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Celebrities Tweet Support for Just Jared's #NoKidsPolicy

Celebrities Tweet Support for Just Jared's #NoKidsPolicy

This has been a huge day for after announcing our new #NoKidsPolicy and we are overwhelmed by the support from both celebrities and readers.

Moving forward, we will no longer be posting unauthorized paparazzi photos of celebrities’ children who are not public figures themselves.

Not only have we been receiving love from the celeb parents out there, but those without kids are voicing their support for the cause as many of them know firsthand what the children are going through.

Following our announcement, such celebs as Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, Jaime King and Kyle Newman, Kerry Washington, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Olivia Munn, and many others have sent us messages.

Click inside to read what celebrities are tweeting about the initiative…

Kristen Bell: “The FIRST fabulous blog to put a #nokidspolicy in place? @JustJared ! Now you can follow him for the best Ent News and feel great about it!”

Dax Shepard: “Thank you @JustJared for joining the good guys. We recognize you have the most to lose by taking this stand. Thanks for the integrity.”

Kerry Washington: “SOOOOOOOOOOO GREAT! xo”

Sarah Michelle Gellar: “.@JustJared What an amazing site!! Everyone should check it out … Thank you @JaredEng”

Alyssa Milano: “@JustJared I love you for doing what you did. Thank you! #nokidspolicy”

Malin Akerman: “Im so excited that @justjared is the FIRST BLOG to apply a #Nokidspolicy! His site is a great place for Ent news, now w/NO MORE #pedorazzi!”

Busy Philipps: “.@JustJared is the FIRST blog to adopt a #NoKidsPolicy! Support &read his site for your gossip w/out exploiting kids!”


Kyle Newman: “Congrats @JustJared on being the FIRST celeb blog to go #JJNoKidsPolicy! Proud of you for making a stand! CLASSY! RT!”

Camilla Belle: “Go Jared!!!! Hopefully others will follow your example!! Xo #JJNoKidsPolicy”

Zoey Deutch: “Very proud of @JaredEng for enforcing a #nokidspolicy to his websites @JustJared and @justjaredjr. So fantastic!”

Avan Jogia: “My friend @JaredEng is supporting good things. Well done. #JJNoKidPolicy”

Jenna Dewan-Tatum: “Thank you @JaredEng!!!!! ❤️❤️”

Christina Applegate: “Thank you @JustJared for #NoKidsPolicy be the example!!! Our kids deserve a life in private”

Olivia Munn: “Love the new #JJNoKidsPolicy on @JustJared! Can’t wait for others to follow suit.”

Ashley Tisdale: “Go @JaredEng on the #NoKidsPolicy congrats @JustJared and @justjaredjr on taking the first step!”

Josh Dallas: “Congrats @JustJared on being the first to go #JJNoKidsPolicy! We fully support this. Please RT!”

Lily Aldridge: “Thank you @JaredEng @JustJared for being such an incredible person 🙏 #JJNoKidsPolicy”

Brooklyn Decker: “Well done, @JaredEng ! Standing up for what’s right. #nokidspolicy”

Anne V: “Sending out my support to @JaredEng! Huge respect for your #nokidspolicy stance :) @justjared”

Ashley Benson: “Pretty cool that you’re doing this @JustJared”

Janel Parrish: “Yes @JaredEng. I support this. #NoKidsPolicy”

Nia Vardalos: “Yes @JustJared, yes!”

Jessica Szohr: “Im so excited that @justjared is the FIRST BLOG to apply a #Nokidspolicy! Nice work @JaredEng :)”

Danielle Panabaker: “So proud of my friend @JaredEng for his #JJNoKidPolicy!”

Elisha Cuthbert: “So PROUD of @JustJared and @peoplemag #pioneers”

Sarah Shahi: “at least someone has some ethical decency!!”

Scott Foley: “Just Jared Joins Fight Against Paparazzi Photos of Kids”

Thomas Sadoski: “Happy to hear about the #JJNoKidsPolicy on @JustJared. Others need to immediately follow suit.”

Garrett Clayton: “Congrats @JustJared on being the first celeb blog to go #JJNoKidsPolicy! We fully support this. Please RT!”

Cameron Palatas: “This is wonderful. Finally someone taking initiative in a very important matter. @JustJared @JaredEng”

Chris Zylka: “#nokidspolicy YOU ROCK @JaredEng !!!! Let kids be kids.”

Michael Turchin: “Big props to @JustJared on their no kids policy. Hopefully other sites will follow your example. Good job @JaredEng!”

Mason Cook: “Way to go @JaredEng on @JustJared #NoKidsPolicy! My friends with kids like @jessicaalba @heidiklum @gwenstefani need more like you!”

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# 1

I have no beef with the policy but less than half of who tweeted about this have kids. Proof that celebs would jump on any fad.

# 2
LongLeggedLady @ 02/25/2014 at 10:10 pm

I remember reading somewhere that Emma Heming-Willis (bruce Willis’s second wife) said that she was for the #NoKidsPolicy I’m shocked not to see her quote listed on here as well.
Anyway, I think there should be a VERY STRICT LAW that prohibits ALL PAPZ from taking any pix of any kids PERIOD!!!!!!!

# 3

Celebrities do Google themselves. Well congrats to JJ, we need to keep children save.

# 4

I had no idea Bruce was remarried or what her name was. She’s not exactly on the same profile level as those quoted.

# 5
inquiring minds @ 02/25/2014 at 10:24 pm

Honestly though, who would care enough to want pix of any of the celebrity spawn of those listed above? I truly believe some of the bigger names use their kids for publicity (Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Garner). If they want to keep their kids out of public view they would (I haven’t seen Halle Berry’s kid In ages). I think it will be interesting to see what happens to those celebrities that I’ve long since suspected pay paps and these sites to publish their pictures ala Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum and Sarah Michelle Geller.

# 6

Good on you JJ.

# 7

Good for you, Jared! I won’t really miss seeing celebs children on here. I admit I sometimes felt a little uncomfortable scrolling by their pictures, especially when their parents did not look happy to be photographed.

Although thinking about it, I might miss seeing Brad and Angelina’s clan, they always have such fun outings and I love seeing her kids grow up and their family as a whole, but it’s not really fair to them though so I understand it has to be done.

# 8

Oh my, what will celebs like Garner/Affleck, Holmes, Brangelina, Witherspoon, Berry and Co do now?. They pimp their kids on a regular bases for PR.

# 9

Look at all these C-Listers looking for attention by having JJ retweet their messages of support. No one cares about these C-Listers kids, the paps want the get the pics of the A-Listers kids, not these no names on the list

So many of these celebs use there kids for publicity so they don’t have my sympathy. I understand protecting your kids but you can’t have it both ways. When they need good pr they bring the kids out. The people who are agreeing to this are no names that people aren’t going to pay attention to their kids any way. If a big couple like angie and brad did this it be more interesting to see how the rest of Hollywood would responded. I’ll be very surprised to see how many celebs (that actually sell magazines) will go along with this.

Oh Please Jared @ 02/25/2014 at 11:03 pm

That’s all well and good Jared. But, do you think these same celebrities would be so supportive of you if they actually read the threads that you’ve had with pictures of celebrity children? Especially, when they’re pictured with their parents?

You allow the most vile things to be posted on this site about the kids and the children’s parents. You used to take care and not allow it.

So, don’t be patting yourself too much on the back there boyo.

alexandrina @ 02/25/2014 at 11:15 pm

such a bunch of hypocrites.. those celebrities often using their kids to stay on the spot light

alexandrina @ 02/25/2014 at 11:17 pm

@Karen: i couldn’t agree more

alexandrina @ 02/25/2014 at 11:29 pm

@inquiring minds: couldn’t have said it myself better

Truth is this @ 02/25/2014 at 11:30 pm


Neither Brad nor Angelina tweet. So jj will not be hearing for them. They also do not alert paps to their kids, they are one of the highest prizes paps chase after according to paps themselves. You do not see their kids out and about every day at the same park, the same mall, the same restaurant in LA where all the paps know certain kids will be seen. Their kids are seldom seen in LA and that is a fact.

Glad some kids like Suri will have some peace.

Wonder what the punkin patch celebs will do, like Alba, Garner, Gwen, Heidi, Reese will do now? And the K family has to be in shock at this news LOL.

I had already noticed that People did not feature pics of many kids lately.

Good policy for jj to adopt as there are plenty of grown C/D/F listers pap pics floating around.

Jennifer Garner is B-C List and she created a whole career as the everyday mom from weekly/daily photo ops and happy family pictures with her kids. I also doubt Katie Holmes still had much of a career if she would not call the paps whenever she is out with Suri. Everytime Brangelina have a movie to promote they trot out their peanut gallery to drum up interest. Whether they are A or C List, more and more celebs do it.

Truth is this @ 02/25/2014 at 11:46 pm


Disagree with you about Brad and Angelina and KatieH.

You do not see the JP kids out and about on a regular basis nor are they out and about when their parents have projects to promote. You are totally ignoring what the media and paps say about the high price paid for pics of the JP kids. They are in demand so these kids privacy is constantly violated whenever they are seen by stalker paps.

As to Katie and Suri if you live in NYC you are going to be seen. Most of the pics lately are of Suri going to school being stalked by grown women and men for her pics. She is a child and this should not be allowed. Just like the kids of the late PSH being stalked in their grief.

Agree with you about JenG (and Alba) who goes to the same public places day in and out with her kids. And who always complains along with Ben.

of course c listers support just jared. This is the only site that pays attention to them. Never mind that most of them are hypocrites who have no problem exploiting their kids by selling photos and calling the paps themselves…

Don’t see @KimKardashian Tweeting. #iwonderwhy

The irony isn’t lost on me, either. Most of these “supporters” either don’t have children or are too far down on the totem pole of importance in Hollywood that no one even cares about following them. Then there are the ones, like Hilary, that are simply funny because of how ironic they are. She’s had no qualms about being photographed with her son before and even thanked the paparazzi when they snapped a cute photo of the two of them at the park. This isn’t Brad and Angelina where everywhere they go, there’s a hoard of men snapping photos inches from their faces.

Hannah Wattie @ 02/26/2014 at 1:06 am

I fully support no kids policy. Good job Just Jared!!

JJ stop tooting your own horn plz. You’re just trying to make yourself look good. And indeed, those celebs showing support, a lot of them don’t even have kids. In fact, most have no problem publishing the most embarassing pix of themselves via twitter and instagram. They’re media-ho’s and C-list.


Good for you, Jared. Whether or not a parent pimps out their kid for publicity, it’s nice that some sites will not be buying into that.
Also, it’s so wonderful that hemorrhoid lips supports this. Now we can all rest easy.

This is a bowl of hypocrites, must to return to anonymous crowd!
No, they prefer to make some silliness on the screen!

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