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Andrew Garfield Mysteriously Skipped the Oscars 2014

Andrew Garfield Mysteriously Skipped the Oscars 2014
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  • Elaine

    I really hope everything is okay with him/his family. Andrew is such a decent guy. He wouldn’t just bail. Something must have happened.

  • Seth

    Looks like he is trying to enhance his popularity by being mysterious.

  • Catherine

    I met Andrew Garfield once. Nicest guy ever. Hope everything is alright.

  • Raptor19

    He bailed. His scheduled segment brought the house down at rehearsals. His over-inflated ego made him step all over a family that did not deserve this treatment. The video montage that Chris Evans introduced was a replacement – it was not what/who Garfield was to introduce.

  • Jenny

    How the hell do you know if he bailed? The producers said they had to cut out segments of the show b/c of shortage of time. Some bits with Ellen wen’t on too long and other musical numbers went over time.

    Over-inflated ego? are you kidding me. Andrew is one of the nicest and kindest people in hollywood.

    This was mismanagement by the producers.

  • streeps

    something probably happened with him or emma or their families

  • Raptor19

    If the real story ever gets out, you will not continue your belief that he is one of kindest people in Hollywood. At least he wasn’t this weekend. He bailed, plain and simple. He was to introduce Batkid as a new “superhero” (you are aware of Batkid and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, right?) He bailed and left the family and Miles (Batkid) devastated. They were there. The segment was a huge success in rehearsals. It was replaced with the clunky hero montage introduced by Chris Evans.

  • Nancy


    The supposed reason is that Emma’s mothers cancer has returned. You are so rude and ignorant to automatically believe he would bail out without a valid reason. Something must have gone wrong in his personal life. I will always believe he is a kind and good man. If you’ve seen him with children you will know how he adores them and loves them. His own brother is a doctor. His future mother in law is 2 time cancer survivor. We’ve seen him attend events for Cancer fundraisers in the past. So he wouldn’t bail for a child with cancer at the Oscars unless something bad happened.

  • Raptor19

    Thanks for showing who is rude and ignorant. We’ll see when the actual facts are known who is closer to the truth, Nancy. All of his previous good deeds, and they are all admirable, do not excuse what happened this Sunday. My facts come from those in attendance at rehearsals. Garfield threw the hissiest of fits and walked off. Sorry to tarnish his image, but it is of his own doing.

  • Lisa

    If what you claim is true, why couldn’t Chris Evan’s just do the Batkid intro. All he would have to do was read off the teleprompter. Surely he could do that. Or better yet, Christian Bale, friggin’ Batman was in the audience that night, wouldn’t it be even better (and make 100% more sense) if he did it?

  • Lisa

    A 7 year old boy Chase lost his battle with cancer 2 days ago (featured on my local radio station) Check out this pic his cousin posted on Monday. That was so sweet what Andrew did for him. He adores kids, sorry, don’t buy your story. Tons of witnesses at rehearsals including reporters, why are you the only one with this exclusive?


    insert the actual dot of course, don’t think I’m allowed to post URLs

  • KT

    I’ve been following Andrew’s career for 5 yrs, I’ve read hundreds & hundreds of stories about him, from random strangers, to crew members, fellow actors, I have NEVER heard one bad word about him. He’s known to have a soft spot for kids, most actors hide in their trailers in b/w scenes, but on the Spider-man set, Andrew would stay out & play with all the kids in his Spidey suit. There are literally hundreds of photos taken by fans showing this & loads of videos on youtube. He does great work w/ Make a Wish and World Wide Orphans foundation where he travelled & worked with children in Ethiopia. So this story is kinda hard to believe. *IF* it is true, there are two sides to every story & I’d like to hear what he has to say before you condemn him online. Especially since what you’re getting is all second hand information. And Christian Bale & Batfleck himself were there at the Oscars. They surely could’ve made the segment work w/o him. Thor & Hawkeye & Captain America were all there..heck I’m no professional writer & even I could’ve wrote something good.

  • Raptor19

    pagesixdotcom with the story.

    Next time don’t shoot the messenger. Garfield has done plenty of good, but he came up woefully short on the biggest stage. And now he (and his publicist) are also caught in a lie that he never made it to LA and had a prior family commitment. He was at rehearsals and participated. Why the producers cancelled the segment after his walk-off is not puzzling – Who owns Marvel? Disney. Who owns ABC? Disney. They are protecting their brand, especially with the next movie out in a couple of months. Won’t catch me buying a ticket. But the rest of you, enjoy.

  • Tanya

    So Raptor19 – are you the “well-placed source” that spoke to Page Six? How can his publicist be caught in a lie when his publicist hasn’t even said a word yet? And I don’t get your Marvel/Disney comment. They didn’t have to cancel the segment, Chris Evans/Captain America is also ABC/Disney/Marvel and has a movie coming out too. If they really wanted to honor Batkid, Chris Evans could’ve did the segment and just read off the teleprompter.

  • Kara

    Did you see the article in “The Hollywood Reporter”? Batkid’s mother said “I don’t know if they ran out of time, or if there was something about the segment they didn’t like, it got pulled so quickly that we didn’t have a lot of insight into what was going on.” – that doesn’t jive with your report that Batkid and his parents saw the Garfield throwing a tantrum and walking off and left the entire family devastated. Like previous posters have mentioned, Chris Evans could’ve just did the whole segment if they REALLY wanted to keep it in.

  • Kara

    BTW Raptor19, the Spider-man movies are by Sony, not Marvel/Disney/ABC – your theory doesn’t make sense

  • Jenna

    “Andrew Garfield understood that his segment had to be omitted, and he drove to Disneyland on Monday to spend time with 5-year-old Miles Scott (Batkid) and his family.”