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Miley Cyrus Sings 'Adore You' to Prom Date Matt Peterson - Watch Now!

Miley Cyrus Sings 'Adore You' to Prom Date Matt Peterson - Watch Now!

Miley Cyrus poses backstage with her “prom date” Matt Peterson at her Bangerz Tour on Thursday (February 27) in Phoenix, Az.

The 21-year-old entertainer was invited to prom by the Arizona teen a few weeks back.

“Dear Matt Peterson, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to prom BUT why don’t you come to my AZ show & hang w me? Don’t forget a corsage” Miley tweeted in response.

While at the show, Miley serenaded Matt on stage with her song “Adore You.” Matt got down on one knee to present a corsage, and she said: “I was in this position once before and it didn’t work out too well the last time a guy got on one knee for me. Hopefully this will be better.”

Miley Cyrus Sings ‘Adore You’ to Matt Peterson

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  • i adore you

    this is so cute,”adore you” is a beautiful song !

  • mel

    she really said that?? “I was in this position once before and it didn’t work out too well the last time a guy got on one knee for me. Hopefully this will be better.” … Man I bet Liam is glad to be rid of her.

  • Miley sucks

    She is such a b i t c h, constantly saying mean things about their relationship, while she wallows in self-pity. This poor guy was with you when you made a fool out of yourself in front of the whole world. He deserves a better treatment.

  • Jennay

    wait that was actually really really sweet of her!

  • Justin Aniston

    Why did he get his own name tag here on JJ?

  • What

    Miley is so mean. Let Liam live you ungrateful witch.

  • truth

    @Miley sucks:

    You mean Miley deserves better treatment than Liam hooking up with that bimbo the same day that the broken engagement was announced and making sure the cameras were there to capture the statged kissing moment to be sure he turned the knife in Miley publicly. And BTW Miley never says anything mean about Liam unlike Selena gomez fist pumping David Letterman & laughing & saying she made Justin cry. Please Miley is more of a loyal person & she was to that cheater Liam who hurt and humiliated her.

  • lol


    Liam is the ungrateful warlock who would be back in Aussie land if it were not for the connections he made in Hollywood thanks to Miley.

    Liam is a phoney cheater liar user who will regret losing her.

  • Miley sucks

    @truth: Oh stfu you Miley Virus a s s kissers. She left him and was talking in a song about “dont you ever say i just walked away”. She said in interviews she wanted to leave him 6 month before the actual break up. She said her album is on the first place right now, she cant focus on planning a wedding, while they were still together. After all her embarassing performances and he stayed with her. She gave him zero value. Guess what he found a girl who valued him. And he deserved a girl who valued him. Not a self-centered self-pity b i t c h.

  • Miley sucks

    @truth: aka @lol: so why dont you take this self-centered girl with her toxic tongue then?

  • truth

    @Miley sucks:

    Wow how much does Liam & his team pay you to promote him as “Saint Laim”? LOL. You sound full of hate – so sorry for you.


  • Miley sucks

    @truth: I’m not here using different user names spaming every Miley Cyrus post praising this self-centered brat, while going to other post of other pop starlets bashing them. A Miley Virus stans shold keep their mouth shut bashing other stars while defending Miley Virus and talking mad s h i t, about Liam paying me money for telling the truth. The real question is how pathetic are you? I see no limit.

  • Adriana

    We’re not stans, just decent human beings who can see that Liam was actually in the wrong for cheating on Miley. This was before the twerking, while he was riding high on the Hunger Games and thought his career was invincible. Now look who’s laughing about it now! You can dislike Miley Cyrus for whatever reason you want, but know that she has many fans who love her and will stand up for the jealous and vile hatred that is sent toward her. But at the end of the day, Miley is happy, living her life and not caring what people like you think of her, so keep on hating and being rude, because she’ll keep on doing her thang and pissing people off. Good day!!!! Hope you ain’t such a mean person in real life bc that would be sad.

  • truth


    Thank you! you said what I had no words to say & I feel exactly the same. The amount of hate directed toward Miley is crazy & unwarranted.

  • http://Barnileykedlens miley kedlens


  • Warren

    What a lucky guy. I’m soooo Jealous. Green with envy. Miley was great to do that for a fan. Gotta love Miley!

  • Warren

    Miley didn’t say anything bad about Liam. It didn’t work out because it didn’t work out. She didn’t blame anybody.

  • Erica

    How cute is this! I love Miley. She just made this guy’s life haha

  • cam

    Miley is so sweet & I’m sure Matt will never forget his “prom night” with Miley.

  • amy


    I agree!

  • Ellie

    First guy that’s been interested in her in a year and she’s all over him. This shows you how low her self-esteem is. He’s a fan! Wow. She’s terribly desperate now.

  • Jackson V.

    This isn’t CUTE! This is the first rule in showbiz of what not to do. It looks sad. She’s with a fan.

  • http://disqus ash

    that’s so awesome! miley is so cool and sweet, matts so lucky,
    proud to be a smiler :D

  • What

    LOL its so funny how her pathetic stans use different usernames to make it seem like there people who find that cut. Miley is so trashy.

  • hmmm

    Miley Cyrus sucks so much. Just keep your relationships issues to yourself. Can you not be just one single time decent. I guess not.

  • Ew

    @Adriana: ” but know that she has many fans who love her and will stand up for” LOL are you trying to threating us. You can kiss our a s s e s, we still find her trashy and disgusting.

  • Ryan K

    What a shameless skank..I wish she would just GO AWAY!!

  • Belen

    Before that Miley will begin with all this, the Liam already was cheating with that such January Jones. So do not say that very well made Liam leave it when it was which was already behaving like an idiot (also already is). All the criticisms that they do is because they can’t believe the success that has, and as the only thing they do is to criticize thinking that it will be people who support them, but not loved, not everyone thinks like you, with your big closed head having. All this also Madonna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, they did it even had the same criticism, but looks like they ended up.

  • lol

    LOL at this fuss over a truthful comment Miley made – It appears it did not work out – so that is a truthful statement NOT a diss. Some people are so pressed to criticize Miley in such a hateful way they can’t separate their hate from the truth.

    PS to those who have such distain for Miley why go to a page with a story about her? Oh right, to spread their hateful comments – so sad.

  • cailin

    @Jackson V.: lmao, so what? she doesn’t care. it was obviously her decision, and the fact that she did it even if it was a ‘rule in the showbiz not to do’ she did it anyways. proves she cares a lot about her smilers.

  • cailin

    @lol: well said. miley’s the most criticized but yet the most succesful.

  • Ginny Claire Grant

    Do you really think it’s nice to be tearing someone down with your words. Do you really think it’s nice to tell someone there not good or good enough, and do you really think it is good to call someone else names. It’s not fair that she gets all of this hate thrown at her, when she has done nothing but be herself, and she hasn’t done anything to you. So whats it to you haters? If you really think that it is good, or that she is going to listen and believe what you say? When it is actually the false and incorrect truth. Yeah well it is. Your the one’s i feel bad for. She doesn’t have relash issues to spread, it’s her business and she was just being nice and having fun. I know you proably don’t care, but while your hating shes not listening to one hateful thing you say, because she knows who she is, and she knows that she doesn’t need to take that, and she knows that all that hate info your saying about her is false. LEAVE HER ALONE. One to another in a mean way is bad. STOP PLEASE. What is the use anyways if you don’t like her than why engage in it? She doesn’t need it. It doesn’t prove a thing? So why, why, tell me, why? When you do it when there are already millions of others already saying the same stuff. Does it make you feel good? She’s just being Miley and her own unique self. #STAYSTRONGMILESMILEY #DON’TTAKEWHATYOUDON’TDESERVE #BEYOURSELF #MILEYDOESN’TDESERVETHISAFTERALLSHESBEENTHROUGHANDMORE Hope you read this miley, or know it, your beautiful in your own way, keep shinging on


    No.31; Miley is the best because I AM is the best.

  • M
  • ashley

    why are the people in the comment section so pressed… jealous much ?