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Chris Brown Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder & PTSD; Staying in Rehab For 2 More Months

Chris Brown Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder & PTSD; Staying in Rehab For 2 More Months

Chris Brown pairs a suit with a cool pair of sunglasses while arriving at a court hearing at Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday (February 28) in Los Angeles.

During the hearing, the 24-year-old entertainer was ordered to stay in rehab for another two months by a judge for his altercation with a man in Washington, D.C. last year.

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Doctors at the rehab facility believe that Chris‘ anger problems were triggered by previously undiagnosed PTSD and bipolar disorder.

“Mr. Brown will also require close supervision by his treating physician in order to ensure his bipolar mental health condition remains stable. It is not uncommon for patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bipolar II to use substances to self-medicate their biomedical mood swings and trauma triggers,” the rehab facility said in a letter.

It also added, “Mr. Brown became aggressive and acted out physically due to his untreated mental health disorder, severe sleep deprivation, inappropriate self-medicating and untreated PTSD.”

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  • threw me the GOOD headline

    he gotta stay longer? medical? serious? i didn’t think that. #surpised

  • go go

    He just does alot of drugs

  • Reba

    I called that $hit years ago! Kanye West, you’re next!

  • meow

    well damn, he needs psychiatric help if that’s the case. he needs to take a good break from everything and get his $hit together.

  • ForMe

    I wonder what the PTSD could be from.

  • FalseFlag

    All made up disorders. Get a backbone and face reality like the rest of us. These celebs are pathetic!

  • ???


    regular ppl suffer from bipolar and pstd too.

    by Chris’s actions tell there’s something mentally wrong with him,

  • baby

    @ForMe: It’s most likely from when he lost his virginity at the age of 8…..

  • Looselipz

    I call BS on this one…his lawyers will try anything to get him exempt from punishment he deserves. He has anger issues clearly and suffers from inflated ego disease.

  • namers

    @Reba: one can only hope no one has to get hurt first.

  • namers

    @baby: Do 8 year olds get erections? Sounds like rape which would validate PTSD.

  • liz

    sorry but unless you have been around environments with killing (served in a war, been a victim of domestic violence, or had a near death experience), you don’t have PTSD. he is just an angry person- always has been and always will be. what a b/s story.

  • opinion

    @liz:I pray that Brown gets the help he needs. You don’t know what this young man has been through. If he lost his virginity at 8 years old (btw, NOT uncommon in poor, black, drug riddled, inner city ghettos), you know there was a whole lot of other evils in his life. He may have been beaten or abused by a male if there was no one of substance in his life to protect him from it. I hate what he did to Rihanna, but even worse is if he never turns his life around and gets on the right road. That is even sadder to me. He needs people to tell him he can make it. From the start, the devil was waiting to take him out, but prayers from his fans can cause God to say, “No, you can’t have him.”

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Drake you are next! The after effects of sleeping with Rih the Industry W-H-O-R-E!!!

  • opinion

    @namers: The girl was older than him — I think a teen. Boys never call it rape because it’s usually an experience they enjoy. If they enjoy it, they won’t complain about it. Usually, the boy doesn’t exactly know what he’s doing, but it feels good. After that, they unfortunately become sexually promiscuous. Sex to young definitely messes with their heads. I knew a man with a similar experience. He was aggressive, deeply insecure (even though he was handsome) and he also had been abusive to women. They’re like this, but they are also filled with shame.

  • JM

    Bipolar II is the diagnosis du jour these days. Maybe he’s just an ass?

  • chianne

    Amen. They are some caring folk out here and we got ur back Chris.

  • bree

    r u that stupid…..anyone can suffer from PTSD….its a traumatic experience in ones life.. he grew up in an abusive household where his step father broke his mothers nose 3 times, and to years later turn into his step father id say is pretty traumatizing.@liz:

  • tina

    Didn’t he grow up in a house where he and his mother was abused by his stepfather who shot himself? I think that’s enough “domestic violence” to qualify him, don’t you?

  • Chris Brown is just trash

    Please every woman beater could called bipolar. He is just trash.

  • What

    Really if every person in this world would act like Chris Brown because of experienced violence in their childhood, we would all be doomed. Many people had not an easy childhood, still no reason to be that violent and even throw a rock to your mother, who always stood by your side. He acts like a spoiled brat.

  • Exactly.

    @JM: Exactly. He acts like a spoiled a s s h o l e. Whenenver things doesnt go his way he lashes out. Even threw a stone at his mother, what an a s s h o l e.

  • Hell no

    @bree: Oh so its traumatic for him? Whats with his mother who is the actual victim of the beating of his stepfather? Or whats with his ex-girlfriend who is the actual victim of his beating? But Chris Brown is traumatized one so we should all pity him for his violent behaviour. Hell no! No wonder we have a society where even rapists gets defended. Chris Brown stans are disgusting.

  • welll

    I thought Bipolar ones were coping with depression too. Never saw that one pass by in that agressive monkey. IMO he is more a Borderliner. And he needs help urgently anyway.

  • psych

    I don’t have any doubts that Chris Brown has mental disorders, but his behavior cannot be blamed on any of the ones listed. Bipolar is defined as having clear stages of manic (happy, never sleeping, excitable) and depressive (sad, withdrawing from friends and family, sleeping all the time). Bipolar is a “catch all” diagnosis, and most of the time, it’s diagnosed wrong. It’s like ADD – if there’s something wrong with their behavior, it must be Bipolar. He cannot blame his anger on Bipolar or PTSD – rage is a symptom of neither. Some celebrities have real mental illnesses that explain their behavior (See: Amanda Bynes and Schizophrenia). The fact that Chris Brown has done more talking about why he’s NOT deserving of being punished for beating his girlfriend in the face and the consequences he’s had to deal with shows that these supposed mental illnesses are just one more cover to justify his behavior. He still has never owned what happened that night. It’s always been, “I’m sorry, but.” There’s a difference between having a mental illness and being a douchebag. Shame on you, Chris Brown, for using real mental disorders as a smoke screen for your abuse. Take responsibility for what you’ve done, without excuses. Then maybe I’ll be willing to take you seriously.

  • Vivienne

    Love you chris stay strong as fans we Always support you on mater what !!!!!

  • joancacked

    here’s an exclusive video in court !!!

  • oh my, you guys…

    No one is looking for an excuse for Chris Brown’s bad behavior. The thing is people need to understand that bad stuff happens to people and can lead them to do certain bad things if they don’t know how to handle things properly. We all know this. What affected Brown, may not affect you the same way. People are different. People need to be told and reminded that no matter how your life turned to hell, once you realize it and face your problems, you are obligated to work on making your life better. You must do the work to change your thinking. Change your thinking and you can change your behavior. It’s very hard work, but it is certainly worth it so that you can still find happiness on earth. More importantly though, you need support from others to help you make those changes. Many people like Chris Brown become “stuck” in their pain and they don’t know that there is a way out. That’s all.

  • Tiggy

    Arsehole, I don’t care what is wrong with him, unless he has been to war, he definitely doesn’t have PTSD. Everything else wrong with him…his Momma!!!

  • Missy S.

    I would rather see him being bipolar than going postal on us. He’s in a controlled environment getting help for his disorder and being given tools so he can be cool and not acting like a fool. We don’t want to see him become trigger happy and giving folks the finger. It’s a pain when your brain isn’t operating on all cylinders and one is having mind benders making them an offender. Let’s hope that he’s being restored to sanity coping with his problems and finding serenity within himself learning to heal taking life on an even keel. The experts have spoken and one shouldn’t be forsaken for having something broken.

  • You sound like

    @Tiggy: you have PTSD! Yikes!!!

  • lisa

    @liz: Chris brown was molested when he was 8 years old by an 15 year old girl and watched his mother be hit numerous times when he was growing up.this no b/s story.everybody knows about his mother.why don’t you?

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