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Kim Kardashian Shows Her Curves at Joan's on Third!

Kim Kardashian Shows Her Curves at Joan's on Third!

Kim Kardashian shows off her curves in a form-fitting outfit while grabbing a bite to eat at Joan’s on Third on Monday (March 3) in Hollywood.

Angelina Jolie….there are no words for how beautiful she is,” the 33-year-old reality star tweeted about Brad Pitt‘s love, who was a presenter at the 2014 Oscars.

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On the same night, Kim was red hot while making an appearance at the Elton John Oscars Viewing Party with her two sisters Khloe and Kourtney in West Hollywood.

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kim kardashian shows off her curves at joans 01
kim kardashian shows off her curves at joans 02
kim kardashian shows off her curves at joans 03
kim kardashian shows off her curves at joans 04
kim kardashian shows off her curves at joans 05
kim kardashian shows off her curves at joans 06
kim kardashian shows off her curves at joans 07

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  • oscarfan

    Having a baby just destroyed her hips. If black is slimming, it’s not working on her. She looks overweight and terrible.

  • Cut the cord

    How does it feel Kim that your mother sold you to an old geezer for a night so she could make a percentage of the rate? Would you do that to your child when you don’t even need the money? Your mother is disgusting and you are wasting the best years of your life because she wants to protect “the brand”.

  • Sup

    Crawl back in your hole Kimmie. You are not a celebrity…you are just reality tv trash. You are lucky to end up like Parasite HIlton. Please don’t show up at Oscar parties thinking you’re the sh it. How did you get famous? It wasn’t by talent. Go away.

  • meiii

    fat and plastic….

  • bonna

    the Kartrashian klan need to go the way of the dinosaur … Immediately

  • Oscar

    Stop wearing such tight clothes, dummy. And how does it feel to not be invited to the VF party last night? It’s about time they raised the bar.

  • Nice

    Her looks and personality are vomit inducing.

  • tick

    Kim is just a porn star and a paid escort. No talent, no skills, no education, no brain, no class. You can tell just by looking at her face that she’s had at least 3 procedures done. You can also tell that she’s had breast & butt implants. She’s so fake & boring. Nothing to offer any man except a hole for his weiner.

  • Mattks

    Shows her curves? You mean shows her flab. She looks like a fat mime, with weird lumpy camel hips.

  • Winnie


    True! Her butt shifted into big saddle bags

  • dorothy

    So in a week Kim has been a paid escort for an old guy, been humiliated by not being invited to an A-list party and dressed in a once-again too tight outfit. Sounds like a regular week for Kim. Kind of sad.

  • Lol

    She looks like a full diaper.

  • Lol

    @dorothy: Don’t forget another week apart from North.

  • soy

    killer whale lol

  • Rebecca

    Thats not curves. That is a fat person wearing slim wear . Just look at those hips and how big her waist is .

  • aranka paul

    How can she slim down when she is always going out to eat, Every story (and there is a story every day) involves food and shopping, food and shopping. It rarely involves an outing with the child, I suppose she can’t bring the little girl to her fancy restaurants. She has only one facial expression, only one (as shown above), something between aloofness and bewilderment – sort of look a model would engange in. She is not a model, she is not famous, she is not “naturally” beautiful, she is not talented, educated, funny or anything else for that matter. I truly can’t affix one decent positive atribute to her persona. She is also boring, boring…………with that girly nazal little voice, which really grates on your nerves. I and the rest of the world are at a loss as to how in the name of sweet Jesus this family amassed the sort of wealth and fame that they have. It boggles the mind.

  • Jess


    Photo 5 is interesting, another look on her face ;)!
    I don’t get it. It seems like her whole day is revolving about her make-up and clothes. She wouldn’t have to go out every day or several times a day or being photographed everytime. She wants it, ok. But she has a baby!? Why on earth have a baby and only use it for pr, photo-ops, instagram-numbers, excuse for an old austrian man?
    The way she looked on that ball or in that red dress (Elton John, Oscar) really shows that she doesn’t work out, she has no musle tone at all!
    So her life just is about make-up and dress-up for photo ops, walk 2 metres to a car and drive around, go home and dress-up or dress-down. Go to bed. And repeat.
    If thats whats life for her very well. Sad, empty, tragic, whatever, but her choice and if she is happy, good for her.
    But she doesn”t act like a mother.

  • Jess

    Oh and I forgot to mention:
    If thats her only purpose in life then its even more pitiful to look at because she is really bad at it given her outfits, her style, her orange, plastic body and her just not accepting her bodysize (if its height, weight, plastic-curves, whatever) and dress right for her own body.

  • santamariavargas

    Now that is a scary looking woman. She looks all out of proportion.

  • Carrie

    Kim – stop with the winter clothes and summer sandals already! Seriously, those heavy, bulky winter clothes and the strappy shoes look bizarre together. I don’t know exactly WHAT kind of fashion icon you’re supposed to be, but it sure as heck isn’t one I’m going to follow…

  • rocky

    all of you are envious, you all wish you were in her shoes, sorry for you, there is nothing you can do, she is all that and more, that is why you cannot even sleep at night when Kim graces your TV sets, in the news, internet and every where, all of you wants to be like her, ha ha ha, never…. she is the one and only Kim Kadarshian with lots of love and drive, this is why she is where she is, she is a Celebrity where ever she goes she causes traffic do you? go Kim kill it they hate it but they can never match or even look like you, you are a pretty girl, everyone once to look like you or be you and that will never happen. you are IT.


  • rocky

    I thought America was a free country, anyone or everyone can dress the way they like, how she is dressed should not bother you, look at yourself first before you can comment. you are a looser big 7.


  • rocky

    Big 7 if you know what I mean, 7 upside down.


  • http://anitapaul26 anitapaul

    She’s beautiful and good looking.I love the way she use to dress.Infact I like everything about her.

  • dumpty

    why all women are jealous fo her figures.
    what other women try doing in parties? attract males. So, what if kim does same displaying her beautiful figures. her butts are damn awesome

  • ames

    She’s a very beautiful woman, the stuff that dreams are made of. I think the immense hate is coming from woman who know that their husbands/boyfriends desire her. And if they say no, they are lying :)

  • Lois

    I dont hate kim, but honestly dont understand her personality, family, values etc.
    Yeah, she has the money, fame and the looks ( she is pretty) but absolutely vain! How can you spend all your life going to parties, shopping etc.. I hope she lives a long life (whatever) but before she dies, dear God please let her see the total waste of oxygen and space she has been to this earth.

  • Sorella

    Kim looks like a Camel now..or I should say Kamel.

  • Ivanova

    @dumpty: Honey, no woman in this world envies matronly hips. The kind of douche bags the Kardashian women attract are nothing to envy either. Scott, Kanye, Lamar, no decent woman wants them.

  • Julia

    @ames: Speak for yourself. My man doesn’t like middle eastern women with huge hips and fake breasts.
    Kim looks so much like Big Ang Raiola. They could be twins. LOL.

  • fatalreview

    as many have observed-no wonder her whale azzz isn’t getting any smaller all she does is go out to eat and sit on her phone

  • vanessa

    she still need to loose weight , well it’s a true after a baby just lucky ones can have their shape back ( SHE IS NOT LUCKY ONE), KIM YOU NEED WORKING HARD BECAUSE YOU ARE FAR AWAY HOW YOUR BODY USED TO BE!

  • Crystal

    @Ames, don’t b an idiot kim is short n chubby who has just about had every black famous man in Hollywood in her lol. Who’s gonna b jealous of a mid thirty something woman who only cares about herself. If u take away all the makeup caked on she’s a plain Jane. She needs 2 start taking care of her baby instead of always leaving her with nannies.

  • stephanie

    they need to go away they are a joke.