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Oscar Winners Lupita Nyong'o & Jared Leto: Miu Miu Fashion Show!

Oscar Winners Lupita Nyong'o & Jared Leto: Miu Miu Fashion Show!

Gorgeous Lupita Nyong’o meets up with Rihanna backstage at the Miu Miu show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015 on Wednesday (March 5) in Paris, France.

The 31-year-old Oscar winner was also joined at the show by fellow Academy Award recipient Jared Leto.

“I WON!!! It still has not registered that I am the proud recipient of the #AcademyAward for Best Actress in A Supporting Role. What a magnificent day. Thank you again to the Academy and to all who put their time and good energy into rooting for me.” Lupita tweeted earlier in the week. Watch her acceptance speech in case you missed it!

Congrats again to Lupita and Jared on their awards.

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oscar winners lupita nyongo jared leto miu miu fashion show 08

Photos: Getty, Wenn
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  • So great

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Two power women <3

  • Riri & Lupita

    Thats my all time favourite pic.

  • Fabulous

    Finally a post of this two great people. Couldnt wait for it any longer. Love it all the way.

  • Mia

    Between the 3 don’t know which fameho will be hoarding the camera more for selfie’s .. Seriously Jared Leto looks anorexia, dude eat something, and Luptia should cover up those gross legs, don’t what’s more gross her legs or her chest.

  • Love it

    OMG thats just the best. I love Rihanna and I love Lupita and oh Jared keeps stalking Lupita :) LOL

  • nice

    Everyone looks good. Jared is back on tour with Thirty Seconds To Mars in Europe this week

  • Cool

    Riri, Lupita and Jared what a great fashion show.

  • zee

    @Mia: Take a good long and hard look at yourself in a full length mirror. That”s right… stfu.

  • Alli

    No real talent and no real experience anyone can win a Oscar! no body
    Important people ! Now that there is a Black woman in Charge of the Oscars. Now she is a famous 3 times winner! See her everywhere .
    Guess no experience Loser Lupita

  • puravik

    Jared Leto is really, really sexy. I usually don’t like men with long hair but Jared … he still manages to look so masculine and handsome. His hair are in great condition, i wonder what products he uses?

  • Wow

    Wow Rihanna, Lupita & Jared. I wished I was in Paris.

  • Hmmmm

    So now the media is on a roll to saturate us with Lupita news…which will eventually push people into two camps hard core fans..or tired of the saturation she’s overrated…..In one years time she will become someone that is all about being seen or an actress consumed with being photograph….Unfortunately for all her excitement she will not see that people in the industry are not her friends but using her for their own glorified benefit UNTIL the next new one comes along.

  • maise

    LN is extremely striking, JL is not too shabby either. Good luck to them both individually and together. As for R, she’s one big question mark.

  • Wow

    @Hmmmm: I hope there is not a JLaw happening on her. I mean JLaw didnt kill anybody, but people are so over her like she did something bad. Everytime when a woman gets too powerful, too successful, too loved people somehow get tired of her. Its really sad. A man can have all the success and still gets glorified.

  • Mandy

    Rihanna is my girl crush and I love that pic with Lupita.

  • lupita&jared

    We all know Jared is only there to see Lupita. They need to confirm their relationship already. So cute<33

  • cute

    I think Lupita has a one off deal with Miu Miu. Jared looks better than even the models.

  • sisko

    @hmmmm. Agree. I like her but I am getting tired of her a bit. That’s what happens when the media shoves someone into your face this much. Add social media exposure as well. It happened to anne hathaway, jlaw…

  • Lupita

    I actually hope Lupita and Jared are an item.
    He is so into her and doesn’t care who knows it.

  • Cammie

    Yes, Jared band is playing in Finland on Sat. but why is he at a womens wear fashion show?

    Unless he is there because of Lupita…I m ean she has a deal with Miu Miu., he knew she would probably be there…UMMM

    Did he attend this show last year…?

    Maybe they are dating

  • Cammie

    He is just prettier then most women

  • Lupita


    Agree that man is both masculine and Feminine all at once

    nice bod too :)

  • nice


    I think he knows everyone there when you read who was there. The more interesting thing will be if Lupita shows up at a 30 Second To Mars concert or be in the same ramdom city as he is playing. He’s super busy and going to be on tour until the end of the year. But good news for fans of his film career, he said he might be directing a feature film or acting as the next project. So no waiting another 6 years:


  • Jilian

    @Wow: Men get also the backlashed of being over represented. Look how some years ago everybody was gushing like crazy over Michael Fassbender and now people aren’t that enthralled with him anymore – although he’s crazy talented. For someone not (that )talented like Robert Pattionson it’s even worse – practically everybody hates on him except some loyal fangirls from his Twilight days.

    Benedict Cumberbatch seems pretty much the man of the hour. He’s all over the place too and we’ll see how this goes. As he’s a really good actor too the backlash won’t be as bad as with Pattinson, but there certainly will be a point were people will be overfed.

  • Lupita


    Totally agree – Cumberbatch is the man of the moment in many ways.

  • Monae

    People are talking sh*t about Rih when she is next to Lupita & it’s like I see two different successful business women who are apart of two different famous industries that rising even more from where they came from. If anything I applaud both of these hard working women who are dominating the world right now! Go Rihanna & Lupita <3

  • Cammie



  • Cammie


    Cumberbatch was really good in “12 years a Slave”

  • Wow

    How can you compare the hate Anne Hathaway and JLaw are getting with Michael Fassbender???? Even Robert Pattinson didnt get that nasty comments as this women and even Lupita already got some really mean racist comments. Thats so uncalled for.

  • nice

    This is a better link about Jared directing. Maybe he might work with Lupita in some way?

  • Fassbender

    Fassbender is not very popular at the moment

    has received a lot of criticism over his relationship with Madalina Ghenea
    Now the recent stories that he is dating Lupita adds fuel to the fire as it would suggest he was seeing both Madalina and Lupita at the same time.

  • Hmmmm

    I think Lupita is definitely a talented actress..who is only doing what is natural. Enjoying the spotlight…But the media machine is a monster. And everyone wants a piece of her..the same came be same with Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Keira Knightly and then by sheer nature of people get bored….and the envious come out…None of the actress deserved the scrutiny and raking over the coals..They seemed all like hard working individuals..Lupita is safe now..give it till summer when there’s 1000 items on her.
    I don’t trust Hollywood players will look after her because they are always looking for the next new star.

  • Brandy

    The comments about being tired of seeing Lupita everywhere are perplexiing. She was nominated for multiple awards over the past few months & had to do publicity for 12 Years a Slave, so of course she’d receive a lot of press–never mind the attention she’s received for her fashion choices.
    If anyone’s truly tired of the over-saturation of celebrities, don’t frequent websites or other media that report on them.

  • stocks & bonds

    All these men are popular because there is plenty of room for them to be. Fassbender, Cooper, DiCaprio, McConnaughey, Ejifor, Elba, Christian Bale, Joachin, Daniel Day lewis, Gerard butler, Brad Pitt, Leto, RDJ, Cruise, etc…They all have their fans and it has nothing to do with who they are dating. It’s a power play in Hollywood. Believe it or not I feel that even without winning the Oscar, Leo has replace Clooney as being the golden boy. Even the Oscar winners went to where he was sitting to shake his hand/kiss him before they went up to make their acceptance speech. Leo was sitting next to Sandra (the richest actress) where Clooney should have been. What’s Clooney’s excuse for not being there? It was too much attention on Leo, Lupita, Matthew & Jared that’s why. Everyone seemed to have a good time too without his presence.

    The interest and speculation in the dating/romantic life is irrelevant and should be. Only acknowledged partners should be casually mentioned but they have nothing to do with these actors being great in their art.

  • elle

    why would jared go all the way to paris just to see miu miu??? he hasnt been at any other PFW shows either. im definitely thinking its cause of lupita ;D that would be an incredibly beautiful and talented couple in the making, id rather see jared with her a million times than with the women in his past that hes gone out with that weren’t known to be the “best choices”, i 100% support this potential couple. and seeing pics of riri and lupita bonding at the show are so cute. to anyone that thinks lupita is a one hit wonder, you’re going to have to sit back cause shes pretty much every designers new fashion muse so while shes seeing whats going to come up next in her acting career, you will see her frequently in future fashion shows, the fashion world loves her. i think she deserves the september vogue cover this year, i really do, especially if got it last year for her oscar even though jen doesn’t consider herself a fashionable person apart from endorsing dior, so i think lupita will be a truly perfect fit for this years september cover since she is on top with both her talent and fashion trends.

  • No Not Jared Please

    He’s there to fck the models which I’m sure he will.

  • verry interesting

    @Cool: I thought great clothes made a great fashion show.

  • MaryJoe

    I read he was at the Hermes Fashion show… so what’s right? Miu Miu? Hermes? Maybe both? ;)

    We’ll never know the real reason he came to Paris, although it’s of course easy to say it was because of Lupita…

    Maybe they’re dating, maybe not (yet)… Time will tell… For now she just laughed off the rumours at the Ellen DeGeneres show…
    if they are, I think it will be revealed soon :D

  • verry interesting

    @stocks & bonds: Why would Clooney care if Leo is now King of Hollywood, bit step down from King of the World ain’t it. Clooney can do the big films and then tinker on his own little films. Living his life the way he wants just like all those other men. Clooney if he isn’t working on a movie project, doesn’t need to prove anything to himself anymore, that’s for sure and I am not even a big fan of his. The way Leo is practically begging for Oscar on the other hand is slightly undignified. He seems to be the one that needs to prove something.

  • verry interesting

    @MaryJoe: Maybe Jared is stalking Lupita. This should be fun. Stay ever elusive Lupita. Actors and musicians, bad news. Actor/musician, oh boy.

  • coexist

    I second that! Just as telling Jared canceled his LA screening of this doc to arrive in Paris just in time for the Miu Miu show. I have followed jared for sometime and since his break up w/Cameron I never seen him act this way except for one other time. Could he have found the one? I hope both of their fans will be happy and not hating if it happens.

  • snarkarella

    @nice: Because of course one great acting performance qualifies you to direct. Try maybe putting in at least 2 great acting performances and that excludes music videos.

  • Lilly

    I wish you guys also posted the pic of Jared whispering in Lupita’s ear. Wonder what he was whispering to her? lol. I mean, I love Rihanna but Lupita and Jared are the hot (possible) couple here!

  • No! No! No!

    And again, NO! Lupita would make a mistake going out with Leto. He’s not serious. He’s dated plenty of actresses and you can tell the difference in men if you look closely. Leto is a nice guy, talented, handsome, etc, but he is not at Lupita’s level. Leto’s level is a Cameron Diaz type and women who are out there floating around just like he is. Leto is probably excited about her because she is different and Holly is buzzing about her at this time. You have family-type, settle-down, marrying types of men like McConaughey, Hanks, musicians Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney. Then on the other hand, you have Leto, DiCaprio, Clooney, Mick Jagger and Tommy Lee. There is a BIG difference!

  • No! No! No!

    Another thing. Leto’s upbringing without his dad would probably make him a poor candidate for married life. He may not have seen a good role model for married life. Men like that can have a really hard time being good husbands and fathers. Plus, musicians are typically poor choices for a committed relationship.

  • http://yahoo Hope So

    Go for it Lupita. He’s a wonderful catch!

  • coexist

    Wow. No..No..I agree Jared and Shannon upbringing and not being around healthy unions more than likely has made it difficult for both men to settle down. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to! Shannon and Jared were engaged around the same time and broke things off within a year of one another It will take a strong stable woman to handle a very damaged Jared. I find it interesting that Lupita and Shannon’s personality are alike then I saw they r both Pisces.

  • Love The Shoes



    “I actually hope Lupita and Jared are an item.
    He is so into her and doesn’t care who knows it.”


    I actually THINK Lupita and Jared are in fact an item. Seriously, my gut says they are trying to “figure it out” because they know if it’s verified they won’t have any peace.

  • Infatuation

    Lupita has been scheduled to attend this show for months as she is one of the faces of their Spring Campaign. I find it very odd that Jared showed up at this show since he was doing 30stm stuff earlier this week. Sounds like he is chasing LN.

  • Not Jared

    Jared, please no. You can get a better looking girl!