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Cate Blanchett WINS Best Actress at Oscars 2014!

Cate Blanchett WINS Best Actress at Oscars 2014!

Cate Blanchett has officially swept awards season with yet another win for Best Actress at the 2014 Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday (March 2) in Hollywood.

The 44-year-old actress was nominated at every award show across the board this season for her work as a slightly nutty woman in Blue Jasmine.

Cate went up against Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Sandra Bullock, and Judi Dench.

“Sit down, you’re too old to be standing!” Cate said in her acceptance speech.

Congratulations to Cate on the huge honor!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Cate Blanchett winning the Best Actress award??

Cate Blanchett Acceptance Speech
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  • AMEN!

    she deserved the win. Su&k it Mia Farrow for trying to guilt people into not support her since she had nothing to do with your drama!

  • ron

    congratulations to the great cate!!! a well deserved win for a brilliant actress.

  • Sol

    I bet all Hollywood pedophiles and child molester are celebrating now. Way to make some classy friends Cate.

  • Snow White

    I’ve seen all the other performances except for Meryl’s. This film did not deserve to win. It was a horribly exploitative take on a woman with a mental illness. Cate is a good actress in many roles but this wasn’t even her finest. Judi, Amy, or Sandra would have been better choices.

  • Lola


  • http://adzilri adzilri

    as everyone has expected..;D

  • http://verysexy,sexy!! sharyllee


  • Rae

    wanted to watch Jasmine, turned it off after 20 min. could not stand that charactor. Double blah!

  • Cates The Best!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! To the wonderful Cate B! ..Love you , I knew you would win Best Actress. You deserve it!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    She deserved!

  • Sarah

    @Snow White: So do you really think that Amy Adams should win instead of Cate? REALLY? she did nothing in that film to deserve to win, actually she not even deserved her nomination!

  • Sophia

    Woody’s films aren’t for everyone, I love Cate. She’s such a good actress and so nice. I loved her speech, what she said about women films actually making money was brilliant. GO CATE!

  • Kate

    I’m so happy for her!
    She finally got her standing ovation at the Oscars!

  • JM

    Did she totally diss Sandra Bullock and make her cry? She made that quip about Sandra Bullock’s performance and everyone kinda laughed like “oh no she didn’t” and then when Cate was walking away, the camera cut to Sandra and it looked like she was crying. LOL.

  • Donna Boyes

    It sure looked that way to me but I can’t find anything about it. I hope we’re wrong.

  • Someone Smart

    Sandra deserved to win this after Gravity…honestly I was shocked that she didn’t win.

    Oh well.

  • Jane


    Are you a moron? because that’s the only explanation for such an idiotic deduction. She’s friends with all those gals. She had tears in her eyes, like Amy did, because they were happy for her. She was joking, just like she was with Julia Roberts (who wasn’t even in her category). Btw, just in case you misinterpret that too, the Julia joke had to do with something they were talking about at the bar before her category came up.

  • Guest

    @Someone Smart:

    Only someone who doesn’t watch awards, and didn’t watch Blue Jasmine, would be shocked Bullock didn’t win. Just to award you one fact, of many,, Cate Blanchett’s is the most awarded performance – she won everything.
    How about you go watch films that aren’t blockbusters with stars that make $70 million from them?

  • jerry

    I also have watched all 5 actress performance.

    Blue Jasmine is an overrated film like Gravity was.

    Of the 5 actress. Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett was the bottom 2. Cate over acts and does not make me as an audience get involved.

    Sandra Bullock on the other hand is stiff and I can’t stand her acting. The only movie that she did well was blind side, which fits her character.

    I have no problem with Amy, Judy, or Meryl. They gave performances that drawn the audience in.

    This was bad choice. No other way to describe. Same with 12 years as slave. A political correct movie but not a movie that deserve an oscar.

  • jerry


    I am not sure which film you really watched.

    Amy Adam’s performance was way better than Cate Blanchett. Amy made that her character alive. Her exchange with Christian Bale during the break down without make up was classic. And she was able to turn around and seduce Bradley Cooper on the counter top.

    Cate Blanchett was simply playing a social disorder woman. She was no better than Sandra Bullock. Cate over acted. Simple as that.

  • Trin

    Yes ! Cate was amazing ! She is the best Actress in the world. Her performance was extraordinary. She deserves all prizes. I loved her dress !

  • Glen

    Cate Blanchett is now a 2 time Oscar winner. So well deserved! The biggest loser turned out to be the Farrows. But what comes around, goes around.

  • Yay Cate!

    Everybody has an opinion, that’s for sure. But when people win, why not just congratulate them? Realize that not everybody agrees with you. When someone wins, they should get nothing but “good stuff” from all you negative folks. How would you feel to read that you didn’t deserve your Oscar? I saw both films, and Cate is just amazing. Sandra’s character (IMO) did not show a lot of range, but Cate became the character. All her little facial expressions, body language and way of talking were incredible and you couldn’t even tell she was acting. She was so natural. I’m not surprised nor angry that she won.

  • Warren

    I’d kiss Cate’s hot winner’s lips. What a sexy woman!

  • moonglow

    @Donna Boyes:

    That was my take on Blanchett’s barb hurled at Sandra Bullock. Bad form!

  • JM


    Wow, overreact much? I was just making an observation, and I was half joking. Considering others in this post thought the same thing, it wasn’t JUST me. Simmer down.

  • Lucy

    @jerry: Amy Adams was better than Blanchett? in an alternative reality maybe! lol she was the weakest among the nominees! she only got a nod because the Academy members are her fanboys and nominate her for every crap she makes!
    Cate was great, deal with it!

  • isblings

    Sandra has always been my girl..dunno why she didn’t win this time,she woulda,though but I guess Lord knows why..

  • Deborah

    @JM: Why the LOL?

  • Deborah

    @jerry: If Sandra is so bad then why has she been awarded an Oscar? Think about that one!

  • Diane

    I am surprised more comments have not been made about Cate’s comment about Sandra performance in Gravity as a diss. I have only seen clips of these performances. But, I love Sandra in so many movies. Sandra has become a great dramatic actress and can do comedy too. I thought Cate was SO amazing as Elizabeth years ago and is good in everything I have seen her in. Sandra seemed taken aback by the diss though. I thought Cate’s speech was a bit self indulgent, but that appears to be her personality. She is a good actress in any case.

  • NYC

    You have to live in NYC with the crazy B!TChE$ here to “get” this movie and how brilliant Cate Blanchett’s acting is in this film. Woody Allen nailed it. Women like her character are a dime a dozen here and they are all miserable! They also deserve their misery with their UES “Hermes” belt etc etc and their bratty kids. It’s even worse than the film depicts.
    Bravo Cate. I knew she would win.
    ps They don’t take out the trash or wash the side walks down, G-d forbid!

  • commonsense

    @Guest: Facepalm….. it has nothing to do with how much the film makes. It does however have to do with carrying the weight of a film entirely on your shoulders which Sandra did with Gravity. Woody Allen films have always been the academy’s cop out regardless of weather or not it was a good one, and in this case it was mediocre. In this case I feel Sandra would have been the better choice of the two. Regardless of the subject matter (the acedemy has always frowned upon anything sci-fi related), Gravity was a tour de force.

  • MoonDragn

    You wanna talk about overacting. Meryl had the most overacted performance ever. After a while you just wanted to shut her off for the rest of the movie. August Osage county was not a movie I wanted to see ever again. It was awful.

  • Trish

    Cate is indeed talented but I think she is full of herself, always has been and always will be. I did not appreciate her comment to Sandra Bullock, which makes me like Blanchett even less. Sally Hawkins, the supporting actress nominee for Blue Jasmine, is a superb and humble actress, who sang the praises of Cate Blanchett but Ms I Think I’m All that mentioned Sally’s name but once, if not that!

  • LYoung

    @Trish: Cate mentioned, and acknowledged with effusive praise, Sally Hawkins at every single awards show for which she won an award. Sally also accompanied Cate and her husband to the Oscars. If you are going to speak – try speaking only when you have the facts. Also, Cate did not insult Sandra Bullock. She praised her for her acting and the movie. Watch the entire speech again. This is nothing but sour grapes by Sandra and Amy fans. But I guess all of you know much more about acting and what constitutes a great performance than all of Cate’s peers.

  • DanaG.

    Agreed 100%

  • DanaG.

    But Damn, what kind of financial downfall behind the scenes are you in, after all the good movies Cate has done, to agree to do a Woody Allen movie unless he selected her for the part and there is some Unspoken backlash that goes on in Hollywood when you Refuse/Decline an offer from Woody Allen that has not been brought to light yet.

  • jerry mac

    I like Cate very much. I used to be in awe of her and had her up there with all the greats until she made Elizabeth and The Rings Trilogy. Good to see her back actually acting and not just making big money movies but I thought she’d lost her magic and was overacting. the actress who played her sister…she was brilliant. Sandra Bullock deserved the Oscar. Her performance in Gravity was genius and did not fail for a moment to convince.

  • jerry mac

    ooops, I forgot to say that when it comes to acting Meryl Streep in Orange Osage County beats even our Sandra. She should have got two oscars for that one. She was astounding !

  • Peter

    Cate said in her speech, “I could watch Sandra till the end of time, and I almost thought i did.” It’s her honest opinion of the film. Sandra was very convincing in Gravity, but the movie was a bit tedious. Cate was spectacular in Blue Jasmine, though.

  • Disagree

    @jerry mac: Cate was fabulous in Lord of the Rings! I loved the way she was so soft-spoken, elegant and almost dreamy in that movie. Her voice, her gaze… wow! Best choice for the role by far! And LOTR trilogy is a classic.