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Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Go On a Road Trip - See All the Pics!

Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Go On a Road Trip - See All the Pics!

Taylor Swift wears her dance class gear as she heads inside a studio for a class on Wednesday (March 5) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old entertainer just went on a road trip with model Karlie Kloss, which was completely documented by both ladies.

“Beach, forests, cliffs, Northern California, sand, flower picking. Best road trip ever. @karliekloss” Taylor tweeted.

“adventure of a lifetime with my girl @taylorswift13 @ Pacific Coast Highway (PCH / CA-1)” Karlie wrote.

FYI: Taylor is carrying a Dolce&Gabbana ‘Sara’ handbag.

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss‘ big road trip…

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taylor swift karlie kloss go on a roadtrip see all the pics 01
taylor swift karlie kloss go on a roadtrip see all the pics 02
taylor swift karlie kloss go on a roadtrip see all the pics 03
taylor swift karlie kloss go on a roadtrip see all the pics 04
taylor swift karlie kloss go on a roadtrip see all the pics 05
taylor swift karlie kloss go on a roadtrip see all the pics 06
taylor swift karlie kloss go on a roadtrip see all the pics 07
taylor swift karlie kloss go on a roadtrip see all the pics 08
taylor swift karlie kloss go on a roadtrip see all the pics 09
taylor swift karlie kloss go on a roadtrip see all the pics 10
taylor swift karlie kloss go on a roadtrip see all the pics 11

Credit: Instagram; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, Wenn
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  • tick

    Are they a new couple?

  • melissa

    WHY KARLIE WHY? Stay away from that annoying and attention seeking troll that Taylor Swift!!!!!

  • Alaia

    Oh look, is that another best friend?

  • Anna

    @melissa: @melissa: The only attention seeking troll is you, melissa. Go away. You must be pretty much of a loser.

  • Anna

    @Alaia: Yes, some people are nice and can make friends. I am sorry you don’t have that capability.

  • josh


    go eat some ice cream, sweetheart. you’ll never be half as good looking as these two.

  • Mia

    Love Taylor Swift , rather see this then her parading around half naked at Paris Fashion week … I guess that’s the difference between someone who sings other people songs , like Miley and Rihanna then someone who is a true artist, composes , writes their own music and plays their own instruments.

  • Emily

    Taylor looks like Karlie in the Black and white picture ^^

  • Lane

    Taylor could have seriously been a model, she even has the height , she’s as tall as Kloss , who’s tall! . Lovely pictures.

  • dd


    Rhianna and Miley are unoriginal and eventually people will figure that out. all they have are their bodies and once that goes theyll wish they had minds. their fans are gonna grow out of liking them because all young fans grow up.

  • jen


    alaia is just mad because she has no friends and the only people that talk to her are behind a computer! lol

  • Nick

    Doesn’t Swift know that today’s pop star uses twitter to show their naked a*s and t*ts or pictures of them smoking weed with a grill on . Really she should get with the program, having friends and doing normal crap isn’t how you fameho 101 2014′

  • sigh



  • Effy

    @Anna: @josh: So…. instead of being mature about people not liking a celebrity, you call them loser and say rude things? Do your parents not love you enough or what?

  • adorable

    @Lane: Karlie is 6’1, Taylor is 5’10 so there is a 4 inch height difference. Taylor us supermodel tall, Karlie is just extraordinarily tall. But yeah, Taylor could have definitely been a very duccessful model had she decided to go that route, either way she would have been at the top of the gwme as she us in music because of her hard work and dedication to her craft.

  • adorable

    Sorry, they have a 3 inch height difference.

  • Guest

    Isn’t it funny.. Taylor does normal things and its a problem.
    She hasn’t publicly dated a guy in over a year, now the haters.. “she has too many girlfriends”.. Haters go away.. You sound so stupid!

  • Tyla

    PR “friendship.” Sorry, but it’s true. The first time they hang together and many pics have to be taken, it has to be shared on social media. Pretty much ANY appearance Taylor Swift makes with other celebrities is for PR.

  • pickles

    Oh, please! Anyone with two brain cells working knows this is a publicity invention. It helps Kloss raise her profile and Taylor Swift uses publicity the way normal people use oxygen. I can see that the Taylor Robots are out in force to trash other people while they “defend” their idol.

    You do know other people get paid to promote her while this dedicated band of fanatics do it for free? Taylor has all the substance of a piece of chalk. She is manufactured from head to toe. What this means is that she is repositioning her brand. In marketing terms, this means Taylor is going to transition from her post adolescent image into a young woman image. You know, the cool, single girl who has glamorous friends.

    Her appearance at the Victoria Secret Fashion show was all part of the plan. Along with the hair cut/make over. It’s sad that so many people take her so seriously when she laughs all the way to the bank. You are in love with an image. It’s a fake image. Her personality is much closer to the girl who dumped her unopened fan mail that it is to the contrived cr@p you see in magazines.

    Here’s something to ponder: Her BFF Selena has been going thru a really rough time. No Taylor in sight. The words rehab and Taylor Swift don’t go together. They both went to the Vanity Fair Party, and there were tons of photos of Taylor with her model pal and Jamie King, another new BFF, but not a single shot of Taylor and Selena. Ed Sheeran? Yes. Selena, no.

  • Living in a box

    Her next song will be ‘If You Not Famous,We Cannot Be Friends’.

  • stan

    Taylor is prettier than a supermodel. Just wow! She is the most talented celeb superstar by far.

  • NM


    Well, Taylor is the most famous person in the world; Of course, she will be noticed. It’s not her fault that she gets noticed for her being famous and her fans just love lapping up these pictures. It’s great news for the fans. Now, if you were noticed all the time, and you are not famous, then that is attention seeking.

  • NM


    Don’t be presumptive. You probably read a lot of Gossip articles and believe them. Taylor has worked extremely hard to make it to the top. If she is manufactured, she is the one who is doing it herself. She is her own brand, not a puppet brand to any record company. She is her own enterprise, writes and controls her own music and yes she is maturing nicely.

  • NM

    And also, the mail incident was actually a mistake, that had been rectified by Taylor’s management team. It wasn’t as if she purposely threw them out. Now imagine if you receive thousands of letters everyday, it would be physically impossible to read them all and keep them in order. So don’t play that game of assuming that Taylor is no good when you don’t have all the facts. Goodnight!

  • Stdll

    Hmm, i have been thinking every time that taylor swift is in the news because she has a new “best friend”, it’s fine if she has a lot of friends and she seems like a cool chick but i don’t know if you guys have noticed, she befriends people that are popular at the time, like she was hanging out with Taylor Lautner when he was doing twilight and he was very popular, he dated harry stiles when he was at his peek , she became lorde’s “bff” out of nowhere for a brief moment after she won her grammies.

    And my second theory is that she is BISEXUAL and shes been fooling us saying that she has a new “friend”…

  • Adventure Road Trips

    As we know Taylor is very famous all over the world, her fans will happy to see this pics.

  • Al

    “@stan: Taylor is prettier than a supermodel. Just wow! She is the most talented celeb superstar by far”

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Taylor is nowhere near as beautiful as Candice Swanepoel, Miranda Kerr, Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, etc. She’s pretty, but not stunningly gorgeous like those supermodels. And she is nowhere near being the “most talented celeb superstar’”.

  • holly

    @Stdll: I think you hit the nail on the head!

  • Hi I’m Taylor

    Hi I’m Taylor…and I know you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you. Now lets be besties!!!

  • nienie

    They look like sisters.

  • Rebekka

    These two could definitely be sisters. They look so similar.

  • Say it ain’t so….

    She’s transparent and is referred to as a “friend collector” mind you, her friends are all celebrities who will get her attention and who want attention also. She is a publicity machine and knows how to work it. She hangs with people like Lorde and gets publicity. She also comes off like she’s still in high school. Annoying. Wonder how these “intimate” photos were taken? She travels with her own photog….pity that guy who has to spend a week taking pictures of this chick’s princess pony poses. Complete poser.

  • Gadar/Man

    Can this be a publicity stunt? Possibly.Can she be gay?Old rumor has it her fiddle player ‘Emily’ was dumped by management because of same sex relationship.Also she’s allegedly a beard for gay men she has dated.Say it ain’t so.
    She is undeniably beautiful and appeared without makeup in 08 in People pics.Her hair seems to be getting darker although she claimed in 09 had never dyed it.Is she blonder in person or what?Great hair!
    Anybody know of reliable source as to her orientation?.She was frolicking on beach with Lorde.People do talk.And her publicist just quit.Coincidence?

  • jenn

    Tay is so humble and friendly. will be amazing and bless for me if i can be her friends………like wow