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Charlize Theron Lays on Sean Penn's Shoulder at Pre-Oscars Party!

Charlize Theron Lays on Sean Penn's Shoulder at Pre-Oscars Party!

Charlize Theron cozies up to her boyfriend Sean Penn while attending a party to celebrate Pharrell Williams and his Oscar nominated song “Happy” on Thursday evening (February 27) in Los Angeles.

This is the first event that the pair have attended since Sean‘s Help Haiti Home Gala in early January where they confirmed they were a couple.

Jamie Foxx was also spotted at the party to help support Pharrell, whose song just hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 ahead of the big awards show, where he will be performing.

FYI: Charlize is wearing an Alexander Wang top and Stella McCartney pants. The party was hosted by G-Star, Bionic Yarn and Hennessy Privilege.

10+ pictures inside of Charlize Theron and Sean Penn at the party…

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charlize theron lays on sean penns shoulder at pre oscars party 01
charlize theron lays on sean penns shoulder at pre oscars party 02
charlize theron lays on sean penns shoulder at pre oscars party 03
charlize theron lays on sean penns shoulder at pre oscars party 04
charlize theron lays on sean penns shoulder at pre oscars party 05
charlize theron lays on sean penns shoulder at pre oscars party 06
charlize theron lays on sean penns shoulder at pre oscars party 07
charlize theron lays on sean penns shoulder at pre oscars party 08
charlize theron lays on sean penns shoulder at pre oscars party 09
charlize theron lays on sean penns shoulder at pre oscars party 10

Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris; Photos: Getty
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  • L

    girl gotta be really desperate to date that trash. yuck.

  • Amy


    She has psychological issues. He’s just like her father.

  • Mary

    Charlize Theron attends this years Oscars. I wonder whether this year we see her with Penn? To be honest I prefer to see her with Penn. Its silly when a 38year old goes out with her mom!
    But Theron looks very beautiful and its a good thing that her hair are longer again. Hope she lets them grow.
    And hopefully Charlize Theron wears really gorgous gown and looks stunning (like @ Golden Globe 2012).

  • allison

    She looks like she has aged 10 years since she started dating him.

  • Agree

    He’s 4 cms shorter than her. He’ll be the one wearing heels on oScar night, not her.

  • Looselipz

    Gawd he’s ugly. Inside and out.


    … Charlize what were you really thinking – I much prefer that youll turn out to be a lesbian than just by hooking up w/ that doucheazz seanny-penny!!!

  • Hello

    @allison: I agree.
    These photos make me think she has had work done?

  • Sarah

    This relationship is so fake!
    She kisses him with so much disgust that is impossible to believe that she really likes him!
    She is probably using this to have some publicity! just like she did when she bought a baby and sent a statement to the press to let the world know that she had adopted “a black baby”, it was ridiculous! especially when she started making photo ops carrying the baby like a potato sack, it was obvious that she was using that baby for PR!

  • Shamu

    Charlize looks strange. An eyejob?

  • Didi

    Sad. She’s way too good for that buttwhole.

  • Mz. Lorna Lee

    Looks like Charlize and Sean have a good friendship going as well as romance. They are both older and wiser than when they were younger, so hopefully they make each other better.

  • Lass

    I hate to say it but she looks old by default just posing next to him. He just looks a mess…years of alcohol, too much sun, steroids and drugs.

  • Karen

    @Sarah: lies. she didn’t send a statement to the press that she adopted a black baby. And anyone who has seen photos of that baby laughing with joy in her arms knows that he’s not a publicity stunt. Charlize doesn’t need to do anything for a publicity stunt. She’s a real actress not a Kardashian. She and Sean Penn are really dating. get over it. You’re just jealous of her so you want to make up dumb lies.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @allison: Everytime I think she couldn\t look younger, I see a comment from one of you weirdos saying she looks older. Jealous much?

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @Karen: not to mention she had the baby with her for about 3-4 months BEFORE making the announcement. She got Jackson in November 2011 and didn’t say anything till March 2012. She knew it would have to come out eventually and said something, how can one fault her for that?

  • cray cray

    Let me guess Charlize is going to reform Penn. Good luck on that.

  • cray cray

    Then again Charlize can probably kick HIS butt if he gets out of line.

  • ladyb

    Charlize Theron Lays on Sean Penn’s…

    I had to click.

  • ForMe

    @Sarah:Who adopts a child for publicity? I’m sad for you. You’re a racist that doesn’t believe a a black child should be with a white person. A child is a child. It’s a shame you only see the color of the boy’s skin and not a child that someone of another race could want and love.

  • Jilian

    I don’t like Sean Penn, I don’t think he looks remotely good or sexy and my little gossip hungry heart would have loved a nice, funny and beautiful match for Charlize Theron as she is a stunner and seems to be an interesting person to hang around with. BUT the amount of hate that’s going on here if there is ever a photo of this unlikely couple posted, is quite insane. Relax for god’s sake….

  • Bad Taste/mean girls

    Does all this make CT and SP fAMEWHORES?

  • barbiegirl24

    What a shame that Alex Skarsgard and Charlize are not together. I’d love to see them together at the Oscars. Can you imagine?

  • holly

    Guess this scratches all theories per “sources” that she and Keanu Reeves are secretly dating, huh?

  • http://comcast Joni

    What a bunch of ugly remarks !!!! Sean Penn has done more for poor people in other countries and our country then three fourths of the celebrities combined. Sean is also one of the greatest actors alive today. I think they make a beautiful couple. By the way, look up the good he has done around the world and I would think you would be ashamed of yourselves, at least you should.

  • http://comcast Patricia

    Gorgeous couple !! Probably have a lot in common, both interesting people.

  • Alex

    I love Charlize Theron. She’s a great actress and a good person with integrity. I wish her happiness.

  • starchy

    Much as I dislike Sean Penn it’s stupid and racist to go on about a) how she’s using him for publicity (she’s an A-lister, why would she need to? She’s never been a fame-ho before) or adopting a black baby for publicity. She does a lot of good work with black kids in her native country – it’s exactly the kind of thing she would do: adopt a disadvantaged baby. And what, pray tell, is wrong with being close to your mother? You people are moronic in the extreme.

  • Urrp


    I think they were kind of hooking up in 2012. Guess it didnt worked out. They would have made a superhot couple.Dam shame!Charlize instead went for Mr Baked Ham. Love is blinde, apparently…

  • Whycantipost


    He also beat Madonna with a baseball bat and tied her to a chair, leaving her there for hours and then sexually assaulted her. And yes, this is proven, Madonna pressed charges (eventually dropping them because she wanted to save her marriage).

    I believe that people can change, but if someone has shown such violence I just can’t believe they are suddenly a sweet family guy. Also, when he broke up with his ex Robin, he trashed her in the media. And this was recently. This shows me he hasn’t changed and still has very weird ideas about love and women. Indeed a very classy guy. -.-
    I suggest you look into his past before embarrasing yourself with ‘omg he is such a great guy’ statements.

    Charlize is a grown woman and should make her own decisions, but I really don’t understand this couple, given her past with her dad, who also had very violent tendencies. I just can’t. But then again, not my decision. If he is good for her (and stays that way, which I sadly don’t see happening after the first couple of blissful months) and they are happy with eachother, good for them.

  • Hello

    @barbiegirl24: I don’t really like the idea of them together but they would look hot. She got a lot of press out of it thou.
    So maybe Penn is more willing to do happy photo opps or as some people have pointed out since these too got together she is really a cow and not the beautiful goddess everyone assumes, he saw that and ran.

  • Nick

    They are really one haggard looking couple.

  • Cara SUE

    @Nick: But it’s all good cause love is love no matter how you look together.

  • Helen

    Charlize Theron is a stunner and can’t wait to see her @Oscars. But i’m surprised that she’s still with Penn. Could it be that he is The One?

  • Marco

    Theron looks gorgeous as always. Can’t believe that next year she’s already 40 (just like Angelina Jolie).

  • Butch

    Haha….sorry but you’re chuckles theron forever. And that’s just from the mouths of the guy’s kids! If the kids are that rude imagine what he’s really like. Dear Chuckles. move on quick you look like an idiot and so thinks everyone in town.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @Nick: she doesn’t look haggard.


    Maybe the best Flirty Fishing couple ever. Right up there with Jen and Justin, at the least…

  • meangirls/

    power couple? media/PR pair up.whatever i dont know what the fuss is about or why they keep getting papped together.

  • Rosie de BAD b%tch

    @Joni: my face couple of all time a perfect match…. Brains and beauty and talent in both. Hot… Hope they stay together

  • FU

    I don’t understand why everyone is trashing Sean Penn, I think he totally rocks! I have seen him in so many heart pounding movies, I personally have always thought he was a hunk however he is getting older (as we all are…), though I don’t know just how old he really is. He gives 100% in his movies and I’m sure he’ll treat her very well! I think they make a great couple!!