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Chelsea Handler Defends Herself Against Racism Accusations: 'I Date a Lot of Black People'

Chelsea Handler Defends Herself Against Racism Accusations: 'I Date a Lot of Black People'

Chelsea Handler wears a stylish coat as she arrives for an interview at Good Morning America on Tuesday (March 4) in New York City.

The 39-year-old talk show host went on the show to promote her book “Uganda Be Kidding Me,” but ended up defending herself for tweets she sent out on Oscar Sunday which many thought were racist in nature. One tweet revolved around Angelina Jolie wanting to adopt Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o.

“People are mad at me all the time. If I was worried about that, then I would be spending a lot of time online. I’d rather be a little bit more productive,” Chelsea said. “I’m not racist. I date a lot of black people, so that would be a difficult thing to explain to them.”

Chelsea Handler Says She is Not a Racist

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  • Dave

    Chelsea looks like a colorless ape. Why doesn’t she ever talk about her German grandfather whom she makes excuses for his role in the SS. Not to mention the way she treats the little Mexican man on her show. To her he is not even a human being but a mascot to make fun of.

  • Rocky

    It’s well documented that she’s close friends with Aniston and hates Angie and when given the chance she will diss Angie as much as possible. If Aniston has gone on with her life why can’t this hateful idiotn woman? CAN’T STAND HER!!

  • chico

    look at her neck, it’s like a 50 year old’s neck.

  • lol

    ‘I have a lot of black friends’, says the racist old b-tch in a desperate attempt to defend herself.

  • Julie

    “I’m not racist. I date a lot of black people” That’s the same sh*t people use when they caught using the word fagg*t. “I’m not a homophobe. My pharmacist is gay.

  • ha

    She is still mad her daddy cheated on her mom with a black woman – get over it Chelsea!
    You hard faced cvnt.

  • birds of a feather….

    dating black people for “comedy” material doesn’t count.

  • Lying Witch!!

    Yes, she is a lying, hateful, racist pig! She slept her way to the top and in order to try and stay there she has to tell vile racist jokes publically known adults and children to keep her position. She think she’s giving shock comedy but she’s not, she is just disgusting. She claims she’s a girl’s girl but goes around tearing down another woman publically for what Handler did to get where she is on E channel. Anyone who is a fan or friends of this trash should be ashamed!

    Also, the ” I date black people” or “I have black friends” shtick is what all racist use when they get their ass caught with their foot in their mouth! GMA should be ashamed giving that lipstick wearing pig a platform to lie on.

  • Idiot

    You can date a black guy and still be a racist. Dumb bItch.

  • soy

    when will people learn that saying stuff like that DOES NOT HELP YOUR CASE!! there’s nothing more awful than seeing someone say “I don’t hate xxxxx, I have lots of xxxx friends”, it looks ignorant

  • sillyme

    The word “racist” has lost all meaning, thanks to the leftists who brand ANYONE who says anything negative about President Obama and his policies as a racist. Although, I’m confused about Chelsea because I thought anyone who voted for Democrats was allowed to be as racist and homophobic as they wanted to, as long as they kept giving money to the party.

  • gaye

    So transparent… Handler always taking potshots at Angelina and her kids and now, blacks!
    The upside is that it’ll turn people against her and her bestie, Aniston.
    Not a very smart strategy, ladies!

  • Britney

    she just phones in her show now, she may as well be Lyp Synching. she’s clueless about pop culture, gets things wrong all the time. A lyric video is not the finished vid, Chelsey dear ;). And don’t get me started on her Oscar tweets, bashing an institution and the town that pays you is gross, like the way she’s now more concerned about kissing a%%, going to the right events and getting her hair done, you’re not jen aniston and you never will be.

  • sorella

    There is NO WAY she is 39, she has shaved off YEARS when telling her age. She looks at least 50 with that wrinkly chest. Heck I know late 40s gals who don’t even have that happening yet!! Seems karma for her nasty personality is that horribly overly-injected face gone bad!!!

  • floretta50

    Poor Aniston Chelsea Handlers rant on Angelina Jolie just shows that Aniston is still carrying a torch for her ex husband Brad Pitt and she probably complained to Chelsea about it. Notice the rants is never against Brad Pitt always against Angie. I can imagine how Aniston must have felt when her ex Brad Pitt was accepting major awards at one of the world’s biggest award program and social event seeing Angelina Jolie kissing and hanging on to his arms in front of millions of viewers, she must have been green with envy, thinking it should have been me! Read some place she was not invited to the Oscars this year, i did not know you had to be invited i thought anyone could just show up. Handler is Aniston’s mouth piece, that’s all.



  • Butch

    This woman’s face is a mess and her hair is awful. Suits her though. Now she’s an old vile cvnt inside and out. Good for you Chelsea.

  • Fercat

    I tend to agree. If Aniston really wanted Handler to shut up about Jolie then she would have already done so.

  • Chelsea from London


    I really don’t think Handler cares what Aniston thinks. If Handler was truly Aniston’s friend, she wouldn’t continue with her stupidity. Adding fuel to a dying fire makes no sense, but then again, we speaking about Handler. She’s a total slapper!!

  • Ed

    I guess Ellen’s a racist for making that joke, if you don’t vote for the slave movie it’s cause you don’t like black people … That’s how stupid you people are throwing around the word racist ….no one cares just stupid liberals in the media like that loser George Stepafuffaious , or whatever his dumb Greek long a** name is Or can’t a say that, does it make me a bigot.

  • Zana

    She has a point if you’re a racist , would you date a black person, let them touch you with their dark skin., kiss with their big a** black lips , or touch their afro textured hair , think not , would gross you out,, isn’t like she dated mixed or light skin.

  • the1975

    She might not be racist but she’s definitely not funny and definitely an a$$hole.

  • LaCroix

    When you constantly condemn someone for whatever reasons, it’s a form of racism. Her hate for Angelina Jolie is beyond ridiculous right now. Jolie just received an honorary Oscar for her humanitarianism & Chelsea still goes around calling her names. She might not be racist against “black poeple” but she is towards Angie … so yeah she’s racist in my eyes.. there are so many forms of RACISM. what an ignoramus.

  • chrissy

    What a cunt! She is not funny, she is the sole proprietorship of mediocrity. White people and their white privilege. They are all subliminal racist. I am completely over #whitemedia. But, i do like how they are supporting Lupita Nyong’o even if it is for selfish, clandestine, and albeit, capitalistic reasons.

  • Tina

    Love how the bimob celebs kiss her azz and befriend her so they wont get made fun off by her. ie Aniston, Witherspoon, Diaz, Theron… Looks like it finally backfired LOL. you are the company you keep! Props to Nick Cannon from hating her from the start because he saw right through her..

  • meiii

    Love her….she’s so funny!!!

  • allison

    I’m sick of people saying something racist then saying some of my best friends are black.
    Who care if she dates black men
    Her comments degrade all black people
    she is not even funny

  • Warren

    So, what she is saying is that she dates lots, and lots, and lots. Every race gets a turn.

  • Anustain

    She is an imbecile, You can be racist and even be married to a black person.

    I had an old uncle (decesed years ago). He was the typical racist dutch guy who went to the belgian congo before the decolonisation. Most of them went to racist South Africa after 1960 and contriibuted to the reinforcement of appartheid…they went ther with a vengeance after they were boot from the then rich congo. Belgian Congo had also an appartheid system before 1960.

    My uncle was in the police department there. He loves treating bad the so called indigenous.

    However he had lust for mixed raced women and married (white men could marry african womenbut were submitted to severe pressure while it was forbidden the other way around. my aunt (a mulatto as they called her) with fake promises.

    Their union produce three children, quadroons, all of them looking as blue eyed and white as their father.

    You know what ? after the decolonisation, long before i was born, he went back to belgium, enroled his kids to a boarding school, telling the teachers and anyone else to not hesitate to control and slap those little savages (his own words) because, hey they were born in the Congo.

    That marriage didn’t last and my aunt fled, letting those kids with that monsters. the only time they felt great was when later, their high school was near my father (their uncle)’s home and my mum who is the typical sxeet african mama supply in mother care and tendreness they were lacking.

    My old cousin, now 55, was telling me the other day, how they suffered first time they came to Belgiulm. their father calling them the N word, the first day on the playing ground, she was there with her two older brothers while the children danced around them calling them the N word in french and gesticulating while yelling monkey sounds…

    She was telling me how they suffered so much and how she had been crying for years, telling me that at least Africans embraced 200 %their children, grandchildren, greatgranchildren, no matter what concentration of african blood drop they have while Europeans can be as mean and destructive to their own blood,.

    My cousin was so traumatized during school, racism by her own father that she developped a physcal problem by the age of 5…she could get her period up to 4 times a month…it was later said that the trauma and the lack of her mother contributed to that.

    So yes, you can date, marry a black person and be racist…Hell, some of the biggest racists are married to black people.

    they will say they don’t like black people, that black people stink are lazy, ect but add quickly ; but, you are different. Or they will try to erase your blackness or treat you in a condescending racist way while married to you.

    personally all those old white folks on afro sites looking specifically for african brides who could pass as they grandaughter are RACISTS.

    This is a racist move to exploit misery. they wouldn’t dare doing that to someone of their own country but don’t hesitate doing it with youg africans and treat them like merchandise they bought …it’s the most vicious form of racism and modern enslavery

  • Anustain

    By the age of 15…sorry…she could get up to 4 times a month her period !

  • Frances

    She’s such an hypocrite!! She’s a no talent b———!!!

  • Bella

    I heard Jennifer has distanced herself from this lizard skin idiot. I also noticed how Jennifer has toned down her “I’m a fun girl,” act. These are just 2 bitter birds, who deserve each other. Justin finally saw the light and got away from that cold fish. Funny how she likes tough, bad boys, to counteract her mind-numbingly, boring azz. Chelsea looks close to 60, rather than 39. Raging alcoholic. She is not in the least bit attractive. Reese has also been exposed. I used to like her. Pathetic bunch.

  • Yesterday

    This woman has no impulse control. It’s embarrassing. I think she doesn’t know her limits in society. Kind of sad to see her get a quick satisfaction out of destroying others….

  • Hugh Jass

    Annoying Voice, ugly face, crap show, everyone hates her, you’ve got a Chelsea Handler!

  • BrangelinaFan

    She’s definitely bordering on being a racist. Unfortunately, I watch her show and she’s constantly making unfunny jokes about Blacks and other non-whites, unnecessarily. What she doesn’t get is that she doesn’t shock. She offends.

    This chick has got a serious screw loose. I looked at that interview this morning and she looked and acted like she was intoxicated, like she always does.

    She attacks Angie because she has no other material. It’s old. And she wants to be in that Hollywood A-list pack so bad, but she’ll never be — no matter how many white hoteliers or black rappers she screws, or how many actresses who are friends with Maniston a$$es she kisses. She will never be on that level. And my guess is that this is all a manifestation of her anger over that self realization.

    I also noticed that when the world found out about Angie’s health issues, she NEVER mentioned it or brought it up. By omission, she was being disrespectful.

    Serious problems. Can’t stand this unfunny b*tch. Wish she would just go way and loose whatever cache that she has. After this latest controversy, I’m guessing it won’t be long before she does.

    Long Live Brangelina !!!

  • omg

    thought this was a free country
    if you want to be a racist, you can

  • jane

    @Julie: um, what? pharmacist?

  • eqijgerieosji

    box 3816
    1 engine
    2 trucks
    all units in the process

  • Kiki

    When is this sad old woman with a disgusting mouth going to go away?There are enough disgusting old hags on this planet.

  • http://justjared zoey

    Chelsea comments is only to get the pot boiling and to sell books, she the truth be told, Chelsea care less than a pigs *ss about Aniston, it’s the game of making money. Chelsea doesn’t even like black men it’s done to say ‘ I did it now’ GOD BLESS Angelina and Brad for their adoption; YEA!!!! PEACE OUT.

  • cee

    E needs to drop her racist …. Huffington Post, Ariana Huffington , should be ashamed. Thry try to distance themselves but didn’t delete the tweets right away. And HP has her in their site again today. Sad. Chelsea Handler is a racist and opportunist.



    Yes you can be racist in that country but be prepared to pay the price if you abuse it on your job on your employees or entourage…There is a fine line between racism and harrassment and abuse…Ask Laura Dern.

    It is also a free country for anyone to call her on her racism.

  • semsen

    Seriously, she’s not racist. And about her German grandfather, he fled to America and his child married a Jewish person so Chelsea is also part Jewish….I doubt she’s a racist, She’s just outrageously outspoken and she hates Angelina. The jab was directed towards Angie, not Lupita. But it wasn’t even a funny joke in my opinion, but it doesn’t mean she’s racist. Tasteless maybe, not racist. Calm down.

  • Best post about racist CH

    I read this post in the recent Jolie-Pitt thread. His one of the best opinions about the racism and opportunism of CH that used Angelina Jolie name to get attention for the new book.

    Credit to “My Opinion”


    My Opinion @ 03/04/2014 at 10:39 pm
    page 41; # 1013

    Handler is nothing more than a talking pig with lipstick. I can’t stand her and as much as I detest her I hope this dies out tomorrow. She sought attention to sell her racist book and nothing more. I never like to wish bad tidings upon people but i hope she receives a rude awakening from the public that her type of humor will not be tolerated.

    The one thing that bugs me the most and that I am so tired of people making light of is adoption. She is demeaning adoption as it is something wrong or bad. I am sick of people acting like Angelina adopted 12 kids and if she did, good for her! As long as her children are cared for and loved then she did a great thing. Angelina took the risk of adopting 3 beautiful babies and not knowing much of their background or health. She gave not just a home but life to 3 children who if she’d not come along may have been dead today or sold into a sex trade or violent cartel to fight.

    So Handler needs to keep her adulterous, drunken, racist mouth shut against Angelina and her decision to give a home, life, and love to a child who was already lost in the system abroad but was found by fate.
    Someone in Handler’s camp need to talk to her about how hate and jealousy can age you and actually take you out before your time. She claims to support women but demean and tear down a woman she doesn’t even know. A woman who is fighting for young girls and women abroad who don’t have a voice because of their countries laws against women.

    Handler is beast and no woman should ever call her likewise. She is a pig dressed as a woman but look inside she has a pigs heart, maybe I shouldn’t insult the pig.

    I hope Angelina and Brad continue to ignore that trash!

  • Best post about racist CH 2

    Credit “My Opinion”
    This is other thing the “My Opinion” post and i think it´s important to re post too, and i hope that all the people that don´t agree with CH must ignored and boycott this racist hater.


    My Opinion @ 03/04/2014 at 10:51 pm
    # 1015

    One more thing Handler adoption joke is an insult to all who have opened their hearts and homes to children here and abroad. I wish more people who have adopted and agencies would come out against these folks who make fun of those who have. I know Angie is a celebrity and it shouldn’t just be because of the mean things said towards her. It affects others and it doesn’t lessen the hurt it could bring to those who feel such jokes make those who was adopted or hoping to be feel like they are not worthy of love from someone who is not their natural parent. Folks should think before speaking. These kind of jokes could deter people from adopting because some will feel they’ll be ridiculed or teased for doing so by their peers.

  • Dawne

    Let’s not forget this pile of poop in a dress is rep’d by Huvane………Aniston;s publicist………this is a ‘bring down Angie’ tactic……..well thought out and implemented with surgical targeting and timing………if anyone really thinks that Aniston and Huvane are not complicit in this I’ve got some land in Fla.

    Aniston is bitter and will always be…as her ex and Brad are soaring with amazing careers, family, love and humanitarianism she is box office poison and forty-five and can’t get the current PR romance to marry her. Her life is a round of lasers and spas and a continued fight for relevancy by attaching herself to the JP’s wagon as the ‘poor widdle Jen who got dumped.’

    Handler used to rag on Aniston that is why she was approached by Huvane to bring her over to ‘their ‘ side ensuring she would shut up about Aniston,,,,,,,,,just like the email sent by Huvane to Perez who ragged on his client….even Aniston approached Perez in person and asked him why he ragged on her. When you are not that talented on the big screen you have to keep your ‘celebrity’ intact somehow and this neverending PR machine of Aniston’s work tirelessly to do so. She’s too lazy and limited to do it the real way through amazing work.

    Aniston has also admitted publicly that she likes to fight dirty. We have seen that for the last ten years……….Handler is just another bit of ammo in the scenario of the wrath of the woman scorned.

    But they both get ink out of it so in Hollywierd all is good.

    And thank god Aniston was not allowed to stalk the JP’s to another Oscar night where one or both of them is nom’d. They won’t let that happen again……… was awful. That’s why no one of A list status will date her…………they run like Cooper etc…..they have all seen what she has put Brad and Angie through and they want no part of her dramas……..they are career killing………she had to pick a guy who ‘needed’ her to raise his profile……….Everyone one is HW is onto Aniston and her games……….don’t kid yourself. Handler is just another pawn on her chessboard.

  • Didnt yall know?

    World what took you so long to find out about this racist b*tch?!? And its not like she’s a funny racist b*tch, she’s just racist and the jokes are dead behind the eyes. Yes, this will start the ball rolling for her to disappear. There will be more charges to come in the future, in this media saturated world she will not survive. …it will destroy her. Thanks god for the twitter!!

  • ChelSHIIT CUNTler

    These two barren Cows CUNTler and ANUStain belongs togerther.
    Ugly to the max inside out … both looks like they are in theirs late 50.
    As for ANUStain do you think she would be in the news if it wasn’t for Brad Pitt dumped her sorry ass to be with the Amazing Miss Joile.
    I wish these two W hore will just disappears from the face of the earth!!

  • neil


    thought this was a free country
    if you want to be a racist, you can

    It is a free country; no one is stopping her from being a racist. However, people are also free to say things like she is a withered-up, irrelevant hag of an unfunny comedian.

  • Facts

    @floretta50: well the thing she’s really mad about is that she herself would have been an oscar winner if she still shared plan B with Pitt. That’s why she’s mad. But she can’t diss pitt because they’re all with the agency CAA. Angie is not with caa or chelsea wouldn’t say anything about her.