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Lea Michele's Cory Monteith Tribute 'If You Say So' Full Song & Lyrics - Listen Now

Lea Michele's Cory Monteith Tribute 'If You Say So' Full Song & Lyrics - Listen Now

Check out this first listen of Lea Michele‘s touching song “If You Say So,” which is a tribute to her late boyfriend Cory Monteith.

“It’s the only song that no one’s heard. I can’t talk about it until people hear it. I just feel like people should hear it and I don’t know if I’m ever going to talk about it. It’s just one of those things where I understand what it means and you can take it or leave it. That song is for me,” the 27-year-old actress said about the song to V magazine, which is on her album Louder.

“I check my phone and wait to hear from you in a crowded room,” Lea sings in the ballad, “I thought we would grow old/Mirrors in the smoke/Left me here to choke.”

Listen to the song below, and read the heart breaking lyrics inside.

Click inside for the lyrics…

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  • boo hoo

    It’s been seven whole days
    and I’ve thought up a scheme
    To use my dead boyfriend
    and play on your sympathy
    It’ll make me a pop star
    Now give me your money

  • Seth Lavine

    Sorry, but did a child write these lyrics? Case point: “It’s been seven whole days without your embrace, I wanna see your face”. I mean, lyrical standards have been reduced to a 5th grade poetry workshop people.

  • Stop milking him

    I surly hope to god one that she will stop milking everything About this guy and let him rest in peace.

  • Chris

    Sweet sentiment behind it, but a poorly written song.

  • Dan

    Yet another “Cory Monteith” tribute song. Wasn’t “Your Mine” also a tribute song? Maybe you need to let him rest in peace at this point and stop using his death to sell your songs, which by the way, is NOT working anyway.

  • Give It a Rest

    2023 – “It’s been ten long years and I miss you Cory”

  • Red Head

    This is just embarrassing.

  • shea

    -every time you think she’s used his memory to sell her album for the last time ,,,it isn’t

  • ?

    Does this qualify as abuse of a corpse?

  • Jr

    Can she stop? Leave the poor guy rest in peace.

  • MikeFLO

    Leave the poor man rest in peace and stop cashing on him!!!

  • sasha

    very sad people think she’s using his death for attention. She’s a singer and was planning a debut album before he died. He died while she was making the album. of course she is going to have some songs about him and her pain going through his passing. have some respect – do you need to feel whats its like to loose the love of your life to have some sympathy?

  • Annie

    every song is a tribute to Cory so you better buy her album

  • What

    If you never loved you would never understand what she has lost….

  • Annie

    at least she is cashing on. she is gaining more fame and money. as we have seen she has no problem selling his grieving

  • tick

    Still milking that druggie’s death for all it’s worth.
    They weren’t even married.

  • Swiftie

    An ugly girl with an average voice. She needs to go back to Broadway cuz she will never be able to compete with Taylor Swift, Gaga & Britney. She is no pop star.

  • Barb

    just rename the album “Cory ” already

  • Mkhay

    yall are such a holes.
    Its not like he died 20 years ago and she wrote this yesterday. This song probably was written around when he passed. Sweet jesus. what do you expect her to write about?

    Having said that, though the sentiment of the song is sad and beautiful its not good. This album is poorly produced. There’s emotion in the lyrics but her voice is too “cookie cutter” and very clean. Its not marketable or something people want to hear on replay.

  • Marina

    @Swiftie: Are you kidding me?She needs to go back to BROADWAY BECAUSE SHE CAN’T COMPARE TO TAYLER SWIFT AKA MY-SONGS-ARE-SO-SAD-F**K-MY-EX AND LADY GAGA??!! Lea has beautiful voice and the problem is that these songs are too pop.

  • talia

    some heartless people commenting that she is using his death for attention, she was ready to release her album in summer before Cory died so the release of the album was moved.

  • ichabod

    Most of you commenters are bullies, heartless, and have no idea what you are talking about. You act as if Lea Michele timed her album debut with the Cory Monteith’s death. She has handled her lifelong and epic loss with incredible dignity and grace. Her album would have been released at a much different pace and with more pomp and circumstance if she were as heartless as you all seem to think. You are the heartless and incredibly illogical. Seriously, how was she supposed to release her album and try to move on with her life. She HAS to promote her album, scontinue to film GLEE, follow through with promotion and do interviews where THEY ask the questions. Seriously, the world is ugly enough without more ugly being spread around!! What do you gain by being the UGLY people of the world.

  • JJ

    All of you guys who are saying that she is “milking his death” obviously have never been in love and lost someone so close to them. When I lost a really close friend of mine all I could talk about for a while was how much I missed her. You don’t just stop missing them because everyone else did. Put yourself in her shoes and ask yourself what you would do. Just because she is in the spotlight doesn’t mean she isn’t a normal person. She is struggling, as anyone who wen through what she did would be. If she wasn’t talking about him at all, everyone would call her a heartless B*tch. You guys just like to make people feel bad and complain. Grow up.

  • Ann

    I’ve lost someone close to me. You know what I didn’t do? Profit from their death. Tell the world about our last moment. Use their death as a way to get things handed to me. Lea has done nothing but turn Cory’s death into a selling point for her album and her magazine covers. “Buy my album so you can hear me sing about my dead boyfriend. Buy this magazine where I’ll talk about how my boyfriend is dead”. Do you think it’s a coincidence that she’s made such a big deal about the link between Cory and her album? Do you think she accidentally landed those magazine covers and was then forced at gunpoint to talk about Cory?

    She is a repugnant and soulless woman who cares a lot more about her public image and career than her supposed loved ones.

  • run-on

    She can do what she wants, but knowing that they broke up before his death, seeing her in such good shape, outwardly not suffering, tanned and fit , knowing who she is, her reputation as a bytchy diva and promoting her album seeking greater stardom, using his memory is in bad taste.

  • RJ

    You know that Lea Michele hid away after Cory’s death, partly because she was afraid of people like all of YOU would say about her, analysing everything she did and said as to whether she cares or not. That’s disgusting, she should be able to grieve without all of you discussing her grief??
    Of course his death is going to be a part of what she does now, if she didn’t mention him at all you would all be saying she was heartless?? And I’d like to see you try and write a song after someone you loved that much died, make it a melodic and lyrical masterpiece.
    Everyone needs to just stop judging her and leave her alone. If you don’t want to buy the album, don’t.

  • Me

    You’re Mine was already done before his death, and she never said it was a tribute sing. She said it was THEIR song, also If You Say So was written after his death, it was FOR HER. I love both of these songs, and she is very talented and she has a very large fanbase. Cory was very involved in this album. If you don’t like Lea or Cory than don’t listen to her music or read articles about them. She had found her forever and she espressed her hurt of losing him. He was an amazing person who had demons that he was unable to beat. Addiction should not be viewed as anything but a disease. Yes, it is self inflicted but people who are addicted to food contribute to their health issues too. Sadly, due to ignorance addicts will continue to die because they can’t receive proper help due to the stigma society attaches to it.

  • Wow…

    Wow… Reading some of these rude, awful and just plain tasteless comments is making me lose my faith in humanity just a little but more.

  • Marius Jakobsen

    Is this a joke? This woman is expressing her feelings though song, but you guys can´t give her a break! We all have different ways of cooping with life, this happen to be hers.

    All im trying to do here is to make you think. Words hurt. Why do you have to make this so much harder for her?