they’re the 7 on Fat Fvcks R Us.

  • Kim

    @the ring: When is Maniston due? The baby can have playdates with Kimmel’s baby.


    I guess we’ve all seen that No Kids Policy thread on JJ’s front page, huh? So i used the opp to post a comment to JJ asking him to clean up his site, especially his JP threads, so that the particular toxic troll that stinks up the thread with its noxious cut and past, loop-job post can be banned once and for all.
    I flagged this poster earlier and i am sure other fans have flagged it too. This is what i posted on that No Kids Policy thread:
    Okay JJ…………good decision. We’ll have to wait and see how deep is your commitment to this laudable new policy.
    In the meantime, and since we have your eyes on this thread as i believe you will monitor it for a while to see the feedback, might i direct your attention to a persistently abusive troll who infests ALL JP threads with a long-@ssed, looped post that is filled with filth.
    Several JP fans have drawn your attention to this particular poster, to no avail. It is right at this moment on Page 6/posts 132 and 134 of the most recent thread about Angelina’s interview on NBC this morning.
    We expect you to maintain a clean site, JJ. This troll ensures that you\ fail in that effort. Surely it is not beyond the technical capabilities of this site to ban a poster that is consistently abusive?
    The ball is in your court, JJ.

  • busted

    So Jared is not doing Celebrity kids.. OK..

    I don’t think this affects the fans at all. I mean if you don’t want to see the kids you won’t. Fan sites have always had access to pictures that the trolls don’t.

    I remember when yuku stopped posting pictures. The trolls were celebrating the demise of the JP fans. That it was OVER.. only thing that was over was yuku.and all the trolls had to go and find somewhere else to post; the trolls could not make filthy comments about the kids. The fans still had access to pics. So all is good to any fan that is on a fansite. The trolls are the ones that will be missing out. NO nasty pics about their children Fine with me

    Just like now the trolls come here to get information about the couple.They don’t know squat.

  • Rose

    @Love the JoliePitts: Hi my friend. So happy to hear that you’re expecting rain, sorry we cannot send you some snow which will become water in your hot climate. Isn’t it funny, you are dying for what we have, and we are jealous of your weather. I believe we are expecting snow again tomorrow.

    Love, Louis and Angie are so in love with each other. Angle is such a sweet person, no wonder Brad’s brother, Doug says the family love her to pieces. No wonder Brad cannot keep his hands off her, :-),

    My friend, did you see that post #152, O2 replayed from The CCREATURE, NON HUMAN, TASMANIAN DEVIL, MURDERER refered to Knox, Viv and Shi as Creatures who she is happy that karma is going to fall on them to get cancer. Love, how is it possible for a person can be so filled with hate for someone it has never met. That boggles my mind. It’s really scary what A CREATURE like that tamshitt is roaming around and living among human beings.

    My Love, I cannot believe tacky could be so spineless, and he calls himself a New Yorker. Omg, he knows what she is capable of, you know she fights. dirty. I’m sure he has seen her wrath and must be afraid she will use it on him. He should have never cheated on Heidi B with that witch, serves him right.

  • Passing Through

    # 151 William Bradley&The Jolie @ 02/25/2014 at 4:19 pm
    Afternoon folks. Just popping in quick with a thought. The Hair recently shoot ads for both Aveeno and Living Po.
    I figured she had to be shooting some ads when Hair Boy said the extensions were for a project but I figured it was Dumb Water not Aveeno. But, let’s back track a sec – for the past 3-4 months Ticky has been snapped at skin clinics on 2 or 3 occasions. Now she’s shooting an Aveeno ad and telling the world how great their products are? Biitch, please. That’s fraud. If she shows up in the Living Poof ads with long hair then someone needs to file a false advertisement lawsuit against her and Living Poof. Ditto for Aveeno. She’s admitted to getting chemical burns and laser resurfacing but she’s taking Aveeno’s money to make people believe that it’s their products that keep most of her wrinkles at bay? That and Photoshop, of course. Anybody’s who’s ever seen an untouched closeup knows the truth – a 3 week bath in the Fountain of Youth couldn’t make that biitch look youthful again

  • Rose

    @Observer2: O2, get use to it, whenever the fans call out the CREATURE, TAMSHITT, the Tasmanian devil for his vile and hateful comments he denied he posted TGE comments. He then accuses TGE person who calls him out on hate for Brad and Angie liars. It happens every time. The CREATURE, TAMSHITT has no conscience, it’s a CREATURE that threatens to kill Angelina by stabbing her 100 times with a knife if he sees her in the street. He is psycho, and a very sick CREATURE.

  • Observer2

    #168 @Passing Through:

    Why doesn’t she ever do photo shoots for her stink water? The only ones that she did were the ones that made her look like she’d been rode hard and put away wet and left at sea in Mexico. LOL.

    Why doesn’t she ever talk about her stink water?

    What happened to Ticky carrying on and on about her $3 Neutrogena facial soap bar that she’s used since she was in high school? I guess, Neutrogena saw her untouched photos and didn’t want her anywhere near being a spokesperson for them. LOL.

  • Passing Through

    # 157 Observer2 @ 02/25/2014 at 4:44 pm
    You know the funniest part about VV cheating with the co-ed? He talked about Ticky with the chick! Can you just imagine hwo mortified she was when she read the girl’s email to her friends? And you KNOW Ticky read that shite. Huvsy prolly sent it to her. Hehehehe. I bet she called VV and yelled at him for an hour. Cuz…you know how “private” she is and then she finds out VV’s talking shite about her to some post-tween chippie hookup? LOL! THIS is why we still talk about Ticky – COMEDY. FVCKING. GOLD.

  • paul

    One of the best books I have ever read and that’s saying a lot! I loved the story of Louie Zamperini and the many things he faced in his life. He was a MAN who was able to face life’s adversities and managed to come out on top. The reader feels Louie Zamperini’s lows such as when he is held prisoner during the war and causes us to cheer his highs, his Olympic days. This is one of those books where you will laugh, cry and when the book is over hate that it’s come to an end. Laura Hillenbrand is a top author who knows how to catch the attention of a variety of readers … from young to old … and enable each of us to love and want more of her books!

  • Rose

    @busted: Hi busted. It’s so funny TGE trolls hates Brad, Angelina, their fans and their children yet they will NOT leave this site alone. If I hate Ticky, I would never visit her thread. I have not looked at tickys thread IN months and I don’t even hate her. I don’t like her so I will never support anything she’s a part of. The CREATURES are here complaining but is afraid to leave because they can’t take their eyes away from this beautiful family. All the hate they spew towards the Jolie Pitts is because they are jealous of the great life they lead. Sucks to be a evil CREATURE/TROLL.

  • Gold Dust Woman

    LOVE THE JOLIE PITTS and PASSING THROUGH – ladies I owe you each an apology.
    PT -I said I was going to send you an email and I haven’t as yet.
    LTJP – I promised you some thoughts on the Baftas and I haven’t delivered yet.
    The week after the Baftas was just hectic work wise and with various evening events on too. And then a personal matter reared it’s ugly head. The combination just left me physically and emotionally drained and I haven’t had a chance to put my thoughts together for either the email idea or a report on the awards.
    However, luckily, I know a very wise old lady who I turn to when things get tough. She has the most wonderful, ‘magical’ ability to heal people. You go to her in tears and come out floating on air!!
    So I’ve been back on the forum tonight, reading as many posts from the past few threads that I can and I’m intending to post soon.
    Love the Jolie Pitts – you will get your ‘Bafta ‘report’ in the next few days.
    Passing Through – I’ll give further thought to what I wanted to email you about and hopefully soon I can let you know I’ve sent it.
    BEA and DAWNE – you should be a double act! Your posts always make me laugh and cheer me up. Keep going ladies.

  • Observer2

    #171 @Passing Through:

    I know, right? She probably harassed him into telling her EXACTLY what he told his post tween hook up that he had while still with Ticky.

    Did you say I was ugly? Fat? That my eyes are too close together? My nose and chin are competing to see which one is bigger? Did you call me homely with no lips and big ears? Did you call me boring and needy and insecure? Did you tell her about my extensions?!

  • Observer2

    #169 @Rose:

    Rose, I would never call the fvckwit putz, the C word and I don’t mean Creature.

    But, they called themselves a C**Ttroll. They don’t even respect themselves. LOL.

  • Rose

    @Observer2: O2, there are some very sick CREATURES out there. Thank God Brad and Angie have bodyguards. Btw, I hope they presents together. That would drive the Creatures to go kill themselves, and that would be a great day for the fans. Lol.

  • Bea

    @Gold Dust Woman:

    Gold Dust Woman –

    Thank you for the shout-out! I’m glad to be able to brighten your day :)

    Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without the never ending pathos of the fat old has been barren cow – she nothing but an endless source of ridicule and amusement.

    And Perlane.

  • Bea


    Did you say I was ugly? Fat? That my eyes are too close together? My nose and chin are competing to see which one is bigger? Did you call me homely with no lips and big ears? Did you call me boring and needy and insecure? Did you tell her about my extensions?!

    Well done!!

  • Karen
  • Kim

    They are showing Angie interview on Nightly News w Brian Williams.

  • Passing Through

    # 174 Gold Dust Woman @ 02/25/2014 at 5:50 pm
    OK. If Jared won’t send your email address to me let me know. I can figure something else out…

  • lissa

    turn to nbc news now … angie after the commercials

  • Bea

    Executive producer Brad Pitt’s #BigMen trailer premiere drills into Big Oil, big money, and big danger:

  • lissa

    old pic

  • lissa

    disregard last post,,,,meant it for another site. face palm!

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Hi Rose,
    Yes I did see O2′s repost of that vile creature’s post. Rose that hateful creature thinks she is invulnerable. But her days are numbered and every evil she wishes for Angelina she will receive along with the idol she worships.
    I have to agree with you re: Tacky, and I think he knows to watch his step and do exactly as he is told because he sees with his own eyes how ‘dirty’ Aniston does fight. He was her accomplice in deceiving and hurting Heidi. And what they did to Heidi will surely come right back on Aniston and him.

  • Observer2

    #179 Bea @Bea:

    Thanks, I thought so. I forgot one: Did you call me Maniston? LOL.

    Bea #184-That looks hella good. Thanks for bringing it over.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    @Gold Dust Woman:
    Hi Gold Dust Woman! So nice to see your post.
    Thanks for stopping by and letting us know you are alright.
    I was concerned for your health hoping the cold weather in London and all the BAFTA excitement had not put you out of commission.
    So glad to know you are alive and kicking. :)
    I am thanking the Universe for that very wise old lady miracle worker who is there for you in your time of need. I think she travels the world because I am certain she is the same one who helps get me back on my feet when I want to quit! :)
    Looking forward to your ‘Report’ when time and all good things permit.
    Take good care of yourself and please do not stress over getting out that Report. Your good health and peace of mind are more important than anything else my friend. :)

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Thanks for the video link Bea. Brad is executive producing some interesting and informative stuff.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Reposting Phool’s post from previous thread. Makes for nice, light, fun reading. Please enjoy.

    Good Morning Love the JoliePitts
    How are you my dear sorry about the other day whilst you were on, I didn’t have much spear time to reply back to you in earnest, considering all the time you had taken out from your busy schedule to post to me. Ok where do we start you do know that I’m going to start where we last left off lol In regards to when you said “There have been so many wonderful threads about Brad and Angelina even I have lost count as to the last time I posted a response to you” LOL, I know what you mean Love, you know what its like, there are days like these when all their projects are aligned together like stars in the galaxy, we get one thread after another, and then there’s those days when we have gaps in periods where we hear nothing at all, those are the hardest just like the Gobi Desert waiting for rain lol..Ops sorry did I mention Rain considering you are awaiting for some, ( do some rain dance might work) only teasing I pray it rains in California. Ok where was I ? Yes the JP’s, well Love my dearest we have so many goodies to get through these Jolie Pitts do spoil us with their assortments of good news don’t they, its like opening a box of chocolate and you want to gauge on them all at once, yes even too much chocolate isn’t good for ones health, but who cares when there so sinfully delicious lol don’t you agree Love.
    I had watched the live Bafta stream, all I say is these photos are just half of it what went on the red carpet Love, when the JP’s arrived literally minutes before Prince William arrived at local 6.30pm local time, everyone knew Royalty had already arrived when Brad & Angie got out of the limo, they were so gracious with their fans, signed all their autographs, all the while they still were so physically aware where the other was , those looks and constant touching that just needs to stop its already causing havoc amongst Tickys Hag army you know the screaming in the ocean was non stop but Love, I LOVED IT they have our blessing to carry on lol. Before I forget go to “Wire Images” you’ll get all the Bafta photos and look at the ones that were taken inside the auditorium , while people were getting seated, and there are 5 photos of Brad & Angie very animatedly talking, just mentioning incase to you incase you haven’t seen those. Also go over to “Getty Images” they have quite a lot of photos there too, considering Jared still cant managed to buy more than 4 photos a piece due to the astronomical JP photos prices, compared to the other Z-listers cough *Ticky* not every ones photos are in the bargain bucket of “buy one and get1000 free” lol.
    As you mentioned the Big O “Oprah” now I’ll have to mention Oprah arrived well before the JP’s on the red carpet, Oprah was very excited as this was her first Bafta nomination & appearance so her excitement was very difficult to contain unlike her stitched up Stella McCartney dress lol ok ok I’ll be less bitchy. Any way where was I yeah Big O, all I have to say the women lingered as long as she could to bump into the JP’s I’m not joking seriously I don’t think they could have ignored her , considering Brad & Angie don’t bear grudges & Angie’s throughout has kept a dignified silence during all of Tickys public game playing via her friends handler & not forgetting one time Oprah included , she’s lucky she got the attention from them end off ( yes Love, I still cant forgive her for airing the Pity Party Interview and fanning the flames further more, but that’s my opinion no one has to agree with me) yes time has passed and Big O’s eyes have eventually been opened by Her Fraudness that is called Jennifer Aniston, no wonder Big O went sniffing around Brad for a producer job on Selma , Brad didn’t go to her, it was she who went to Brad & Plan B for a producing gig.
    Just when you think I’ve already snarled on Big O there is more *don’t groan* lol, did you see the smile on Big O’s face, and I swear Love, if Big O’s smile could have gotten any more wider, I swear the women would have swallowed Angie whole lol, she was that delicious no wonder eyes were popping out of O’s head, like I said O should thank her lucky starts that Angie & Brad are gracious and doesn’t hold any petty grudges unlike a certain 45 year old HAG Ticky, now if O had done the reverse with Ticky I bet you Ticky she’d have stalked her do death & call her ‘her Cancer’ like does to her own mother. I have a feeling this post is too long I’ve already pissed Trolls off with my posts of JP news and this on top is like sprinkling cyanide instead of a sweetener in the coffee lol.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    #Love the JoliePitts
    Here I am AGAIN shameless aren’t I Love, remember the photos from, “Unbroken” wrap party in Oz the ones in the car where Angie’s hand is on Brads lips, ok we weren’t sure if they were taken prior to attending the party of after nonetheless I can assure you one thing that is blatantly clear that Angie was wiping off her lipstick from his lips , is it any wonder Brad did have that extra glossy lips, twinkling eyes even at night time those were twinkling alright, and not forgetting that beaming smile, oh hang on time to close the windows screaming from the ocean yes AGAIN.
    Love, I loved them on the Bafta Red carpet you know this time last year Brad & Angie were still going through her Operations, just look at them now bless them no wonder they got the look of a couple whose got the weight of the world off their shoulders. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t wish them well , happiness & long life with each other, they are soul mates in every sense of the way. They are so compatible & compliment each other in every area of their lives together..
    I was so emotional when I saw “Unbroken” for the first time, you know what a great job Angie has done and with Louis Zamperini’s participation in it makes it ever so more special. No wonder young Louis has that extra twinkle in his eye, you know this project was in doldrums for so long and it took a young 38 year old brave women to pitch to Universal what she wanted to do, and so impressed they were, that not only she got the Directing job, she got every Oscar winner & Oscar nominated colleagues to work with her, and all this was completed right within the given time scale that was given by her bosses, yes the girls done good, mamas brought the goods home alright. And every time I read Jack O’Connell’s interviews I can see why Angie chose ‘Him’ to play Louis , he may be 23 year old, but man he has a very sensible head on his shoulders. By reading his interviews, especially the Collider one, just gives you the insight how much he appreciates and respects Angie, to be given this opportunity. I can assure you he has made a friend in Angie’ for life’, I also hope they can work together again. Like Jack said he cant wait to promote this movie and that they are sitting on ‘something special and how peoples perceptions of him changed after seeing his work. Now if that’s not a great endorsement what is? Just reading about ‘Unbroken’ makes me wish it was the 25th December already .
    Love, the more the haters try to deflect attention away from JP’s , just look at the biggest Joke that is their idol Aniston’s ‘ plant and deny’ saving the Dolphin stories can some one get any more pathetic in their trolling the JP’s Bafta success and she had the cheek to still throw shade on JP’s In the process, this women will always remain a serpent shedding skin, but still a serpent nonetheless, she tries her best but fails every time no wonder she’s a laughing stock around the net,( I wouldn’t use the word ‘WORLD’ as we now the HAG is not that famous any where apart from US & parts of UK. So pathetic isn’t it, these constant ‘ Pity Party games’ of hers, keep on proving our point she cant move on , don’t blame her Fiancé Justin Theroux for dumping her sorry A$$. This women cant even make a mere flight from LA to NYC to be with her grieving fiancée whom she said a couple of months ago was the real love of her life, who’s at a venerable stage at the moment, considering his past addictions and his friend Philip dying, this could become a slippery path for him too, what’s not to say he already has? So instead of going there and be there for him like a loved ones dose, she stays in LA sunning her leathery old A$$ and making out she is working, we know what’s she working on all these plant & deny stories. If Angie can up sticks from a busy editing schedule and gets on a plane from LA to UK, yes UK, for her hubby Brad , and supported him like a loving partner would do, not forgetting Brad got on the plain in the midst of shooting Fury from UK to LA with out a moment of hesitation for Angie’s Humanitarian Oscar , so why cant an unemployed 45 year old women do it ? yeah she’s busy saving dolphins LMAO can this shiit get any funnier. Oh look another EX Hag Goop Cheating Again lol at least these EX’s are good for a laugh don’t you think.

  • Bea

    You are all welcome for the links – I was so excited when I saw it on Yahoo! I needed to bring it over.

    Doesn’t it look like an amazing film? I agree LtJP that Brad is doing stellar and interesting work.

  • Observer2

    Ruh, Roh. When Sasha Stone posted the full list of presenters at the Academy Awards, her question was this:

    Full Presenters List at 86th Oscar, or More Importantly, is Angelina Going to be There?

    I guess, according to our resident troll, who insists that Angelina isn’t well liked in the industry, than Angelina has bought off Awards Daily and Sasha Stone? ROTFLMAO!

    And I guess, she’s bought off Ellen DeGeneres too:

    Ellen DeGeneres ‏@TheEllenShow · Feb 24
    So many incredible people are presenting at the #Oscars. I won’t name names, but it Will (Smith) be a (Angelina) Jolie good time. #Oscars

  • Jen the Hag

    Ⱦamsin @ 02/25/2014 at 3:15 pm

    So this resident evil GAYWHORE just lost his marble seeing Angelina Jolie’s interview and started posting his never ending fanfiction!! You know TAMWHORE if you believe everything you said about Angelina is the truth you will never, ever be here convincing the fans about your lies with Angie.. suck to be JENHAG loser bwahahaha!! You must be tearing the few hair in your balding head whenever you see Angelina Jolie successful and loved all over the world .. and was called a trend setter in BAFTA just by wearing a tuxedo meanwhile your FAT TICK idol love to show her sagging breast and cellulite legs and nobody give a damn .. FAT TICK just look like an aging mamasang running a cheap brothel where your kind work bwahahhahah!!

  • first and last post

    OT for LTJP, skip please.
    re: # 148 Love the JoliePitts @ 02/25/2014 at 4:17 pm
    re: “Right now we are down to Mandatory water rationing”
    interesting, we are not…not yet anyway. Another thing…
    1. I have never washed my car LOL, I always park it outside when the rains come to wash it, never use soap…bad for the car and for the environment.
    2. when I rinse my dishes before I put them into the dishwasher, I plug the sink and use that water to water my plants…food residue is good for plants right?…it’s all recyclable.
    3. I also do something really silly but practical, I’ve taken my potted plants and put them on top of my irises which if you garden know have these long sideway roots, I put my potted plants on top of the root areas so the water drainage from watering the potted plants also waters my irises LOL. Desperate situations call for desperate solutions ROTFLOL.
    4. if it gets really bad…I’ve known people who plug their tubs when taking a shower and use that dirty water to water their plants and I may resort to that.
    I also have a pond which collects water from rainy days and I use that water to water my twelve fruit trees etc…can’t drain the pond too much or it will get too shallow and the raccoons get into it and have eaten my fish. It’s alot of lugging but good exercise LOL.
    re: “I am still looking for my rain barrels.”
    I got mine at Sam’s Club, 50 gallon containers for $60 each, then you need a pump. You place all the barrels at elevating heights so water drains down to the lowest barrel as you use the water up, use a short garden hose to link them together, then a longer garden hose on the lowest barrel with the pump in it to water your plants. You do need an outdoor electrical outlet for the pump with a switch. If that is not possible the lowest barrel has to be elevated about five feet higher than ground level in order for gravity to drain the water assuming you have level property. I also saw the ones I have (Suncast RB50D 50-Gallon Rain Barrel) at EBay for $46.89 + S/H, only two left, not a bid, other prices at EBay go up to $249 but I did see a $79.99 and a $89.99 pricing … Sears for $94.99, Walmart for $92.53 out of stock online, for $92.53 with free shipping… got 4/5 rating, Home Depot $99.97 in stock online. I know these may be quite a bit more expensive than Sams Club. I have never seen this type before but it’s worth the price because the top has a fine mesh where the rain water goes in from your gutter spouts and you can literally let the water sit in the containers for long periods of time with absolutely no worry of mosquitoes laying eggs on the water…the mosquitoes cannot get in because the mesh is too small. Also each comes with a short connecting hose to link barrels or to attach to a longer hose to water whatever.
    Do not purchase the nylon ones, collapsible or not, they will rip and not last very long.
    Good news is desalination is moving along. It’s been bantered about since the 1970′s but it’s expensive to build and environmentalists say it kills the ocean wildlife as they are sucked with the water through filter screens to desalination but Calif has potentials…the Carlsbad Desalination Project actually is functioning, I think it can potentially reroute water to So. Cal and they are considering one in Monterey and there is an abandoned facility from the 1990′s in Santa Barbara which has problems. I’ve read due to global warming, it will get worse before it gets better…may even extend into 2015!!!

  • smEllen Degenerate

    Who ring again,,as usual

  • first and last post

    re: cook…”I think he felt no real pain…”
    LOL, cook doesn’t take any of this seriously including me…he knows I only give him an honest objective logical opinion without bias as he gives back to me…it is mutual respect and I think he feels the same abeit it may not seem that way to the outside observer. More importantly in his defense, he feels no pain nor gain because he expects nothing by posting here unlike others who have hidden agendas…plus he’s biding his time until the commercial is over LOL. His experiential background on the job has hardened him to many different caustic situations probably far more toxic than what goes on here…he is tough skinned. I won’t reveal what his job entailed but he revealed it many, many years ago and it is his business to share or not…not mine. As I do to every poster, I respect his privacy and his right to post his insights and opinions and as I mentioned in my post to him, more often than not, his insights are spot on and he is not afraid to state it because he has nothing to lose by doing so.

  • first and last post

    oops, sorry …last post OT to LTJP. skip please.

  • Wonderbust

    Is anyone surprised. This is the same academy that snubbed broke back mountain.

    Sasha Stone ‏@AwardsDaily 15m
    At the #VFSC panel today, Peggy Siegel who knows much about Academy voters said no one was watching 12 Years.

    Sasha Stone ‏@AwardsDaily 12h
    Siegel said that she urged people she knew in the Academy to watch 12 Years but they were afraid it would be too violent.