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Matthew McConaughey WINS Best Actor at Oscars 2014!

Matthew McConaughey WINS Best Actor at Oscars 2014!

Matthew McConaughey won his very first Oscar at the 2014 Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday (March 2) in Hollywood.

The 44-year-old actor took home the award for Best Actor for his impressive transformation in the film Dallas Buyers Club. Congrats, Matt!

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Matthew was nominated against 12 Years a Slave‘s Chiwetel Ejiofor, The Wolf of Wall Street‘s Leonardo DiCaprio, American Hustle‘s Christian Bale, and Nebraska‘s Bruce Dern.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Matthew McConaughey winning the award for Best Actor?

Matthew McConaughey Acceptance Speech
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  • Tiana

    All my fingers is up right now F U OSCARS F U OSCARS F U OSCARS F U OSCARS F U OSCARS F U OSCARS F U OSCARS F U OSCARS F U OSCARS F U OSCARS F U OSCARS well at least Lupita won so I’m somewhat good.

  • Wow

    For some reason I really wanted DiCaprio, I never really got on the McConaughey train. But whatever.

  • groundcontrol

    Oh good god just shut up! You fool.

  • Rae

    Allright, allright, allright

  • T

    So happy that Matthew won! Well deserved both him and Jared.

    But I did find Jennifer’s presenting a bit rude at the start, seemed to make the situation about her, “Why are you laughing?” Her one job is to present the Oscar to the winner, that’s it.

  • Xoxo

    I’m happy for me…..
    From now on I’ll be my own hero as well

  • Naylah

    I think Leonardo DiCaprio has a lot of ennemies on Hollywood, people with power…

  • mmull5

    While I’m glad DiCaprio didn’t win… the award should have went to Chiwetel Ejiofor or Bruce Dern.

  • sarah

    Leo was robbed! Wtf!! Now Mcconaughey can return to his popcorn stupid movies

  • Leokas

    it’s okay baby Leo, cry all you want, I will take care of you tonight, love Lukas

  • Amy


    I agree. I want Leo to win for Legacy of Secrecy.

  • Oscars

    no matter that they do not give oscar to dicaprio… he is still the most popular. On the official websites, is number one in the social media mention… he is still so bankable too… the academy really not like him…

  • Amber

    I would have rather it had went to Leo. But I’m happy for Matthew and loved his speech

  • lol

    ohhhhh just f**k Academy

  • lol

    fu*k those Academy shity ppl . that is it

  • steph

    How to lose a guy in 10 days, failure to launch, this guys does one good movie and wins. Meanwhile, leos done not one chick flick and receives no recognition. Such a shame

  • Ren

    I agree with you. I love Jennifer but this time she was a bit out of line. It didn’t come out funny and she made it a little too much about her

  • so

    If it was a public vote, i’am sure with all his fans that Leo will have won….

  • Aoede

    @Rae: Lol, I was thinking the same thing when he won. I was rooting for Chiwetel, who is by far the better actor, but as long as the smarmy and greasy Leonardo lost, I’m fine with it.

  • Alexandra

    I absolutely loved every single performance this year for Best Actor. I wanted Leo to win, but Matthew was brilliant talk. His speech was truly wonderful. Calm down, folks. Leo’s day will come. Alright, alright, alright?

  • so

    ohhhh Leo’s fans are not happy…. i still think even if they never give it to him he is one of the most bankable and famous actor of this generation… that you like him or not, it is a fact….

  • ellen

    It was a well deserved win. Might be his one and only so good for him.

  • Anabelle

    Leo deserved that oscar man.

  • Ha

    I wanted Chiwetel to win. But it’s alright. I didn’t want Leo to win. His head’s big enough

  • That’s Right

    Congratulations Matthew! ! You deserved every blessing that has come your way this award season. I look forward to more wonderful work from you in the future. Great speech tonight.

    It was some tough competition and every nominee was excellent in their respective roles.

  • Acidtongue

    Wooderson wins an Oscar. Further proof of the great sham that is the Oscars.

  • Roberta

    I really don’t think Matthew should have won. He did a good job on the movie, but was it oscar worthy? Award the oscar just because he had a bit transformation seems a little too much for me. Since when losing weight will get you an academy award?

  • Isa

    Congrats to him ! He’s a great actor !

  • vgdfgd

    who the F cares if Leo’s fangirls have him as “like omg most popular”. Leo is my NUMBER 1 favorite actor of all time!!!!! BUT Matthew in DBC was THE BETTER ACTOR by far!!!! its about the solo performance, not the “whole career”. I watched both Wolf of Wall Street and Dalls Buyers the same day…and knew…DBC had the better acting between Jared/Matt vs. Leo/Jonah. Not to write the latter off but….Matt/Jared were total stars! suck it!

  • Mileni

    Fantastic Speech, so happy Matthew won, he did an terrific performance, his mom is gorgeous found her here

  • amcv

    He was thrilling and awe inducing in DBC. congrats!. Ive loved him and have been waiting for his phenomenal talent to be recognized since A time to kill.

  • I’ve Always Loved Him!

    And I never fantasized about McConaughey the way some of you gals fantasize about men like Pitt and Leto. There has always been a good quality about him that I sensed early on in his career. Even with his bad movies, it didn’t matter because he’s a great human being. His speech tonight gets an A+, along with Lupita’s and Jared Leto’s. Those 3 speeches were the very best of the evening. Continued best wishes and blessings to McConaughey and his lovely family!

  • puravik

    Poor Leonardo ;) Another loss ;)
    But Matthew deserved this win, so Congratulations!!!

  • Ron

    King of Slay! Alright, alright, alright!!

  • HMinogue

    Leo got robbed!

  • Dv8

    I wish they could have given away two oscars :( I haven’t seen Dallas Buyers Club but Matthew’s transformation was pretty amazing but still LEONARDO DICAPRIO! UGH he gives brilliant after brilliant performance! Each time! Such a shame, he’s going to be 80 by the time he gets his oscar.

  • Laughing out Loud

    @Dv8: I think Leo needs to stop chasing so many females’ TAILS, make an honest woman of just one, have a couple of kids, and start doing more for others.. and then maybe… just maybe, he will have more fans in film land who will vote for him. You look at his roles and say, “Wow,” but then his hedonistic bed-hopping lifestyle just puts a bad taste in your mouth. It cancels everything good out.

  • alexandrina

    gratz… i like him..
    if leo won the oscar, his meme wouldn’t be funny anymore..

  • Racist?

    I heard he used a racial slur on Rosie O’Donnell… I hope not. I kind of liked him.

  • 38cords

    He didn’t win because of the transformation, he won because of acting skills. If that was the case bale should have won for hustle.

  • whatever….

    @Racist?: Big deal if he did. Petty stuff. Don’t be angry and “search” for an excuse to dislike him. Be happy for all the winners. It’s a major moment in their lives.

  • Mi

    Omg…Mattew is so overrated.He isnt’t great actor at all

  • SallyMJ

    That was a fabulous speech. Perfect. Humble, thankful, appreciative.

    Even Toastmasters would approve, since it had three main points and was under 4 minutes.

  • Luv

    @Mi: No actor seems to be great ALL of the time. Still great tho.

  • different

    he deserved it, he was strong and fragile in his performance!!!! people are envious, but who cares he was great and the movie was wonderful congrats!!!

  • focusforfun

    Wow. That was SO MUCH BETTER than finding out he is on heroine. Haters take note.

  • I’ll try

    @whatever….: I didn’t search out a reason to dislike him… it just came up in a recent conversation about him that used a racial slur on the Rosie show. I was disappointed is all. I hope he’s not prejudiced against certain races. I truly do. I would love to give him a sincere congrats, but I’m unsure about him.


    Handsome dude, that Matthew. I couldn’t stand him before he was an Oscar winner, still can’t stand him now that he is. Honey, do you know where my “SURFER, DUDE” DVD is?