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Jessica Alba Doesn't Understand People Who Don't Kiss Their Kids on the Mouth

Jessica Alba Doesn't Understand People Who Don't Kiss Their Kids on the Mouth

Jessica Alba is flirty and fun in an Amanda Uprichard dress on the cover of Redbook magazine’s April 2014 issue, on newsstands March 18.

Here’s what the 32-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her love of Craigslist: “I bought my hot pink desk off Craigslist. I have a problem. I love vintage furniture, and refurbishing is one of the most eco things you can do. I also got a couple of cool chairs and Danish mid-century credenzas off of Craigslist.”

On her and her husband Cash Warren‘s biggest obsessions: “All he watches is sports. Fantasy football is so annoying—there’s always a game on. Though he says I’m addicted to Instagram, so it goes both ways!”

On being surprised people don’t kiss their kids on the mouth: “Really? Why?! It’s your baby. People allow dogs to lick at their mouths.”

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  • Green Eyes

    The reason you don’t kiss your children on the mouth is so that they understand that mouth kisses are only for Mommy & Daddy, they are special grown-up kisses. That way if some perv (could be a relative) tries to kiss them on the mouth, they will know it is wrong.

  • Ava

    That’s gross, why kiss a kid on the mouth, they have such fat little cheeks you can kiss… Even grosser is when they become adults and you see a father kiss their 20 year old daughter on the mouth… Mouth kissing has always implied a sexual connotation not just affection ….so it just skeezy,… kids deal with enough predators they don’t need parents , relatives and even family friends kisses then on the mouth… Not surprising this idiot would find it odd not to.

  • boo

    @Green Eyes: you are so right!! and not only this, but mouths are full of bacterias, why would anyone want to give their bacterias to their kid?
    oh, and someone please tell Jessica Alba that dogs lick their own a** and poop (if not eat it).

  • MikeG

    @Green Eyes: Man shut the fuk up… I hate sensitive people like you man… My kid is my part of me. There is obviously time where you just dont kiss them…(when they grow up) but there is nothing wrong with kissing your adorable little children…

  • Josephine

    @Green Eyes:

    Exactly. Mouth kisses are a display of a sexual or at list romantic kind of affection and the kisses on the cheeks/forehead are for the kids. Not teaching your kids the difference can make them confused. The other reason is that adults have a very different kinds of germs in their mouths (plus dental caries) and its unhealthy to transfer those germs into you children’s still pure mouth (I know kissing your child is not about swapping saliva but people tend to lick their lips and al the nasty stays there). My mom’s friend is a ob-gyn. She is sometimes a little bit too straight-forward for my taste and she tries to discourage women from kissing their children on the mouths or licking their pacifiers, which she finds disgusting, by reminding them what they have done with those same lips to their husband’s private parts and the other way round. I know it’s a rather disgusting thought but now I always have this image in my head whenever I see people kissing their children like that.

  • Ed

    What is Jessica Alba.. Does she have a job besides self promotion.. Go away fameho’…. And does her husband have a job, career or just lives off his wife.

  • Joblo

    YO. Wake up stuborn stuck up people. It is also a matter of cultural preferences and personal preferences. Look in Europe (like Spain, Rome, etc…) Those people are really close to their family and kissing on the mouth is just normal ! Get over it it’s juste a little kiss!

  • Jena


    people! are you serious? your ideas do not match with the current science… there are TON of studies out there about the importance of healthy mouth bacteria… including this one for the medical Journal Pediatrics:
    “Scientists report that infants whose parents sucked on their pacifiers to clean them developed fewer allergies than children whose parents typically rinsed or boiled them. They also had lower rates of eczema, fewer signs of asthma and smaller amounts of a type of white blood cell that rises in response to allergies and other disorders.

    The findings add to growing evidence that some degree of exposure to germs at an early age benefits children, and that microbial deprivation might backfire, preventing the immune system from developing a tolerance to trivial threats.”

    There is nothing wrong with kissing your child on the mouth… and a simple conversation at the appropriate age would go a long way in teaching your child that they don’t have to go along with anything that makes them feel uncomfortable… even if it is creepy uncle jim.

    it’s all about intent.

  • uh..

    @Josephine: Not everyone sucks their husband’s d!ck you disgusting idiot. It says more about you than anyone else.

  • Tazlena

    When my son was a little baby, I kissed him all over his face including on the mouth. He was just so danged adorable I couldn’t resist. As he got older there was the odd “smack” kiss on the lips where you go “mwahhhhh” – as he got older it was kisses on the cheeks, head and not the lips anymore. Now he’s 29 and it’s just hugs.

  • Notafan

    Maybe people prefer to kiss their dogs than their children in their mouths, ever think that could be a possibility Jessica Alba? Why is she still here, anyway? She’s a celebrity?

  • Natalia

    @Green Eyes:

    I come from a very Italian family and we all kiss each other on the lips all the time. We’re are not talking open mouth and tongue kisses, but we kiss on the lips. Russian men kiss on the lips as well. I don’t understand why some cultuers like stupid Americans feel is disgusting to do so? Very culture has their own way of being, so we need to respect that. If a child is approached by a man or woman who wants to kiss them with open mouth and tongue, they will understand that that is wrong and they need to tell the adult so or get a grown up and tell them. I have always kissed my brothers on the lips and they are not perverts! It’s our culture, please respect it.

  • Amelia


    We sure the hell do! Being born in Barcelona, Spain, it’s very natural to kiss on the lips — men and women. We’re not talking long hard kisses. Some of you people are just so stupid!! Respect people’s cultures for God’s sake!!

  • Rocky



  • Rocky


    How cute, then they grow up and become boring. LOL I would do the same thing to my niece, then she grew up and now it’s kiss on the cheek along with hug.

  • WHAT

    she is all about organic and the environment!!!! Its called GERMS! You gonna suck your mans thing then kiss your kid? EWWW

  • Taylor

    @Jena: I’m going to have to back you up on this one, Jena. It’s not gross at all. It’s people who sexualize a completely normal and sweet thing. “Germs”. Such an annoying term. Children are more likely to develop sickness and illness nowadays because parents are so afraid to let their children to get dirty. The quote Jena provided is what should be shared with the world. If your child doesn’t get sick at an early age, they don’t develop the anti-bodies needed to fight back those basic colds and flus. Ergo, a constantly sick child. I plan on kissing my kids on the lips and I kiss my nieces on the lips. It’s sweet, a sign of affection. Not “creepy” or “inappropriate”. I love them and they know that kisses are not meant for everyone. Kids are smart. Explain to them that you only give kisses to certain people (i.e. mommy, daddy, grandma etc).

  • Taylor

    @boo: You obviously didn’t comprehend what you read. She said people kiss their dogs, not she kisses her dogs. You’re just grasping for things now.

  • Taylor

    @Rocky: How do you know what she does with her husband? Some people find that repulsive and don’t do things like that. She could be one of those people.

  • Alii

    Wow this. Belongs in a Health magazine Just Jared on Jess Alba
    How one comment can bring on almost 20 comments!

    What is Fantasy Football? Vintage clothes and Furniture, really does
    She pick it up or does someone do it for hear.

  • Cate

    Who cares? Why is she on covers? How and why is this woman sill remotely relevant?

  • Dv8

    I us to kiss my mom on the mouth when I was little. I don’t anymore but it wasn’t a big deal and I still don’t think it’s a big deal, she’s my mother! I came out of her vaj-jay-jay lol a kiss on the mouth don’t hurt.

  • Jamie

    Gross. I agree with Green Eyes, Ava and Josephine. And what’s with calling Americans ‘stupid’ because we don’t kiss people on the mouth and find it gross? That’s not ‘respecting other peoples’ cultures’ as you so eloquently put it. Goes both ways dude.

  • Shamu

    Because kids are filthy and have all sorts of bugs and diseases, that’s why. I got the chickenpox from a tiny baby that wasn’t even sick. :)

  • Darla

    Kids are disgusting, why kiss them at all? Just throw them some food, and leave em in their playpen. UGH these Mothers who have children just to ‘show off’ nowadays annoy the P*** out of me.

  • Whatever

    How was that topic even brought up? I mean, was she with her kid/s while the interview was taking place, and did the person interviewing her see her kiss her kid/s and then say something like, “Oh, you kiss your kids on the mouth! That’s so cute! You know, I don’t know of many people who do that…” I mean, how else could you bring it up? It’d be way to awkward to just ask, “So, Jessica, how do you kiss your children?”