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Michael Fassbender Takes His Mom to the Oscars 2014

Michael Fassbender Takes His Mom to the Oscars 2014

Michael Fassbender walks the red carpet with his mom Adele at the 2014 Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday (March 2) in Hollywood.

The 36-year-old actor was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for his work in 12 Years a Slave, but he lost to Dallas Buyers Club‘s Jared Leto.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Michael Fassbender

Other nominees in the category included Bradley Cooper for American Hustle, Barkhad Abdi for Captain Phillips, and Jonah Hill for The Wolf of Wall Street.

FYI: Michael is wearing Tom Ford.

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  • A.W.O.L

    I guess the girlfriend is going to the after parties?
    Come on guys, I’m trying here lol!

  • Lupi

    I want his babies!!!!

  • Anon

    He and his mom look around the same age.

  • Lucy

    he is so hot

  • Argent

    He looks good. I think he’s happy no matter what. He’ll be looking for his next gf since he’s single now. Maybe that’s why Zoe showed up at the Spirits last night. Maybe she was looking to reconnect?

  • katie

    such an ugly woman…she looks like a man … at least she looks younger than her son

  • Lisa

    @Argent: Is he not dating Madalina anymore?

  • Sarah

    @Lisa: I don’t think he was dating Madalina! Fu*cking is the right word!

  • ?

    @Sarah: “date”
    i wouldn’t be that confident..

  • workworkwork

    where was his work work work romanian prostitute gf? famewhore is dying to walk on red carpet LOL!!

  • blahhhh

    His date at Oscars was his mother.

  • Sam

    @katie: why speak like that about her? She is not à star but seems to Be a lovely mother. I do not know how some will look at her age on the red carpet in front of thousands caméras and when it is not your business. She just does not deserve that comment

  • and no one cared

    wow. so more people know he’s dating madalina and no one really cares. who would have thought that hollywood had more important things to deal with. questionable partners are the norm in this crazy town.
    get over it.
    no one but obsessive female fans care that he’s dating madalina.
    it’s his life.
    his choices.
    the 9000+ comments are from a handful of posters (and I’m being generous) and it’s not an indication of how the general public feels.
    oh, no wait, everyone will tell me that he’s being blackmailed, that he’s losing his mind, that his life and career are over.
    all i’m seeing is a handful of fans who are losing touch with reality.
    they are two good looking people trying to make something work.
    let them be.
    and before anyone says that she’s ugly, well, michael doesn’t seem to think so…

  • Agreed!

    @and no one cared: Good post and I agree with every word. Madalina Ghenea is a stunner and if they are together, good for them. I don’t think any of us normal people care one way or the other who he sees. Only the crazies seem full of hate toward her.

  • Ok

    Must be very important for some people to come here and tell the other posters how crazy they are,and of course always have to mention how wonderful MG is. *rolleyes*.

  • Lola

    I liked her dress. Was not too keen on the butterflies, but the design is great.

    In terms of SWSNBN, Love the fact that still people write that all that have commented is because there is jealousy involved, LOL! The reality is that the man can not carry a film on his own. Time will tell if he ever will be able too.

  • Lola

    What is it with the PR Ladies!

    Made a comment on the other tread about a woman that was in a low cut black dress (imho) not age appropriate, and she was with Benedict C. I saw her siting with him too. Now I see Fassbender’s PR Lady…. I thought they were supposed to dress down, as in not only in black but also with a non descriptive dress as not to take away from the client?!?! Kinda lost here.

  • Agreed!

    @Ok: Duh, if you’ll read my post I didn’t say a word about MG being “wonderful”. I simply said she was a stunner, meaning she looks good. I don’t know her personally so can’t comment on what kind of person she is. But apparently YOU know her personally, do you? Of course you don’t. You just hate her because you’re crazy and stupid.

  • Laura

    It´s amazing the Racism Americans suffer from. I see some comments here and I can´t believe it. If a girl is Romanian doesn´t mean she´s a prostitute, a beautiful girl and a model trying to be an actress. American women in Holywood are not saints, either. Demi Moore got into half Holywood´s beds before getting married to Bruce Willis. Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, as well has been dating half Holywood, stole Tom Cruise from Nicole, and got famous mostly for dating famous people like: Mathew McConaughey, Matt Damon and many others. And let´s not count all the boyfriends and affairs of Jolie while she was a drug addict. You people, should be more objective, if not we will end up again like in 12 years of slavery. Just because someone has a distinct nationality or skin color doesn´t mean they´re thiefs or prostitutes. That´s why the US still has interracial problems, because of their lack of empathy. Excuse my spelling, I´m not a native. Hookers and other bad kinds are in every nation, sometimes we should look in our own garden.

  • Ok

    @Agreed!: Wow, thank god you’re so nice and intelligent ;-)

  • lol

    I can not believe, again jumping off the defenders of Madalina. Poor Fassy, this woman is really a leech LOL

  • Agreed!

    @Laura: Excuse me, DUMBO, but “Romanian” isn’t a race. What’s race got to do with their hatred of MG? They hate her because she’s beautiful and she was loved by Fassy. It’s got nothing at all to do with race.

    You sound crazy and stupid, too.

  • suki put the kettle on

    @?: ? yeah because People is such a reliable source of information, the date may have been a woman he was hitting on in the bar but People aka Kneepads wouldn’t post that.

  • lol

    @and no one cared: LOL
    9000 comments that proves who Madalina Ghenea is. Surely 9000 written comments only by a few. LOL The fact that Hollywood does not take this into account…then we’ll see about in a few months when you have to say goodbye to the career of Fassy.

    “they are two good looking people trying to make something work.
    let them be.
    and before anyone says that she’s ugly, well, michael doesn’t seem to think so…”

    This then, LOL You’re the little friend of Madalina? LOL

  • Oscar

    And the Oscar for defending MG and insulting other posters goes to…..Agreed!.

  • Agreed!

    @Oscar: And the Oscar for completely missing the point goes to……..Oscar!

    Another crazy and stupid poster, of course.

  • Oscar

    @Agreed!: Then why to you talk to us crazy and stupid people? Makes you look crazy and stupid, too

  • M&M’s

    @Agreed!: people are cynical of a lingerie model who by dating 5 actors in the space of two years started to get movie deals. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out why she has had the exposure she has had since bedding half of Hollywood. she can’t act to save her life, that is another problem. Some may be jealous of her but most are disgusted by a woman who lies continuously about her year of birth, the obvious cosmetic surgery she’s had, the men she has obviously dated, her ‘talents’(she cannot speak 5 languages, she cannot play piano, she cannot dance) this has all been proven. she did reveal michael fassbenders home and filming location on purpose on Instagram and then lied about it.

    I defended this woman on a previous discussion about her on justjared, (Michael fassbender holds hands with madalina ghenea article) but I witness the whole instagram drama whilst it was happening and was really shocked to discover this woman is a massive attention seeker. She was beautiful to me until I saw photos of her from before she had cosmetic surgery (breast enhancement, lip implant, face fillers) I’ve seen photos of her flat chested on her Bellazon thread. There are photos of her all over the web where she clearly has no top lip to speak of. Lots of stars do this and lie but her change in appearance is so obvious that it’s ridiculous to even deny she has had work done. I found her denial of ANY cosmetic work pretty sick as she said “to say i have had cosmetic work done is an insult to my mother” I’m sorry but that’s ridiculous, she clearly is a product of cosmetic surgery and to bring her mother into her denial is an insullt to her mother and everyone she expected to believe it.

    I don’t think she used to be a man and I don’t know if she was an escort, as some are saying, but I do know she has dated a lot of actors in a short space of time, one after the other. And she has very obviously had cosmetic work done. All her best features are fake. I can’t defend that. Even her year of birth is fake, she was not born in 1988, she has even admitted this in an article, she said her management urged her to change it to make all 8′s as it’s lucky and she’s a fan of numerology. It’s in black and white. But I guess now she is declaring she was actually born in 88. Too much fakery and too many lies about madalina ghenea. It’s hard to keep liking her.

    Bottom line is, all her most interesting and best features are completely fake. So once you take them away you are left with nothing.

    Taking the public for idiots will always be done, but to this extent it’s insulting and that’s why people don’t like madalina ghenea.

  • Agreed!

    @Oscar: Weren’t you wearing electric blue pj’s last night at the Oscars? I thought so…sad.

  • Fact

    @and no one cared:

    The dude is ashamed of her and has hidden her and also curtailed her freedom of social media expression, to the point she posts that she is in differnt countriees when she is not to please him…that is absolute whack man!
    He may like the way she looks/ looked but the other stuff is suspect and does not indicate that they are in some happy romance.
    If your going to defend her, at least defend her liberty and the disrespectful treatment she gets as being part of this supposed pairing, that is relevant!

  • Argent

    Any bets on whether Michael made it home from the parties yet? Hope he’s having a great time wherever he is.

  • Realrhiannan

    @Agreed!: Let us excuse, as no point was made.

    You are p,issing in the ocean. The reputation madalina ghenea has is her own doing. No one made her date all these men, no one falsed those fake t,itties in her chest. No one makes her lie. Defending her is a losing battle because, before you know it, she’s fcking up again. You’re on a losing team. Team of one. But I understand, it’s your job.

  • Flock

    @Agreed!: Weren’t you being briefed on how to divert bad talk about madalina last night? Thought so, sad.

    I hope you’re getting above minimum wage.

  • lol

    So, I took a look a little at videos of the awards ceremony . Being in Europe yesterday I was sleeping LOL. So: Fassy is absolutely restless, could not be quiet , just like at the Baftas I have not seen phones, such as the Baftas, but his discomfort was visible. Many twitter read , I believe in who say that he went to the bar to drink one shot of vodka. Not necessarily with his girlfriend , it seems to me that the guy can normally ask to a colleague or acquaintance to go to drink something without necessarily second intentions. And I believe in the clear description of Fassy at the Weinstein party, drinking and smoking. It ‘s a matter of fact, he has problems with alcohol . And yellow teeth and skin as well ruined indicate that he is smoking much more than usual during this period. The presence of his sister, father or mother indicate that they know they have to be near him, to prevent some other senseless behaviour . All this is obvious and do not need a crystal ball to see it. About the reasons, I have already said several times my opinion.
    Fassy is not well and that he fills this void with alcohol , cigarettes, or wild nights does not count. He doesn’t feel good and the beautiful phrase of Lupita : ” you’re my rock ,” indicates that there is an awareness of the bad time that he is passing and the attempt to give him some energy . Lupita told several times , the incredible generosity of Fassbender as an actor. And likely that when acts Fassbender is consumed literally . It must be truly an honor and an incredible experience acting with him.
    The talent, the genius, is something that you have and that does not disappear. One can get lost in his lifetime, but that is a gift that will always remain. So, I think that sooner or later he will shine again, and the damage would be only a little stain. I hope so.

  • Tommybaby

    @Fact: He’s in control. He is using her and knows what he’s doing. Look how mg follows him around and puts up with being ‘grounded’ online. It’s because he realised she was revealing his locations in IG. It’s a joke. You need to remember that mf got back together with a woman who accused him of assaulting her. He clearly has high tolerance for unsuitable women and bad relationships. He ditched her in the end and he will do the same to mg, if he hasn’t dumped her already.

  • Lola


    Your post lost me to be honest. I think part of it comes from the fact that you might not have read all there is out there.
    True, women in Hollywood are not saints, and forget about Demi Moore over 20 years ago, you could talk about her now. Penelope Cruz by the time she stepped into Hollywood had a career, look up Mecano’s video “Fuerza del Destino” … and move on from there. I don’t know about Jolie being a drug addict… I did hear that she had sexual partners all on the DL.

  • An article from Lainey
  • Reminder

    We all expected MG shutdown of social media and this resurgence of PR in her defense after the Oscars. Read #815 again if you all are that gullible. Media manipulation by her and his PR. This all this is:

  • Argent

    @Tommybaby: I think he already dropped her. She’s out of his life now and has been since she left London after the Twickenham location reveal. Also still think that’s where she was staying and not where he was. I think she went to chase him and it didn’t work and now he’s dumped her.

  • look
  • Janice

    @look:being around Pascal is not a good sign. He promotes MG. I remember when Gerry was avoiding her on and off for months and seemed to piss her off in a public stroll in Rome the day after he promoted Movie OHF. He looked relieved for a few weeks. Then a photo of Pascal and him shows up. And Voila! He has to pose with her uncomfortably as a couple taking pics in Italy again. Pascal is a snake. The 12 years production team can only control the mess up to Oscars. Fassy is not as happy as you all think. He may be left now to his own devices.

  • SheStalks
  • ItalianCampaign

    The best foreign film at the Oscar went to Italy. Pascal fronted that PR campaign. The Italian festivale is right before the Oscars. pR campaigning is easy. Here comes the Italian mafia. Fassy is a pawn in a bigger game. MG is the bait.

  • Agreed = Simone “Stan” Cromer


    Hi Simone! You just can’t stay away from this site can you!


    But congratulations. Fassbender with the pimp of Madalina Ghenea, Pascal Vicedomini. Congratulations!

  • lol

    The damage is out of control. LOL

  • He’s losing his looks

    What happened to Fassbender’s face? It looks so pudgy. Compare his recent photos with those taken with Bradley Cooper and Louise Hazel last year.

    He doesn’t look like he’s gained weight anywhere else, so what’s the deal? Drinking too much? Coke bloat? Fillers gone awry? WTF???

    Hairline’s on the retreat, as well.

    He used to be so good looking.

  • lol

    I deny what I wrote. The photo with P. Vicedomini was a punch in the stomach. You can have the talent, genius, but if you’re a di/ckhead this will not help you. LOL

  • DianaDelicious

    @He’s losing his looks: Madalina is sharing her face fillers with Michael. So generous of her.

  • Baby Shambles

    Think he has gained weight for Macbeth and his beard changes his face a lot.

    This pic taken in 2012