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Dakota Johnson: Anastasia Steele's Headspace was Boring

Dakota Johnson: Anastasia Steele's Headspace was Boring

Dakota Johnson sits outside of Fred Segal’s Mauro Cafe chatting on her cell phone for an hour on Friday afternoon (February 28) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress is starring as Anastasia Steele in the highly anticipated movie Fifty Shades of Grey and she recently chatted with Vanity Fair about preparing for the role.

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“A lot of getting into the character’s head, in Ana’s headspace before she meets Christian, so it’s a lot of reading, which I love,” Dakota said. “She’s an English major, so that’s kinda boring.”

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35 Responses to “Dakota Johnson: Anastasia Steele's Headspace was Boring”

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  1. 1
    bonna Says:

    you printed this exact same thing already , how bout you find something new to write ?

  2. 2
    first Says:

    Old news, JJ. Plus, she looks like the younger thiner version of E.L.James.

  3. 3
    niagirl Says:

    Some fool actually timed her. You are sad.

  4. 4
    SaadGKhan Says:

    She is 24? looks 34 …

  5. 5
    Katherine Says:

    What I don’t understand is if she thinks the character is boring, why did she agree to play the part?

  6. 6
    SS Says:

    Oh yes right. Why wouldn’t a stupid, empty-headed bint find English majors boring?

  7. 7
    chris Says:

    Then don’t play the role? gahh another unthankful actress joining the ranks of stewart and hathaway. this movie looks bad enough without the stars putting it down

  8. 8
    Erin Jane Says:

    Oldest looking 24 year old I’ve ever seen. She’s not ugly, but what a bummer to have that problem.

  9. 9
    PR please Says:

    Her/the movie’s PR people have most definitely already had a chat to her about that slip. What the heck was she thinking?

    The fringe is wrong for her. She looks best as a blonde and thin eyebrows. This is very hard on her and yes she does look like E L James here!

  10. 10
    Funny Says:


    She wants fame, but with that ugly face…

  11. 11
    kay Says:

    I don`t believe they could have filmed ALL the scenes of FSOG in that short space of time and say it`s compete, are they doing it in 3 parts as well?

  12. 12
    adilasyahriza Says:

    Agree with @Katherine and @SS . If she finds it boring, then dont play the role. Idk why she finds it boring, im in English major myself.. a bit offensed with what she said… hehe its not that boring u know…
    its very disappointing knowing the character doesnt love her major…

  13. 13
    Duuhhh Says:

    I’m doing a movie based on a book. I don’t read. That’s like, way boring!

  14. 14
    Sara Says:

    @first: she doesn’t look young at all she looks old and actually looks a lot like the director Sam Taylor Johnson, not EL James.

  15. 15
    Sara Says:

    She begged her agent to get her an audition before she had even read the books! She said that herself. She didn’t even read them until she heard STJ was directing, and that’s because she knows her. She is an OPPORTUNIST. She was willing to bare it all and she was available and knew the producers and director and that’s the only reason why she was cast. She can’t relate to Ana at all. She is the complete opposite of Ana in all ways, and she wouldn’t find Ana’s major and her PASSION and what makes up a big part of her personality boring if she would actually connect with the character and get in touch with her, and clearly she cannot!

  16. 16
    Lindsay Says:

    Her nose is so ugly, it’s witchy. She looks absolutely nothing like Ana! Ana has large eyes, long dark brown hair, naturally beautiful, fresh faced, petite, has assets, small/delicate facial features, youthful etc. Dakota is a giant and has no shape to her body at all it’s like a boy, she is unattractive, old looking, ugly teeth, boring personality, looks run down and tired and experienced rather than innocent, has small eyes, and this ugly short hair with bangs. They have her bangs for her large forehead but didn’t care to cover up those awful under eye bags and wrinkles? This fsog team is just as awful as Dakota is for Ana.

  17. 17
    Abby Says:

    She looks soo old and she’s very homely and her voice gets in my nerves so bad.

  18. 18
    Julianne Says:

    She kind of looks like a man. Like her dad in drag.

  19. 19
    Sara Says:

    @Katherine: She saw it as an opportunity to make her famous. She knew how big the books were and had no problem with nudity so she wanted the part before even knowing anything about the character and asked her agent about it. She only read the books after she found out a director she knew was on board. She can’t relate to Ana, she wants the fame, and everything she says about playing the character from here on out is bullshit and lies because she has NO connection to Ana and can’t make that connection. If she did she wouldn’t find Ana’s passion (literature/English) boring. She was only cast because the director and producers know her. She’s ungrateful and doesn’t deserve this role.

  20. 20
    She has got to GO! Says:

    @adilasyahriza: you mean it’s disappointing knowing the actress doesn’t like the characters major, right? Ana loves her major, it’s a huge part of who she is and what she loves, but Dakota can’t relate at all and obviously didn’t even try because she is a crappy actress and didn’t get this role because she was right for the part she got it because of who she is and who she knows.

  21. 21
    Lily Says:

    Wtf if she wearing, her clothes are ugly, she isn’t attractive, she looks about 35 if not older, and has manly features!

  22. 22
    MD Says:

    Hahaha she does look like her dad in drag. *cringes*

  23. 23
    Emily Says:

    Ok that’s enough I’m tired of seeing this girl’s ugly face everywhere. She comparable to Kristen Stewart acting wise, and always has a bored and “I’m so cool and edgy” look on her face and attitude. She’s so annoying and always has foot in mouth moments or speaks stupid things. Go smoke your cigarettes and pretend to be cool, Dakota.

  24. 24
    NOT ANA Says:

    Man. Come on, this is not what 24 years old looks like!!! This girl looks older than my 36 year old sister. She’s not a natural beauty and there is no innocence in her looks. She looks TOO OLD and TOO PLAIN for this role. Ana is small with a doll like face. She was always described as young. WTF is this??

  25. 25
    Ashley Says:

    Her mom knows the director, Dakota knew her prior also and those are the ONLY reasons she was cast. It’s pathetic. Their big mistakes here were choosing a director that picks her actors based on who she personally likes, and for allowing this girl to play Ana and not trying harder to get the right actress. It’s ruined for me. I’m sticking to the books.

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