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Michael Fassbender Smiles Wide Despite Losing the Oscar

Michael Fassbender Smiles Wide Despite Losing the Oscar

Michael Fassbender flashes a big grin while heading into LAX Airport with his mom Adele on Monday afternoon (March 3) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actor seems to be in a great mood and hasn’t let losing the Oscar get himself down.

Michael was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for his work in the movie 12 Years a Slave, but he lost to Dallas Buyers Club‘s Jared Leto.

There was reason for Michael to celebrate last night though because 12 Years a Slave picked up the award for Best Picture!

10+ pictures inside of Michael Fassbender at the airport with his mom…

Just Jared on Facebook
michael fassbender smiles wide despite losing the oscar 01
michael fassbender smiles wide despite losing the oscar 02
michael fassbender smiles wide despite losing the oscar 03
michael fassbender smiles wide despite losing the oscar 04
michael fassbender smiles wide despite losing the oscar 05
michael fassbender smiles wide despite losing the oscar 06
michael fassbender smiles wide despite losing the oscar 07
michael fassbender smiles wide despite losing the oscar 08
michael fassbender smiles wide despite losing the oscar 09
michael fassbender smiles wide despite losing the oscar 10
michael fassbender smiles wide despite losing the oscar 11
michael fassbender smiles wide despite losing the oscar 12
michael fassbender smiles wide despite losing the oscar 13

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Lola

    Wow, dude, honestly … carry your mom’s bag…

  • Sayer

    He did not campaign for the Oscar, because, you know, he’s so above that.

  • Where’s Maddie?

    Why didn’t he bring his ho-friend from Romania? Too ashamed? Denying her? Scared she’d hop into another Limo?

  • Sam

    @Lola: lol… But sometimes when i want to carry something for my mother, she does not want like “i’am not so old lol”

  • Where’s Maddie?

    Yes, where are his manners? He should be carrying her bag. She looks fit though and might have told him no thanks. I’ll give him a pass on that and actually for leaving his ho-friend back in Romania muzzled by the Law.

  • Lola


    I just got a flash back at the NZ pics, of SWSNBN carrying the box (or taking the box out) of the car … dude! really!?
    Still… carry your mom’s bag.

  • lol

    @Lola: LOL

  • lol

    But it is true Fassy. Not even a little gallantry. And is more important a fake smile to the paparazzis. LOL

  • lol

    And anyway, it does not seem particularly serene. In several photos he has a drawn face, almost angry. Maybe someone who asked for autographs, said a bad comment. LOL

  • Sam

    @Lola: yes i remember now that pics true lol

  • jessie

    Sayer @ 03/04/2014 at 2:38 pm

    I don’t think he’s above it, he did it before and got really disappointed. If you don’t expect something you can’t be horribly disappointed that you didn’t get it. He rarely got any attention throughout the entire award season.

  • Bonnie

    @jessie: Oh but his movie got attention. He’ll be remembered for his performance as Epps for a very long time. And he’s now an A lister since he got nominated even though he didn’t win. He’s already said he had a choice of better roles ahead.

  • Jilian

    Good for him. He’s a great actor, he will get great roles. And maybe also that Oscar in some years (or maybe not, look at Leo DiCaprio). And why is everybody upset that he did not “campaign”? Do you want a male Anne Hathaway or what?

    And also good for him that he only f**** the Romania ho and doesn’t actually bring her to any Award ceremonies. Something George Clooney never managed with his inconsequential flings.

  • Jules

    @Jilian: Clooney’s set up is beard after beard. I never thought he was straight, just a well-closeted gay man. Guess we’ll never know for sure. Heard he already has a new beard, an Arab lawyer, Amal something.

  • Bump?

    Actually…… she is posting on Instagram A few mins ago

    Hmmm…wonder if Lupita reads here!!
    If she does – Hi LUPITA – you are awesome girl – lotta love for you!!

  • bleoeaq
  • Tikka

    @Bump?: Can’t see the link. I do not intagram. Can you repost?

    Lupita can do so much better. He better be good to her. He hasn’t yet.

  • Hmmm?
  • Hmmm?

    Fassbender was definitely into Lupita thru award season. He kept his distance at times and it seemed deliberate. Mg was his side show and her silence has ended.

    The kook is back.

  • Adele F.

    My son isn’t with anyone now. We just returned to London and he’s off to the film set once again. He’s single and not looking for anyone at the moment.

  • highland

    Where is your Romanian, silicon, fake, famewhore, untalented, escort and real prostitute doormat gf madalina. The realty is nearly many HW men fu-cked her and she is still nobody for public .

    Be smart Fassie, Lupita is so beautiful, talented, respectable, real and very classy

  • Adele F.

    @highland: Why the name-calling? He ended it with her after New Year’s so why are you still so angry and bitter? My son has moved on, why can’t you?

  • Hmmm?

    @Adele F.: Please, if you are really Fassy’s mom, I would not recommend you post here. The posters here will speculate to death and knock others down as often as possible.

    If not, have fun pretending.

  • Shame

    Shame on Fassbender. His PR is to disperse MG and gay rumors by presenting his crush of Lupita. She is seeing Keinan Abdi Warsame. He is a rapper/artist. This is her spotlight. And her private life.

  • ClassY
  • Adele F

    My son isn’t with anyone at this point. He’s working very hard and has no time for girlfriends. Stop with the rumours, they’re not helpful. He’s busy with his work and his life and most of it is very private. You don’t know a thing.

  • Areal person

    @Adele F: Pretending to be Fassbenders mother is rather silly. I’m sure Adele has better things to do than post here, so you fool nobody. Please go away.

  • Lola

    @Adele F:

    Question: Why did he not carry your bag?

  • Adele F

    @Areal person: On the contrary, I’m a very real person. Bugger off and leave my son’s thread alone. It’s time for tea.

  • Areal person

    @Adele F: It’s time for your medicine.

  • curious

    What’s this about MG being preggers? Is this why she’s in hiding?

  • Lola

    ADELE F. You are ignoring me!

    So, again, why didn’t your son carry your bag?
    Plus, if they broke up after New Year’s that means he WAS in Romania during New Year’s, right?
    But, the Milan pictures of them holding hands came out in mid January, so, he hand holds ex- girlfriends hands all the time? or was he not honest and told you all that he had broken up with her when he had not? uuuuuhhhh…

    Last, his life is MOSTLY private … so you are aware of INSTAGATE I take it?! Is that instagram page actually his?
    – ;-)

  • Lola


    I was one of the people that thought that the player got played to be honest. Now, I don’t know. You can speculate as to either side. The reality is, if she is it will be known in due time.
    Apparently, the Romanian press if going against her with their current “articles” about her. Also, some outlet’s had articles of Fassbender wanting to be with Lupita (got crushed on gossip cop – go look at the site, google it) That has to be embarrassing, unless it is a PR stunt of some kind.
    That was after the other articles with the picture of Fassbender and SM smoosh at the Oscars.

    It’s a wait and see. Could be she is learning (from what Butler fans have written after they broke up she was always on social media looking for pity) and will not post on her social media because she could be ashamed in a way. Who knows. Total Speculation.

  • lol

    The id like on the facebook page of Madalina increase. So, I have the impression that she is happy. I do not believe that she manages to be aware that this popularity is actually negative. I can imagine, with Fassbender ago monologues as a poor victim and while she is looking at the increase of id like and think she is getting something anyway. Or, Fassbender has already sent Madalina to her country and she thinks that without saying anything, as it has always done (Di Caprio, Butler…) , she can can use that her name is linked to that of other more famous. Her silence is opportunism. Truly a parasite.What squalor. LOL

  • The girlfriend

    Fassbender now reports that girlfriend Madalina Ghenea who is now on gossip blinds being outed as his highly paid escort girlfriend???
    Fassbender has now put himself in the Charlie Sheen category on this one.

  • Darlene

    Prostitute? Fassy was stupid. He just became less respected. It will roll over though. He is still a great actor.

    At lease Butler had to show/pay he was in a relationship to clean up some of his womanizer ways to get acting roles.

  • Darlene

    @The girlfriend: 56, 58, are about Fassbender.
    69 can be about Okasana or swsnbn.

  • Hmmm?

    Many celebs buy their booty calls. I agree this will pass.

  • Darlene

    Fassbender did not campaign for the Oscar. He hid. The movie and Lupita were the focus. I bet they found out how stupid he was and shut the “gf” out of social media once the movie moguls thought she can manipulate everything. A Oscar winning movie and all involved could go down with her. He allows his story of him And Lupita after the Oscars and now this story is out. The powers above placed all to make sure only he would get burned for his mistakes. Pascal is a p1mp. She is a model/actress as a cover to her real job.

    Funny that Butler pranced her through Scotland and allowed his family to meet her. Stupid or calculated?

  • NotSilenced

    She will eventually make money from all these men. Tell all after her contracts expire. Most here will buy the book.

  • Hid for a reason

    “Fassbender did not campaign for the Oscar. He hid.”
    He didn’t not want questions about MG. That woman needs to rehaul her reputation somehow or she’ll never get what she wants. AND she did it all her way and has to take credit for her failures.

  • ?????

    You’re all FOS. She’s not a prosti. I did hear they were finished so you can be happy about that and please move on. She’s history and he’s probably onto his next conquest now.

  • Try Again Idiot

    @Adele F:

    Nice try, next time try using some actual Irish slang instead of the BRITISH slang you just used. An NORTHERN-IRISH woman like Adele would NEVER use the term ”bugger off”, or “time for tea”, but an American pretending to be irish would and thats because you dont know the cultural differences in speech and assume everyone in the UK speaks the same. For your information Irish folks and British folks do not talk the same and use very different terminology.
    You messed up boo, back to the drawing board methinks…

  • Dead Thread

    Fassy’s buried alive in his film and there’s nothing going on. Dead quiet for once. Time for a holiday.

  • INNA

    Well she joined INNAs posse. The freak must be scr3wing a band member. The group is in the U.S. and Mexico in March. Watch out INNA, you have talent and she is using you all to find an in again into the limelight.
    Gave up actors for the moment. She is a survivor on her next venture.

  • Argent

    @INNA: Told everyone they were done. She’s off now on solo trips and hinting at her locations again. I think she went into hiding for weeks after the breakup.