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Joan Rivers Gets Attacked with Cake at QVC Red Carpet Event!

Joan Rivers Gets Attacked with Cake at QVC Red Carpet Event!

Joan Rivers is all covered in cake while leaving the QVC Red Carpet Style event on Friday evening (February 28) in Los Angeles.

The legendary comedian was in attendance to help global multimedia retailer QVC celebrate red carpet style at their fifth annual live-broadcast event on the channel.

Joan was seen running through the event covered in the confectionery treat before making a swift exit through the Four Seasons lobby.

It’s still not clear what happened or who did it, but stay tuned because we will update you on everything as the news comes!

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joan rivers gets attacked with cake at gvc red carpet event 01
joan rivers gets attacked with cake at gvc red carpet event 02
joan rivers gets attacked with cake at gvc red carpet event 03
joan rivers gets attacked with cake at gvc red carpet event 04
joan rivers gets attacked with cake at gvc red carpet event 05

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  • Jenn

    Good for the cake thrower.

  • Cassie

    I am not a Kardashian fan by any stretch of the imagination, but this woman crossed the line when she made fun of Kim’s baby. So maybe this was her (here it comes) just desserts. ;)

  • tee

    watched a documentary about Johnny Carson and did not recognize this woman at all. the only way you could know she’s old is by her physicality, and you gotta give it to her– she could be 100, who knows.

  • Yeah

    This is the best she’s looked in a while. She’s so vile.

  • TML


  • YAY!

    hahahah she deserves that!!! she’s a disgusting human being!!!

  • Sydney

    Considering all the people she has to have offended, I’m surprised something like this has happened before now.

  • Wha

    hahaha what in the world happened? i actually feel bad for her!

  • Sydney

    @Sydney: Oops – I meant to say I am surprised that something like this has NOT happened before now.

  • Katie

    No one deserves it more, nasty mean creature.
    Her face is stuffed with fillers and her lips looks like a v agina that just delivered a 9pound baby.

  • Aylees

    Good it’s about time someone did something to the old bag yayyyyy !!!!

  • Living in a box

    Ms,Rivers, You have something on your face.

  • kaypy centeno
  • Thats so stupid

    OMG even if she deserves it. Its so uncalled for to humilate somebody like that. Just because she is trashy doesnt mean people should be this trashy too.

  • Beaumont

    Why do people do things like that ?
    Hating someone or not, you should not do that to anyone.

  • Verity


  • Rhen Callinan

    This is absolutely disgusting!!!!!!! Regardless of what she says about people or does no one deserves this. Especially an elderly woman, I honestly would of loved to be there I would of knocked out whoever did that

  • Liz

    This is not okay.

  • lr

    She’ll find a way to cash in on it. Nasty ugly b*tch! I only wish her what she has coming for all the evil she spews out.

  • Funny!

    Hahahahahah! Who cares?? Joan´s comments hummiliated others artists,your familys,your job´s! She is a very rude old lady,good for the cake thrower.More pies ,please!!

  • Funny!

    I hope have more pies!!!

  • neer

    I wonder if Chelsea Handler would also experience what Joan River had… being humiliated in such a matter…considering that Chelsea also humiliated a lot of celebrities in her show.

  • neer

    I wonder if Chelsea Handler would also suffer the same fate as that of Joan Rivers, being humiliated in public in such a manner, considering they have the same offensive tongue & also has penchant to humiliate many celebrities as well.

  • neer

    sorry for the double post… i thought the first one didn’t get through.

  • Botoxgranny

    Bwahahahahahaha that is KARMA OLD BOTOX!!!


    I’m surprised it wasn’t more than cake she was hit with! Her remarks are sometimes very hurtful….maybe people are tired of that kind of humor!


    Surprised it was only cake!

  • Scary biootch

    It’s not cake, it’s the cosmetic fillers leaking from her pores. Someone get a syringe and refill her before her skin sags down her neck!

  • Oh no!

    I bet it was one of Jennifer Aniston’s fans!!

  • It’s A Good Thing

    Hope she comes out swinging even harder, and she will, at the spoiled sell-out moronic stars of Hollyweird, and further offends their low IQ subhuman drooling fans. She must be doing something right…lol

  • jenny scott

    just as Adam responded I cannot believe that a person can profit $5443 in a few weeks on the internet . see post >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Joam

    lol so funny

  • LOL

    I actually feel bad for her. No one deserves this. Not even Miley Cyrus or Kristen Stewart.

  • Hot Dumb Italian Mike!

    I love Joan she says what she thinls no matter how offensive. Everyone has become so politically correct, its refreshing to see!

  • Najah

    This bag of bones deserves it. She’s lucky it was only cake IMO. THE STUFF SHE SAYS, She’s lucky it wasn’t pepper spray. I hope her twin sister Guliana Rancid is next, then the rest of her “fashion” staff. 4 non credible ugly people sitting around talking about what people wear?? Bitchy bitchy bitchy.

  • Cleopatra

    Should have been a brick tbh.

  • Cristina

    Poor cake . :/

  • Mike

    It’s fake/stunt hmm no one saw it happen? its funny looking at the pictures and how the cake is perfectly place and her hair is not out of place. She has a need to stay relevant desperately

  • Tim

    @Katie: And YOU are calling HER nasty? Pot, meet kettle.

  • Olias

    @Cassie: Kim and Kanye both act horrible to people and even make fun of them too. I think they got what they deserved when Joan called that baby ugly. I am sorry but it is an ugly baby. They act like that baby is up there with the Royals or something. Its not.
    Joan and Chelsea are comdiens. You know what kind of humor they sell to people. I know lots of people here don’t like Chelsea just because she makes fun of your god Angelina but she has said the same things about lots of other celebs. People don’t like it when these two mock their favorites. That’s all.

  • Brendan

    bwahahahahahahahahaha that big plastic surgery, bitch had it coming

  • Torry

    She wears it well,, LMAO!!!!!!!

  • mom50

    She can be really funny sometimes but she can also be mean and nasty. This is funny

  • Mango

    How about Ban Uber for the Awards !

  • dan


  • Caramel96

    One of the best laughs I have had all day.

  • Mer

    Joan u r a funny lady

  • David Gibbs

    GOOD! Joan Rivers has been mean as hell for 40+ years. More people should throw cake at her.

  • Darian

    @lr: you must be a weak woman; only woman will slam other women for their Los ;)

  • Corey Mondello

    It was staged u idiots. Joan is the reason why trash like those she talks about are famous!!