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Just Jared Joins Fight Against Paparazzi Photos of Kids

Just Jared Joins Fight Against Paparazzi Photos of Kids

Exciting announcement!

Effective immediately, and will be enforcing a #NoKidsPolicy, which means we won’t be publishing unauthorized photos or videos of celebrities’ children who are not public figures themselves.

Here’s a little recap of how we came to this decision: Last August, Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry championed a paparazzi bill that was signed into law by California Governor Jerry Brown to impose tougher penalties on photographers who harass children of public figures. While enacting this bill was a step in the right direction, kids are still being intimidated, harassed, and stalked.

Recent discussions I’ve had with actresses Blake Lively, Jaime King, and Kristen Bell prompted me to take the next step at Just Jared by suspending the use of unauthorized photos of celebrities’ children throughout our sites. What does that mean for JJ readers? We won’t be posting photos of children of public figures without consent. All of the paparazzi shots of kids playing at the park, catching a flight at the airport, and walking to school will be off limits. Exceptions to the rule include consensual photos like public figures with kids on the red carpet, at sports games and concert venues, and pictures shared directly via social media.

I’d personally like to thank each and every one of you for your support throughout the years. Some of you have been loyal readers even before I launched in 2005! Yes, it’s been that long.

- Jared Eng, Editor-in-Chief

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  • nicole


    Seriously? You think it’s selfish for a grown adult to choose to have a child and expect that child not to be publicly harassed and frightened by sociopath paparazzi? Just because they are a celebrity? News flash, celebrities are nothing more than human beings doing a job and they have every right to have children and expect their privacy to be respected. When a non-celebrity has a child and that child is followed/photographed/harassed it’s called stalking… and it’s called creepy. The fact that their parents are famous doesn’t eradicate the fact that it’s stalking a child… and it’s creepy!

  • alexanderina

    BRAVO Jared!!

  • kathy lamonica

    Yayyyyyyyy !!

  • lilia

    I guess Garner is not happy about it, her plan backfired. Pictures of her kids, obviusly staged and autorized cause they were almost daily posted on Just Jared, was the only way for her to stay in people’s mind… I guess that now she’ll have to get a Twitter account and post them herself.

  • marq


    The Smith kids are public persons, public figures. Suri, arguably, has yet to distinguish herself in the requisite manner of a “particularized determination”, such as a public wide performance in a movie role, etc.

    Celebs who take to using kids as pap shield might simply find faces of their children digitized out, etc.

    It perhaps remains just a bit too early to tell where this all will red line.

  • Mia

    @lilia: I give her and Leann Rimes a week before they start doing that now! Theirs and Katie Holmes’s hearts all just sank a little when they heard this

  • Mia

    @marq: What about the Jolie-Pitts :(

  • Ellice

    if celebs don’t want their children photograph
    1. don’t have any children
    2. get another job
    3. don’t whore out your kids or go announcing that your pregnant to the entire world
    4. don’t put your kids in movie/tv/media
    5. don’t go to places where the paps usually are
    6. don’t call the paps
    7. move to Europe or get out of California
    8. live with it …celebs can’t have the best of both worlds they get a ridiculous amount of money for doing nothing,then they get famous and the papas follow then they get mad…..hell I wish my problems were as simple as my children being photographed ..

  • pickles

    If the parents give their permission then it’s OK. But here’s the thing. Now we will know which parents call the paps and allow them to get pictures. Some of these people need to have pictures I had to LOL when I read Ross’s comment about Miranda Kerr. Miranda loves to call photographers to get pictures of her with Flynn. And OMG what’s Jessica Alba going to do now! You know the Kardashians give permission. They’d let you photograph them going to the toilet if they could get away with it.

  • Janire

    Well done!!

  • Teddy VonVuten

    I rarely click them anyway, except for Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes.
    The Jennifer Garner posts I won’t miss but I hope the paps continue to hound her since she parades them out and about more than any other celeb to keep her relevant as others have mentioned. She’s the most boring celeb anyhow, ditto for her husband, the only thing interesting about their pics is when they are clearly upset they’re being papped imo.

  • Lollipop

    I love that decision ! A step in the right direction :)

  • Drake

    So this mean no more pictures of leonardo dicaprio and Bradley cooper kids. I applaude you JJ. It must have been a hard descison.

  • Tash

    While I agee that the children have a right to grow up without being stalked, I think you should also then ban ALL photos of celebrity children if this is your new policy. This includes shots of child actors.

    If you feel strongly about it, you should really stand up, and not let celebrities use their children either. If you really care about the children, care about ALL of them ALL the time.

  • Izza

    This is super! I always though it was a bit weird.

  • Theriot

    Not only does it send the right message, it stops the filth from making disgusting comments about celebrity’s kids on Just Jared. Affleck/Garner, Urban/Kidman, Pitt/Jolie haters will have to go somewhere else. I applaud this decision.

  • marq


    Will you also be stripping EXIF? Or will you continue to leave that data generally intact, because not only do I like to click on the many fine photos, but I tend to like to read the EXIF data as well.

  • Nene

    No more Angelina Jolie parading her kids or Jessica Alba parks days with her kids, or Jennifer Garner . And if we do see their kids that means the parents ok’s the pictures . No more hypocrites pretending they don’t use their kids for media attention.

  • Chloe

    This is a good move for obvious reasons. Awesomesauce.

    Sadly this is only a drop in the bucket. When the price of the unauthorized photo exceeds the price of the penalty(ies), paps will still take a chance pursue “the money shot.”

    Have not read the law itself, but I am curious about what this means if a bystander snaps and sells a random (unauthorized) pic, since they are not technically paparazzi?

    Also, there will always be less scrupulous publications that will run with the photos; in this multimedia digital world, click-throughs are the bottom line for many and if even for a moment before being asked to take questionable material down, a site can gain infamy for posting “exclusive” snaps.

  • yay!

    so proud of you Jared! what a huge step in the right direction. Nice to see you choosing human decency over more profits! I read Just Jared regularly and I always cringe when I see photos of kids as I know that paps are so invasive to the kids. Thank you for being a good human and doing the right thing!

  • Right on



  • AT

    Bravo and respect.

  • feron

    @Chloe: The law isn’t worth the paper its written on which is why after Jan 1st you saw photos of kids at the airport, shopping, etc just as before.

  • marq

    :( In case meta data is also to be stripped, for those who don’t appreciate the many wonderful photos here, or the EXIF, it can be viewed now with simple browser add-ons such as:

  • MorganJoana

    I’m gonna miss the JP kids!

  • Johanna

    @Ellice: Thanks for being a smart@ss but Europe here isn’t much better. Photos of children are sold to magazines all the time with only their faces blurred out. Too many loopholes in these so-called anti-paparrazi laws.

  • Chloe

    @feron: Yup. It is kinda like internet piracy. Someone will always find a way, unfortunately.

  • kathy martin

    Congrats bravo need more like you. your site will be the only one I will follow

  • Nicole

    This is fantastic news! I think it’s terrible the lengths paparazzi go to just to get a photo of a celebrity with their child, especially doing something as mundane as going to school…that’s not entertainment news. Well done!

  • LoMo

    AT LAST!!!!!!! :)) Great news!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    *a non-celeb mom

  • Yuba

    Is there a list of sites taking a similar stand? I’d like to know.

  • Nika

    GREAT GREAT NEWS!!! You’ve got my full support!

  • Fitzy

    Finally, I hope this trends continues! Way to go.

  • Welll

    @Ellice: I agree with you entirely

  • Alice

    @Ellice: I couldn’t agree more with you.
    They have no idea what real life is.
    I have been gravely ill for years and I definitely wish that it was my only problem too.
    With current problems in the world such as war, hunger, unemployment… They should be ashamed.

  • Classy

    I think that’s wonderful, let the kids grow up in peace and decide for themselves if they want to be in the spotlight or not. I think it’s great that you won’t contribute to stimulate demand for such pictures.

  • Question JJ

    Since you removed the Celeb Babies category from the side “Top Celeb”. Why not go ahead and remove Katie Holmes and Jennifer Aniston?? Neither of them are top celebs.

  • jmho

    Fantastic!! Entertainment Tonight is following suit! This has been a long time coming and gives me a little faith in humanity!! Thank you!

  • Piers Morgan

    How about a #NoLameCelebritiesLookingForTheir15MinutesOfFame policy? Sick to death of Smiley Virus, Katie Homelies, the Cibrian ex and his current wife, Bieber. And lots more. And me of course. No more threads about me. My career has ended on a sour note.

  • Mike miles


  • maclen

    HARDLY a brave “statement” by JJ…considering that they obviously portray celebs in a “positive” and flattering light. The important word in this statement…”consent”. Since JJ obviously receives celeb “consent” to post their clearly “prearranged photo ops” of their kids… because JJ will portray them EXACTLY as the celebs deisire. The whole purpose of this movement is NOT to stop “the invasion of privacy” of celebs kids…it’s to simply reserve the “public exploitation” of celebs kids to their “celeb” parents…for when they have a film or a cd they want to hype.

  • S


    The Smith kids are celebs in their own right so they aren’t included in this.

  • Aisaiko

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Just another reason to love JJ. Keeping it classy as always.

  • Sam

    This is great news. Thank you for the first step in the right direction. I hope many others will follow your example. Well done!

  • Toni

    Bravo Just Jared!

  • desiree

    @Question JJ: Aniston and Holmes aren’t top celebs? The fact you don’t like them is irrelevant.

  • Piper

    HAHAHA WHAT IS JADEN SMITH GOING TO DO NOW?!?!! also, talking to BLAKE LIVELY about privacy and non-famewhoring ideas HA!!! please do me a favour everyone and let’s stop worrying about rich people and their problems. they don’t need it. (don’t you have your own!?!?)

    way to go, Jared. forget People Magazine, you are the #1 ass-kisser and cocksucker. Congrats.


    Okay JJ…………good decision. We’ll have to wait and see how deep is your commitment to this laudable new policy.
    In the meantime, and since we have your eyes on this thread as i believe you will monitor it for a while to see the feedback, might i direct your attention to a persistently abusive troll who infests ALL JP threads with a long-@ssed, looped post that is filled with filth.
    Several JP fans have drawn your attention to this particular poster, to no avail. It is right at this moment on Page 6/posts 132 and 134 of the most recent thread about Angelina’s interview on NBC this morning.
    We expect you to maintain a clean site, JJ. This troll ensures that you\ fail in that effort. Surely it is not beyond the technical capabilities of this site to ban a poster that is consistently abusive?
    The ball is in your court, JJ.

  • Maria

    Jaden Smith is a public person with his own career.

    Paps don’t need permission to take photos and Jared doesn’t need consent to post them as long as he’s paid for the rights to publish. He’s made a personal decision to change the policy of his site. The changes will be evident when there won’t be photos of kids at the park, or airport, or walking to school.

    At least the majority of responses are by people who think before they type.

  • Piper

    taking a stance for rich celebs to use & sell their children ONLY when they approve???

    don’t make me laugh. you’re pathetic. way to pick a cause. sorry, i wasn’t born yesterday. this “stance” benefit you and them. “oh look, everyone, i have ‘the exclusive’ on Jessica Alba’s kids walking their mother to her company, The Honest Company!” (buy their stuff!!)

    sorry, Jared, not feeling stupid today.