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Miley Cyrus to Katy Perry: We All Know Where John Mayer's Tongue Has Been!

Miley Cyrus to Katy Perry: We All Know Where John Mayer's Tongue Has Been!

Miley Cyrus and a pal do some shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond for some supplies on Wednesday (March 5) in Los Angeles.

The 21-year-old entertainer was on a short break from her Bangerz tour that day! She had a show the day before in Denver. Today, Miley will be performing in Omaha, Nebraska. Have fun tonight!

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“I’m over it (a la McDonald’s theme song)” Miley tweeted that same day. We hope everything is okay!

“Girl if ur worried abt where tongues have been good thing ur ex boo is ur EX BOO cause we ALL know where THAT ’ been” Miley said on Twitter, along with a pic of Katy Perry, referring to John Mayer.

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miley cyrus back in la for quick break from bangerz tour 05

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  • xtincta

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAYS!!!!!!!! DRAG HER!!!!!! PULL THAT TATTERED WIG FROM HER SCALP!!!! Katy has had more questionable penis in her than a free clinic, she’s got some nerve.

  • GFW

    “Girl if ur worried abt where tongues have been good thing ur ex boo is ur EX BOO cause we ALL know where THAT 👅 been” says in bb-girl text-speak as a Biber look alike. Methinks she’s jealous. Anyone?

  • Dee

    Well Katy, you had it coming

  • dee

    and where have your tongue been miss miley?

  • ME

    HAHAHAHA!! LOVE this comment – so true. John Meyer is such a gross douche bag who seems to bed anyone and everyone!! Katy should make sure she’s clean after being with him – all those ladies should!

  • Daniel

    OOOOOOOOOOOOH BURN! Go Miley finish with them all fake hollywood starlets!

  • GFW

    Pure jealousy if you ask me. Miss Miley ain’t getting any so is poking fun at someone hurting. How mature. NOT. It is sad. And way bad Karma.

  • Warren

    Well Miley’s right about that. Hope this won’t turn into a feud.

  • No

    @xtincta: You sound pressed.

  • Sian

    HA. Team Miley!

  • ohlala

    RUDE! You better know where your tongue has been, Miley, before talking about someone else’s tongue!!

  • GFW

    Miley is jealous of Katy. Of her class, taste in everything, her men, marriage to Russel Brand, career, beauty, elegance, sophistication, that she’s accepted world-over, her hits, her fan base is huger. Plus she’s never mocked or publicly humiliated. Miley is supremely jealous of Katy, nothing more. Trust me, if Mayer asked Miley out, which he wouldn’t, she’d go.

  • james

    When her fans reach their mid-twenties it will be very uncool to like Miley Cyrus. Well, it’s still pretty uncool. As you get older, varied music taste becomes something important. Miley doesn’t offer much variety, as demonstrated in the last year of her career. This whole tongue and leotard thing has been done before and has a shelf life.

  • :p

    Katy knew where John’s tongue had been, did Miley know fo sho where Liam’s was huh?

  • B


    milking the c0ck of unoriginality

  • kelli

    I think Katy was making a lighthearted joke and Miley is now offended. Either way, both girls need to get w/better guys and better lifestyles

  • jerpes

    omg Katy perry has tasted Minka kelly’s private parts! Gurl get yourself checked ASAP

  • pup

    Oh, SNAP!

  • DD

    @GFW: No, not everyone’s “jealous.” That gets really old. John Mayer has more cooties than Miley ever will.

  • brett

    miley knows she needs to keep rebranding in order to keep the 18-25 demographic interested. That demographic has the most free money to blow without economic consequence. If Miley doesn’t rebrand again, she will not make money. Her act is more of a provocateur and less of an entertainer. It’s been done before and people aren’t as unintelligent as the system thinks. Miley has connections with Disney, making her lose cred easily, and by the time her fans grow into their young adulthood, she’ll realize she’s out of ideas – and a fanbase. Miley also mentioned in an interview right before Fingergate that a fan of hers she talks to on the phone a lot has been helping her get more views on Vevo, twitter, etc. Sometimes I wonder who this ‘fan’ is and how much credit she gets for Miley’s pop culture explosion. We should find out who the fan is and see if Miley’s ideas are really her own.

  • TomWiseGamG


  • Adfjk

    @:p: she did thats why she broke up with him for good whereas Katy keeps going back to Mayer for his STDs

  • Adfjk

    @GFW: Katy Perry has class? that’s brand new information

  • Ava

    LOL, …… don’t even like Miley but who the hell is Katy Perry’s getting uppity with! seriously she married that gross dude Russell Brand and dated a guy whore who’s even grosser John Mayer . team Miley lol !!! Love the Miley such a scrapper

  • Ava

    Kate Perry seems like such a fake a** , no wonder Rihanna barely hides with her any more, acts like Miley’s friend then disses her in a another country, dumb bi*ch thought it wouldn’t get back to Miley.

  • huh

    wow they are calling each other names how lovely when kindergarten gets out let us know . there should first be an aptitude test to pass in order to be admitted into the celebrity cesspool , these two haven’t graduated 1st grade yet apparently !

  • Stewy

    Hey @GFW and anyone else implying that Miley started this: Katy Perry threw Miley under the bus to an Australian talk show commenting on where Miley’s tongue had been (regarding their kiss at Miley’s concert). Miley’s commentary about Katy’s exes is merely defending herself. Katy Perry is a slimy mule and there’s nothing wrong with Miley defending herself.

  • Stewy

    @GFW Katy Perry has class? She has been in two long-term relationships with complete slime balls. One being a heroin addict lothario and the other being a pseudo intellectual manwhore. How is associating with men like that keeping with class? Katy Perry is a no-talent loser and pisses me off for being such a bitch towards Miley.

  • True

    Says one ugly, ratchet faced skank to the other.

  • freya


  • Gyðja

    @freya: @freya: Yes , Minka kelly and the other famewhores show really good taste??

  • ME


    You are so stupid. Russell Brand is NO catch and John Mayer is DIRTY, both of them are serial SCREW EVERYTHING guys. I think YOU are jealous of Miley – you want that Katy tongue!


    No.30 at 5:00; In your dreams…

  • Missy

    Are you sure she’s referring to John Mayer? Russell Brand was known to be a bigger man whore than Mayer.

  • gie


  • Belen

    As I do not understand to Katy, was first with Rihanna, now with Miley, she wants to lose all your friends or that?
    In 2008, Katy wanted to kiss a Miley, now that it did, says he didn’t. But dear if you didn’t want to kiss you, well you don’t, in the video isn’t that Miley you have forced.

  • seriously

    Miley is vile. vile. She tried to slip Katy tongue and Katy found it revolting. Miley is Bi and Katy is not. Katy just kissed girls to titillate men. Miley is so utterly disgusting omg no redeeming qualities puke puke wretch

  • cam

    LOL & good for Miley for striking back for once. That shade from Katy was an attempt on her part to pretend she was not into the kiss when she herself was so willing even when Miley was 15 & Katy was aked what girl she would lkie to kiss & she said Miley. Katy was seeking attention then (not yet so famous) & still is. It is very popular lately to slam Miley – it gets you attention. LOL – truth is Katy & Miley have known each other for a while & Katy was a back up singer on one of Miley’s early albums (Katy Perry name in the credits). I don’t think this is a serious fude though.

  • ashley

    yassss Miley drag her. Katy is so fake.

  • willikilliams
  • Seth Lavine

    Miley Cyrus, Katie Perry and John Mayer serve as a perfect example to the rest of the world as to why Americans are uneducated.

  • Jessie

    She sounds like a bitchy little kid. There are just some things you don’t put out on social media, whether people know or not. This is why celebrities should get off social media, they don’t know when to censor themselves. Katy didn’t want your dank tongue in her mouth. Miley thinks her $hit doesn’t stink and everyone should like what she does. It’s a wonder she has any friends.
    This has nothing to do with Mayer or Katy’s choice of men or even her lifestyle, this is about Miley being the little brat that she is. If this is the path she wanted to follow, she should have paced herself, nothing she does now shocks anyone. In a year the rappers will have dropped her, she’s just a novelty to them now.

  • http://justjared Ana

    I’m 100% sure Miley is lesbian wtffff you look like a boy here

  • http://justjared taylor

    IS THIS EVEN A NEWS ??? Don’t understand why she has so many fans , she is not a good role model at all

  • http://justjared taylor

    Selena is way better than Miley

  • jj

    She is so ugly.

  • Madison

    KATY Perry….had her tongue with men who bedded a lot of women, not only Russell and John M…..she got a lot Xs. She befriending popular stars like Rihanna, Kristen… use them or get their men. Who said that she had ? CLASS. She is trying to shed off that image now but only dumb people does not know HER HISTORY. Miley is acting slut and dirty but at least she is not PLASTIC AS KATY PERRY. MILEY is TRUE HONEST.

  • Eli


    I know a hammer that keeps writing her letters

  • this is not real

    Yes everyone please absorb more of this extremely important information and invest your selves and your emotions heavily into these charicatuers posing as real people. Then make judgments and assumptions based purely on looks and of course the pathetic and purposely created storylines fed to you by shallow and 1 dimensional websites just like this one about the lives of people whom you will never met, know or have any actual relevant information about. Enjoy that ridiculous afterglow of defending someone you’ve been hoodwinked into thinking you actual have some meaningful connection about or even worse think that actually care about you and your efforts beyond whatever money you will happily pay to them and their handlers for any of the drivel they put out around the globe like whores on parade. And just continue to ignore getting involved or even showing any slight interest in the real issues we as a race are facing on this planet. Just continue to let the big money people make all those important decisions for you, since after all you voted for them, right?! Clearly they are going to make decisions on your behalf with your best interests in mind. Yes, just continue to stare blankly at the shiny glittery things they set in front of you, and you won’t feel a thing…

  • Kay

    Um is Katy stupid? I would’ve understood this more if she hadn’t voluntarily kissed Miley but she did. And second if that was your “friend” you wouldn’t have turned around and said that. She’s being fake and catty. & The moral of the story is: Don’t kiss her. Dumb ass.