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Comedian George Lopez Arrested for Public Intoxication

Comedian George Lopez Arrested for Public Intoxication

Comedian George Lopez was reportedly arrested on Thursday evening (February 27) at the Caesars Windsor casino in Canada, TMZ reports.

The 53-year-old funny man was booked for public intoxication after being found on the floor of a casino, but he won’t be charged.

Caesars Windsor reportedly alerted the police to the situation, who came and assessed, and subsequently, made the arrest.

George was scheduled to perform at the casino that night, and is also on the bill to perform tonight. George has been released from jail and will take the stage later in the day.

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  • Ava

    Ha ha ha , funny.


    Hey George. Just because you are doing a few gigs up in Canada; that is no excuse to start behaving like the locals.

  • Craig L

    First funny thing he has ever done…

  • Loser

    what an effin’ waste of someone else’s kidney. never liked him and never will. always saw him as a phoney jerk. he doesn’t deserve any of the success. how the F did that happen?????

  • Prune

    Who says Latinos age well?

  • MJ

    Greasy slimball..

  • Maria romo

    Are paying them back because of Justin bieber you should of piss on the carpet too……

  • Yogi

    Ew! Greasy brown bear.

  • Rae

    Exwife must be so flippin’ mad at him. What a waste of a transplant.

  • Steve

    not news. leave the guy alone

  • Tariq

    Whats the big deal? having a good time…didnt bother or hurt anybody. Whatever…..

  • Brian

    Ignorant comments on here, if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it at all!

  • 2×4

    He’s absolutely disgusting. Years ago his wife at the time donated one of her kidneys to him, and then after he got his health back he divorced her. How low can anyone get??


    Dear King George; Whatever you do now, stay away from those crackpot AA people; who believe that the Book of Mormon was written by the devil. You still are the King Of All Latinos. Remember that, and act accordingly.

  • El Don

    Well said Brian. Keep the ignorant and racist comments to yourself. Is it any worse than Justin punk Biebers situation?

  • Casino Floor Sweeper

    The guy is the Latin Ronald McDonald–never once made me laugh.

  • http://jillmom1 jill Rudisill

    Couldn’t have happened to a bigger and better fool then him. Lost respect for him when he divorced his wife who loved him enough to give him a kidney.

  • Shitbox

    Wah..Wah..Carlos Mencia stole my stuff..wah wah wah…

  • Shitbox

    Look at me, I’m Mexican….LOOK AT ME!! LOOOOOK AT MEEEEEEEE!

  • Lou Hoelbling

    Anybody found “passed out” on a floor should IMHO be taken to a hospital and evaluated. I hope they didn’t just load him up and dumped him into a drunk tank. Wif he was roofied?


    the majority of you just hate and don’t want to admit that he is funny BC he makes fun of white folks… call him a greasy whatever but he’s still making more money then your wanna-be rich, stuck up ,no melatonin in your skin, type of people

  • Lucky Kidney Recipient

    Kidney failure produces symptoms that mimic intoxication. Before you dump all over him, get the facts. Agree with all those who resent his actions towards his ex-wife after she donated her kidney, but being happy that the donated kidney may have failed is a lose:lose proposition

  • clinton

    racist canadians,

  • aanon


    I’ve heard a lot of things about AA, but never that they think the Book of Mormon was written by the devil.

  • Emily

    Why are you all so mean?

  • michael nelson

    and how is this news? people get arrested for this every day. and, why arrest him if no charges are going to be filed?

  • Xoxoxo

    Ppl defending this a hole are a holes
    He put down others when he had his show
    Laughing at other celebs
    Karma is a putaaaaaaaa

  • 1Oldsoldier

    He is the American version of justin whatshisname.

  • Frank

    Spock…lol….look up the definition of melatonin.

  • looweebee

    @Craig L: Really, Dude…?

  • Nattrul

    Damn. George musta had too much to drink. I don’t see why everyone is getting so bent out of shape. So what??

  • bob gomez

    what a train wreck he is becoming, its sad. I don’t think I would want to pay to see a comedian the same night after he is coming out of jail for being drunk all day long. There is no way the show wont suffer.

  • Teddy885

    Filthy Mexican drunk! You’re destroying your one good kidney with all that booze, dummy. Beggin’ for an early grave, eh?

  • Emmy

    ok @PRUNE wth does ethnicity have to do with aging well? how corny are you to make this about latinos by defaming them over someone else. I’m sure all the negative people that commented on here have SKELETONS IN their CLOSET.. LEAVE ALL THE JUDGING TO GOD, WHOEVER YOUR GOD MAY BE … smh get lives!! @ prune , so who ages well? inform us please DR. DINGLE DONG UCKK

  • Dancegal33

    @Loser: How dare you say that about him. If you don’t like him or have no interest like him why are you reading on him? That just completely dumbfounds me that you would even read on him if you so called don’t like him.

  • Emmy

    @Nattrul: seriously they are so
    , let him be .. i concur with u ..

  • Emmy

    @Prune: REALLY??? what does race have to do with his choices?? unreal get over yourself..

  • What

    What has his situation to do with being Mexican?

  • Emmy

    @Loser: what a hater, why are you so negative? its not like you gave him a kidney!! why follow him if you feel a certain way? thats very Hypocritical on your behalf! STOP HATING.. noh8 all <3

  • DJ Osiris

    A drunk Mexican??? Get out… This has to be a mistake… Never in my life have I ever heard of (of all things) a drunk Mexican! LOL… And I love how I have to look way up to all of you heavenly, godly people… Way up there on your f**kin high horses! Get the f**k outta here… Am I the only person in here who feels this is somewhat not news worthy?

  • Emmy

    @What: thats what they do always .. people make it a racial issue unreal… I thought we surpassed that but obviously we still have a lot of racist ignoramus people in this world.. Latinos aren’t the only ones that drink alcohol .. EVERY RACE DOES.. someones mistake or choice has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE ..

  • Emmy

    @DJ Osiris: LMAOO… NOW YOU GO DO SOME OF YOUR DJ WORK .. do you have your library full of music to dj if u are one.. dont worry about heavenly comments nor anything, you must have a lot of time because you are so contradicting yourself lmfao …. did u cue some songs?

  • DJ Osiris

    @Emmy: I use what most kiddies into their never heard of. If you are old enough, you might know what I’m talkin about. I always keep it hella real. And I don’t “cue” songs… I drop needles.

  • DJ Osiris

    @Emmy: What’s contradicting? I’m just sayin it’s nothing new, and telling people who talk shit about the man to get off their high horses.

  • Emmy

    @DJ Osiris: you do do ya?? so u spin on vinyl good for you.. hopefuly your on serato and everyone has to cue unless your on dinosaur equipment sorry but u seem belligerent just saying!! its called transitions , funny u never know if GEORGE would of had hire you to do a gig, would you have had taken it?? YESSSS you will /would so as a DJ you shouldn’t even have an opinion..

  • DJ Osiris

    @Emmy: What’s your trip Emmy??? I like george you moron! Re-read and understand your ignorance.

  • DJ Osiris

    @DJ Osiris: And don’t assume you know me…

  • Emmy

    @DJ Osiris: teh drunk mexican part .. as a DJ you prob. drink more than anyone thats all you djs do is DRINK and think your celebrities , unless you make 40,000 a GIG < look wtv u meant just don’t bring RACE in to this.. and i spoke of god, he hates ugly u know..

  • Emmy

    @DJ Osiris: ok I’m a moron?? and your a efin broke ass DJ with a lot of time on your hands get a clue and a cue and go get some gigs.. who is the moron now Its easy to do research and I for sure know your not an important celebrity i did re read you stated basically that its nothing new that mexicans drink.. STOP BEING A RACIST F”K

  • DJ Osiris

    @Emmy: Again you assume you know me! Do yourself a favor and just stop assuming s**t. And stop assuming that I think I’m a “celebrity”. |’ve been spinning vinyl since the early 90s. It’s a my side job and a hobby. I like to mix and scratch, and give people a good time. That’s pretty much it. I don’t drink much, maybe a beer here and there, and I hate drugs. So you can squash the bulls**t you think you know about me right there. Full time, I am a soldier. Again, stop assuming you know anything about me. I’ve been on the DJ scene a long time and into the B-boy scene since the early 80s. So if there’s one thing you can assume, it’s– A) I’m not prejudice. B) I am a minority. C) I know how to spin records. Don’t say another f**king word about what or who you think I am. YOU DON’T KNOW ME. You are embarrassing yourself with your ignorance. BTW, as I am also a minority, you can assume I know that I have quite a few Mexican friends.