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Aaron Carter Desperately Wants to Win Back Hilary Duff

Aaron Carter Desperately Wants to Win Back Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff flashes her beautiful smile while taking her clothes to the tailor on Wednesday afternoon (March 5) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 26-year-old actress recently announced that she and her husband Mike Comrie have separated and now her ex-boyfriend Aaron Carter is publicly letting everyone know he wants to win her back.

After retweeing a photo of Hilary, he tweeted saying, “Don’t be that stupid douche that loses the love of your life forever.. Like me… I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to better myself to get back to her. I don’t care what ANY of you think.”

“That tweet just gave me an anxiety attack ”,” Aaron added.

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  • Lauren

    I can’t stop giggling.

  • Lily


  • baby

    This guy wants publicity big time
    You and Hilary dated when u were like 15 and then u dumped her for Lindsay, love of my like my A$$$
    This was a great laugh

  • lol

    Was he in love with that era or actually in love with Hilary herself? I don’t know but if he’s serious, he better be prepared to do a lot of work to try to “get her back”.

  • Abby

    LOL. That is all.

  • Amanda

    I think she should take him back. Aaron has been hard at work doing a two leg tour in 2013 and now currently making a new album which will be released in June, also is currently doing a private lunch/dinner tour to connect with his fans. Yes he has had issues in the past but seriously who hasn’t. He has many fans who haven’t given up on him. He even takes 8 or 9 hours out of his busy days to connect with his fans. He really does love her and well everyone deserves a second chance. Aaron is absolutely amazing and will prove that each and everyday and if she can’t see that then she doesn’t deserve him. So Hilary please consider giving Aaron a second chance. He really does love you and honestly I don’t think he has ever stopped

  • Sara

    Aaron’s an amazing guy though and he has a new ALBUM coming out. First one since the good ol days. The people giggling on here are just mean, honestly. He was opening up and sharing his feelings the. Gets brought down because of the way he feels. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Jenna

    All you fans are kidding right .. he just filed for BANKRUPTCY back in November, and his career hasn’t gone any where since I want candy. His attempt to stir up talk/attention to himself is hysterical!?

  • LOL

    @Amanda: Oh Aaron, stop trying to be Amanda. Get off the JJ comment board.

  • Shelbethegreat

    Good for you Aaron.

  • Liz

    Well, some people find the love of their life at 15 so… Haha

  • Isabel

    Oh, Aaron. At least he’s good for comedic value.

  • Ha


  • RDH

    Hopefully Miss Duff has enough sense not to be taken in by such an obvious ploy. He is the last person she should expose her darling little boy to, and the last thing she needs in her life.

  • :)

    This is inappropriate after someone just got a divorce.

  • Wurry

    Well, good luck with that. She only dates very rich guys.

  • Sara

    @Jenna: Yes, and I also know they discharged it. He also sold out over half of the shows on his tour last year. Know your facts before you say someone’s career isn’t going anywhere lol

  • BamaBrit

    Aaron has grown up a LOT since those days and has realized he truly loves her. Everybody has that 1 love that never fades away no matter how hard we try! Hilary is Aaron’s

    I don’t care what anybody says, Aaron is the sweetest and most genuine person I have ever met. He may have made stupid mistakes leading up to it but he’s worked so hard ON HIS OWN to reach for his dreams. He has been through so much with his OLD MANAGERS mismanaging his money when he was younger causing the bankruptcy but that has nothing to do with his love for HD.

    Anyways, he’s back! He just recorded a new album that will be released soon! He’s using this time to reach out and connect with fans! He is an amazing person and his music is NOT about money or fame. It’s about passion, love, and his Aaronators!!!

  • MamaSandy

    Omg everyone is ragging on Aaron for bankruptcy but at least he takes care of them! Look at Rihana, just filed bankruptcy due to MISMANAGEMENT of her MILLIONS! Nearly 11mil! Look at the Osmonds from the 70s-80s era! Bankrupt from MISMANAGEMENT of 88mil! So many celebs file so get off Aaron’s case! He’s just human with human issues but HE TAKES CARE OF THEM LIKE A MAN SHOULD! That’s is the KEY!

    As far as loves go, I am 56 years old and I still have love for the love I had when I was 14-15years old. Who he loves shouldn’t matter this much to people because there is so much more to him than that! Learn WHO he is and stop worrying about WHAT he does!

  • Becca

    Aaron has never been the type of person to hide how he truly feels. He’a incredibly open & honest when it comes to his life experiences and I sincerely admire him for that!

    He toured all of 2013 – with new & old music – throughout the United States & Canada! Now, he’s working on a new album and using his life’s experiences to make credible, relateable, real music!

  • Britney

    Yall are just being jealous because your favorites won’t take time out of their busy schedules to have EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE DINNERS with you! Won’t give up their OWN PERSONAL TIME AND PARTIES to spend time with you! DOESN’T tweet/retweet or DM you all the time. Aaron does all of these things because he truly loves his fans! And he knows most of us by name! Stop being jealous and become an Aaronator instead! Then you can feel the love too! Otherwise keep it zipped & locked and break the key!!!

  • http://@ACST_AVL Kristin

    They should at least give it a shot! :) Aaron’s back up and running- he’s got a new album coming out and Hil’s got her life together- why not try?

  • Stefy

    People really need to stop focusing on Aaron’s past and instead look at his present and future! He is a really sweet and caring guy and who he loves shouldn’t matter! He is not “desperate” just because he loves somebody! Get over yourselves!

  • Aaronator ALWAYS

    Yes, Aaron did file bankruptcy in November and it was DISCHARGED in December or January so learn your facts before you go making comments on that issue! And I agree with @MamaSandy (comment 19)! Yall act like he was the first celebrity to file bankruptcy! Grow up people!


    All that matters is that Aaron has worked SUPER hard to better himself and get his life back! For 8 years he was by himself without the help of producers or other “rich people” to get his life back! He did it with help from God and his own hard work. You should all focus on being Aaronators instead of Aaron-Haters! Aaronators get so much more love and respect!

  • BamaBrit


    I disagree. Just because someone is going through a divorce it doesn’t mean you can’t say you still love them. He’s loved her for a long time, married or not. How many other people still love their first love and that person be married with kids for years? It’s not inappropriate at all! I am going through a divorce and I know a few of my exes that still love me. And same for my ex hubs. The heart wants what the heart wants.

  • BamaBrit


    Being rich does NOT mean having money! People need to get that through their heads! Rich is about so much more than how much cash you have! Aaron is SUPER RICH in love, support, respect, friendship, and talent!

  • http://@yankeechick17 nicole calao

    I seriously have to laugh at some of the ignorant comments on here. and to those on here who decide to only focus on the negative aspects of Aaron’s life I say this: GET A LIFE!!! I follow aaron on twitter and he is the nicest and sweetest guy ever!! he’s busting his tail each and every day to make new music for his true fans and I am so incredibly proud of the man he has become. and I will continue to support him in whatever he does. and to those on here who support aaron I applaud you!!

  • http://@yankeechick17 nicole calao

    @baby: get a life will you. leave aaron alone

  • Aaron Is AMAZING!


    What is that supposed to mean? Know your facts before you make assumptions! Aaron is amazing! And he is the best guy I have ever seen with kids! He adores them! He donates many presents to children’s hospitals and children’s homes all over the country! He is going to make an AMAZING father one day! And if this comment is a stab at his past, stop dwelling on the past and get to know Aaron as a person and not some product the media makes him. He’s a perfect sweetheart! NO, he isn’t flawless! He’s made mistakes! But he works his ASS off to overcome them! Don’t make accusations of statements that you cannot back up with FACTS! I’ve seen Aaron with kids and he is simply the BEST!!!

  • Kristin

    We all know about AC’s past- but do you know what he’s been up to lately? Aside from how much he’s changed as a person- he’s actually releasing a new album. Aaron has helped countless people throughout similar life problems. If you’re only used to the old AC, you should really take a look at the man he’s become today. Very proud to support him.

  • http://Bsb_forever247 LOVE AARON CARTER

    Aaron Carter has changed and grown as a person sure he’s made mistakes but SERIOUlY that’s what makes him human! He’s an amazing person he’s always supporting us fans! Hillary Duff if you get a chance to read my message you should consider giving Aaron a second chance to prove to you what a sweet heart he really is!! Aaron I stand proud to be supporting you love u always regardless of what anyone says! Haters will always be there just keep you’re head up and know you’re true fans support and believe in you!

  • ss


  • http://coronababy12286 nicole

    Aaron is the most amazing guy in the world and him and hilary would be amazing together. go get her Aaron who can say no to you. i bet she is kicking herself to that she didnt fight to get you back!! love you always!!

  • http://@impure_angel RACHEL

    WOW. Some of you “women” need to hop off your menstrual cycles and stop drinking all that haterade! Everyone makes mistakes when they are young. That being said…I found the love of my life at 16 and it was because I didn’t give up on that love that we are now married and happy. Just because you are cynical does not give you the right to trash talk other people like that. As far as bankruptcy, WTF does that have to do with him still being in love with HD? Ever heard of “the one that got away”? Aaron is one of the sweetest, realest people I have ever met. He’s grateful and appreciative to his fans and SHOWS it. I was lucky enough to attend the private brunch in Miami, and I saw a completely different side of him. As far as career goes, he’s making a comeback THE RIGHT WAY. From the ground up, reconnecting with his fans and making new music. He has a newfound respect from me. And remember ladies, he is a human being like you and I with FEELINGS. So have some RESPECT. I DARE you to have the ovaries to say this kind of nasty stuff to his face. But people like you hide behind the safety of the internet to bully and be stereotypical “mean girls”. I hope you don’t reproduce. We don’t need more venom in this world.

  • Aaronator

    #AaronCarterISBACK & they dated when they were 13/14… yes, Aaron made a mistake. He is grown up now & he doesn’t care about money as much as he does his fans. Hilary has a son now & recently got separated
    .so I’m not even sure she’s ready to be in a relationship right now..but if she were to be, she should give Aaron another chance. They both are having albums coming out this year. :)

  • Michael Hilton

    she is way too good for him… how funny!

  • Willian

    Leave Hilary alone dude

  • Rose

    Wait, is it 2000 or am I missing something?? How and when did Aaron Carter become relevant again?? And is this the same person defending him and just changing the names? If you’re an Aaron Carter fan you are basically a decade and a half behind. Do you collect Pokemon and still watch TRL. Hilary Duff is a parent, like she’s going to want that hot mess around her child…

  • soumia

    oh aaron this must be you writting all those long positive comments about yourself you’re pathetic

  • lola

    The funny part is Aaron Carter coming here and making multiple accounts making us think he has fans that is what you call a LOSER!!!

  • Erika

    Are you a 15 yr old stuck in time Carter fan? creepy…

  • Crystal

    Hilary dumped her hubby because she got a reality check and realized he was unemployed more times than he was actually employed. I still have no clue why she appears on the internet if she is doing nothing with her life right now but anywho that’s another rant for another day. Now back to Aaron Carter, dude she left her baby daddy cause he aint got a job to support her and their son what makes you think she is gonna hook up with a no job, wanna be Justin Beiber dj like yourself? Sista H is just trying to finally hook up with a real MAN who makes $$ so he can give her the lifestyle she has always had to work for since being a young teen.

  • :)

    I met Aaron once. I can read people like a book. Sweet guy, good heart, super sensitive but you wouldn’t know it, secretly shy, affectionate, a little hard on himself sometimes, determined, just wants to love and be loved when he finds the right one he will treat her right.

  • http://@Chimadena Elizabeth

    @Amanda: So, since he is working she should automatically go back to him? I don’t care at all about either of these people, but it should depend on much more than his work status.

  • Britt

    @Amanda: Lol, you’re a moron.

  • Kyley


    Wait, it went somewhere in the past? Other than disney?

  • Kyley

    @:): As does everyone, but you can declare affection in a way that is not so creepy and so many years later down the road, and right when she is getting a divorce.

  • Renita

    There’s no law that she has to be desperate enough to run back to a guy who dumped her as soon as she’s single.

  • Boo

    Ain’t that cute?