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Ben Affleck is the Congo's Real Life Batman, Testifies Before Congress to Fight for the Region!

Ben Affleck is the Congo's Real Life Batman, Testifies Before Congress to Fight for the Region!

Ben Affleck meets with Secretary of State John Kerry at the State Department before testifying for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the Congo on Wednesday (February 26) in Washington, D.C.

“Outside my family and my work, this is it. This is my legacy. This is the thing I will be identified with. I take it extremely seriously,” the 41-year-old actor said while talking about his work with his charity the Eastern Congo Initiative.

Over five million people have lost their lives in the Congo due to violence that started during a regional war in 1997. Watch Ben‘s full testimony in the video below to learn more about the issues.

Ben Affleck Testifies Before Congress to Support the Congo

15+ pictures inside of Ben Affleck testifying before Congress…

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ben affleck is the congos real life batman 01
ben affleck is the congos real life batman 02
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Photos: AKM-GSI, Getty
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  • Franson

    Yes, let’s listen to an actor.

  • Lynn

    Yes, let’s listen to an actor – who started a foundation to help the people of the Congo, who has made multiple visits to the region and who has partnered with Cindy McCain to raise awareness, particularly with regard to extreme violence against women in the Congo and the plight of their children. Visit his foundation web site. You might learn something. Whether you like him or not, he has done a tremendous amount of help.

  • lori

    his legacy? oh boy, what an ego. of course it couldnt be simply to help fellow humans in need. he hasnt changed a bit.

  • lillian

    the Congo is HIS legacy?

  • A

    As a Congolese I would like to ask you Jared or perhaps Jared’s writers to stick to entertainment. Congo a “region”? You probably meant North Kivu, but again, do any of you know that Africa isn’t a country. I respect Ben Affleck’s work but if you want to cover a story, cover it properly.
    “Congo’s Real Life Batman”? you couldn’t pick a tackier title…

  • Gianna

    He’s too cool to shave before meeting the US Senate? What an ego!

  • kellyf

    Are you guys serious? This guy is using his time, resources and public platform to help people who need it, and all but one of you are finding a reason, albeit a petty one, to not like it. Mainly because you disliked ONE word he said or one or two words in the article. Would you seriously prefer that this not be discussed or covered AT ALL unless it’s worded exactly how you prefer it? I mean this as seriously as a person can mean something… get over yourselves and learn to be decent people.

  • A

    @kellyf: I believe my comment was pretty well formulated, it is only directed at the writers for playing with words with an issue that is for a lot of people more than a box office hit. If that makes me a non decent person, I’ll take it. DRC is not Hollywood and no, any publicity is not good publicity for this issue. To answer your question yes I would rather not have it mention at all on this website if it is to make a mockery of it.

  • A

    @kellyf: Oh and what about you get over yourself and learn how to read a comment. I support his work and supported him at the Clinton Global Innitiative where he delivered an amazing speech. Learn where to get your information and one more time allow me to ask Just Jared politely stick to entertainment.

  • Sorry

    All politicians are hypocrites.

  • kellyf

    @A: I’m not even sure how to respond to you, so let’s take it one thing at a time. Is saying that Americans think Africa is a country REALLY a well formulated response? Or is it just petty posturing because you consider yourself a more informed person than Americans in general. Just speculation. And saying that he’s making a MOCKERY of the issue is going a little overboard. The title was cheesy at worst, but he in no way ridicules the issue or demeans it in any way. Again, you just didn’t like the choice of wording, so you think that takes away his right to shed light on this. I would bet the victims at the heart of this issue disagree with you, and I doubt you’ve been elected as their representative voice. And finally, congrats on supporting his speech at the CGI, but how would anyone, myself included, have that context in order to, by your standards, properly “read a comment”. My assessment was based on what you said, and you failed to wax poetic about his other speech in your first comment. And finally… how do you suppose I am not getting my information in the right places? No really… in what way did I get information from the wrong place? Should I be listening to more NPR in order to have more information on your opinion about Ben Affleck? Laughable. You’re entitled to your opinion, but unfortunately, so am I, and yes, this is an entertainment blog, but I find it awfully petulant that you don’t want this issue covered at all unless it adheres to your journalistic standards. Also, it’s spelled initiative.

  • this guy is a joke


    so true!

    Affleck is an idiot, all of a sudden he can’t parade his kids for photo ops anymore and now he wants to become a legacy Batman (LOL) for the Congo. I guess he is still fuming over the backlash of people not wanting him to be Batman in the first place. This is ridiculous, somebody please stop him!

  • Shauna

    Isn’t the same cause Robin Wright is a spokesperson for? I saw her like 2 years ago in DC she was speaking to a Senate Committee too. Did he got her interested in the Congo issue when they worked together on State of a Play?

  • Hot Dumb Italian Mike!

    One day he’ll probably leave the entertainment industry behind for the other entertainment industry; Washington!

  • ScotiaGirl

    Did any of you watch the video of Affleck’s entire session including the Q/A session. The Senators asked questions that he had no notes to refer to. His answers to each and every one of those questions was informed. Obviously he knows this issue as evidenced by his solid answers to each and everyone of the questions thrown at him.

    If it even makes people glimpse at this issue or raises one ounce of awareness is it not worth it?? Come on you guys stop bitching about something that is aimed at doing good. If it falls short it is at least an effort. My God you people are petty, petty, petty. It is an attempt if nothing else and is doing more good than you guys bitching here non stop. What a bunch of whiners. Do something yourself for the good of the world.

    It is your guys that are the joke. Balking at someone trying to do something positive no matter what the reasons it is an attempt.

  • sara

    @lori and @ lillian
    That what he means helping the Congolese people and their cause .He doesn’t want to sign a check and say i’ve done my share of charity.He wanted to help by going there himself and investing his time and money.hell even the republicans applauded him.And they talk so much crap about him all the time.

  • Betty

    The guy can’t even protect his own kids from paparazzi, no way he is effective in any political or humanitarian cause.

  • Elaine

    Fat face is not any Batman.

  • Elaine

    @Lynn: where are the photos ?? If he went he’d brag it up and down the block? I bet he went once the quickly left.

  • Bea

    The thing is, that he was very honest when he said that the Republicans were doing more than his own party at this time for East Congo (John Kerry didn’t like it and it shows in the videos/handshake). By “legacy” he means what he will do as a human being to leave something of value behind as we all should do in a large or small scale . He went to the Congo and interviewed tribal leaders, Government officials , the civilians, to get a feeling of what or how he could help and realized that the problems are complicated without easy solutions. He revealed that the people are hard working and not looking for handouts. He said that they were stoic and reliable. He has worked with others to connect businesses to the products these people are turning out (help is also given by materials,technology, machines,etc that help with production). He has a website if anyone is interested. President Bush is also a great supporter as is his wife Laura (see, anyone can do good).

  • Bea

    I might add that Ben started with the initiative to help their economy but the world keeps changing and so does the perspective of what is needed most by the Congolese now.

  • janice

    He’s gone numerous times. Google it if you are that interested. Or if you just don’t like him then don’t.

  • http://justjared Love