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Katie Holmes: New York Has Been Very Good to Suri & Me!

Katie Holmes: New York Has Been Very Good to Suri & Me!

Katie Holmes takes a sip out of her coffee after picking up morning brew for two on Friday (February 28) at her local Starbucks in New York City.

The 35-year-old actress recently chatted with People about living in New York City with her seven-year-old daughter for the past year and a half.

“New York has been very good to both of us,” Katie said. “I love the theater, the galleries in my neighborhood. Stuff [like] that is so much of what makes me love this city. I love the Knicks. I love talking to my neighbors in the elevator. I like feeling a part of something big.”

25+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes getting her morning coffee…

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katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 01
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 02
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 03
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 04
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 05
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 06
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 07
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 08
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 09
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 10
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 11
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 12
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 13
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 14
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 15
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 16
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 17
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 18
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 19
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 20
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 21
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 22
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 23
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 24
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 25
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 26
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 27
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 28
katie holmes new york has been very good to suri me 29

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  • renata

    Stop exploiting your daughter! Let her enjoy her privacy as a happy kid should be. Nasty mother you are creating a monster adult. The only thing you do well is sending that girl to school.

  • Magen

    AWW SHOCK! Popeye is dating again. lol. It was reported on US mag. that she’s been seen at resturants with her new boyfriend. And now early morning coffee for two, LOOKS LIKE SHE GOT SOME PENETRATION. Ha ha, another meal on the way? Watch out, girl is good at getting KNOCKED UP. Dude, hope you keep you “hat” on. Good luck and good riddance to all.

  • KHo the train wreck

    Yeah, now that she cannot pimp out the Surly Suri, she’s reduced to bringing her meal ticket up each time she opens her mouth.
    Very amusing. This no talent gold-digger pimp mama used to has Suri’s as her prop on the street, later she’s left with Suri’s props, now she can put Suri’s name on her lips, next to the cold sores!


  • dunce

    “STUFF LIKE THAT”…….you need to enroll at NYU and get yourself educated

  • Missy

    @Renata,, Wow you sound like a nasty piece of work. Your parents are the ones who apparently created a monster.

    @Kho She didn’t even mention Suri’s name! Learn to read. All she said was that NY has been good to both of us. Then she talked about her own life. Even if she did, who cares? Celebrities (as well as regular folks) talk about their children. If anything, Katie has barely said anything about Suri’s life since the divorce.
    SMH at the ridiculous comments.

  • wtf

    Magan, I would love her to be with a new guy so people can stop talking about Tom but this isn’t early morning. It says it was Friday and it looks like afternoon.
    Coffee could be for anyone. Maybe even Suri since she wears the pants ;)
    I agree with #3 it’s funny as He11 that she can’t pimp the meal ticket that much anymore (other sites aren’t all following the same rule so might see some in other places).
    I would laugh so hard if someone asked her about this new standard of People and JJ and if she says she agrees. She was one of the worst at using her own child to get attention.

  • wtf

    I thought the same thing when I read this last week. She sounded soo stupid!
    I mean it’s like something an 18 year old says when they go to university in NYC for the first time “Wow, mom, it’s like so cool. All the shows and galleries and stuff and everyone lives right near each other”.
    People seem to forget she is THIRTY FIVE FREAKING years old and not Joey going off to college.

  • Caitlin

    The comments on here about Katie are disgusting. Why comment on a post about her If you hate her sp much. Aw yeah its because you are TROLLS.

  • Missy

    JJ and People are the only sites following the #nokids policy. There are tons of other sites including Daily Mail, US Weeky, E! that will still purchase photos of children. So, how come Suri hasn’t been seen lately if she wants to pimp her out?
    BTW, this is the same interview that was used in the last post. Jared is simply using different excerpts. If anything Jared and People should be the ones called out for using Suri’s name to get attention when the interview wasn’t about her.

  • Katie Holmes has Herpes

    Look close and you will probably see her herpes again. Usually shows up on her lips. Google it for pictures of her if you have the stomach for it.
    Girlfriend doesn’t look clean.
    New guy has that to look forward to. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  • anne

    Why so much hate for a person who does not know?
    Both were wrong. Both are used. Only innocent Suri, who since birth has been used by parents for advertising.
    Tom Cruise did not do it with the two older because they do not aroused the interest of the public and the media …. if not he would use. (Isabella and Conor they are not cute as Suri. Isabella is fat and badly dressed. Nicole should give some lessons for her elegance.

  • Dayna

    Interesting that Tom has disappeared since the divorce. He used to be everywhere for photoOps pretending to be father of the year pimping all 3 kids even the 2 that were raised privately. He is proving now that if he wanted his privacy during that marriage, he could have had it.

  • anne, why so mean?

    wow anne, I can’t believe you are being so mean to bella who is not famous in any way. If someone said those things about suri (which some did in the past and that is also mean) they would be called out.
    so what if she isn’t a beauty queen? at least she isn’t trying to be famous for nothing.
    there are pictures of them when they were little with tom and nic but when suri came along it was totally different in terms of press interest. Although both parents also pimped the kid out to promote the ‘family’ and tried to stir the press interest.
    A thread or so ago it was brought up why people are bringing Tom into it and I am not sure why you did it now either.

    @12 Hey Dayna, yes, both parents were on pimp mode during that ‘marriage’. Also add to it that Tom is not in NY now and most of the pimping they did was there or on movie set stuff. It’s easier to hide in LA if you want to but also if you don’t want to you can set up pictures.
    Tom and Katie both tried hard to sell that mismatched hysterical relationship and people just weren’t buying it.

  • anne, why so mean?

    Oh and Dayna, he isn’t on this site but he hasn’t disappeared since the divorce. The past 6 months or so he has been very quiet and who knows what he is doing but before that he was out and about alot with premiers and going to games and all kinds of crap.

    But not sure why Tom was brought into this thread about Katie in the first place.

  • Free at last!


    Wow! Listen to yourself, very mean to Bella, as if you knew her.
    Why don’t you try doing what you are preaching? Double talk? Hypocrite much?

  • Jen

    She doesn’t love the Knicks. She trying to build up hype for that stupid Spike Lee movie. He’s the number one Knicks fan. Let me guess? She and Spike will be seen at a Knicks game during the playoffs.

  • anne

    @anne, why so mean?: @Free at last!:

    Sorry. I did not offend anyone. I thought on a gossip site, people do not take seriously the opinions of others. Read the Holmes & Yang ended. sorry for Katie.

  • Snowmobile

    At least she left Tom so cut her some slack. She isnt the sharpest tool in the shed but neither are 95% of celebrities, which is why theyre a part of this industry. People are so hard on her, but her biggest crime was marrying Cruise. She didnt kill anyone – leave her alone.

  • K-FLOP – Slight Pause

    Son of No One and Jack & Jill (2011) >>>>>> The Giver (2014)


    Son of No One – “Ms. Holmes’s hysterical Kerry veers to the opposite extreme.” (NY Times)

    “There was audible laughter at the Press & Industry screening I attended on Monday. Holmes has a thankless role and the script does her no favors, especially when she’s asked to curse convincingly. I grew up watching Holmes on “Dawson Creek” in a role that seemed tailor-made for her talents. She can be good when she’s used properly, as in Doug Liman’s “Go,” but in general, the actress seems to stand out for the wrong reasons on the big screen.” (The Wrap)

    Jack & Jill – “on hand to remind the insecure guys in the audience how women in this kind of comedy are supposed to be: skinny, silent and blandly supportive of their cranky baby-men, with no discernible desires and ambitions of their own.” (NYTimes)

    “Her performance looks as if it has been Photoshopped in from some other film or some other planet.” (The Guardian)

    Hmmm, maybe The Giver will be the film to showcase K-Flop’s skills as more than just a one-dimensional actress (re: Joey Potter/Dawson’s Creek). <_<

    Looking forward to the first trailer and pre-screening reviews for The Giver.

  • Kit

    Perhaps you should look in the mirror and ask yourself the same question?

  • K-FLOP – Reference Link


    Just for those curious on K-Flop news in the Celebrity gossip realm the following link is provided as source reference –

  • nadine

    snowmobile there are many who will disagree with you that marrying Tom was not her only crime.
    That is what her stans want people to think but she has her own fair share of problems and things she needs to change.
    Not sure anyone really wants to start the TCvsKH debate again. Let it go. People that don’t like her don’t like her for who she is not because of “him”.

  • Miss I-da-ho

    Sounds like an excuse to me. So Katie’s pr team got to page 6 first to spin it that Yang was the one that wanted to be in the spotlight? That is kind of funny considering Katie’s love for pap set ups the last 8 years before and after marriage.

  • Missy

    It might be an excuse, but even Tom’s people accused Yang of leaking stories to the press. I wasn’t sure if I believed it at the time, but I wonder if it was true?

  • Miss I-da-ho

    Missy maybe but when Yang did that it was believed she was doing it for Katie so Katie was a part of that too.
    It was saying Yang was Katie’s “source”. They were friends at the time and Yang was the one that did her bidding …at least that is how the story goes.

  • anne

    @K-FLOP – Reference Link:


  • K-FLOP – Anne the K-Flop Stan

    Bitter <<<<>>> Step away from your computer and refrain from pecking on the keyboard.


  • K-FLOP – Anne the K-Flop Stan


    Bitter? I only provided a link to the Holmes & Yang demise reference in someone else’s (looking at you Anne) comment.

    You sound more salty than K-Flop and taking the H &Y demise waaaay too personal.

    As for me, it seems as though you have a lot on your plate already managing the K-Flop Brigade, so I recommend taking bite size pieces and limit your JJ visits to once a month.

    PSA for the K-Flop Stan aka Anne – Stress can lead to heart disease which has been reported as the number killer for US women.

    Cheer up Buttercup you still have The Giver to slobber all over in August.

  • brnt

    @#20 – what question??

  • Meg

    @K-FLOP – Reference Link: Did say to, of other things, to concentrate on her acting. Maybe more comedy shows…. I hear the timing is difficult. Maybe that is why J. Lawerence is doing well. And she started in comedy.

  • Cancer Smancer

    This is a cut and paste from 2 threads back about the Kohl’s campaign:

    “I wonder if katie did her research when agreeing to this campaign. Here is the ugly underbelly of it:
    Kohl’s Unwilling to Do the Right Thing
    BY Dian “CJ” Corneliussen-James
    As our supporters are aware, on Friday February 21st METAvivor contacted Kohl’s concerning it’s co-optation of METAvivor’s Elephant in the Pink Room Campaign. At that time we were told the President of Kohl’s would call by the end of the day. That did not happen. With tremendous help from many supporters, a social media campaign was launched forcing Kohl into action. On Thursday, February 27th, Kohl’s Senior Vice President of Marketing called METAvivor President Kelly Lange to talk.
    In the end, Kohl’s was only willing to add some information on metastatic breast cancer to their website. We gave them a deadline of 5 pm CST today to respond to our insistence that they also remove the images of and references to an elephant along with the words “Don’t Ignore It”, which in conjunction with their elephant co-opted METAvivor’s “Don’t Ignore Stage IV”. That deadline has now passed with no word from Kohl’s.
    METAvivor has also received a letter from Susan G. Komen’s President, Dr. Judith Solerno, but she too has shown no inclination to change the campaign. It is quite ironic that Susan G. Komen, with its well-earned reputation for vigorously defending its own brand through litigation, appears to have no compunction with regard to infringing upon the brands of others.
    As we look into legal action, we encourage our supporters to re-launch their media campaigns. For those looking for inspiration we invite you to read Gayle Sulik’s blog — The Pink White Elephant. Gayle A. Sulik, PhD is a medical sociologist and author of the book, Pink Ribbon Blues — a very revealing history of breast cancer advocacy. She is also co-founder and executive director of the newly founded Breast Cancer Consortium, a collection of international professionals committed to research and social change.”

  • annie

    You guys can say whatever you want to say, but she was well liked before 2005, and got good reviews most of the time for her acting, and even the not so good were not bad., but yes, she lost her way after 2005.
    I’m a big fan, but she has made some wrong decisions, starting with the Batman sequel, but hopefully she will take a different path now.
    I like her new agent, he’s young, and is making a name for himself, she needs people like that.
    I’m not going into her time with Tom, except to say he was the one that probably set up the photo opp in a Melbourne park, while she was filming DBAOTD, which she played quite well the role of a younger stepmother.
    As for I ndie movies, I don’t know the concept behind them, they never seem to make any money regardless of who is in them.

  • Sara

    @annie: Sorry Annie there are tons of indies that make money and make it big including Slum Dog, Mean Streets, Terminator (1), Blair Witch, little Miss Sunshine, Rocky and plenty more. Katie just manages to choose ones that fail in a spectacular financial fashion.

  • And yes H/Y is done

    Why would anyone be surprised Holmes/Yang is over? It was a totally uninspired line that cost way too much for what they charged. Barney’s, who sale racked constantly must be going thank god. Plus they hadn’t updated FB, their site or Twitter in almost 2 months. Big Clue.

  • Lainey

    Melbourne was one set up out of a million over the course of their stunt filled relationship, but regardless of who set it up she sure didn’t seem to mind doing it by the look on her face. What is the point of who set that one up? There are plenty to choice from where she either directly set things up or was a willing participant.
    If she is taking another path now she better get on it asap because she isn’t getting any younger.

  • annie

    I like how Nina Garcia puts her name to comments she makes about about Katie, not a ”source” said this and that type comment.
    Maybe it was , or wasn’t J Yang, anyway if it was, it’s not like she said anything too bad. Don’t think you would end a partnership, just because a friend said something about your ex husband, everyone is going to put their own spin on it.

  • annie

    @ Sara
    Please don’t give me a handful that made money, give the hundreds that don’t!

  • Sara

    @annie: Well Annie you made a sweeping statement that “they” never seem to make money. A lot of them do because they know their market. Google indies that made money or successful indies. Just because a movie is an indie with a low budget doesn’t mean it is an automatic fail.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Wow! Pimp mama Holmes’ fashion line ends! Bwahahahahahaha!!!
    Tommygurl’s residual payment can only goes so far!
    No talent is no talent! Money cannot buy talent! KHo is awkward! Their ‘designs’ have been very stiff, uncomfortable, dull and horrendously overly priced!
    There’s justice in the market! What’s next? That photoshop must hair products? Bwahahahahahahah!!!
    A word for Yang.
    I think Yang has been quite faithful and supportive to KHo.
    She took KHo’s side when the bearding contract ended.
    She sent her daughter out to escort Suri the meal ticket to ease her freight over the paps, which happens to be imposed on her by her pimp mommy dearest.
    She leaks news to the media as KHo’s PR requested.
    I don’t think Yang’s as fame whoring as KHo’s fame hungry at all. I only think Yang has been dumb to mistake a no talent gold digger as an ally.
    Luckily, we are all spared from the stupid dull designs and KHo’s even more stupid interviews!

  • Jasmine

    To 39
    2014 is not starting too good. Bad reviews and her line cancels. Wonder what else will happen in 14.
    The real question is will Holmes even be talked about at all in 2015 if her other releases go the same way.
    Yang? ha, someone leaked that about her so it must have been Kate’s side. Usually when a split in partnership and people are still friends they try and keep it quiet or peaceful but this gives off a vibe that things might get ugly. Maybe Yang will dish some dirt directly or indirectly??? She was around during the divorce and knows where the bodies are buried so to speak. Holmes should not say too much if she doesn’t want the same in return.

  • annie

    I’m sorry, but if you look up well known younger actresses and I ndies they don’t seem to do well. All I said was I don’t understand the concept, of making them, from a profitable point of view. Altho they are on tv a lot, I guess.

    Now , as you all know I do have a little interest in astrology, so I’m going to bring out my little crystal ball and tell you what I think is maybe happening!
    And it’s something that happens to a lot of people.
    She wants to break free, be her own person, make her own decisions, needs and wants to make changes within herself, try new things, be her own creative self, and basically let go of , letting go perhaps of old ideas how she was brought up, and things that were instilled in her.
    Really the bottom line is, she wants to break free, and create new things , maybe a new me, it’s a good time for her to do it!
    And she should, because her best is around the corner, very successful time, altho not next week or next month, but def next year!
    W’ell make a bet on it!

  • Tori

    @annie: Her fashion line, in my opinion, was dull and uninspired and over priced–way over priced for the look and quality. I also felt they had a poor business plan and no sense of marketing. I bet if they had put the line in a Macy’s type store with the prices around $75-$250 per piece they would have been successful. I also think based on how much and how quickly the line hit te sale rack that it was losing money. If katie is going to be successful next year then she better start making decisions that back up what would be perceived as a successful person. If her goal is to continue to work then she is meeting it. If she wants to be a star or win an Oscar or something ten she is making very poor choices that are not leading towards success.

  • annie

    @ Tori
    Most people want to continue working, , and be successful, in any business, especially in the movie business.
    How many are going to win Oscars, and how many successful stars have not won Oscars, and people who deserve them don’t get them, and people who don’t deserve them on occasions get them, that’s the way it goes.
    I don’t think lesser of stars that don’t win, sometimes they are more enjoyable to watch in movies. Anyway that’s my opinion!
    I’m being honest, when I tell you I liked a lot of HY clothes.Surely you don’t like what a lot of stars wear, you see it all the time here on JJ, a lot of it is awful, and all designer made, just because its Chanel or Dior, or some other big designer, doesn’t make the clothes any better or nicer.
    Where I agree with you, is , too expensive for one thing, and didn’t market it properly. Now whether Katie is going to branch out on her own, or not, who is to know, but for me, she should have modelled them in a catalogue, because whatever you might think of her acting, I think she’s a great model. Have always loved her photoshoots, from years back.
    For me that’s where she went wrong.
    I really liked the first Holmes /Y
    ang velvet and leather dress that she wore to Tropic Thunder premiere, and also she wore her clothes in C magazine , just before she left Tom.
    We all have different opinions I guess.

  • Lou Who

    Wow, so many horrible people in one place

    Wow, so many horrible people in one place. Now I just remembered why I don’t like most people. She’s already under a microscope; just live and let live.

  • Dare to be Honest

    Did anyone notice how all/most of the Oscar men attended wither their mom’s. as did Cruise? Sad but we have a lost generation of men. What’s up? Any theories?

  • mona lisa

    I don’t think Cruise went this year.
    I think its cute though that others take their mom. Better then George C who always brings the bimbo of the month with him.

  • @dare to be honest

    @Dare to be Honest: I think the oscars are such a big deal that some of the guys don’t want a woman to think they mean more to them than just a fling and inviting them to the Oscars would do it. Others are unattached and the Oscars really isn’t something you’d take a casual date to. And then several of the ones that took their mom felt that their mom was the reason for their success. That their mom worked their butts off so they could have an education, so they could dream, so they could act. Heck if my mom did all that I’d take her!

  • passerby

    Katie Holmes is a very pretty woman, Scrubbed up she becomes quite beautiful, nice eyes good bone structure lips and hair so she should stick to modelling. Unfortunately for Ms Holmes she’s not a good actress, pretending does not come easily to her. A good actor or actress can pretend on and off the screen. Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t know how to!

  • passerby

    A good actor promoting one self needs to come across as polished and self confident even when they don’t feel it. Actors and models, need to self promote themselves. When they walk on the red carpet they should feel like they own it. Jennifer Lopez has mastered this trick and the red carpet look belongs to Nicole Kidman who also has put the hours of perfecting her red carpet appearances.
    Girl next door is very pretty but does’nt work as you get older, you need another dimention to that girl in her twenties, something a little different with a little wow factor thrown in for interest. Jennifer Garner has changed her image in the last few months, she looks much more attractive and the clothes are not so damn awful.

  • ANNE

    @Suri the meal ticket: @Jasmine: