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Kim Kardashian Glams Up for Mall Appearance Ahead of Vienna Ball

Kim Kardashian Glams Up for Mall Appearance Ahead of Vienna Ball

Kim Kardashian and her mom Kris Jenner pose in front of hundreds at the Lugner City Mall for an appearance on Thursday (February 27) in Vienna, Austria.

The 33-year-old reality star and designer is scheduled to appear at the Vienna Opera Ball later in the evening. Stay tuned for pics!

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“Morning Vienna” Kim tweeted earlier in the day, along with a close up selfie.

Meanwhile, Kim‘s fiance Kanye West is currently in Paris attending some fashion week events.

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kim kardashian glams up for mall appearance ahead of vienna ball 05

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  • Emilia

    She looks like an orange plastic… kim kardashian isnt beautiful anymore…

  • MikeFLO

    I hate her new nose and lips, she looked fine before! And Oh look! its Kruella devil the leech!

  • Harry

    Wow they really do look more like sisters now than actually mom and daughter.

  • cindi

    How orange can two people be?? As for Kris, she doesn’t only look like Kim’s sister she actually thinks she is Kim’s sister. She’s living under the delusion that she’s the sibling to her children instead of being their mother; pathetic. Kris needs to get a life of her own instead of constantly invading the lives of her children.

  • fromaustria

    She was only there for 5 minutes and suddenly left. Everyone was so mad at her. She’s such a plastic b*tch.

  • Chrissy

    Reality star and DESIGNER???? Hahahhahahah!

  • tick

    It doesn’t matter what Kim wears, how expensive it is or who designed it. It automatically loses its value when that tramp puts it on. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

  • Chrissy

    Also, I can’t believe they commandeered and ENTIRE mall just to get their picture taken!!! Get over yourselves already!!

  • lara

    @#5 – are you talking about Kris or Kim??

  • seriously

    she doesn’t look happy at all.
    look at all the recent pictures of her eyes. They look sad.

  • From austria

    @lara both of course ;-) and the best thing is that someone stole things out of kris’ louis vuitton luggage yesterday at the airport :-) :-) :-)

  • lara

    @#11 – thanks. When you said “she” in your #5 comment, I wasn’t sure who you meant. And thanks also for the info about Kris at the airport; yeah!!

  • From austria

    Being the guest of richard lugner is the lowest thing, everyone in austria is laughing about her :-) he’s such a attention seeker – just like the karTRASHians they are perfect for each other ;-)

  • dorothy

    A mall appearance? Next thing it’ll be an opening of a car wash. How the mighty have fallen.

  • serena

    Her eyes don’t looks sad, they look empty. But in a plastic way. And calculating. Perhaps about how many posts she can make on her instagram that night, how many money she makes and if her hair looks good.
    She looks awful. Orange. Plastic. Old.

    The guy who invited her and pays her visit (Lugner) said this in Austrian TV:
    -She was supposed to be here an hour to write autographs. She was there for 5 (!) minutes.
    -she wants no limousine for the evening because of the stroller for north. He let a luxury van rebuilt only for her(!) and she didn’t want that either. She only wants a Mercedes.
    - she wants one particular/special rocking chair so the nanny can feed the baby.
    - she had to bring bodyguards, hair stylist, stylist, visagist and camerateam and her mother and child with her for some hours of work.
    - she doesn’t like that she shall write autographs
    -she doesn’t like that she has to go an the red carpet for the ball three-quarters before the ball starts (its because after her the Federal President is coming)

    I’m sorry, that is no appropriate behaviour for a paid appearence.

  • my mean comment

    the post above this is Rihanna. I looked at her and thought- wow she is a truly beautiful woman. then I scroll down to Kim K and I think- wow, she is really ugly and why is her face everywhere and why does she think she is pretty?? She is so plastic and those fake boobs.
    Compared to gorgeous rihanna

  • serena

    And before all that plastic, orange, dumb, withdrawn, narcissistic looks and behaviour, when she was young, she was so beautiful.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Still wearing that nasty-a*s*s orange makeup on her face and neck. Amazing how she has no clue that it doesn’t match her natural skin tone.

  • cindi

    @#15 – if what you say is true, and I don’t doubt you, this trip shows the world what most people already knew about Kim – she’s a spoiled, selfish brat who thinks the world revolves around her and her demands.

  • no way

    Did someone order an orange? Lay off the spray tan

  • http://Justjared Leticia

    She looks way better as her natural brunette self I hope she never goes back to blonde.

  • Jess

    Yeah, you can actually read it here if you can read german.
    And I agree with Serena too on #17, she was so beautiful..

  • Jess
  • aranka paul

    Her ass just can’t stay still for a week or two. She has to hop on that plane. Was she with the baby?. And that god awful mother of hers. Kris thinks she is her sister and not her mother. Wake up Kris, you are passed the “middle age”, you are just plain old and useless. What a pathetic duo these two make. Kim lost her looks (in her face and her body). She looks like a healthy and hefty Armenian peasant woman. Why is she in Austria and why is she attending Vienna Opera Ball. Federal President is coming after her (meaning entering the opera house I presume). Things are getting really weird with these Kardashians. Poor opera house. And Kanye is attending some fashion shows in Paris – they are so high society I can’t stand it. When they send Mercedes for her, they should stick a bit of plastique under the chasy, booom, booom, no more Kartrashians, gone, baby gone.

  • Elaine

    Okay Jared omitted the fact that she is there and being paid 500,000 to be the date of an Australian billionaire. He has complained already that she is late, disinterested, and wouldn’t dance. Now, is it me or does getting paid to escort someone somewhere make you hmm …an escort? Yet she is engaged. What man would allow that? Kanye is wandering Paris and his woman is with an old man! Look it up it’s the truth. His name is Richard Lugner and she was paid to be his date.

  • Mov

    d hate from all of u is just frightening

  • Amy


    You’re right. Jared, Kim’s title is PORN STAR

  • stephanie

    she looks 45 yrs. old. he looks 100.

  • Em

    @ Elaine Yes his name is Richard Lugner, but he is not anymore embarassing than the Kardashians are and he is not an Australian Billionaire, he is an AUSTRIAN billionaire. Why do people always think it is Australia? You know Austria is a Country in Europe and Vienna is the capital -.-