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Leonardo DiCaprio Spends Time with Friends Before Oscar Sunday!

Leonardo DiCaprio Spends Time with Friends Before Oscar Sunday!

Leonardo DiCaprio stands outside Chi Lin as he waits for his pals on Wednesday evening (February 26) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor spent the night out with some friends that night before his big nerve-wracking evening this coming Sunday (March 2)!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo Dicaprio

The 2014 Oscars are set to take place this Sunday, and Leo is up for the Best Actor award for his work in The Wolf of Wall Street. Best of luck, Leonardo!

Stay tuned to Just Jared on Oscar Sunday for all the coverage of the big show!

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# 1
Don't get it @ 02/27/2014 at 11:06 am

He is in california. Not vacations for him??

# 3

Leo is hiding the hickeys .

# 4

@Don’t get it:

I figured he was just laying low in LA. :-)

# 5

Keeping a low profile Check ;)

# 6


Poor Lukas. I’m sure he’s not looking forward to Sunday…

# 7

I was wrong again. I started to believe he was in Jamaica. Leokas! I’m happy to see you, guys! lol
He looks so sad and lost on the last photo ( leaning against the wall ).

# 8


I just hate his shiny coat.

# 9

@also…: Thoughts on the Oscar

Don't get it @ 02/27/2014 at 11:18 am

That was my thought too. He is low key, indeed. No sightings of him since when? Saturday i think?

hey everyone have you seen Leo’s peeeen in wolf? you can see it in his last sexx scene with margot when he pulls away, exactly 160 mins…and boy is he PACKIN!!

@nom: That small bulge?

Why the heck is he standing there waiting for friends…shouldnt they be waiting for him…also is it cold in LA?!

One day he’s with Bradley, then its Toni, then its Lukas…………………………
I’m thinking Leo has a timetable! Lol

hahaha ya i’ve watched that bit in wolf several times and your right, Leo’s got a log!!

Toni loves to bounce on that fat one

Toni loves when Leo comes in her, it’s so warm and satisfying

toni crams leos big cocck in her mouth and Leo loves when she gags on it

@Don’t get it:

Well he was seen a couple of days ago buying sandals in LA.

And I still think Toni may be in Paris or near there. Just because she didn’t walk the Balman show doesn’t mean she’s not walking the Elie Saab show on Monday. What do you think?

Poor Leo will never win the Oscar. Wife-less + Oscar-less.
Team MM/Chiwetel!


geez! where is toni at, i guess he likes to be L.A. without toni sometimes, i guess she is NYC.

Aaawww….they saved the best picture for last!!!!

Leokas 4ever!!! :-)

if she is in paris, why wouldn’t she be posting anything for three days? Why would she be in Paris during the Oscars?

oh okay i was wrong, she is in Paris working. i guess he is gonna take his mother to the ocsars.

@Amy: I’m not a fan of his jacket either.
@####: Who knows where Toni is? If she was I paris how come she didn’t walk for Balmain? And no posts for days? But I’m not gonna guess.


She went three days not posting when she was in Germany before Valentine’s Day. Who knows…..I’m not sure where she is but it doesn’t look like she’s in LA. Leo’s out with his friends, her BFFs are in LA and there’s been no sign of Toni hanging out with them so I can only assume she’s still in Europe somewhere. I absolutely could be wrong.

Maybe she’s pouting because Leo put his foot down and told her she couldn’t come to LA to attend the Oscar pre- and after after parties with him! I’m just kidding! LOL

great leo interview vid…very funny…i would avise all to watch

@justsaying…: How do you know she is in Paris working?
@ @####: Why would she be in Paris during the Oscars? Because she is a model and the Paris Fashion Week is going on? Just a wild guess…

hahaha omg his laugh is so cute, he sounds like a laughing baby lol


Yeah. I’m with you. Who knows where she is. She’ll pop up eventually….

Oscar parties @ 02/27/2014 at 11:46 am

Armani Party- Friday, Feb. 28
Roberta Armani fetes Oscar nominees Martin Scorsese and Paolo Sorrentino at a cocktail event at the Beverly Hills Armani store.

So I was looking at all of Wolfs Oscar noms..and they got alot more nominations than any other award show gave them right? I think thats shocking, because I thought maybe leo was going to get nominated at best. The Academy has surprisingly been the most on board with Wolf than any other award show!
As to Toni I assume she is probably in LA. Shes been too quiet IMO. Also shes been liking alot of pictures on instagram but not posting any. We know she’ll be there on Oscar Sunday anyways.

As to fashion runways, it might not just be leo the only reason she is skipping PFW. Alot of models don’t like runways, and they pay slim to none apparently.

@####: It’s hard to say because her not posting could mean work or Leo. But I misfired recently with my guesses so I’m just gonna wait. It’s been 3 days since her last post and I doubt she can go much longer without posting something. It’s Thursday and no #tbt so far…

@Margot: “We KNOW she’ll be there on Oscar Subday anyways”. ummm how do we know? I mean we can guess or assume but know? That’s a very bz flavored statement. I mean the ‘we know’ part.


I’m with you….no guessing!!! LOL :-0

from an Oscar Voter!! LOL @ 02/27/2014 at 11:56 am

Other quips from the masked voter: “Her” put them to sleep; “12 Years A Slave” was “interesting, admirable and well done,” but didn’t take “courage” to make; Leonardo DiCaprio gave a “popcorn performance” in “The Wolf of Wall Street”; and Jennifer Lawrence “dazzles” in “American Hustle.”

——–hahahahaha….I guess this person wont be voting for Leo!

@also we can assume alot that she will be there. If she was there for the GG and they are still together than she will be there for the Oscars, which are alot more important. It would be weird for her to go to the GG but skip the Oscars.

@####: How do you see on IG what photos she liked? I keep seeing comments like that here on JJ that she liked many photos on IG but how do you know or see that?

Why do his clothes never fit him properly??! Le sigh. I still love him.

toni will be carried like a plant on the oscar red carpet.

@Margot: Assume. You said ‘we know’ and that’s different. Now you sound like she went to the GG so she will go to the Oscars. You mean the after parties, right? lol


I haven’t seen any photos that she’s liked recently (within the past couple of days). Not on Dave’s IG, Madison or her sister’s IG and they’re taking pics in LA so I don’t know where she’s liking pics on IG either.

toni will be the big oscar statue on the oscar stage.


I think it’s funny that he still wears boxers! You can see them in these pics! You would think a man like Leo who dates VS models would wear like boxer briefs or something a little more sexy!!! LOL

Don't get it @ 02/27/2014 at 12:02 pm

Well, as “also…” said in the last thread, if she didn’t walk this show that is not near the oscars, do you think she is going to walk in Elie Saab’s, instead of being with leo in some after after after after party?. I don’t know. I hope i’m wrong, i would love to see her in that fashion show. She looks so good in those dresses. Maybe she is looking for a career change?. I don’t know. She changed so much in this last year. I do think that she is not in LA. She is somewhere in Europe, and didn’t she told her friend that she was going back to NY soon?. So i don’t know.

@also Sorry I meant assume …

and yes I mean the afterparties. There is no way shes walking the red carpet. As to Toni she liked one or two of Daves Jamacian pics, and has been liking other pictures as well, I know some from that other model Valentina Z or something like that, and a few other models from paris. Those were all yesterday.

Don't get it @ 02/27/2014 at 12:12 pm

I’ve just discovered that there’s a way to see the activity of the people you follow on instagram. I have no way to post this, but Toni liked three photos of madison and a photo of Andreea Diaconu where she is with Joan Smalls, Emily DiDonato and Karlie kloss (it’s from todays Balmain fashion show).
You can always learn something new.

i am pretty sure toni is a little piss ofF that she is not going with leo to the ocsars for a big night but she might be at the after parties if she fly back to L.A..

@####: I know, right? Is it me, or are boxers more an old man thing?? Lol

Radiant Smile @ 02/27/2014 at 12:16 pm

Look at his gigantic smile and glowing eyes! Such enthusiasm for life! The club therapy must be working its wonders!!

loneliness @ 02/27/2014 at 12:18 pm

he looks so lonely in the last two pics aww seems like he has too much free time on his hands

@Margot: Just for the record I didn’t want to start a fight. I see your point you just sounded so sure. I also think there’s a chance she will be in LA for the weekend so it’s not like I don’t see it happening or anything like that. I just assume and won’t guess since recently not too good at it! lol
No, I don’t think the red carpet or the ceremony is for her. The way Leo kept it so low key during WOWS promo and Oscar campaign suggests she won’t be there.
I saw the Dave photo that she liked but that’s all. I just thought there is a way to see all the photos she liked and that’s why I asked.
@Don’t get it: Goos points. But career change? I don’t know! She should think about it because Leo dating a non-model is unlikely to happen! LOL I forgot about her remark that she will be back in NYC soon. Maybe on her way from Europe to LA? Here we go… I’m guessing again! lol


They are old man and old school. He has always worn them though which I think has always been funny and sexy to me!!! :-)

@Don’t get it: How do you see that?

nominations @ 02/27/2014 at 12:21 pm

@Margot: yeah wows got tons of noms from the academy but so did american hustle lmao also wows missed out on editing where dbc got a nom

@Don’t get it:

And the poster Margot mentioned that she liked some pics of some models from Paris too so maybe she is still in Paris. If she is though, we’re not getting any pics of her at the after parties where last year she posted a lot of pics from the after parties. She could be working though….once again, who knows…..

nominations @ 02/27/2014 at 12:24 pm

some nominations are downright awful this year… the cast of hustle taking up valuable actor nominations and pushing out emma thompson and tom hanks, preposterous! no young and beautiful for best song and i’m not a fan of gatsby. and jonah hill over bruhl or gandolfini??? also, scorsese for director?? i guess the appeal of goodfellas lasts to this day since wows seemed like a near clone of goodfellas minus the good music

Don't get it @ 02/27/2014 at 12:25 pm

I see it from my app. Let me see if i can upload a screencap to tinypic.

Leo is embracing his Asian side

Don't get it @ 02/27/2014 at 12:31 pm


Here you have it. From the app, you click where you have a heart (where you see all the notifications) and then you click on “following”. There it shows all the activity of the people you follow.

Don't get it @ 02/27/2014 at 12:36 pm

LOL!. The guessing game is fun!. Do you think that if she changes her career, leo will dump her?. LOL. I don’t know where she is. I think it has a lot to do with those harsh messages that were left on her instagram. Maybe she decided to make her life a little more private. No?. LOL!. Just kidding. I’m clueless. I love this game.

Like i said before i would love to see her walking in a show. She looks good on the runway. But i don’t know. I’m clueless.

@Don’t get it: Thanks. I’m on my iphone and it doesn’t show activity. I will try later from my laptop.
It’s interesting that she hasn’t posted her usual #tbt photos today.

Maria emailed me yesterday wondering if it was time for another Kate and Leo hookup. Actually, to clarify, she was suggesting something more serious. But Leo doesn’t do serious with actresses and besides, Kate likes her love a little more off-beat.

*#tbt Unless she is in LA and it’s still early there

@Don’t get it: She got nasty comments for the V Day photo. She posted after that and there were no nasty comments.

@Maybe: Mourning what?

Leo looks like a pig.

@Pig: with skinny stick legs and no ass lollllz

@also…: She does delete a lot of nasty comments though. For some reason I get the impression she was naive going out with Leo, because all his and other high profile male celebrity’s girlfriends get a lot of hate. She new his reputation, but I guess she’s enjoying the fame. That GG pic from the after after party did wonders for her.

leo is lonely these pics are what is life is really like he looks awful in real life and does nothing with his time

Good luck for the Oscar my boy ♥♥♥

@Ok: I agree. I don’t think she cares too much about those comments. She deleted only the nastiest ones. She has a famous bf and most of the comments are kissing her butt. And many of those comments are from Leo fans.
I wouldn’t say the GG photo did ‘wonders’. It was awkward kljust like the Ibiza one and I think it was obvious.

Blacksharpie @ 02/27/2014 at 1:13 pm

I am guessing that she is in LA with him. I think if she was working she would post pics. PFW is a big event for models. Her counterparts are posting.
Also, if he was waiting outside Chi, I think he was probably waiting for her. Why would he wait for male friends. Wouldn’t they just meet him inside?
I still think she will be in LA for the Oscars even though she is not walking the red carpet.
As an aside, he does look sad/bored in these pics.

Hello :):) Leo has a Libra Ascendant and moon. I would like to write about his Ascendant (which Kate also has). Libra Ascendants are meant to be charismatic and good to be around. They have a charming personality and people are mainly attracted to them. Most of the time, Libra Ascendant have a long string of relationships. Lots of the time they have many problems in their relationships. However, Libra’s can be indecisive and need to have a partner. They would rather be with bad company than none. This is why I think an Aries or Gemini would be good for him, moon wise. Another thing is they usually hate conflict, they like to be surrounded with peace. They are also known for trying to keep a bad relationship going and going all out to do so. This is due to them, as i said before, not wanting to be alone, and that they don’t like conflict. But if a relationship does end they are most likely to move onto another :)) xx

I also think she’s in LA. Although its surprising she isnt posting pictures with her friends.

@also…: Yeah, i’ve noticed the comments are from people like ‘mrsdicaprio’ or someone with Leo has their profile pic. Re the pic; I think it gave her recognition, her name has been picked up by more sites. Not all the sites know about her, but defindenly more then before. I like the lastest picture of her, she looked a lot better with longer hair.

@Black sharpie: I’m not saying that she is not in LA. I don’t know but it’s a strong possibility. But Leo wouldn’t wait for his friends? Only for her? Why? I don’t really get that. He could be waiting for his car.

@Lilly: Sounds like Leo and Kate. I miss your posts.

Maybe she just doesn’t have anything to post about…lol I mean she usually just posts random things anyway ! I think the those angry comments was a thunderstorm on her parade..she just admiring of others at the moment!

poor toni @ 02/27/2014 at 1:29 pm

awww leo is waiting for toni <3 i hope they enjoy their chinese meal together

@Blacksharpie: I agree with also on this one. I mean I think he’s waiting for his car. I very highly doubt he’d be waiting for Toni. It definitely looks like he’s waiting for a car. I don’t know where she is but even if she’s in LA I doubt she’s will Leo. I don’t think he will take her somewhere where he knows they will be photographed.
I still laugh at the picture where he left Bar after he saw the press. And that was after how long they’d be dating for?

@poor toni:

Unless Lukas changed his name to Toni, that didn’t happen.

@Ok: it definitely gave her recognition but wonders? I think the last Leo gf who experienced wonders in her career thanks to Leo was Bar. He helped her career big time but after her… maybe Lively got good exposure. Do you see my point?

Blacksharpie @ 02/27/2014 at 1:39 pm

I just think a man is more apt to wait outside for his date than for his friends. Honestly , most people would probably say meet me inside regardless of who they are meeting but if they are going to wait for someone it’s more likely they are going to wait for their date?! The exception might be if he needs to get his friends into the club. JMO.
On the other hand, he could be leaving and is waiting for his car.

@also…: I did not mean it in a big way by wonders, ok, I change it to good. Yeah Bar came off very good, but then again how many times did she turn a blind eye. And their were many reports that she agreed to have an open relationship the last time they got together. She’s trying to maintain the career Leo basically helped create, she kept herself in the news with the marriage romours. I think her mom said a lot to the press.


@Black sharpie: If he went out with his friends why wouldn’t he wait for them after their meal? Or before? You don’t even know if these photos were taken when he was arriving or leaving. If Toni was there how come there are no photos of her? Especially if he was waiting for her?
To me it seems like they are leaving and he is waiting for his car… JMO

poor toni @ 02/27/2014 at 1:43 pm

@Ok: you sound scared about the possibility of him meeting with toni and the article says that he’s waiting for human beings, not a car

A lot of guessing.

He’s probably just taking a breath.

@poor toni @ 02/27/2014 at 1:49 pm

you are still so stupid


Just my two cents but if paps were taking pics of him, everyone knows how rarely there are pics of Leo with Toni. I think the paps would have waited around to see if she was with him or showed up. I think that is why JJ specifically says friends.

@poor toni: That was a troll…

Are you even seriously? @ 02/27/2014 at 1:51 pm

@poor toni: And your every suggestions that everything happens because of Toni? Doesnt sound desperate to you?

His belly looks full LOL I’m assuming this is after the meal and maybe Toni is inside the restaurant using the bathroom or something and they’re waiting.

@####: I agree. If Toni was there and Leo was waiting for her I assume there would have been photos. JMO
@Ok: Agreed. Mint wonders but it worked for Toni. I think ever since Bar the impact of being his gf is less and less. Too much of a cliche.

@also…: The Gisele thing is never gonna happen again

@####: True. If she was there they would of taken a picture, they’ve taken some of them out before.

@ @105: And Leo standing outside looking beyond sad and miserable while waiting for her. And the paps decided to leave without making an attempt to take a photo of them together.
Toni doesn’t seem to have anything to do with this outing ( even if she is in LA ) but by the 5th page it’s all about her being there. 😏

INCREDIBLE, the OBSESSION. How an article about Leo and his friends turns into an illusion that Toni could have been there.

Under cover @ 02/27/2014 at 2:01 pm

Toni was under Lukas jacket .

@Geez!: 👍

Lukas’s bum is soo huge lmfao and Leo looks like a deli sausage

Nina Agdal @ 02/27/2014 at 2:09 pm

Leo was probably on date with Nina. She is in LA working

Under cover @ 02/27/2014 at 2:09 pm

Lukas is carrying Toni in a baby carrier under his jacket.

Nina in LA @ 02/27/2014 at 2:11 pm

@Nina Agdal: No wonder the lack of sightings.

@Nina Agdal: No hashtags lalaland? LMAO

The Oscar @ 02/27/2014 at 2:22 pm

Please every one of You read it and think about this! This is not normal and needs to be urgently changed!,80/1174592/oscardiversity-superjumbo.jpg

Where are all the psychics? I want to know about Nina, the breakup, the secret girlfriend, his mom, his bowel movements. Hurry back

Nina Agdal @ 02/27/2014 at 2:35 pm


It’s “Leo’s fans” who want him forever alone! It’s not Leo’s problem. All those models are “Leo’s fans” too. Their obsession goes beyond far. They are secretely insane. And for those girls and some guys who are still healthy be careful because it’s like an herpes. You don’t notice you are being manipulated when you suddenly have the virus and hate.

No.129 at 2:23; Are you aware that Dakota Fanning is psychic?

Nina Agdal @ 02/27/2014 at 2:38 pm

@LMAO: LOL #NoHastag

So Leo is buying a bigger mansion in Pslm Springs where he will be able to entertain more kiddies around the big pool.

How cute is Nina, and so sexy!!

@also…: Yes, I think the press caught on his last girlfriend weren’t/aren’t serious. Gisele, Bar, and Lively got the most attention.

@The Addams Family: Wow, that’s creepy! Is that toni?

SORRY YALL IM LATE! One of the first times that I wasn’t on the first page ha! But I have a good reason, Leo and I had great night after going to the restaurant. Things got spicy and out of hand! We are getting ready for the Oscars, HE WILL WIN! He will give proclaim his love for me in the speech, not his mom or Toni! LEOKAS 4LIFE!

SORRY YALL IM LATE! One of the first times that I wasn’t on the first page ha! But I have a good reason, Leo and I had great night after going to the restaurant. Things got spicy and out of hand! We are getting ready for the Oscars, HE WILL WIN! He will give proclaim his love for me in the speech, not his mom or Toni! LEOKAS 4LIFE!!!!!!!!!! <3

PSYCHICS! @ 02/27/2014 at 2:53 pm

We want NEWS!!

@also…: What are you saying? It’s a very cool pic and the way she acts in front of the camera is so good. She seems like one of them.

@Leokas: lukas is a hollywood loser . No job, a terrible actor, and sucks up to diaprio for expensive vacations. the only thing about lukas life is ” oh look it’s dicaprio and lukas the hanger on with a hat and a cell phone”; it’s like what does he do with his life? does leo pay for his things like he is his sugar daddy? lukas is ridiculous, what a user; how can leo have such loser friends? wtf?

Lukas love for Leo goes beyond far :)

wow, i’m sure lukas got leonardo the role in inception

lukas should have won an oscar for playing the white soldier in licoln!!

Lukas is a sensitive musician. Cutest thing ever

@sleep: Leo loves me, he would do anything for me stop being jealous of our relationship. He gives me the most attention out of all the ppl in his life. I’m letting Leo have his career but we are going to take turns, i’m going for the BEST ACTOR OSCAR 2015 holla! He is my panda bear and I’m his monkey boy! Stay pressed hunty!

@loveme: I already said what I’m saying. That photo is creepy. It’s gonna give me nightmares. Different people have different taste. I dont see what you see and you don’t see what I see. There’s nothing wrong with that!
@Leokas: Welcome back! I figured you two had a long night last night! LOL I hope you cheered him up because he looks so sad on these photos.

@also…: Leo is scared he won’t win the Oscar, but I reassured him that he will with a lap dance that night! Now he has high hopes ;)

@Leokas: lukas can’t sing and he has a boring way to talk; he just hangs in there and tags along. he goes shopping with leo’s money. leo pays for his vacations.. wth? why can’t leo see that his “friends” want him to give them things?

@sleep: same with his girlfriends. Boring, tags along, leo pays for their vacations.

He’s making that sad face he made at the Golden Globes when he lost to George Clooney…. this pre-Oscar week must be disheartening for him sniff sniff poor baby has to drown his sorrows in luxury gourmet meals and accommodations for himself and his douchey entourage.

@HAHAHA: why? i go on vacation with my friends and we each pay for ourselves and sometimes we give things to each other but we treasure it, we don’t use one another. that’s so horrible. no wonder he has no self esteem, he doesn’t not who is genuine or not, he has to pay them for friendship.

@Leokas: That’s very nice of you! You take good care of your guy! In case he won’t win…I hope you will be there to console him! Leokas for ever!!!!

It's clear @ 02/27/2014 at 3:12 pm

Leo is unhappy

@also…: do you pretend to be leokas? how much of a loser are you? you’re like this bizarre stalker. like those weird adults who wait for children when they go out of school at the end of the day? you are a voyeur.

It's clear @ 02/27/2014 at 3:15 pm

Leo’s “friends” suck a** he doesn’t have real friends like Lizzie McGuire


LOL! Leokas 4ever!!! <3

Go away!!!!!!!

wtf Scarf??? @ 02/27/2014 at 3:24 pm

He is copying Toni’s style now?

@sleep: 💤

@####: LOL! Indeed! Leokas forever! 💓

---------- @ 02/27/2014 at 3:31 pm


and to the other trolls:

Posters like you are the reason why I am not posting so often, because the trolls attacking other posters, and I try to avoid that someone attacks me. also… poster is a strong person! Thumbs up to also…!

The daily mail said ‘the mamas boy’ hahah

Camile Paglia said that Leo is the Clark Gable of today. I agree with her; classy, timeless, and a rare talent.

I hate his hat!

@Seth Lavine: Classy 39th birthday in the clubs with rappahs! Classy on the yachts with topless 20 year olds! Classy saying that ideal woman bend over for men!

@———-: i love how you pick another name to defend yourself.

I just watched a BAFTA vid of Chiwetel Ejiofor winning best actor and is it just me or was Leo saying “N*gger” under his breath as he gave a standing ovation??

Haters in full force @ 02/27/2014 at 3:45 pm

Stay pressed.

@sleep: Whatever helps you, honey. Of course it’s me ‘defending myself’ with a different name. It’s impossible that someone disagrees with you! LOL I’m everyone here! I’m even you with a different name! 😉

Haters in full force @ 02/27/2014 at 3:47 pm

Please, stop trolling. He didn’t say such a thing but I’m sure you wish he did.

Haters in full force @ 02/27/2014 at 3:48 pm

@thx 4 ONTD reply:
And thanks for your typical JJ reply!

@Haters in full force @ 02/27/2014 at 3:50 pm

Their comments will be only worse on Oscar night, but they get pleasure out of dissing Leo and Toni all day and all night. So just let them have their fun.

@Haters in full force: Just my thoughts man his mouth was open and everything and his Tag Heuer was on full display gotta plug in the sponsors.

Leo dates skinny girls because fat girls remind him of Steve Mcqueen, his nemesis.

@Haters in full force @ 02/27/2014 at 3:54 pm

You really think Leo, a person with many black friends and is always respectful at award shows, would call a black actor the N word just because he lost an award to him? I can’t.

i stalk people. that’s what i do for a living. I’m a loser with nothing to do. people don’t hang out with me, so i hang out with the internet.

@@Haters in full force: i stalk leo all day long because i am the one!

@Truth: i am from the matrix

@@Haters in full force: i will diss, that’s the only thing i know

i will live with leo in his new home. i will chill with irmelin in jamaica, i will like dave’s pictures

Leo shouldn’t even bother to show up at the Oscars the pain will be too much. Just stay at home with your sex toy, kid.

Ellen will give Leo a bj at the Oscars while Matthew gives his speech

He can probably figure he won’t win. He is happier he is finally back on that red carpet after 7 years. He lost for The Aviator and still congratulated Jamie immediately. Can’t wait to see him on the red carpet.

@Amy: that is so me!!!!!

@@Marty: He should at least leave Irmelin at home so there is no security risk of a crazy, cold-hearted stage mom out to get anyone who steal’s baby Leo’s thunder.

Jonah shouldn’t show up either. I could use his seat to put my defibrillator in.

You shouldn’t even show up Marty. You have less of a shot winning than Leo. That Oscar is Alfonso Cuaron’s sorry.

Here we go again. The crazy is back! Yay! It`s so hard to see who is my troll/stalker. lol

@@Marty: I agree, I seriously have no idea why I was nominated when all I did was re-create Goodfellas in the 90s. Then again they went way overboard with the GONY and Hugo nominations and for some reason my gangstaaaah remake of the far superior Infernal Affairs managed to win Best Picture. At this point I have an aisle seat in the 4th row permanently saved for me so suck it women and people of color!!!!!!

yeahhh!!! @ 02/27/2014 at 4:15 pm

@Marty: marty will win!!! bobby will be at the oscars too!!

I was supposed to have a tribute slideshow to myself this year but they cancelled that to make room for women and people of color to give speeches or something F*CK THEM

i hope he commits suicide when he loses to matthew. haha no one wants to see his fat ugly face anyway. wish he would disappear and die already so we dont have to endure his crappy acting

i hope irmelin dies after leo loses so he can be even more miserable. i love seeing him without a wife or being happy. hes a rapist, sexist, piece of sh*t who needs to go away forever

i have issues with myself. i need to have therapy and more meds

Leo is practicing his fake standing ovation and fake smile for Matthew’s win but his legs are too skinny and scrawny to support his massive beer belly.

cant wait til sunday to make fun of him on here when he loses!!! it will be glorious!


Hey, troll, GTFO. Kthanxbye!

hope we get to see his loser face on full display when matthew wins, who also is 10x better than leo as an actor and man. he has a wife and children who love him, leo has nobody except his ugly evil mother hahahhh

” Isn’t it about time you go nappy-poo in beddy-bye land? “-

i love seeing leo lose awards, because he is simply not good or talented enough for them. and not classy either. i hope he dies without ever winning an oscar

all he deserves are razzies. speaking of which he won a razzie before but not even an oscar ever haha!

leo deserves nothing, even woody allen and polanski are better than him bc they have talent at least.

leo’s mother is crazy and her face is so ugly, i hope leo won’t end up looking like her

who else will have fun trashing leo the loser on me when he loses? lets fill the whole thread with jokes about him!

Mathematics @ 02/27/2014 at 4:28 pm

Jennifer Lawrence is 2x better than Leo tee hee and she doesn’t have to lie in interviews and she has a family she can celebrate with after she wins again.

when he loses i hope he drinks himself to death and passes out in a club. i hope toni dies too

ikr shes only 23 and will have 2 more oscars than leo the loser could dream of having! and she doesnt have a prostitute drug addict ***** as a mother either! shes also wayyyy better than leo ‘overacting’ dicaps

loser leo @ 02/27/2014 at 4:31 pm

i will join you with the comments on sunday. its gonna be so great to watch him pretend to look happy for matthew. haha serves him right for being such a douchey and horrible person, he deserves nothing!


@loser leo:
all he deserves are his escorts and cheap booze because he is worth nothing of importance

Mathematics @ 02/27/2014 at 4:32 pm

Leo has no family to help him get through the Oscar pain he only has his angry stage mom who will demand that he pays for her club fees. Leo will hit the clubs on Oscar night and pretend he’s surrounded by friends. Leo will then take some luxurious vacations the next day but he’ll still feel stressed out about having to pay for a huge group of douches.

loser leo @ 02/27/2014 at 4:33 pm

ya hes a creep and a douchebag i hope he passes out at 1OAK after crying while drinking for two hours

@Mathematics: his mother is horrible.

@loser leo:
right on cant wait for poor leo to suffer another failure haha because thats all he is. even his birth is one because he is a worthless person

both him and his mother i hope they die together just like romeo and juliet did

Mathematics @ 02/27/2014 at 4:37 pm

Even Gisele thinks Matthew should win

loser leo @ 02/27/2014 at 4:37 pm

i dont know if i wanna see him die yet but ia its pleasuring to see hollywood scum like him look miserable and oscarless 24/7 lol all he deserves is dirt.

why is irmelin such a stage mom? does leo know how terrible his mother is?

Mathematics @ 02/27/2014 at 4:38 pm

Matthew will get a standing ovation and whoever sits in front of Leo will **** in his face

loser leo @ 02/27/2014 at 4:39 pm

gisele was so smart to leave leo the loser and his ugly troll of a mother. haha i heard leo and irmelin tried to force her into a threesome but she refused and was disgusted at the thought of irmelin’s saggy vag

loser leo @ 02/27/2014 at 4:40 pm

he will get a standing ovation AND a family and wife he loves to return to while leo will never get any of those HA

Mathematics @ 02/27/2014 at 4:40 pm

@Mathematics: ** f-a-r-t in his face

leo is dumb, ugly, and bloated. matthew is classy, funny, and talented

@loser leo: ? i don’t believe that. but how did irmelin behave with gisele? the threesome is fake, that i know.

@The Dancing Skeleton:
shes so uglyyyy my eyes wanna born. she looks like an auschwitz survivor her and leo are perfect for each other bc they both are so repulsive looking

no its true thats the reason didnt want any more of gisele. she was freaked out by his norman bates relationship with irmelin and left before it was 2 late

irmelin is really ugly and stinky. she’s like the fat moody mother who tags along everywhere and spends the money. what does she do ? she drinks and buys things?

shes so ugly and such an @ss. i hope she dies soon so leo will have nobody to go on the red carpet with

Leo raped Ruby, Tobey’s daughter. Thats why you dont see him with Tobey anymore

The dumbest @ 02/27/2014 at 4:45 pm

O M G extremely excited O M G I am very excited O M G

@The dumbest:
anorexic auschwitz survivor looking twat. what a waste of a model

loser leo @ 02/27/2014 at 4:47 pm

shes better looking than leo but that aint much of a compliment

@dumb: i think irmelin is too much and a weird person. but she is an alcoholic right? she spends leo’s money and stuff. but i don’t think leo ever slept with his mother, i just think their relationship is strange, he doesn’t want to be alone and she wants more money

loser leo @ 02/27/2014 at 4:48 pm

she wants his money and his peen. they have had sex many times before

@loser leo:
ewww imagine if they had babies theyd be uglier than lukas ewwwwwwwwww

Not safe for eyes @ 02/27/2014 at 4:49 pm

@The Dancing Skeleton: LMFAO skeleton indeed! Except this video is too scary for Halloween

@loser leo: that’s a lie. they are bizarre sure, but leo never had sex with his mother

leo had sex with both tobey and kates children. he is capable of anything

how is irmelin like in real life? her personality, her behavior? her job? her interests?

Eyes wide open fake smile I’m so nice.

And at 0:43 LOL

@Not safe for eyes:
ew she looks like such a skeleton ready to break in half what a troll

she has none only to suck leos peen and take his money

@dumb: you’re lying, it’ s a terrible thing to make up.

@Fake it:
ugly ass b*tch, leo deserves her

im not lying. leo is a pedo and deserves to be punished

@dumb: that’s not true. she just take his money, she doesn’t sleep with him.

Not safe for eyes @ 02/27/2014 at 4:54 pm

@Fake it: I can’t even understand what she’s saying… I think she has a lisp and she speaks too quickly without taking a breath. Also.. sexiest summer glow??? wtf???…..

@dumb:toni is 21, very young and it’s gross but she’s an adult


You know you really shouldn’t wish bad things on other people. Have you ever heard of karma???

rapist leo @ 02/27/2014 at 4:57 pm

Gosh! is it true about ruby??? he deserves to be locked up!

@####: karma doesn’t exist. i think those are not true though, i don’t think he sleeps with his mother. she looks like a user though

@rapist leo: what is that source? looks like a lie

Leo deserves to be assaulted or killed for the way he treats women. Maybe someone can blast him in the face one of these days

Tobey doesnt want Leo near his children anymore. Ruby should stay far away from DiCaprio

hahahahahaha @ 02/27/2014 at 4:59 pm

@Fake it: What a stupid valley girl.

@Karma: leo was with them in late december so i don’t think it’s true.

Still wouldnt be shocked if he did rape Ruby. He is a disgusting tool, who knows what hes capable of

Still better than stupid valley manchild DiCaprio

THANK YOU ! atleast someone else sees the light

one day rape accusations will be made about leo and everyone will know the truth

@Karma: you don’t know him, why would you talk about that and say a very serious thing without knowing for sure? it’s a serious accusation. and tobey and him are still friends, so that hasn’t happened

i want him stuck in space or dead. take your pick

locked in leos basement where he rapes and tortures her every night

His new house in Palms springs has a tennis court.

so ugly my eyes burn

Another mansion??? @ 02/27/2014 at 5:10 pm

@lalala: Leo sucks I’m not paying for anymore of his movie tickets I’ll just watch online. He just buys mansions and doesn’t even use them

Because hes a scumbag and monster towards other people, he deserves every allegation made against him.

@Another mansion???:
thats where he keeps his hookers and rape victims

@Another mansion???:
he deserves no ones money. he cant act and is trashy

@BZ: yuck he looks like a panda

@dumb: what? escorts and stuff? he possesses people? what? how does he treat people? how bad? what does he do? what does irmelin do?

yuck leo is gross and nasty he’s gonna get one of those amazing gift bags from the oscars and just waste it on his douches and irmelin

Anne-Marie @ 02/27/2014 at 5:18 pm

Another mansion where he is going to entertain all his future kiddies around the pool.

With his ankle injuries plus too much alcohol. Now Is too old to Basketball.

what does he really do, people accuse him of serious things, rape, pedo…why?

leo has no one who loves him no one cares about him losing the oscar they’re too happy for matthew who acted much better and has a family. everyone will be celebrating 12 years a slave and gravity that night everyone is over wows

@Old: future embarassing dad thank god he has no children

F king sick haters @ 02/27/2014 at 5:22 pm


@hideous: who knows maybe he’ll settle down one day

@Burp: yuck i hope not no woman deserves an unfaithful and lazy husband and no kid deserves a sleazy dad who sets a bad example

Yeah I bet his bunch of barely legal lapdogs can’t wait to swim in his Palm Springs pool

I also bet he’ll have his current lapdog’s friends over to celebrate her 22nd birthday this year at his new PS house!
Kiddie pool party….

@Toni playing tennis @ 02/27/2014 at 5:34 pm

She looks so much like a guy. A very masculine shape.

@####: isn’t there a way to contact JJ about these awful comments? I mean even for JJ it’s way out of line!

@Toni in Ibiza: her body is like a wooden plank… pale, no curves

@####: It’s strange she still hasn’t posted anything. Not even her usual #tbt thing but she just liked one of Dave’s photos.

@303 - 305 @ 02/27/2014 at 5:39 pm

I can’t believe this chick can model bikinis. She is built as a teenage boy who hasn’t built muscles yet.

Toni looks sick and Bar a lil fat to be modeling. But I physically prefer Bar.

Blacksharpie @ 02/27/2014 at 5:46 pm
Haha! Can you imagine these commercials on TV when Leo and Toni are watching?!

@also…: hey, you’re so obsessed, watching if someone posts photos and if she liked one or two; you’re out of your mind spending your days doing that; what is WRONG with you. all day long, the same thing? whenever someone comes in her for a couple of minutes morning night whatever here you are as also… and other monikers. this is a serious issue. can’t believe you have nothing better to do with your life! wow, amazing, you are simply out there

leo f*ckin sucks i can’t wait to watch him lose this sunday honestly congrats to everyone else in hollywood who can be themselves and still work and still keep up their families wows got too many noms anyways theres a reason why every other awards group has snubbed it

Toni is too tall.


I know right….the death threats are a little much!

Don't get it @ 02/27/2014 at 5:59 pm

“Can you imagine these commercials on TV when Leo and Toni are watching?!”
AWKWARD!. I would love to see her face. LOL.

Bar has a gorgeous figure. Thin but curvy. Definitely not fat. Compared to Toni…well there is no comparison! Giselle, Bar, & Blake fall into a completely different category than Toni & Erin with their plain looks. Pretty but plain.

ugly people @ 02/27/2014 at 6:01 pm

What’s the point of criticizing someone’s body ? Especially someone you don’t even know.

@vh: The same way you keep monitoring what I post? It’s so much different! LOL Stay pressed about what I post and then complain about something you do as well. 😏

Hey Bar stans, Toni’s face is more beautiful than bar’s face!

alright alright alllllriiiiigh @ 02/27/2014 at 6:04 pm

i hope matthew gives a sh*tty speech it will make leo look like a bigger idiot for losing to him hahahaha


LOL she never misses TBT!!! It’s weird because if she was in LA, she would still post something. I just think that maybe she may be in Europe somewhere. :-)

the aviator again @ 02/27/2014 at 6:05 pm

hahahahahah cate blanchett will wave her shiny oscar in leo’s face yet again hahahaha

@also…: you make no sense. so many people here have told you many times how pressed you are , how obsessive you are. you’re the virus of the leo’re nuts, go to a mental hospital and go get help. you’re sick in the head

@the aviator again: cate blanchett sucks, she’s ugly and had a nervous breakdown

@Don’t get it:

And then Leo says, “I’m in the mood for a fish sandwich.” LOL

kate winslet and cate blanchett hate each other’s guts.

Yes I think she’s a beautiful woman inside and out. #dealwithit

jen will talk like an idiot about food with her dry voice and leo will weep

the aviator again @ 02/27/2014 at 6:08 pm

@tututu: cate blanchett will still win an oscar and leo will eat it

@batman: jlaw’s oscar speech will be crap and they’ll show leo’s face and he’ll be crying

@the aviator again: cate blanchett is jealous of kate winslet and she wishes leo was her boyfriend

@jlaw: why? he’s not nominated for best supporting actress

the aviator again @ 02/27/2014 at 6:11 pm

@tututu: wtf?? cate blanchett thinks leo is an idiot cate is too classy to be in a movie like wows and the oscars don’t care about looks or nervous breakdowns

@tututu: jlaw got 2 oscars before leo got one thats reason enough to weep for dayssss

@the aviator again: wows was by scorsese by the way, great movie. but cate blanchett wants to be the next kate winslet

@jlaw: she only has 1

leo hates jlaw?

the aviator again @ 02/27/2014 at 6:14 pm

@tututu: i doubt they hate each other they’re professionals. also they have different strengths and weaknesses but they’re both amazing actresses. and i’m pretty sure cate blanch doesn’t want leo as a boyfriend

@tututu: shes gonna get her second one on sunday

@the aviator again: cate blanchett envies kate winslet. kate winslet talks behind cate blanchett’s back and she thinks cate wants to be like her, look like her. cate blanchett thinks leo is amazing, powerful, talented

@Batman: leo hates himself the most. he doesn’t hate jlaw he’s just jealous like a high school kid.

@jlaw: so leo doesn’t like jlaw is that it? he thinks she doesn’t deserve oscars?

@vh: Yeah, yeah, yeah. ‘So many people’… Whatever you say! Keep stalking me and my comments and keep saying the same old stuff over and over again. Maybe eventually someone will care. Not me but someone! Keep focusing and don’t you miss a comment I post! lol

@####: I know. TBT is always there. Her friends were in LA and if she is there with Leo I would think she posts something. She even had the excuse of her friends being there…

Don't get it @ 02/27/2014 at 6:18 pm

Lol. For real, imagine her lying in the living room with him, watching tv (sorrounded by a 100 people) and then this commercial. LOL!. I would die, literally. Most awkward moment ever!.

@also…: hey i often see you here! how are you? what do you do for a living?

so leo is jealous and immature?

@Boat: Stalk Leo’s girlfriends! My mom slips hot pockets under the basement door!

leo is jealous that jlaw is a great actress without being fake leo has to hide his real self all the time. leo will continue to hide his personal life while the rest of the winners can carry on and live their lives. leo has nothing to look forward to

@also…: hot pockets have been recalled for their bad meat lmao you will die soon r.i.p. also…

I don't get it @ 02/27/2014 at 6:28 pm

@Don’t get it: Why would they be lying?

The Academy @ 02/27/2014 at 6:31 pm

We’ll give Leo an Oscar once he does an indie project or plays a normal human being but we know he’ll never do that because his ego is too huge hahahahahhahahahahahahahahaahah

The Academy @ 02/27/2014 at 6:32 pm

We put Leo in the front row at the Oscars so that he can see the trophies shine in front of his face hahahahahhahhahahahahahahhahaha

I’m fat like a beach whale. I’m going back into the ocean where I belong

The Academy @ 02/27/2014 at 6:33 pm

We apologize in advance to the viewers at home who will have to see Irmelin’s horrific face and cold glare. We begged Leo not to bring her but he insisted.

Don't get it @ 02/27/2014 at 6:36 pm

@I don’t get it:
What do you mean?. How would you want them to be?. Just sitting there?.

I don't get it @ 02/27/2014 at 6:41 pm

@Don’t get it: Yes please. That would be nice


Bar isn’t fat; she’s curvy. She’s a good swimsuit/ lingerie model. She’s not a high fashion model.

@Amy: who cares about those obsessions about types of models as if they were the only women on earth.


Ok, sure. You do realize that Jennifer Lawrence is friends with Bradley Cooper which most likely means she’s at least friendly with Leo.


Why are you so insecure that you’re jealous of models?

@Amy: no, not at all. i just find that a lot of people here obsess about it. it becomes corny

models look sick and always have weird looking faces

@####: She posted her usual tbt stuff. An old shoot from LA…

my brain is stuck

i’m obsessed. i have mental problems.

Finally Toni posted on her instagram!!
My day is complete!!!!!

So does Kate get @ 02/27/2014 at 7:00 pm

Celebrity pubic hair: How do Jennifer Aniston, Sienna Miller and Kate Winslet style it?
Earlier this month, Jennifer Love Hewitt told Lopez Tonight that she once decorated her ladygarden with Swarovski Crystals. Normally, we’d say, “TMI,” but after hearing about other celebrities’ pubic hair preferences, we’re not particularly surprised.

1) According to, men have their own below-the-belt styling. Word on the street is that Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs all dye their junk with Betty Beauty dyes. In fact, the site claims that “Diddy was so impressed with the product he asked his assistant to send back a thank you note when he was sent a complementary sample of it.”

2) Perhaps they should consider renaming The Brazilian to The Greek, in honor of Jennifer Aniston(of Greek ancestry), who apparently prefers the style. In 2007, Gossip Rocks reported that Jen is “obsessed” with keeping everything bare down there. “She’d even call when there was no hair to wax,” said Dawn Daluise, owner of Dawn Daluise Skin Refinery in L.A. “She’d insist on having [the bikini wax] done—literally making me wax off peach fuzz.” Guess when you’re constantly being photographed by paparazzi and adoring fans, you can never be too careful.

3) Kate Winslet prefers a landing strip, which was an issue when she filmed The Reader, for which she needed a fuller hairstyle. “I had to grow the hair down there,” she told Allure (via The Frisky). “But because of years of waxing, as all of us girls know, it doesn’t come back quite the way it used to. They even made me a merkin—a wig—because they were so concerned that I might not be able to grow enough.”
So does that mean that late usually has no hair at all?

Love at first sight @ 02/27/2014 at 7:00 pm

Leo will never know what love is.

I am a prostitute.

i’m a biitchhh

Weren’t there a few stories of Leo and Jlaw flirting all during Oscar season and at the Met Gala last year? I remember reading about it and also she was at the Great Gatsby premiere in New York

@@jlaw: who cares. this thread has to be about me

So predictable a #TBT lol

Plus they looked quite friendly when Leo won the Globe. I think they aren’t close or anything but are mutual friends and get along.

It amazes me the amount of hate Leonardo DiCaprio receives on this site and everywhere else. Why do people dislike him so much? What has he done? I think he’s one of the best actors of our generation. He’s very handsome & talented. He deserves an Oscar! rooting for ya Leo ;)
stay sexy and keep making millions :)

that’s the stupidest thing, let me laugh: “stay sexy and keep making millions :)”

Finally! also… posted something. So my day is complete! Now I can obsess over her post! Too bad nobody cares!

@So: I’m not sure yet!!!
I’ve been stalking her twitter for a whole week and I still don’t know! But the second she tweets I’ll be sure to report back!!

@HMinogue: he’s a fake and he has fake relationships;


If it’s a TBT from an LA shoot, that might be her clue that she’s in LA….LOL

leo is gay

leo eats d!cks at night

@####: Yeah, that’s what I think as well.
@So: Who knows but she gave the location of her tbt shoot so possibly that’s her hint.

leo is a phony and is corrupted with all his money.

i looked like a jerk when i was young now i look like a jerk again

I wonder if he will attend the party with Clooney and Clinton.

Why does it matter where Toni is so much? She’s not going to the Oscars but is likely attending the after party. So what? What’s so interesting about her whereabouts that it devotes 3 pages of discussion about it? Its not like just because she’s still with Leo that they will marry or something. Don’t get what’s so fascinating about her but w/e.

@Why?: toni is so boring. she craves leo’s fame and will use it at the after after after party.

@Why?: It’s not Toni! Toni was an angel here until she started swallowing Leo’s load! Now she’s public enemy #1! Nothing also… and her minions say makes any sense!

You mean when he was dating Erin and all the posters went on about how good she was for Leo and that she was 10x prettier than Erin?

@Why?: ALL the posters? No, not even close. Maybe one or two but on these threads everything is exaggerated.

Blacksharpie @ 02/27/2014 at 7:41 pm
PopSugar is saying he is waiting for his car. When did leo become a vegetarian ? Lol

@Why?: Yep! And now she’s stupid, ugly, her career is nothing, etc…

I don’t understand this obsession with Toni but I guess it makes sense since there are barely any people who actually like Leo on here. Wishing he gets killed and his mother gets raped and whatnot. Carry on.

And complaining about her hastags and how stupid her Instagram photos are. If you find them so annoying and stupid, thats on you. No one is forcing you to check her Instagram every few hours in hopes of a new photo.

Blacksharpie @ 02/27/2014 at 7:44 pm

You were right!
She posted another one as well but my comment was moderated when I tried to post both.

@hminogue @ 02/27/2014 at 7:44 pm

@HMinogue: that’s very interesting subject that you started. I was wondering the same thing and I have 2 answers. 1 – they don’t understand him; what I mean is that I think his flaws, his lifestyle full of partying is a part of his artistic nature. Besides his parents were and still are bohemian, so that’s why it’s pretty normal for him to be bohemian. Most of the people think that he became a superstar himself when in fact tianic made him a superstar, not he nor anybody else from titanic cast and crew thoght that it will be a huge hit. They actually thought it was going to be a failure and wouldn’t justify all its budget.
2 He always dates not only beautiful women but perfect ones. And of course most of the women are not perfect, and neither his gfs are actually perfect, but bc they are models people think they are. This is the delusional world of fashion and money making from fashion. Almost like Wall street, so like I’ve always said I think that’s exactly why WOWS is a genius work of art bc it captures the today world and all the dark sides of it, and you can see it all around you.

@ Black sharpie: I don’t think he is a vegetarian.

@Why?: Yes, but if you try and be logical the same way you just were, then you’re labelled a troll!
The people who did talk about Leo’s work or the actual topic of the thread were driven away, because the conversations were always re-directed to Leo’s girlfriends or hook-ups!

Its even sadder when fan of exes are on here attacking the current one.
Like its a badge of honour to have been the previous c#m dumpster Leo dissed then dumped? That they still can’t move on is just as desperate!

Didn’t this happen alot with the Bar stans? Since Toni seems to have a weirdly decent amount of stans on here, I imagine the same will happen with the next girlfriend.

That’s too bad. These threads have such a group think mindset about them. If anyone actually doesn’t hate Toni’s guts and think she’s the ugliest model out there or wants to talk about Leo’s career instead of his personal life, it looks like they are easy targets for trolling and insults.

@Why?: That’s why the “trolls” target the same person here, because she has said a lot of nasty stuff to posters here who didn’t want to participate in her hate campaign.
There are decent posters here and good conversations, you just have to find the right time to jump in!

Waiting for a decent conversation to finally happen, but that is spot on. Everything said here is the usual and repetitive at this point. I guess the ones who used to have the interesting discussions on anything Leo related ditched for good? This place probably will be even worse on Sunday if it’s this bad(rape allegations, death threats, body shaming) and only just a few days before the Oscars.

@Why?: Yeah it’s gonna be really bad on Sunday! I feel sorry for Leo, he doesn’t deserve the hate and corny jokes about the Oscar!


I don’t think he’s a vegetarian 100% either. I know there was an article a long time ago that he used to be but I think he probably eats vegetarian every once in a while but still eats meat.

The Academy @ 02/27/2014 at 8:07 pm

Toni sucks even Leo agrees

The jokes in particular will be awful. Its not his fault he’s had this career for 20 years dedicated to putting on good performances and starring in good movies as he can only for the internet to only paint him as a joke and Oscar beggar. Its almost like he’s not treated as an actor anymore, but a meme instead. Whatever, he got nominated not once but twice and he should just sit back and enjoy the show.

Blacksharpie @ 02/27/2014 at 8:08 pm

I was joking around. The article listed what he supposedly ate and it was all vegetables! I guess I have to work on my humor.

Lmao they described Leo’s meal in great detail but didn’t even mention Lukas… also how do they know exactly what he ate? And he went out to a fancy restaurant and only got a salad? no meat…????

@Love is Real @ 02/27/2014 at 8:12 pm

Leo is becoming vegan for Toni. She is a great influence on him. Now he is eating healthier and slow down drinking.

@Why?: i think leo is really strange for thinking he dates prefect women. I’ve seen far better women than toni. I think he’s all about status and money and not about substance. he needs society to tell him what to like. wows showed HIS dark side: the money, the “power”, the sex, the parties….

The Academy @ 02/27/2014 at 8:14 pm

Leo deserves the jokes and ridicule he ridicules women in general and thinks he’s above everyone. Notice how he never does indies or play normal people he considers himself too valuable for dat shizzzzzz

rape allegations?

@Why?: I agree!! I blame tumblr lol!! They are the ones who think Leo is so thirsty for an Oscar and ONTD (and so what if he is) but there are a lot more actors who do blatantly Oscar bait movies and don’t get called out for it!
In my opinion, people get some sick joy out of him not having one, because it’s the only “big thing” he hasn’t done in his career yet!

I hope he has a good time with it, especially since most people believe MM is the front runner!

@wow!!: Yeah, things got crazy yesterday…. just really disgusting comments!

@The Academy:
Notice how I am talking about his CAREER and just that. Why is it that when that topic is brought up someone always to bring up who he dates when that has absolutely nothing to do with his career or acting? And ya Leo really thinks he’s above it all and too good for anything he totally does only paycheck movies and never tries to be the best he can in his movies and is totally not committed to his craft unlike Johnny Depp. Yawn.

@The Academy: ridicules women? how?

People here are absolutely obsessed with who Leo dates and screws they will find a way to bring it up in every single conversation even if it has nothing to do with it. Its annoying but you sorta gotta get used to it.

@Love is Real @ 02/27/2014 at 8:20 pm

Leo is buying places to adapt to a more homey lifestyle with Toni. No more bachelors pads.

He has done his fair share of Oscar baity projects but like you said, he is not the only actor in the world that does them and so what? If he did a comedy that got horrible reviews or did action flicks wouldn’t he just be accused of only doing it for the paycheck? What’s wrong with him wanting to make prestige projects, when most actors these day and age don’t want to? And Leo naturally gets offered some of the best scripts and roles out there, so why shouldn’t he take them? I hope he wins an Oscar not even if he deserves it anymore but so this obsession with him being so thirsty and crying over Oscars can stop already.

Now he can not eat vegetables at a dinner because that makes him vegetarian?

he’s not even a good actor he only gets the best scripts because of his name

Keep telling yourself that.

he wants an oscar because he has everything else in the world and he’s still not happy

@Why?: Yeah, I hate that this is attached to him and I hate that there are people who get a kick out of it!

But I am proud of him for wanting to do interesting roles! It’s funny you brought up Johnny Depp, someone I would have never thought would go down the money grabbing road he has! But Leo has stuck to his principles, which is rare in Hollywood and I think it’s cool!

I know he will win a Oscar one day I just hope it’s not a pity Oscar!

look at the pic in this post he is literally frowning for once i feel a genuine emotion from him its clearly sadness

leo does not date perfect women. toni looks like a plain boy. he thinks he’s so beautiful or something but he dates those weird faced tall girls;

@Why?: he is thirsty for oscars. the guy has a huge ego.

Leo and Lukas were sharing a plate of spaghetti and meatballs like the famous scene from Lady and the Tramp,

leo is shallow and weird. he’s always shouting, he’s a fake and dates barely legals with no brain. leo likes dragqueens

@naw: it’s true, i agree, he does get things because of his name. or else, he’d still be struggling.

His lady friend Toni Garn reminds me of a big, blond, giraffe. He picks the same type of women…don’t find their looks enviable at all.

Leo said since he was a teen all he wanted to do in his career was make good movies. And for the most part, he’s done that. Good on him. Johnny Depp used to hate the kinds of movies he stars in now and don’t you remember what a hipster he was starting out? The king among the indie crowd and oh so edgy. His 90s self would probably despise the career he has now! His collaborations with Burton used to be amazing, but now both are such a parody of themselves.

Haters enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get a life-find a boyfriend/girlfriend-a new hobby-therapy-a job-a church to pray-


You’re kidding, right? Johnny Depp sold out a long time ago with those Pirate movies.

leo a bohemian? a rich bohemian. the guy is taken care of like he’s a toddler. he’s not an adventurer or a real bohemian. he just spends his cash like he’s the king of the US or something. precious little princess leo.

You kinds of doubters always forgets he received an Oscar nomination at 19 BEFORE Titanic. Even if he never starred in that and went a different route, he would no by means struggle to find work.

It was sarcasm in response to that person! Thought that was clear enough,lol.

Cate Blanchett will give Leo the finger from the stage as she gives her acceptance speech and the audience will laugh and cheer

addams family @ 02/27/2014 at 8:37 pm

@Why?: Wait a second!! johnny depp has done so many cool roles and stuff! i love him as an actor. i wonder why doesn’t leo and johnny hang out?

@Why?: I know I’m so disappointed in myself, because I used to be a big fan!
I remember when he was still in his indie world making box office bombs, he said something really snarky about Titanic and not wanting to make “movies like that” and look at both Kate and Leo! They both have maintained a level of credibility in their work and Depp has sold out!!
Funny how things work!! lol

Another version @ 02/27/2014 at 8:39 pm

Leonardo DiCaprio Enjoys A Night Of Drinking As Experts Weigh In On His Oscar Odds.

Well hello there Mr. Five-Time-Oscar-Nominee, Leonardo DiCaprio. Look at you enjoying your Wednesday evening.

The Wolf of Wall Street star was spotted in West Hollywood last night, grabbing drinks with some friends at Chi Lin Restaurant. I have never been to this restaurant, but now I feel like I have to go for some Leo watching.
Also, you may be saying to yourself, “But wait, Leo has only been nominated for 4 acting Oscars.” And you would be right. But…

Hahahaha the only thing Leo has in common with bohemians is that he doesn’t shower. Also, his parents are totally deadbeat. Yeah Leo is really a bohemian.. spending his millions on houses/brothels around the globe, guzzling gas on his yachts and jets, and eating veggies but only at gourmet restaurants and only if an article about him being a vegan surfaces soon afterwards.

@Why?: a lot of actors who have won oscars we never saw again. titianic was his lucky ticket. he’s just a lucky guy, he didn’t have a rough path, he never studied to be an artist, he just showed up on the sets playing characters then goes on a boat with hookers. that’s it. leo has nothing admirable in him; the way he leads his life just shows how shallow and dumb he is. the only thing that guy does is clubbing, cheap sex and talking with his stupid friends and his stage mother, that’s it. nothing amazing. oh yeah, and he’s given the answers to his staged interviews, wow, what a “smart “man

SAVE THE EARTH @ 02/27/2014 at 8:41 pm

@Another version: What happened to that global event with Clooney?

But where is Leo’s SM? I can not see him with his sad face anymore.

Its pretty funny, because like you I used to be a big fan. What a hypocrite he is! Edward Scissorhands was my favorite movie and I loved him so much with Winona. Cry Baby was a guilty pleasure and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape was always one of my favorite movies to watch because both Johnny and Leo starred in it together and had real chemistry as brothers. He’s quite underrated in that one. But he’s been so disappointing and boring for past decade or so. It’s sad because I never would of thought him of all people in this industry would only do work for the paycheck. 90s Johnny was against that. For all that’s said about him, at least people like Brad Pitt and George Clooney have maintained hard work and effort in their careers when they could easily be like Depp cashing in on the blockbusters in their old age. Thankfully I don’t see Leo following Depp’s footsteps either.

@Boho: he’s a joke.

leo a bohemian? a rich bohemian. the guy is taken care of like he’s a toddler. he’s not an adventurer or a real bohemian. he just spends his cash like he’s the king of the US or something. precious little princess leo.

@Psychics: We gotta get used to seeing his sad little face his SM ain’t coming around anytime soon :( :( :(

@no: Leo ain’t no artist at all I hope he never directs his movie will be as repetitive and bland as he is. He should stick to being an empty puppet with others feeding him his lines and personality.

Again, all you brought up was him dating models, going on boats with supposed hooker,s his “stage mom”, escorts, and scripted interviews. The same old usual things said again and again. You ignored my point about him getting an Oscar nomination before Titanic but also the great reviews he got for many roles like This Boy’s Life, Basketball Diaries, Marvin’s Room, etc. And working with legends like Robert DeNiro and Meryl Streep at a young age is not simply just “getting lucky”. He got lucky with how he handled his post Titanic career, not just with his career over all. He could of went down a path similar to Justin Beiber and not have the career he has right now. He wasn’t just lucky, he worked hard and that’s why he is still here when so many 90s heartthrobs that were posed to be apart of the next generation of great actors are not.

@:(: leo with an sm? no way!!

@Why?: Exactly!
I initially gave him the benefit of the doubt when he became a father and thought he wanted to make movies for his kids, but you’re absolutely right! It’s just an easy cash grab! He’s been playing the same character for the last 12 years!
I definitely don’t see Leo going down that path, and while I don’t particularly care for Pitt or Clooney, they do try and have interesting films made!
I was hoping Depp would turn it around, but he just signed on for AIW2 so I’ve lost all hope!!

tell us something about Leo’s soulmate please, anything


Good point. Also why would DeNiro mention Leo to Marty if he didn’t think Leo was talented?

@Why?: that’s ridiculous, a lot of talented people don’t get lucky, leo got lucky. there are so many talents out there and nothing happens no matter how hard they try. leo has been repeating himself and is getting more gross as the years go by. living life as if he was retired, just like his mother. like old freaks who spend a lot of money living like royalty, partying and doing nothing; plus, he’s getting old and dates girls who are half his age, just like lonely old rich men who never wanted to grow old. when leo got a nomination for his oscar, toni was born. how weird is that?

Everyone in Hollywood has better sex than Leo ahahhaahaha


You did say LOL. I should have caught that! :-)

I’m still not 100% convinced that toni is in LA. If Leo was going out with his friends, she surely would have met up with the Stephens sisters while they were in LA. I mean her comment on that one pic that Madison posted said she would be back soon meaning NYC which sounds to me like she knew she wouldn’t be in LA when they were.

The TBT pics could be a hint that she’s heading to LA? Who knows….

It’s like playing where’s Waldo!! LOL

Toni held up a pic of Blake in that thats hilarious..finally Dave and Irmelin are alone..@Zzzzz:glad you are still commenting inspite of the @####:Any new tweets?You think he may be clubbing tonight??

I cant believe that Leo has no reason to smile in normal basis of his life and not related to work.

Once again, you are just repeating the same things consistently said about his personal and dating life on here. You failed to ignore all of my points and like Amy said, why would Robert freakin DeNiro tell Scorsese himself how talented Leo was? He is a legend and did not even have to say anything, but he did. That’s not luck, that’s called having talent.

@Another version:

Now that sounds more like it! LOL

Plus doesn’t he want to do another Lone Ranger movie despite the Native American controversy and the first one absolutely bombing. It goes to show how much he has changed, and sadly I think he’s fallen so hard that he may never be able to get back up. Like another Tom Cruise. Like you, while Pitt and Clooney may not be my favorites out there, there are often apart of great movies or are beneficial to them getting made and they work hard despite being as old as Depp and Cruise are. Says a lot about their artistic integrity.

@BZ girl:

Hey! I haven’t checked twitter today but I will check later. :-)

@Why?: he told him that while he was doing titanic, not before, he knew leo was worth money. leo is an old guy dating young retards cause he’s emotinnaly immature and weak.

Not true. DeNiro called Scorsese after working with Leo on This Boy’s Life and recommended he work with him. Then Scorsese watched Gilbert Grape on TV and that’s how he first noticed Leo.

@Why?: Yep! Clooney and Pitt don’t add to the pile of crap Hollywood is collecting! I give them props!
Depp gets away with it because he has crazy fans who defend everything he does!! Lone Ranger bombed, but they don’t want to accept it! And anything that he does now that isn’t a cartoon character with a bucket full of makeup under performs as well!!

@####:oh ok ;) more club

@BZ girl:

We’ll see if there are sightings tonight. There an oscar party tonight that I think he’s going to so we should get pics on twitter, IG, etc. :-)

I check early the article in pop sugar about Leo and his friend and seems they changed the title. But the previous article said just Leo doesn’t look too nervous about the Oscar. And now they are describing what he ate.

I like Janice @ 02/27/2014 at 9:08 pm

why does leo go clubbing so much? why does leo hate depp so much?

@Why?: leo is so self centered. he’ll never have true or down to earth relationships with people cause he’s about the money and the bling bling, there is no simplicity with him.

sure thing @ 02/27/2014 at 9:15 pm

well said; that’s ridiculous, a lot of talented people don’t get lucky, leo got lucky. there are so many talents out there and nothing happens no matter how hard they try. leo has been repeating himself and is getting more gross as the years go by. living life as if he was retired, just like his mother. like old freaks who spend a lot of money living like royalty, partying and doing nothing; plus, he’s getting old and dates girls who are half his age, just like lonely old rich men who never wanted to grow old. when leo got a nomination for his oscar, toni was born. how weird is that?

Anniversary @ 02/27/2014 at 9:15 pm

In other news Gisele has released some beautiful wedding photos. I wonder if Leo will send her an anniversary present?

Certainly the guy doesnt seem to be in the mood to clubing and parying. Just look at his face. lol

*clubbing and partying

@sure thing:

Actually you keep repeating yourself. Do you have anything new to say?

@Anniversary @ 02/27/2014 at 9:18 pm

Do you think they ever talk here and there or have bumped into each other recently? When I watched that scene in WoWS where Margot tells Leo’s character she wants a divorce and the look on his face, I couldn’t help but wonder if he was acting out part of his feelings when Gisele broke it off with him. He wasn’t a faithful boyfriend, but she’s the closest woman he’s dated that I think he ever loved.

@lol: It kills me how sad he looks I want to laugh and cry at the same time

leo is depressed

Don’t know if this has been posted yet, just wanted to share. Leo interview clip with the Producers Guild of America. Nice camera work, whoever filmed this. Zoomed in so close to Leo’s face. Anywho, have a good night all. Too many trolls for me to stay


Thanks for posting! :)

@beth: he looks so f*cking ugly – that hair, that suit, that face… screen cracked

@beth: ahahhahah in the second vid he looks even uglier lmfao like little black rocks on top of a beige mountain. it doesn’t help that he keeps talking highly of belfort and snickering at his own lame jokes.

@@Anniversary: gisele, who cares about gisele! she’s so shallow. leo used her up as a piece of meat and she was a head case, completely crazy

“He wasn’t a faithful boyfriend, but she’s the closest woman he’s dated that I think he ever loved.”
ITA. I doubt they talk to each other but she spoke of him a few times after the break up, and said some really nice things too.

Anniversary @ 02/27/2014 at 9:37 pm

@@Anniversary: I think they are both on good terms at this point and probably keep in touch but only for special occasions. I guess Gisele might’ve been his “closest love” but at the same time they were so young… to me, their relationship looked more like a hot passionate fling based more on lust than any deeper bond. I don’t think they would’ve worked well together as a married couple, they are both very ambitious. In the end, think their separation was for the better… and it had a huge effect on Leo because it was his first ever real heartbreak. You never forget your first love, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it was the best love. Actually, I think there are plenty of women more suited for Leo than Gisele.

I don’t think they would of been a good married couple either, she’s way too suited for Brady. But she definitely did leave a strong effect on Leo after the breakup, which is why he tried to make Bar into a replacement of Gisele essentially. But it wasn’t successful. Still, it would be interesting to see what would of happened if they somehow made it and stayed together. She is at least a notch up above his other girlfriends, the only one he has and ever will take to the Oscars. Sorry Toni stans.

Gift Baskets @ 02/27/2014 at 9:41 pm

@Anniversary: Leo has seen the things Gisele says to the media about being a mother and breathes a sigh of relief that he dodged that bullet. He extends his condolences every Christmas to Tom Brady, but Leo’s gift baskets get buried and lost in all of Gisele’s hate mail.

@Gift Baskets:
LMBO. Poor Tom Brady. He dodged Gisele as a bullet but now all he does is take bullets. He downgraded big time with every girlfriend since her.

@@Anniversary: leo has never been in love.

gisele was insane and she is so full of herself, she had a nose job and a boob job

@T: lukas , what lukas. gisele is a biiiitchhh. leo was not in love with her. she was annoying and crazy.

leo is getting to fat and sleazy.

leo’s breath smells really bad

leo is looking so old.

…”But she definitely did leave a strong effect on Leo after the breakup…”
LOLOLOLLL!!!! He knew that tramp was cheating on him with Kelly Slater. He got rid of her and her vulgarity. I’m sure his friends were all happy for him.

LOL! What an awkward couple they made. She looked ridiculous with her hair extensions. Who styled her for that evening?

@@514: who knows she looks like a crazy horse. she looks like a drag. and her breath stinks

Throwback Thursday @ 02/27/2014 at 10:15 pm

That was when Leo still had most of his babyface and she was taller than him! Like she was his mom. No idea who styled her, but I didn’t like how she looked either. Must be the hair, because the dress is pretty.

@Throwback Thursday: the dress? she dressed like she was a pregnant woman who would fly when wind hit;

@Throwback Thursday: she’s even posing at the oscars, what a fake

@BZ girl: Hi lady! It’s been awhile since you posted or I might have accidently missed a post when I was skipping comments! My imp (imposter!) is a sweetie and very funny! Did you see on the other thread where for about page and a half of Zzzzzzs talking to themselves? Very funny! If you have a chance check it out I think it’s page 16 or 17 or maybe 15, somewhere around there.
I rarely talk about other posters – not my style. However, some of these current ones (or one) have some serious issues. I know they are trying to start a fight and want to upset people but to wish someone’s death or worse, make such a horrible and outright lie about child molestation is beyond despicable and crosses the line. Not even joking/kidding or if I couldn’t stand somebody, would it ever cross my mind to write some of the comments that are being posted. There – I’ve said my peace, I’ll try not to say anything else. :( I hope whoever is posting the comments, talks to someone.

leo is a bad kisser

leo looks weird

Having a crazy moment. Where do the oscars take place

leo cannot kiss

leo is going to have crappy sex tonight and he will wake up exhausted and with back pain

With Elijah Wood

btw those comments from the other ‘ah’ were not from me! i chose to choose their name myself because they are just a troll

@ah: oh, and toni was just born! awwwwwww

@ah: i used to be in love with elijah wood

Alcohol Bloat? @ 02/27/2014 at 10:42 pm

@ah: I can’t believe how much his head has expanded since the 90s… it’s seriously not natural he looks like a completely different human. He’s still attractive but in a totally different way.

leo is a cheater and always will be! once a cheater always a cheater

@Alcohol Bloat?: maybe he got a head operation or something, like a brainwash and it expanded

@ah: Hi! Thanks for posting the pictures. Elijah was adorable! BTW – it was pretty obvious that the you were not the previous ‘ah’! ;)

@Alcohol Bloat?:
I like him better now. He was too twinky and puny for my taste jmo.

how long has it been since Toni last wore her JM necklace? did she lose it playing in the sandbox?

Your welcome! The one with Elijah is so cute

@ah: i love elijah wood, he was an amazing kid actor

@Alcohol bloat? @ 02/27/2014 at 10:57 pm

@Alcohol Bloat?:
Thats what living the crazy lifestyle he has for the past 2 decades or less did to him. He still looks good, just would look better if he exercised, got more rest, and drank less. He really aged too fast in 2012 and 2013 thanks to the relentless partying more than ever. In 2011 when he was dating Blake he looked amazing and in shape.

@@Alcohol bloat?: he must be stressed out and really unhappy.

@leo (troll) @ 02/27/2014 at 11:05 pm

What is your relationship to Leo. From the looks of your comments either you have been close to Leo and are rather jealous of Leo. Can you tell me are you Lukass. Also does bar post here? Can you just tell me who you are and why you so disenchanted with Leo, what happen and why you feel that way about Leo. (is it that he is getting older and you cant handle that) You need to address the real issues that are bothering you so you can deal with your own self and not take it out on Leo. Maybe you are Lukass. I Actually think you are, tell me if I am wrong.

@Alcohol bloat? @ 02/27/2014 at 11:06 pm

He looks really sad whenever he has to talk about his personal life or when he’s snapped in public lately. Maybe not sad, but lifeless. I wish I knew what is going on in his head right now.

@@Alcohol bloat?: me too. i hope he’ll feel better or will do better things about the fact that he feels sad. maybe he needs time on his own to think about himself. @@leo (troll): isn’t lukas leo’s close friend?

leo is not who you think he is

he thinks he’s the king and that people should follow his lead and orders. he thinks he can control other people with his money. everybody know how he is. a lot of people around him know that he has a huge ego and is self centered, everything always has to be about him!


Wow… Either you’re a huge troll or you’re really obsessed.

Leo's Fantasy Girl @ 02/27/2014 at 11:27 pm

The Oscar is just a trophy and if Leo doesn’t get one I won’t be disappointed. What matters most is that it is an honor to be nominated and that is a form of recognition regardless if the actor gets the award. Mr. DiCaprio is a very accomplished actor and is recognized and loved by many. A couple years ago at the opening ceremony they showed glimpse of the Titanic and Leo that in itself was very captivating and a form of recognition. Leonardo DiCaprio will forever be a Hollywood icon.

Love you,


leo is not a vegetarian;

@@leo (troll): do you really think I will tell you my name? hahhaha
@Amy: hey , i haven’t said much if you look back, all those people say these things, nd you are far from perfect so shut up

@Leo’s Fantasy Girl: yeah of course, it doesn’t mean that a person has talent or not. it’s so much about politics now;


I’m sorry Leo rejected you or whatever but get over it already.

@Amy: he didn’t, i’m around him.

@leo (troll) @ 02/27/2014 at 11:40 pm

You need to move on and never look back. Let Leo go please, do this for yourself. Also go see a therapist where you can discuss these issues and how to deal with them in a healthy way. The real issue you have is dealing with your own self. It sounds like you are venting those issues. Leo is done with you, its over.

what about leo’s sm?

@@leo (troll): who are you to say that leo is done with me?

@leo (troll) @ 02/27/2014 at 11:44 pm

You are Lukass.

@leo (troll) @ 02/27/2014 at 11:46 pm

Please tell me are you male or female?

@@leo (troll): wasn’ t he with leo last night? these are the pictures of this tread. i couldn’t imagine this.
i really hope leo will get the oscar this sunday. and martin scorsese too, and jonah and the best movie!!! crossing my fingers.

@leo (troll) @ 02/27/2014 at 11:49 pm

If you have the nerve to say all these things about Leo, just say who you are and not hide behind his name. Don’t post these things that are you own issues. I just want to know who you are. If you have audacity to say it then say who you are. Otherwise forever hold your peace.

@leo (troll) @ 02/27/2014 at 11:52 pm

And if you are in Leo’s life he needs to throw you to the curb.

@@leo (troll): my own issues? mmmmmmm. not so sure…. :)
who am? or the question is more…who are you? :)

@leo (troll) @ 02/27/2014 at 11:56 pm

I am a fan of Leo’s.

Tell me who you are first.

You enjoy this.

i want leo to win!!! he was sooo good. i’ve heard his friends and stuff are not all really nice or something, is that true? he seems like a nice guy who is being used or something;

@@leo (troll): what was said about leo that was disturbing? what’s happening? I wonder if he is nervous and exited about the oscars right now.

@leo: yeah, who are you?
by the way, who will leo take to the oscars?

anybody here?

I’m still around so you fan out here, you can’t do anything about it. i know the leo you don’t know.

@leo (troll) @ 02/28/2014 at 12:09 am

Have a nice nite.

were there any talks about leo’s sm?

partnership @ 02/28/2014 at 12:22 am

@Amy: where is leo’s sm?

partnership @ 02/28/2014 at 12:24 am

@command: the thing is, i don’t now where she is but i know he has to figure things out

@partnership @ 02/28/2014 at 12:33 am

She’s in a AA meeting because she thought she be with Leo by now and just he’s wasting his time with …bs models and boozing himself silly!!

poor soulmate @ 02/28/2014 at 12:38 am

Leo you are f*uckin up with your sm ..she’s weeping

poor soulmate @ 02/28/2014 at 12:41 am

Leo your sm doesn’t care about your blond hair and blue eyes,money and status she loves you no matter what. Even if you were in a wheelchair.

poor soulmate @ 02/28/2014 at 12:43 am

Leo’s sm is left handed ..

poor soulmate @ 02/28/2014 at 12:46 am

Leo your sm doesn’t like rap.

poor soulmate @ 02/28/2014 at 12:51 am

Leo’s sm hates sushi..

poor soulmate @ 02/28/2014 at 12:55 am

Leo’s sm wants to marry him in Italy..

There’s a pic on Charlize Theron’s Facebook of her and Leo. I think it was taken tonight. I can’t figure out how to get the pic on this thread.

Leo does look good though! :-)

poor soulmate @ 02/28/2014 at 1:02 am

Leo sm loves horror movies..

@####: Hi Lady! Thanks for the info. I went to her Facebook page and it said under Leo’s picture 13 hrs ago. Is it like twitter? They put the time the picture was posted? If so, then it couldn’t be from tonight, but I no nothing about social media so I could be completely wrong!

poor soulmate @ 02/28/2014 at 1:11 am

When Leo hears sounds and creeks in his mind he’s really hearing the sm’s heart breaking.

Typo! I *know nothing…


Hey! I thought it said 8:51PM but it’s 8:51AM. LOL. I can’t imagine it was from this morning then. When was it they were co–presenters….something to do with GLAAD and their attorney?

poor soulmate @ 02/28/2014 at 1:17 am

When Leo looks sad and lost it’s because he’s thinking about his sm he just doesn’t realize it.

Rebecca Ford (@Beccamford)
2/27/14, 8:44 PM
At the Paramount Oscar party. Spotted Jonah hill, Martin Scorsese, Johnny Knoxville.

I would assume Leo is at this party too since paramount released WOWS.

poor soulmate @ 02/28/2014 at 1:41 am

Leo’s sm was born in March..

@####: you’re probably right. Although he probably won’t show up until late!
Re the pictures for this thread: Laundry has a picture and Lukas and Richie A. Are with Leo.

Sad he is mentioned in the title. But people have noticed his pattern.

@read: hi! Yikes! That’s terrible that his name is mentioned. What’s really sad is that the article has a lot of truths in it. :(

Milan on IG @ 02/28/2014 at 4:37 am
1 week ago · 11 Madison Park
@kristine_froseth is more than my woman crush Wednesday 😊 Remember our 4 hour, 23 course meal? #wcw
@toni_garrn remember that outrageously long meal?
He must be talking about that time when this Kristine posted a pic of the four of them having dinner and then deleted it after Lainey picked up on it.

Milan on IG @ 02/28/2014 at 4:42 am

And it seems like Milan is going to a Performing Arts school in L.A. now. Gee talk about having a certain role model and deliberately following in his foot steps. Lol.

@Milan on IG: hi! I agree. Did she answer him back?

Milan on IG @ 02/28/2014 at 4:44 am

No she didn’t. And this was a week ago that Milan posted this so.

@Milan on IG: Interesting. I thought they use to respond to each other. Or maybe that was her friend that I’m think about.

Milan on IG @ 02/28/2014 at 5:11 am

I’m not 100% positive but I thought she commented on Milan’s pics before.
Unlike some others I actually think her social media activities are inconsistent.

@Milan on IG: actually I try not to comment on her at all. But, I agree that it appears she posts without any consistency.

Can you please post the pics you are talking about, with Charliz and the other one,,thanks

So Leo was at the Paramount pre-Oscar party last night with Lukas and Richie A?

why the heck isnt leo being spotted at any of these parties, its so strange

@also…: Hi! Actually those photos are from the same night as this thread. I think Lainey had them.
‘re the Paramount party: there was tweet that the person saw Jonah and Marty, but didn’t mention Leo. I’m sure he was there. Sometimes people don’t post their tweets until later.
@@zzzzzz: I believe it was from last year’s GLAAD awards. If you go to her Facebook you can see it.


Wow….quite a few of those are Leo!

Carolena Huseby (@carolenalouise)
2/27/14, 11:15 PM
tonight i talked to jonah hill, johnny knoxville, john cho, and saw leonardo dicaprio. what did you do?

Well he was somewhere where he got seen last night! :-)

TODAY Entertainment (@TODAYEnt)
2/28/14, 4:25 AM
Can DiCaprio beat McConaughey? Fearless #Oscars predictions give awards an edge

Fans, you’re setting yourselves up for disappointment if you seriously think DiCaprio or WOWS has a shot at anything… it’s long forgotten now. Everyone’s focused on 12 years, Gravity and Hustle at this point just drop it. There’s no way in hell WOWS is winning sh*t, did you not read those ballots by academy voters? They called out WOWS on being a soulless movie, being overlong, boring, and rightly so.

Dave posted a pic of Irmelin on his IG.. shes smiling take that toni lol..wonder if toni will like the pic?? :)

It looks like they are not alone on this trip he also posted a pic of what look to be a group of friends..

@ BZ girl: I like that photo of Irmelin. She has a great smile but without it she looks so grumpy and a little b*tchy. She needs to smile all the time!
Toni got a nasty comment on both of her new photos. Apparently fr a Bar fan.
@Zzzzzz: Oh, I see. I thought the sighting was from the Oscar party. He is very low key ever since the campaign is over.

Blacksharpie @ 02/28/2014 at 10:19 am

@Don’t get it:
This pic is definitely from the GLAAD awards when their lawyer was honored.

Blacksharpie @ 02/28/2014 at 10:21 am

@BZ girl:
Sound familIar? Lol

The pic also was talking about;

princesslenlen about 7 hours ago
Fried blond hair ! anorexic. Uglyyyyyy eeeeeek @barrefaeli forevaaaaaa

@Ok: The other tbt one has a comment from the same person.

She also posted this throwback, which she got another comment from princesslenlen
princesslenlen about 7 hours ago
U look like a druggie

@also…: Yeah, she’s one troll. Guess she’s a Bar fan.

@Milan on IG @ 02/28/2014 at 10:29 am

Aaaaaaw this picture made my night ( hearts, if I knew how to post them)

@toni_garrn haha, shes an angel! @kristine_froseth

But, but, but…where’s Jonah?!?

Leonardo DiCaprio was out for dinner last night in LA. And Lukas Haas is back! But…do you see Jonah Hill, 2X Oscar nominee and friend of Marty, Leo, and Brange?

There are 3 more sleeps to Oscar Sunday where both Leo and Jonah Hill, 2X Oscar nominee and friend of Marty, Leo, and Brange are up for awards. At the end of the night, will they both go home without one? Jared Leto is considered the lock of his category, much like Christopher Plummer was the lock of the category a couple of years ago when the camera cut to Jonah Hill, 2X Oscar nominee and friend of Marty, Leo, and Brange and showed his sucky face.

And while Leo’s been campaigning harder than we’ve ever seen him campaign, some say Matthew McConaughey built up too much of a lead. If Leo loses to him, wouldn’t you want to hear that conversation? Who does Leo vent to? Probably Lukas, right? Because he wouldn’t want to show that side of himself to Jonah Hill, 2X Oscar nominee and friend of Marty, Leo, and Brange. He would only say it to Lukas – f-ck me, for all the good work that I’ve done, and my talent is undeniable, I lose to a guy with TWO slogans (alright, alright, alright and JKL) from Fool’s Gold who keeps taking his shirt off? REALLY?!?

who is milan’s father/mother?
And why do he and leo date almost the same women/same age?

Andy Macat ‏@andymacat · 11h
I just met Leonardo dicaprio

His father is Jonah Johnson. Leo’s close friend. His mom is Evet Sanchez, Leo’s event stylist and a very close friend of Gisele’s.
Milan is normal (for now). It’s Leo that is weird, dating girls 20 yrs younger.

@@626: So is Gisele his godmother?

@@626: i agree. i wonder why he goes for such young girls.

I’m not sure. Milan’s moms Instagram account used to be public. I saw that she posted pics with her and Gisele (including old ones). Their def. close tho.
Also, the flyboard pic Milan posted when they were in Ibiza, his mom reposted that, tagged Gisele in her comment, asking ”if she remembers that time when they were young and did as crazy things as her son does now”. Gisele commented back saying something like ”Of course I remember. Send Milan my love and best wishes.”

A very close of Gisele…?
Where did you read that?

i wonder what leo’s sm will be like. probably more down to earth than the others;

I’m a fan since the early 2000s. Jonah and Evet were still married back then and Leo was with Gisele. They were super tight. Plus, like I said, there are lots of pics of Evet and Gisele and Evet posted a lot on her Instagram as well / they comment on each other’s things.

Milan's mom @ 02/28/2014 at 11:01 am

I remember seeing pics if her with Bar but none with Gisele.

Oh and to add on top of that: Milan posted this almost 2 years ago:
That’s Gis with his mom.

Blacksharpie @ 02/28/2014 at 11:05 am

I think Milan’s dad is Leo’s chef. He also owns a sport bar that Leo frequents when he is in LA.

Yeah, tho not a personal chef. He does many things. He’s also a performer. Plays guitar and sings.

Blacksharpie @ 02/28/2014 at 11:10 am

I didn’t realize Milan’s parents were divorced. Maybe Leo met them through Gisele? They must both be close to also if he is Milan’s God father. They must also trust Leo since Milan is often with him and there is a huge age difference.

@Blacksharpie: isn’t he the chef in Leo’s sports bar, Goal?

I’m not sure about that either. Maybe Gisele met them through Leo. Or could be what you say. Either way, they were all very tight and still are.
Gis played in a video clip of the band that Jonah was/is a member of, and that was much after she and Leo broke up.


I thought Jonah Johnson owned his own bar/restaurant in downtown LA? Does Leo own it?

@Toni’s IG: she’s so dumb this is a roller coaster

@####: I’m not sure but that’s how I remembered. I could be wrong if course.
I doubt Leo met Jonah and Evet through Gisele. There were photos if Leo with Milan when he was just a couple of years old at basketball games…etc. I think it’s more like Gisele met them through Leo.

cryptic message about what? lol its just a picture of a saying to be happy in life, it doesn’t have to be cryptic.


I’m not sure about the restaurant but I think you’re right about how Gisele met Evet and Jonah.

@Toni’s IG: Cryptic? What do you mean? What do you think she is trying to say with that photo? It’s just a repost. I guess she has nothing interesting to say again.

That Barf fan is probably one of them that pic spams this place too. Its telling none of Leo’s other exes have followers that desperate or obvious to harass his girlfriends. That fan’s anger confirms again how Leo was important for Bar’s career and relevance

Leo’s doesn’t own that sport’s cafe. Not sure if it’s Jonah’s place but he’s the chef. Reviews on the internet say the food is totally amazing but ”don’t bother to reserve a place because the owner always reserves for his friends”.

@####&@also: for some reason I thought it was his or he invested in it.

Lol I don’t know guys chillax.
Could be a ‘f*ck you’ diss to people criticising her for being with Leo. Remember that she has been harassed on her social media for quite some time with very demeaning and nasty comments. And it’s her way of responding. Like ”screw you miserables I’m the one living the good life”.
Very delusional, of course.

Yeah Gisele was in the Black Cowboy’s video in 2008.
Kevin Connolly directed the video
In 1 backstage interview Jonah Johnson described Gisele as a close friend and the ideal girl which is why they asked her to play the model in the video

@Toni’s IG: Who knows? I don’t expect a message like that from her because I doubt she cares about those comments. I think her yesterday posts were ‘cryptic’ or a hint since she gave the location of that old shoot as LA. I don’t think she did that before.

My guts tell me she does care. Why I think that? Well simply because I believe that if ur human and have feelings, and especially when you’re that young, comments like that get to you. And then of course delusional disses like this are a coping mechanism. She wants to act like she doesn’t give a sh*t, but I’m positive she does.

Oh yeah now I recall Kevin C. directed. Forgot about that. I like that his friends and Gisele kind of stayed very friendly and close.
Kevin C. sometimes mentions her on Twitter when he’s watching football/New England Patriots (he’s a football fan).
One time he responded to Bar through Twitter as well, much after she and Leo broke up. Bar asked her followers what they thought about ”The Kiss” (GoDaddy commercial). Kevin responded with ”Kinda awkward….”
So go figure what Leo must have thought. Lol.

@Toni’s IG: I see your point but I respectfully disagree. Because this girl is up for attention, up for a cliche girlfriend role with an infamous modelizer. She doesn’t seem to care about his wondering ways so why would she care about some comments on her social media account? JMO

@Toni’s IG: I mean all throw articles about Leo and other women and she just ‘laughs it off’. She doesn’t even remove all the nasty comments only the really nasty, name-calling ones. That’s why I don’t think she cares.

maybe she isn’t in it for the fame? she hasn’t tryed to capitalize on his name at all like, for example, Bar.

I remember Bar used to earlier tag Kevin C with stuff like ‘I miss you’ and he was slightly dismissive in his responses. That was when he used to reply, not so much now. Kevin used to reply to Erin too, but and Erin don’t seem to communicate that much now either.
Jen Meyer mentions it whenever Gisele wears her stuff in magazines

I obviously can’t know for sure, but that’s what my gut tells me. I don’t know. I figure even the most thick-skinned people wouldn’t be entirely unaffected. But it’s OK to disagree obviously :)
As to you question, I think she’s just very much infatuated with him (subconsciously with the great things he offers, his lifestyle and his fame. His celebrity persona). As would be the case with every girl her age.

@ @also: I don’t think it’s the same situation as it was with Bar. By now being hai girlfriend doesn’t mean the same as it did with Bar or Gisele. Not even close. Even with Erin and all those photo ( ops ) didn’t help her that much. It’s a cliche at this point and not really a career booster. JMO

@toni’s instagram Plus not to mention, he is good looking, and he does seem to be really charming. I know people wonder how these girls keep falling for him, and it isn’t just because he has money, it looks like hes got genuine charm.

I think she would love that, and you can’t say she didn’t try, but the media just doesn’t care about Leo’s interchangeable girlfriends anymore. It died away after him and Blake broke up.

@Toni’s IG: And that’s exactly why he sticks to her demographic. It’s easy to keep them ‘infatuated’ with trips and the lifestyle.

@Toni’s IG #666: I agree with that 100%.

True that. Though not as much as he was in his prime years, he’s still hella fine. And he apparently is charming, even to his female co-stars who are relatively much more mature than the girls he picks. I think the fact that he’s such a douche only kicks in after the girls have matured a bit and start become more demanding. For now, she’s just the happiest. And Leo is doing alright as well. ”For now”. Lol :)

Toni in LA @ 02/28/2014 at 11:48 am

When she was quiet after Valentines day she posted some article about St Barts and Vogue Paris and she was in the French Alps. Now she is quiet again but posted some LA story means she is in LA.

In terms of Toni I would say she hasn’t tryed that hard to capitalize on him. She hasn’t gone to hardly any public events since they started dating, hasn’t really ventured anywhere different. Her career is in the exact same place as it was before leo.

@Toni’s IG:

Regarding her infatuation with him, I totally agree. She’s a fan girl of his and can’t help to be infatuated with him, his lifestyle, the people he knows and that she’s getting introduced too, etc..

And like Margot said, he’s charming as well. I’m sure he’s a pro at wooing these young girls especially after he’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so to speak! LOL

Agreed, but like I said I don’t think that was entirely her choice / omission or anything. The media just gives much less f*cks about Leo’s repetitive love-life habits.

@toni’s IG well you can see it in his interviews. He is really charming, and looks like hes funny to boot. Besides the lifestyle, its easy to see why women are attracted to the guy.

@tonis IG I agree that the media doesn’t even care about her lol. But it really doesn’t look like shes been trying anyways.

@Toni’s IG:

Totally agree. I think Toni is trying to make an effort to get some publicity off of the relationship though. I mean she walked all of those red carpets in Berlin a few weeks ago. Unfortunately it seems like she got my criticism from her hardcore modeling fans than praise.

@####: Sounds like you guys have a lot in common

To me, the only charming factor when I watch his interviews is that he’s just very, very good looking still. Otherwise he seems pretty damn boring in his interviews, if you ask me. JMO though. To me, charm and sexiness is an amazing sense of humour, witty comebacks, presence, laid back attitude and most of all confidence.


Typo “more” not “my”

@Toni’s IG:

You don’t think he has all that in spades when he’s flirting with these young 20-something girls??? LOL I can just see him turning on the charm and like in a cartoon or something, they tilt their heads, look lovingly at him and get hearts in their eyes!!! LOL

@tonis IG Really? I always thought he oozzes charm in interviews. The only time I think hes boring is because we see a gazillion interviews on him saying the same thing, but all because he is getting asked the same question. I dont know why I always felt like this, maybe its the way he talks, something, it looks like he is so intuitive and just really cool. We also hear alot of stories about how polite he is too, and that adds to his charm for me IMO.

Haha! I don’t think he even needs to do that with the youngsters. Look I’m 28 now and that for sure wouldn’t work with me right now but I can see these 19/20/21 year olds falling real hard for him, because, I mean.. Leo DiCaprio just offered them a drink, or told them how beautiful their eyes were. I think he doesn’t need to try hard with them, honestly. Just simple gestures would blow their minds already.

Yeah no I have to disagree. Like I said I could watch him for hours just because he’s so handsome and dapper, but charm I don’t feel that much.
And I really don’t want to compare with other actors or anything because that causes so much useless discussions on here, but – with respect to the fact these guys are much, MUCH less handsome than Leo – I think Bradley is absolutely charming in his interviews. He’s so funny and easy and confident. So is George Clooney, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon. What’s charming to one, is not so charming to the other. It’s all very subjective!

Makes no sense @ 02/28/2014 at 12:14 pm

@Toni’s IG: Lmfao I get what she’s saying in her IG post but its worded horribly. I wonder what her conversations are like with DiCap

I think he just needs to be more down to earth and to believe in himself and not in his persona.

@Makes no sense:
I sometimes don’t understand her comments.

Makes no sense @ 02/28/2014 at 12:16 pm

Also in the IG pic the women in the front row are overweight and the ones in the third row are stick thin so her precious life advice doesn’t apply to her hahahahahahaha

Another comment on the new photo… I can’t copy it on my phone.
Dave posted a new one. This time his focus seems to be Irmelin not some random chick on the beach or sugar baby.

Don't get it @ 02/28/2014 at 12:17 pm

Hello again!.
This was posted on Toni’s IG, on her last photo.

yea, either be a boring model who gets less and less jobs and forgotten by the industry or become the accessory of a famous movie star to get some headlines right?

in response to : “You can chose to live in the front or third row” #regram @taryndavid

I think it affects her at some point. I don’t think she knows how to play this game. Not even Leo knows how to deal with fame. Toni is too young, she thought she was able to handle the exposure, the hate, and every single perk that comes with dating Leonardo DiCaprio but…..
I’ve said it a couple of times before, i think she is in love with him, the celebrity, Leonardo DiCaprio big movie star. She thinks she is living the dream…..

@Toni’s IG:

Yeah I totally agree!!! LOL :-)

@Margot: #674 Sounds harsh if I think only certain swallow or empty people feel attracted to that lifestyle and live for it? Fun for a while but when it’s 24/7. Even his family trips seem to have the same purpose of keep partying, clubbing, drinking. There is no stability in his life. Almost nomad life. He doesnt adapted to a single place because get bored easily.

@Don’t get it: omg! toni and leo are both in love <3 <3 they are both reserved with their feelings but there is real love between them *sigh*

I do not necessarily think his continuous travelling to various locations and having fun is a bad thing, actually. Do you know how many people become suicidal because they hate their boring, dissatisfactory lives with the same job every damn day in the same damn environment.
I’m not saying Leo’s life – by definition – is satisfactory and so much fun, but I can totally see the need to continuously travel and go on vacation on – let’s be honest – amazing locations. That’s not bad thing at all, IMO??

Interviews @ 02/28/2014 at 12:26 pm

@Margot: Sorry Marg but I once fell asleep to one of DiCaprio’s interviews and I’ve checked some of his recent ones but haven’t been able to finish them. He repeats himself over and over and the things he has to say aren’t necessarily profound or interesting. I would prefer if he would just be himself and express himself, I can only take so much talk about American greed, his career, or Scorsese. Then again its the interviewers who ask these questions so it’s not entirely his fault.

Interviews @ 02/28/2014 at 12:29 pm

@Toni’s IG: No, its a bad thing. You could argue that seeing only superficial/luxurious environments would become boring. Leo travels but he doesn’t actually experience the country or culture he visits, he just stays in the hotels and restaurants. That would get tedious to anyone after so many years. I don’t think he’s suicidal but I don’t think he’s having the time of his life either.

@Toni’s IG: No, it’s not a bad thing to ( be able to ) travel to new locations all the time. But after a while is it satisfying and fulfilling? I don’t think so. Just because he is rich and privileged it doesn’t mean his life is satisfying. At least that’s not how he seems in the last couple of years. He did there back to back movies but now he has nothing to do. Doing nothing is fun…for a while.
@Don’t get it: thanks for posting the comment. Her message was quickly twisted against her.
@Makes no sense: LOL! Good point but I doubt in her head it was about weight.

No, my comment didn’t imply I meant he was having the time of his life. He does look bored most of the time. What I meant is, I can see the need to go to such locations. To have a stable life and a certain consistent pace in your life doesn’t mean you are healthy or having the time of your life either. Besides, how exactly are we supposed to know what Leo does? I haven’t ever seen a photoset showing his entire 24 hours.

@Interviews #695: Agreed. He doesn’t seem to enjoy it or taking full advantage of his luxurious locations. Time of his life? Far from it!

Blacksharpie @ 02/28/2014 at 12:37 pm
Irmelin and Dave are leaving Jamaica and are probably headed to LA?!

Don't get it @ 02/28/2014 at 12:41 pm

Hi!. Yes probably. Irmelin is going to the Oscars with Leo, so i’m guessing LA is where they are going. Maybe David is attending an after party, just like the BAFTA’s ?

@Toni’s IG: I think he just has a hard time being with himself and is never satisfied. wether he parties, is on vacation, surrounded by people goes from place to place he can’t escape his state of mind.

Don't get it @ 02/28/2014 at 12:45 pm

Yes. That was quickly. Everything she says is going to be twisted into something against her. I don’t think she is having fun as she used to.

What I don't get is.. @ 02/28/2014 at 12:45 pm

Why do people mock him whenever he looks sad or not in the best mood on here? Do you people enjoy seeing him look lifeless? And even if he looks happy people will make excuses that he’s just faking it. So like, what do you all want from him? I mean do you expect him to smile 247/?

Interviews @ 02/28/2014 at 12:46 pm

@Toni’s IG: I can understand as well the need to go to these locations for some variety, but the way Leo does it makes it seem like he is trying to escape. I would have no problem with it if Leo used his experience of travel to enhance himself or his work but it seems like what he does is just move along from place to place. Having stability isn’t a guarantee of happiness, but Leo has almost no stability at all, except that he looks consistently unhappy and tired wherever he goes. He could use some structure in his life, but I think he doesn’t like rules or having others tell him what to do so he avoids finding a partner. Also, he thinks that marriage is something that can occur naturally for him, that alone says that he doesn’t see the need to change himself.

@What I don’t get is..: what do you think? do you think he is a furfilled, happy person? or do you thnk there are things missing in his life?

What I don't get is.. @ 02/28/2014 at 12:48 pm

Also he was a lot more funny and charming than usual in this interview and didn’t repeat all of his usual answer like he often does

@wonders: How would anyone here be able to tell?

Don't get it @ 02/28/2014 at 12:48 pm

Sorry to intrude but i agree with this “he can’t escape his state of mind.”. I think all this lifestyle, trips, continous vacations is to scape something he can’t deal with. Don’t know what that is. But there’s something wrong about not wanting to be alone for example. Maybe it has something to do with all the stalkers, and woman who want to attack him. I don’t know, i’m only making assumptions.

@Interviews: i think he’s not emotionally stable and it shows in his unhealthy lifestyle, in his bizarre appetite for look alike models, expensive vacations, hanger ons, clubbing, drinking….he’s trying to lose himself.

@Toni’s IG: I run out of words on the reasons you mention for people to become suicidal. But you said it was your opinion so I dont intend argue.

What I don't get is.. @ 02/28/2014 at 12:50 pm

I don’t think he’s happy to be granted but people here are making serious assumptions like he’s depressed and wants to kill himself. I think he’ s just “fine” or “okay”. Not happy or enthusiastic a lot of the time, but does it really surprise yal when he’s been going in the same circle in regards to his lifestyle and acting ever since he’s in his 20s? He’s done nothing else really. It doesn’t surprise me at all. He looked a lot more charming, confident, and balanced in 2006 by comparison.

Thanks Irmelin @ 02/28/2014 at 12:51 pm

Irmelin, despite having never worked a day in her life, will retire in a luxury estate alongside hardworking doctors, architects, artists, lawyers, etc.

What I don't get is.. @ 02/28/2014 at 12:51 pm

You talk as if you know what’s going on in his mind. You don’t know anything that we don’t.

@What I don’t get is..: Leo is laughing in his head about how fat that woman that’s the only reason why he is more alive.

@Thanks Irmelin: What’s your issue with Irmelin? FYI she did work before Leo got rich so saying she hasn’t worked a day in her like is BS.

I found this on Blind Gossip. This is just one Academy member’s opinion:

Thanks Irmelin @ 02/28/2014 at 12:54 pm

@also…: Selling organic photocopies of Leo’s resume doesn’t count as a job

@What I don’t get is..: i saw romeo and juliet yesterday and he looked more innocent and full of hope; more charismatic. maybe his lifestyle and the people he chooses aren’t any good for him.

I think he looks happy only in aspects related to his work. Not coincidentally, he answered to the question if he was living the time of his life with a mention of how much he loves his work and how lucky he is to be working.

Leo doesn’t date fat women because his arms are too weak to carry her to the bed

@Thanks Irmelin: she wasn’t a legal secretary, it was a lie.

What I don't get is.. @ 02/28/2014 at 12:58 pm

Maybe because he was younger then? Do you expect him to be as open and free like he was in his 20s? People want him to be like Jack Dawson, and then they get mad at him because he’s not. I feel kind of bad for him in that regard, his fans expect him to be so many different things he is maybe not capable of being, including happy and lively.

@Me: his work with scorsese is great, but his everyday life looks repetitive and sad. like he doesn’t have anybody to talk to.

“Fat people are bad for the environment that’s why I hate them”
- Leonardo DiCaprio, 2014

@What I don’t get is..: no, i never said he has to be jack dawson, all i say is that there was a light back then in his eyes. i just hope that he will have better surroundings and better people to make him feel valuable as a person and not for his money and fame;

Leo is gonna win.

MTE. if anyone hasn’t seen the Charlie Rose interview skip to very last question where Rose asks both Scorsese and Leo if right now is the time of their life. Compare both of their answers and you’ll see what I mean. His difficulty with that question and only being able to relate it to work is telling.

@wonders: Leo has no value as a person, he is superficial and not smart. He gets bored too easily to stop and think and try to learn something about himself. He is like extremely privileged but too consumed by his own ego to try to learn anything new, like a child who gets enrolled in the most prestigious schools but refuses to learn anything. His only value is in his name, reputation and fake image.

What I don't get is.. @ 02/28/2014 at 1:05 pm

I hope he will too but I don’t think that’ll ever be happening anytime soon. He looked happier and more lively in the 90s because that’s before he hid it big and the whole world knew who he was. He was just a kid starring in indie movies, he had nothing to lose. Titanic made people have this infatuation with the Jack Dawson character and acted like that was really Leo in real life and thats why his fans are especially disappointed in him. Because he’s not like what they wish he could be, and those are just ridiculously high standards I don’t think he is capable of being. He just doesn’t seem comfortable enough to ever put himself out there again like he did back in the 90s or in 2006-2008.

Skip the red carpet Leo @ 02/28/2014 at 1:06 pm

he looks like a beanbag

@Value: All people have value!!

i think his life is shallow and superficial. that makes people miserable. he’s all about phony looks and stuff. nothing of substance.

@What I don't get is @ 02/28/2014 at 1:07 pm

His fans expect him to be perfect, date only women they like, always look happy every time he is snapped in public, and to NOT be shy and reserved. They expect too much. If they can’t accept him for who he is then they might as well just leave instead of complaining about the same things every year on here.

@???: Except for Leo, he has no value. Even Gisele, who is an idiot, dropped him.

@What I don't get is @ 02/28/2014 at 1:08 pm

And here we go back to the morons acting like they know the man and his mother themselves part 2..

@@What I don’t get is: um leo literally dates idiots to make himself feel better it has nothing to do with fans constantly being unhappy. if leo was with a woman who loved him for who he is as a person then his life would be very different and nobody would complain. he would probably stay at home instead of going to the clubs/beach/restaurants all the time and so there would be no more pap sightings of him being embarassing….

@@Milan on IG:

I still think Milan is gay or bi.

@What I don’t get is..: yeah but the girls he dates you gotta admit it’s weird, they are all going through him for fame and exposure. they all look alike and don’t look healthy and have negative personalitites. and they all worked at victoria’s secret. i mean, that’s shady man.


This is funny because I think they would make a cute couple. ;)

@What I don't get is @ 02/28/2014 at 1:12 pm

Doesn’t matter. Point is people on here act like they have the best intentions and know what’s best for him, but no matter what he does none of you will be pleased with it. There will always be something to complain about or diss him for. Even if he found a good woman to really date chances are she’d still suffer abuse on here. Same sh-t, different girl. You guys call Leo repetitive but how are your comments not?

@leooo: yeah, who knows, maybe he thinks he can meet a cool beautiful non model woman in these clubs. maybe that’s it. but I doubt they go to these clubs but who knows. i wish him the best. i hope he’ll find more healthy people. those models are strange and his friends look like hanger ons.

@What I don't get is @ 02/28/2014 at 1:13 pm

Blake Lively did not work for Victoria’s Secret and got famous because of acting.

@@What I don’t get is: I agree with everything you’ve said!!!

@@What I don’t get is: bake lively was a pr relationship

@Thanks Irmelin: What`s your issue? You keep saying things that are not true and pushing made up stuff.

@@What I don’t get is: no if leo found a good woman the complaining would decrease….. you have to admit the girls he chooses are clearly not smart or even attractive and that makes them vulnerable to alot of criticism. its not about leo finding a perfect woman everyone will love, its about leo finding someone he can feel comfortable with (as in actually bring her to public appearances), someone who makes him happy so he can actually smile for real, someone who gives him self esteem/confidence….

leo is not a model himself; why can’t he date a non model?

@Thanks Irmelin:

She used to be a legal secretary before Leo was making money as an actor! That’s a real job. LOL

where his sm? who is she?

@also…: So do you…..

Thanks Irmelin @ 02/28/2014 at 1:18 pm

@also…: Irmelin sucks a** she’s a huge b*tch and yet will have a front row seat at the Oscars on Sunday. I really fear for my own health and the health of the viewers that we will see her b*tchy face and icicles will shoot out of the TV and impale us.

Say what you want to say about Irmelin but she basically raised her kid alone in one of the shittiest neighbourhoods in L.A., being a German immigrant and working full-time and still being able to keep him from drugs and other sh*t like that. Just for that, she earns respect. It’s not easy to raise a boy in environments like that.

@What I don't get is @ 02/28/2014 at 1:21 pm

It’s not even just his girlfriends though. Now people are going on his mother and her boyfriend. No one likes anything or anyone associated with Leo but then if you dislike his life and have so much hatred for him(wishing he gets killed, making fun of him for losing awards, accusing him of raping his bestfriend’s daughter, etc) why are you even on here? Just to complain about his life even though its HIS life? Like what’s the point of wasting so much energy to talk about him or even Toni if you dislike everything they do so much. It’s not his fault he has a mother none of you like, and it’s not his fault none of you like his girlfriends. It seems like people on here want him to be the kind of person they want and don’t ever want to think about what makes HIM actually happy. And I don’t mean models or clubbing.

@What I don't get is @ 02/28/2014 at 1:23 pm

Thank you. Why is she getting all this hate when she’s supported Leo and never exploited him for that matter like so many parents of famous child stars do? They act like she’s Lindsay Lohan’s parents levels of bad for f-ck’s sake. She raised him the best she could and no parent is ever going to be perfect.


I agree with your comment. I still think they have a very unhealthy co-defendant relationship but I don’t think she was a bad mom in raising Leo.

Thanks Irmelin @ 02/28/2014 at 1:27 pm

@smh: Too bad she forgot to teach her son about following rules and having discipline. Leo may not have become a drug addict but he def became a sick sex addict, probably because it is better for the environment.

Thanks Irmelin @ 02/28/2014 at 1:30 pm

@####: She never taught Leo anything she just let him do whatever he wanted. Leo only learned to be polite once he started working with Scorsese, and only because he wanted to be the next De Niro and make people believe he was a SERIOUS ADULT. Baz Luhrmann and James Cameron and also Leo’s early co stars have commented on how immature and spoiled he was, and also how he had a wild sex life.

@What I don't get is @ 02/28/2014 at 1:31 pm

Again the fixation on his sex life…
I didn’t know sex was such a horrible thing? As long as he has consent with whoever the other person is, what’s the problem? Do you just wish he would have sex with one woman for the rest of his life even though he’s not married?

You're Right @ 02/28/2014 at 1:34 pm

@@What I don’t get is: Because he’s not having sex with them!!! So they’re pressed…

@What I don't get is @ 02/28/2014 at 1:35 pm

@You’re Right:
Are the Michael Fassbender stans this pressed on every woman he is caught flirting or f-cking too?

@What I don't get is @ 02/28/2014 at 1:37 pm

Wow I just checked and had no idea Fassbender had a huge following on JJ. This post has over 9,000 comments and looks like they are similar to the Leo threads.

Thanks Irmelin @ 02/28/2014 at 1:38 pm

@@What I don’t get is: Crappy sex life = always with inexperienced youngsters (he chooses them young on purpose so they don’t complain). He only has the girls consent because they want to use him for fame, there is no way these young girls would sleep with him if he wasn’t Leo DiCaprio. It’s about him having empty sex with girls (not women) and clearly it is not making him feel happy or healthy. Also, its a sign that he has some deep insecurities and issues with control. His sex life is weird and unnatural, you cannot deny that.

You're Right @ 02/28/2014 at 1:40 pm

@@What I don’t get is: I think so, because some women think he has a fetish so there’s always a huge discussion about who he’s dating.

I don’t think they get involved in how “empty” his life is and bashing the girls though

@What I don't get is @ 02/28/2014 at 1:40 pm

@You’re Right:
They seem a lot more tame and less viscous than the Leo fans for sure.

Leo will show up drunk and stoned at the Oscs

You're Right @ 02/28/2014 at 1:43 pm

@@What I don’t get is: I think Madalina is the first to get the “hateful” treatment because she has a “groupie” reputation, having dated Leo and Gerard, but yes you are correct, still less vicious than Leo fans

@What I don't get is @ 02/28/2014 at 1:44 pm

@Thanks Irmelin:
Do you actually watch him when he has sex with other ladies or are you just so sure every woman he is seen with automatically means he ends up ******** them later? Do you know his deepest thoughts or what his girlfriend’s true thoughts are for being with him? Do you really believe someone like Gisele used him when she was already famous on her own as a model? Do you really believe that his girlfriends hate him so much and are forced to staying with him? Do you know if he has open relationships or not? No, you don’t.

Leo will get a boner during the Scorsese tribute slideshow

@What I don't get is @ 02/28/2014 at 1:45 pm

@You’re Right:
Even the hateful comments about her are not nearly as bad as the ones made about Toni.

You're Right @ 02/28/2014 at 1:48 pm

@@What I don’t get is: lol I know! And you just asked a great question up top! How does anyone know whether he is actually having sex with every single girl he is seen with, and even if he is, why is the girl always the villain?

@Thanks Irmelin:

I hate bitter older women. He dates young women (i.e. in their 20s) not girls. And how do you know how experienced they are?

@Thanks Irmelin:
My God. Are you retarted?
I, along with my older brother, have a very bad habit of procrastinating everything until the very last minute and often get in trouble because of that. My parents are organized and disciplined and so is my younger sister. I have a sarcastic and irreverent sense of humour, the kind of humour my parents not always appreciate and sometimes feel offended by. But my parents are the ones to blame for my character or behaviour? Like, completely?

@What I don't get is @ 02/28/2014 at 1:51 pm

@You’re Right:
It’s ridiculous, but as someone who’s been on JJ since 2007 these kind of comments and complaints have never changed and will be here to stay as long as Leo keeps dating ladies they despise. Everything the girlfriend, we must crucify her for it! Including dating Leonardo DiCaprio when he should be married with 3 kids right now!

You're Right @ 02/28/2014 at 1:56 pm

@@What I don’t get is: See, I haven’t been here that long, although I’ve always been a fan of Leo. But I stopped taking the girlfriend comments seriously because there is just blatant hypocrisy! I find it hilarious that Leo is now with Toni, who was deemed by JJ posters as too good for him while he was with Erin, and now they talk about her like she’s less than dirt! If they can’t see that none of it makes sense by now, then they never will!

Thanks Irmelin @ 02/28/2014 at 1:56 pm

Ok you guys are all right woopsy daisies!! Leo is perfect and yeah ALL of his 20 year old girls are mature and cool woopzers and I’ve seen Leo in real life, not having sex, but going through ladies in a club like tissues. He’s just sleazy, I feel bad for anyone who is a fan of him. Deny all you want, but there’s enough evidence from images, stories, Leo’s own behavior and words for any neanderthal to put 2 and 2 together. There’s no smoke without fire.

@Thanks Irmelin:
I don’t recall ANYONE saying he’s perfect. LOL. Who can say he’s perfect?! But do you know how ridiculous you sound insulting his mother with the most outrageous allegations? A woman you do not know. Who’s life you have not lived or witnessed.
Just be sensible for a minute for God’s sake.

@What I don't get is @ 02/28/2014 at 1:59 pm

@Thanks Irmelin:
And Zzzzzz saw him in real life twice and found him to be the opposite. But as always we should excuse that because of the way he acts in his clubs when he’s probably had drinks since it validates his whole personality and who he is as a person on the inside?

@What I don't get is @ 02/28/2014 at 2:00 pm

Yeah, I never said he was perfect either. But it seems anyone who tries to give him credit or defend him from rape allegations is automatically deemed a Jack Dawson stan who thinks he’s the most perfect person ever.

Typo Whose*.
@@What I don’t get is:
Yeah it’s crazy. Actually it’s best to ignore but it gets too crazy at times. You almost feel like it’s unfair.

@What I don't get is @ 02/28/2014 at 2:02 pm

@You’re Right:
Yes, I remember that. Someone posted those comments from an Erin thread. It was way worse with Bar though, because they were more longterm. I could see why she was so disliked though, but Erin? She was harmless and was a mismatch with Leo but all of the hate she got just for dating him was disturbing and borderline obsessive. It never changes. If this was 2004 and he was still with Gisele I bet the comments about her would be just as bad too.

@What I don't get is @ 02/28/2014 at 2:05 pm

I often ignore it, but felt compelled to comment today since I was off from work. I’m avoiding this place like hell on Sunday, however. I’d suggest the same to you if you want to avoid the craziness.

@@What I don’t get is, smh & You’re Right: Hi Ladies! Hope you don’t mind mind me jumping into the conversation. I’ve been reading his threads on an off for awhile. But, I have never seen the kind of disgusting comments that have been getting posted these last few weeks. Some of them are downright sick. Personally, I think it’s one or two people who are doing it. It’s best to completely ignore them and just skip their comments. They are trying to provoke people. They want you to respond and get in a fight with them. LOL! OMG! I said last night that I wouldn’t talk about them, and here I am talking about them again! Zipping my lip!
re Sunday: Unfortunately, win or lose – I do think it is going to get really ugly :(
I am off to work! Hope to talk to you later! ;)
PS: If you see my name posting comments before 3pm – It’s not me!

Toni's IG @ 02/28/2014 at 2:53 pm

So stupid coming on here to compare a real actor Leonardo DiCaprio with wannabe Bradley Creeper again. Bradley is a fake who says what he thinks people want to hear. He is not charming. Yes, Matthew and George are charming. Leo is very good looking and charming. Leo is not the hypocrite Bradley Cooper is in his interviews. Bradley douchebag will never reach Leo’s level of fame or acting.