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Nicole Kidman Trades Oscars For Workout with Hunky Trainer!

Nicole Kidman Trades Oscars For Workout with Hunky Trainer!

Nicole Kidman flashes a beautiful smile while stepping out of a local gym on Sunday (March 2) in Los Angeles.

The 46-year-old actress was joined by a buff trainer during the workout session.

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Even though Nicole was in town and is a previous winner, she did not make an appearance at the 2014 Oscars. She did attend the ceremony last year with her husband Keith Urban.

The day before, Nicole showed off her natural beauty while grabbing a cup of coffee at Starbucks in Studio City.

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  • Ella

    Always love Nicole! It was a boring Oscars. She didn’t miss anything!

  • Marion

    Why don’t these female celebrities with husbands find a female trainer? I bet they are just as good. Hubby Keith must be busy working on idol.

  • OZ

    I’ve heard there’s trouble in paradise with her marriage, but this trainer can do better than her.

  • not buying the skeptics lies

    @OZ: Sure you have “x”. You believe everything a tabloid tells you? Good for you. The transformation into a sheep is complete.

  • Gretchen

    This isn’t a Heidi Klum thread. Yes the family is in LA for Idol.

    I agree, the Oscars were a snoozefest. Not a slam on Ellen, I think the writers hired just didn’t care this year and there were no suprise wins.

  • Neice

    People need to chill. Do you go everywhere and think a woman who is not with her husband is cheating? Wouldn’t want to know you….

  • Kentsee

    I Loved this trainer anyway …

  • Louise

    Keith was un Australia for one show in Australia Sunday. Nicole just returned fro Morocco where she was filming for two months. when she was in Morocco, Keith flew there on each break he had from touring. In mid February,
    Keith spent two weeks in Morocco. Doesn’t look like trouble in paradise.

  • OZ

    @not buying the skeptics lies: Who cares?? And he CAN do better than her plastic self.

  • Ummm

    @Neice: That’s ok…don’t want to know you, either.

  • Sarah

    Her mouth looks exactly like The Joker’s, even when she is not smiling! that’s creepy!

  • http://yahoo JoBeth


    They’re entering their 9th year together, and I’m sure there’s been up’s and down’s, but they seem to have weathered a lot of storms. Their schedules have to be tough on the marriage, but military families have similar separations. The only difference is every move made by Keith and Nicole is scrutinized and criticized by the media.

  • Sorry

    Nicole is a lesbian and her trainer looks gay.

  • LIa

    Actually enjoyed the Oscar red carpet this year without the usual fake, over the top, loved up display by over the hill KUNK.

  • http://comcast Joni

    THE CRAZY ONE is at it again !! I think this is the only attention The Crazy One gets. Nicole uses Botox, Nicole is a lesbian, Keith is gay, Keith is a womanizer, Nicole wasn’t really pregnant with Sunday, Nicole and Keith’s marriage is a sham. There is a lot more stories The Crazy One makes up also. If there is an article about Katie Holmes she will start her insults toward her also?????? Strange isn’t it ????? Scientologist or Tom lover ????

  • http://comcast Pat

    I thought the Oscars were boring also. Movie stars aren’t as fascinating and mysterious like they used to seem. I think what it is, maybe I am just getting old.

  • x

    Most movie stars are now over-exposed. Take Kidman for example. She rings the paps because she thinks people want to see her exit a gym … and when she does go shopping, she dresses like a bag lady. Urban is constantly tweeting to compete with the 18+ celebs and they both divulge relationship details that should be kept private … so, sadly for KUNK, their combined desperation to stay popular is making them even more unpopular than they already are … but they just can’t see it.

  • Sheri

    Not to sound weird, but her boobs look bigger in this picture than usual … has she had implants recently? I remember her being much more flat-chested.

  • Oh dear

    Breast implants, lower face lift, Botox, cheek implants, lip plumping, skin bleaching, wigs, etc. You name it, Kidman has had it done.

  • Holly

    Keith can fly to Morocco to see his wife, but Nic does not fly to Oz to see her husband. What is wrong with this scenario?

  • Not buying it

    Keith is paid to be Kidman’s adoring lap dog and he plays his part quite well.

  • lol

    17-21 are all from the same moron

  • lol is Sewer Mistress

    SM can’t get her head around the fact that multitudes of people see right through Kidman and comment accordingly.

  • maclen

    They are both becoming VERY obsessed and preoccupied with reviving their failed careers. Kidman is making another dreary and weepy indie flop.. every 5 minutes it seems…her next apparently has a budget of ALL of $10 mill. Orb is racking up the live shows…he’s already scheduled his Canadian tour this past Jan…he’s got his Oz tour coming up again in June…and he’s just announced his US tour of 33 shows so far no doubt for the rest of the year. He’s touring full time now…a change from his full tours every OTHER year. It’s because his album is a sales flop…and signing up with the “costco” Megaticket bulk ticket selling outfit…he’s grossing even LESS on tour. So, when deep desperation of losing the “spotlight” sets in…. narcissist’s like kidman and orb begin to lose sight of “family quality time”…and shamelessly try to remain in that “spotlight” as long as they can.

  • Sally

    There is not read an intelligent comment on this web. Reading these comments is hilarious because you are all a bunch of morons. Maclen you are a hoot. I’ve never read this much crap in years. Together Keith and Nicole are worth approximately 30 million. I call that pretty successful. Unless you know Nicole personally you don’t know anything she may or may not have done. She is picking her movies she chooses based on content. Keith’s album Fuse went number 1 in three countries simultaneously. This has never been done before. Sounds pretty successful to me. Go crawl back into the hole you crawled out of. You are all sad, sad hopeless people.

  • maclen

    “Keith’s album Fuse went number 1 in three countries simultaneously. This has never been done before.”

    That seems to be the canard that the orb’s fansite has his very gullible fans actually believing. No, it is NOT a fact that orb is the very FIRST country performer to have a #1 album in the US, Canada and Oz…it was simply the “first time for orb.” If you go back to his fansite…and reread the article they posted about this, you will finally realize this. Here is what his fansite posted about being “first” #1′s in US and Canada simulataneously…

    September 18, 2013

    “Keith Urban’s seventh studio album FUSE has taken the top spot on both the United States and Canadian Pop and Country Charts this week, marking a first for the three-time Grammy Award winner.”

    …do you see it? It says, “marking a first for the three-time Grammy Award winner”…and not “marking the first time a country album has hit #1 in 3 countries.” Believe it…OTHER acts have hit #1 in far more countries than 3. Another canard that orb’s fansite have his monkeys believing is that his tour last year in Oz was COMPLETELY sold out. Billboard Boxscore proves otherwise. I truly believe that the blinders need to be removed.
    As for kidman, she clearly settles for dreary indie flicks…. that are now struggling simply to be released in the States…because that is all she can get. She is also obviously at the beck and call of Weinstein because he will obviously give her work no matter how badly the films flop.

  • Sally is Stupid

    “She is picking her movies she chooses based on content” should read “She is so unpopular and desperate, she takes whatever she can get”

  • http://comcast Joni

    The Crazy One and your other 20 names. I don’t think you get it, Nicole and Keith have millions and millions of fans and they don’t believe any of your made up stories. If it makes you feel better (that should tell you something) keep up your ugly comments, it is laughable to the rest of us.

  • Melinda

    @OZ: You’re ridiculous. Their marriage is fine and Nicole is gorgeous; her trainer could do better than her?? Clearly you have no standards, and I bet you’d say someone as average looking as Jennifer Lawrence was beautiful. Haha, clearly you don’t know what beauty is. Get a life.

  • Melinda

    @x: My god, you’re delusional. Keep believe the garbage you create in your twisted little head. Nicole and Keith are as private as can be. I highly doubt either would be desperate for the attention they receive, and no way would NK deliberately call paparazzi to get photos taken of her. Clearly you only believe what you read online, much like most unfortunate sheep. So much hate for Nicole, it’s so pathetic. Get hobbies, seriously. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

  • Melinda

    @Sally: Well said, thank you!!

  • Colleen

    Why did Kidman check in to a Nashville hotel? Why not stay in her own house?

  • truth hurts

    Lol Skeptics should check the facts. Nicole was still in London on the 6th, the day that tweet with the wrong information was posted.

    David Hinton-Gale @davehintsgale · Mar 6 With Nicole Kidman in after party for ‘queen of the desert’ film! Crazy!!!!!!

    Don’t worry everybody is back together in Nashville now, despite the fact Michele thinks it’s ”sad”. Well of course she does.


  • http://comcast Pat

    OMG THE CRAZY ONE and your other 50 names. Do you realize that we know you post ridiculous remarks and then answer them yourself. You are the type of person that would send a dozen roses to herself because she has no one that would want to be around her with her negative thoughts. Good God get a grip on yourself.