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Johnny Depp Supports Amber Heard at the Texas Film Awards

Johnny Depp Supports Amber Heard at the Texas Film Awards

Johnny Depp joins his fiancee Amber Heard on the red carpet at the 2014 Texas Film Awards hosted by the Austin Film Society on Thursday (March 6) in Austin, Tex.

The 27-year-old actress, who is a native of Austin, is being honored at the event for helping the state earn some notice in the film world.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Amber Heard

Amber recently chatted with Moviefone about her movie All the Boys Love Mandy Lane getting a release seven years after it was completed.

“I haven’t seen it in a long time but, I mean, I’m super proud of that movie,” Amber said. “I feel really lucky to have been a part of it, and I am very happy it finally got its day. I thought it would never come out…It’s a very weird experience to do something so long ago and then finally see it come to fruition in the way it deserves.”

FYI: Amber is wearing an Ulyana Sergeenko dress and Stephen Webster earrings.

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228 Responses to “Johnny Depp Supports Amber Heard at the Texas Film Awards”

  1. 1
    Denise Says:

    I love them together. GREATEST COUPLE ON EARTH! Amber is such a great woman and Johnny is so great too :D They’re perfect for each other! And I’m very sure they will never split up!!! :D

  2. 2
    NN Says:

    bless them

  3. 3
    Sara Says:

    Would Johnny please do something about his teeth they are just gross. I don’t know how she can stand kissing him. On a positive note, Amber looks gorgeous!

  4. 4
    Nada Says:

    @Sara: And why do you care about his teeth? It’s none of your business and I’m pretty sure that she feels like the luckiest girl in the world every time she kiss him.

  5. 5
    Denise Says:

    @Sara: That comes from smoking. I smoke since 5 years and my teeth are like his a little bit. It’s just normal. And if you love someone you don’t care about his teeth -.-

  6. 6
    limmi Says:

    He looks like he’s been drinking; and she looks like she’s upset with it. She is very beautiful tho.

  7. 7
    JDF Says:

    @limmi: He actually looks healthy and happy and so does she. Where the hell is she looking upset? He stopped drinking 2 years ago. Stop assuming nonesense about people that you know nothing about.

  8. 8
    brenda Says:

    @Sara you are right about his TEETH..COME ON JOHNNY.. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Johnny Depp is a beautiful man but this serious and ENGLISH LOOK IS NOT COOL! And please those ugly glasses have to go away foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! But I can see his hair is black again…thanks GOD!

  9. 9
    brenda Says:

    I want to see Johnny sexy again!

  10. 10
    NotaHater Says:

    Yeah it’s from the smoking.But obviously she doesn’t care because she’d make him get them fixed if she did.

  11. 11
    Moore Says:

    @brenda: He is looking sexy there.

  12. 12
    @10 Says:

    @NotaHater: She doesn’t care because his bank account is PHAT!!

  13. 13
    Sue Says:

    I really do not like these two as a couple! They are just so weird together… And awkward! Oh well, it is their life. I really have no plans to see either one of these two in any movies! Sad because I used to like Johnny Depp. I liked what he used to stand for….

  14. 14
    limmi Says:

    @JDF: Pretty sure even healthy people drink from time to time.. occasionally. I was referring to these pictures only. (Following your weird logic – I can assume nonsense about people I know everything about? Or maybe you meant YOU knew everything about them? I doubt that. ) Anyway, this is clear you didn’t like my comment, if you reread it carefully again, then maybe you will catch that noone was sharing any facts about their private life, but was talking about their looks only. You see their looks other way, but I am not trying to prove you the opposite – you have the right to have your own opinion about the pictures.

  15. 15
    JDF Says:

    @@10: His bank account? Hahahahahaha, she is pretty rich herself and she is with him only because she is madly in love with him.

  16. 16
    JDF Says:

    @Sue: Oh I’m sure that they are are devastated that you don’t like them as a couple! As if your opinion matters at all. They are actors and not reality stars, their private lives shouldn’t be a reason to avoid their movies.

  17. 17
    Denise Says:

    @JDF: I got absolutely the same opinion like you :-) you are the only normal human here :-) JOHNNY AND AMBER FOREVER!

  18. 18
    Rebekka Says:

    Is Johnny wearing his Woody Allen glasses again?

  19. 19
    Sofia Says:

    Johnny throw this sh*t, be yourself, be happy. Please, you deserve it.

  20. 20
    Sue Says:

    And your opinion does matter?
    YOU do not get to decide the reasons why I like an actor! I do! I liked Johnny because I thought he was a good actor (when he actually did good movies) and because of the man he was! He has changed.. And for the worse! If he didn’t want me to know about his personal life.. than maybe he shouldn’t show up to events with her or talk about his separation from Vanessa or even his kids!
    BTW.. Amber’s PR team should give you a raise! You sure do work hard trying to convince people she is so awesome! #icanthinkformyself

  21. 21
    M Says:

    LOL Ohh please. Johnny still drinks. There are photos and detailed fan sightings on the web. He’s just more careful about not getting so drunk in public. Amber too. It cracks me up when people say she sobered him and kept him clean. Look at her eyes sometimes. She’s usually drunk/stoned herself.

  22. 22
    JDF Says:

    @Rebekka: And when did he ever stop wearing his “Woody Allen” glasses?

  23. 23
    Kace Says:

    I didn’t know Johnny had another daughter!!

    He’s a great dad supporting her career though!!

  24. 24
    @21 Says:

    @M: She has to be! Those saggy balls and rotten teeth!

  25. 25
    Sasha Says:

    Amber Heard receiving a film award? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha It’s sooooooooooooooo funny! hahahahahahaha.
    Oh, could it be for the worst actress?

  26. 26
    JDF Says:

    @Sue: Yes it does matter more than your invalid judgemental opinion. How has he changed? He never changed and if anything he has changed for the better ever since he started dating Amber, looking better and healthier and not drinking all the time. Just because he posed with his girlfriend at public events it doesn’t mean he wants you to know about his personal life.

    Amber’s got her fans already and I don’t give a crap about what pathetic jealous gossip trolls say.

  27. 27
    Sue Says:

    Lol…. Everyone wonders why his daughter just loves Amber.. It’s because she now has a big sister to take her to the mall! Poor kids!

  28. 28
    JDF Says:

    @@21: Saggy balls? Hahahaha do you mean his huge **** that she likes to ride most of the time?

  29. 29
    Stop Lying Says:

    @JDF: Amber has fans? I know you want to defend Johnny Yousef, but now you’re taking it too far!

  30. 30
    Sasha Says:

    Ewwww! Watch a movie with Amber and Johnny together?
    I won’t watch London Fields!
    And I hope that Amber doesn’t go to any premiere of transcendence, it would cause vomit

  31. 31
    @21 Says:

    @JDF: Old and saggy!! And at his age there has probably been some shrinkage!! Blue pill sex is the worst!!

  32. 32
    Meh Says:

    This is the funniest part of all their appearances together…the meltdown from the jealous haters! get over it. They do what they are doing because they are more than fine with it. Johnny even is smiling in several pictures in this and other websites. he’s happy. they are happy together, if you don’t like it and don’t even like their movies, just move away…this is BORING! It’s been three years in this same silly nonsense of hatred and jealousy, just get over it…all of you have to move, because they aren’t breaking anytime soon and it’s obvious that they don’t care what a bunch of sillies haters without a proper life for themselves think about them and their relationship!

  33. 33
    Mandy Says:

    @Kace: Wow how miserable you must be to make such a snarky remarks about people that have done no harm to you. Age doesn’t know love and he is really not the first man to date a younger woman. There are many couple with bigger age gaps.

  34. 34
    M Says:

    Yeah, he’s doing so much better now. Getting photographed with white powdery substances on his clothes and on the table in front of him. Carrying a pipe. Looking miserable, dead eyed and spaced out all the time.

  35. 35
    Kace Says:

    @Mandy: I was trying to give him credit for supporting his kid! How does that make me miserable? Johnny is the one who looks miserable, his privacy is being invaded while he’s trying to spend quality time with his daughter! I don’t follow Johnny like that so I didn’t know! Is she adopted?

  36. 36
    Sue Says:

    Everything has changed! He is a sellout! He has become everything he said he didn’t want to be! Better? He looks horrible! ( and I’m not just talking about his blonde hair).. His acting is bad..PuNe reminds me of a teenager.. Do you live with him? How do you know he’s not drinking? Please!!
    ‘pathetic jealous gossip trolls’??? You don’t think this might be you?? I have never seen anyone jump all over everyone’s case the way you do! You might be taking this a little personal! Hey, Amber needs to hold on to the few fans she has..thank god she is cute cause I know it is not because of her acting!

  37. 37
    JDF Says:

    @M: So having powder on his cloths accidentally means something now? If you actually followed his appearances you would see that he looked happy most of the time and he looks happy in this picture

    dead eyed and spaced out? hahahahahahaha please shut up and stop this fanfiction and drama! And yes he’s doing so much better now. Much better than he did when he was with Vanessa.

  38. 38
    Sue Says:

    Lol! I have no plans to spend my money to see either one of them!

  39. 39
    M Says:

    That’s the photo you chose to prove your case with? hahahahahahah
    You’ve got to be joking now. Look at him! Look at his eyes!
    Just wait. You’ll see. He’ll eventually refer to this time in his life as a “dark time”.

  40. 40
    Sasha Says:

    Amber Heard is boring. She’s nobody. She is still and will be the other thing. She is the bisexual, she is the mistress, she is the girlfriend or she is the fiancee. But Amber who is she? Nobody?
    Oh, she is the talentless, she likes to kill animals, she likes to hunt and she is good in nude scenes.

  41. 41
    JDF Says:

    @Sue: Yeah poor kids indeed, they’ve got a great step mother who loves them and take care of them and also cook for them! poor kids your a$$ you f_cking ***** they couldn’t be happier.

  42. 42
    @41 Says:

    @JDF: Cooks for them while she drains their trust funds?

  43. 43
    Sasha Says:

    @JDF: Do you realky belive in what are you saying, yousef?
    She used their image, she used kids.

  44. 44
    Sue Says:

    And you know this how?? You act like you know them?? Seriously, do you work for Amber?.. They are kids! If I was his daughter, I would be also be happy! Amber is so close in age to his daughter!
    Hey, they can do whatever they want to.. It is their life! If it makes them happy, than go for it.. But, I still think it is kind of gross and weird! Like you, I am entitled to my own opinion! I have no plans to support it.. I am tired of seeing them!

  45. 45
    JDF Says:

    @Sue: He is a sellout? That’s interesting because he is only doing what he wants and he never did a mindless action movie where he plays the hero and never will. How has everything he said he didn’t want to be?????? Did he ever say that he didn’t want to become a huge star because I don’t remember him saying that and didn’t he become all of that back in 2003 with POTC? Why are you saying this now? You must be blind to think he looks horrible because he looks great and also amazing for his age. His acting is bad? Hahahahahaha, his acting looks pretty great in Transcendence and the disturbers buyed Mortdecai because they thought his acting was great and creative in it and he is also going to stretch his muscles with Black Mass and get an Oscar nomination for it. If you don’t like Depp and Amber then why do you comment in every article about them??? Do you have nothing better to do ith your miserable life?

  46. 46
    Sasha Says:

    Amber just loves herself.
    She still has her NEW license to hunt.
    She likes to hunt. It’s cruelty.

  47. 47
    Denise Says:

    @Sue: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? They love each other!!! They are a couple since 2 YEARS! He’s not drinking anymore since 2 years. He said this in many interviews. And I think you haven’t seen Lone Ranger! He was GREAT in it. And I was BIG fan of Amber even before she was with Johnny! She’s a great actress. She’s getting better with every movie that she makes. He wasn’t happy with Vanessa anymore the last years. And now he looks very fine and happy again. So get over it -.- It sucks.

  48. 48
    JDF Says:

    @@41: That’s what you want to believe.

  49. 49
    may Says:

    @Sue: Ok we get it now so pls move the Fu*k on. They sure will not be crying that you are not going to watch their movies. There are still many of us that will watch johnny’s movies. Why will i still do that? its because i do not care about his personal life. He never claimed to be jehovah so quit acting like he is a god who failed you. Get over it. You do not like it so look away.

  50. 50
    JDF Says:

    @Sue: I know this thanks to the close reliable sources that only tells the truth. Amber is pushing 30 while Lily is a teenager, how the hell are they so close in age you stupid *****? If you are tired of seeing them then what the hell are you doing here? Why do you comment in every article about them if you don’t like them?

  51. 51
    June Says:

    Of course Lily looks happy. She’s 14. Vanessa and Johnny have both talked about how Johnny is a softie with the kids when it comes to discipline. He’ll let her get away with murder. Amber is not her parent. She is daddy’s bed buddy and gets no real say when it comes to discipline. She’s also close to Lily in age. If you were 14 who would seem like more fun to you? She’s probably having a ball getting whatever she wants. She’ll learn the truth eventually.

  52. 52
    @may Says:

    @may: Why are you so bothered by her opinion then, if Johnny and Amber don’t care? She’s entitled to post whatever she wants, just as much as you! This isn’t a Johnny or Amber fan forum! Good you’ll still support Johnny and his work. And she (and anybody else) are entitled to do with their money as they please!

  53. 53
    Sue Says:

    Funny cause I have NEVER commented on an article about them! I simply made a statement and you lost it!! However, you seem to be all over the place! It is funny how you guys are attacking everyone on here who doesn’t care for them but then saying we are the ones with the problem! Jealous haters? Really? I am not the one who will lose any sleep over these two..

  54. 54
    JDF Says:

    @Kace: Ugh shut the f_ck up, she is almost 30 years old for god’s sake and not a child. He looks happy, how and where is he looking miserable? He never looked overly happy while being photographed by strangers but he now looks better and happier than he did while doing it than he did in the 90s.

  55. 55
    Sue Says:

    Honestly, I could care less about his relationship with Vanessa! That was a decision that they made together.. If he is happy, than great! I just said that I did not like them together.. It is weird!

  56. 56
    JDF Says:

    @Sue: That’s really funny because you comment on every article about them and you are also using other usernames here! Stop commenting if you don’t like them. You will just prove that you care so much about them if you kept commenting.

  57. 57
    Kace Says:

    @JDF: You’re misunderstanding!! I’m happy that Johnny supports the children!!

  58. 58
    Denise Says:


  59. 59
    JDF Says:

    @June: Her daddy is of course more fun to her but that doesn’t change the fact that she and Amber have so much fun together as a step mother and a step daughter. She learned the truth which was that her parent’s relationship could not work anymore and she and Jack were so understanding about it as Johnny said and that’s why they got along very well with Amber.

  60. 60
    58 Says:

    @Denise: Looks like she’s helping an old man across the street!

  61. 61
    Sue Says:

    Again… I have never commented on an article about them! I was looking at the site and this article came up! Funny because now you are pretending to know me… You seem to do that a lot! You really should look into anger management!
    Yes, the daughter is a teenager but there is only a little over 10 years differnce in age!
    Who are your sources?

  62. 62
    JDF Says:

    @58: Hahahahahaha you stupid haters are making me laugh so hard! Face it, she is in love with him and they look in love. Just deal with it.

  63. 63
    58 Says:

    @JDF: I think his diaper needs to be changed too…

  64. 64
    linda crane Says:

    Johnny depp if u r reading these comments my 6 yr old son would LOVE to meet u!! Only 35 min away from Austin!!

  65. 65
    kat Says:

    @58: Not really! They look great and in love together. Leave them alone you loser and get a life.

  66. 66
    may Says:

    @52 I am sure this “sue” person can answer for herself. Personally, if i do not like something i look away and then come back when it is over. I do not get the need to keep repeating the fact that you do not like them over and over and over again as if it would somehow change a thing.

  67. 67
    Denise Says:

    @58: you are so stupid. you don’t know what love is huh??

  68. 68
    M Says:


    Yes, I’ll give you that one. You can’t really see his eyes but I’ll let you have it. There are a few photos taken where he doesn’t look so bad. A majority of them though, he looks miserable. A few content looking photos out of hundreds of miserable looking ones isn’t something to brag about. He never looked too happy about getting his photo taken but he never looked this miserable either. The life has been drained out of his eyes.

  69. 69
    Mandy Says:

    @Denise: Looks like a beautiful woman who is in love with her beautiful man! Bless them.

  70. 70
    58 Says:

    @Denise: Sure I do! I just don’t think there is love in a sugar daddy- sugar baby arrangement!

  71. 71
    Denise Says:

    @M: I really think you are BLIND! She’s smiling and he is smiling too!!! God, what the hell is wrong with you?

  72. 72
    M Says:

    And as for the kid comments. They screwed themselves there. Johnny referred to her as a “kid” and Amber talked about “the adults” in her life. I mean really…Can’t get mad when people crack age jokes. They brought it on to themselves.

  73. 73
    Sasha Says:

    Of course they aren’t in love.
    He is just helping her and losing his time because she CAN’T ACT.

  74. 74
    @may Says:

    @may: I’m sure she can too! But she is entitled to say what she wants, and not be called “stupid” or be told to go away. Like I said, this is not a fan forum. There you have certain rules and regulations about speaking out and saying certain things. Just because you don’t like it, maybe you should follow your own advice and look away.
    Her opinion isn’t going to change your love for Johnny, so why do you care?
    Her opinion won’t change things, but neither will you (or anyone else) attacking her for her opinion. Johnny is a big boy, I’m sure he is firm in his decision.

  75. 75
    M Says:


    A smile really doesn’t mean anything. Does it? Look elsewhere for true happiness. Check the eyes and body posture.

  76. 76
    kat Says:

    @58: Aw you are just jealous and pressed! There is no age in love and they are madly in love since 3 years and they will probably have a baby soon and you can only get more pressed you pathetic loser.

  77. 77
    Sue Says:

    Yes, I will eventually ‘look away’.. I am only defending the fact that I am entitled to my own opinion without JDF acting so crazy about it! Really, if you want to go see his movies, have fun! I won’t call you names and act crazy about it! It is funny because I could care less that you guys still ‘love him’ but you are knocking me for not being a big fan of his.. Who cares!

  78. 78
    Denise Says:

    @Sasha: Oh and you can act better? She was great in “Paranoia”, “Never Back Down” and “The Ward”! She’s getting better with time! They love each other! I think you’re just jealous. everybody here is just jealous.

  79. 79
    58 Says:

    @kat: Pressed?
    I’ll let Amber and Yousef massage Johnny’s scrotum.

    Hopefully he won’t be hunched over with an oxygen tank during the kids pre-school graduation!!

  80. 80
    kat Says:

    @M: It does when it’s genuine. Their eyes says they are happy and their body language says they are in love and happy. They wouldn’t be together for 3 years if they weren’t happy.

  81. 81
    kami Says:

    so what will the ppl who bow down and worship this couple be called? jamber-loonies????

  82. 82
    Denise Says:

    @kat: GOD! Thank you kat! That’s exactly my opinion! It’s good to see lovely comments :-)

  83. 83
    JDF Says:

    @Sue: @58: Wow, I did know that you two are the same person! Stop talking about youthful Johnny as if he’s 80 years old will you, jealous loser? I hope you get hunched over with an oxygen tank for the rest of your life.

  84. 84
    JDF Says:

    @58: I hope you get hunched over with an oxygen tank for the rest of your life.

  85. 85
    58 Says:

    @JDF: We are not the same person! Everyone wasn’t born with 20 personalities like you!!

    And I hope you like the taste of Johnny’s load you dumb @ss pirate fanatic!

  86. 86
    Sue Says:

    Wow! Who told you.. Your ‘sources’??…Again, you could really benefit from a few anger management classes.. Why are you so passionate about them??

  87. 87
    M Says:

    “They wouldn’t be together for 3 years if they weren’t happy.”

    Really? How long did it take him to realize him and Vanessa weren’t working out?

  88. 88
    Good Point Says:

    @M: Right? “Cause according to Yousef “They had problems since the beginning” and that is why 14 years later, they just decided to split!
    Him working with his now fiancé 3 years prior, had nothing to do with it!

  89. 89
    brenda Says:

    Hey @Sue or what ever your name is…if you don’t give a **** about Johnny..what the hell are you doing here you dumb ass?! And I’m pretty sure that you are @58 too ..the same stupid hater all the time..go away idiot and leave Johnny alone!

  90. 90
    Sasha Says:

    @kat: well I wish happiness for the baby. But she will still CAN’T ACT.
    Did you really see these movies? If you saw them you have to agree with me that AMBER HEARD CAN’T ACT!

  91. 91
    may Says:

    @74 i do not give a sh*t what you think mr andy. Let the woman speak for herself. Unless you are posing as her now? The article is about them not this “sue” person so i cannot look away because i like johnny and whatever he chooses to do with his life that is his choice. Whereas people that keep saying they don’t like something should just look away. Let me break it down for you so that you can understand. Its like if you don’t like an apple, then throw it away, don’t keep eating it. Clear enough for ya!! And oh by the way pls make use of your glasses dear, i never called anyone stupid.

  92. 92
    brenda Says:

    First..please guys,stop with that stupid joke about “Dad and daughter,it’s not funny . a big fan of Johhny I have to say that YES..Johnny is in drugs again,I can see it in his eyes,he looks off here,he looks lost..and that is the drugs do to your body.I feel so sad about this because Johnny is alone here..his kids are teens and don’t care about it ,they live their life apart and his new” lesbian girlfriend ” only care about FAME and MONEY so..who will save him? I wonder…

  93. 93
    @may Says:

    @may: See what I’m saying?
    You can’t even have a conversation without being rude and offensive!
    Where did I insult you?
    Why are you so defensive?
    The more you do that, the more you antagonize people!

    Now there is a conspiracy and I have to be a different person, just because I say maybe you should follow your own advice and ignore something you don’t like?
    How come the rule doesn’t apply to you?
    No one should have to sensor themselves because you don’t like that they don’t want to kiss the ass of your favorite celebrity! Go to a fan forum where there is nothing but praise and joy!
    I repeat, this is not Johnny or Amber’s site.

    And you obviously do give a ****! She was speaking for herself and you didn’t like what she had to say and tried to banish her! That is not your place!

  94. 94
    may Says:

    @Sue: Finally she speaks…i am not knocking you at all dear. Neither did i call you any name. Really do people not read anymore?? Honestly dude, i do not care whether you are a fan of his or jiminycricket. You just seem to be hurting yourself over this man’s relationship that does not involve you. He is a grown man not a kid, its his life not yours, he is human not a god, he never claimed to be jehovah but it seems you bestowed that title upon him and you now act like he failed you (as if he owes you jack). All i said was if you do not like something then look away and come back when it is over. Jeez is that such a bad thing to say??Anyway we would just keep going back and forth over nothing so am done. For me, as long as johnny is making good movies then i don’t care who he is dating. Never have so am not about to start now.

  95. 95
    Sasha Says:

    @may: I’m doing it and many, a lot of ex Russian fans of Amber is putting her in her real place, with the garbage.
    We can’t support a hunter.

  96. 96
    Denise Says:

    @brenda: He don’t take drugs! Maybe he just look like this because he had too much sex with his wonderful fiancée? :D Amber loves him, and if you would be a real fan you would accept it.

  97. 97
    JDF Says:

    @Sue @M @Goodpoint Wow it must be fun responding to yourself! Hahahaha what a pathetic troll.

  98. 98
    JDF Says:

    @Sue: Yes, Why are you so passionate about them?? You are tired of them and you don’t like them yet you are commenting on here and every article about them?

  99. 99
    JDF Says:

    @Good Point: Ni but Vanessa working away for months and months had to do with it!

  100. 100
    Hazel Says:

    These two are still engaged?

  101. 101
    may Says:

    @93 i did not call you names. Neither do i think i was rude or offensive to you. I simply broke down my point of view for you to understand. That is all. Antagonize people? which “people”?? you mean you and sue? Lool you make it sound like its a multitude of people hahaha…. I do not think what i said to sue was bad at all lool to “antagonize”. Anyway i am done cos this is pointless. Enjoy ur day:)

  102. 102
    Good Point Says:

    @JDF: And Johnny working for months and months…. and months?

  103. 103
    brenda Says:

    And last but not least..To the idiot @Sue N:36..He doesn’t looks Horrible you blind..he is SICK. coz he is in drugs and drinking again ..go it? He needs HELP and I really hope all his friends save him if they really love him. And don’t come here and deny that he isn’t in drugs because I SAW a video of Johnny and Marilyn Manson on TMZ…it’s a shame

  104. 104
    Falala Says:

    @Sasha: Oh just you? loool i hear she has over twenty thousand fans on one of her russian fansite and that number is still increasing. Why don’t you put your garbage can to good use by saving space for your president. He sure don’t support people like you (no disrespect am just stating facts).

  105. 105
    Falala Says:

    @brenda: well then prove it by putting the link here so that people can see the evidence.

  106. 106
    Sasha Says:

    @Falala: Amber and this president are similar.
    Check again about Russian fans and you’ll see that we are not blind anymore.

  107. 107
    ????? Says:

    @Sasha: Barack Obama is a lesbian?

  108. 108
    Sasha Says:

    @?????: hahaha I don’t know.
    But Amber is. Ask to Tasya and read the Enquirer

  109. 109
    Dela Says:


    All those “fans” are only there to watch Johnny drown.

  110. 110
    Falala Says:

    @Sasha: No honey you should check…amber heard vk, its members are over twenty thousand. At least compared to your president she is at least tolerant loool. Am sure you know what you president will do to people like you (Again no disrespect just stating facts). Just be honest with know he belongs in the garbage. Just because amber is dating a man does not mean she belongs in the garbage. What she does with her life does not affect yours. You go on being as gay as you want, she is not your family. Neither is she from your country.

  111. 111
    Falala Says:

    @Sasha: If you are relying on the enquirer then i am sorry for you. They would sell you a story that rats speak english and you would take it as the gospel. Honestly come on now your desperation is truly hilarious. Is amber stopping you from being gay? cos that is how you are acting. Your president on the other hand…who knows what he will do if he ever lays his hands on you?? (Again just being honest)

  112. 112
    Sasha Says:

    Amber kills animals. She has a new license to hunt

  113. 113
    Sasha Says:

    Amber is the worst actress in the World

  114. 114
    Sasha Says:

    Amber Heard can’t act she tanked another movie, she tanked 3 days to kill too.

  115. 115
    Sasha Says:

    I won’t see London Fields.
    And I hope that Amber doesn’t go to Premiere of Transcendence because she is really jinx

  116. 116
    Sasha Says:

    Amber is a joke. I read and saw her latest interviews, she is totally dumb.
    And you crazy mandy, meh, falala you’re the same Amber’s PR, Amber is losing fans, I know that.
    Johnny can’t help her in fact all this circus is showing how pathetic Amber is and she’s losing fans.

  117. 117
    Nona Says:

    I don’t know how she can even touch this dirty unpleasant guy, let alone kissing him. Yuck!

  118. 118
    Rose Says:

    @Sasha: I won’t watch Latrine Fields too
    I’m also worried about Johnny, because the big sites when post all photos of Johnny and Amber together generate only 3-5 members commenting and the others comments are from the mods. Sometimes there are no comments as for example in the topic of London Fields

  119. 119
    Angelfish Says:

    Why does this lady change rings? He looks horrible!! I am not saying he doesn’t look happy, he looks drunk, tired or smoked out…this is very sad for me to see… I met him in 2005 on the island of Dominica he looks and seems like a different person now. She is very pretty and I do hope all is ok with both of them. This pairing does look off IMO but who am I to judge.

  120. 120
    2014 Says:

    To all the stupid haters-get over it! And don’t forget to boycott Humphrey Bogart movies as well-because he and Lauren Bacall had an age difference just like Johnny and Amber.

    It’s not important for a relationship how Johnny’s teeth look like or if Amber is a good actress! If it makes both of them happy then I’m happy for them-they look cute as a couple.

    Amber won’t starve without Johnny so it can’t be only his wallet that keeps them together. Is it your business how long their relationship will last? None of his past relationships lasted-although the age difference was only 10 years.

    And Johnny did drink heavily when he was still with Vanessa-obviously because their relationship was on the rocks. So it can’t get worse in this respect. Amber has a sense of humour and seems to be very friendly and easy to get along-maybe that is was matters to Johnny and not her achievements as an actress.

  121. 121
    Ivy Says:

    To all the stupid haters-get over it! And don’t forget to boycott Humphrey Bogart movies as well-because he and Lauren Bacall had an age difference just like Johnny and Amber.

    It’s not important for a relationship how Johnny’s teeth look like or if Amber is a good actress! If it makes both of them happy then I’m happy for them-they look cute as a couple.

    Amber won’t starve without Johnny so it can’t be only his wallet that keeps them together. Is it your business how long their relationship will last? None of his past relationships lasted-although the age difference was only 10 years.

    And Johnny did drink heavily when he was still with Vanessa-obviously because their relationship was on the rocks. So it can’t get worse in this respect. Amber has a sense of humour and seems to be very friendly and easy to get along-maybe that is was matters to Johnny and not her achievements as an actress.

  122. 122
    Ivy Says:

    I’m sure neither Amber nor Johnny will give a sh…how many people comment on their websites.

    @ all the other haters:
    Johnny is going to retire from acting soon-he said he wanted to quit around 50-so it will happen in the next few years.

    It’s his business with who he wants to spend his time after his retirement. Neither he nor his kids will have to work anymore-so he
    doesn’t depend on public opinion, so-called fans or haters -he’s at the end of his career not at the beginning.

    He already got a fortune-so leave the man alone. You can spread your hate as much as you want-the two won’t give a sh… about it.

  123. 123
    Rose Says:

    @Ivy: And I give a sh*t to Amber, or better I don’t buy Amber sh*t!
    I’m not a hate but I’m not a stupid!
    Amber is a terrible actress!!!!!!
    If Johnny is with her, poor Johnny, but it’s his life and his choice.
    Please don’t compare Bacall with Amber, don’t insult Bacall.
    Bacall is a real actress and Amber is just someone, something moving on the screen.
    I agree she is the worst actress in the world.
    She could play in porn, it would be a good choice for her

  124. 124
    Rose Says:

    @Ivy: Johnny is not at the end of his career.
    C’mon he’s only 50!!!!
    Johnny Depp is the best actor of our time.
    He is a real actor, a real artist.
    He’ll never stop because the love to act is in his vein.

  125. 125
    Dick. Says:

    @Ivy: Bullshit oh so now Amber is his saviour Bullshit how do you know that johnny was drinking heavenly while he was with Vanessa he said in his interviews that he didn’t drink when him & Vanessa split up because of his kids etc don’t be praising Amber for johnny not drinking & she stopped him drinking you & everyone else was praising Vanessa when they got together for giving him kids & a life in France witch he loved & BTW if your a true fan then you’ll know that Vanessa does have a sense of humour & gets on with everyone so get off ya high horse.Vanessa changed is life & kids if you were a true fan you would read all the beautiful interviews he says about Vanessa.

  126. 126
    Rose Says:

    @Ivy: Amber is not the savior of Johnny. He stopped drinking because he saw that the drink ruined his life.
    He had to split from Vanessa to stay with Amber, and this was the worst thing that ever happened to him.
    Look at him, he isn’t the same. He looks off

  127. 127
    Triana Says:

    She’s dressed like an oldie from Sevilla.

  128. 128
    Alya Says:

    She looks awful. She’s aging so fast. No class

  129. 129
    age difference Says:

    something about a man in his 50-s dating a lady in her 20-s that is just weird. I mean that is too big of an age difference he could be her dad.

  130. 130
    Alya Says:

    @age difference: Sorry but I don’t think this is something important, but the difference in character between them, yes.
    Johnny is a man full of mistakes like all of other men, but he’s a decent man, but Amber, she is a *******

  131. 131
    Vanna Says:

    She is the WORST actress ? Or should we call it actress ??? SERIOUSLY ???

  132. 132
    jamjam Says:

    She is not a very good actress but at least she is working unlike some other women. Good luck to both of them. I wish them every happiness. It is his life, his choice:)

  133. 133
    hmmm Says:

    she is going to dump him one day soon,,,, just watch

  134. 134
    Falala Says:

    @hmmm: I hope you get disappointed. Anyway, I wish them the very best.

  135. 135
    Say it ain't so.... Says:

    He went from the coolest actor on earth to that “creepy, waay older boyfriend who follows you around like the scourge and complains about things like the weather. No thanks.

  136. 136
    jausee Says:

    I adore him!God bless you Johnny!

  137. 137
    Seth Lavine Says:

    Depp is one of the true gifted actors Hollywood has. Not to many left these days.

  138. 138
    hjdschscdzb Says:

    wasn’t she a lesbian?

  139. 139
    @138 Says:

    @hjdschscdzb: It’s on pause until she gets half of Depp’s fortune!

  140. 140
    Falala Says:

    @hjdschscdzb: She is bisexual. Dated many men but only one woman, who seems to have met someone new too.

  141. 141
    brenda Says:

    @Say it ain’t so N135:..what a crappy comment! I really want Johnny has a great come back some day and you are going to swallow your words!

  142. 142
    brenda Says:

    To @117 Nona..are you insane ? Johnny is gorgeous and I think so many gilrs and women in the world want to kiss him! See his premiers an dyou will see it you stupid blind!

  143. 143
    Strange man Says:

    Johnny Dep has got to be the weirdest person in HW. He looks really strange.

  144. 144
    Susie Says:

    I think she won the Worst actress and Texas Top Gold Digger Award. She will never make it to the Universal Top Gold Digger though, Simon Cowell’s baby momma got that crown.

  145. 145
    Ayla Says:

    @Vanna: hahaha Indeed! She is not even an actress!

  146. 146
    Anya Says:

    Amber being nominated for any award after being girlfriend, fiancee or whatever she is of Johnny, just makes things worse for her.
    Now she’s a joke, because she gets something that the name of Johnny could pay for her
    For all of it, Johnny is also becoming a joke, sadly

  147. 147
    gigibeee Says:

    If a person is old enough to be the other’s parent…..i.e……15 years older then Do Not go There.Bit too ikky.Rather Jimmy Saville.

  148. 148
    IYOT TAN Says:

    Sweet couple. She’s a nympho and he’s been around. Perfect together.
    I’m not always like this, just today.

  149. 149
    Meg Says:

    Poor Johnny, he looks so asleep by her ! The wake up will be hard with this tiger woman !

  150. 150
    Meg Says:

    It is sad what Johnny is becoming with her ! A disaster for his future career. Where is Jack Parrow now ?

  151. 151
    Meg Says:

    He is going to become the laughing of the profession and apparently his fortune is not going to stay in his hands for a long time with this gold digger ! Winona, help ! Tell him it is not appropriated !

  152. 152
    xls Says:

    Perhaps a GOLDEN GLOBE for great actress Amber next time !

  153. 153
    Mejay Says:

    LOL! You are comedy gold my friend.

  154. 154
    Nona Says:


    I wouldn’t touch this guy with a ten foot pole. He is disgusting. Hanging out with people like Marilyn Manson and the West Memphis Three also doesn’t help.

  155. 155
    may Says:

    Honestly you lot are stark raving mad. I really do not understand this reaction from the haters. It is just over the top. These are real people for heaven’s sake, LIVING THEIR OWN LIVES!! It has nothing to do with you at all. She is NOT a child, neither is he. They are both consenting adults. Leave them alone to live their lives and date or marry whoever they want i.e. each other. It is the same basic right that everyone of you have so they deserve that too. Some people are just getting too involved and digging into things that do not concern them and making stupid accusations without knowing the real facts. Its ridiculous. Its sheer madness. Have you all gone insane? You do not have to like that they are dating but its not your AT ALL!!

  156. 156
    fatima Says:

    estes dois arrepiam parecem saidos dum filme de terror

  157. 157
    Ivy Says:

    @may: Amen to that!!!
    I’m surprised how many nutjobs without a life are hanging out here. If these hateful people are actually Johnnys fans I feel very sorry for him…

    @Rose and ****: you are raving mad. Get a life and mind your own business instead of spreading your insane accusations and fanfictions on the net.

    Mind you: he is going to retire in a few <years from acting-he said so in a recent interview..
    I guess if he really marries Amber some of the haters will crack up completely (lol)

  158. 158
    dgft Says:

    she had a nose job, she can’t act, she’s phony. she wants his money. she only likes vagi nas. before johnny , who really knew her? it wont give her talent.

  159. 159
    xls Says:

    Yes probably a nose job and when she smiles to full mouth, it looks as she has a denture ! Her make up seems very hard, no sweetness on her face !

  160. 160
    JDF Says:

    @Nona: Don’t worry he wouldn’t touch you too you cheap dirtbag.

  161. 161
    JDF Says:

    @Meg: Are you crazy or something? Get some help and leave him alone! Becoming the “laughing of the profession” because of a personal relationship of his? She is rich herself and is not after his money so mind your own business.

  162. 162
    JDF Says:

    @Anya: Shut up you jealous ho. The only joke here is you. Amber is being awarded, eat your heart out.

  163. 163
    JDF Says:

    @age difference: Nothing weird about being in love and there are many couples with bigger age gaps. She is almost 30 years old and is not a child.

  164. 164
    JDF Says:

    @gigibeee: Say that to the hundreds of couple that has 20+ age gaps. Love doesn’t know age.

  165. 165
    JDF Says:

    @@138: I hope she takes your soul out of your cheap body too! She is a bisexual and not a lesbian you moron and she is not after Johnny’s money, she is with him since 3 years only because she loves him.

  166. 166
    JDF Says:

    @hjdschscdzb: No she wasn’t you clueless idiot , She is a bisexual and she dated more men than she dated women.

  167. 167
    JDF Says:

    @hmmm: I hope your partner dump you too! How about that? Would you like strangers saying your partner is gonna dump you soon? She is with him since 3 years and she is madly in love with him. They won’t break up any time soon.

  168. 168
    JDF Says:

    @Good Point: He needed her by his side when he was working but she wasn’t there because she was too selfish to support him while making money for her and their children and instead went to work on her dead career.

  169. 169
    JDF Says:

    @Nona: You mean how she can touch this sexy gorgeous man? She can because she adored him and he is the sexiest man alive and he would not give you a second look you ugly unpleasant b*itch. I bet kissing him feels like heaven to her.

  170. 170
    JDF Says:

    @Angelfish: B*itch STFU he looks great for his age. You met him in 2005? That was f_cking 9 years ago and you expect him to be the exact same as he was back then? People change and he changed for the better. I’m sure that he was very nice and kind to you which makes me sad because you totally didn’t deserve that treatment. I don’t understand how can you talk shi_t about someone how was very nice and kind to you! What are you an animal?

  171. 171
    JDF Says:


  172. 172
    Bette Says:

    He is gorgeous!

  173. 173
    Meg Says:

    Yes, a big gold digger ! She was perfectly unknown before she met Johnny and has no talent at all ! Johnny is a fool to stay with her and he will be soon over. His films have no succes since he is with amber ! Again one or two films without succes and it will be finished for him and amber will go away from him with another more younger actor or actress with more succes !

  174. 174
    brenda Says:

    @Nona 154..I’m pretty sure that he dosen’t want you touch him..yuck! You must be an Fat woman sitting in your computer all day! You are so funny saying that he is way hater! I’m talking about his look..he is a beautiful man and you can’t deny it ,in the other hand…his friends aren’t pretty in any way! I don’t like his friends either..and they aren’t good people”

  175. 175
    Krista Says:

    The only award that Amber Whored deserves is “Home wrecker of the year” !

  176. 176
    Bella Says:

    I seriously do not get what in the world she is getting an award for? She has only been in a few flops and has never been a lead in anything. The only reason anyone even knows her name is because she is F*cking Johnny Depp! Their relationship is so creepy. I mean, he could be her father! So gross! He looks so horrible lately too, it is as if as soon as he got with her she has literally sucked the life out of him. It is disturbing to watch. Just about 3 years ago he looked like a different person, I mean for real. This is bad for Johnny’s health and his reputation. He should run!

  177. 177
    Ralluka Says:

    I love him sooo much… and this is so disappointing. Why? Because I really thought he was different from the others… he was supposed to be special because the things that he stood up for, were special (love,family, freedom etc.). I don’t hate her! I have no reason to do that, but even though I don’t know her, I’ve made my own opinion about her… like everybody else. Honestly, before the rumors came out (that she was having an affair with Johnny because at least officially, at that time, he was still dating Vanessa) I’ve never heard her name. And this is the true… no one cared about her. She can’t act (seen some of her movies… horrible), she is a selfish person (obsessed with Ayn Rand – “all I ever needed in my life was myself”), saying that her true love is her car… Really? like… Really? oh, and she wants to play with guns instead of marrying her man. Her fake smile and pretty face don’t get to me. She is also a big liar: she said she doesn’t have a twitter account when she actually has. And from this I just realized how low is her level of intelligence. She wrote: “When is a magazine and a place for interviews, the cameras fill the place for then go outside. xoxo cute interview” is this English? ( looks like reading books doesn’t help). She is rude to her fans also. So, so different from our Johnny… or maybe is this his true face? He is like her now?… I refuse to believe that. He fell for her because she likes guns, cars and Hunter, and he just forgot about the other things. It’s true that Vanessa was not always with him but at least she acted like a lady and was a loving mother for his children. This woman doesn”t deserve him but if Amber turns out to be this sweet girl that you think she is, then I will accept that I was wrong. A woman who made his fans turn against him… she is the reason why people fight here. And he also looks worse than before… I am so worried about him. Anyway… sorry for my poem :)
    “I don’t even know how to read something on Twitter. I don’t have Twitter. I don’t have Facebook, I don’t have Instagram, I don’t have that ability to even engage in that conversation, nor do I want to. I don’t really participate in it.” She is a “private person”. :)))
    This is her official twitter account:

  178. 178
    Nona Says:

    @ Brenda

    I think you need help, Depp looks disgusting.×350.jpg

  179. 179
    JDF Says:

    @Nona: He looks amazing in that picture. You are the one who looks disgusting and you need some serious help and you also need to get your blind eyes checked.

  180. 180
    JDF Says:

    @Meg: Hahahahahah, Johnny will never be finished (unless he wanted to), all the people are excited about his upcoming films and they are going to be a success. She will never leave him because she is with him because she loves. Perioud.

  181. 181
    JDF Says:

    @Bella: Maybe you should have read the article to know instead of jumping to write a nasty comment? Nothing creepy about their relationship, nothing creepy about love. Do you find every relationship with age gaps creepy? Because there are so many! He could be her partner and unless her mother and him had sex, he could not be her father. Is that what you call looking so horrible? Wow! He looks healthy and great for 50.

  182. 182
    Morgan Says:

    Johnny depp looks like **** and ambers dress is an atrocity. Johnny depp is a disappointment and really has only done one role well..jack sparrow, and the rest were just him being a weirdo, playing along to the ideas of Tim burton and other great directors….he gets way to much credit, and this relationship is nothing but a cry for help.

  183. 183
    Nona Says:


    You are beyond nuts, you have no idea what I look like. Depp has been looking like nasty sourpuss **** for years. Serves him right for being the greedy douche he is.

  184. 184
    JDF Says:

    @Nona: You are the one who is beyond nuts, If you actually followed him in the last few years you would know that he mostly looked great especially around The Lone Ranger and Dark Shadows promotion time but you most likely haven’t even seen those appearances. I know that you look like ****, he wouldn’t give a second look to a miserable cow like you. Does being the nicest to the fans makes him a douche? Does visiting children hospitals and giving money to charities makes him a douche? No he is not a douche but you are you useless hateful mentally ill Bi*tch.

  185. 185
    JDF Says:

    @Morgan: Didn’t you comment here already you piece of ****? Or you can’t stop hating on someone who has done nothing to you? If he looks like **** then what do YOU look like you piece of ****? I’m pretty sure that he is x10000000 times better looking than you. Johnny did all of his roles well and Jack Sparrow is just one of his iconic and memorable roles. The rest were him being a weirdo? Not really, 90% of his roles were normal and they are all meaningful. You really know nothing, do you? If you knew anything about the process of him playing his roles you would know that most of them were his ideas and he had a say in everything so yes he should get the credit that he deserves. You also know nothing about this relationship! Cry for help? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You like dramatizing everything, don’t you? He is with Amber since 3 years and they are in love and she loves the kids and they love her. No drama there but you do need some professional help. All the hate in your black heart can’t be good.

  186. 186
    Kate Says:

    @Morgan: @Nona: Same person?

  187. 187
    Mandy Says:

    @Nona: Looking not so good in one appearance doesn’t mean he looked bad in all of his appearances in the last few years. He looked amazing in all of his last appearances expect this one which was not supposed to be an event for him, it’s for his girlfriend and he is there to support her and not to look his best. Did i forget to say that he looks amazing in his upcoming movie Transcendence? You probably didn’t see the trailers and the posters because you obviously don’t follow him at all and you are just talking sh#t for the sake of it.

  188. 188
    liz Says:

    I think Johnny is going to retire soon and wanted a woman who would give her time to him, she seems to do that more than Vanessa did. Yeah, she’s great looking and into him so why should they not be together. I wish she would get him dress better, she used to have good taste in what she wore now it seems she’s going down to his level. She will regret that dress one day it’s really bad.

  189. 189
    JDF Says:

    @liz: He’s a fashion icon and there is nothing wrong with his dress sense, he’s just wearing an elegant suit and a coat to keep him warm, what’s wrong with that?

  190. 190
    JDF Says:

    Here is a very recent picture of Johnny looking fantastic

  191. 191
    brenda Says: need help for being so stupid ,by the way..why don’t you upload a picture of you and let us look your beautiful face! You must be gorgeous to insult Johnny Depp, ..Johnny maybe doesn’t look his best lately but you and everybody known that he is really cute and a handsome man ..PEOPLE MAGAZINE NAMED HIM THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE THREE TIMES..3 times because Johnny Depp was named the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE OF ALL TIME AND HE WAS THE ONLY ONE WITH THAT TITLE…!!! FACE IT HATER!!! And if JOHNNY wants he can change the bad look he has now and be the sexy guy that all we everything HAS SOLUTION!

  192. 192
    brenda Says:

    To @Nona (the hater) : and so you see I’m NOT a fan who denies the reality I’m agreed in PART with @Bella 176:..she is right about 3 YEARS AGO He looked like a different person…I’m NOT saying tha Johnny looks Horrible ..NO WAY..but he looks not so good like before..and he Has to RUn from this woman because it’s bad for Johnny’s HEALTH and His REPUTATION!

  193. 193
    alice Says:

    it’s very sad johnny goes to destroy this girl like winona, kate, vanessa and more

  194. 194
    Denise Says:


  195. 195
    JDF Says:

    @alice: Destroy? umm how did he destroy them?

  196. 196
    Nick Says:

    Nice to see Johnny has 1 fan left…. JDF! I am so worried about you JDF , I am afraid you are on the verge of a 4 state killing spree. I mean, drop the nets! WE GET IT, you disagree with anyone that has an opinion differing from yours. o.k. so calm down my sweet JDF. Now i will make my point. First, Johnny Depp has had substance abuse problems his whole life. He has always had a drinking problem and used to have a coke habit and a heroin habit. He got cleaned up from drinking to win Amber back, after she broke up with him. However he is back to the drinking..predictably. I do not know for sure, but it does look as if he is doing drugs again. He is for sure drinking.I do know this for a fact, . I am only sharing some knowledge. Johnny’s drinking was one of the main reasons for the discourse in the relationship with Vanessa. Also, his cheating of course.. Amber was the straw that broke the camels back, so to speak.Amber is an opportunist. Johnny truly thinks he is in love with her, but I think, and his friends think he is only enjoying the chase Amber is giving him. She is not in love with Johnny. She is in love with all the gifts and attention and money and potential fame coming her way. She is like a shark.She , like any other young kid, is partying, and Johnny had his druggie days as well, but it is not good for Johnny to do this again at his age. That is why he looks so bad. He knows in his heart that Amber would not be with him with out all the goodies, so he keeps on buying her huge gifts to keep her interested. he is acting ridiculous because there are many women who would love him for him and not what they could get out of him.It bugs me that Amber is really only using John to advance that d-list career of hers. I wish he would find another. He is gonna learn the hard way i am afraid.He is really into her, and she is ONLY into herself. Now calm down JDF. I know you do not like what I wrote, so no need for a rebuttal. Peace, Nick

  197. 197
    JDF Says:

    @Nick: All of the fans on here and you think I’m the only one? Hahahahahahaha, Johnny’s got millions of fans everywhere and go to his fansites and tumblr and twitter and facebook, etc if you wanna see how many fans are still there for him but I guess you are living in a delusional world where what you think is the truth. All of the crap you said is just what anyone can read in any gossip rag that makes up stories. God what you wrote is just so early 2013! Do you really think that Johnny’s friends would say bs about him in his back? They love Amber. Johnny and Amber never broke up, sweetie, they are together since more than 2 years and no there haven’t been big gifts as you want to think. She is with him only because she loves him and refusing to talk about him and their relationship is a big evidence of that but of course you don’t want to believe that! There has to be drama and he has to be on drugs and messed up right?

  198. 198
    Ralluka Says:

    just couldn’t agree more :) I am really worried about him too… this bimbo with no talent doesn’t deserve this whole attention… Before John, there was no J. Kimmel, no Letterman, no awards… well: a comment was made that her speech for her award was only 16 seconds long, but at least she brought Johnny with her. That tells me, that’s all they wanted anyway. JOHNNY DEPP!

  199. 199
    Denise Says:

    @Ralluka: Amber won her FIRST AWARD IN 2008! Way before Johnny! It was at the Young Hollywood Awards! Then she won in 2010 her next award at the Dallas International Film Festival! And in 2011 she won her THIRD award at the Hollywood Film Festival! THIS AWARD IS HER 4th!!! SO SH*T UP IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY AND TELLING LIES!

  200. 200
    Ralluka Says:

    Sorry, I wanted to say that no one really gave a f*ck about her (stupid) awards or about her before John came in, and if you deny that, you must be just another fan, who likes her because she is so beautiful and pretty ( like all the other 1000 actresses in Hollywood) because her acting is …. well… horrible.

  201. 201
    Meg Says:

    Amber is an actress only hot without the slightest talent, without soul ! Johnny becomes ruined by displaying with her!

  202. 202
    Denise Says:

    @Ralluka: I like Amber since 2010, BEFORE she was with Johnny. And I think her acting is really good. And she gets better with every movie that she makes. I don’t like her just because she’s beautiful. I like her because she got an own opinion and because she got a lot of confidence. I like her movies ;-) Well, and if NO ONE gave a f*ck about her why she was getting these awards?????

  203. 203
    Denise Says:

    @Meg: Oh cutie, I think Johnny is a grown man who knows exactly what he does ;) so don’t worry.

  204. 204
    Didy Says:

    I love this couple, I never saw Johnny this happy as he is since he is with sweet gorgeous Amber! He is also gorgeous and looks young! They’re perfect! I love his coat and her dress! And I love that they support each other, this is very important when you love someone.

  205. 205
    Ann Says:

    I am really happy for Johnny, and for Amber too. Every time I see her I feel the same I feel about Johnny: she is as sweet as him, as humble as him, as nice as him… They have a lot in common.
    Ok, I know they like the same kind of music, books, movies, cars, places, guns, animals, etc, etc, etc… but now I am talking about them as human beings.
    They are two special people who love each other, support each other, understand each other and enjoy each other’s company.

    They are the most beautiful and lovely couple in the world and I really get emotional every time I see them together!

  206. 206
    Jen Says:

    No woman can be beautiful when she perspires the vulgarity and the immorality! Amber Heard is not a beautiful person! She is very far from it ! As for Johnny Depp, he sacrificed his family for a mirage ! Whatever he wants to think of it, the childhood of Lily Rose and Jack was broken and they will be marked with it for the life !

  207. 207
    Ralluka Says:

    Bravo! You stole my words… 50% of his fans left him… all because of her…….. you can see this on his fan sites “Johnny throw this sh*t, be yourself, be happy. Please, you deserve it.” “No, don’t do it Johnny. Can’t you see she’s just using you, silly man x” “Oh Johnny, I’m sorry but I think you’re making a big mistake.” And that engagement party…. He is so blind… so in love and so blind… Baby please wake up before you get hurt! Love you Johnny, always did, always will!

  208. 208
    Falala Says:

    @Ralluka: You are wrong honey, he still has fans. Those who care so much about his personal life and are taking it too personally as if it affects them are just ridiculous. You cannot be a fan of someone just because of their relationship or personal life. That is part of his life that is not being offered to fans or the public so it should not be your concern. Wake up child, in the real world nobody cares who he is dating, most don’t even know or care who amber is or vanessa. My brother for example, johnny is one of his favourite actors and he does not give two hoots about what is going on in his personal life. He like most people in the real world are only interested in his movies. Only gossip sites and silly women like you are bothered. Fairy tale endings rarely happen in this imperfect world. Johnny is a human being not prince charming in fairy tale stories. He is not a god either so i don’t get the whole “i thought you were different” nonsense. No man is different, wake up cos am sure your life ain’t a fairy tale either. This is life. Life is full of surprises, nothing is ever certain, people change, emotions change, things never work out as you want/wish…it is life. Once i saw that his kids were fine with the situation, i wished him the best of luck. Couples everywhere need it in this day and age. Calm your horses, he has the same right as you to date whomever he likes. You don’t have to like it. Am sure you would not like it if people you don’t even know were dictating how you should live your life or who you should date or marry.

  209. 209
    Jen Says:

    No, his children are not well in this situation. They are terribly unhappy ! The last photos which we can see on the Internet prove that ! Johnny is completely manipulated by this woman of last class without morality. He is not any more himself and does not have no more all his head. She took the complete power on him and precipitates him in his loss after having destroyed his family. He humbles his children and hurt a lot them. He is not any more a good father. How the children can understand that he wants to get married to this dangerous vulgar woman while he did not marry their mom !!! Johnny is ready for the scrap heap ! He is nothing anymore now, he has lost all his dignity of father ! The kids are in danger with their dad and the bad Heard, Vanessa would take them with her now, things go well for her in France !

  210. 210
    Nicky Says:

    Johnny will marry a turckey in a nice black dress !

  211. 211
    Me Says:

    @Jen: “Yes, no woman can be beautiful when she perspires the vulgarity and the immorality”. That’s why Vanessa is so ugly! Don’t forget that she seduced a drunk broken heart Johnny Depp in June 1998 and got pregnant less than three months later! So, he tried to make a family with her, but nobody can force love to happen. Johnny and Vanessa was not meant to be. She said herself, there was something very wrong since the begining, they were both in pain! Do you think it’s healthy two people who have a difficult relationship to force themselves to be together and unhappy just because they have children?! C’mon, wake up! We are living in 2014! Life is too short, we all deserve to be happy! It’s not fair to blame Johnny because he is the one who is taking care of his kids, they live with him, they chose to continue living in Los Angeles, they are happy and their mother is living where she wants, in Paris, because she never felt good in L. A.! You don’t know Amber to call her bad person. All his friends, his relatives and even his kids like her! That’s the truth. Amber doesn’t manipulate nobody, he is now back to who he really is. A happy man who likes to celebrate life with his friends, a simple man who likes to drive, to ride horses, to be home with family watching TV… She cooks for him and his kids, she is always by his side supporting him, even when she avoided the red carpets (she was with him in TLR premieres last year), she travels with him, they really are there for each other, and it is a REAL realationship, not a show for the press, or showbusiness like his two last exes tried to do!

  212. 212
    Me Says:

    @Ralluka: This is your wishful thinking, not the truth. His fans, I mean FANS are supporting him. You are a liar, because I am in his fan-sites, at least fifteen of them, and what I see in all of them is: his fans supporting him and Amber! They are celebrating his happiness! Most of them don’t come here, they don’t read gossip sites, that’s why sometimes it looks like there are more haters than fans, but it isn’t true. I’m sure each group of five, six, or even ten haters are THE SAME PERSON using different names! @Jen: “My kids are happy in Los Angeles” Vanessa’s words in a recent interview.
    Please, haters and “fan-haters!”, stop the hate and the lies. It’s so ridiculous. You should be ashamed! I guess you’ll be some day!

  213. 213
    Jen Says:

    Perhaps JDF, Denise or Me are the same!..
    Johnny is good for retired ! Tasia must wait in the umber for Amber, for after the wedding signed as they wish !! They will have good time then …

  214. 214
    lanie Says:

    She’s a lesbo and she’s using him and he’s too stupid to get it.

  215. 215
    Denise Says:

    @Jen: I can’t be the same person like you! because you hate Amber and Johnny and I LOVE THEM! they will marry and it will be GREAT! you all haters will see

  216. 216
    lanie Says:

    Following a recent poll in the IBTimes article “Johnny Depp Warned By Angelina Jolie Not To Marry Amber Heard, Advised To Get A Prenup: Report,” in which we begged the question: “Is Amber Heard marrying Johnny Depp for the right reasons?” fans of the veteran actor have since stepped forward, accusing his fiancée of using Depp for her own personal gain with some even going so far as to call her a “gold digger.”

    As of Wednesday morning, a whopping 73 percent (540 votes) agreed that Heard, 27, is just “using” the 50-year-old “Pirates of the Caribbean” film star. Only 27 percent (205 votes) participants voted in favor of the “3 Days to Kill” actress, claiming that they believe she “loves” Depp and is marrying him for all the right reasons.

    “I think Depp is going through a mid-life crisis and that this union is doomed to fail,” said one fan, later adding, “Nothing good can come from this.” “The ONLY talent [Amber Heard] has is for f–king Johnny Depp,” said another colorful poll participant.

  217. 217
    Falala Says:

    @lanie: Whether some silly folks vote or not, whine or not, cry or not, protest or not etc, it does not change a thing. They are still together and Engaged, living their lives as they please and enjoying the same rights that you and everyone in the world has to date or marry whomever without unknown people dictating how to live one’s life or judging. Its life, it is meant to happen like this. You and everyone else don’t have to like it. Things happen in life and will continue to happen whether you like it or not. Its just life..get over it and focus your energy on your own life instead of stressing yourself over someone else life. You either wish people well or ignore them.

  218. 218
    Me Says:

    @Jen: No, I’m not JDF or Denise, but I agree with them!
    @Ianie: I don’t believe this sort of article. Remember they said that Johnny and Vanessa’s break up was Agenlina’s fault. You can’t believe these things. Johnny’s real friens like Amber, they are supporting Johnny, they went to his party and he said he thanks family and friends for supporting shim always. BTW, people say bad things about everybody. They still say bad things about Angelina becase “oh, she broke Brad and Jen”. It’s ridiculous, but people love hate and drama!
    @Falala: Great comment!

  219. 219
    Me Says:

    @IanieÇ One more thingÇ these people who vote on those sites, most of them, are not Johnny’s fans, they are people who like to vote about everything and everyone. They use to prefer say bad things. Most Johnny’s fans look for news about him only on his fan-sites, and I can tell youÇ THEY ARE VERY HAPPY FOR HIM!

  220. 220
    Lara Says:

    The most true video I’ve ever seen about Johnny. You should see it (and read it all). It will make you think and see the truth:

  221. 221
    Lara Says:

    @Ralluka: Amber is just irreverent, like Johnny. She said she loves her car, it’s her baby, and Johnny said he has a crush on Jimmy Kimmel. These two are just funny people, you must see difference between when they are talking seriously, and when they are just joking.
    She’s sweet, you can see it in her eyes, and she is very nice to her fans, you can see it in her fan-sites and on youtube. She deserves Johnny. Amber had twitter but she doesn’t have anymore, this one is fake. And IF she decides having twitter again it’s her business.
    And Amber is really classy. At least she doens’t show that finger to the paps like “saint” Vanessa uses to do.

  222. 222
    Ralluka Says:

    I never said Vanessa is a saint LOL Actually I prefer Amber over Vanessa.
    And I just decided that I don’t care anymore. As long as he is happy and I can enjoy his movies, I don’t give a fu*k. So tired of this thing, today is Amber, tomorrow can be another one, just let him be…

  223. 223
    Ann Says:

    She always gets dressed in a hideous way. I find this woman really ugly ! Her make-up is terrible too ! Johnny deserve better!

  224. 224
    angel Says:

    @Ann: amber ugly? i’m sure you are trying to be funny… she’s one of the most beautiful hollywood actresses in the world! and she didn’t need make up to be beautiful, because her beauty is natural

  225. 225
    Dom Says:

    Not so beautiful, no classy ! An opportunist woman with a mid-crisis man ! It is what I can see !

  226. 226
    Dom Says:

    Of more a woman who brandished signs and roared in a parade of lesbians not so long ago ! Really no class !

  227. 227
    Randy Says:

    At the engagement party Johnny Depp said, in front of all the guests, including his children,”I waited so long to finally marry because i was waiting for my one true love”. Amber has made me feel alive again. I have finally found my soul mate”. He also thanked Jerry Bruckheimer for The Rum Diary movie because” that is when he fell in love with Amber”. Umm.. Let that sink in. So he basically just admitted to the fact that he cheated on Vanessa in 2009, and contradicted his whole B.S. about Vanessa being “His one true love and his soulmate”. How many soul mates does this guy have? That must have really hurt his kids feelings. So I guess their mother was not good enough to marry but this young girl is? Can you imagine if your father left your mother for a girl half his age and then said, I never married your mother cause i was waiting for someone i REALLY loved?!!! When asked before Johnny went on and on about how” Vanessa was what gave his life meaning and his life began when he met her.” It was “Written in the stars, kismet” Now i suppose he was lying the whole time? He is so ridiculous.The whole thing is sickening. Johnny Depp has lost his mind. Amber is using him and he is dumb enough to believe it. What an old fool.

  228. 228
    XOXO Says:

    JDF, if you do not go out and play and get OFF of this computer you are grounded. You have commented 50 times on this thread alone. WE ALL know you LOVE Depp. please, for the love of God,log off and NO internet, No Johnny Depp obsessing. We are concerned about your mental health.Please go have some fun, I assure you Johnny Depp is. Mabey spend some time with friends or buy some make up and play in the mirror. go to the gym and start obsessing about yourself. If you put as much energy into you as you do defending Depp you could do great things. So go child, channel that energy into something and someone else, preferably yourself. I say this half jokingly and mostly to try to help you. Best of luck to you JDF,xoxoxo

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