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Orlando Bloom & Garrett Hedlund Hug It Out at Pre-Oscars Party

Orlando Bloom & Garrett Hedlund Hug It Out at Pre-Oscars Party

Orlando Bloom and Garrett Hedlund give each other a hug goodbye after leaving a pre-Oscars party on a rainy Wednesday evening (February 26) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old actor was joined at the party by his manager Aleen Keshishian.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

Garrett‘s movie Inside Llewyn Davis is nominated for two awards at this weekend’s 2014 Academy Awards – Best Sound Mixing and Best Cinematography. Many critics believe it was unfairly snubbed of other major awards like Best Picture.

15+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Garrett Hedlund leaving the party…

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  • Lol

    I love Orlando’s face and silly expressions. Such a beautiful man.

  • Isa

    Garrett is so gorgeous.

  • Megan

    Orlando looks gorgeous.

  • laly

    They were -HOT- together in Troy… and man Garret is just getting sexier!

  • Anon

    Garret Hedlund is gorgeous and Orlando is gorgeous. Apparently Orlando has a new girlfriend, Nora Arnezeder who is very beautiful. It would be cool to see Garret and Orlando star in a movie together.

  • Elena

    Orlando is looking rough. And old. His heartthrob days are long behind him and he will never get them back. Add in his lack of talent and all he has going for him is paparazzi pictures.

  • @6

    What? Orlando looks gorgeous, and so much younger than 37. I think that your irrational obsession has affected your eyesight.
    And critics seem to disagree with you on his talent. Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong?
    All he has is pap photos????
    Well, those, and his charity work, his gorgeous son, his starring role on Broadway, Zulu, which is getting incredible reviews in Europe, his millions and millions in residuals, and oh, his featured role in yet another trilogy that will earn him even more.
    A lot of people would kill to have such a career.

  • PuppyLove

    Heck, I’d give him a go. If it weren’t for the webbed feet…sigh. Maybe he’d let me keep my shoes on….

  • PuppyLove

    Elena’s grapes seem _awfully_ sour.

  • @7

    Oh come on. I would not call him completely talentless, in fact I like Orlando, but let’s be realistic. Orlando has no major important role (and I mean something more than just a blockbuster movie) which was acclaimed by the critics. Every time I read some review about his movie, the receptions of his roles are not enthusiastic to put it gently. The reviews from Romeo and Juliet were good, but it doesn’t mean he is a Shakespearean actor now. Really, he is not Richard Attenborough or Kenneth Branagh.
    And where did You see those great reviews from Europe? As I know Zulu had premiere in 4 or 5 countries so far, and the most important one took place in Cannes but it did not take part in competition I think.
    But don’t get me wrong, I think Orlando is for sure a good person. He seems kind and normal in this whole show business, but the truth is his carreer is mainly based on his handsome face not abilities.

  • Elena

    Sooooo…let’s just go to imdb and see what projects the oh-so-very-talented Mr. Bloom has on tap for this year. Anything in production or pre-production? Anything? No? No. He has a whole lot of nothing. Nothing. Not one single thing. He is so very talented that he has absolutely no work on the horizon. He can’t even get by on his looks to get him roles anymore the way he used to after LOTR because he hasn’t got those any more either. No looks. No talent. No work. All he has is the tabloids. He had better hook himself up with a successful actress or another naked model soon just in case pictures of him and Melon Head stop selling or he will just fade out of thought and time…

  • @11

    Ya. We all know how accurate imdb is. They are always right on top of things. Zulu was almost finished filming by the time they listed it. And the didn’t list him for The Hobbit-DOS, until it was about to premiere.
    But we also know how little you care for facts, so no wonder that it’s the site that you would use for reference.
    And funny how you seem to follow his career, yet never saw the glowing reviews for his Romeo from Variety and the NYT. And there were several critics in France that praised his performance in Zulu. Funny that you missed those as well. Selective memory loss? Maybe?

  • PuppyLove

    Jeez, Elena what’d Bloom ever do to _you_? Turn you down for a date? You ever even meet the guy?
    I know lots of people who think Lohan, Cruise, etc. are minimally-talented jerks, but they don’t search for articles about them and post there. They just avoid their movies. If something comes on the TV about her latest bust or his latest breakup, they mutter things like “What else is new?” and change the channel.

  • Vigorlilover


    You are high! He is probably tired. I saw him performing a scene from R&J Wednesday at the Disney Concert Hall and he was looking damn good.

  • @12

    No I do not have selective memory. I watch his movies but I do not lie to myself that he is an outstanding actor. You know one can like an actor but also be realistic about his abilities. I did not read the reviews of Romeo and Juliet because I don’t live in States so anyway I would not have a chance to see him live. But as I said I do not have any reason not to believe You that he was very good on Broadway.
    And please give me the links of those great reviews from France about Zulu. In some countries this film will not be in cinemas even, just directly released on DVDs.
    This is one review I found, one more is also on hollywood reporter website. And believe me I don’t ask it because I want to argue with You I am just saying that so far this movie is not that “present” in Europe.
    And again if I have such a selective memory, could You tell me some awards Orlando won? Or at least nominations, because awards are sometimes very unfair, but nominations are relevant in the industry. He has only ENF and it was an award from the audience not the jury. The rest is Teen Choice and something from MTV.

  • @15

    Since when did not living in the states prevent anyone from reading anything on the web? That’s an absolutely ridiculous excuse.
    I guess they it isn’t your memory that is selective, just your actions.
    Search reviews, Romeo & Juliet, Variety and the New York Times. You can also add the LA Times, since they just reviewed his R&J performance with Dudamel.
    And I guess that in your very narrow set of qualifications, any actor that has not been nominated is a lousy actor? That encompasses a tremendous amount of very talented people. But just to answer your question, Orlando was nominated for best supporting actor for Ned Kelly, by the Australian ‘Oscars’ (not sure of the name for the award). He also received great reviews for that film. One critic even stated something along the lines of ‘he blew Heath Ledger away’.
    Did you see Ned Kelly? Or Sympathy for Delicious?
    R&J is coming to theaters in Europe, so you should be able to see how wonderful he is for yourself.
    And just remember, while fans often do see quality where there is none. Detractors often see none where there is quality. Critics can be the same way. They have certain ideas stuck in their heads about certain actors that just don’t change. Russell Crowe can phone in a lousy, listless performance and they praise him. Other actors have to fight to prove themselves. Orlando’s performances have broken through that ‘critical’ barrier. Maybe you should give him a fair chance before bashing him.

  • @16

    I did not mention R&J reviews because I talked about movie performances. And I did not said that he was bad in that show. I though it was clear enough.
    And yes I know about the nomination for Ned Kelly, in fact this is one movie in which he was not only a pretty background. But as You see it was a bit long ago. From the latest films I didn’t see only The Good Doctor, but I heard some positive reception for Orlando’s role.
    And please tell me, just because I am not blindly prasing his skills like most fans do, does it really mean I am bashing him? I just joined this discussion because someone backed up his/her opinion with critics reviews and I am just showing that this is a weak argument.

  • ta

    So now you want to qualify the positive reviews by limiting them to film? Does acting only happen in film? Then what are all of those people in stage productions doing? Acting is acting, no matter the venue. I think that this is just another ploy by you so that you don’t have to admit that you are wrong about him.
    And you now admit that you heard good reviews for his work in The Good Doctor? And that you knew about the nomination for Ned Kelly? Funny that you didn’t mention that nomination in your previous post when you just listed minor, fan awards. I think that the other poster was right about your actions being selective. That in itself proves that you are not just a random film enthusiast. Half truths, and intentional ignorance are both signs of a hater. You can deny it all you want. But you purposefully ignored praise, so that you could insult him further. A random person would not do that.
    But since you asked….
    Reviews for Zulu:
    Also, denying critical praise exists, when you have seen it for yourself? That, my dear, is bashing.

  • @18

    Thank You for the link!
    Could You tell me in which part of my posts I insulted Orlando? Seriously, I did not call him talentless, call him names and so on. I discussed the review’s issue, but I guess for You saying anything which is not good about him is hating. I did not deny critical praising I said that movie reviews were generally not enthuisiastic so far (Troy, Haven, Kingdom of Heaven, Elizabethtown, Main Street etc.). I don’t know how many times I have to say that I did not refer to R&J because I did not see it, but I said according to others the reviews were good! That is why I referred to movie reviews.
    My point is that Orlando gains better receptions rather recently. Compare his roles to the roles for example Edward Norton, Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio had. For me that is just another league. That is why calling him an outstanding actor is an exaggeration. But it does not mean that he will remain that way. In my opinion, now he will show us sth more interesting than so far. Am I clear now to You? So calm down, but well since You are offended by anything I say about him maybe there is no point in continuing this thread. Thanks again for the link then!

  • ta

    Uhm, no one here called him an outstanding actor. He’s good, and getting better, that’s all that has been claimed.
    And you DID withhold you’re knowledge of his critical praise. That says a lot about your motivations in posting what you have.
    And now, after claiming that he was praised a long time ago, and nothing recently, you now claim that the praise for his work has happened only recently. You’re talking in circles, because I exposed you for what you are. Damning him with comments like ‘he only gets jobs because of his looks’ IS insulting him. His roles in Ned Kelly, Kingdom of Heaven, The Good Doctor, Sympathy for Delicious, and most especially Zulu, didn’t rely on his looks. In fact, his looks have probably cost him some roles. He can’t play an ‘average joe’ like Ed Norton. His looks are just too striking. That’s why he covered his face with scruff and makeup for Zulu. Ryan Gosling is handsome, but not striking.
    BTW, I’m not offended by what you say. But I am offended that can’t admit that you are biased against him, and that you refuse to admit that you are wrong.

  • @20

    All right so I am biased against him and You’re not. Sure.
    I did not mention his nomination for Ned Kelly, because in fact I did not think it was that relevant award, but someone said it is kind of “Australian Oscar” (I am not sure if the 16th comment is Yours) so ok that is my fault. That does not change the fact that someone who mentioned that thought it was that relevant that he/she didn’t remember its name. So he has only this nomination for AFI/AACTA and ENF from the audience. No nominations for BAFTA, Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice Movie Award, Independent Spirit etc. But according to this discussion it doesn’t matter, because it is not his fault. Those mean critics are to blame, because they just don’t want Orlando to get an award. You know it sounds ridiculous.
    When I gave an example of Edward Norton or Ryan Gosling I did not mean to compare their looks (“Ryan Gosling is handsome, but not striking.”). I just showed that these ppl achieved way more than Orlando, so in comparison to them Orlando is just an average actor. And I did not say that he gets his job because of his looks.
    His popularity begin mainly with his looks, which led to getting roles. Now when he is older I think the approach to him will change.
    You accused me of saying half-truths and omissions, but You did not mind when someone wrote that Zulu has great reviews in Europe ( while it had only premieres in Greece, Switzerland, I think Sweden, and France and that makes it a half-truth). But You didn’t care because it sounded like whole Europe is delighted with Zulu. But again thanks for the link for the French reviews, as You showed it was really well perceived there. So that leaves us good French reviews for Zulu, Ned Kelly, Romeo and Juliet and those I found for Good Doctor. For You it is enough to say he is a good actor. Fine, I think he is only mediocre, nothing special at least.(I hope You don’t treat it as an insult) But it doesn’t change the fact that You neglected bad recepetions for most of his roles. But of course only I am selective here.
    You can think of me as a hater or whatever I know I am not one. But well this is Internet so what did I excpect.
    But there is one thing that I agree with You. That Orlando is slowly getting better.

  • PuppyLove

    See “The Good Doctor.” He surprised the heck out of me. Up til then I thought he was just a pretty face who was good with a sword or a bow and arrow.
    PS You don’t have to capitalize “you” unless it starts a sentence. Or you’re talking to God. Which we’re not.

  • @21

    So France, Sweden, Switzerland, etc, are not in Europe? That’s funny, I thought that they were.
    And ‘some kind of Australian award’ wasn’t relevant??? Ok. So you get to pick and choose? Is that a bit of xenophobia I’m hearing? Or bigotry because it isn’t an award from the US or England?
    I myself don’t really care what you, or any critic has to say about Orlando.
    His adventure films make me happy. And his dramas touch my heart.
    I was fortunate enough to see Romeo and Juliet on Broadway. He really was amazing. His performance drew me right into the story. So much so that I was able to ignore the odd staging. I plan on ordering the blue-ray as soon as it is released.
    I will continue to enjoy his performances. If you don’t? Well, that’s your loss.

  • @22@23

    Oh I capitalize it because I thought it shows respect to the interlocutor. At least it works like that in my language. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Yes they are in Europe, but saying “reviews from Europe” is a bit of misleading generalization in my opinion. If you read my comments more carefully you would see that I never called AFI “some kind of Australian award”. And if you say that R&J is going to be released on DVD I am definitely going to see it.

    Anyway, thanks for interesting discussion!

  • @24

    You said that it wasn’t “relevant”.
    What did you mean by that, then?

  • @25

    I said “I did not think it was that relevant” not that it wasn’t relevant. So my fault was that I did not know whether it has the status of let’s say Golden Palm, Golden Bear, BAFTA, Golden Globe etc. But someone cleared it up for me saying it is sth like “Australian Oscar”. So yup that was my mistake nothing more.