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Leonardo DiCaprio's Girlfriend Toni Garrn Joins Him at Vanity Fair Oscars Party 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio's Girlfriend Toni Garrn Joins Him at Vanity Fair Oscars Party 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio poses with his mom Irmelin Indenbirken while attending the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter held during the 2014 Oscars on Sunday night (March 2) in West Hollywood, Calif.

While they did not pose for photos together, the 39-year-old actor was also joined at the event by his girlfriend Toni Garrn.

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Leo was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for his work in The Wolf of Wall Street, but he lost to Dallas Buyers Club‘s Matthew McConaughey. We’re glad he had his ladies with him to help keep his spirits up!

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni Garrn at the party…

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leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn joins him for oscars after party 01
leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn joins him for oscars after party 02
leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn joins him for oscars after party 03
leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn joins him for oscars after party 04
leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn joins him for oscars after party 05
leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn joins him for oscars after party 06
leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn joins him for oscars after party 07
leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn joins him for oscars after party 08
leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn joins him for oscars after party 09
leonardo dicaprios girlfriend toni garrn joins him for oscars after party 10

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  • also…

    @poor toni: what happened to your favorite couple? I didn’t see them on the red carpet together as you predicted! LOL She sat with him? What are you talking about? What other couples do that? Sitting together? Let’s see… Bradley and Suki at the academy awards? Brad and Angeline also sat together. At the academy awards. Where did Toni and Leo sit together? lol

  • @poor toni

    yep a couple of after after after parties.. for Toni Yawwn and her comforter dress !lol

  • Me

    @Source: Interesting.Tell us more! Bring it onnnnnnnnnn

  • Drake

    Jj Leo was joined by a lot if his “girlfriends” ‘the real question is who he left with.

  • New direction

    @Blacksharpie: lapdog/escort is is considered a career?

  • ???

    @also…: It is my business, this is a public thread remember?? Who am I? One of the many people who are tired of you stupid comments!! There’s a long line of us!!
    But more importantly who are you?
    Oh I know, a desperate, dried up groupie, who has to live vicariously through someone else’s relationship because no one would touch you with a 10 foot pole!! DID YOU READ THAT?

    And for someone who throws out so much hateful crap, you get real sensitive real quick when someone asks you a simple question!

  • ???

    @@???: Thank you!!
    I wasn’t even trying to start an argument, but it seems like you can’t even talk to her like a person!!

  • Dar

    It’s pretty obvious his agent has been picking out these women for him. They’re all the same type and so beautiful no person would doubt his sexuality. He spends way too much time with Lukas Haas for me to think he’s straight. His whole relationship resume is suspicious. He’d have a lot to lose if he really was gay and came out. I’m reminded of Rock Hudson.

  • also…

    @####: Oh, ok. And as I said who knows who the source is but it seems you both might be right. There are no sighting so far from the party of Leo and Toni together but maybe later something will pop up.
    @Blacksharpie: That’s a good observation! She could have done the Balmain show even if she didn’t do the Ellie Saab one.

  • @???

    ???=Toni’s mom??

  • bianca

    where is sm???? when ??

  • Stick in the mud

    Last night went exactly as I hoped it would, but let’s be honest Leo was being a stick in the mud the whole night, he was being rude more often than not. And i’m not even a fan of Brad but I loved him with Angie that night, there was real love between those two, can’t say I’ve ever seen that kind of expression from Leo.

  • ———-


    Did someone really said that to you? You know the people who were there at the party? But there was a tweet Leo shared a drink with Toni, so they were spotted together. But I like your story!!

  • that head

    his head grew upwards now???

  • Relax, Leo

    “Leonardo DiCaprio, whose “The Wolf of Wall Street” came away empty-handed at the Oscars, did a quick few rounds of the room before making a swift exit.”

  • jenny


    I agree. i’m always surprised no one doubts his sexuality.

  • @???

    Omg if also bothers you that much why read her comments ! You make no sense a word to learn IGNORE!

  • too bad so sad.

    Awe Poor Leo! I guess it didn’t do him any good to suk up to the Oscar folks to pleaseeeeeee watch his film.

    Don’t cry Leo you should of known you weren’t going to win .
    Dems the Brakes Gaylord!

  • also…

    @???: Long line… Sure, whatever you say. No, it’s not your business because it’s a public thread and you are no moderator or thread owner. Anyone can post anything they want. So no, you have no business questioning me and I do t owe you an explanation no matter how many of you are there ( probably only in your head ).
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  • ehehehe

    WOWS got stomped by Gatsby lmfao

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    Maybe I don’t want to ignore?
    Maybe I asked her a simple question and she turned into an e-thug talking to me crazy?
    Maybe you also misinterpreted my initial response?

    But who asked you to be a mediator?

  • ehehehe

    hopefully now Leo will ignore DOR since even he is not a guarantee of an oscar

  • ehehehe

    @Stick in the mud: leo sucked last night where the hell did his sense of humor go sheesh

  • Leokas

    @Dar: Thank you finally someone realizes!! Leokas for life! <333

  • also…

    @ @???: That question never gets answered. You have no idea how many times I asked that but nobody answers. Isn’t that easier than derailing the thread all the time?
    And the whole thing started because I reposted my opinion on Toni ( which want harsh or different from what everyone else said ) from the end of the last thread.

  • @poor toni

    Toni may be a notable model but she’s a D-list so called gf.. LMAO!

  • ???

    @also…: It does matter to you!!
    This is the only thing you have in your life!!

    Your comments are just as much my business as Leo’s personal life is your business! So I’ll question you and pester you about what you say and post the same way you do Leo about what he does in his personal life!!
    It doesn’t make any sense, but neither do your actions! So we’re in the same boat!!

  • HAHA12

    Only on just to quickly post this great photo- Leo greeting Sidney Poitier with Chiwetel
    Toni looks good in these photos although I don’t like the hair.

  • Partygirl
  • Partygirl

    here is her instagram

  • ….

    @HAHA12: Hi!! Thank you for this and thanks for posting last night about the ceremony!!
    It kept me updated!

    I wanted to make sure I told you that!! <3

  • @???

    Isn’t it hilarious how someone reposted an old comment from her from 2011 when Leo was dating Blake. It was a reply to someone who told her to get over Leo if his choice in girlfriends bother so much. Then she said something like it’s hard but I’m eventually going to move on and let him go. And she’s still here 3 years later ROTFL.

  • @???

    You can’t let go! No one ask you to monitor anyone ‘s comments either always come here and say the same BS over and over.. you dont even have a real screename? gtfoh.. obsessed much!!

  • Hminogue

    Leo got robbed!

  • HAHA12

    No problem, I was wondering where you were last night. As expected, the winners were predictable but it wasn’t a bad group at all!
    Talk to you soon :)

  • Ok
  • Ok

    I must say Toni’s makeup has improved :)

  • also…

    @82: The same way you are still here monitoring my comments and looking for old ones from years ago. Obsessed hypocrite.

  • @partygirl

    @Partygirl: Have you got her on Statigram?

  • @OK

    what make up?? she always looks like she just woke up!

  • @???

    I didn’t go looking for them, someone else just happened to post em! Should I be banned from reading em?
    So tell me also… what are you still doing here if you vowed to let Leo go over 3 years ago?

  • ???

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  • invitation

    Lol Toni had her own Vanity Fair party invitation + a guest.

  • also…

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