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Jamie Dornan Demonstrates His Odd Way of Walking (Video)

Jamie Dornan Demonstrates His Odd Way of Walking (Video)

Jamie Dornan gets up and demonstrates the way he walks while appearing on The Graham Norton Show, which aired on Friday (February 28).

The 31-year-old actor revealed that he has always been told that he has an odd way of walking and he first learned how to properly walk on the set of Fifty Shades of Grey!

“I’ve always had a complex with the way I walk. I’ve not always been told I’ve got a bad walk, but someone’s always commented on my walk. It’s always been a bit like, Alright. That’s how you walk?’” Jamie said.

Not until his wife Amelia Warner taught him the proper heel to toe way of walking did he realize he wasn’t doing it right. “No one ever told me that! I was always toe-to-more-toe! Now I just apply that every day, when I’m walking around,” Jamie added.

Jamie Dornan Demonstrates His Odd Way of Walking
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  • Cany

    Oh Jamie, why you have to be so perfect?

  • Dahlz

    He kind of owned this show, easily the one who got the most attention, love him even MORE after seeing on graham norton, didnt realize he could be this funny!

  • Jane

    Fine and funny

  • Nadja

    He’s really hot, and funny , yuuum :)

  • Liz

    If the person writing this had bothered to watch the video they posted here they would know that it was his dance teacher for Fifty Shades that told him the heel-to-toe thing, not his wife.

    Jamie Dornan is adorable!

  • DeaconRed

    The “walk” bit was kinda the set piece of the show with a couple of Jamie Dornan fans tweeting they’d be called in advance to prepare for a “JD bit” and it was funny/cute and played well. I just felt in the unrehearsed bits of the rest of the chat Dornan came across a bit uncomfortable and didn’t look at all happy a few times; especially when his New Worlds clip was played. I reckon he’s gonna suffer career wise because of Fifty Shades. Reading Twitter, other sites and here it’s now all just fan love of the “cute” and “adorkable” kind. It looks like a boost for him but as he was meant to be promoting New Worlds (which isn’t getting any real mention) it’s kind of marking him out as a bit of fluff who can’t sell other non-Fifty work. Short-term hype gain but long-term career… I dunno?!?

  • laly

    Can’t wait fot The fall Season 2. He was good in it.

  • Meme

    @DeaconRed: You hit the nail on the head. I think Jamie’s quite good looking, but nothing special. I also think he’s a pretty average actor, if that.
    His American accent is dismal, hope he improved it for FSOG. I also think his fame will be fleeting, he certainly won’t gain any critical acclaim for that movie :/

  • DeaconRed

    I think it’s definitely going to be a make or break year for his career and I suppose FSOG has gifted him the expensive PR he needs to make it work. On the acting front, I’m not sure he’s got enough of the basic skills to cope with expectations there now are because of the FSOG release delay and long lead time. He has in between got to sell “Flying Blind” which looks quite poor from the trailer. Very obvious “acting” and dodgy American accent. It might be for the best that looks set to be a limited release.

    With “New Worlds” I’ve only seen the Graham Norton clip so not much to go on and his face was partially covered but he did some weird blinking twitch and over-acting sincere which didn’t bode well and the part’s necessary English accent was muffled but seemed off. Also a transcript of an interview from the screening makes him sound a bit disinterested and dim. However, I think a media push and PR focus on FSOG and his cuteness will probably cushion him from the worst… I’m hoping for the best for “New Worlds” as a whole but think he may be a weak link.

    AND “The Fall” first series was definitely compelling with some great cast, but he was patchy – creepy good in bits but not emotionally engaging or convincing when he wasn’t killing women. The hook for his part relied again on him being “hot” to look at. Graham Norton pretty much said as much.

    I think there’s likely to be a lot of style over substance media hype around him and, mainly, for a bit he’ll become flavour of the year because he’s got a look and some audience are still waiting knickers knotted for him to be their FSOG St Valentine’s. Just not sure when it does finally hit the screens that he’ll pull off concentrating on talking (American accent) and, NOW, apparently simply walking and convince beyond being the “cute” guy with “Irish brogue” who looks better with scruff and has been PR sold everywhere for 2014.

    That said (and sorry for length), part of me would still hope I’m wrong. Meh.

  • Daniel

    He really has a way of walking different, strange

  • anon

    DeaconRed: meme: I think you fail to understand the power of the written word (in this case the internet) and his legion of growing fans. Before FSOG he had a decent amount of fans, during it grew, after it grew even more and now after GNS it has jumped significantly!! I wished he hadn’t done FSOG, but he has, but fortunately he has generated great reviews for The Fall, New World had great reviews at its launch…basically Producers and directors will notice the jump in his popularity, he’s easy on the eye, a pretty damn good actor, is popular with fellow cast members and crew, has an growing legion of fans…you know producers and directors will be looking at him…thanks in part to his fans and the net??

  • DeaconRed

    @anon: I don’t thiink I’m failing to understand in that sense. Absolutely, Dornan is going to be PR buzzed everywhere this year – by Feb 2015 I expect he’ll have been hawked about on every site known to sell hype. And, yes, that brings a boost to his profile. I, and I think meme, are simply commenting that in all likelihood the boost is built on shakyish ground and so might be fairly short-lived. His other projects (and apologies – correction in my above to “Flying Home”, “Flying Blind” being another movie) are the testing ground for this year but his attachment to FSOG looks set to completely crowd those out. The supposed “significant” jump in fans on the back of GNS is 1/ probably less significant than it appears (vocal in noise less real numbers) and 2/ mainly focused on “cute”, “funny” and “dork” and setting up petitions for him to present SNL, become “People’s” Sexiest Man 2014 (probable) and smash it at the Teen Choice Awards. Producers and directors will sit up at the buzz but then struggle, as it stands, to cast him in anything other than fits that niche. And, although that market can be huge… he’s getting on a bit age-wise for it to have much lasting power for him. Universal clearly now know he’s the only FSOG pitch (the main original book fanbase aren’t so happy) and he’s attracted the teen fangirl support instead. Hence the FSOG message changing rapidly from NC-17, to maybe both that and R to the, now, “just up from Disney” placed rumours. Even the number of movies message has changed from EL James saying “three books, three movies” to definitely more than one to the latest vague “we’re starting with one… “. Now the latter ought to have been the default in the first place (never assume the box-office for a guaranteed sequel nevermind trilogy) BUT, that she’s now backtracking indicates that behind the scenes FSOG 1 is looking dodgy. Like I said, I’m still ok to be proven wrong but if the ‘new’ vocal “he’s adorable and hot” hype undermines his proving grounds of other projects will ALL FSOG focus, I reckon his career might appear rising for a while but blow itself out when he becomes a hard sell for other projects. AND, so far, my opinion only obviously, he doesn’t have the acting ability or prior body of work to overcome that. Also, now FSOG PR are involved he’s simply a commodity with limited decision-making himself. Moneywise, FSOG 1 is reported to have not been a big pay deal and his really making it big in that sense relies on back-end for sequels. All in all, everything FSOG has a lot smoke and mirrors about it and I reckon the same might be said for Jamie Dornan’s career boost diwb the line.

  • LizzieLS


    Oh, my word. What a lot of vitriol! I think that Jamie Dornan comes across as a very decent, normal guy and, judging from the acting he has done so far, shows great promise. Nearly ALL actors have highs and lows and it follows that not all plays/films/TV projects will be well received by everyone. However, some of the stuff that JD has done has been very well received by his peers, critics and fans. In “The Fall” he was really good, portraying a complex character remarkably well and has been nominated for breakout artist of the year. I have seen the trailer for “Flying Home” and had a very different response than you to what I saw. It seems to me it may be a good and interesting film. He was also in Jean Simmonds last film “Shadows in the Sun” playing a small but pivotal role and passed muster. There have been other films, mainly small indie productions, of variable quality and he has portrayed a variety of characters. Not all were good but a were probably a solid training ground for a young actor. He has not been type cast, having portrayed a wide variety of characters. I’ll bet there are quite a number of successful actors who have made some really dire films en route to success. In my view fame and fortune do not equal success and talent. I hope this man gets the opportunity to develop – he reminds me a lot of a young Colin Firth.

  • Katie

    It’s a funny clip and he has a nice personality but he is not Christian Grey. Not when you read the books and read that character described. And Dakota Is even worse for Ana than Jamie is for Christian. Jamie just lacks physically in certain ways, I know he’s a good actor. But Dakota only got this role because they couldn’t get their original choices and because she knew the director and producers! She even said she asked for an audition before she had even read the books. She’s an opportunist and a horrible dull actress that’s comparable to Kristen Stewart but worse, and she looks super old and NOTHING like Ana is described. She doesn’t even find a huge part of the character interesting. She’s undeserving and ruins it so much for me I won’t be wasting my time and money in this film and letting it taint the real thing for me. Sticking to the books!

  • Erin

    His nose is so distracting how pointy and crooked it is. I can’t. And his hair isn’t even dark copper and floppy, and he doesn’t have the piercing light gray eyes. They didn’t even give him contacts! How lazy is this team? Dakota Johnson’s nose is distracting too and she doesn’t have any of Ana’s qualities either nor did they even attempt to change parts of her for the film. Any true fan would not be okay with any this.

  • Trisha

    ELJ gave us very clear descriptions of her characters, we didn’t have to imagine them, and these 2 main actors insult that. They don’t fit what’s described of the characters at all, and these books put a lot of emphasis on their appearance. I’m so over this sh*t. The books were good, and now they’re ruining it with a half-assed film and lackluster actors that don’t physically embody anything the author wrote about.

  • Susannah

    He had me laughing out loud. He’s f–king funny, I love a man with a sense of humor. It wouldn’t be a stretch to picture him in a romantic comedy as his career takes off. He’s got a quick wit! I’ve watched him in clips of the British hit crime drama, The Fall, and Once Upon a Time her in the U.S. There’s no question he has serious acting talent. He’s very intense and mysterious. If he can get into such a dark, demented character like Paul Spector, I’m sure Christian Grey will be as easy as slipping into those sexy Calvin Kleins he rocked in his modeling career. Can’t speak for other women, but he’s certainly “my” Christian Grey. Is it Christmas, yet? Just weeks away from February, 2015! YES!!!

  • Amie

    That was funny but that doesn’t make him Christian Grey. Lots of people are funny and have good personalities out there. He doesn’t do anything for me otherwise. Don’t find him physically attractive, and Dakota and nearly the entire cast is just as ill-fitting for the film. Won’t be watching this movie.

  • Heba

    I respect your point, but i think it’s not right tho .. especially when it comes to JD after FSoG… it gonna be temporary buzz …etc!
    I mean seriously, If a movie as crap as Twilight and Actress “below average” as Kristen Steward or Actor as cold as Robert Paterson can make it thought success and be one of the “hottest” in Hollywood … Then, I’m sure that Jamie is the man for it since he has good acceptance by ppl, critics and media support all around him…

    I wasn’t happy about JD being identified as FSoG Man … But he did the right thing … He’s marketing himself .. All actors did that in the beginning of there career..lotta them made movies that they r not proud of now ..

    You said that JD is average actor … I don’t really agree,but my opinion doesn’t matter compared to critic’s. But,again, All first line actors were average and there’s something called Experience.. He just need a chance .. His character in The Fall, you saw it as “patchy ” .. Well,I didn’t really expect they expose all aspects of his character in the 1st season(same goes for Stella) ..Personally, it wouldn’t interest me to watch the 2nd season if it happened .. It would be another series about a police trying to catch a serial killer O.o

    My point is, Jamie has charismatic character .. He’s smart enough to know what he wants and what’s his goal he’s not waste of time nor effort after all :)

  • http://facebook rome0219

    No body really look like the ppl in FSOG that’s why its fiction, however Jamie Dornan can acted, he just needs a chance I also watched him in the fall and i think he’s pretty good, not at all “PATCHY”.