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Jared Leto is Definitely Not Dating Lupita Nyong'o

Jared Leto is Definitely Not Dating Lupita Nyong'o

Jared Leto arrives for a taping of the television show C Vous on Thursday (March 6) in Paris, France.

The 42-year-old actor has been the subject of a ton of rumors throughout awards season that he is in a relationship with fellow Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, but they can finally be put to rest.

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Lupita was spotted cuddling with rapper K’naan earlier this week and he was even seen holding her Oscar statue following her appearance on Live! with Kelly and Michael. See the photos over at the Daily Mail.

FYI: Jared is wearing a Chan Luu scarf.

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  • Juan Manuel

    Just Jared, Jared Leto is 42, not 40.

  • sdf


  • Anabelle

    Aw man; they would’ve made such a cute couple :(

  • NO WAY

    NO SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!!!!!! I want her to be with Jared:(

  • Love The Shoes

    I’m seriously bummed about this! Really. Haven’t had a couple I was this interested in hoping they’d end up together since forever. I refuse to give up hope!

  • Joanne Rowan

    Just thought I would mention that I’m thrilled that Jared IS NOT in a relationship with Lupita and to point out that Jared is 42 NOT 40 as the article mentioned.

  • lola

    So I guess pictures speak louder than words, since there’s been a rumor on twitter going on the she was dating Michael Fassbender.

  • what

    Is this news? Of course they are not dating.

  • Jilian

    Well, good for her! I would chose Fassbender over Jared Leto any day of the week.

  • pink

    Thank God someone was smart enough to put these lies to rest.

  • Pleshette, S

    No DiCaprio, Leto, Fassbender, Clooney or Pitt at all !

  • LORDY & LOL!

    Fassbender would have been 10 times WORSE than Leto for Lupita!!! Fassbender is constantly chasing TAIL!

  • yep

    I agree Fassbender would have been a disaster. Especially considering the role he played opposite her in 12YAS. .All these A list men like DiCaprio, Butler, Cooper, Clooney, Leto, etc…have no clue on how to properly romance a woman. They all have issues. Their swag skills are shot cuz they are always using escort/model agencies. They are so out of practice that they come off as douches when they use their wingperson to try to chat someone up.

  • Greatnews

    He’s too hottt and beautiful to be tied to one girl, it wouldn’t be fair.

  • Run Lupita

    Jared Leto, is a douche! Lupita please stay away! He dated Paris Hilton. That speaks volumes.


    Don’t believe this lie with that K’naan dude whoever he is. Lupita and Jared are staying at the same hotel in Paris, Le Hotel Bristol. I can bet they are spending time together privately and getting it on.

  • mandms

    Yeah, I’m not mourning it myself. Thought they would make a cute couple but didn’t think they would make a good couple. They are so different. I ship Lupita with Benedict Cumberbatch and other people do as well. But if she dating K’naan, cool, whatever. But that Jared thing… lol What would they talk about about. Honestly, I was quite happy to hear it wasn’t true. We all know the kind of activities rock stars get up to. I wouldn’t want that for her.

  • PR team

    Well his PR peeps shot that rumor down didn’t they. Glad to hear it!

  • Just Friends

    She and K’naan are just friends. She is not dating any of these dudes.
    K’naan has a shady past.

  • Comical

    Sooooo if a person is photo with a another person then that means they’re definitely NOT dating another person?!?!…sheesh…I must not be dating my boyfriend then because last week I was photographed with two other guys…who knew. Oh and that time I was photographed with Zac Efron…wow I am dating Zac Efron!

    *please note the paragraph above is dripping sarcasm*


    she has a fellow east african….she suits him best….what a match


    @Just Friends:
    what shady past…any teen does stupid things….now he is clean

  • Mary

    Um, K’naan is one of Lupita’s long time friends. They’re not dating, especially since K’naan was seen with another chick recently. Unless these two are having issues or an open relationship, then this is just as believable as her dating Fassbender. Although, who knows. Maybe she is single. She IS in Paris with Jared, same hotel and they were trying not to be photo’d together during the Miu Miu show…of course, they got caught with Jared all up on her. Until I see the receipts or those two openly kissing or confirming they’re with someone…those two are smooshing. People didn’t believe Ben/Jlo, Brad/Angie were together either years ago until they got caught.

  • em

    Security was insane outside Monday night/Tuesday…but not inside. The pool is located on the same level as the 6th floor suites (which some” famous” women I’ve never heard of are at)
    Jared was with an older man and a guy named Tono(?) but my point was, I doubt she’s the type to share a suite with a man if she has a significant other. He even arranged for her to visit Rue Cambon (Coco Chanel’s estate) as a gift. From what I understand, he’s leaving but I don’t know if Lupita is as well.

  • Uh oh

    According to a comment I read on Necole Bitchie, Lupita and Jared shared a suite in Hotel Le Bristol. Plus, I don’t know why people are so quick to believe Lupita is dating K’naan since there is no confirmation from either of them. This article didn’t come with a source quote either. So, where is this story coming from? Lupita has many male friends and she is usually seen with one or two. From what I’ve been reading K’naan is a long-time friend of her’s and she promotes his music and has attended some of his concerts. These pap pictures alone do not prove anything more than a close bond between the two. Doesn’t mean they are dating nor does it mean Lupita and Jared are not dating.

    Remember who’s in Paris with her right now. It’s not K’naan.

  • Trudreamer

    LOL…Lupita was not seen CUDDLING with K’naan, she was seen giving him an UNAFFECTIONATE BROTHERLY type hug. I will ask a question of both men and women who read this and are not rolling their eyes as they do and calling it BULLCRAP…FIRST if you were Lupita and were dating someone, would you allow the very public & CONSTANT displays of affection from Jared, allow him the physical liberty of touching and holding you and RETURN these advances or would deem this inappropriate and disrespectful behavior towards the man you are supposed to be dating? Wouldn’t you SHUT DOWN BOTH Jared’s advances AND the rumors about you and him instead of continuing to perpetuate them by allowing Jared so familiarly up in your personal space all the time?

    And men, if you were K’naan, wouldn’t you CHECK Lupita for CONSTANTLY allowing Jared ALL UP in her face and allowing the physical liberties of his hands on her EACH AND EVERY TIME they are in each other presence? Wouldn’t take the time to be by her side to prevent this from happening?? There has not been ONE SIGHTING of this supposed boyfriend at the MANY awards presentations she has attended, which not only makes him unsupportive of his supposed woman but also makes him A FIRST CLASS FOOL because Jared certainly appears to be moving in swiftly on Lupita in his absence and what’s more, she seems NOT to have a problem with it.

    Don’t be lead like a mindless drone by the media’s attempt to minimize or outright derail the fact that these two beautiful people appear to be very, very fond of one another and ARE NOT AFRAID TO SHOW IT. Believe in what Lupita and Jared are consistently showing you until they show or tell you otherwise.

  • Mary

    @Uh oh:
    That’s like people that actually believed Jared dated Miley. The media is linking Jared and Lupita pretty much with everybody under the sun. It would be funny if they were dating under everyone’s nose and no one caught it. He cancelled an event to go to PFW. Jared is all business. So, that’s clue #500 right there. We’ll see if next month you still see them “random” somewhere or she shows up “random” at one of his shows. But, K’naan is one of her longtime male friends who is more like a brother to her.

  • Mary

    That’s what I said. What boyfriend would let his woman have another guy whispering all up in her ear, sharing same hotel. Or going to said guy’s events minus him present. Unless he’s booboo the fool, don’t realize something is up under his nose then highly doubt it. I can see if it was several months from now or just a handshake, but Jared was all up in there. Lol.


    @yep: Have you ever thought that perhaps Jared hasn’t just wanted to be in a relationship, maybe he’s just hurt from the last one he had (with Cameron Diaz)? Because he grew up around women, and he said he understannds a lot of the female needs so if he wanted to romance a woman, he’d probably do it better than anyone. The Jared/Lupita thing is the closest he’s had to a relationship in YEARS. So if it is true, I’m definitely rooting for them.

  • Leto’s Lady

    LOL…they want to keep it on the down low I reckon while they figure it out.

    Leto is deffo chasing her tail, its whether she has succumbed to his charms which is in question. He cancelled a long time booked event to high tail it to Paris to attend the Miu Miu show?? Its obvious something is up.

    Lupita would rather be linked to the rapper than him for now – until it is serious – save any embarrassment later down the line for her.
    Lupita is not with Fassbender thats for sure. The degree to which they ever were dating is the mystery though.

    I mean why would she she date Fassbender now when if reports of them hooking up at TIFF are correct he instead choose to go all in with Madalina Ghenea who is now on gossip blinds being outed as his highly paid escort girlfriend???

    Fassbender has now put himself in the Charlie Sheen category on this one.

  • AJS

    If I were them (jared and Lupita) I would be hooking up with eachother OFTEN! I mean, look at them!!! :)

  • Cammie

    @Uh oh:

    They are quick to believe the K’naan rumor because he is black.. people prefer to see her with a black man..

  • Vixen

    @Cammie: You had better believe this right here! This was the media’s sad, DESPERATE attempt to deny that anything at all could possibly be going on between Jared & Lupita. It is just like when they said that he had chosen the likes of Miley Cyrus over Lupita…A CHILD 21 YEARS HIS JUNIOR. What is so disturbing to me is that it surprises NO ONE when a black man prefers to be with a white female no matter how skanky she has shown herself to be (I won’t say any names, I’m sure intelligent people know who I’m referring to) and THE MEDIA eats it up and sees it as the most understandable thing in the world, BUT when a white man shows interest in a black woman THE MEDIA scrambles to make it seem as if it is not so. They do the same thing with Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad. Both Jared and Orlando have cancelled appearances and done other things to go out of their way to spend time and be with Lupita and Condola YET they could not possibly be remotely interested in these women…per THE MEDIA…I wonder why that is? (FYI, that is a totally rhetorical question, I know the answer.)

  • Upgrade

    Definitely an upgrade for Leto, compared to Diaz and Hilton. Who else did he date before Lupita? Hope he doesn’t hurt her. There are a lot of unpleasant rumors about him.

  • The Real Truth

    I do believe that she’s with Rhianna(sp) enjoying Paris not Jared Leto.

    Jared is too good for her!


    These comenta at #16 #19 #20 #23 are written by the same person, an obssesive JaredLupita shipper who is flooding many boards with her lies.
    Jared was hanging out in Paris with several friends, Ellen Fanning, Terry Richardson…….. but Lupita was NEVER with him.

    Jared and his band are in Finland to star their tour.


    #24 and #25 are also the same crazy JaredLupita shipper who is posting the same lies everywhere. in IMDB, in lipstickalley, here….


    coments at #28 #29 #30 #31 #32 #33….are also wittren by the same crazy JaredLupita shipper from IMDB, lipstickalley and other boards.

    Jared has been hanging out in Paris with several friends- but. NOT with Lupita.
    Lupita’s face in that pic hugging K’naan says it all. It’s like ”they’ve caught us”

  • Lenny

    I think that JJ can finally confirm that Lupita and Jared are not dating because they know that the paparazzis have been hounded Jared during the two days he was in Paris, and they’ve found out that Lupita was not with him.

  • Leto’s Lady

    @THE TRUTH 3:

    I am comment 30 and I only post on JJ – not other site at all!
    I can not speak for the others

  • Lilly

    I don’t believe she’s dating that rapper at all. Not all black people date each other.

  • It’s True

    It’s not a lie, they did share a suite together. Can’t reveal how I know but trust me they were together.

  • http://googlle L. Gold

    Jared is so into Lupita…it’s obvious! Those of you who
    deny what you see with your own eyes are just hating!
    They look PERFECT together!

  • Jleto

    @It’s True:
    Usually the couples people DON’T believe are together…are the ones that ARE together. When they said Jared was with Miley, stuff came out about him having dinner with Lupita. Now, supposedly Lupita’s either with the rapper or Fassbender. If you we don’t see these two together for another 6 months, then believe it. If it’s next week or next month and they’re still “randomly” at the same place at the same time you know something is up. Not saying this because I’m “oh, let her be with Leto”. It’s common sense right in front of everyone’s face.

  • Lol

    Lol.can she grow her hair a’s funny.

  • spring

    @ The Truth (and variations) you come across as obsessed as the poster you’re complaining about, you do realise. Quit over analyzing and accept that more than one person is rooting for these guys. Chill out freelance private detective. lol

  • Coexist

    That poster is obsessed w/jared&lupita. She even reposted one of my comments. Like most of us I don’t know what’s going on but having followed Jared for awhile and listened to what the both of them are saying something is there. Jared is a fame whore but never about his love life. If not they would have given the we’re just friends comment by now. The rapper story is bs. Plus they have spent time together at his private pre-oscar dinner and at least at the Miu Miu dinner think about it. I believe that account. The estate tour is classic leto there r many stories /pic & video where he has taken the women in his life to places like that or hiking. The reality is his some of his WF fans (this one excluded) and some her black fans would not be happy at this pairing and they know it. Jared has been alone for sometime so if he has found the one and comes right he would be a good husband and father. Long & final comment.

  • Jleto

    @Leto’s Lady:
    I think Fassbender messed that one up. They were seen together on dates and he seems still somewhat smitten with her. That Madalina chick must have put the nail in that one. Lupita is probably not seriously dating, weighing her options. Let her have her fun. She’s obviously enjoying herself, especially with Jared.

  • Cammie


    Thanks, I don’t know what to think or believe but why doesn’t he flat out deny, if they aren’t dating…your comment cleared up somethings for me…I guess time will be the actual answer if their dating…if we see them together again…whether it be just candid photos by his fans…

    I wonder if she is going to Finland for the concert or any of the concert dates?

  • Jleto

    No one believed Orlando was with Condola either, lol. He’s practically having dinner with her family and with her every day. I guess they think we, as Black women, can not bag a man who looks like Orlando or Jared. Just some of the comments I’ve seen as if Lupita is too “ugly” for Jared. Like he wouldn’t be interested….really??? Or even someone like Idris Elba, for that matter. Not every guy wants a tall, thin waiflike Hollywood chick. Just for that thought process, I hope the paps DO catch Lupita and Jared open mouthed kissing on the beach half-naked.